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12/31/07:  Utilities Remind Customers: Protect Home From Carbon Monoxide

12/31/07:  More Resolve to Take on More in 2008

12/31/07:  Youngsters Prefer a Home Like Mom's

12/31/07:  Nobel Expert: Car Industry Can Reach, Exceed New Standards

12/31/07:  U.S. Organic Cotton Production Gains Ground

12/31/07:  Robots Taking Over The Job On Offshore Oil Drilling Platforms

12/31/07:  NY Times Square Ball “Goes Green”

12/31/07:  Breast cancer cells have to learn to walk before they can run

12/31/07:  Chile approves native forest law after 15 years

12/31/07:  Taking on the E-Waste Problem

12/31/07:  December Wind Blows in the Right Direction for Vestas.

12/31/07:  No More Free Ride: Global Warming Pollution from Ships Must be Regulated

12/31/07:  Cities, Countries Make Up for What Bali Lacked

12/31/07:  Cholesterol finetunes hearing

12/31/07:  Taking on the E-Waste Problem

12/31/07:  Symposium looks at developing biofuel research

12/31/07:  Unique Kenyan game park under human threat

12/30/07:  World's oldest Sumatran orangutan dies in Miami

12/30/07:  Southern Indiana Is Greener, But For How Long?

12/30/07:  Solar energy 'revolution' brings green power closer

12/30/07:  Biofuels, the Biggest Scam Going

12/30/07:  NOAA: 2007 a Top Ten Warm Year for U.S. and Globe

12/30/07:  “The Story Of Stuff ” Challenges American Consumerism

12/29/07:  Expanding habitat for turtle may force changes on West Coast fishing industry

12/29/07:  Synthetic substances used in organic production set to expire

12/29/07:  First all-natural baking sweetener has 40% less calories than sugar

12/29/07:  Marital Status Doesn't Affect Lung Cancer Survival

12/29/07:  Healthy Monday: Resolutions, A Week At A Time

12/29/07:  Study maps life in extreme environments

12/29/07:  Adult male chimpanzees don't stray far from the home

12/29/07:  Biodegradable Caskets: Composting your relatives?

12/29/07:  McDonald's sees restaurants as green laboratories

12/29/07:  Top health issues of 2008

12/29/07:  Fish Follow Prawns To Find Good Places To Eat

12/29/07:  Deep-sea Species "Loss Could Lead To Oceans" Collapse

12/29/07:  Twenty Diverse Companies Make the Sustainability Cut

12/29/07:  Cyclone warning declared for Australia's northwest coast

12/28/07:  Rural Nigeria lights up with solar power

12/28/07:  Under the Canopy Launches Luxury Collection

12/28/07:  Most older adults have brain disease: study

12/28/07:  Prenatal X-rays don't raise kids' brain tumor risk

12/28/07:  Studies show yoga has multiple benefits

12/28/07:  Rural Nigeria lights up with solar power

12/28/07:  Thailand could support as many as 2,000 wild tigers, 3 times current level

12/28/07:  Oceana Petitions the Government to Protect Loggerhead Sea Turtles

12/28/07:  Unethical Ethanol Tariff

12/28/07:  First West Australia cyclone forms

12/28/07:  Beijing raises air quality goal for Olympics

12/28/07:  "Guest birds" threat to cyclone survivors

12/28/07:  WHO confirms first human bird flu case in Pakistan

12/28/07:  Italy to extend tax breaks on new, less-polluting cars

12/28/07:  Netherlands has another record warm year

12/28/07:  New Finnish nuclear reactor start-up delayed

12/28/07:  For Climate Change Mitigation, Don’t Forget the Peatlands

12/28/07:  Barcoding An Entire Ecosystem

12/20/07:  Lose 41 Pounds in 5 Minutes - Stop Junk Mail With!

12/20/07:  Study: Organic lemonade has 10x more antioxidants than regular

12/20/07:  Greece must act to replenish fish stocks: Greenpeace

12/20/07:  Drought to persist in southeastern U.S.: government

12/20/07:  EU ministers upbeat on airline emissions deal

12/20/07:  U.S. energy law drives alternative to corn ethanol

12/20/07:  Mexico to encourage biodiesel production

12/20/07:  Researchers update their food guide pyramid for older adults

12/20/07:  Improving quality of life for indigenous peoples

12/20/07:  Squirrels use snake scent

12/20/07:  Energy law pulls plug on Edison's light bulb

12/20/07:  California will not get waiver on emissions

12/19/07:  Plant Debris may be hazardous to global health

12/19/07:  Experts: Pricy Oil Will Push Renewable Fuels Development

12/19/07:  A $15.8 Billion Organic Electronics Materials Market by 2015

12/19/07:  Grow more food in cities, U.N. agency tells Asia

12/19/07:  U.S. toy makers, trade policy caused recalls: report

12/19/07:  Holiday Flowers, Without Pesticides

12/19/07:  Consumer Worry About Product Safety Growing

12/19/07:  A $15.8 Billion Organic Electronics Materials Market by 2015

12/19/07:  Eight Tips: Reducing the Environmental Impact of Computing in 2008

12/19/07:  Pakistan says no threat of bird flu pandemic

12/19/07:  New IMAX Film: Dolphins and Whales - Tribes of the Ocean

12/19/07:  Why diving marine mammals resist brain damage from low oxygen

12/19/07:  Nanotechnology and Meeting Our Energy Needs

12/19/07:  Biofuels: Let's look before we leap

12/19/07:  EU agrees steep fines to cut car CO2

12/19/07:  UNEP deploys team of experts to help with oil spill in Republic of Korea

