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11/7/08:  New Jersey Voters Approve Funds for Open Space, Despite Poor Economy

11/7/08:  China tells rich polluting nations to change lifestyle

11/7/08:  Indian temperature rise 'will exceed projected rainfall'

11/7/08:  Citi stays top of SRI research rankings

11/7/08:  Obama: "Change Has Come to America"

11/7/08:  Al Gore group urges Obama to create U.S. power grid

11/7/08:  Can Web 2.0 Revolutionize Corporate Responsibility?

11/7/08:  US automakers can now apply for Energy Dept. loans

11/7/08:  Low carbon investment down 4% in 2008 -report

11/6/08:  Measuring extinction, species by species

11/6/08:  Levels of the greenhouse gas methane begin to increase again

11/6/08:  Eight nations warn EU over biofuel barriers

11/6/08:  Recipe for rescuing our reefs

11/6/08:  Video & Opinion: Obama's environmental Challenge

11/6/08:  Prince Charles: Rich countries should pay annual 'bills' to stop rainforest destruction

11/6/08:  Obama victory signals rebirth of US environmental policy

11/5/08:  Under Obama, Dark Days Seen Ahead For Fossil Fuels

11/5/08:  Europeans Form Renewable Energy Agency

11/5/08:  Climate talks: Obama victory offers hope, but Congress is key

11/5/08:  Economic growth found in forests

11/5/08:  How Will Renewables Fare in the New Political Environment?

11/5/08:  Obama's green jobs revolution

11/4/08:  Dick Cheney battles Laura Bush over protecting Pacific Ocean

11/4/08:  Palin twists remarks on coal by Obama, supporters say

11/4/08:  Coral reefs found growing in cold, deep ocean

11/4/08:  Solar sector shakeout looms as credit crunch bites

11/4/08:  Canada an environmental slouch, study says

11/4/08:  Offsetting Bush's Green Legacy: Advice for No. 44

11/4/08:  Climate change fears for threatened pandas

11/4/08:  A green lesson from Iceland

11/4/08:  Beijing bamboozled by no-car-day numbers game

11/3/08:  Credit Crisis May Halt Pickins' Largest Wind Farm in the World

11/3/08:  U.N. chief urges climate change help despite slowdown

11/3/08:  Italian fishers and Spanish legislators add to pressure for action on tuna

11/3/08:  Bill Clinton: "We Blew It" On Global Food

11/3/08:  California Sets Up Toxic Chemicals Registry

11/3/08:  Britain, Abu Dhabi to sign clean energy accord

11/3/08:  Big Green Jobs Machine

11/3/08:  FACTBOX: Presidential candidates on energy issues

11/3/08:  Bush team rushes environment policy changes

11/1/08:  California "green" energy vote seen close: poll

10/31/08:  China hopes for step-by-step progress of low carbon economy

10/31/08:  EU agency says French GMO maize ban unjustified

10/31/08:  World without Frogs: Combined Threats May Croak Amphibians

10/31/08:  Antarctica hit by climate change

10/31/08:  NY sets code to axe dirty business in clean energy

10/31/08:  Climate change seen helping short-lived creatures

10/30/08:  Recycle Your Water Bottles On Your Laptop

10/30/08:  Beyond the Banks: Bail Out the Environment, Create Jobs

10/30/08:  Financial Crisis Hurts U.S. Soft Power

10/30/08:  HIV awareness goes mobile

10/30/08:  Global Business Backs UN Climate Change Deal

10/30/08:  'Carbon trading' now big business

10/30/08:  Step 1 in curbing mercury emissions: Find their source.

10/30/08:  "Carbon army" hopes to grab slice of New Deal cash

10/29/08:  Warmer seas to blame as our cod vanish

10/29/08:  Households significantly reduce electricity use when prices rise

10/29/08:  Where Batteries Live

10/29/08:  Demand for African natural resources can ensure sustainable use

10/29/08:  Amphibians disappearing from Yellowstone Park

10/29/08:  Climate laws to include planes

10/29/08:  Coca-Cola Continues to Make Strides on Water, Recycling

10/29/08:  EU biofuel data change angers environmentalists

10/29/08:  Nations see REDD in rush for carbon credits

10/28/08:  Food for fuel policy may result in deforestation

10/28/08:  Solar Fuels Nevada Economy

10/28/08:  Europe cracks down on fishing for deep-sea species

10/28/08:  Climate change keeps swans in Siberia

10/28/08:  Australia's Stern review warns of runaway global warming

10/28/08:  China sets price for cooperation on climate change

10/27/08:  CO2 Emissions And Imperiled Species

10/27/08:  Hidden cost of China's coal is $250 billion: survey

10/27/08:  swift wind turbine - quiet rooftop windpower

10/27/08:  CO2 curbs may be too late for reefs, study warns

10/27/08:  Future of green is not so black, say some

10/27/08:  Forest boost as poaching boss gets jail

10/27/08:  Green Energy And IT? A Match Made In Heaven!

10/27/08:  Risks of global warming greater than financial crisis: Stern

10/25/08:  Asia, Europe reach consensus on financial crisis

10/25/08:  Climate change may drown cities

10/25/08:  European Scientists: 'Let's Set Up A Global Solar Energy Grid'

10/24/08:  Greenhouse gas 4 times higher than thought

10/24/08:  How to get 400+ MPG Shipping Freight

10/24/08:  Carbon finance seen as solid despite global crunch

10/24/08:  Zero Carbon Building is The New Standard In England

10/24/08:  OPEC faces fresh dilemma in setting oil targets

10/24/08:  IPCC Chair: Severity Under-reported

10/24/08:  Global Shares Plummet on Gloomy Data

10/24/08:  Big Chinese companies join climate group

10/23/08:  Green Jobs Transcript

10/23/08:  Planet Earth Monoply, eco style - a review

10/23/08:  EU presses China and India to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

10/23/08:  EU lawmakers give boost to green vehicles

10/23/08:  China warns of huge rise in emissions

10/23/08:  Corals gain climate-change shield

10/23/08:  Organic Farming 'Could Feed Africa'

10/23/08:  Citing global warming, Gore renews call to cut use of oil

10/22/08:  Which grass is greener? Study to select Northeast grasses that can power the bioenergy era

10/22/08:  China report warns of greenhouse gas leap

10/22/08:  New Energy Economy Emerging in the United States

10/22/08:  US cracks down on illegal logging

10/22/08:  What’s Really Wrong With the Price of Oil

10/22/08:  WHO climate research agenda will make health count

10/22/08:  Gas Prices + CO2 + Economy = The Perfect Storm

10/21/08:  Investors seek carbon facts

10/21/08:  EBay to ban sale of ivory products

10/21/08:  Global warming causing dramatic decline in Great Barrier Reef’s seabirds

10/21/08:  The New Solar Bottleneck: Labor Shortage

10/21/08:  California Maps a Plan to Slow Down Global Warming

10/21/08:  Crunch may put price tag on environment

10/21/08:  Indonesia's tin islands: blessed or cursed?

10/20/08:  Study: Wildlife need more complex travel plans

10/20/08:  Pollution Credits Let Dumps Double Dip

10/20/08:  limate change outracing EU targets, WWF warns

10/20/08:  Putting a price on nature can save forests, rivers

10/20/08:  Climate change linked to Indian tiger attacks

10/20/08:  Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria Announced

10/20/08:  A Green Lining in Market Meltdown?

10/20/08:  Top 10 Green Jobs with Salaries Over 100k

10/20/08:  Opportunities seen widening for clean tech investors

10/20/08:  Environment will wither whoever wins US election

10/19/08:  A Lesson In Changing Light Bulbs

10/17/08:  Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Population Listed As Endangered;

10/17/08:  WWF “Greenprint” for presidential candidates

10/17/08:  The Pickens Plan: As Good As It Seems?

10/17/08:  Audits could curb illegal logging

10/17/08:  Argentina makes environmental insurance a must

10/17/08:  What If Clients Expect a Card? Can You Do It Green? - Recycled Holiday Cards

10/17/08:  Eco-show launches four-city expansion

10/17/08:  A Slick Solution for Oil Markets

10/17/08:  Ten Reasons To Buy Local Food

10/16/08:  Solar power industry a bright light amid economic gloom

10/16/08:  EU climate pact under veto threat as financial crisis bites

10/16/08:  EU 'resolute' on climate targets

10/16/08:  Green Jobs Transition Must Accelerate

10/16/08:  Greenpeace: Climate change threatens China's food safety

10/16/08:  Global warming threatens Australias iconic kangaroos

10/16/08:  Pacific hit by dengue 'pandemic'

10/16/08:  Scientists to probe Antarctica for sea rise clues

10/16/08:  Acidifying oceans

10/15/08:  EU leaders guard economies in climate battle

10/15/08:  Plight Of The Penguins

10/15/08:  Climate Change: Pushing Species To The Brink

10/15/08:  Oil puts Brazil on collision course with future

10/15/08:  Global Crisis: How Far to Go?

10/15/08:  Forest plan may 'fuel corruption'

10/15/08:  Environment officials meet in Warsaw to address climate change

10/15/08:  Recession will cut EU carbon costs: Deutsche

10/14/08:  China province looks abroad to clean up arsenic

10/14/08:  Major plans for tidal energy farm

10/14/08:  Supreme Court hears arguments in sonar case

10/14/08:  Climate Change: Pushing Species To The Brink

10/14/08:  Austin Expands Recycling Program

10/14/08:  Climate deal to help overcome financial crisis: EU

10/14/08:  Rich countries must pay for rainforests: UK report

10/13/08:  Forests, fish and skiers have place in drought plans

10/13/08:  India's humble rickshaw goes solar

10/13/08:  Analysts say global carbon market will pass $100B by year's end

10/13/08:  Kenya elephants text rangers

10/13/08:  EU car loan call puts spotlight on CO2 costs

10/13/08:  Global warming getting political cold shoulder in U.S. amid economic woes

10/12/08:  Global warming grips Greenland, leaves lasting mark

10/11/08:  Cost of Deforestation is Vastly Greater than that of the Current Financial Crisis

10/11/08:  U.N. says credit crisis could enable "green growth"

10/10/08:  Carbon tax seen as best way to slow global warming

10/10/08:  Cutting air pollution in cities may raise global temps, says scientist

10/10/08:  Research shows link between bisphenol A and disease in adults

10/10/08:  Ethiopia signs deal for largest wind farm in Africa

10/10/08:  Green alarm as EU ministers mull climate opt-outs

10/10/08:  Wall Street seen adding to global rout

10/10/08:  Global Warming Triggers an International Race for the Arctic

10/9/08:  U.S. focus on climate could ease financial crisis

10/9/08:  UN agency questions wider use of biofuels

10/9/08:  One Megawatt Solar Power System Unveiled at Gap Inc.'s West Coast Distribution Center

10/9/08:  Clean energy act sets Philippines up for $3 billion rebate

10/9/08:  'Acoustic smog' is major threat to whales, say researchers

10/9/08:  Sea-level to rise by one-metre this century: scientists

10/9/08:  Fisheries losing $50 billion a year: World Bank

10/9/08:  Climate change could force millions from homes

10/9/08:  Map reveals species most at risk from climate change

10/9/08:  Focus sharpens on forests for climate fix

10/8/08:  Seeking Africa's green revolution

10/8/08:  Geothermal energy development gathers steam

10/8/08:  Japan sees big firms trading CO2 next year

10/8/08:  Benefits of the Bailout Bill for Green Consumers

10/8/08:  8 Ways to Green Your Battery Use

10/8/08:  Sarah Palin makes few friends among U.N. climate experts

10/8/08:  Britain exceeds biofuels target - govt agency

10/8/08:  Water seen as the new oil for U.S. Army

10/7/08:  California seeks energy savings as economy sours

10/7/08:  Is There a Green Upside to the Economic Meltdown?

10/7/08:  Big emitters facing carbon limits

10/7/08:  Ted Turner announces Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria

10/7/08:  Biotechnology 'no cure-all' for food insecurity

10/7/08:  U.S. to limit oil development in polar bear habitat

10/7/08:  Starbucks Wastes Millions of Litres of Water a Day

10/7/08:  NJ: We'll Become a World Leader in Wind Power

10/6/08:  Oregon Winery Offers Glass Bottle Recycling Incentive

10/6/08:  Dubai investment firm to target sustainability

10/6/08:  Ground-level ozone pollution to increase

10/6/08:  The True Costs of Renewable Energy

10/6/08:  U.S. City Dwellers Flock to Raising Chickens

10/6/08:  More Mammals Seeing Red

10/6/08:  Indian farmers should go organic: Prince Charles

10/6/08:  One in four mammals risks extinction

10/5/08:  Nations protect land better than seas

10/4/08:  Business and Ecosystem Services are Inextricably Linked

10/4/08:  House approves extending energy tax credits

10/3/08:  MADAGASCAR: Seasonal food shortages on the doorstep

10/3/08:  Melting of Arctic ice 'fascinating ... alarming'

10/3/08:  Does climate change's cause matter? Not to Palin

10/3/08:  90,000 Homes To Be Powered By Chicken Manure

10/3/08:  Houston taking on global warming

10/3/08:  California may need emergency $7 billion loan: report

10/3/08:  World Bank's "green" energy funding up 87 percent

10/3/08:  Dreaming of a climate bailout

10/2/08:  California ports clean up polluting trucks

10/2/08:  Internet auction sees 256,000 Kyoto offsets sold

10/2/08:  Green Challenge Showcase: Boston Public Health Commission

10/2/08:  Microfinance unscathed by financial crisis: Yunus

10/2/08:  Toshiba Expands Free Recycling Program

10/2/08:  'Green' Beauty Products May Come With Hidden Risks

10/2/08:  California Passes Nation’s First ”Green Chemistry’ Law

10/2/08:  Trade and climate policies must be linked post-2012

10/1/08:  Northeast Puts on the Carbon Cap

10/1/08:  Interested in reusable containers? Not sure if it makes sense economically?

10/1/08:  EU ministers fishing in the dark

10/1/08:  Cali. Governor signs laws on sprawl and water supplies but vetoes smog-fighting port cargo fee

10/1/08:  Met Office's bleak forecast on climate change

10/1/08:  Small island states must lead by example

10/1/08:  High stakes in Canada’s vast oil-sands fields

10/1/08:  Study eases fear about wind farm threat to birds

9/26/08:  House to vote on extending energy tax credits

9/26/08:  Ending oil habit harder than they say

9/26/08:  l unveils deforestation plan

9/26/08:  g, Virgin join group committed to biofuel for commercial jets

9/26/08:  cial turmoil no bar to climate deal: UN

9/26/08:  blame cities for climate change, see them as solutions

9/26/08:  expects 3,000 MW in solar plants by 2010

9/26/08:  U.S. greenhouse cap-and-trade market opens

9/25/08:  t Ice in North America Hints at Hardy Tundra

9/25/08:  Asia fights disease from floods, seeks aid

9/25/08: Old Growth Forest Must No Longer Be Ignored In Carbon Balances

9/25/08: Gore calls for coal plant protests

9/24/08:  Companies must lead climate change fight: consumers

9/24/08:  Farmers yearn for Bolivia's warmer climates

9/24/08:  stocks set to shine after Senate measure

9/24/08:  xas prairie, wind power is resurgent

9/24/08:  ean Fisheries Law Undergoes Review

9/23/08:  Earth First! Protesters At Coal Plant Construction Site Arraigned, Free To Leave State Until Hearing

9/23/08:  The methane time bomb

9/23/08:  warned about climate change

9/23/08:  price hikes likely if mine ruling sticks

9/23/08:  Asia floods kill 33, displaces thousands

9/23/08:  tch: Michael Pollan and Monsanto CEO at Google on YouTube

9/22/08:  land: land of ice goes green as warming turns the cabbages into kings

9/22/08:  ubber ducks help track a melting glacier?

