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12/25/10:  China to spend $30 billion on water conservation in 2011

12/24/10:  Tis the Season: Holiday health ideas

12/24/10:  Obama administration reverses Bush wilderness policy

12/23/10:  African Forest Elephants, African Savanna Elephants

12/23/10:  These Fake Pills May Help You Feel Better

12/22/10:  Permian Recovery

12/22/10:  Europe moves ahead on Cap & Trade, Japan seen shelving carbon emission trading scheme

12/22/10:  CCNY-Led Interdisciplinary Team Recreates Colonial Hydrology

12/22/10:  Air pollution linked to 200,000 premature deaths in UK

12/22/10:  The Rise of Digital Billboards: What a Waste!

12/21/10:  River Sources of Green House Gases

12/21/10:  Deepwater Wind Farm to Use New Design

12/21/10:  Large Scale Solar Power Installations On Public Lands

12/21/10:  The Paradox of Efficiency

12/21/10:  Summary of the 2010 North Atlantic Hurricane Season

12/20/10:  The Other Electric Vehicles

12/20/10:  Cap & trade, European style

12/20/10:  Decline of West Coast Fog Brought Higher Coastal Temperatures Last 60 Years

12/20/10:  Windowfarms Crowdsources to Turn Urban Food Deserts into Food Desserts

12/20/10:  Heading Towards a World without Corals

12/18/10:  Arctic 'Ice Refuge' Envisioned As Region Warms Rapidly in 21st Century

12/17/10:  Foggy California

12/17/10:  Ancient Arctic Forests

12/17/10:  California Carbon trade plan approved

12/17/10:  Japan, Tunisia Forge Sustainable Business Partnership in the Sahara

12/17/10:  Eeny Miny Moe: Where Should the EV Charging Stations Go?

12/17/10:  Almonds May Lower Risks of Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease

12/16/10:  Regulation is deficient in Canada's oil sands

12/16/10:  EarthTalk: What is Global Dimming?

12/16/10:  NASA releases global warming map

12/16/10:  Polar Bears Have a Fighting Chance of Survival

12/15/10:  Which Should Live?

12/15/10:  Rabbits named Britain's most costly invasive species

12/15/10:  Finland forest protected: 80,000 hectares of green cover rescued from industrial logging

12/15/10:  White House to Host First-Ever Forum on Environmental Justice

12/15/10:  Climate change affects toads, salamanders

12/14/10:  Tidal Power

12/14/10:  Birds' lifespans are written in blood

12/14/10:  Court Denies Stay of EPA Climate Rules

12/13/10:  Wind Farm Update

12/13/10:  Winter storm pummels Midwest, Metrodome deflates

12/13/10:  Satellites help Colombian fishermen chase fish

12/13/10:  The Fall of the European Butterfly

12/12/10:  Climate talks end with modest steps

12/11/10:  Cold weather killing Florida's manatees

12/10/10:  Frog Bladders Hold Surprises

12/10/10:  Impacts of Bottom Trawling on Fisheries, Tourism, and the Marine Environment

12/10/10:  Green Diet

12/10/10:  U.N. talks on knife edge, Mexico urges agreement

12/10/10:  New York Legislators Pass Bill Imposing Moratorium on Permits For Hydraulic Fracturing

12/10/10:  Greenland Ice Sheet Flow Driven by Short-Term Weather Extremes, Not Gradual Warming, Research Reveals

12/10/10:  The Caveman Multi-Tasker

12/10/10:  EPA and Bed Bugs

12/8/10:  'Greener' Climate Prediction Shows Plants Slow Warming

12/8/10:  U.N.'s Ban urges climate deal, short of perfect

12/8/10:  Mountain gorilla population up by 100 individuals

12/8/10:  Renewable Energy Incentives Future in Danger

12/7/10:  Colombia landslide kills 19, more than 100 missing

12/7/10:  Ocean acidification threatens fisheries, says UNEP

12/7/10:  Supreme Court Grants Review in Key Climate Change Lawsuit

12/7/10:  The Europe Electric Grid

12/6/10:  Top Solar Sources in the US and North America

12/6/10:  New Google Earth Technology Allows Tracking of Environmental Changes

12/6/10:  Radiation Scientists Agree TSA Naked Body Scanners Could Cause Breast Cancer and Sperm Mutations

12/5/10:  Smart logging in Mexico, the Jaguars approve

12/5/10:  Volcano erupts in central Ecuador

12/4/10:  Smart logging in Mexico, the Jaguars approve

12/3/10:  Reflective Crops Could Cool the Planet

12/3/10:  Peak Oil, Then Coal

12/3/10:  Ocean acidification may threaten food security

12/3/10:  Bamboo can capture carbon fast, says report

12/3/10:  Breaking all of life's rules: scientists discover bacteria that can survive on arsenic

12/3/10:  Prehistoric Reptilian Diversity Caused by Rainforest Collapse

12/2/10:  Amazon deforestation slows in Brazil

12/2/10:  Polar bears 'spotted swimming with cubs on back'

12/2/10:  NASA images reveal disappearing mangroves worldwide

12/2/10:  A Key to Prevent Cancer is Shown to be False

12/1/10:  Turning Wastewater Into a Revenue Stream

12/1/10:  Many Coastal Wetlands Likely to Disappear This Century

12/1/10:  Governments around the World are Acting to Reduce their Footprints

12/1/10:  Polluted Holidays in Iran

12/1/10:  New Prize Announced in "Get to Know" Contest, Deadline Extended

12/1/10:  US Natural Gas, Oil reserves soar

11/30/10:  Four degree rise 'would scupper African farming'

11/30/10:  Seoul: on course to be one of the world's greenest cities?

11/30/10:  Israeli Electric Cars on the Fast Track — Says Company’s Power Supplier

11/30/10:  Hurricane Season 2010

11/30/10:  Cancun climate talks update: US on track to meet emission reduction goals

11/29/10:  Peat. Climate and Fires

11/29/10:  Worst case study: global temp up 7.2F degrees by 2060s

11/29/10:  Unprecedented tundra fire likely linked to climate change

11/29/10:  Hairy enigma of the Serengeti photographed again

11/29/10:  Study Shows Over-Cleanliness Negatively Affects Immune System

11/28/10:  Fishing nations agree to slight reduction in Atlantic tuna quota

11/27/10:  Ethiopia and Egypt trade strong words over Nile river

11/27/10:  Egypt's factory farming boom threatens social strife in a hungry country

11/27/10:  US Probes Lead in Kids' Drinking Glasses

11/27/10:  Historic tiger summit closes with plans to secure more financial backing

11/27/10:  Pterodactyl Flight

11/27/10:  Offshore Wind Power to Take Flight Off Atlantic Coast

11/27/10:  Polar Bears get a Thanksgiving present this year

11/27/10:  International Tiger Conservation Forum is over, now the hard work begins

11/27/10:  Sea Turtles rescued on Cape Cod

11/23/10:  Caffeinated alcoholic beverage ban: A lost health CSR opportunity

11/23/10:  Greening the Blue Helmets: the UN Goes Green

11/23/10:  Global CO2 Emissions Increased in 2010

11/23/10:  European Carbon Emissions

11/23/10:  Air pollution exceeds safety limits in big Asian cities

11/23/10:  Have yourself a Merry Green Christmas!