12/19/07:  Cities Play the Green Card to Achieve Success

12/19/07:  Study of bear hair will reveal genetic diversity of Yellowstone's grizzlies

12/19/07:  Saving Plants that Save Lives

12/19/07:  FutureGen picks Illinois for coal project

12/19/07:  Biggest U.S. solar panel farms open in Nevada, Colo

12/18/07:  Pittsburgh's New Year's Ball Ornament Eco-Friendly

12/18/07:  Texas vows to attract other carbon-capture plants

12/18/07:  Mom-and-Pop Toy Store Takes the Lead on Lead

12/18/07:  Companies Linked to Japanese Whaling; Conservationists Call for Action

12/18/07:  Got fleas? Get the vacuum

12/18/07:  New Biochip Could Replace Animal Testing

12/18/07:  Alberta orders Suncor to solve emission problems

12/18/07:  US Calls For Protection For Seabirds in New Zealand, Fiji, Ecuador, New Guinea and Solomon Islands

12/18/07:  South American countries join forces to boost biofuels

12/18/07:  Major US electric vehicle manufacturing plant announced

12/18/07:  Ecuador Amazon plantiffs fight Chevron over dumping

12/18/07:  Some Ants Change Their Diet To Survive, Thrive

12/18/07:  N.J. sues Reliant coal plant over emissions

12/18/07:  Americans want fit finances before fit body: study

12/18/07:  Adriatic zone creates headache for fishermen and EU

12/18/07:  China drafts "humane" standards for animal slaughter

12/18/07:  Indonesian court clears Newmont in pollution suit

12/18/07:  San Francisco to offset some emissions

12/18/07:  More to find in Indonesia's "Lost World": scientist

12/18/07:  Bangladeshis kill tiger near depleted forest

12/18/07:  Japan and Hungary sign accord on CO2 credits transfer

12/18/07:  Study shows urban sprawl continues to gobble up land

12/18/07:  New Year's resolution: Shed carbon

12/17/07:  EU eyes phasing in CO2 fines for carmakers: source

12/17/07:  Officials Urge Safety for Motorists and Residents Using Alternative Heat Sources

12/17/07:  Government Mandates Create Opportunities in New Energy Industries

12/17/07:  Massage found to relieve post-surgery pain

12/17/07:  Short legs linked to liver disease in study

12/17/07:  U.N. ice bridge is reminder of melting Antarctica

12/17/07:  Lack of Light and Seasonal Depression

12/17/07:  Many Americans aim to go "green" in 2008: survey

12/17/07:  New York, Ottawa Order Over 1,000 Diesel-Electric Hybrid Buses

12/17/07:  Mutation in one gene tied to Lou Gehrig's disease

12/17/07:  Modern Warfare Causes Unprecedented Environmental Damage

12/17/07:  Kicking the CO2 Habit at Climate Convention Meet

12/17/07:  Penguins in peril as climate warms

12/17/07:  Largest Solar Array in North America: NEllis AFB

12/17/07:  Low Cost Method for Production of Bio Diesel Developed

12/17/07:  Norway plans world's first ship tunnel

12/17/07:  Veterinary Dentistry Opens Wide

12/17/07:  Canada to crack down on unsafe toys, food, drugs

12/17/07:  December home builder sentiment holds at record low

12/17/07:  Indonesia's 'Lost World' reveals more surprises

12/17/07:  British climate official to become IETA president

12/17/07:  South Africa Sees Potential in a Hydrogen Economy

12/17/07:  SSE gets planning consent for Scottish wind farm

12/17/07:  Russia delivers first nuclear fuel to Iran

12/17/07:  Hong Kong public calls for air pollution fight

12/17/07:  Habitat loss forces India's tigers to high ground

12/16/07:  Winter storm pounds northeastern U.S.

12/16/07:  GAO says SEC not using all its arsenal: report

12/16/07:  Is Your Yoga Mat Lacking Personality? Toxic?

12/16/07:  Seas could rise twice as high as predicted: study

12/16/07:  Greenspan sees early signs of U.S. stagflation

12/16/07:  Tesla Revisited, Company Offers New Induction Lighting System

12/16/07:  Why Biofuels When Cheaper Measures are Available for Climate Protection?