9/22/08:  companies see climate risk, but lack plan

9/22/08:  conservation win — in Canada

9/22/08:  energy projects face heightened scrutiny as U.S. cleans up credit mess

9/22/08:  nies could face class action on climate

9/22/08:  enous Groups Criticize Climate Talks

9/22/08:  ng CO2 could pay for itself by 2030: report

9/21/08:  rowth Sierra junipers felled amid warming debate

9/21/08:  Earth show to help boost solar energy

9/21/08:  Sarah Palin's Shocking Animal Cruelty

9/19/08:  els in India: ENN

9/19/08:  Bans Pesticides Linked to Bee Devastation

9/19/08:  ssues rules for genetically modified animals

9/19/08:  Turns Cheese Waste into Energy

9/19/08:  shortage cripples Palestinian farming

9/19/08:  d milk sold by three big firms contaminated

9/19/08:  ystem could help avert collapse of fisheries

9/19/08:  go outlines plan to slash greenhouse gases

9/18/08:  Hundreds of new species found on Australia reefs

9/18/08:  NYC Taxi Owners Sue to Stop Hybrid Cabs

9/18/08:  Report Reveals Flawed U.S. E-Waste Policies

9/18/08:  Scientists name 100 new shark and ray species

9/18/08:  Rare rhinos endangered by loss of habitat

9/18/08:  China taps emergency water for "grim" Beijing

9/18/08:  Arctic sea ice at second lowest extent ever recorded

9/18/08:  Ethanol makers hit by cash crunch

9/17/08:  Tidal power makes a splash

9/17/08:  Old-growth forests important carbon sinks, says study

9/17/08:  Tar sands - the new toxic investment

9/17/08:  House passes bill allowing offshore drilling

9/16/08:  Green Recovery

9/16/08:  São Paulo to invest $63 million on climate research

9/16/08:  Polar bears 'could become extinct' because of melting ice, scientists claim

9/16/08:  States Aim to Cut Gases by Making Polluters Pay

9/16/08:  Carbon regulation could hit 1 million U.S. firms: study

9/16/08:  New Options for Home Wind Power

9/16/08:  New Law Requires Labels on Meat - Country-of-Origin Labels to be Required

9/16/08:  Economic slowdown to push 100m into poverty

9/15/08:  Migratory Waterbird Populations in Decline

9/15/08:  Will Farmed Fish Feed the World?

9/15/08:  Oil palm plantations are no substitute for tropical rainforests, a new study shows

9/15/08:  Big Coal vs. Renewable, Cleaner Energy

9/15/08:  Where have all the Bahamian flamingos gone?

9/15/08:  Relief operations ramp up in storm-hit Texas

9/15/08:  China mulls green tax to curb pollution: report

9/15/08:  Lowest ever sea ice in Arctic

9/14/08:  Old Growth Forests Are Valuable Carbon Sinks

9/14/08:  Old Growth Forests Are Valuable Carbon Sinks

9/13/08:  Mad Cow Disease Also Caused By Genetic Mutation

9/13/08:  Federal inquiry could delay clean-trucks program at ports of L.A. and Long Beach

9/13/08:  Hurricane Ike punishing Texas coast

9/12/08:  Buyers of low-fuel cars get a sales tax exemption

9/12/08:  1 million people told to flee Ike

9/12/08:  Antarctic winter ice gets bigger; Arctic shrinks

9/12/08:  Loggers still a threat to Amazon Indians

9/12/08:  Chicago Company Launches Tree Free Paper

9/12/08:  Why Ike Could Be Texas' Worst Nightmare

9/12/08:  African Renewable Energy Gains Attention

9/12/08:  Indonesian govt "gives up" on stopping mud volcano

9/12/08:  Collapsing fishery gets tuna commission a blast from own review

9/11/08:  Organic Farming - The Way Forward

9/11/08:  Hurricane Ike in Gulf of Mexico, headed for Texas

9/11/08:  India's "river of sorrow" brings biblical flood

9/11/08:  Coca-Cola, Ocado Leaders Discuss Divergent Business Roles

9/11/08:  Saltwater solution to save crops

9/11/08:  Clean coal for the future?

9/11/08:  Tiny Frog Thought Extinct Rediscovered

9/11/08:  Find Out The Cost Of Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof With Roofray's Calculator

9/11/08:  Elephant 'GPS' keeps families together

9/10/08:  Tell Congress to Protect Funding for Organic Ag Research

9/10/08:  To slow global warming, install white roofs

9/10/08:  Manure 'Smells Like Money' As Energy Costs Rise

9/10/08:  The Pickens Plan, Hybrid Electrics and National Leadership

9/10/08:  Last Tree-Sitters Descend From UC Berkeley Grove

9/10/08:  Home buyers look to cut climate control costs

9/10/08:  $100 bln could yield 2 mln US 'green' jobs -report

9/10/08:  Hurricane Ike over Gulf of Mexico, aims at Texas

9/9/08:  Office Building Is 100% Sewer-Free

9/9/08:  Australian carbon targets seen too weak

9/9/08:  Russia's Lake Baikal threatened by zinc mine

9/9/08:  Wild Animals Suffer on 'Junk Food' Diets

9/9/08:  The World Spends $300 Billion Subsidizing Fossil Fuels

9/9/08:  Taking a Bite out of Cement’s Global Warming Potential

9/9/08:  New bug ferments green fuel on the cheap

9/9/08:  Climate: New spin on ocean's role

9/8/08:  Antarctic Earthquakes Shake at Glacial Speed

9/8/08:  Thaw of polar regions may need new U.N. laws

9/8/08:  From Mules to Biofuels

9/8/08:  Tracking down the menace in Mexico City smog

9/8/08:  Group to promote state legislative efforts to build green schools

9/8/08:  Dirty air brings rain -- then again, maybe not

9/8/08:  Bottled Water Demand May Be Declining

9/8/08:  Solar energy can meet all the world's energy demands: expert

9/7/08:  Best bet to turn the White House green?

9/7/08:  L.A. residents ferret out toxic sites for researchers

9/6/08:  Failing grades for carbon emitters down under

9/6/08:  Trucking firms line up for ports' clean-air programs

9/6/08:  Solar Powered System Helps Reduce Ship's Emissions - Innovation on the High Seas

9/5/08:  Global warming: Western U.S. feels the heat

9/5/08:  E.P.A. Issues New Engine Rules

9/5/08:  Australia adviser urges cautious carbon targets

9/5/08:  Sea level rise limited to two metres

9/5/08:  California revives program to buy water from farmers

9/5/08:  UK utility windfall profits in spotlight

9/5/08:  Beijing apologizes for stinking garbage plant

9/5/08:  Deforestation Escalates in Brazilian Amazon

9/5/08:  Asian pollution could spur U.S., European warming

9/4/08:  Intellectual work induces excessive calorie intake

9/4/08:  Global Warming: Warmer Seas Linked To Strengthening Hurricanes, According to New Research

9/4/08:  What Does a Sustainable Can of Beans Look Like?

9/4/08:  New Study Confirms Accuracy of "Hockey Stick" Global Warming Graph

9/4/08:  Voluntary Standards and the Resource Curse

9/4/08:  Nissan blazes trail with clean diesel car

9/4/08:  100 Hawksbill turtles die in latest Filipino poaching incident

9/4/08:  Steam Heat & Power: Journey to the Center of the Earth

9/4/08:  Surfers to ride man-made waves

9/3/08:  Putin collars Dr Darman’s tiger

9/3/08:  Massive Arctic ice shelf breaks away

9/3/08:  Artificial Meadows And Robot Spiders Reveal Secret Life Of Bees

9/3/08:  Scotland could boost hydropower by 50 pct - study

9/3/08:  New era for sustainable investing

9/3/08:  Want to Rent Green? Good Luck. Unless...

9/3/08:  India's flood victims on the move

9/3/08:  Opposition to Offshore Drilling May Fade

9/3/08:  Paintless Car Saves Energy

9/2/08:  New report loosens noose around Albatross’s neck

9/2/08:  Drought in Australia food bowl worsens

9/2/08:  Italy next solar hot spot, Spain cools

9/2/08:  India's monsoon floods drive out humans and rhinos

9/2/08:  Slow Food Movement Picks Up Momentum in the USA

9/2/08:  Green marketing — Are your claims sustainable?

9/2/08:  Global warming greatest in past decade

9/1/08:  Sea level rises could far exceed IPCC estimates

9/1/08:  China approves law to promote sustainable economy

8/31/08:  U.N. chief warns against waiting for climate deal

8/31/08:  Lights Out for Fireflies?

8/29/08:  Cutting Fossil Fuel Subsidies Can Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Says UN Environment Report

8/29/08:  Katrina and Rita provide glimpse of what could happen to offshore drilling if Gustav hits Gulf

8/29/08:  Small farmers to join Brazil sustainable cane move

8/29/08:  Military Analyst Warns of Coming 'Climate Wars' Unless Global Warming is Reversed

8/29/08:  Wind energy bumps into power grid's limits

8/29/08:  Portland Gym Converts Energy Of Pedal Bikes To Electricity

8/29/08:  Brazil's dead penguin mystery

8/28/08:  Arctic ice on the verge of another all-time low

8/28/08:  10 Species You Can Kiss Goodbye

8/28/08:  Carbon Footprint: Saving at Home

8/28/08:  ICELAND: Filling Up on Hydrogen

8/28/08:  The weekends are more rainy — and it may be our fault

8/28/08:  Shot in the arm for Sumatran elephants and tigers

8/28/08:  Tofu waste turns to gas: Video Report

8/28/08:  Panda birth captured on video

8/27/08:  Baltic states failing to protect most damaged sea

8/27/08:  Utility fees sought for environmental research center

8/27/08:  UN climate talks advance on forests, industry

8/27/08:  World Water Week demands halt to food wastage

8/27/08:  Getting on Board with Corporate Social Responsibility

8/27/08:  Green Building Standards Under Construction

8/27/08:  Climate change leadership baton passes to new hands

8/27/08:  When glaciers disappear, the bugs move in

8/27/08:  Cut greenhouse gases to save coral reefs: scientists

8/26/08:  Shareholders Vote for Climate Change Resolutions in Record Numbers

8/26/08:  Hydrogen-Producing Bacteria Provide Clean Energy

8/26/08:  'Best Hope At Sustainable Fisheries' Short-changed By Conservation Efforts, Researchers Argue

8/26/08:  Bats: Gone With the Wind

8/26/08:  Fishing Technology Letting Turtles Off the Hook

8/26/08:  Drinking Water of 41 Million Americans Contaminated with Pharmaceuticals

8/26/08:  Oil cuts losses

8/26/08:  Japan firms to work on solar-powered ship

8/26/08:  Pollutants cause birds to sing tainted love songs

8/25/08:  Submerged Ghana forest may point to timber bonanza

8/25/08:  UN climate talks split over deforestation funds

8/25/08:  Environment agency warns government over climate change damage

8/25/08:  Denmark's approves 400 MW offshore windmill park

8/25/08:  Drilling Boom Revives Hopes for Natural Gas

8/25/08:  Uruguay: Organic Wool Has Become the Great Challenge

8/25/08:  A New Biopesticide For The Organic Food Boom

8/25/08:  Roundtable Reveals International Biofuel Standard

8/25/08:  Obama Chooses Biden as Running Mate

8/23/08:  Vote in Alaska Puts Question: Gold or Fish?

8/23/08:  Environmentalists Target Snack Food Makers Over Palm Oil Use

8/22/08:  Water Footprints Make A Splash

8/22/08:  Food riots as floods swamp South Asia

8/22/08:  Teenage DNA detectives expose US fish fraud

8/22/08:  Wasted Food Is Also Wasted Water

8/22/08:  Receding Arctic icepack opens new shipping frontier

8/22/08:  Brazil: Setting an Important Precedent for Indigenous Lands

8/22/08:  Does Congestion Pricing Reduce Traffic Congestion and Pollution?

8/22/08:  We need sustainable standards so consumers know what to buy.

8/22/08:  China: Greener than you think

8/22/08:  Polar bears found swimming miles from Alaskan coast

8/21/08:  U.S. says states can lift emission monitoring bar

8/21/08:  Critics says air travel carbon offsetting too crude

8/21/08:  New viral way of life discovered in deep-sea vents

8/21/08:  Bisphenol A exposure can increase risk of Diabetes and Heart Attacks.

8/21/08:  Bloomberg proposes windmills for New York City

8/21/08:  Lead wheel weights to be phased out in California by end of 2009

8/21/08:  Grazing animals important factor in predicting global warming impact.

8/21/08:  Japan to offer incentives on clean diesel cars

8/20/08:  China overtakes UK on renewables

8/20/08:  UK citizens using 58 baths of water a day

8/20/08:  Google buries $10m in underground power

8/20/08:  Making Waves — World Water Week 2008

8/20/08:  Hopes fade for abandoned baby whale in Australia

8/20/08:  Marine Turtle Conservation Moves into High Gear

8/20/08:  DNA Forensics May Prevent Elephant Poaching

8/20/08:  Americans think worst of 2008 oil spike over: poll

8/20/08:  EPA not spilling the beans on bees.

8/19/08:  Study: People Rank Global Warming Lower Than Local Environmental Issues

8/19/08:  Hawaii Recycles Record 72 Percent of Beverage Containers

8/19/08:  Humanitarian Aid Looms as Georgia's Next Crisis

8/19/08:  ClimatePULSE: Exporting China's Emissions

8/19/08:  World needs global water agreement now

8/19/08:  Cogeneration Can Slash Carbon and Costs

8/19/08:  Wastewater fears for urban farms

8/19/08:  African sun fuels solar-powered study time

8/19/08:  Algae: Biofuel Of The Future?

8/18/08:  South Asia monsoon rains kill 147 as thousands rescued

8/18/08:  Can the Dead Sea Be Brought to Life?

8/18/08:  Yellow cabs go green faster in NYC

8/18/08:  "Toxic" Indian festivals poison waterways

8/18/08:  Green Coffee Cups Save Shop Money

8/18/08:  Where Does Smog Occur?

8/18/08:  Eco-friendly Sri Lankan Factories

8/18/08:  Current climate models 'ignoring brown carbon'

8/18/08:  Japan seeks to arrest anti-whaling activists

8/17/08:  NY needs $50 billion of clean water investments: government

8/16/08:  Little robin from Gabon is world's newest species

8/16/08:  As GMO Sugar Beets Sneak Into the Food Supply, Citizens Fight Back

8/15/08:  Amazon Fund seen as "paradigm shift" for forest

8/15/08:  King penguin receives Norwegian knighthood

8/15/08:  Humanitarian Aid Politicized

8/15/08:  U.K. Biofuels Sources Are Largely Unknown

8/15/08:  African firms start to take action on climate change

8/15/08:  Antarctic Climate: Short-term Spikes, Long-term Warming Linked To Tropical Pacific

8/15/08:  Reduce carbon footprint or find more energy sources? Americans want to do both, poll finds

8/15/08:  Give Beijing Some Breathing Space

8/15/08:  Coastal "dead zones" spread globally, study finds

8/14/08:  Mysteries of Mediterranean bluefin tuna come under the microscope

8/14/08:  China raises tax on big cars, impact seen small

8/14/08:  Inadequate policing puts state's water quality in jeopardy

8/14/08:  Drinking water in Gaza Strip contaminated with high levels of nitrate

8/14/08:  Honda has high hopes for new lower-cost hybrid

8/14/08:  Walmart Rebukes FTC Attempt to Standardize Carbon Offsets

8/14/08:  Scientists "listen" to plants to find water pollution

8/13/08:  Advertising not sustainable, authority tells Shell

8/13/08:  Eco-tower rising in Lower Manhattan to include hotel and meeting space

8/13/08:  Fashion Meets Earth

8/13/08:  Oil and gas projects in western Amazon threaten biodiversity and indigenous peoples

8/13/08:  U.S. Renewable Energy Growth Accelerates

8/13/08:  Hot subways to floods, all part of NYC climate risk

8/13/08:  Climate change may boost Middle East rainfall

8/13/08:  Prince Charles says GMO crops will be "disaster"

8/12/08:  Some big whales recovering since 1980s hunt ban

8/12/08:  Beijing Air Quality Improves on Day 4 of Olympic Games

8/12/08:  U.S. ship heads for Arctic to define territory

8/12/08:  Creating solutions to a water crisis

8/12/08:  Small Hydroelectric Dams Not So Green

8/12/08:  Elephant seals join fight against climate change

8/12/08:  Exports Account for One-Third of China’s Emissions

8/12/08:  Endangered Species Act Changes Give Agencies More Say

8/11/08:  Meltdown in the Arctic is speeding up

8/11/08:  New $27 million project will protect key pollinators for food security and biodiversity

8/11/08:  Pacific Shellfish Ready To Invade Atlantic

8/11/08:  China ventures into carbon capture

8/11/08:  Recycled Plastics Showing Up More In Autos

8/11/08:  NYC among 21 cities to disclose carbon output

8/11/08:  US now world leader in wind power production

8/9/08:  Ivory Coast toxic sites still a threat: U.N. expert

8/9/08:  Is Hydrogen the Fuel of the Future?

8/9/08:  UK climate protesters fail to stop E.ON output

8/9/08:  South Koreans Fill Streets of Seoul to Continue Protest Against US Beef Imports

8/8/08:  Researchers find cancer-inhibiting compound under the sea

8/8/08:  Is Your Organic Food Really Organic?