11/23/10:  World's First Hybrid Tugboat Reduces Emissions at California Ports

11/23/10:  'Wonder food' spreads to Middle East

11/23/10:  "Get to Know" Contest for Youth Open until November 30th

11/23/10:  Galactic Outburst

10/29/10:  Sierra Leone ends flag of convenience for fishing vessels

10/28/10:  Mind Over Fat

10/28/10:  EPA defends planned rules over power concerns

10/28/10:  Picture: new monkey discovered in Myanmar

10/28/10:  Indonesia disaster toll hits 377 as volcano erupts again

10/27/10:  Can the Railroad Come Back?

10/27/10:  Brazil's Amazon region suffers severe drought

10/27/10:  British Columbia Sees Largest Salmon Run In A Century, 34 Million Strong

10/27/10:  Israel and Palestine Declare War...Against Climate Change

10/27/10:  Business ready to trade nature services

10/26/10:  New Truck Emission Standards and Controls

10/26/10:  Deforestation takes center-stage at U.N. talks

10/26/10:  Space tourism will worsen climate change

10/26/10:  Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Plant Life

10/25/10:  Microbes Rapidly Consume Methane from Gulf Oil Disaster

10/25/10:  Great Marine Protection Areas

10/25/10:  Naples dump on hold, garbage piles up in the streets

10/25/10:  Island nation announces Mongolia-sized sanctuary for whales and dolphins

10/25/10:  Yemen's capital 'will run out of water by 2025'

10/25/10:  Microbes Rapidly Consume Methane from Gulf Oil Disaster

10/24/10:  Tropical Storm Richard aims for Belize, may become hurricane

10/23/10:  The Battle Over the Mekong

10/22/10:  Winter Woes

10/22/10:  Sumatra burning creates serious haze impacting Malaysia and Singapore

10/22/10:  Denver Airport Parking, World's Greenest, to Open November 2010

10/22/10:  Fences reduce water pollution

10/22/10:  The Promise of Fusion Power

10/22/10:  Air Pollution Control by Trees

10/21/10:  Tigers Among US

10/21/10:  Water Scarcity in American Southwest Gets Serious

10/20/10:  New Superfund Sites

10/20/10:  The Edicaran Age

10/20/10:  Bangladesh, India most at risk from climate change

10/20/10:  PepsiCo Seeks to Surpass Coke in Water Conservation in UK

10/20/10:  Maldives 'tourism boom' putting manta rays at risk

10/19/10:  The Edicaran Age

10/19/10:  Over 200 cultural heritage sites at risk

10/19/10:  Argentina protects its glaciers by law

10/19/10:  Design Matters: How Replenish is Reinventing the Household Cleaner Bottle

10/18/10:  The Dwindling No Fishing Zone

10/18/10:  Super typhoon hits Philippines

10/18/10:  EPA: Blowing Big Coal’s Top on Mountaintop Coal Mining

10/18/10:  The Greening of NASCAR

10/17/10:  Philippines braces as Megi becomes super typhoon

10/16/10:  Haiti Quakes

10/16/10:  White House Lifts Ban On Offshore Drilling

10/15/10:  Scientists use seals, gliders to unlock ocean secrets

10/15/10:  How the Government Looks at Green Jobs

10/15/10:  The Art of the Eco-Friendly Wedding

10/14/10:  Turtles and Dugongs

10/14/10:  Ending Hunger in Africa

10/14/10:  Fraud and Conspiracy found at a Syracuse-based Environmental Firm

10/14/10:  Growing Population and Climate

10/14/10:  Tropics in decline - WWF 2010 Living Planet report

10/13/10:  Hurricane Paula menaces Mexico and Cuba

10/13/10:  Poverty forces Roma people to scavenge toxic e-waste

10/13/10:  Fat Distribution Controlled by Genetics

10/12/10:  Plastic Solar Cells

10/12/10:  Huge Parts of World Are Drying Up: Land 'Evapotranspiration' Taking Unexpected Turn

10/12/10:  Bring on Enviropig?: Can Genetic Engineering Make Meat a More Sustainable Food?

10/12/10:  Massive logjam in Borneo blocks Malaysia's longest river

10/12/10:  Night-time lights bring insects, disease

10/12/10:  China overtakes U.S. as biggest energy consumer

10/11/10:  VW Diesel Passat BlueMotion Hits Almost 75 MPG

10/11/10:  Hungary races to raise dam to avert new toxic spill

10/10/10:  Sewage from passenger ships and ferries banned from the Baltic Sea

10/9/10:  Hungary sludge reservoir may collapse, town evacuated

10/8/10:  Ring of Fire Cause

10/8/10:  Spill impacts in Hungary ease, Danube monitored

10/8/10:  Offshore Wind Can Deliver Cleaner, More Affordable Energy and More Jobs Than Offshore Oil

10/8/10:  Swimmers Fall Ill at Games, Blame Pool

10/8/10:  Study Finds More Fresh Water Entering the Earth's Oceans

10/7/10:  Hungary red sludge spill has reached Danube

10/7/10:  Solar Power to Return to the White House

10/6/10:  Ashtma, Heredity, and Air Pollution

10/6/10:  Climate talks failing to make headway

10/6/10:  Corals Discovered Where None Were Expected

10/6/10:  Hungary toxic spill 'could be worse' than Baia Mare cyanide disaster

10/6/10:  US Department of Interior Allows First-Ever Solar Energy Projects on Public Lands

10/5/10:  Scientists warn of livestock greenhouse gas boom

10/5/10:  Sleep and Diet

10/5/10:  Alumina sludge spill in Hungary kills three

10/5/10:  Obama science advisor wields evidence to undercut climate change deniers

10/5/10:  West Virginia Is a Geothermal Hot Spot

10/5/10:  America's Food Waste Equates to Wasted Energy

10/4/10:  BP Texas City Aftermath

10/4/10:  Islamic Environment Ministers meeting in Tunisia, Oct 5-6

10/4/10:  Global warming may be harming Pacific walrus

10/4/10:  Ancient Colorado River

10/4/10:  The Future of Aviation: Confusion or Sanity

10/2/10:  Battle over U.S. Arctic refuge's future heats up

10/1/10:  A New Earth?

10/1/10:  Mice, Men and Exercise

10/1/10:  U.S. oil spill waters contain carcinogens often linked to oil spills

10/1/10:  Indonesia’s Climate Experiment

10/1/10:  Turkmenistan Oil and Gas

10/1/10:  BP Texas City Aftermath

9/30/10:  The Bears are hungry in the Rockies

9/30/10:  2nd Annual China Solar Energy Technology and Investment Congress 16-17 September 2010, Kunming, China

9/30/10:  Rivers worldwide in peril

9/29/10:  New Sea Slug

9/29/10:  NYC to curb water runoff with blue and green roofs

9/29/10:  Israeli Air Force Fighter Pilots Dodge Migrating Storks

9/29/10:  High Blood Pressure and Dementia

9/29/10:  Solar Planes

9/28/10:  Scotland to get 100 pct green energy by 2025

9/28/10:  Stanford University breakthrough solar cell research

9/28/10:  Fish farmers in Scotland killing estimated 2,000 seals a year

9/27/10:  Tropical depression Matthew drenches Guatemala

9/27/10:  Saudi Arabia vulnerable to volcanoes?

9/27/10:  Is the EPA America’s Secret Economic Weapon?