12/16/07:  Falsifying Records, Obstruction of Justice, Shipping Company Fined $4.9 Million By US

12/16/07:  Saharan Dust Has Chilling Effect on North Atlantic

12/16/07:  Scientists to Monitor West Antarctica 24/7

12/16/07:  Pacific Gas and Electric Company Joins The Climate Registry

12/16/07:  North American Steelmakers Endorse Global Approach to Addressing Climate Change

12/16/07:  Report Examines Impact of Climate Change on Drinking Water Supplies

12/16/07:  China axes 13 coal power plants, cites pollution

12/16/07:  New Satellite Imaging Method Tracks Earth Changes

12/16/07:  Studying Earthquakes in the Himalaya

12/16/07:  Visiting Antarctic, Amazon helped climate case: Ban

12/16/07:  Visiting Antarctic, Amazon helped climate case: Ban

12/16/07:  One dead, five infected with bird flu in Pakistan

12/16/07:  One dead, five infected with bird flu in Pakistan

12/16/07:  Chinese Researchers: Climate Change 'Boosts Plant Health In China'

12/16/07:  California Town Goes Solar, Collectively

12/16/07:  Spin the meter backward: gold from green

12/16/07:  IEA urges bold steps to cut CO2 emissions: report

12/16/07:  Carmakers can pool CO2 emissions: EU draft

12/16/07:  Talks to launch on new climate pact

12/16/07:  The Globalization of Ethics

12/15/07:  Governments pleased with "defining" climate deal

12/15/07:  Bali breakthrough launches climate talks

12/14/07:  U.S. food inflation parallels 70s on ethanol boom

12/14/07:  Deal to fight deforestation agreed at climate talks

12/14/07:  Progress declared in Chesapeake Bay Restoration Efforts

12/14/07:  ENN: Merck Fined $1.5M, Settles Clean Water Act Violations, Fined $1.5 Million, Must Overhaul Disposal System, Invest

12/14/07:  Climate change "not luxury" for Africa

12/14/07:  Arctic explorers postpone sea ice study

12/14/07:  Heavy traffic makes breathing a burden in children

12/14/07:  Solar

12/14/07:  Orangutan plan to curb carbon emissions

12/14/07:  EU-U.S. Climate Impasse Easing

12/14/07:  Bali climate talks draft drop 2020 emissions goal

12/14/07:  Liver cirrhosis kills 26 crocodiles in north India

12/14/07:  Chemical Spill Threat in China

12/14/07:  Japan Plans Tax Benefits on Green Auto Fuels

12/13/07:  The Largest Solar Electric System in New England

12/13/07:  Senate oks energy bill to cut vehicle fuel use

12/13/07:  Coal likely to boost U.S. 2007 carbon emissions

12/13/07:  Carbon cuts a must to halt warming : scientists

12/13/07:  U.S. Updates Endangered Species List

12/13/07:  Nation's Largest Retailers Accused of Organic Fraud

12/13/07:  Abuse of Pigs by world's largest supplier documented

12/13/07:  Lice from fish farms threaten Canadian wild salmon

12/13/07:  Poisonings, suicides fuel rise in U.S. injury deaths

12/13/07:  Scientists uncover how plants invaded the land, learned to survive heat, drought

12/13/07:  Quake early warning system predicts shaking, averts casulties

12/13/07:  California scientists create new standard for cleaner transportation fuels

12/13/07:  Acid seas huge threat to coral reefs: study

12/13/07:  Clarity in muddy debate over mud

12/13/07:  Indonesian man dies from bird flu

12/13/07:  Growing chronic disease will hit poor nations

12/13/07:  Tiny dust particles from Asian deserts common over western United States

12/13/07:  Without its insulating ice cap, Arctic surface waters warm to as much as 5 C above average

12/13/07:  Contrarian fishing could mean more fish

12/13/07:  Can "Responsible Stakeholder" Hold?

12/13/07:  The end of Bretton Woods?

12/13/07:  Biocapture surfaces produced for study of brain chemistry

12/13/07:  Namibia's poor 'will be hit hard' by climate change

12/13/07:  Bob Geldof calls for more nuclear power

12/13/07:  Indigenous people fear double climate hit

12/13/07:  Al Gore lays blame for Bali stalemate on U.S.

12/13/07:  2007 among top 7 warmest years: WMO

12/13/07:  China to clear "1,000-year-old" trash from mega-dam

12/13/07:  Australian navy may track Japan's whaling fleet

12/13/07:  Banks urged to go "green"