8/8/08:  Tokyo to get electric car recharging sites: report

8/8/08:  McDonald's and Greenwashing

8/8/08:  Military wants to lead U.S. into the green

8/8/08:  Tiny invasive snail impacts Great Lakes, alters ecology

8/8/08:  Mystery killer disease may be spread by vampire bats

8/8/08:  New Paper Recycling Mill Opens In NY

8/8/08:  Water Advocates Speak Out for Improved Sanitation

8/8/08:  Torch relay enters final leg under hazy skies

8/6/08:  China's Olympian efforts to tackle air pollution

8/6/08:  U.N. to tighten rules on earning carbon offsets

8/6/08:  The Greenest Notebook Computers Of 2008

8/6/08:  Malaria cannot be halted on its own

8/6/08:  Eco-airline takes to the skies of the Pacific Northwest

8/6/08:  Cheapest, Fastest Oil Fix? Pump Up Your Tires!

8/6/08:  Wanted: $21 Billion to Save Brazilian Rainforest

8/6/08:  New map aims to help battle for Arctic territories

8/6/08:  Kenyan courts consider terminating biofuel plans

8/5/08:  Flawed U.S. Regulations Make Tigers in Captivity Vulnerable, New Report Shows

8/5/08:  Tibetan plateau melts in the face of climate change

8/5/08:  Air Canada introduces offsets for corporate travel

8/5/08:  Beijing still hazy with three days to go

8/5/08:  Malaysia, Indonesia to cooperate on biofuels

8/5/08:  Big Oil Fattens Up at the Public Trough

8/5/08:  MIT develops way to bank solar energy at home

8/4/08:  San Francisco to Vote on Clean Energy City Charter on November Ballot: Why is "Green" Mayor Gavin Newsom Opposed?

8/4/08:  Untouched forests store 3 times more carbon: study

8/4/08:  Conservation Coalition and States Will Sue EPA to Reduce Global Warming Pollution from Ships and Planes

8/4/08:  Prospectors sift through America's garbage in a gold rush founded on metals, plastic and paper

8/4/08:  Pepsi Chooses Company to Recycle its Electronics

8/4/08:  For second year in a row, melt may open Northwest Passage

8/4/08:  Congo Basin passes 1 million ha milestone in swing to sustainable forestry

8/4/08:  British GMO Protests Highlight Global Divide

8/4/08:  Senate "Gang of Ten" Forges Compromise Energy Bill Before August Recess

8/2/08:  Climate chill came exactly 12,679 years ago: study

8/2/08:  Games city breathes easier as haze clears

8/1/08:  GM posts $15.5 billion loss as sales sputter

8/1/08:  U.S. Utilities Advance Solar Projects

8/1/08:  Government Marketing of Organics - in the EU

8/1/08:  Climate change means more floods for a drying Thames basin

8/1/08:  Ivory Poaching At Critical Levels

8/1/08:  Green group touts Al Gore's clean energy goal

7/31/08:  How vulnerable to flooding is New York City?

7/31/08:  What Do Squid Hear?

7/31/08:  Around the World on Solar Power

7/31/08:  EPA warns its employees not to talk to the agency's internal watchdog.

7/31/08:  California to sue EPA on greenhouse gas emissions

7/31/08:  Congo launches review of logging contracts

7/31/08:  World Bank Struggles to Prioritize Sustainability

7/31/08:  Protest halts coal train for six hours

7/31/08:  Government pesticide and fertilizer data dropped

7/31/08:  Even with "blue skies", is Beijing's air safe?

7/30/08:  Birds fly north in climate change vanguard: study

7/30/08:  Arctic ice bigger than 2007, but thawing long-term

7/30/08:  Algae Based Biofuels in Plain English: Why it Matters, How it Works.

7/30/08:  Organic Agriculture, World Hunger and Global Warming: Report from the IFOAM Organic World Congress

7/30/08:  Spain to Put 1 million Electric Cars on the Road

7/30/08:  The Costs of Not Building Green

7/30/08:  Feds Protect Huge Areas of the Bering Sea from Trawling

7/30/08:  Oceanic Acidification - The Scenario In 100 Years' Time

7/30/08:  Wetlands 'must be preserved' say experts

7/30/08:  Three senators call for EPA chief to resign

7/29/08:  The Economics of Recycling

7/29/08:  U.S. should find way to price carbon emissions, say execs

7/29/08:  U.S. Army works to cut its carbon "bootprint"

7/29/08:  Beijing says "sauna" haze will not last over Games

7/29/08:  Greenwashing - An Advertising Professional's Insights

7/29/08:  Green Events Across the U.S. in Late Summer and Fall

7/29/08:  Scraping the bottom of the oil barrel a significant new climate risk

7/28/08:  Stricken boat off the coast of Bali underscores the threats from unregulated fishing.

7/28/08:  Toronto Pays Citizens Hefty Grants For Projects Reducing Carbon Footprint

7/28/08:  New Reuse Site Offers Financial Rewards to Members


7/28/08:  Department of Interior To Hold Auction of Oil Lease Rights in Alaska National Petroleum Reserve

7/28/08:  Beijing shrouded in haze 11 days before Olympics

7/26/08:  Reducing Your Carbon Footprint? Why Not Eat Less!

7/25/08:  Beijing Pledges to Recycle Half of Olympic Waste

7/25/08:  New Report Finds Sharks Critical to Maintaining Healthy Oceans

7/25/08:  Farmers Markets: Think Local as Well as Organic

7/25/08:  Commercially Engineered Bees Spread Disease to Wild Bees

7/25/08:  Mexican mangroves 'vital for fishing industry'

7/25/08:  Fuel Costs Clip Airline Wings

7/25/08:  Oil spills onto ice, climate among Arctic risks

7/25/08:  China says air clearing for Games despite hazy skies

7/25/08:  Investors Pressure Corporations to Address Climate

7/24/08:  What about Nanoparticles in Sun Screen?

7/24/08:  Microloans Pay Off for Planet, Investors

7/24/08:  Climate Change Business Consulting; A Review Of Major League Players' Strengths And Weaknesses.

7/24/08:  Destruction of Wetlands Could Unleash Carbon Bomb

7/24/08:  Whale playground offers glimpse into Russia's melting Arctic

7/24/08:  India firms lag in climate action: report

7/24/08:  Ship collision shuts Mississippi River, spills fuel

7/24/08:  Sustainability center stage at top air show

7/24/08:  California joins big carbon-trade partnership

7/24/08:  China's emission possible

7/23/08:  Analysts Now Research the Sustainability of Large Corporations

7/23/08:  Missouri Town Powered Entirely by Wind

7/23/08:  EU executive moves to limit cruelty of seal hunts

7/23/08:  Japan feeds animals recycled leftovers

7/23/08:  In Windy West Texas, An Economic Boom

7/23/08:  Training tree fellers helps cut carbon emissions

7/23/08:  California green energy proposal has thin support

7/22/08:  Online Video Site Spreads the Green Word

7/22/08:  Pickens sees $300 oil unless U.S. cuts import need

7/22/08:  New solar thermal plant buoys Spanish investors

7/22/08:  Brazil harnesses space tech to monitor deforestation

7/22/08:  Obama Shifts Stance on Environmental & Climate Issues

7/22/08:  Russian bears trap geology survey crew

7/22/08:  EU countries add to illegal logging trade

7/22/08:  Nature Conservancy Goes Public with Voluntary Carbon Offset Program

7/22/08:  The UK's Green New Deal to Combat Economic Depression, Climate Change

7/21/08:  Emergency Beijing Olympic pollution scheme begins

7/21/08:  The Top Energy Efficient Freezers 2008

7/21/08:  E-Waste Animated Video Wins Film Festival Award

7/21/08:  California First State to Adopt Green Building Code

7/21/08:  Jungle logging threatens tribes in Peru's Amazon

7/21/08:  Congressional Trade Leaders Call on White House to Stop Overfishing Subsidies

7/21/08:  Kenya pushes traditional crops for food security

7/21/08:  Human rights a 'compass' for climate change policies

7/21/08:  Climate report calls for leaders with vision

7/19/08:  U.S. carbon initiative nets key Canadian province

7/19/08:  The Norwegian Crown Prince and Crown Princess support youth in the fight against global warming

7/18/08:  Environmentalists sue EPA for cleaner water rules

7/18/08:  Fuel cell cars still 15 years away at best: study

7/18/08:  Waste Management Launches CFL, Battery Recycling Site

7/18/08:  Unnecessary flights killing the poor says Tutu

7/18/08:  Illegal trade in Indonesian markets putting wild animals in danger

7/18/08:  Gore: Make all U.S. electricity from renewable sources

7/18/08:  Windows That Double As Solar Panels

7/18/08:  Protecting Mau Forest in Kenya's Economic Interest

7/18/08:  Non-GMO Soybeans Show 10% Greater Yield

7/18/08:  Climate change puts U.S. way of life at risk: EPA

7/17/08:  AFGHANISTAN: 1.5 million "severely" hit by drought - minister

7/17/08:  B.C. Games to douse torch for environment's sake

7/17/08:  Black gold fuels 'the giant of Africa'

7/17/08:  Checks ordered at French nuclear sites after leak

7/17/08:  Russian Research Team Pulls Up Stakes and Gets the Heck Out Due to Melting Ice

7/17/08:  Pope says young inheriting scarred, squandered earth

7/17/08:  New Exchange For Trading Home-Brewed Biofuels

7/17/08:  Odiferous Overcrowded Dairy Farms Not Just A Problem for Cows

7/17/08:  San Francisco's Grace Cathedral Will Install Solar Power System

7/17/08:  NYC speeds transformation of yellow cabs to green

7/16/08:  Theft of Curbside Recyclables Increasing

7/16/08:  China says Olympic sailing venue now algae-free

7/16/08:  China gets permission to import ivory from Africa

7/16/08:  Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Could Reach Record Size

7/16/08:  Product Stewardship in Logging Industry Could Reduce Landslides

7/16/08:  Fishing ban brings seas to life

7/16/08:  Costly biofuel support offers few benefits: OECD

7/15/08:  Indonesia, Brazil say to cooperate on biofuel

7/15/08:  ClimatePULSE: Who owns these greenhouse gas emissions?

7/15/08:  UK government lambasted over own carbon emissions

7/15/08:  Greens Nominate Cynthia McKinney for President

7/15/08:  PVC Packaging Under Fire in California

7/15/08:  Bush lifts offshore drilling ban in symbolic move

7/15/08:  Global warming may raise kidney stone cases: study

7/15/08:  It's a long road to a H5N1 vaccine stockpile

7/15/08:  EU executive to tackle eco impact of consumerism

7/14/08:  Kenya court halts $370m sugar, biofuels project

7/14/08:  Inside the Life of a Scrapped Auto

7/14/08:  Environmentalists block Australia coal port

7/14/08:  Fresh Generation of Volunteers Takes Road to Organic Farms

7/14/08:  Population boom will pressure forests: reports

7/14/08:  Beijing discards recyclers

7/14/08:  US Court Slaps Down Pollution Law

7/14/08:  Natural Disasters Becoming More Frequent

7/14/08:  Bush climate action now? "Bogus": Schwarzenegger

7/11/08:  Antarctic ice shelf 'hanging by thread': European scientists

7/11/08:  Intel’s Grove Calls for Dual-Fuel Vehicles, Used Vehicle Retrofits

7/11/08:  Invest in water for farming, or the world will go hungry

7/11/08:  China to urgently boost GM crop development

7/11/08:  Environmental Working Group Names Safest Sunscreens

7/11/08:  Japan charges Greenpeace members over whale theft

7/11/08:  Coal Industry Hands Out Pink Slips While Green Collar Jobs Take Off

7/11/08:  Acidifying oceans pose danger to coral reefs

7/11/08:  Conservation areas 'attracting human settlement'

7/10/08:  G8 patches up climate deal, others want more

7/10/08:  Solar industry gets jitters as Spain plans retreat

7/10/08:  LCD Chemical Found to Have 17,000 Times the Climate Impact of CO2.

7/10/08:  World Wildlife Fund Confirms Attack On WWF Vehicle In Congo

7/10/08:  River damming leads to dramatic decline in native fish numbers

7/10/08:  World ports tackle greenhouse gas emissions

7/10/08:  Suburbs feeling the pinch as fuel prices soar

7/10/08:  What If China's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are 25% Made By The Export Sector?

7/10/08:  South China tigers teeter on brink of extinction

7/9/08:  What's the difference between Carbon Offsets and Renewable Energy Credits, Anyway?

7/9/08:  Seattle Council Discussing Styrofoam Ban, Plastic and Paper Bag Fee

7/9/08:  Cheney wanted cuts in climate testimony

7/9/08:  Land Degradation Worse Than Previously Reported

7/9/08:  Cow burps help Argentines study climate change

7/9/08:  Some Plants Can Adapt To Widespread Climate Change

7/9/08:  New Coral Reefs Teeming With Marine Life Discovered In Brazil

7/9/08:  Suit seeks ban on oil companies disturbing wildlife

7/9/08:  Rare California condors threatened by huge fires

7/9/08:  Toward the Ultimate Eco-car: Toyota

7/9/08:  Major Economies Meeting turns into Major Embarrassment Meeting for G8

7/8/08:  Global warming will push Russia to destruction

7/8/08:  Australia activists to block world's top coal port

7/8/08:  African 'wall of trees' gets underway

7/8/08:  A Stamp for Sustainable Lifestyles

7/8/08:  Global Leaders Need to Forge Consensus and Act Now, Climate Change Experts

7/8/08:  Rare hydrogen producing microorganism may help unlock tomorrow's hydrogen economy

7/8/08:  Researchers say popular fish contains potentially dangerous fatty acid combination

7/8/08:  Dell Recycling Program Provides Jobs

7/8/08:  New bill passed cuts toxic ship pollution, praised by leading environmental group

7/8/08:  G8 papers over differences on climate change

7/7/08:  Retooling a Developed Economy’s Energy Base: Germany at the Head of the Class

7/7/08:  Flooding, After the Deluge, and the Politics of Toxic Mold

7/7/08:  Nature Reserves Attract Humans, But At A Cost To Biodiversity

7/7/08:  China Olympic city battles "invading" algae

7/7/08:  India launches climate change action plan

7/7/08:  Eco-friendly Car Wash

7/7/08:  Wasps use parasitic mites as baby bodyguards

7/7/08:  90% Of Israeli Homes Have Solar Water Heaters

7/7/08:  Eastern Pacific Fishing Nations Fail to Conserve Tuna

7/7/08:  EU, greens urge Bush to back 2050 emissions target

7/4/08:  The Backroom Biofuel Processors Are Meeting Online On A Professional Exchange

7/4/08:  Vague land ownership a factor in Amazon deforestation

7/4/08:  Australian adviser unveils carbon trading scheme

7/4/08:  Beetle attack

7/4/08:  Tissue manufacturer buys wind power to counterbalance plants' CO2 emissions

7/4/08:  French bank unveils sustainability labels

7/4/08:  LA City Committee Supports Plastic Bag Fee, Foam Container Ban

7/4/08:  Massive wildfires threaten two California towns

7/3/08:  Egyptian centre to push Middle East renewables

7/3/08:  Alabama Student Calculates Cost Savings of Recycling

7/3/08:  G8 could see climate deal and substance in doubt

7/3/08:  Where's the global food crisis taking us?

7/3/08:  Greenville Injection Project Could Have Global Implications

7/3/08:  Drivers on Canadian West Coast paying carbon tax

7/3/08:  Poaching gangs blamed for tiger density tumble in Nepal park

7/3/08:  Freeze lifted on solar applications in West

7/3/08:  Tackling Qingdao's invading algae

7/2/08:  State workers in Utah shifting to 4-day week

7/2/08:  Some 1.5 bln people may starve due to land erosion

7/2/08:  World Bank approves climate funds before G8 summit

7/2/08:  Rebuilding Greensburg The Green Way

7/2/08:  Condemned to single-sex life by climate change

7/2/08:  Green Beer

7/2/08:  Motorists brave Mexico border violence for fuel

7/2/08:  McCain and Obama's Plans to Combat Climate Change

7/2/08:  Most state workers in Utah shifting to 4-day week

7/1/08:  New Apple iPhone 3G to arrive in Green Packaging

7/1/08:  U.S. solar energy industry blasts government move

7/1/08:  High Gas Prices Threaten to Drain Small Towns' Populations

7/1/08:  OPEC couldn't replace Iran oil output: OPEC chief

7/1/08:  Wal-Mart to source more fruits and veggies locally

7/1/08:  Eco-tourism: Carbon 'offsets', a good idea that's not working

7/1/08:  Judge: Reduce CO2 Or Don't Build Coal Plant

7/1/08:  Toyota to build Camry hybrids in China in 2010: paper

7/1/08:  Smart Vendor car vending machine in Japan

6/30/08:  Global Warming to Melt North Pole Ice Cover For First Time in Recorded History

6/30/08:  Electronics makers want incentives to green product lines

6/30/08:  Green Barista

6/30/08:  Solar Water Heaters Now Mandatory In Hawaii

6/30/08:  Coming Clean: Struggle over Label Fraud in Organic Body Care Products

6/30/08:  The Greening of the Hotel Industry

6/30/08:  Smart camera keeps an eye on rare penguins

6/30/08:  Recycling CFLs is Finally Easy to Do!