9/27/10:  Disappearing Ground Water

9/27/10:  Texan Flexible Air Permits

9/25/10:  Panel to study Canada oil sands impact

9/24/10:  Deep Ocean Temperatures

9/24/10:  When Pigs Fly: Halliburton Makes the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

9/24/10:  Nuclear vs Solar: Clash of the Numbers

9/24/10:  Florida orange groves still shrinking

9/23/10:  Red Snapper in the Gulf

9/23/10:  US delays approval for fast-growing GM salmon

9/23/10:  Ocean cold snap paused global warming in 70s

9/23/10:  Free entrance to national parks this Saturday

9/23/10:  Coral Bleaching in the Caribbean

9/22/10:  The Dusty Colorado River

9/22/10:  Toward a Generation of Green Vehicles: 60 MPG is Next Step

9/22/10:  Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act Takes Effect on September 29, 2010

9/22/10:  Study Finds Effective Method for Fighting Kidney Stones

9/21/10:  Marine Life and Electromagnetism

9/21/10:  Floods in northern India sweep away homes, crops

9/21/10:  Banks Seek Distance from Mountaintop Removal Mining Practices

9/21/10:  Genocide Wiped Out Native American Population

9/21/10:  The US EPA Celebrates Pollution Prevention Week

9/20/10:  Sea Mountain Life

9/20/10:  U.S. Wind Industry Poised for a Steep Decline?

9/20/10:  BP permanently "kills" Gulf of Mexico well

9/20/10:  The Middle East’s Tradition of Environmental Protection

9/20/10:  Walrus Again Forced to Flee Melting Arctic Sea Ice

9/20/10:  Johnson Controls HQ Earns LEED Platinum

9/20/10:  Toyota to Launch Host of New Hybrid Vehicles

9/19/10:  Hurricane Igor heads toward Bermuda - batten down the hatches!

9/18/10:  FINALLY - BP relief well intercepts ruptured well

9/17/10:  Restoring the Chesapeake

9/17/10:  Indian Murky Air Quality

9/17/10:  2010: A Hot Year Indeed

9/17/10:  World's largest solar plant advances

9/16/10:  Strange fruit: 8 tempting ideas from the orchard to brighten your week

9/16/10:  Killing frost touches western Canada

9/16/10:  Electric Trucks to Deliver High Tech Chips: Potato Chips That Is

9/16/10:  Agropolis: The Future of Urban Agriculture?

9/16/10:  Cure for Insomnia: Get Moving

9/15/10:  Satellite Warning System of Natural Disasters

9/15/10:  Early Life on Earth and Amino Acids

9/15/10:  China says rich-poor divide still dogs climate pact talks

9/15/10:  Why Tidal Power is Europe’s Best Near-Term Ocean Energy Technology

9/15/10:  Fourth Hottest Summer on Record for the United States in 2010

9/15/10:  World pays high price for overfishing

9/15/10:  Indigenous tribes, ranchers team to battle Amazon fires

9/15/10:  Turtles in trouble

9/15/10:  How to Save the Wild Tiger

9/12/10:  U.S. and Cuba discuss alliance to save sharks

9/11/10:  Alaska seeks to overturn delay in Arctic drilling

9/10/10:  How Physical Ability Affects Death

9/10/10:  Yellowstone Magna

9/10/10:  Energy Efficiency and PV: Together Forever

9/10/10:  Flying Fish Aerodynamics

9/9/10:  Oxygen drops 20% in waters near BP spill

9/9/10:  Global warming will benefit some regions

9/9/10:  U.S. Stadiums Go Solar: Major Pro Sports Leagues Move Together Toward Renewable Energy

9/9/10:  Largest North American Amphibian Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protection

9/9/10:  More Wineries Pledge Loyalty to Cork

9/9/10:  Methane Reduction from Cattle

9/8/10:  Landfill could be greener than recycling when it comes to plastic bottles

9/8/10:  Termite Mounds

9/8/10:  How to save the reefs

9/8/10:  Ecuador's tallest waterfall to be destroyed by Chinese dam

9/8/10:  Potomac River Vegetation Showing Strong Signs of Recovery

9/7/10:  As Greenland Melts

9/7/10:  Tropical Storm Hermine slams into far northeastern Mexico

9/7/10:  4 Reasons To Eat Pomegranate During the Jewish New Year

9/7/10:  Giant Greenland Iceberg -- Largest in the Northern Hemisphere -- Enters Nares Strait

9/6/10:  Sunny Delight Achieves Zero Waste in U.S.

9/6/10:  Diverse water sources key to food security

9/5/10:  Torrential rains kill 18 in Guatemala

9/4/10:  U.S. reiterates commitment to 2020 climate goal

9/3/10:  Once More in the Gulf of Mexico

9/3/10:  EPA to issue more rules in climate fight

9/3/10:  Report on Minerals Management Service’s Environmental Decisions Regarding Off-Shore Oil and Gas

9/3/10:  EPA Disapproves Certain Aspects of Texas' Clean Air Program

9/3/10:  Mass Extinctions Change the Rules of Evolution

9/2/10:  Test shows water problem near natgas drill site

9/2/10:  France to Have 3,000 MW of Offshore Wind by 2015

9/2/10:  Top Climate Skeptic Reverses Course, Now Urges Bold Action

9/1/10:  The Environmentalist’s Paradox

9/1/10:  Indonesian Volcanos

9/1/10:  Once-in-a-century salmon run hits Canada's West Coast

9/1/10:  The Gulf Slowly Returns

9/1/10:  Marine Animals Suggest Evidence for a Trans-Antarctic Seaway

9/1/10:  Proposed Vehicle Labels to Include GHG Emissions and Fuel Economy Comparisons

9/1/10:  Marine Animals Suggest Evidence for a Trans-Antarctic Seaway

9/1/10:  NOAA Reopens More than 4,000 Square Miles of Closed Gulf Fishing Area

9/1/10:  The Environmentalist’s Paradox

8/31/10:  New Findings on Carbon Dioxide Release from World's Oceans

8/31/10:  The Gulf Slowly Returns

8/31/10:  Once-in-a-century salmon run hits Canada's West Coast

8/31/10:  Fireplaces

8/31/10:  A History of Destruction: 8 Great Hurricanes

8/31/10:  Horseshoe Crab Decline Connected to Climate Change

8/30/10:  The Fate of Dairy Antibiotics in Ground Water

8/30/10:  Mount Sinabung erupts on Sumatra

8/30/10:  Bald Eagle Nestlings Contaminated by Chemicals

8/29/10:  China reducing rare earth export quota as environmental protection measure

8/28/10:  New Jersey to Take Lead in Offshore Wind Energy?

8/28/10:  EPA Encourages All to Vote in the Rachel Carson Contest

8/28/10:  The Amazing Christmas Island Red Crab

8/28/10:  Solar Storm

8/28/10:  Hurricane Danielle weakens to Category 2 storm

8/27/10:  The Layers of the Earth

8/27/10:  Hurricane Danielle strengthens into a Category 4 storm

8/27/10:  Design Competition to Determine Four New LEED Platinum Homes in New Orleans

8/27/10:  The Amazing Christmas Island Red Crab

8/27/10:  Solar Storm

8/26/10:  Artificial Light and Productivity

8/26/10:  Drought tolerant maize to hugely benefit Africa

8/26/10:  Alaskan Volcanic Rebirth

8/26/10:  Drought tolerant maize to hugely benefit Africa

8/26/10:  New Jersey to Take Lead in Offshore Wind Energy?

8/26/10:  EPA Encourages All to Vote in the Rachel Carson Contest

8/25/10:  Sea level rise looks inevitable, even with intervention

8/25/10:  Non-stick pans can affect our hormones, new research suggests

8/25/10:  Artificial Light and Productivity

8/25/10:  Drinking Water Proven to Help Weight Loss

8/25/10:  Alaskan Volcanic Rebirth

8/24/10:  Arctic Alligators

8/24/10:  Mystery of the Oil Plume Solved? Microbes ate it.