12/13/07:  Land temperatures seen warmest in 2007

12/13/07:  High winds likely to spread S.Korea oil spill

12/13/07:  EU threatens boycott of U.S. climate talks

12/13/07:  Hungry bears plague Chinese World Heritage site

12/13/07:  Chinese group says to name-and-shame air polluters

12/13/07:  Polar ice cap vanished at record clip

12/13/07:  EU and U.S. trade charges of blocking Bali talks

12/12/07:  Central banks join forces to ease credit crisis

12/12/07:  Bush vetoes children's health bill a second time

12/12/07:  Canada halts use of mumps vaccine, launches probe

12/12/07:  Chemicals used as fire retardants could be harmful

12/12/07:  NYMEX and Evolution to launch CO2 exchange in '08

12/12/07:  FDA says Merck recalls 12 lots of kids' vaccines

12/12/07:  California greenhouse gas law may stand: judge

12/12/07:  Oil-eating bugs may unlock clean energy from crude

12/12/07:  Seychelles promises to protect its sharks

12/12/07:  Scientists shed light on monster sea waves

12/12/07:  Central banks join forces to ease credit crisis

12/12/07:  U.N.'s Ban urges 2009 deadline for climate deal

12/12/07:  U.S. says homegrown attack poses biggest risk

12/12/07:  U.S. still hooked on oil in 2030, but renewables rise

12/12/07:  StatoilHydro says 25,000 barrels of oil spilled in N.Sea

12/12/07:  Solar water for Iraq

12/12/07:  North Korea get NGO Religion

12/12/07:  Climate change drying up Western Rockies

12/12/07:  Australia's PM hands over Kyoto papers in Bali

12/12/07:  Papua New Guinea biofuel firm plans London listing

12/12/07:  U.N. aims to provide carbon neutral example

12/12/07:  IBM’s Green Drive Reaches South Africa

12/12/07:  U.N.'s Ban urges 2009 deadline for climate deal

12/12/07:  Bali gets a culture shock

12/11/07:  Cambodia plans hunting safaris for VIP tourists

12/11/07:  Rotterdam gives away energy-saving lightbulbs

12/11/07:  Norway says not mulling "green" cuts to oil output

12/11/07:  World Bank launches forest carbon fund

12/11/07:  Plan to save Anne Frank tree with steel frame

12/11/07:  Hitting Back, Nonviolently

12/11/07:  Treasure Island Plan: Most sustainable city on the planet

12/11/07:  Peatlands are Quick and Cost-Effective Measure to reduce 10% of greenhouse emissions

12/11/07:  Greenland ice sheet melting at record rate

12/11/07:  Pope urges prudence in environmental decisions

12/10/07:  French farmer to go on anti-GMO hunger strike

12/10/07:  China market may be breeding ground for deadly viruses

12/10/07:  Nobel winners say science must transcend borders

12/10/07:  U.S. shareholder law firm sets up subprime legal team

12/10/07:  Stimulants for ADHD may cause mild heart symptoms

12/10/07:  Knocking out top predator may not save prey: study

12/10/07:  Antibacterial Chemical disrupts hormone activities

12/10/07:  Threatened birds may be rarer than geographic range maps suggest

12/10/07:  Fourteen dead as ice storm sweeps U.S. Plains

12/10/07:  Canadian retail chain pulls plastic water bottles

12/10/07:  U.S rejects stiff 2020 greenhouse goals in Bali

12/10/07:  Beijing turns on the heat on polluting kebabs

12/10/07:  Finance ministers in Bali count climate costs

12/10/07:  Indonesia vows to protect endangered orangutans

12/10/07:  Kerry sells Democrats' green message in Bali

12/10/07:  Indonesia: Can’t See the Conference for the Trees

12/10/07:  Florida’s Manatees Almost Not Endangered

12/10/07:  World needs robust climate pact for security: study

12/10/07:  Nobel Winner Gore: "Make Peace With The Planet"

12/9/07:  China market may be breeding ground for deadly viruses

12/9/07:  Health care challenges fire up U.S. students

12/9/07:  Lebanese dump has stench of environmental neglect

12/9/07:  All UK homes could be wind powered by 2020: govt

12/9/07:  Al Gore sees hope in "people power"

12/9/07:  Scientists discover how BRCA1 gene causes cancer

12/9/07:  EU may go easier on CO2 curbs for big cars: paper

12/9/07:  EU may go easier on CO2 curbs for big cars: paper

12/9/07:  Nations bicker in Bali over "green" goods trade

12/9/07:  Grasscrete: Sustainable Urban Drainage Product

12/9/07:  Mainstream Renewable Energy Continues Double-digit Growth

12/9/07:  At risk in Arctic, "polar bears" thrive in Bali

12/9/07:  London, Stockholm climate marchers demand action

12/8/07:  Studies show how fruits and veggies reduce cancer

12/8/07:  PETA boycotting Mars candy co. over animal cruelty

12/8/07:  Island states urge far tougher U.N. climate goals

12/8/07:  U.N. talks will not decide on new HFC incentives

12/8/07:  New research may lead to better climate models for global warming, El Nino

12/8/07:  South Korea's worst oil spill blackens coast

12/8/07:  Renewables investments seen over $100 bln in 2007

12/7/07:  China chemical plant reaps "green" U.N. profit

12/7/07:  Noted forecasters see 7 hurricanes next year

12/7/07:  Greenpeace urges EU and Africa to end deforestation

12/7/07:  Barroso seeks to end EU row over car emissions

12/7/07:  Emissions cap for poor unlikely at Bali talks

12/7/07:  Canada reactor shutdown hitting medical tests

12/7/07:  Gore calls for early climate pact

12/7/07:  Benin finds two bird flu outbreaks, suspects H5N1

12/7/07:  Inaction on greener buildings puzzle experts

12/7/07:  New report on deforestation reveals problems of forest carbon payment schemes