6/30/08:  China Watch: Plastic Bag Ban Trumps Market and Consumer Efforts

6/30/08:  G8 may invest billions to cut CO2

6/28/08:  China calls for help on climate change

6/27/08:  Brown researchers create mercury-absorbent container linings for broken CFLs

6/27/08:  Beating the Oil Barons

6/27/08:  Blair urges G8 2050 climate pact

6/27/08:  Missouri levee breaks as flooding continues

6/27/08:  Foreigners threaten Afghan snow leopards

6/27/08:  New "carbon revolution" urged to slow warming

6/27/08:  EU reaches landmark deal to cap airline emissions

6/27/08:  U.S. Ecosystem Report Indicates Trouble

6/27/08:  Greenpeace crashes coal meeting using phony front

6/27/08:  North America's 1st carbon tax rolls out under fire

6/26/08:  California unveils ambitious climate plan

6/25/08:  Exxon Valdez $2.5 bln oil spill ruling overturned

6/25/08:  Take This Quiz to Find Out if Your are a Water Waster or Saver

6/25/08:  Major technological progress needed to make renewable energy affordable.

6/25/08:  Germany and France Ban Pesticides Linked To Bee Deaths; Geneticist Urges U.S. Ban

6/25/08:  Earth Near Tipping Point, Climatologist Warns

6/25/08:  Climate change could severely impact California's unique native plants

6/25/08:  Fisheries, not whales, to blame for shortage of fish

6/25/08:  Scientists Are Developing Alloy Based Fridges Running On 50% Less Energy

6/25/08:  Looming tropical disaster needs urgent action

6/24/08:  Border fence will skirt environmental laws

6/24/08:  Technology and climate change

6/24/08:  Iowa: Agricultural Methods Exacerbate Flooding

6/24/08:  How much should I spend for my Indulgences: Voluntary Carbon Offset Pricing

6/24/08:  Grow your own

6/24/08:  Cooperative system could wipe out car alarm noise

6/24/08:  Abandoned farmlands are key to sustainable bioenergy

6/24/08:  EU to fine, blacklist illegal fishing operators

6/24/08:  1988 and 2008: Climate Change Turning Points

6/24/08:  McCain defends position switch on offshore oil

6/23/08:  Nuclear Prospects Unclear

6/23/08:  Analysis Shows Drastic Climate Change Near End Of Last Ice Age

6/23/08:  Natural disasters contribute to rise in population displacement

6/23/08:  Lack of new power lines threatens renewable growth

6/23/08:  California to unveil ambitious plan to battle global warming

6/23/08:  U.S. Government Issues Shark Finning Ban in Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Waters

6/23/08:  Study questions method of listing fuel efficiency

6/23/08:  The Great Pesticide Debate

6/23/08:  No major deal in Seoul on G8 climate draft: sources

6/21/08:  How Do You Run An Entire Country Without Oil?

6/21/08:  Small farms best for environment: organic group

6/21/08:  Costs mount as Mississippi floodwaters crest

6/20/08:  U.N. calls on Asian nations to end deforestation

6/20/08:  Global business leaders urge huge cuts in emissions

6/20/08:  Credibility Gap: Toxic Chemicals in Food Packaging and DuPont's Greenwashing

6/20/08:  Tuna Populations at Risk

6/20/08:  Why is US Senate delaying on ship pollution legislation?

6/20/08:  Tourism boom threatens Costa Rica eco-paradise

6/20/08:  Smart Technology could reduce global emissions by 15 per cent

6/20/08:  Whales set to chase shrinking feed zones

6/20/08:  Changing climate will lead to more extreme weather: Report

6/19/08:  NZ engineers convicted for depleting ozone layer

6/19/08:  Scientists may have solved an ecological riddle

6/19/08:  In Midwest Floods, a Broad Threat to Crops

6/19/08:  Ocean temperatures and sea level increases 50 percent higher than previously estimated

6/19/08:  New Hybrid Recycling Trucks on the Road

6/19/08:  International Carbon Initiative Failing: The Case of Papua New Guinea

6/19/08:  It's Like Oil, But Different

6/19/08:  Bridging the Iran-West divide to save cheetahs

6/18/08:  How Green is that Product?

6/18/08:  Sustainable Agriculture: The Food Revolution That Starts With Rice

6/18/08:  Compostableware that leaves the others far behind

6/18/08:  Japan 24-hour shops hit by emission limits

6/18/08:  The global food crisis deepens

6/18/08:  CO2 and Other Greenhouse Gases

6/18/08:  Hit by fuel price, which way will motorists turn?

6/17/08:  Major economies must take lead in climate battle: U.S.

6/17/08:  Senate blocks debate of clean energy tax credits

6/17/08:  Midwest flooding spurs record corn prices

6/17/08:  Sustainable agriculture will help stop desertification, UN agency says

6/17/08:  Intel spins off solar energy technology

6/17/08:  Honda rolls out new zero-emission car

6/17/08:  Unusual Green Architecture In Japan: Namba Parks

6/17/08:  Sustainable Real Estate: UN urges investors to embed PRI in property portfolios

6/17/08:  TAU Announces New "Supercenter" for Renewable Energy at Conference Opened by Al Gore

6/17/08:  Virgin America to cut flights as fuel soars

6/17/08:  The Regulatory Arena for Voluntary Offsets

6/17/08:  Steal a Tree Go to Prison; Steal a Forest Meet the President

6/16/08:  Future belongs to electric cars: VW chairman Winterkorn in report

6/16/08:  Iowans assess damage from deadly flood waters

6/16/08:  China leaps ahead of U.S. in gas emissions

6/16/08:  Southern collaboration 'key to adaptation', says climate scientist

6/16/08:  Ebb and flow of the sea drives world's big extinction events

6/16/08:  Aurora's Heifer Supplier, 'Promiseland', Busted by the USDA

6/16/08:  8-day undersea mission begins experiment to improve coral reef restoration

6/16/08:  Despite Economic Dip, Organic Food Sales Soar

6/16/08:  New eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water.

6/15/08:  U.N. climate deal said "daunting" as Bonn talks end

6/15/08:  U.N. climate deal said "daunting" as Bonn talks end

6/14/08:  The Death of the SUV and the Wisconsin City That Will Deal With the Repercussions

6/13/08:  Chinese Eco-City Planned For One Million Inhabitants

6/13/08:  Chinese Eco-City Planned For One Million Inhabitants

6/13/08:  Invention to Make Water Recycling Faster, Cheaper

6/13/08:  Toward A Greener Blacktop

6/13/08:  Vinyl Shower Curtains Release 100 Toxic Chemicals

6/13/08:  Road pollution blamed for higher allergy risk in kids

6/13/08:  If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does climate change?

6/13/08:  EU to ban Med bluefin tuna fishing from next week

6/13/08:  Calif. gov declares water emergency in farm area

6/12/08:  Airlines Analyze Operations to Save Fuel

6/12/08:  Dell Recycles 100 Million Pounds of Equipment

6/12/08:  Israel site for California solar power test

6/12/08:  Overdue Protections for Chinook Salmon Move Forward

6/12/08:  Environmental Skeptics Are Overwhelmingly Politicized, Study Says

6/12/08:  FDA has tomato Salmonella reports in 17 states

6/12/08:  Freshwater runoff from the Greenland Ice Sheet will more than double by the end of the century

6/12/08:  Japan whaling town battles for survival

6/12/08:  USDA Refuses to Admit What 50 Million Organic Consumers Know: Organic Food is Healthier

6/12/08:  Rich nations fail to take lead at climate talk: U.N.

6/11/08:  The New Environmentalism

6/11/08:  Environmental Change Re-Draws Atlas of Africa

6/11/08:  As oil rises, Americans rediscover the railroad

6/11/08:  Gap executive urges global manufacturing standards

6/11/08:  Mediterranean shark numbers drop dramatically

6/11/08:  MIT: European system for cutting CO2 emissions is working well

6/11/08:  Living near green areas doesn't mean more exercise

6/11/08:  OPEC chief appeals for calm over oil

6/11/08:  Sea Ice Melt Could Thaw Permafrost, Too

6/11/08:  Africa's deforestation twice world rate, says atlas

6/10/08:  Mercury contamination found in stranded Victorian dolphins

6/10/08:  Forging African Strategies on Climate Change Adaptation

6/10/08:  Farmers who plant, or replant , after June 20 may see yields drop by half

6/10/08:  Science academies urge 50 pct CO2 cuts by 2050

6/10/08:  UK to give waterless washing machine a spin

6/10/08:  Prices Leap for Corn and Crude Oil

6/10/08:  Experts welcome World Bank's commitment to tiger conservation

6/10/08:  Upcycled plastic bottles become lamps

6/10/08:  Is LEED green enough? Conversations from Dwell on Design LA 2008

6/10/08:  Celebrities join World Bank in saving tigers

6/9/08:  Vehicle idling adds to greenhouse gas emissions

6/9/08:  Report confirms drilling, not earthquake, caused Java mud volcano

6/9/08:  World Bank prices first U.N. carbon offset bond-lead

6/9/08:  Caribbean Monk Seal Gone Extinct From Human Causes, NOAA Confirms

6/9/08:  How coal got a dirty name

6/9/08:  Modest African footprint still approaching limits

6/9/08:  Why Are Rising Sea Levels a Threat?

6/9/08:  Gasoline rises above $4 a gallon for first time

6/9/08:  The end of abundance: Food panic brings calls for a second 'green revolution'

6/9/08:  To Cope with Oil Shock, Emulate Japan

6/8/08:  Downturn forces more in U.S. to rely on free food

6/8/08:  China's shoreline waters seriously polluted: expert

6/7/08:  Food Is Gold, and Investors Pour Billions into Farming

6/7/08:  Energy ministers split on subsidies as oil surges

6/6/08:  Carbon-capping climate Senate bill dies

6/6/08:  Wealthy Financiers Looking to Agriculture for Major Investment

6/6/08:  European Union Poised to Increase Recycling

6/6/08:  Take biofuel crops off the land and grow them at sea

6/6/08:  "Kick the CO2 Habit" - UNEP Says It May Be Easier Than You Think

6/6/08:  Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean Dolphin Populations Improving

6/6/08:  In conversation, Albright lays out global challenges facing the next president

6/6/08:  Brazil Clashes With the World on Biofuels and the Global Food Crisis

6/6/08:  Concentrated solar power has a bright future

6/6/08:  Toyota develops improved hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle

6/6/08:  Senate Democrats May Pull Climate Bill

6/5/08:  Eleven Major Corporations Urge Senate Passage Of Climate Change Legislation

6/5/08:  Organic Milk from Pasture-Fed Cows Contains Higher Levels of Beneficial Nutrients

6/5/08:  Flying High on Algae - KLM Tests Algae-Based Kerosene for Airplane Fuel

6/5/08:  Mexico City smog hurting people's sense of smell

6/5/08:  GMOs Will Only Make the Global Food Crisis Worse

6/5/08:  World Environment Day calls for end to CO2 addiction

6/5/08:  Drive less, ditch electric toothbrush: U.N. climate tips

6/5/08:  DOE Taps Manufacturers to Advance Wind Power

6/5/08:  Endangered Pacific islet facing mass relocation

6/4/08:  Electricity from the exhaust pipe

6/4/08:  U.S. Sets Policy to Protect the Arctic from Industrial Fishing

6/4/08:  Last Flight of the Honeybee?

6/4/08:  Getting Down and Dirty with a Solar Industry Insider

6/4/08:  Average shoppers are willing to pay a premium for locally produced food

6/4/08:  U.K. Committee Supports Personal Carbon Trading

6/4/08:  New Zealand Bird Outwits Alien Predators

6/4/08:  Cell Phone Use During Pregnancy Can Seriously Damage Your Baby

6/4/08:  A new satellite remote sensing tool for improving agricultural land use observation

6/4/08:  China builds plant to turn coal into barrels of oil

6/3/08:  Rich countries 'failed to heed' food crisis warnings

6/3/08:  Newsweek Warns Oil Prices Could Hit $200 a Barrel in the Next Few Months

6/3/08:  Fears Grow with Polycarbonate Chemical Bisphenol-A

6/3/08:  Desert is claiming southeast Spain

6/3/08:  Researchers boost yields of rice-waste biofuel

6/3/08:  Brazil minister says Amazon trend worrying

6/3/08:  Masdar plunges $2 billion into solar PV market

6/3/08:  Bush would veto U.S. climate change bill

6/2/08:  Marine Chemist Says 'Not So Fast' To Quick Oil Detection Method

6/2/08:  The Lacey Act: Protecting American Wildlife

6/2/08:  Illegal European scrap dealers cause fierce competition

6/2/08:  Ecological globalization

6/2/08:  Even low levels of air pollution may pose stroke risk

6/2/08:  Soaring living costs cloud U.N. climate talks

6/2/08:  8 Ways to Green Your Beach Trip

6/2/08:  Brazil says biofuel production not to blame for food crisis

6/2/08:  How To Convert Your Car To An Electric Vehicle

6/2/08:  New WTO Fisheries Subsidies Document Creates Path for Negotiations

6/2/08:  UN 2010 biodiversity target in the balance

5/31/08:  A New Deal for Poor Farmers

5/31/08:  Jail and penalty for international smugglers

5/31/08:  Is water becoming 'the new oil'?

5/31/08:  Galapagos eruption no threat to giant turtles

5/31/08:  Even low levels of air pollution may pose stroke risk

5/31/08:  Amazon tribe sighting raises contact dilemma

5/30/08:  U.N. experts warn of economic cost of species loss

5/30/08:  Green Careers and How to Find One

5/30/08:  Most caregivers of young children lack basic knowledge of potentially toxic household products

5/30/08:  When we allow cars to compete with people for food

5/30/08:  Lighting an Efficient Future, Minus the Mercury

5/30/08:  Jail and penalty for international smugglers

5/30/08:  Is water becoming 'the new oil'?

5/30/08:  Harnessing Energy from the Oceans

5/30/08:  Climate assessment forced by court order

5/30/08:  Rare uncontacted tribe photographed in Amazon

5/29/08:  New Zealand moves to protect rare dolphins

5/29/08:  Experts Admit Food Prices & Mass Hunger for the Poor Will Continue for Next Decade

5/29/08:  kitchen composter turns garbage into gold

5/29/08:  World's Largest Carbon Market Facilitates Pollution

5/29/08:  Funds miss the small farmers caring for marginal but environmentally valuable lands

5/29/08:  Methane release could cause abrupt, far-reaching climate change

5/29/08:  Study shows biggest polluters east of Mississippi

5/29/08:  World's rarest rhinos captured on video

5/29/08:  Warming seen depleting Great Lakes even more

5/29/08:  Water shortages and drought are the next scourge, warns US group

5/28/08:  Study Supports U.S. Wind Expansion

5/28/08:  Climate change may trim corn yields

5/28/08:  USGBC to Outsource LEED Certification

5/28/08:  Veja! Organic Cotton Sneakers Are Here

5/28/08:  Organic-Food Desire, Soaring Grocery Bills Contributing to Trend

5/28/08:  Energy Scavenging: Squeezing Watts from Motion

5/28/08:  Whales, lizards inspire hi-tech bio-mimicry

5/28/08:  Aquaculture Operations Seek Organic Certification

5/28/08:  USGBC to Outsource LEED Certification

5/26/08:  China works around the clock to drain quake lake

5/26/08:  Record set for World's Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break!

5/26/08:  Ocean Acidification And Its Impact On Ecosystems

5/26/08:  Turkey hints at “significant” moves on climate change

5/26/08:  Cocoa Could Be A Healthy Treat For Diabetic Patients

5/26/08:  In Vitro Meat, a More Humane Treat

5/26/08:  Remote controlled planes to explore hurricanes

5/26/08:  Small business crunched by fuel prices

5/26/08:  Wind power could make Norway "Europe's battery"

5/26/08:  Senate set to take up climate change debate

5/26/08:  G8 environment ministers: halve emissions by 2050

5/26/08:  The Other Footprint : The Water Footprint

5/26/08:  Market and Community Approaches to Food Crisis

5/26/08:  Vast bounty at risk from under protected oceans

5/26/08:  Spain's drought a glimpse of our future?