8/24/10:  Eat Greek for Healthier Skin

8/24/10:  BP to retrieve blowout preventer

8/24/10:  NOAA Stands by "the oil is mostly gone" conclusion

8/24/10:  Does Salem's Building Disaster Give LEED a Bad Name?

8/23/10:  BP to retrieve blowout preventer

8/23/10:  Maine Town Rolls Out Trash Metering

8/23/10:  Eat Greek for Healthier Skin

8/23/10:  Tea and How Good It May Be

8/23/10:  Batteries Are the Shocking Truth about Electric Cars

8/23/10:  Whiskey Byproducts Could Produce Next Big Biofue

8/23/10:  Maine Town Rolls Out Trash Metering

8/22/10:  Mauritania plants trees to hold back desert

8/21/10:  Vampire killing spree in Peru

8/21/10:  Afghanistan and Africa food supplies most at risk from drought & floods

8/21/10:  Social Media, Technology, and Change Conference, New York City November 1st.

8/21/10:  From machete to machine in Brazil's cane fields

8/20/10:  Farmers oppose EPA's proposed dust regulation

8/20/10:  Massive oil plume discovered in the Gulf

8/20/10:  Ocean pH

8/19/10:  Two large earthquakes caused 2009 Samoa-Tonga tsunami disaster

8/19/10:  Indonesia Coral - Impacts of hotter water temperatures

8/19/10:  Afghanistan and Africa food supplies most at risk from drought & floods

8/18/10:  Plastics and Detergents May Contribute to Lobster Die-Offs

8/18/10:  Beaver Born in UK Wild for First Time in Four Centuries

8/18/10:  Trees May Have Killed Off the Mammoth

8/18/10:  New Ways to Mass Travel

8/18/10:  Vampire killing spree in Peru

8/17/10:  Most Canadians carry BPA in their blood

8/17/10:  Oregon Dead Zone

8/17/10:  Kihansi Spray Toads Make Historic Return to Tanzania

8/16/10:  Tanzania’s Serengeti Highway plan could destroy major carbon sink

8/16/10:  Social Media, Technology, and Change Conference, New York City November 1st.

8/16/10:  Louisiana shrimp season opens amid spill concern

8/16/10:  Louisiana shrimp season opens amid spill concern

8/16/10:  Smithsonian Catalogs Life Before The Gulf Spill

8/16/10:  LEED Building Standards Fail to Protect Human Health

8/15/10:  Tanzania’s Serengeti Highway plan could destroy major carbon sink

8/14/10:  Global CO2 emissions off 1.3 percent in 2009

8/14/10:  Reinventing the City

8/14/10:  The New Breeds of Cars

8/14/10:  Few Chernobyl radiation risks from Russia fires

8/12/10:  How to Make the Most of Solar Power

8/12/10:  EPA Proposes Permitting Rules for Greenhouse Gas Emissions — Texas Dissents

8/12/10:  Caribbean Island Closer to Becoming Geothermal Energy Exporter

8/12/10:  Cleanup of Superfund Site Completed in Morris County, New Jersey

8/12/10:  Russia's peatland fires seen burning for months

8/12/10:  Rebranding Tap Water: NYC Water-On-the-Go Campaign

8/11/10:  Deep, Open Ocean Is Vastly Under-Explored, Study Finds

8/11/10:  The Fish May Now Return

8/11/10:  EPA Sets Limits on Mercury and Other Air Emissions from Cement Kilns

8/11/10:  Harvesting Indonesian Ice

8/11/10:  Russia's fires cause "brown cloud," may hit Arctic

8/11/10:  Free and Low-Cost Solar Energy

8/10/10:  Rising temperatures threaten rice yield growth

8/10/10:  7 Hours Sleep Just Right

8/10/10:  Deep, Open Ocean Is Vastly Under-Explored, Study Finds

8/10/10:  Biochar

8/9/10:  Plastic Bag Problems in India

8/9/10:  Floods strand 300 foreigners in India's Ladakh

8/9/10:  OPINION: Sanitation Too Often Overlooked in Developing Nations

8/9/10:  Accusations of Flawed Climate Science are Rejected by the EPA

8/8/10:  Towns submerged as 7 killed in central Europe floods

8/8/10:  NOAA Solution to Lionfish Invasion, eat them!

8/7/10:  Huge ice island calves off Greenland glacier

8/6/10:  Sustainability for All: Three Cheers for McDonald’s

8/6/10:  BP cements Gulf oil well ahead of permanent plug

8/6/10:  Prayer and Health

8/6/10:  Myanmar creates world's largest tiger reserve, aiding many endangered Southeast Asian species

8/6/10:  Sewage-cleaning device produces electricity, too

8/6/10:  BP cements Gulf oil well ahead of permanent plug

8/6/10:  2010: The Year of Compressed Air Energy Storage?

8/5/10:  BP gusher stopped, most remaining oil degrading naturally

8/5/10:  Myanmar creates world's largest tiger reserve, aiding many endangered Southeast Asian species

8/5/10:  Sewage-cleaning device produces electricity, too

8/4/10:  Climate Models and Warming

8/4/10:  Devastating Pakistan floods threaten food crisis

8/4/10:  Policymakers recognise peak oil threat, now they need to deal with it

8/4/10:  Third Round of Climate Talks Begin in Bonn

8/4/10:  iPads for New Med Students at UC Irvine

8/3/10:  Solar Futures

8/3/10:  Fishless Lake in Adirondacks Shows Signs of Recovery

8/3/10:  Rescue Plan for Endangered Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico

8/3/10:  Gulf of Mexico "dead zone" overlaps BP spill zone

8/3/10:  New Hampshire Farm Closes After 378 Years

8/2/10:  Russia tiger habitat gets a boost with protection of key tree species

8/2/10:  Renewable Power Users and Sources

8/2/10:  Backbone of marine food chain in alarming decline

8/2/10:  Over 1,000 killed as floods wreak havoc across Pakistan

8/2/10:  Rescue Plan for Endangered Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico

8/2/10:  Cook Green with Bryan Au

8/2/10:  Russia tiger habitat gets a boost with protection of key tree species

8/1/10:  Sri Lanka, Hawaii sites get world heritage status

7/31/10:  Galapagos Removed From Endangered List

7/31/10:  Mekong dams threaten rare giant fish

7/31/10:  Health Risks at the Beach

7/31/10:  The Might of the Spider

7/31/10:  Wildfires sweep central Russia

7/31/10:  Backbone of marine food chain in alarming decline

7/31/10:  Good News for Gulf Fishermen

7/31/10:  Nuclear Fusion

7/31/10:  BP to try well kill Tuesday

7/27/10:  Pollution makes quarter of China water unusable

7/27/10:  New Health Risk Found in Public Pools

7/26/10:  First-of-Its-Kind Map Details the Height of the Globe's Forests

7/26/10:  EPA to Study Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water; Seeks Public Input

7/26/10:  Thick smog from heatwave fires covers Moscow

7/26/10:  First-of-Its-Kind Map Details the Height of the Globe's Forests

7/25/10:  Severe Weather slams Midwest US, with tornadoes & flooding

7/23/10:  Cork, Plastic, or Twist? The Cork Industry Tightens the Screws on Winemakers

7/23/10:  Honda Civics in Japan to Be 100% Hybrid - Corrected

7/23/10:  The Smog to Heart Connection

7/23/10:  The Air Near the BP Oil Spill

7/23/10:  Climate bill in doubt as Democrats delay action

7/23/10:  Cork, Plastic, or Twist? The Cork Industry Tightens the Screws on Winemakers

7/22/10:  The Air Near the BP Oil Spill

7/22/10:  BP eyes new option for plugging well

7/22/10:  How Music Training Primes Nervous System and Boosts Learning

7/22/10:  Honda Civics in Japan to Be 100% Hybrid

7/21/10:  Exporting Pollution

7/21/10:  Transitioning to Cool Roofs

7/21/10:  New 'walking' fishes discovered in Gulf oil-spill zone

7/21/10:  Can blocking a frown keep bad feelings at bay?