12/7/07:  Senators ask Bush for greater food safety funding

12/7/07:  'Hellish' Hot Springs Yield Greenhouse Gas-eating Bug

12/7/07:  Football field-sized kite powers latest heavy freight ship

12/7/07:  New Battery-Electric Vehicles Entering the U.S. Market

12/7/07:  New Battery-Electric Vehicles Entering the U.S. Market

12/7/07:  U.S. Emissions Reductions May Be Cheaper Than Thought

12/7/07:  U.S. Emissions Reductions May Be Cheaper Than Thought

12/7/07:  Tanker Leaks Oil Off S.Korea Coast

12/6/07:  Germany ends ban on Monsanto GMO maize type

12/6/07:  France suspends commercial GMO seed use, studies safety

12/6/07:  Polish energy sector to be hit hardest by CO2 quota

12/6/07:  Ethiopian Airlines denies wildlife allegations

12/6/07:  Climate change will significantly increase impending bird extinctions

12/6/07:  NREL to Cut Emissions 75% by 2009

12/6/07:  Silver Lining to Climate Change - Green Jobs

12/6/07:  Communities Across the Globe Getting to Grips with Adapting to Climate Change

12/6/07:  Polluting Pulp Mill Draws Protest and Spurs World Court Case

12/6/07:  China invites rare public debate on chemical plant

12/6/07:  Mangroves help Indonesia fend off climate change

12/6/07:  "Green jobs" to outweigh losses from climate change

12/6/07:  Donors pledge extra $406 mln in bird flu funds

12/6/07:  New study finds biodiversity conservation secures ecosystem services for people

12/6/07:  World's most endangered gorilla fights back

12/6/07:  Australia's PM offers to bridge climate gap

12/6/07:  Costa Rica plants 5 million trees

12/5/07:  Broccoli compound may ameliorate skin disease

12/5/07:  Experts offers gift tips to 'move' children

12/5/07:  Italy to send revised CO2 plan to EU by year's end

12/5/07:  LCH.Clearnet to launch rival CO2 credit service

12/5/07:  Prius Tops The List As Japanese Cars Continue to Dominate Car-Owner Satisfaction Surveys

12/5/07:  Daimler AG Introduces New, Compact Vehicle to U.S. Market: "Smart fortwo"

12/5/07:  EPA Urged To Cut Pollution From Aircraft

12/5/07:  Protecting old-growth forests in Poland

12/5/07:  River runs purple and contaminates Greek town

12/5/07:  ArcelorMittal wants global steel emissions deal

12/5/07:  Bangladesh to seek aid for mangrove forest

12/5/07:  Uganda plans to boost forest cover

12/5/07:  Telcos can save millions by energy efficiency

12/5/07:  Bali climate talks focus on Kyoto offsets

12/5/07:  China wants Bali talks to back technology fund

12/4/07:  AskPablo: Should I buy a hybrid?

12/4/07:  Let There be Light - for the Next 35 Years: the Green Gift That Keeps on Giving

12/4/07:  Fuel costs push Delta, Southwest to warn on losses

12/4/07:  Study: Price of lower-calorie foods rising drastically

12/4/07:  Scottish government to review Trump plans

12/4/07:  Rising food prices threaten world's poor people

12/4/07:  AskPablo: Should I buy a hybrid?

12/4/07:  "Out of Balance" climate film targets ExxonMobil

12/4/07:  Let There be Light - for the Next 35 Years: the Green Gift That Keeps on Giving

12/4/07:  Fuel costs push Delta, Southwest to warn on losses

12/4/07:  Study: Price of lower-calorie foods rising drastically

12/4/07:  Scottish government to review Trump plans

12/4/07:  Like it or not, uncertainty and climate change go hand in hand

12/4/07:  150 million to face flood risk by 2070

12/4/07:  Left out of the climate communication loop

12/3/07:  Half of U.S. doctors mum about incompetence: survey

12/3/07:  Over 40 mln in U.S. can't afford health care: report

12/3/07:  The Six Sins Of Greenwashing - Misleading Claims Found In Many Products

12/3/07:  Chicago’s Alleys Turning Green

12/3/07:  The Six Sins Of Greenwashing - Misleading Claims Found In Many Products

12/3/07:  Natural compound in broccoli could treat devastating genetic skin disorder

12/3/07:  Chicago’s Alleys Turning Green

12/3/07:  Asian stock rally pauses after Oil slides

12/3/07:  Climate change may wipe some Indonesian islands off map

12/3/07:  Australia steals show at Bali climate talks

12/3/07:  Bali meet must spur investment

12/3/07:  "Naughty" nations in a coal lot of trouble in Bali

12/3/07:  Hydrogen Engine Center Launches Advanced Carbonless Energy Technology Group

12/3/07:  New Jersey Town Doubles Recycling Rates in One Week with the RecycleBank Program

12/3/07:  Climate change predicted to drive trees northward

12/3/07:  Indonesia plants trees to offset Bali emissions

12/3/07:  U.S. says seeks new climate deal, rejects Kyoto

12/2/07:  Study: Lead levels below U.S. limits may harm children's brain function