5/26/08:  Scientists announce top 10 new species, issue SOS

5/26/08:  Honey Bee Losses Continue To Rise In U.S.

5/26/08:  More than 80% of World’s Fisheries In Danger From Overfishing

5/26/08:  Study Cites High Cost of Global Warming, Says Action Would Be Cheaper

5/26/08:  Billions wasted on UN climate programme

5/25/08:  U.N., Myanmar put positive spin on cyclone aid

5/24/08:  StatoilHydro says oil leaking at North Sea field

5/24/08:  Airlines increase U.S. round-trip fares by up to $60

5/23/08:  Ban on Plastic Bags Broadened in San Francisco

5/23/08:  Nonstick Toxicity

5/23/08:  Climate change 'will cost Andes US$30 billion'

5/23/08:  HP goes green with recycled plastic printer

5/23/08:  Rhinos poaching is getting worse in India

5/23/08:  Every $10 oil rise ups Air Force costs $610 million

5/23/08:  Wasted fuel from U.S. flight delays costs billions

5/23/08:  Conserve Water Through Food Efficiency, Report Says

5/23/08:  EU agrees to outlaw 'green' crimes

5/22/08:  American Airlines to slash jobs, charge for bags

5/22/08:  Trash and burn: Singapore's waste problem

5/22/08:  Radical Solution to Climate Change: Global Dimming through Sulphur

5/22/08:  Oregano oil works as well as synthetic insecticides against beetles

5/22/08:  Extended Producer Responsibility and the E-waste problem

5/22/08:  Air quality agency approves first-in-the-nation fees for emissions.

5/22/08:  Basic food crops dangerously vulnerable

5/22/08:  Queen goes green with world's largest wind turbine

5/22/08:  Alaska to sue to block polar bear listing

5/21/08:  Mixed feelings for Pakistan environmental assessments

5/21/08:  Conserve gasoline - Digital Fuel Mizer

5/21/08:  Mechanical Fin Power: Oceanic Power Generation

5/21/08:  U.S. Postal Service Begins E-Waste Recycling Program

5/21/08:  Oil tops $130 haunted by future supply worry

5/21/08:  Honda to roll out cheap new hybrid model in early '09

5/21/08:  Garbage is dirty, but is it a clean fuel?

5/21/08:  Time to TH!NK

5/21/08:  Next Generation of LEED Out for Public Comment

5/20/08:  Greener offices make happier employees

5/20/08:  Group says Herbalife products have too much lead

5/20/08:  30 Agrochemical Products Banned in Nigeria After Deaths

5/20/08:  Hydrogen fuel cells are future, says WWM boss

5/20/08:  Los Angeles Proposes Plan to Conserve Water

5/20/08:  Unless You Are Clean Tech, VCs Likely Not Investing

5/20/08:  Environmental protection vital to reducing natural disaster impact

5/20/08:  Protesters fail to disrupt Australia kangaroo cull

5/20/08:  Climate change having 'worldwide, widespread effects'

5/19/08:  The Silver Lining in High Commodity Prices

5/19/08:  Agri-biotech firms committing 'intellectual property grab'

5/19/08:  Quietly, wind farms spread footprint in U.S

5/19/08:  Tropical Rainforests are Planet's Lungs

5/19/08:  Energy Efficiency: Overlooked and Misunderstood

5/19/08:  Starbucks Goes Ceramic

5/19/08:  Exxon facing shareholder revolt over approach to climate change

5/19/08:  For an All-Organic Formula, Baby, That’s Sweet

5/18/08:  Alaska hunters fret about polar bear ruling

5/18/08:  Bush administration bars drilling in Arctic wetland

5/18/08:  Tokyo to propose cap-and-trade emissions plan

5/18/08:  Conservationists lament departure of Brazilian minister

5/16/08:  Americans leery of bicycles despite gas price jump

5/16/08:  World species dying out like flies says WWF

5/16/08:  Nissan To Build Electric Cars

5/16/08:  $2 Billion Wind Turbine Order Is Largest Ever

5/16/08:  Global Call to Stop the Planting of Genetically Engineered Trees

5/16/08:  UN: Mangrove loss 'intensified' Myanmar cyclone damage

5/16/08:  Saving lives and incomes of the rural poor

5/16/08:  U.N. experts to say 2010 biodiversity target elusive

5/16/08:  Brazilian Companies Announce Global Warming Game Plan

5/16/08:  An epidemic of extinctions: Decimation of life on earth

5/15/08:  UPS Running on CNG and Hybrid

5/15/08:  U.S. Using Food Crisis to Boost Bio-Engineered Crops

5/15/08:  Could Rising Food Prices In Poor Countries Trigger Change Among Western Economists?

5/15/08:  Green Jobs Find International Support

5/15/08:  Restoring fish populations leads to tough choice for Great Lakes Gulls

5/15/08:  NASA study links Earth impacts to human-caused climate change

5/15/08:  China quake may cut carbon offset supply

5/15/08:  Greenhouse gases highest for 800,000 years

5/15/08:  Green One Two Three

5/15/08:  Polar bears listed as U.S. threatened species

5/14/08:  Drainbo - a natural drain cleaner

5/14/08:  IdleAire: Reducing Trucker's Environmental Impact

5/14/08:  OPINION: Water Trading in China: A Step Toward Sustainability

5/14/08:  Recipe for energy saving unravelled in migratory birds

5/14/08:  Companies preparing to rule 'climate ready' crop market -- report

5/14/08:  Nokia Now Offers Free Cell Phone Recycling

5/14/08:  White House vs White Bear: Bush Must Decide Whether To Save The Polar Bear As The Ice Melts

5/14/08:  Shrimps see beyond the rainbow

5/14/08:  How new U.S. biofuel legislation will subsidize oil consumption

5/13/08:  Sixty pandas safe after China quake

5/13/08:  Carbon monoxide aids shift from active infection to a drug-resistant dormant TB infection

5/13/08:  After years of confrontation, green groups and companies finding common ground

5/13/08:  Solar Industry Needs Workers

5/13/08:  Russian Youngsters See the Wood from the Trees to Win Volvo Adventure

5/13/08:  Marketing to Women Key to Protecting the Environment

5/13/08:  ENN: Solving the Energy, Climate & Food Crisis: Why We Should Support the Revitalization of Small Farms in the Global

5/13/08:  OPINION Biofuels 2.0: It’s Time for Congress to Act

5/13/08:  Democratic candidates play up "clean coal"

5/12/08:  McCain pledges to combat climate change

5/12/08:  Genetic sleuths unmask secrets of big tomatoes

5/12/08:  Eco Friendly Flooring Doesn’t Have to be Drab

5/12/08:  Clearing the Air on Liquid Natural Gas

5/12/08:  Ignored warnings 'worsened' Myanmar cyclone disaster

5/12/08:  India's green revolutionary is back in spotlight

5/12/08:  WHO urged to back radical changes in drug R&D

5/12/08:  Japan scientists warn Arctic ice melting fast

5/12/08:  Korean Village Runs On 100% Solar Power

5/11/08:  Afghan northwest hit by plague of locusts

5/11/08:  'I love you, Mom, but can't afford to send flowers'

5/10/08:  Pesticide DDT shows up in Antarctic penguins

5/9/08:  Kick the oil habit and make your own ethanol

5/9/08:  American Apparel Finally Comes Clean(er)

5/9/08:  1.5 Million Chinese Children Take Part in Painting Competition on Climate Change

5/9/08:  Dying bats in the Northeast remain a mystery

5/9/08:  Koalas Under Threat From Climate Change

5/9/08:  An Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Mother's Day

5/9/08:  Are Myanmar’s Storm Victims Suffering Needlessly?

5/9/08:  Voluntary Carbon market is fast becoming big business

5/8/08:  High fuel prices could slash US emissions.

5/8/08:  Australian platypus genome a link to evolution

5/8/08:  New Generation of Farmers and Farmers Markets in California

5/8/08:  Offshore Wind: How Europe Plans to Meet Clean Energy Goals

5/8/08:  More Choice for Women Means More Sustainability

5/8/08:  Climate models overheat Antarctica, new study finds

5/8/08:  Petrify, liquefy: new ways to bury greenhouse gas

5/8/08:  China says Beijing Olympics "basically" carbon neutral

5/8/08:  Consumer group ranks companies on emissions efforts

5/7/08:  Collaboration Calls for New U.N. Agency to Oversee Transport Emissions

5/7/08:  Celulose Irani - Biomass to Electricity

5/7/08:  In food price crunch, more Americans seek help

5/7/08:  Women face tougher impact from climate change

5/7/08:  India tightens security to fight rhino poachers

5/7/08:  Seed dispersal in mauritius: dead as a dodo?

5/7/08:  Arctic ice melt could see rise of "Grolar bear"

5/7/08:  China’s Huge Self-Sustaining Soar LED Wall

5/7/08:  New project targets post-harvest loss in Ethiopia

5/7/08:  Nuclear Energy Heats Up US Presidential Race

5/6/08:  Solar Hot Water on the Cheap

5/6/08:  Giant Food & Biotech Corporations Make Billions in Profit from Growing Global Food Crisis

5/6/08:  Climate change could hit tropical wildlife hardest

5/6/08:  Latin America: profitable business and sustainable development through inclusiveness

5/6/08:  Working towards a greener postal sector

5/6/08:  New Reason For Bee Hive Collapse: Ecologists Tease Out Private Lives Of Plants And Their Pollinators

5/6/08:  Cubs a ray of hope in India's fight to save tigers

5/6/08:  Myanmar cyclone toll climbs to nearly 22,500

5/6/08:  Unmanned Aircraft to Study Southern California Smog and its Consequences

5/5/08:  Fungi have a hand in depleted uranium's environmental fate

5/5/08:  Will New Eco Clothes be on Target?

5/5/08:  Environmentalists divided about burying CO2

5/5/08:  Cyclone kills nearly 4,000 in Myanmar

5/5/08:  Gene for yield, height in rice identified

5/5/08:  Australia seen needing years of rain to end drought

5/5/08:  General Motors' Quest to Become "Green Motors"

5/5/08:  Water looms as “The Next Oil,” warns MIT Sloan professor

5/5/08:  Goodbye for Nau

5/5/08:  Rising Food Prices Hit Organics

5/5/08:  Big business muddies EU's biofuels debate

5/4/08:  Thousands evacuated as Chile volcano spews ash

5/4/08:  Estonians scour country for junk in big clean up

5/4/08:  Beavers Offer Solution to Climate Change

5/4/08:  Farmers face climate challenge in quest for more food

5/4/08:  Can Green Trade Tariffs Combat Climate Change?

5/3/08:  Japan, China to join in $300 mln CO2 project: paper

5/3/08:  One In Ten Children Using Cough, Cold Medications

5/3/08:  Advertising Watchdog Receives Record Complaints Over Corporate 'Greenwash'

5/3/08:  Public Bike Programs Surging

5/3/08:  Labour pains - Clean-technology firms

5/3/08:  Climate change warms Arctic, cools Antarctica

5/3/08:  Can Green Trade Tariffs Combat Climate Change?

5/2/08:  Dawn of an energy famine

5/2/08:  Vegan Queen Eco It Bag

5/2/08:  Taco Bell Taking a Step into Sustainability

5/2/08:  U.S. closes most of West Coast to salmon fishing

5/2/08:  OPINION: Energy Madness

5/2/08:  Poaching is jeopardizing conservation efforts in Greece

5/2/08:  'Small Wind' Power Plants Are Blowing Strong

5/2/08:  A hard look at hardwood consumption

5/2/08:  Moment of truth' approaching for lobbying transparency

5/2/08:  Global warming could starve oceans of oxygen: study

5/1/08:  Rich world must back 80 percent carbon cuts: Stern

5/1/08:  Climate modelers see modern echo in '30s Dust Bowl

5/1/08:  Latest Developments on Farm Bill & Biofuels

5/1/08:  Report Calls for Better Animal Waste Treatment

5/1/08:  UN: Biofuel Production 'Criminal Path' to Global Food Crisis

5/1/08:  Proximity: A Very Green Hotel In North Carolina

5/1/08:  Al Gore's Climate Solutions Fund Closes $638 Million

5/1/08:  Pittsburgh, Los Angeles have worst U.S. air pollution

5/1/08:  World's largest lake warming rapidly: scientists

5/1/08:  Arctic sea ice forecast: another record low in 2008

4/30/08:  Tokyo's panda dies; a chance for China diplomacy?

4/30/08:  Butter-flavored popcorn ingredient suspected cause of lung disease

4/30/08:  Pepsi Cans to Promote Recycling

4/30/08:  Weekend Works - Three Ideas For You and Your Friends

4/30/08:  Mass Mobilizations in Mexico Temporarily Stop Bush-Calderon Oil Privatization

4/30/08:  What is the Real Cause of Agflation--Rapidly Rising Food Prices?

4/30/08:  Mitigating Climate Change: Capitalist Sham

4/30/08:  President Uses High Gas Prices to Bushwhack Arctic Refuge

4/30/08:  Asian vultures disappearing faster than dodo

4/30/08:  Climate change hitting Arctic faster, harder

4/29/08:  New species discovered in Brazil

4/29/08:  Australia splashes A$13 bln to secure water supplies

4/29/08:  Key farm-state lawmakers shifting support to cellulosic fuel

4/29/08:  Desalination Raises Environmental, Cost Concerns

4/29/08:  Russia says has no plans to cap carbon emissions

4/29/08:  Safe water? Lessons from Kazakhstan

4/29/08:  Poor children main victims of climate change: U.N.

4/29/08:  Making a Killing from the Food Crisis

4/27/08:  Greenloop T-Shirt Cutting Contest

4/27/08:  Emissions irrelevant to future climate change?

4/27/08:  Portable solar fan - what’s up with that?

4/27/08:  California wildfire forces 1,000 to evacuate

4/27/08:  Insects Use Plants Like A Telephone

4/27/08:  Sudanese climate scientist receives prestigious award

4/27/08:  Rising Sun for Electric Cars

4/27/08:  Texas seeks U.S. ethanol cutbacks; cites corn costs

4/26/08:  Brazil "soy king" sees Amazon as food solution

4/26/08:  Losing More of the Plastic Paunch at Whole Foods

4/26/08:  Green Pet Care How-To

4/26/08:  The Biofuels Scam, Food Shortages and the Coming Collapse of the Human Population

4/26/08:  Polar bear seen in trouble, not endangered

4/25/08:  New Fish Farms Move from Ocean to Warehouse

4/25/08:  Earthquake In Illinois Could Portend An Emerging Threat

4/25/08:  Rare leopards captured by camera in east Siberia

4/25/08:  USDA's Schafer reassures no rice shortage

4/25/08:  Transatlantic trade row looms over biodiesel

4/25/08:  Merrill, ICF collaborate on voluntary carbon consultancy

4/25/08:  Judge Orders Tyson Foods to Stop Ad Campaign

4/25/08:  Plan to reverse global warming could backfire

4/24/08:  Appeals court stays execution of sea lions

4/24/08:  More space for species in Europe

4/24/08:  Business Books: Time for CEOs to face climate change

4/24/08:  Bush’s Climate Speech: Too Little Too Late

4/24/08:  Organizations’ Environmental Activities Impact Employees

4/24/08:  EU considers truck pollution charges

4/24/08:  'Era of cheap food is over,' says EU

4/24/08:  Arctic ice seen melting faster than anticipated

4/23/08:  Security risk from climate said underestimated

4/23/08:  Scientists warn against reduction in EU pesticides

4/23/08:  Growing Green During Downturn

4/23/08:  US 'plans cut to global agricultural research funds'

4/23/08:  Sungevity - going solar just got easier

4/23/08:  The Food Crisis: Global Markets and Deregulation Strike Again

4/23/08:  House progressives stake out global warming principles

4/23/08:  Giant British wind farm plans blown away

4/23/08:  Top Ten Green Projects of 2008 Announced

4/23/08:  13W LED Bulb Can Replace 100W Incandescent

4/22/08:  Earth Day goes political and corporate

4/22/08:  Clean Air Watch to car companies: stop fibbing, start making cleaner cars

4/22/08:  8 Ways to Green Your Technology

4/22/08:  Swap-o-rama-rama: Making A Difference

4/22/08:  Questioning Nuclear Power's Ability To Forestall Global Warming

4/22/08:  UN gives Monaco prince, New Zealand PM green award

4/22/08:  As Earth Day Arrives, Population Still the Uneasy Issue

4/22/08:  Bolivia's Morales says biofuels serious problem to poor

4/22/08:  Greece suspended from UN Kyoto carbon trading

4/21/08:  Latin America: Reconciling Oil and the Environment

4/21/08:  Reducing deforestation 'lucrative' for forest nations

4/21/08:  Bee colonies continue to decline

4/21/08:  Challenges of Green Residential Development: Resistance to Change Intro

4/21/08:  International Commission Calls for ”Paradigm Shift’ in Agriculture

4/21/08:  Researchers warm up to melt's role in Greenland ice loss

4/21/08:  Sudden Oak Death Pathogen Is Evolving, Restriction On Movement Of Infected Plants Urged

4/21/08:  Biofuels won't solve world energy problem: Shell

4/21/08:  McCartney urges vegetarianism to fight climate ills

4/21/08:  Oil running out as prime energy source: world poll

4/20/08:  Landslide hits village along China's Three Gorges

4/19/08:  Climate talks advance, but split on 2050 goals

4/19/08:  States court presidential hopefuls on CO2

4/18/08:  Aerodynamic trailer cuts fuel and emissions by up to 15 percent

4/18/08:  Turtles to be climate change canaries

4/18/08:  Freshening of deep Antarctic waters worries experts

4/18/08:  Presumed Extinct Javan Elephants May Have Been Found Again - In Borneo

4/18/08:  CDP and IBM to survey firms on 'carbon intelligence’

4/18/08:  Sustainable Fast Food - Is That a Green Burger You're Eating?