7/21/10:  Nations pledge global support for clean energy

7/20/10:  Idling Vehicles

7/20/10:  Obama sets plan for oceans, Great Lakes

7/19/10:  Big Brains, Small Brains

7/19/10:  Food industry's green efforts may hit price wall

7/19/10:  Floating Glaciers

7/19/10:  Engineers detect seepage near BP oil well

7/18/10:  Lakes on Titan

7/18/10:  BP well tests look good so far

7/17/10:  President Obama Focuses on Advanced Battery and Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

7/17/10:  President Obama Focuses on Advanced Battery and Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

7/17/10:  Russia swelters in heatwave, many crops destroyed

7/16/10:  Brain Cells

7/16/10:  EPA Requires 800 million Gallons of Biodiesel in the U.S. Domestic Market in 2011

7/16/10:  Beneath the Surface: A Survey of Environmental Risks from Shale Gas Development

7/16/10:  BP stops flow of oil into Gulf of Mexico

7/15/10:  Canon Stumbles in Green Product Campaign in Asia

7/15/10:  Energy Efficiency Helps Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

7/15/10:  US Climate bill sparks opposition from business groups

7/14/10:  Horses and Burros

7/14/10:  What’s Killing Farmed Salmon? New Virus May Also Pose Risk to Wild Salmon

7/14/10:  EPA Proposes Transport Rule to Aid Downwind States

7/14/10:  New cap test to stem Gulf oil flow delayed

7/13/10:  The Rising Indian Ocean

7/13/10:  June Heat in the US

7/13/10:  EPA Proposes New Maximum Achievable Control Technology Standards for Boilers and Incinerators

7/13/10:  BP to test new cap on leaking well

7/13/10:  Intuit Partners with Freecycle for Office Recycling Programs

7/12/10:  June Heat in the US

7/12/10:  Rising sea drives Panama islanders to mainland

7/12/10:  Ten Nations at 'Extreme Risk' Because of Water Shortages, Report Says

7/11/10:  BP starts work to install new cap on gushing well

7/10/10:  U.S. farmers can't meet booming corn demand

7/9/10:  Can a Stimulating Life Ward Off Cancer?

7/9/10:  For Hudson Bay Polar Bears, The End is Already in Sight

7/9/10:  Solar Impulse completes first solar-powered night flight

7/8/10:  Elves and Sprites

7/8/10:  Houston Rockets' Stadium Wins LEED Certification

7/8/10:  Mammoth End

7/8/10:  BP boss in MidEast talks as relief well advances

7/8/10:  Russia to create new national parks and reserves nearly size of Switzerland

7/8/10:  India's Poor Risk 'Slow Death' Recycling E-Waste

7/8/10:  British report clears climate scientist of exaggeration

7/8/10:  High Above the Earth, Satellites Track Melting Ice

7/8/10:  Understanding Carbon Offsetting

7/8/10:  European Retailers Adopt Voluntary Sustainable Business Code

7/2/10:  Kyoto may push factories to pollute more: U.N. report

7/2/10:  Deep in the Ocean Depths

7/2/10:  Starbucks Pilot Program Recycles Cups into Napkins

7/2/10:  MillerCoors Hits Waste Goals 5 Years Early

7/1/10:  US EPA voids significant Texas air permit program in effect for 16 years

7/1/10:  Dispersants in the Gulf

7/1/10:  Greener palm oil arrives in the United States

7/1/10:  Ensuring Seafood Safety in the Gulf of Mexico

7/1/10:  Russia floats barge for waterborne nuclear plant

7/1/10:  Bikes’ Niche in Urban Transport Expanding

6/30/10:  Alex in the Gulf

6/30/10:  Hurricane Alex could make land late Wednesday

6/30/10:  Hospital Food Gets a Check-Up

6/29/10:  California Green Chemistry

6/29/10:  Tropical storm Alex strengthens, likely to delay oil spill recovery efforts

6/29/10:  The Fifth Imperative: How Sustainability Makes Companies More Agile

6/29/10:  More Fraud Within the Clean Development Mechanism

6/28/10:  Mid Ocean Life

6/28/10:  Green Products

6/28/10:  Plato was good at keeping secrets too

6/28/10:  Oil spill hits Mississippi shore

6/27/10:  Oil spill efforts ramp up as storm eyed anxiously

6/26/10:  Canada to phase out older coal-fired power plants

6/25/10:  Telepresence Could Save Business $19 Billion by 2020

6/25/10:  Coffee's Mysterious Benefits Mount

6/25/10:  First BP relief well has blown-out well in sights

6/24/10:  The Deformation of the Earth from Earthquakes

6/24/10:  NOAA Opens More Than 8,000 Square Miles of Fishing Closed Area in Gulf of Mexico

6/24/10:  Vice President Joe Biden Hits Pay Dirt in Michigan

6/24/10:  Hot Spring on Planet Earth

6/24/10:  Methane in Gulf "astonishingly high"

6/24/10:  The Nuclear Power Resurgence: How Safe Are the New Reactors?

6/24/10:  Voyages of the NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson

6/24/10:  High Risk Processes and Their Safety

6/24/10:  First Asian carp found in waterway near Great Lakes

6/22/10:  ExxonMobil CEO Says Oil Industry "Not Well Equipped" For Deep Water Spill

6/22/10:  The Dangers of Arsenic

6/22/10:  The Return of the Superfund Tax

6/22/10:  Oil firms challenge U.S. deepwater drilling ban

6/21/10:  Asian Rivers Impacted by Clmate Change

6/21/10:  Nature’s Path: A Quirkily Beautiful Shift Towards Sustainable Branding

6/21/10:  Saharan Sun Power

6/21/10:  DOE Gives $60 Million To Expand Local Energy Efficiency Efforts

6/21/10:  Hurricane Celia strengthens in Pacific off Mexico

6/20/10:  Tropical Storm Celia may become hurricane off Mexico

6/19/10:  Partner puts blame on BP, claims negligence

6/18/10:  Greening Our Capital Cities

6/18/10:  Breaking the Cost Barrier on Algae-based Biofuels

6/18/10:  Antarctic Sea Ice Paradoxically Growing

6/18/10:  Malaria in Brazil linked to forest clearing

6/17/10:  The Oddness of Water and Ice

6/17/10:  BP agrees to $20 billion spill fund, cuts dividend

6/17/10:  No-Fish area in Gulf expanded again

6/16/10:  Salt, Genes and Bitterness

6/16/10:  U.S. Lawns Getting an Eco-Makeover

6/16/10:  Monitoring the Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide in the Earth

6/16/10:  Gulf fishermen say Obama's words can't stop the oil

6/15/10:  Green tea extract appears to keep cancer in check in majority of CLL patients

6/15/10:  Sunny with Some Spots

6/15/10:  BP accused of repeated shortcuts

6/15/10:  Toronto Unveils the Futuristic Farmers Market

6/15/10:  Indonesia's plan to save its rainforests

6/15/10:  Painting a Wild Picture of North America

6/14/10:  Verizon to Add Almost 600 Hybrid Pickups to its Fleet

6/14/10:  Kevin Costner’s Oil Extractor Ready to Take Action in the Gulf

6/14/10:  Study: LEED Homes are Not Necessarily Less Toxic

6/14/10:  Green tea extract appears to keep cancer in check in majority of CLL patients

6/13/10:  Dangerous lung worms found in people who eat raw crayfish

6/13/10:  LEED Us Not into Health Problems

6/13/10:  Chesapeake Bay Acid Affected Oysters

6/13/10:  Melting glaciers and snow put millions at risk in Asia

6/13/10:  Verizon to Add Almost 600 Hybrid Pickups to its Fleet

6/13/10:  Bonn climate talks hold up hope of turning trust into traction in Mexico

6/13/10:  What is Biodiversity?