12/2/07:  FedEx chief sees U.S. slowdown, not steep decline

12/2/07:  Top 10 holiday survival tips for pets

12/2/07:  No AIDS estimate available yet: CDC

12/2/07:  Citrus juice, vitamin C give staying power to green tea antioxidants

12/2/07:  Expanding tropics could spur storms: study

12/2/07:  Mortgage industry hashes out rate-freeze plan

12/2/07:  Devout Cypriots pray for rain to end drought

12/2/07:  Between water and rock: a new science

12/2/07:  Bali talks to seek global climate deal in 2009

12/2/07:  India to tell West to shoulder climate change burden

12/1/07:  Siemens sees wind business up 30 percent this year: report

12/1/07:  Cutting forests for farmland 'yields meagre financial benefits'

12/1/07:  China moves to tackle pollution effects on health

12/1/07:  Innovative Geothermal Energy Project Launched in Canada

12/1/07:  Chicago Water Authority Purchases 30 All-Electric, Zero-Emissions Cars

12/1/07:  A Big “@&*# You” to Gorilla Poachers

12/1/07:  Tunisia opens bank of genetic resources

12/1/07:  Environmental Protection in China Gets Legal Support from New Site

12/1/07:  Hospitals move to phase out chemical

12/1/07:  Honda begins solar production

12/1/07:  Starbucks plans 2nd farm support center in Rwanda

12/1/07:  Estimates of U.S. HIV cases rise 50 percent: reports

12/1/07:  Deadly H5N1 bird flu found on Polish turkey farm

12/1/07:  Global Warming Warrior

12/1/07:  Fed won't let market upset become calamity: Poole

12/1/07:  Alaska gets 5 applications for natural gas

12/1/07:  Watchdogs: First Stem Cell Grants Offered to For-Profit Companies

11/30/07:  Watchdogs: First Stem Cell Grants Offered to For-Profit Companies

11/30/07:  Researchers Discover Personal Trainer For Your Memory

11/30/07:  International Rhino Foundation Auctions Rhino Poop for Holidays

11/30/07:  Stem cell innovators find a way to cut out cancer

11/30/07:  Morgan Stanley may face $5.7 billion Q4 writeoff: report

11/30/07:  Consumer spending flags, construction plummets

11/30/07:  Earth's dirty little secret: Slowly but surely we are skinning our planet

11/30/07:  Home wind turbines in UK warming the planet: study

11/30/07:  China wary on international climate goals

11/30/07:  WTO proposal limits fisheries subsidies

11/30/07:  The Poo Theory of Life

11/30/07:  Does the Electricity You Use Demolish Mountains?

11/30/07:  UN: Rich countries driving 'ecological debt crisis'

11/30/07:  Don't Oil Your Kitchen Pipes

11/30/07:  Give a whale for the holidays

11/30/07:  University of California teams with Audi to green student trips

11/30/07:  Global warming sends salamanders packing

11/30/07:  Abundant Evidence to Warn People Against GE Crops

11/30/07:  Will China "Lose" the 2008 Olympics?

11/29/07:  Life In The Southern Ocean & Climate Change

11/29/07:  Asian nations face "unprecedented" water crisis: ADB

11/29/07:  Gunmen ravage colony of rare fruit bats in Cyprus

11/29/07:  Limited biofuel feedstock supply?

11/29/07:  Coal Use Rises Dramatically Despite Impacts on Climate and Health

11/29/07:  Retailers Propose Logo to Make Recycling Easier

11/29/07:  Where does stored nuclear waste go?

11/28/07:  Climate change may cost Florida $345 billion a year: study

11/28/07:  Global system could cut disaster toll by 2018

11/28/07:  U.S. greenhouse emissions fell 1.5 percent in 2006

11/28/07:  2007 set to be 6th warmest year on record

11/28/07:  More than 1/4 of U.S. birds threatened: report

11/28/07:  EU cod fishermen face 25 percent quota cut

11/28/07:  EU eyes CO2 capture in trade scheme

11/28/07:  Discovery sees Planet Green in 70 million homes

11/28/07:  Indonesia starts planting 79 million trees

11/28/07:  Climate change deals another blow to orangutans

11/28/07:  China says rethink of IPR needed for energy saving

11/28/07:  Sweet fuel supply : Could a fuel cell that runs on glucose save the planet?

11/28/07:  Antarctic Geological Drilling Program has exceeded all expectations

11/28/07:  Willie Wonka and the Chocolate (biodiesel) Truck

11/28/07:  Potato Chips Get Eco-Friendly

11/28/07:  U.S. Increasingly Isolated in Stance Against Kyoto

11/28/07:  Climate change to take heavy toll on Bangladesh: U.N.

11/27/07:  Brazil urges rich nations to curb climate change

11/27/07:  Ghanaians held for smuggling 500 parrots

11/27/07:  Stock car racing going green -- at own pace

11/27/07:  Energy efficiency seen failing to cut consumption

11/27/07:  Rich and poor gird for climate change

11/27/07:  Indonesia losing crops and fish stocks to global warming

11/27/07:  Climate Change & Business: The Carbon Disclosure Project

11/27/07:  Green group urges Laos to stop dam expansion plan

11/27/07:  The Solution to High Carbon Emissions on the Road? Gigantic Trucks!