4/18/08:  Russia Switches on Gas

4/18/08:  New Eco-Friendly Digital Courier Service Saves Trees and Time

4/18/08:  Change in Farming Can Feed World - Report

4/17/08:  New Kyoto should focus on industry sectors: Mimura

4/17/08:  Current Major Flooding in U.S. a Sign of Things to Come

4/17/08:  Bush climate plan criticized for lacking urgency

4/17/08:  ENN: Toxic Chemical in Plastic Bottles & Cans Damaging Children's Brains & Reproductive Organs but Government & Chemic

4/17/08:  Green Innovator: William McDonough

4/17/08:  BigBelly Solar Trash Receptacle

4/17/08:  Illinois Promotes Light Bulb Switch for Earth Day

4/17/08:  Wind Turbines Now Spinning On Bahrain World Trade Center

4/17/08:  GOING, GOING, GONE? New Satellite Images Reveal a Shrinking Amazon Rainforest

4/16/08:  Agriculture - The Need for Change

4/16/08:  World sea levels to rise 1.5m by 2100: scientists

4/16/08:  Tesla Motors sues designer on competing green car

4/16/08:  World must reform agriculture now or face dire crisis: report

4/16/08:  Responsible Car Care Includes Recycling Used Motor Oil

4/16/08:  Eco Fashion: Are We Making A Difference?

4/16/08:  Inexpensive residential wind turbine

4/16/08:  Illegal fishers plunder the Arctic

4/16/08:  Bush to announce intermediate goal for CO2 emissions

4/15/08:  Coral flourishing at Bikini Atoll atomic test site

4/15/08:  Sustainability Must Guide New Rules on Biofuels, New Paper Finds

4/15/08:  People Tree Fashion - Ethical Eco Undies

4/15/08:  Will Corporate Greening Reverse in a Recession?

4/15/08:  Forests' long-term potential for carbon offsetting

4/15/08:  International Seminar Shapes Path Towards Sustainable Tourism

4/15/08:  Too many choices, good or bad, can be mentally exhausting

4/15/08:  Solar Energy: Popcorn-ball Design Doubles Efficiency Of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

4/15/08:  Top emitters meet in Paris, worries on UN overlap

4/15/08:  Report: Bush considers backing global warming plan


4/14/08:  China will not be net coal importer in 2008: association

4/14/08:  Taking the "Green Management Oath"

4/14/08:  Congress Pushes for True Shark Finning Ban

4/14/08:  Business & Human Rights: Corporate Recognition and Responsibility

4/14/08:  "Consumers for World Trade" Another Fake Grassroots Corporate Front Group Bites the Dust

4/14/08:  Sea Salt Worsens Coastal Air Pollution

4/14/08:  EU carbon market sets up another round of windfall profits for dirtiest power generators

4/14/08:  Nature's Answers to the Sanitation Challenge

4/14/08:  Japan kills 551 Antarctic whales, short of target

4/14/08:  Bangladesh faces climate change refugee nightmare

4/13/08:  Experiment in Vegetarianism Part 1

4/13/08:  How to Avoid the Eco-Imposters

4/12/08:  Halt in U.S. Pacific salmon fishing urged

4/12/08:  EU can hit biofuels goal without conflicts: Germany

4/11/08:  USDA Strong-Arming Organic Farmers to Join Big Brother-Like National Animal Identification System

4/11/08:  Farm Bill is Loaded with Pork and Environmentally Disastrous Provisions

4/11/08:  Mideast can avert impending water crisis: World Bank

4/11/08:  Wal-Mart Finally Wants to Maximize Profits

4/11/08:  Transparent Supply Chain Sends A Message

4/11/08:  Californians to pay $600 mln for green think tank

4/11/08:  Regulators urge halt in U.S. Pacific salmon fishing

4/11/08:  Can Amazonian Beef Be Sustainable?

4/10/08:  The noose tightens: Waxman subpoenas EPA documents over dirty decision

4/10/08:  A "Seismic Shift in Consumer Preferences" for the Auto Industry

4/10/08:  The future of solar-powered houses is clear

4/10/08:  In Brazil, Violence Looms at the Forest Edge

4/10/08:  Record beach litter threatens marine wildlife

4/10/08:  Saudi oil minister slams biofuels, favors solar energy

4/10/08:  Climate change rises on World Bank agenda

4/10/08:  9 signs you may be an energy hog

4/10/08:  The noose tightens: Waxman subpoenas EPA documents over dirty decision

4/10/08:  Food Prices Spiral Out of Control in the Developing World

4/9/08:  Indonesia MP detained over forestry graft probe

4/9/08:  World food shortages to stay, riots a risk: FAO

4/9/08:  New MIT Start-up Aims to Make Silicon Solar Cells Competitive With Coal

4/9/08:  Industrial strategy puts environment on agenda

4/9/08:  Car companies lobby Congress to kill California global warming authority

4/9/08:  Children’s Sunglasses Recalled for Lead Paint Content

4/9/08:  High On Green (Shoes)

4/9/08:  Re-classify Your Garbage

4/9/08:  Climate assumptions 'optimistic at best'

4/9/08:  Global poverty to halve by 2015, Africa seen lagging

4/8/08:  Denim Being Recycled in Earnest

4/8/08:  Haze could worsen this year: ASEAN ministers

4/8/08:  Solar balloons to power remote areas?

4/8/08:  Spain nuclear plant leak below legal limit: watchdog

4/8/08:  Endangered bears find refuge in new Vietnam center

4/8/08:  Canada to create giant new northern national park

4/8/08:  Expert foresees 10 more years of R&D to make solar energy competitive

4/8/08:  Cow stomach holds key to turning corn into biofuel

4/8/08:  Summer gasoline use down first time in 17 years

4/8/08:  World’s Largest Tidal Turbine Successfully Installed

4/7/08:  Rubber trees for tire industry shrink China rainforests

4/7/08:  Slowing deforestation may be worth billions: study

4/7/08:  Endesa nuclear plant had radioactive leak: watchdog

4/7/08:  Environment crime now high on the world agenda

4/7/08:  More Companies Discontinuing Farm Animal Confinement

4/7/08:  California Threatens to Outlaw Sales of Raw Milk

4/7/08:  One World, Many Slogans

4/7/08:  Dell Headquarters Powered With Green Energy

4/7/08:  Climate change a factor in deaths from disease: WHO

4/6/08:  Drought grows slightly in E. Australian farmlands

4/6/08:  Nobel scientist warns on climate change

4/6/08:  Iceland: life on global warming's front line

4/5/08:  IOC head: Beijing air no danger to athletes

4/5/08:  Iran to boost nuclear capacity despite pressure

4/5/08:  Involve indigenous people in climate policy, says report

4/5/08:  Ivory Coast arrests suspect in toxic waste case

4/5/08:  U.N. body to slash ship fuel pollution by 2015

4/5/08:  Climate change threatens Australia's koala: report

4/4/08:  $3 Billion Solar Power Deal Signed By California Utility

4/4/08:  Oil reserve site raises ire, Bush policy tested

4/4/08:  U.S. droughts endanger Canada's water: study

4/4/08:  German minister stops biofuel blending plans

4/4/08:  Good policies can contain climate change costs: IMF

4/4/08:  Spanish region may ship water to relieve drought

4/4/08:  Sudden 'Ecosystem Flips' Imperil World's Poorest Regions

4/4/08:  Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction Assumptions Overly Optimistic, Study Says

4/4/08:  Airborne Study Of Arctic Atmosphere, Air Pollution Launched

4/4/08:  $3 Billion Solar Power Deal Signed By California Utility

4/4/08:  World Bank accused of climate change "hijack"

4/4/08:  Toxic Fumes, Blisters & Brain Damage: The Cost of Doing Business?

4/3/08:  Climate change: research suggests it is not a swindle

4/3/08:  Some Migratory Birds Can't Find Success In Urban Areas

4/3/08:  Report: Local Control Saves Forests

4/3/08:  Americans prefer energy fix to cancer cure: poll

4/3/08:  GM plans 1,000 fuel cell cars in California

4/3/08:  Texas sees higher costs to reap wind power

4/3/08:  "Telemedicine" links Africans to Indian expertise

4/3/08:  18 states sue EPA over greenhouse gas pollution

4/2/08:  Japan to study safety of cloned animals for food

4/2/08:  Algae Could One Day Be Major Hydrogen Fuel Source

4/2/08:  Coral reefs and climate change: Microbes could be the key to coral death

4/2/08:  Viruses, oxygen and our green oceans

4/2/08:  Gore Launches Climate Change Awareness Campaign

4/2/08:  TV Watching--The Top Environmental Hazard for Children

4/2/08:  Australia trials underground carbon storage

4/2/08:  Japan to study safety of cloned animals for food

4/2/08:  Malaysia scraps coal plant plans on environment worries

4/2/08:  Beijing pollution risky for endurance athletes

4/2/08:  Renewable Energy Hedges

4/1/08:  Southern utilities apply for new nuclear licenses

4/1/08:  Study sheds light on Woolly Mammoth demise

4/1/08:  EPA criticized over new lead paint rule

4/1/08:  Love in the octopus' garden

4/1/08:  China's economic boom sparks biological invasions

4/1/08:  World Mayors Propose Urban Water Declaration

4/1/08:  GreenDisk: a viable e-waste solution?

4/1/08:  A Fake Group Fights for Monsanto's Right to Deceive You

3/31/08:  Washington DC home to first "green" stadium in U.S.

3/31/08:  Britain extends support for micro-power generation

3/31/08:  "Organic" Milk Class-Action Lawsuit is Underway

3/31/08:  65 Million Square Feet of Solar Rooftops: Powering 162,000 Homes

3/31/08:  Shell and Virent Partner to Produce 'Biogasoline'

3/31/08:  Is Lake Mead Disappearing

3/31/08:  Invention: Diamond-cooled nuclear reactor

3/31/08:  Deforestation-Carbon Markets Research

3/29/08:  China recalls milk supplies after children fall ill

3/29/08:  At toxic Montana dam, a river now runs through it

3/29/08:  Sydney switches off lights for Earth Hour

3/28/08:  Scientists find that squid beak is both hard and soft, a material that engineers want to copy

3/28/08:  Restoring Tanzania's ecosystems

3/28/08:  Should You Ditch Your Chemical Mattress?

3/28/08:  Chefs warn on side-effects of sushi boom

3/28/08:  U.S. to propose CO2 rules this spring

3/28/08:  The end of the silicon chip : carbon nanotubes

3/28/08:  U.S. West warming faster than rest of world: study

3/27/08:  New protections eyed for ice-dependent Alaska seals

3/27/08:  Asia must reverse massive deforestation: U.N.

3/27/08:  Western Canada hydro-electric project dealt blow

3/27/08:  Sharp to invest $729 mln in new solar cell plant

3/27/08:  Why Monsanto Doesn't Want You to Know About Those Hormones in Your Dairy

3/27/08:  Elephants Without Borders :Scientists Track Elephants by Satellite

3/27/08:  Arctic Melting May Lead To Expanded Oil Drilling

3/26/08:  Chinese dams threaten Cambodia's forests, farmers

3/26/08:  Slab of Antarctic ice shelf collapses amid warming

3/26/08:  Western Canadian pine beetle infestation spreads

3/26/08:  Ice shrink in Arctic sea may attract oil firms

3/26/08:  Merrill Lynch launches global emissions index

3/26/08:  Conservationists in Melanesia mourn death of colleague

3/26/08:  Climate change threatens Amazonian small farmers

3/26/08:  Living fossil still calls Australia home

3/26/08:  Logging road threatens rare peat dome, tigers

3/26/08:  Beat High Gas Prices: Save $20-$50 Every Month on Gasoline

3/25/08:  I am not a paper cup

3/25/08:  How Safe is the U.S. Food Supply ?

3/25/08:  Using Microfinance to Bring Safe Drinking Water to Rural India

3/25/08:  Tibet's Lithium

3/25/08:  Nike makes a green sneaker?

3/25/08:  Climate at core of London election

3/25/08:  Australian wine industry feels heat from climate change

3/25/08:  Ants Are Experienced Fungus Farmers

3/25/08:  North American Commission Pushes for Green Building Design

3/24/08:  End of Maoist strife spurs Nepal rhino numbers

3/24/08:  Japan welcomes spring with first cherry blossoms

3/24/08:  Great Innovation: The Brazilian Waterless Car Wash

3/24/08:  Coral's Addiction to 'Junk Food'

3/24/08:  A Daily Dose of Antioxidants?

3/24/08:  Wal-Mart Move 'TIpping Point' for Driving Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone off the Market

3/24/08:  bamboo homes - grow your own

3/24/08:  Black carbon pollution emerges as major player in global warming

3/22/08:  Greenpeace and guitar makers unite to save forests

3/22/08:  British minister defends embryo research bill

3/22/08:  Heads Monsanto Wins, Tails We Lose

3/22/08:  Heads Monsanto Wins, Tails We Lose

3/22/08:  Countering an approaching water crisis

3/22/08:  U.S. Environmental Groups Divided on “Clean Coal”

3/22/08:  U.S. Environmental Groups Divided on “Clean Coal”

3/21/08:  Obama eyes active role in oil markets

3/21/08:  Wal-Mart milk to have no artificial growth hormones

3/21/08:  Tons of pangolins seized in a week

3/21/08:  'Nanominerals' influence Earth systems from ocean to atmosphere to biosphere

3/21/08:  Innovative Tower To Feature Atrium Of Wind Turbines

3/21/08:  The Reality of Renewables

3/21/08:  Israel grounds some F-16 fighters over cancer fears

3/21/08:  China’s SUV Culture: Flaunting Fat Wallets While Choking on Dirty Air

3/20/08:  Grumbling over ethanol mounts among food execs

3/20/08:  Gas-belching volcanoes may have killed dinosaurs

3/20/08:  Green Spaces in Green Places: Is Building Green Going From Niche to Mainstream?

3/20/08:  Furniture Builder Makes Wind Farm Possible.

3/20/08:  Chance sighting gets Fiji its first satellite tagged turtle

3/20/08:  French driftnetters will not fish in 2008

3/20/08:  Tropical forest changes 'explained by multiple factors'

3/20/08:  Panel Backs GMO Taro Ban

3/20/08:  Fostering Ethical Globalization

3/20/08:  Dutch minister sees no need for biofuels moratorium

3/20/08:  Renewable impact on power costs must be clear: S&P

3/20/08:  Congo arrests ranger over gorilla killings

3/19/08:  Salt could shake up world energy supply

3/19/08:  U.S. to let states kill sea lions to save salmon

3/19/08:  Investors warm to water as shortages mount

3/19/08:  Lark song suffers when group struggles

3/19/08:  Icy start, but 2008 may be in top 10 warmest years

3/19/08:  Arctic pollution's surprising history

3/19/08:  Cutting-edge Computing Helps Discover Origin Of Life On Earth

3/19/08:  Tiny Mexican porpoise near extinct from fish nets

3/19/08:  Asia's Odd-ball Antelope Faces Migration Crisis

3/18/08:  S.Korea makes arrests in illegal whale trade ring

3/18/08:  Vanishing central African glaciers threaten water supplies of millions

3/18/08:  The all-electric Subaru R1e to be tested in NYC

3/18/08:  Aid needed to help China make carbon cuts

3/18/08:  Gretchen Daily Wins Sophie Prize for Inspiring "Conservational Conversation"

3/18/08:  Plant a Tree for Every Book You Read

3/18/08:  Trust, Transparency and Traceability — The New Watchwords of Food Safety

3/18/08:  New study changes conditions for Spanish brown bears

3/18/08:  Cancer-Causing Contaminant Soils Cleaning Products

3/17/08:  Beijing pollution no threat to athletes: IOC

3/17/08:  Nordstrom Bags It

3/17/08:  World Population Growth: Fertile Ground for Uncertainty

3/17/08:  Meltdown in the Mountains

3/17/08:  DoT releases study of climate change and effects on Gulf Coast transportation

3/17/08:  Rare North Island Brown Kiwi Hatches At Smithsonian's National Zoo

3/17/08:  Green Energy Could Avoid Recession.