6/13/10:  New UN climate text under fire as talks end

6/13/10:  Is God an Environmentalist? Religion’s Role in Sustainability

6/13/10:  Heat on BP to improve oil spill response

6/9/10:  The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico

6/9/10:  Indian court convicts seven in Bhopal chemical plant disaster

6/9/10:  Into an Ancient Glacial Lake

6/9/10:  Solar Power Has Its Day

6/9/10:  Aerosols

6/9/10:  EPA withdraws rule excluding certain fuels from RCRA regulations

6/9/10:  BP siphons off more oil from well

6/9/10:  How to Talk Dolphin

6/9/10:  China, Nepal reach historic biodiversity agreement

6/9/10:  Down Deep in the Gulf of Mexico

6/7/10:  BP increases amount of oil being collected from leak

6/7/10:  Floods and landslides kill 53 in southwest China

6/7/10:  As Part of Growing Trend, UPS Adds 200 Hybrid Trucks

6/7/10:  Where is the oil going?

6/5/10:  Cyclone hits Oman, disrupting oil and gas infrastructure

6/4/10:  How to Contain an Oil Spill

6/4/10:  New Study Examines the Effects of Development Intensity on Stream Health

6/4/10:  BP puts containment cap on gushing Gulf well pipe

6/3/10:  Oil begins hitting Alabama's Dauphin Island

6/3/10:  Electric ash found in Eyjafjallajokull's plume, say UK researchers

6/3/10:  D.C. Circuit Upholds EPA Revisions to Air Quality Criteria and Standards for Lead

6/3/10:  EPA Takes a New Stance on Sulfur Dioxide in Final Rule

6/3/10:  The Spreading No Fishing Zone in the Gulf Of Mexico

6/2/10:  The New Airplane

6/2/10:  Fallen bridges hamper Guatemala storm rescue

6/2/10:  Demystifying Common Myths of Wind Power

6/2/10:  'Prepare for war': tensions rising over Brazil's controversial Belo Monte dam

6/1/10:  Brief exercise reduces impact of stress on cell aging

6/1/10:  World's 'number one frog' faces extinction from New Zealand government

6/1/10:  Key Countries Partner to Reduce Deforestation Emissions

6/1/10:  Climate talks open in Bonn

5/31/10:  Dust storms not sole reason for Phoenix air quality

5/31/10:  Gulf Coast warned oil may leak until August

5/30/10:  "Top Kill" Fails, what now?

5/29/10:  Gulf oil spill hits Day 40 with no end in sight

5/28/10:  A Great Carbon Dioxide Burp

5/28/10:  Bangladesh—Eco Symbol?

5/28/10:  U.S. to halt 33 exploration rigs in deepwater review

5/28/10:  How to Kill a Well With Gravity

5/27/10:  Mediterranean Sea Getting Saltier, Hotter

5/27/10:  U.S. Environment Not the Best for EVs

5/27/10:  LEED System Expands to Include Neighborhood-Scale Developments

5/27/10:  Oil spill a nightmare for Obama

5/26/10:  The Brains of a Locust

5/26/10:  A New Source Of Dioxins: Anti-Bacterial Soap Combining with Chlorine in Wastewater Sewage Plants

5/26/10:  Arizona's Smoking Ban Reduced Hospital Visits

5/26/10:  Termite Power

5/26/10:  BP readies "top kill" to try to plug well

5/25/10:  The Deepwater Oil Release Impact on Marine Life

5/25/10:  Fishing restrictions bring better catches, says study

5/25/10:  Most large companies plan to increase spending on climate

5/25/10:  A New Source Of Dioxins: Anti-Bacterial Soap Combining with Chlorine in Wastewater Sewage PlantsJanet Raloff

5/24/10:  Nuts Lower Cholesterol, Study Finds

5/24/10:  BP reduces estimate of how much oil it is capturing

5/23/10:  The New Synthetic Cell

5/23/10:  More Gulf drilling only if ensure no more spills, Obama

5/23/10:  EPA Administrator to visit Gulf

5/21/10:  Brazilian Lessons for Industrial Policy

5/21/10:  Gulf Oil Threat to Florida Waning Fast

5/21/10:  North Sea Oil Well Evacuated

5/21/10:  Emissions-based climate deal 'not possible'

5/20/10:  The Warm Ocean

5/20/10:  Geoengineering Doesn't Work as Well as Natural Processes

5/20/10:  Tax Fraud Plagues Carbon Trading Program

5/20/10:  Heavy oil from spill reaches Louisiana marshes

5/19/10:  EPA Envirofacts

5/19/10:  Shifting rivers threaten India's top tea region

5/19/10:  Marine Preserves to Save Ocean Life

5/19/10:  Long-Lasting Sensory Loss in World Trade Center Workers from Airborne Toxins After 9/11 Attacks

5/19/10:  The Great No Fishing Area

5/18/10:  Lake Tanganyika is Getting Hot

5/18/10:  Arctic team reports unusual conditions near Pole

5/18/10:  The Myth of Mountaintop Removal Reclamation

5/18/10:  U.S. Could Lose 250,000 Manufacturing Jobs Without Comprehensive Clean Energy & Climate Legislation

5/17/10:  BP says progress in effort to contain oil spill

5/17/10:  Cumberland River Crest Highest in 73 Years

5/17/10:  Wolves are survivors

5/17/10:  Lake Tanganyika is Getting Hot

5/16/10:  BP tries again to contain oil spill

5/15/10:  Oil leak closes in on marsh, BP keeps trying

5/14/10:  Hard Exercise Can Prevent Cell Death

5/14/10:  Interior Department Suspends Virginia Oil and Gas Leases

5/14/10:  Dolphin, turtle deaths eyed for links to oil spill

5/13/10:  Floods

5/13/10:  Philips Unveils World's First 60 Watt LED Bulb

5/13/10:  EPA Announces Thresholds for Greenhouse Gas Permitting Requirements

5/13/10:  Air Quality Awareness Week Focuses on Reducing Exposure to Ozone, Particle Pollution / Keep your eye on the AQI

5/13/10:  New Senate Climate bill unveiled

5/12/10:  Stronger evidence pollution damages the heart

5/12/10:  Restless Plates in the Peruvian Andes

5/12/10:  Laser Mapping

5/12/10:  The new, improved Senate climate bill

5/12/10:  Environmental Fugitive Sought by EPA

5/12/10:  EPA Proposes Changes to Its Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Governing Disturbances of Lead-Based Paint

5/12/10:  Interior Department Suspends Virginia Oil and Gas Leases

5/7/10:  Environmental Cancer Risk

5/7/10:  Gulf residents ready "hairmats" to soak up oil

5/7/10:  Surprising New Diet Tip: Lose Weight Quickly

5/7/10:  North America to Reduce and Replace hydrofluorocarbons, Potent Greenhouse Gases

5/7/10:  Mount St. Helens' Aftermath

5/7/10:  Calm U.S. Gulf weather aids spill fight

5/7/10:  Tom’s of Maine: 40 Years of Success and Innovation

5/7/10:  BP's U.S. Gulf project exempted from enviro analysis

5/7/10:  Currents Influence Fish Stocks: More Cod in the Barents Sea

5/7/10:  US Cut Its CO2 Emissions by 7 Percent Last Year

5/7/10:  Whatever Happened to the Hole in the Ozone Layer?