11/27/07:  Sarkozy urges Chinese climate help

11/27/07:  Scotts to pay $500,000 fine over biotech bentgrass

11/27/07:  EU says on track for Kyoto if more measures taken

11/27/07:  World must fix climate in less than 10 years: UNDP

11/27/07:  Iceland best place to live, Africa worst: U.N.

11/27/07:  World's First 'Food Grade' Organic Weed Killer

11/27/07:  New African Reserve Protects Bonobos, Stores Carbon

11/27/07:  EU agrees quota cuts to save bluefin tuna

11/27/07:  China says huge Three Gorges Dam geologically sound

11/27/07:  Scotts to pay $500,000 fine over biotech bentgrass

11/26/07:  NOAA Celebrates 50-Year Carbon Dioxide Record

11/26/07:  France and Germany seek to break GMO deadlock

11/26/07:  Offshore R.I. wind power projects proposed

11/26/07:  APX to develop greenhouse gas registry

11/26/07:  Chinese pollution plan includes tougher fines

11/26/07:  Sarkozy tackles Hu on yuan and human rights

11/26/07:  Forget the climate! Britons scent U.S. bargains

11/26/07:  Human safety, prosperity depend on better ocean observing system: Scientists

11/26/07:  First Ever "Climate Neutral" T-Shirts and Hoodies

11/26/07:  India and EU to push trade and climate at summit

11/26/07:  Typhoon hits northern Philippines, heads for Taiwan

11/25/07:  Rare South China tiger cub born in SAfrica

11/25/07:  Scientists urge $2-3 billion study of ocean health

11/25/07:  Fire extinguished on evacuated North Sea oil platform

11/25/07:  Australia's new PM Rudd acts swiftly on climate

11/25/07:  Disasters quadruple over last 20 years: Oxfam

11/25/07:  Commonwealth not strong enough on climate: St. Kitts

11/24/07:  Ten millionth tree planted in Congo's gorilla habitat

11/24/07:  Commonwealth fails to back climate targets

11/24/07:  Wildfire destroys homes in ritzy Malibu

11/24/07:  Fiber, whole grains may cut pancreatic cancer risk

11/24/07:  Commonwealth divided on climate change

11/24/07:  Bridge collapse kills storm survivors in Bangladesh

11/24/07:  Jellyfish swarm hits Scotland prompting warnings

11/24/07: (tm) joins in support of Buy Nothing Day

11/24/07:  Helping the Laggards Join the Race

11/24/07:  Polar Bears Threatened By Hunter's Choice of Males

11/24/07:  “Smooth Sailing” in Shipping Creates Environmental, Health, and Security Risks

11/24/07:  Evolution seen key to saving fish stocks

11/24/07:  Carbon dioxide at record high, stoking warming: WMO

11/23/07:  Climate change not priority for Indian firms: study

11/23/07:  EU to require biofuels cut emissions 10 pct

11/23/07:  Rising tides intensify non-volcanic tremor in Earth's crust

11/23/07:  Palm oil industry closer to "green" labeling

11/23/07:  The Triple “P” Wave and the Road to Bali

11/21/07:  Germany plans rise in biofuels blending

11/21/07:  Spain hydroelectric reserves cut in half

11/21/07:  Water runs dry in rural Tennessee town

11/21/07:  European car industry choking on emission rules

11/21/07:  Green group wary of plans for "eco-friendly" palm

11/21/07:  Japan pledges $1.8 bln for green projects in Asia

11/21/07:  India and China sign deal to stabilize greenhouse gases

11/21/07:  Russia may ban river oil shipments after spill

11/21/07:  Oil edges down after surge above $99

11/21/07:  EU-U.N. carbon trade to link by April '09

11/21/07:  Ancient sea scorpion was bigger than a human

11/21/07:  Asian leaders sign vague climate pact, Myanmar lurks

11/20/07:  U.N. warns AIDS could spike if countries drop guard

11/20/07:  BHP chief talks Rio value, steelmakers howl

11/20/07:  MIT sees acceleration in US greenhouse emissions

11/20/07:  Invenergy to buy 800 MW of GE wind power turbines

11/20/07:  EU carbon price hits five-month high on snag

11/20/07:  Autumn rain down 90 percent in China rice belt

11/19/07:  Climate report revives "dangerous" change dispute

11/19/07:  New carbon offset standard aims for transparency

11/19/07:  Volkswagen eyes U.S. plant decision in '08

11/19/07:  Britain stakes claim to global climate leadership

11/19/07:  NGOs say current quotas put tuna stocks at risk

11/19/07:  Wrecked Black Sea ships start to leak sulphur

11/19/07:  Manhattan tops salaries at $2,821 per week

11/19/07:  Fuel costs seen cutting holiday spending

11/19/07:  UK must aim for near carbon-free power by 2020: PM


11/19/07:  OPEC summit ends in division over weak dollar

11/19/07:  Act Now on Climate Change: Go For Energy Efficiency.