3/17/08:  Expect Food Prices to Go Higher and Higher

3/16/08:  Climate change could turn Ireland's green to brown

3/16/08:  Small skirmishes mark Asia battle to save elephants

3/15/08:  CEOs see green energy policies preserving U.S. jobs

3/15/08:  Ozone case shows Bush meddling in science: watchdogs

3/14/08:  New bird discovered in Indonesia

3/14/08:  Iceland likely to start whaling again

3/14/08:  Indonesia lawmakers set to reject ASEAN haze pact

3/14/08:  Britain's Blair takes on climate change

3/14/08:  Lions speared to death near Kenyan park

3/14/08:  Britain dismisses Japan climate change plan

3/14/08:  More of Africa urged to boost rhino numbers

3/14/08:  New EPA Clean Air Standards Show Why Consumer Action is so Critical

3/14/08:  Revealed: The Secrets Of Successful Ecosystems

3/14/08:  Greenhouse funds gloom hangs over G20 talks

3/14/08:  The Dirty Side of a “Green” Industry

3/13/08:  GE CEO says U.S. moving too slowly on clean energy

3/13/08:  Toughened ozone rule falls short of recommendation

3/13/08:  China's emissions seen rising faster than thought

3/13/08:  Surfer Tested, Mother Earth Approved

3/13/08:  $6 million research lab will produce ethanol and other biofuels from grasses and biomass

3/13/08:  Geotimes: The impending coastal crisis

3/13/08:  China/EU alliance 'could be key to low-carbon energy'

3/13/08:  The Fishy Business of Antidumping

3/13/08:  Climate refugees in political pass-the-parcel

3/12/08:  StatoilHydro says ready for new Canadian CO2 rules

3/12/08:  Foreign donors back away from Indonesia AIDS fight

3/12/08:  Java zoo hatches rare Komodo dragons

3/12/08:  Tuna threatened by oversized fishing fleet: WWF

3/12/08:  French hunter on trial over killing of bear

3/12/08:  Asia shows way to fight dengue as global spread looms

3/12/08:  Arctic climate models playing key role in polar bear decision

3/12/08:  Bird brains suggest how vocal learning evolved

3/12/08:  China tells critics to back off ahead of Olympics

3/11/08:  Drinking Water Contaminated by Pharmaceuticals; Bottled Water Not the Answer

3/11/08:  Tiger population critical, species at crossroads: WWF

3/11/08:  Fair Contracts for Poor Countries

3/11/08:  Environmental Groups Sue Bush Administration to Force Polar Bear Protection

3/11/08:  Australian cemetery to offer carbon-free funerals

3/11/08:  Corn-based ethanol could worsen "dead zone"

3/11/08:  China plans 1st "socially responsible" mutual fund

3/11/08:  Bird flu shows signs of mutation: China expert

3/11/08:  Holidays for a Living Planet

3/11/08:  Evolved resistance to deadly toxic newts

3/11/08:  Wandering Albatrosses Follow Their Nose

3/11/08:  Bush Administration Refuses to Protect Endangered Species Habitat in Michigan and Missouri National Forests

3/10/08:  Japan seeks new form of flu vaccine

3/10/08:  Warm winter curbs German CO2 pollution in 2007

3/10/08:  Canada says seals to be killed more humanely

3/10/08:  Madagascar slows destruction of forests

3/10/08:  Croatia could suspend fisheries zone to save EU bid

3/10/08:  Lufthansa ups fuel surcharges on European flights

3/10/08:  UN: Climate danger for Middle East, North Africa

3/10/08:  Gebrselassie misses marathon due to pollution

3/10/08:  Colourful idea sparks renewable electricity from paint

3/9/08:  East Iran hit by tremors, no casualties reported

3/9/08:  Could Arctic ice melt spawn new kind of cold war?

3/8/08:  Corn is King -- and Therefore a Growing Problem

3/8/08:  U.S. activist circles globe to fight biotech crops

3/8/08:  Australia calls for whaling calm after shots claim

3/7/08:  Work begins on California wind transmission lines

3/7/08:  China says will shift chemical plant after protests

3/7/08:  No way to fix climate without private sector: UNDP

3/7/08:  Hong Kong wild bird tests positive for H5N1

3/7/08:  Tourism boom darkens Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake

3/7/08:  Oceans to fall over millions of years

3/7/08:  Greed In the Name Of Green

3/7/08:  British Retailer Continues Green Plan Despite Hard Times

3/7/08:  Japan denies shooting anti-whaler in clash

3/6/08:  'Thirsty' electric cars threaten water resources

3/6/08:  New Zealand to build geothermal plant

3/6/08:  China admits "high pressure" over weather

3/6/08:  EU should give more thought to biofuel policy: U.N.

3/6/08:  Greening of CeBIT fails to revive shrinking IT fair

3/6/08:  Early Recovery of Nature-Based Tourism Good for Kenya and Good for Biodiversity

3/6/08:  Elephant flying squad celebrates new members

3/6/08:  Killer freeze of '07 illustrates paradoxes of warming climate

3/6/08:  Tree Of Animal Life Has Branches Rearranged, By Evolutionary Biologists

3/6/08:  Carbon group seeks to open U.S. to global offsets

3/6/08:  Oil Price Hits All-Time Record

3/5/08:  California cows start passing gas to the grid

3/5/08:  Indonesians in Java village scared by seeping gas

3/5/08:  Renewed fears for rare Mekong dolphin in Cambodia

3/5/08:  Japan eyes technology upgrades to halve emissions

3/5/08:  Automakers hopeful for new CO2 limit deadline

3/5/08:  Environmental safeguards affordable: OECD

3/5/08:  Hibernation-like behavior in Antarctic fish -- on ice for winter

3/5/08:  Warming climate may cause arctic tundra to burn

3/5/08:  Controversial Russian oil pipeline defeated

3/5/08:  Greenwash, Green Certification and Consumer Responsibility

2/27/08:  GDF buys wind power company and creates green arm

2/27/08:  Top China plastic bag maker closes amid green drive

2/27/08:  South Korea breaks GMO taboo with first corn deal

2/27/08:  Death toll from Madagascar cyclone hits 60

2/27/08:  PG&E carbon offsets fund California forest

2/27/08:  Taps shut in central China due to red, bubbly river

2/27/08:  None of the candidates are talking about environmental health

2/27/08:  Arctic seed vault opens doors for 100 million seeds

2/8/08:  Ancient trees give clues to climate change

2/8/08:  World Bank plans clean technology fund for poor

2/8/08:  Age of "green economics" is upon us: U.N.'s Ban

2/8/08:  Eugene, Oregon, Earns Global Recognition for Its Transportation Efforts

2/8/08:  Norway keeps whaling quota, draws ire

2/8/08:  Mechanically Energized: Readily Commercialized

2/8/08:  Today’s Lunch Special: a Green and Trash-Free Lunch

2/8/08:  Coral Reefs May Be Protected By Natural Ocean Thermostat

2/8/08:  Gharials under grave threat

2/8/08:  EU biodiesel output growth slowed in 2007

2/7/08:  Organic Flowers: To Pull a Thorn From the Side of the Planet

2/7/08:  Sweden Uses Humans to Heat Building

2/7/08:  Australia loves to recycle, but carbon a problem

2/7/08:  World Oil Supply: Peak or Not Peak?

2/7/08:  Solar Taxi Arrives Down Under!

2/7/08:  Preparing for Global Warming's Health Crisis

2/7/08:  South Asian nations pledge cooperation on rampant wildlife trade

2/7/08:  Google to help green technologies amass scale

2/7/08:  Hypocrisy on the High Seas?

2/6/08:  Ecuador volcano spews rock, hundreds evacuated

2/6/08:  China snows show world faces new disasters

2/6/08:  Analysis: Stronger Regulation Needed to Improve Corporate Pollution Record in China

2/6/08:  Art Exhibit Melting Ice / A Hot Topic: Envisioning Change will travel to Monaco

2/6/08:  Breeding misery: broiler chickens welfare a concern.

2/6/08:  Nigeria to curb imports of "toxic" old computers

2/6/08:  Catholic bishop blasts Brazil on Amazon destruction

2/6/08:  Chile innovation investment 'may hit US$200 million'

2/6/08:  UK to spur research into climate impact on poor

2/5/08:  China asks for more leeway on greenhouse gas

2/5/08:  Navy not exempt from California sonar curbs: judge

2/5/08:  Bush budget calls for Arctic oil drilling in 2010

2/5/08:  Matsushita to offer thinner, greener plasma TVs

2/5/08:  Making Agriculture Sustainable

2/5/08:  Vote With Your Heart

2/5/08:  Indian law 'strangulates' biodiversity research

2/5/08:  How Will the U.S. Produce 36 Billion Gallons of Biofuel by 2022?

2/4/08:  Bush budget doesn't alter ethanol import tariff

2/4/08:  Top 10 Green Business Trends - State of Green Business 2008, Pt. 1

2/4/08:  Roost Of Millions Of Migratory Swallows Threatened

2/4/08:  You are what you eat: diet shown to be factor in evolution

2/4/08:  Off India's Beaten Path

2/4/08:  The Lawn Mower of My Dreams

2/4/08:  How to Cut Your Heating Costs

2/4/08:  FDA closes farmed salmon border seizure case

2/4/08:  Dutch mull ideas to defend coast from rising seas

2/4/08:  Banks set emissions standard for U.S. power sector

2/3/08:  Dutch to explore new ways to defend coastline

2/3/08:  African quakes kill at least 30

2/3/08:  Agriculture is Altering Mississippi River Chemistry

2/3/08:  Warmer Ocean Could Reduce Number of Atlantic Hurricane Landfalls

2/3/08:  Rounding up gases, nano-style

2/3/08:  Something Had to Give: How Oil Burst the American Bubble

2/3/08:  Migrating Birds Sophisticated Internal Compass Still a Mystery

2/3/08:  Is Climate Change Making Us Sick?

2/2/08:  Bush Threatens Farm Bill Veto: Opposes Public Nutrition, Biofuel and Land Stewardship Programs

2/2/08:  Is it organic or not?

2/2/08:  Bad week for fish

2/2/08:  Workweek fumes may make some weekends drier

2/2/08:  Canada panel suggests $2 bln carbon capture plan

2/2/08:  Qatar eyes solar power to meet surging demand: report

2/2/08:  Algeria drops plan to protect park: report

2/2/08:  Congo Wetlands reserve to be world's second largest

2/2/08:  Caviar export quota undermines harvesting ban

2/1/08:  Airbus to fly an A380 on synthetic fuel

2/1/08:  Dutch gas guzzler tax hammers exclusive cars

2/1/08:  Colombia, Costa Rica 'top ten' for environment

2/1/08:  Green Power, Energy & Corporate Transformation

2/1/08:  Japan, Australia agree to disagree over whaling

2/1/08:  London hosts world's largest low emission zone

2/1/08:  Food Markets Getting Greener, More Sensual

2/1/08:  African, Asian crops 'to be hit hard by climate change'

2/1/08:  News Species Discovered in Africa: Giant Elephant-Shrew

2/1/08:  Chinese Factory Turns Environmental Bane into Boon

1/31/08:  Scientists see looming water crisis in western U.S.

1/31/08:  A garbage /septage cocktail for fuel.

1/31/08:  Chinook salmon runs in California collapse

1/31/08:  EU steps up legal action vs Italy over Naples waste

1/31/08:  UK greenhouse gas emissions fall in 2006

1/31/08:  Brazil unable to curb Amazon destruction

1/31/08:  UAE invests US$15 billion in future energy solutions

1/31/08:  Free Reusable Bags at Whole Foods

1/31/08:  Globalization Poison

1/31/08:  New Solar Panel Technology Stylish and Sustainable

1/31/08:  Antarctic ice riddle keeps sea-level secrets

1/30/08:  Claimants tiptoe around lucrative Antarctic rights

1/30/08:  China's crops badly damaged by icy storms: AgMin

1/30/08:  Indigenous peoples win conservation successes in Chile

1/30/08:  France scraps licenses for 1,500 pesticides

1/30/08:  Cambodian conservation work — not just a man’s world

1/30/08:  Why don't chimpanzees like to barter commodities?

1/30/08:  Scientists Call For Urgent Research Into 'Real' Impacts Of Invasive Species

1/30/08:  Less waste urged with energy efficiency gains

1/30/08:  Polycarbonate Bottles unsafe for hot liquids

1/30/08:  Hydrogen-Burning Hypersonic Airplane: Going Green at Mach-5

1/30/08:  U.N. aid chief worried by food inflation, weather

1/30/08:  Mauni Lani Named One of ”World’s Top Earth-Friendly Getaways’

1/29/08:  Giving: It's The New Getting at Sundance

1/29/08:  Malaysia unveils Borneo growth plan as polls loom

1/29/08:  Russia clears way for carbon profits

1/29/08:  Nokia joins WWF Climate Savers with key energy initiatives

1/29/08:  Big Food Companies Fear Pressure and Criticism from Environmental Activists

1/29/08:  Should you buy soda in plastic bottles or aluminum cans?

1/29/08:  EU vows tough scrutiny of Baltic gas pipeline

1/29/08:  San Diego's first LEED certified restaurant

1/29/08:  Economy, Planet in Trouble: Green Energy to the Rescue?

1/29/08:  Anti-whalers leave Antarctica, but vow to return

1/28/08:  China's cleaner power firms feel unfairly squeezed

1/28/08:  Oprah Endorses Micro-Lending--Fair Lending a Necessary Part of Global Fair Trade

1/28/08:  8 Ways to Practice Product Stewardship

1/28/08:  Wal-Mart installs solar power at store

1/28/08:  Antarctica on alert for alien invaders

1/28/08:  Join bluefin Tuna boycott, WWF urges retailers

1/28/08:  Cuba helps the Hawksbill

1/28/08:  New Techniques Create Butanol, A Superior Biofuel

1/27/08:  World's big polluters meet in Hawaii over climate

1/26/08:  Anti-whaling protest ship running out of fuel

1/25/08:  New Methane Storage Technology Exceeds DOE Goals

1/25/08:  PG&E seeking to develop biomethane facility

1/25/08:  Europe transport can meet new emission limits: Barrot

1/25/08:  Europe climate targets strong signal to others: U.N.

1/25/08:  New Zealand PM warns off Japanese whalers

1/25/08:  Bondi Beach placed on protected heritage list

1/25/08:  S.Korea SK Energy to ban single-hulled tankers 2010

1/25/08:  Global Cool: Snowboarders Gear Up Green

1/25/08:  Climate change poses a huge threat to human health

1/25/08:  As Supplies Dry Up, Growers Pass on Farming and Sell Water

1/25/08:  Lofty Himalaya magnify global warming impact

1/24/08:  Seed-Savers and Greens Unite to Challenge Monsanto's Latest Cash Cow

1/24/08:  Analysis: Banning “Bad” Biofuels, Becoming Better Consumers

1/24/08:  GM forms team for hybrids, electric vehicles

1/24/08:  First 100% organic, 'green' restaurant opens in NYC

1/24/08:  Why Diatoms could help stop global warming

1/24/08:  Antarctic Ice Loss Dangerously Fast

1/24/08:  Biofuel investments seen good bet with pricey oil

1/24/08:  Wood Chips and the U.S. Economy

1/24/08:  China, not U.S., to be new driver of world's economy and innovation

1/24/08:  Waiter, There's Mercury in my fish! Online guide helps consumers make healthy choices.

1/24/08:  China sees little optimism in anti-desert fight

1/24/08:  French billionaire joins charge on car batteries

1/24/08:  Aker says to build $159 million carbon unit

1/24/08:  Anger in Philippines as hunters posted pictures of killed threatened birds on their websites

1/24/08:  U.S. Still choosing plastic despite environmental impact.

1/24/08:  Gore says "changing light bulbs" not enough

1/23/08:  FACTBOX: The EU's energy and climate plan

1/23/08:  Solar analysts ponder whether selloff is overblown

1/23/08:  Bird flu threat still real, scientists say

1/23/08:  Climate change may reduce hurricanes hitting U.S.