5/7/10:  Environmental Cancer Risk

5/3/10:  MERLEFEST 2010, big success, lots of fun!

5/3/10:  Fishing off the Coast of Louisana

5/3/10:  U.S. presses BP to stop gushing Gulf Coast oil leak

5/3/10:  Scientists Resurrect Mammoth Hemoglobin

5/2/10:  Obama to visit Gulf Coast to see oil slick firsthand

5/1/10:  EPA Toxicity Information On Line

5/1/10:  U.S. pressures BP as Gulf oil slick spreads

4/30/10:  Warmer Arctic needs new rules to limit environmental damage

4/30/10:  Why It's So Tough To Stop The Gulf Oil Leak

4/30/10:  Massive oil spill in Gulf of Mexico nears landfall

4/29/10:  Ice and Carbon on Asteroids

4/29/10:  Cape Wind project approved by Dept. of Interior

4/29/10:  Gulf of Mexico leak grows, oil slick nears shore

4/29/10:  A day to celebrate (and save) the world's amphibians: the 2nd Annual Save the Frogs Day

4/29/10:  US Government Mobilized to Contain Gulf Spill

4/28/10:  Which Fish to Eat? Study Finds Lower Mercury in Most Top-Selling Seafood

4/28/10:  Tracking Grizzly Bears

4/28/10:  Scientists find fastest deep ocean current near Antarctica

4/28/10:  Soil Production of C02 May Decline As World Warms

4/28/10:  Sea Wind Power

4/28/10:  Gulf of Mexico spill may hit coast this weekend

4/28/10:  Which Fish to Eat? Study Finds Lower Mercury in Most Top-Selling Seafood

4/28/10:  EPA Confirms Climate IS Changing

4/27/10:  Soil Production of C02 May Decline As World Warms

4/27/10:  Gulf of Mexico oilspill spreads

4/26/10:  Of Brains, Worms and Chips

4/26/10:  Verizon Makes Maplecroft Climate Innovation Benchmark List

4/25/10:  Well beneath sunken rig has serious oil leak

4/24/10:  Colorado Law Will Retire or Retrofit Coal-Fired Power Plants

4/23/10:  Rig sinks in Gulf of Mexico, oil spill risk looms

4/23/10:  Invasive Lionfish Attacks Reefs and Fish as Scientists Scramble

4/23/10:  MerleFest 2010 is Coming April 29 — May 2, 2010

4/23/10:  Four New Jersey Cities to Clean Up Contaminated Sites

4/22/10:  What Country Is the Best at Protecting the Environment?

4/22/10:  Earth Day 2010

4/22/10:  Saturn Lightning!

4/22/10:  Belo Monte going forward?

4/22/10:  Bill Before New York Lawmakers would Ban Use of Pesticides on School Playing Fields

4/22/10:  Michigan. The Saudi Arabia of WIND energy

4/22/10:  Mercury in Tuna Sushi Higher at Restaurants than Groceries

4/22/10:  What Country Is the Best at Protecting the Environment?

4/22/10:  Military leads fight against climate change

4/20/10:  Bill Clinton Opens Enviro-Expo in Windsor, Ontario

4/20/10:  Mercury surprise: Rice can be risky

4/20/10:  The Icelandic Cauldron

4/20/10:  Volcano disrupts African rose exports

4/19/10:  The Icelandic Cauldron

4/19/10:  Mercury surprise: Rice can be risky

4/19/10:  Recent Tectonic Activity Shaking Things Up

4/19/10:  Biggest mass of living things in the oceans? Microbes.

4/18/10:  Celebrate Earth Day with NASA!

4/17/10:  Icelandic volcano eases but eruptions continue

4/16/10:  Bill Clinton Opens Enviro-Expo in Windsor , Ontario

4/16/10:  Wind Power Complications with Radar

4/16/10:  Earth's missing heat a concern

4/16/10:  Chemical Safety Reform Gains Momentum in Congress

4/16/10:  Dr. Jane Goodall: 'I'm not going to fight for animal rights'

4/15/10:  The Dams in Montenegro

4/15/10:  EPA Finalizes the 2008 National U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory

4/15/10:  Brazil suspends Amazon dam project

4/15/10:  Volcanic ash disrupts northern Europe air traffic

4/14/10:  US Eastern forests suffer "substantial" decline: 3.7 million hectares gone

4/14/10:  Australia arrests Chinese crew of grounded coal ship

4/14/10:  DuPont Sustainable Solutions Targets Substantial Market Opportunity to Drive Aggressive Growth

4/14/10:  Meat Free Mondays at Tel Aviv University

4/14/10:  Government May Support Nuclear Power's Comeback

4/13/10:  Ancient Antarctic Air

4/13/10:  Shell gets key Alaska permit

4/13/10:  New climate talks set for 2010 in Cancun, Mexico

4/13/10:  Target Opens Recycling Centers in All 1,740 Stores

4/13/10:  US Eastern forests suffer "substantial" decline: 3.7 million hectares gone

4/13/10:  Glacier breaks in Peru, causing tsunami

4/13/10:  Meat Free Mondays at Tel Aviv University

4/13/10:  Massive Arctic Ice Cap Is Shrinking, Study Shows; Rate Accelerating Since 1985

4/11/10:  Shell gets key Alaska permit

4/10/10:  Toxic release Inventory List Expansion

4/10/10:  China, U.S. clash over 2010 U.N. climate talks

4/9/10:  Exposure to Three Classes of Common Chemicals May Affect Female Development, Study Finds

4/9/10:  U.N. climate talks resume, little chance of 2010 deal

4/9/10:  Colorful Nature

4/8/10:  Public supports energy over environment

4/8/10:  Study reports hints of phthalate threat to boys' IQs

4/8/10:  Scientists Say F.D.A. Ignored Radiation Warnings

4/8/10:  Public supports energy over environment

4/8/10:  Brazil farmers shown how to profit by conserving

4/8/10:  Exercise During Pregnancy

4/8/10:  Pigeon Commander

4/6/10:  "Shocking" Reasons to Go Organic

4/6/10:  China says dams not to blame for low Mekong levels

4/6/10:  "Shocking" Reasons to Go Organic

4/6/10:  Guerrillas could drive gorillas toward extinction in Congo, warns UN

4/6/10:  Canadian Cement Plant Becomes First to Capture CO2 in Algae

4/5/10:  Cooling Towers for Indian Point?

4/5/10:  How Wind Farms Affect the Global Climate

4/5/10:  Zero Baggage Eliminates the Need for Checked Luggage

4/5/10:  Ships at Sea and What is Fair

4/5/10:  Masdar: Abu Dhabi's carbon-neutral city

4/5/10:  Cooling Towers for Indian Point?

4/4/10:  Chinese ship leaking oil on Great Barrier Reef

4/3/10:  Forecast for Cape Wind, unsettled

4/2/10:  Camouflage expert discovered in Cambodia

4/2/10:  Chemical Exposure Before Mid-30s May Be Critical in Breast Cancer Development

4/2/10:  A New Geologic Era

4/2/10:  Canada, US to collaborate on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations

4/2/10:  Farm Pesticides Linked to Melanoma

4/2/10:  High Fat Breakfasts May Not Be So Bad

4/2/10:  Camouflage expert discovered in Cambodia

4/2/10:  Alaska drilling will expand due to Administration Decision

4/2/10:  Ghost Fleet to be Cleaned Up and Removed from Suisun Bay

4/2/10:  Depopulation may be harming the Amazon rainforest

4/2/10:  Chemical Exposure Before Mid-30s May Be Critical in Breast Cancer Development

4/2/10:  New Aggressive National Fuel Economy Standards Set for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks

4/2/10:  A New Geologic Era

4/2/10:  Canada, US to collaborate on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations

3/25/10:  From CO2 to Cement: Recycling Carbon — the Commoditization of Carbon Emissions

3/25/10:  Reclaiming a derelict site to create a community garden

3/25/10:  Rapid Increases in Tree Growth Found in US

3/25/10:  Human health linked directly to forest health

3/25/10:  One shark species wins U.N. protection

3/25/10:  EPA adds sources for greenhouse gas reporting

3/25/10:  Commercial cooking elevates hazardous pollutants in the environment

3/25/10:  Solar power for the poor: facts and figures

3/25/10:  Carbon reporting will get more scrutiny

3/25/10:  Weather Anomalies of Winter 2010

3/25/10:  Ditch Yucca Mountain? Not so fast say some lawmakers

3/10/10:  Attention Bikers - Google Maps is for you!

3/10/10:  China to develop new energy source - combustible ice

3/10/10:  West Africa mangroves impacted by salt extraction

3/10/10:  Impact of Ancient Indonesian Volcanic Eruption

3/10/10:  EPA defends plan to regulate Greenhouse gas emissions

3/10/10:  New Report Offers Little Hope for International Climate Agreement

3/10/10:  Amazon Droughts and Greening

3/10/10:  China and India endorse Copenhagen Climate Accord

3/10/10:  Gowanus Canal goes Superfund

3/10/10:  Improved Wood Stoves could improve air quality and health

3/6/10:  EPA to Phase in CO2 emissions permits/BACT for mid-sized sources

3/6/10:  How Hot or Cold the Ocean

3/6/10:  Iran and Qatar Align on Environment

3/6/10:  EU climate funding melting?

3/6/10:  All Fish Tested from U.S. Streams Found Contaminated with Mercury

3/6/10:  Garlic is Good for You

3/6/10:  The nuclear waste issue must be solved

3/3/10:  Cap-and-trade plan dead says Senator Graham

3/3/10:  Alaskan Glacier Ice Loss Overestimated?

3/2/10:  Pliocene Hurricaines

3/2/10:  Mekong River at record low flow

3/2/10:  British Antarctic Survey census of biodiversity sheds light on changing climate

3/1/10:  Solar Plane Almost Ready for Record Flight

3/1/10:  Huge iceberg breaks off from Antarctic glacier

3/1/10:  Environmental disaster looms from River Po oil spill

3/1/10:  New Lead-Based Paint Requirements from EPA

3/1/10:  House members seek to block EPA carbon limits

3/1/10:  Chile Earthquake one of the 10 strongest ever recorded

3/1/10:  BP and Shell face new shareholder revolt over tar sands

3/1/10:  Olympics Create a Green Business Tipping Point in Canada

3/1/10:  Chile earthquake update - damage assessed

3/1/10:  Fish and Wildlife Service Removes Endangered Species Act Protection From Arizona's Desert Nesting Bald Eagles

3/1/10:  Plague in the Wild

2/16/10:  Richmond Olympic Oval represents green gold for buildings

2/16/10:  Evidence of Rapid Sea Rise Found in Coastal Cave in Mediterranean

2/16/10:  Forecast on Climate Change Legislation Cloudy

2/16/10:  Decline in fog threatens California's redwoods

2/16/10:  What's stopping us getting solar power from deserts?

2/16/10:  Is the Copenhagen Accord already dead?

2/12/10:  The Tale of The Great Lakes

2/12/10:  China serious about renewable energy

2/12/10:  Biodiesel as an Alternate Fuel


2/12/10:  Climate change affecting Kenya's coffee output

2/12/10:  How Far the Sun?

2/12/10:  Drilling may have caused Indonesia mud volcano

2/12/10:  How to Reduce the Fumes

2/12/10:  How Ground Water Contamination Spreads

2/2/10:  Global Warming Slowed by Decline in Atmospheric Water Vapor

2/2/10:  Save our Planet!

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2/2/10:  New Ozone Standards could contribute to warming

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2/2/10:  Saudi Arabia to Replace Oil with Sun Power for Desalination Plants

2/2/10:  Neanderthal and Climate Change

2/2/10:  Belo Monte dam approved in Brazil's Amazon

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2/2/10:  Today is World Wetlands Day

1/23/10:  Copenhagen Climate deal melting?

1/22/10:  Reach: High Hazard Chemicals

1/22/10:  Haiti's environment needs long-term help

1/22/10:  Second Earthquake Hits Haiti

1/22/10:  Sinking Islands and Their Consequences

1/22/10:  Wind Energy could be big in eastern US

1/22/10:  Imported from Asia: OZONE

1/22/10:  Product Life Cycle Analysis

1/22/10:  California Objects to One Auto Emission Standard for the nation

1/22/10:  Himalayan glacier meltdown warning being reconsidered

1/22/10:  Glass and Cement Plants Settle New Source Review Cases with USEPA

1/17/10:  Radon in Homes an Invisible Danger

1/17/10:  Ski property faces meltdown as global warming chills the market

1/17/10:  Haiti Releif Update

1/15/10:  Rats, Humans and Strokes

1/15/10:  Settlement Reached in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Lawsuit

1/15/10:  Why Do Most People Feel Happier on the Weekend?

1/15/10:  EPA agents search Chevron facilities in Alaska

1/14/10:  Settlement Reached in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Lawsuit

1/14/10:  Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake Hits Haiti

1/14/10:  Tilapia Found to be Invasive in Fiji

1/14/10:  Parking Lot Problems

1/14/10:  Processed foods contribute to obesity in Guatemala

1/14/10:  Haiti Earthquake: Why did it Happen?

1/12/10:  Feedback Accelerates Arctic Ice Melt — Canada, Alaska Most Pronounced

1/12/10:  Largest U.S. farm group rallies against climate bill

1/12/10:  Earthquake Deaths Lower in 2009

1/12/10:  EPA to Improve Ozone Standards

1/12/10:  Icy Seas Continue in Antarctica

1/12/10:  Indoor Air Quality

1/12/10:  Prius Top Seller in Japan

1/9/10:  US EPA Proposes Stricter Ozone Standards

1/9/10:  How Cold Is It?

1/9/10:  Good News for Cell Phone Users

1/7/10:  In Darkest WInter Night Tornadoes Can Strike

1/7/10:  New Jersey protects more open space from development

1/7/10:  Lithuania shuts Soviet-era nuclear plant

1/7/10:  Red Snapper Fishing Ban Starts

1/7/10:  Arab World in Water Crisis

1/7/10:  The Origin of Green Chemistry

1/7/10:  US Car Fleet Shrinks for First Time

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1/7/10:  Is there a plug-in hybrid in your future?

1/7/10:  Underwater rocks could be used for massive carbon storage on America's East Coast

1/7/10:  Autism clusters in California