1/23/08:  Switzerland tops environmental index, U.S. lags

1/23/08:  EU Commission details plan for 2020 emissions cuts

1/23/08:  Don't blame wild birds for H5N1 spread: expert

1/23/08:  New Evolution in Mice May Explain Infertility Problems in Humans

1/23/08:  Why are genebanks important?

1/23/08:  Beijing Olympic water scheme drains parched farmers

1/23/08:  Greenpeace hopeful of stopping Japan whaling

1/23/08:  Iceland's hydrogen ship heralds fossil-free future

1/23/08:  Cuba bans marine turtle hunt

1/23/08:  Californa's Warming Climate Caused by Humans

1/23/08:  Wind Energy Grows 45% in 2007

1/22/08:  China sets 2030 target to clean up lakes

1/22/08:  China's energy policies 'do not tackle climate change'

1/22/08:  Whole Foods to end use of plastic bags

1/22/08:  Architect Foster sees future in green desert city

1/22/08:  Heavy snow in China causes deaths and damage

1/22/08:  Industrial air scrubbers may spread disease

1/22/08:  U.S. sees nuclear energy as global alternative

1/22/08:  EU carbon plans seen hurting coal plants

1/22/08:  U.S. says world must improve energy efficiency

1/22/08:  World wind energy market growth seen in 2008

1/22/08:  Maximum impact restaurant greening

1/22/08:  Greenpeace says stops Japan whaler refueling

1/22/08:  Eco-risks loom as arctic oil activity grows

1/22/08:  Search for "night time spinach" threatens wildlife, local livelihoods

1/21/08:  Green Stimulus

1/21/08:  Whole Foods CEO lays out the 'Future of Food'

1/21/08:  Red Cross says changing climate worsens disasters

1/21/08:  Renault to develop electric cars for Israel project

1/21/08:  Nearly half of all Swedes back new nuclear power: poll

1/21/08:  Abu Dhabi to invest $15 billion in green energy

1/21/08:  Volcano, Not Global Warming Effects, May be Melting an Antarctic Glacier

1/21/08:  Coal Is No Longer On Front Burner

1/21/08:  Top 100 weirdest amphibians list launched

1/21/08:  Soaring Soybean Prices Stir Anger Among Poor

1/20/08:  Elephants Evolve Smaller Tusks Due to Poaching

1/20/08:  EU to set Finland 38 percent renewables goal: report

1/20/08:  Tajiks see new plant as way out of energy crisis

1/20/08:  Greenhouse gases at new peak in sign of Asia growth

1/20/08:  France calls for rethink of EU fishing quotas

1/19/08:  Adjustments to Agriculture May Help Mitigate Global Warming

1/19/08:  Natgas a vital bridge for energy needs: gas group

1/19/08:  Patagonia and the Footprint Chronicles: Showing that Honesty is the Best Policy Toward Sustainability

1/19/08:  Global carbon trade rose 80 pct last year: group

1/19/08:  Asia seen hardest-hit by disasters in 2007

1/19/08:  Forests and carbon capture keys to climate: Norway's PM

1/19/08:  UK's Brown focuses on climate change in China

1/19/08:  EU demands action from Germany on climate goals

1/18/08:  Russia ecology watchdog tenders resignation: report

1/18/08:  U.S. key factor in new climate deal: Danish minister

1/18/08:  Scientists find way to increase corn's vitamin A

1/18/08:  Pressure builds in Taiwan to reconsider nuclear power

1/18/08:  Recovering from a mass extinction

1/18/08:  Japanese Paper Industry in Recycling Scandal

1/18/08:  Lead in your Lipstick

1/18/08:  Decide on polar bears first, then oil: lawmaker

1/17/08:  World oil demand to peak before supply: BP

1/17/08:  Green-tech investment topped $5 billion in 2007

1/17/08:  HSBC fund seeks firms tackling climate change

1/17/08:  Amazon deforestation seen surging

1/17/08:  Amazon deforestation seen surging

1/17/08:  Norway says aims to go carbon neutral by 2030

1/17/08:  French minister says "non, merci" to cloned bifteck

1/17/08:  Focus the Nation, Focus on Coal

1/17/08:  Hybrid school buses hit the road

1/17/08:  What does cloning mean for organic food industry?

1/17/08:  USDA Recommends That Food From Clones Stay Off the Market

1/16/08:  German nuclear reactor row goes to higher court

1/16/08:  Canada sacks nuclear watchdog over reactor closure

1/16/08:  Swiss study in mice may lead to new pain drugs

1/16/08:  Bulgaria launches EU push to reopen nuclear units

1/16/08:  Lucky Catch: New Techniques Save Sea Birds

1/16/08:  Automakers say other industries should help on climate

1/16/08:  EU may fine Italy over Naples rubbish crisis

1/16/08:  Air pollution at historic highs in China's Guangdong

1/16/08:  China wind power hits 5.6 GW

1/16/08:  More of U.S. grain crop to be consumed by family car

1/16/08:  EU's Barroso hits back at critics of climate plan

1/16/08:  Starfish strike at coral kingdom

1/16/08:  World Bank Pledges to Save Trees... Then Helps Cut Down Amazon Forest.

1/16/08:  Analysis: Nano Hypocrisy?

1/16/08:  In the Trenches for Clean Water

1/15/08:  House's Dingell hopes to draft climate bill soon

1/15/08:  Finnish court actions could delay Baltic gas link

1/15/08:  EU lawmakers seek more time for car CO2 cuts

1/15/08:  Wind Power and M&A: A Moveable Feast

1/15/08:  Auto Companies Need to Work Together on Battery Technology

1/15/08:  Greenland suffers from extreme ice melt

1/15/08:  Ol’ Blue Eyes Returns to Earth as a Koala

1/15/08:  China’s Plastic Bag Ban Likely to Change Consumer Habits

1/15/08:  Anti-whalers"taken hostage" on Japanese wahling ship

1/15/08:  Critically endangered porpoise is focus

1/15/08:  Sea otter study reveals striking variability in diets and feeding strategies

1/14/08:  Protesters, Rock Stars and High Fashion Set the Stage at Detroit Auto Show

1/14/08:  12 Tips for Green Living

1/14/08:  Court ruling due in Total French oil spill trial

1/14/08:  Antarctica lost more ice in last 10 years: study

1/14/08:  France's Besson plans film focusing on environment

1/14/08:  Sierra Leone bans timber exports

1/14/08:  UK investors wary of biofuels investments

1/14/08:  Canada Inuit rap U.S. greens for polar bear campaign

1/14/08:  Beijing car ownership soars along with traffic woes

1/14/08:  Manila creates green courts for environmental cases

1/14/08:  Biotech companies race for drought-tolerant crops

1/14/08:  Neapolitan couple seek Swiss refuge from refuse

1/14/08:  Biofuel impact on farm prices overplayed

1/14/08:  Antarctic ice loss increasing steadily

1/14/08:  Conflict in Sri Lanka Slows Tsunami Rebuilding

1/14/08:  Will Current Organic Standards Save us from GMO Contamination?

1/13/08:  France says extends ban on GMO crop

1/13/08:  Abu Dhabi unveil plans for sustainable city

1/13/08:  Britain Readies Itself for Future Jellyfish Attacks

1/12/08:  Next-generation biofuels edge to center

1/12/08:  Greenpeace ship chases Japanese whaling fleet

1/11/08:  Russian oil spill threatens drinking water

1/11/08:  8 Ways to Green Your Home

1/11/08:  Ocean Fertilization 'Fix' For Global Warming Discredited By New Research

1/11/08:  Endangered status an advantage to turtle traders

1/11/08:  Be wary of biotech lettuce experiments

1/11/08:  California agency presses EPA on ship exhaust

1/11/08:  World warming despite cool Pacific and Baghdad snow

1/11/08:  Energy Saving Program in Seattle Puts Consumer in Control

1/11/08:  Severe weight loss caused by chewing gum

1/11/08:  It is too early to sell carbon offsets: scientists

1/11/08:  Most Environmentally Friendly Car Brands

1/10/08:  Glaciers grew even when alligators lived in Arctic

1/10/08:  Wal-Mart faces hurdles in green electronics

1/10/08:  Campaign puts bid to solve climate change ahead

1/10/08:  Cell Phone Recycling is an Easy Call

1/10/08:  Brazil sees sharp farm growth, despite environment

1/10/08:  Swedish commuters' body heat to warm office

1/10/08:  Coca-Cola to evaluate Siberian plant conversion

1/10/08:  China Bans the Use of Plastic Bags

1/10/08:  Adam Smith, Meet Mother Earth

1/10/08:  Deep sea probe to track Australia climate change

1/10/08:  Prepare for flu pandemic economic hit: U.N.

1/10/08:  Chimpanzees May Build Their 'Cultures' In A Similar Way To Humans

1/10/08:  Zoo in Vietnam admits to auctioning tiger bodies

1/10/08:  Hungary says new CO2 plan to curb windfall profits

1/10/08:  Britain starts new push for nuclear power

1/10/08:  Ames Lab "Beefing" Up Magnets for Electric-Drive Cars

1/9/08:  Italy's "trash tsar" takes charge

1/9/08:  Sub-Saharan Africa: The Population Emergency

1/9/08:  Japan feels the heat: global warming pushing temps higher

1/9/08:  WEF warns 2008 uncertainties may hit climate efforts

1/9/08:  Drought-hit Cyprus considers importing water

1/9/08:  Singapore opens "green" airport terminal

1/9/08:  New Bans on Plastic Bags May Help Protect Marine Life

1/9/08:  LED Lights may light homes in less than 3 years

1/9/08:  French farmers say government playing GMO games

1/9/08:  'Green' Energy Efficient Mobile Home Designed

1/8/08:  Renewables supply 14 pct of German power: industry

1/8/08:  Italy's PM orders "trash tsar" to end crisis

1/8/08:  Powerful storms, tornadoes hit Midwest

1/8/08:  Humans have caused profound changes in Caribbean coral reefs

1/8/08:  Forget Oil, the New Global Crisis is Food

1/8/08:  UK builds recyclable hotel

1/8/08:  Zambia cites environment in mine suspension

1/8/08:  Scientists discover molecular basis of monarch butterfly migration

1/8/08:  Administration Will Miss Deadline for Polar Bear Endangered Species

1/8/08:  Illegal logging and road building threatens tigers and tribes of the Heart of Sumatra

1/8/08:  Fiat sees EU CO2 proposal upping prices: report

1/8/08:  Corn... fuel... fire! U.S. corn subsidies promote Amazon deforestation

1/8/08:  China ice festival feels heat from climate change

1/8/08:  Florida manatee deaths decreased in 2007

1/8/08:  Floods cause havoc in southern Africa

1/8/08:  China launches surprise crackdown on plastic bags

1/7/08:  Pucker Up: Industry Sees Rise in Organic Makeup

1/7/08:  Beijing Introduces Strictest Fuel Standard Yet

1/7/08:  Polar bears and warming decision delayed

1/7/08:  As Global Warming Advances, We're "Losing Winter."

1/7/08:  Environmentalists Up In Arms Over New $2600 Car

1/7/08:  Electric sand findings could lead to better climate models

1/7/08:  Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems Growing in Importance

1/7/08:  Plate Tectonics May Take a Break

1/7/08:  Heavy rains flood drought-hit Australian farmers

1/7/08:  South Korea to ban single-hulled tankers after spill

1/7/08:  EU seeks OK for climate package by mid-2009

1/7/08:  Nepal "health food joint" boosts vulture numbers

1/7/08:  Kangaroo killing code draws flak from animal groups

1/7/08:  Scientists discover new key to flu transmission

1/7/08:  Tuberculosis exposure feared on India-to-U.S. flight

1/7/08:  Organic Trade Association hires new PR director

1/7/08:  Feds decline to list white marlin as 'endangered'

1/6/08:  Floods kill six in central Mozambique

1/6/08:  Polar bears vie with oil for U.S. government focus

1/6/08:  PM orders Naples schools to open despite garbage

1/6/08:  Strong earthquake hits Greece

1/6/08:  Market determines oil prices: Saudi Arabia

1/6/08:  Flights cancelled as heavy snowfalls hit Iran

1/6/08:  21 Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle

1/5/08:  Northern plants 'losing carbon' due to warming

1/5/08:  North Atlantic Warming Tied To Natural Variability

1/5/08:  100 percent of people carry at least 1 type of pesticide

1/5/08:  EU considers carbon tariff

1/5/08:  California snowpack low, showing less water supply

1/5/08:  Low prices seen threat to UK organic beef

1/5/08:  ADM to bury carbon from ethanol plant

1/5/08:  UK govt scientist sees few benefits from biofuels

1/5/08:  Lilly, Daiichi seek FDA approval of clot drug

1/5/08:  Clean power for Norwegian oil and gas rigs seen costly

1/5/08:  EPA halts river clean-up talks with Dow Chemical

1/5/08:  High oil a blessing and a curse for farmers

1/5/08:  Carbon dioxide pollution kills hundreds a year: study

1/4/08:  McDonald's seeks improved animal welfare in UK

HP Expands Recycling Push in China

1/4/08:  Las Vegas to Build World’s First 30 Story Vertical Farm

1/4/08:  First-ever study to link increased mortality specifically to carbon dioxide emissions

1/4/08:  Smell-wars between butterflies and ants

1/4/08:  New Owl Butterfly Species Naming Rights Auctioned For $40,800

1/4/08:  Mexican Farmers Protest NAFTA

1/4/08:  Chicken Fat Converted Into Biodiesel Using Methanol

1/4/08:  Neapolitans protest against garbage crisis plan

1/4/08:  British nuclear power consultation flawed: report

1/4/08:  FDA to clear cloned livestock for consumers: report

1/4/08:  2008 to be in top 10 warmest years say forecasters

1/3/08:  First UK coal plant in 30 years clears hurdle

1/3/08:  Thousands of Tons of Organic Food Produced Using Toxic Chemicals

1/3/08:  Handling Pesticides Associated With Greater Asthma Risk In Farm Women

1/3/08:  New Certification Scheme Aims to Protect Socially Responsible Companies

1/3/08:  Asset manager says bet on future scarcities

1/3/08:  Global warming hits Australia with fires and floods

1/3/08:  Sugarcane ethanol: Brazil's biofuel success

1/3/08:  Alaska Chukchi Sea oil lease offer draws fire

1/3/08:  Croatia seizes Italian trawler for illegal fishing

1/2/08:  NY judge dismisses Spain's claims over oil spill

1/2/08:  ShipGreen Offers Retailers a Web-Based Program to Offset Carbon Emissions from Shipping

1/2/08:  MMS to hold oil lease sale in Alaska's Chukchi Sea

1/2/08:  Loosing more than we gain from Autumn warming in the north

1/2/08:  Fifteen states sue EPA over auto emissions

1/2/08:  European conference aims to create global commodity market for non-GM soy and feed

1/2/08:  India to provide subsidy for solar power plants

1/2/08:  UK seen giving green light to new nuclear plants

1/2/08:  Unique Kenyan game park threatened

1/2/08:  Insects' 'giant leap' reconstructed by founder of sociobiology

1/2/08:  Helium Supplies Endangered, Threatening Science And Technology

1/2/08:  Philippine rebels raid mine to stop "plunder"

1/1/08:  Good News About Ocean Methane

1/1/08:  Housewives are more ecologically aware and recycle more than university students

1/1/08:  Cyclone veers away from Australia's northwest coast

1/1/08:  Deep-sea species' loss could lead to oceans' collapse, study suggests

1/1/08:  New plant study reveals a 'deeply hidden' layer of the transcriptome

1/1/08:  Politics and graft undermine African health care

1/1/08:  Chile's Llaima volcano erupts, no injuries reported

1/1/08:  Beijing introduces cleaner fuel standards

1/1/08:  Some sun may guard against non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

1/1/08:  Last year one of the safest to fly in decades

1/1/08:  Strong quakes jolt Papua New Guinea

1/1/08:  Solatubes: Power-free lighting solution

1/1/08:  "Swish-and-spit" test screens for cancer

1/1/08:  Moderate earthquake hits in Kyrgyzstan

1/1/08:  Study: Growing more rice with less water

1/1/08:  Veterinarian suggests top 10 holiday gift ideas for pets

1/1/08:  New smart tire senses damage, increases safety

1/1/08:  Chinese President Hu calls for world peace in New Year address

1/1/08:  China to crack down on unlicensed production, sale of food

1/1/08:  Songbirds offer clues to highly practiced motor skills in humans

1/1/08:  Top Ten Tips from a cardiologist for a heart-healthy season

1/1/08:  Resolutions should include your computing life, too