11/19/07:  Clinton Library Earns LEED Platinum

11/19/07:  Clean Energy's Best-Kept Secret: Waste Heat Recovery

11/19/07:  EU economies living beyond ecological means

11/19/07:  Iron is a tonic for climate-saving plankton

11/19/07:  Oil climbs towards $95 on U.S. dollar concerns

11/19/07:  Poster heats up China "paper" tiger debate

11/18/07:  Auto sales could hit 15-year low

11/18/07:  Africa "forgotten continent" in climate fight

11/18/07:  Other OPEC members yet to join Saudi climate pledge

11/18/07:  Another aftershock strikes northern Chile

11/18/07:  WWF competition nets sustainable fishing solutions

11/18/07:  Growth and inflation risks worry G20

11/18/07:  Noah's Ark flood spurred European farming

11/17/07:  Saudi to give $300 million for environmental research

11/17/07:  Technology alone will not solve energy crisis

11/17/07:  Iran president says fossil energy below "real price"

11/17/07:  OPEC summit to back climate change fight

11/17/07:  Italy's "black cat day" aims to halt killings

11/17/07:  The Real Green Car of the Year Award 2008

11/17/07:  Japan fleet plan to hunt humpbacks draws protests

11/16/07:  U.N. climate change talks close to clinching deal

11/16/07:  Bangladesh cyclone toll nears 600

11/16/07:  Climate witnesses demand climate solutions

11/16/07:  Coal Creates Legacy for China’s Past, Future

11/16/07:  Black Sea to take years to recover from oil spill

11/16/07:  Virulent form of cold virus worries experts

11/16/07:  Midwest governors sign climate change accord

11/16/07:  'Cooling down' begins at Svalbard Global Seed Vault

11/16/07:  Bangladesh cyclone toll tops 500

11/16/07:  Pump pain heats up pressure for new energy law

11/15/07:  Wal-Mart Outlines Environmental Efforts Progress

11/15/07:  U.S. Appeals Court Orders New Fuel Economy Standards

11/15/07:  Virulent Form of Cold Virus Spreads in U.S

11/15/07:  Conservation Groups Act to Protect Loggerhead Sea Turtle

11/15/07:  U.N. Climate Talks Make Slow Progress

11/15/07:  Russian Oil Spill Killing Dolphins, says Watchdog

11/15/07:  German Carmakers Lag France, Italy in CO2 Cuts: Group

11/15/07:  Over 35 million Americans Faced Hunger in 2006: USDA

11/15/07:  OPEC Must Tackle Climate Change: U.N. Official

11/15/07:  NASA Sees Arctic Ocean Circulation Do an About-Face

11/15/07:  U.S. groups Seek Protection for Loggerhead Turtles

11/15/07:  Greenpeace Blocks Shipment of Indonesian Palm Oil

11/15/07:  WWF builds giant paper plane and boat for climate petition

11/15/07:  Paying Farmers to Protect the Planet is Future: U.N.

11/15/07:  China Defends Mega Dam, Guards Against Disaster

11/15/07:  China Says Key Pollution Levels Nudge Down

11/15/07:  Hard-to-swallow hooks save turtles in Latin America

11/14/07:  Carbon Job Market Booming but Talent Pool is Dry

11/14/07:  U.N. Completes Carbon Trading Link Under Kyoto

11/14/07:  Magnitude 7.7 Quake Hits Northern Chile

11/14/07:  Greenpeace says shut down Australia Power Station

11/14/07:  China Power Plant Emissions to Rise 60% by 2017

11/14/07:  GM on track to road-test electric car in early '08

11/14/07:  Tropical Fish Can Live for Months Out of Water

11/14/07:  Hard-to-swallow Hooks Save Turtles in Latin America

11/14/07:  As China's mega dam rises, so do strains and fear

11/14/07:  Industry Leaders Produce First-Ever “Green By Design” Conference

11/14/07:  Island nations plan for rising seas, mass migration

11/14/07:  Lisbon marks major shift in convergence between business and biodiversity

11/14/07:  Responsible Profit: Climate Change and the Green Economy

11/14/07:  Brazil seeks aid from U.N. chief for Amazon

11/14/07:  Court seeks new balance in Navy v. whales case

11/14/07:  Merck tells AIDS vaccine volunteers who got jab

11/14/07:  Unknown health impact of nanotech worries some

11/14/07:  Green car tax plan hits problems

11/13/07:  HSBC launches climate-change structured products

11/13/07:  Rescued from smugglers, rare Russian birds freed

11/13/07:  An End to the Petrodollar?

11/13/07:  Life, biodiversity and harvesting honey in northern Kenya

11/13/07:  Nanosolar: Power to the people

11/13/07:  Palm oil: Cooking the Climate

11/13/07:  Rescued from smugglers, rare Russian birds freed

11/13/07:  Target seeks label move for treated meat: report

11/13/07:  Dutch official wary of biofuels impact on food supplies

11/13/07:  Russian PM takes charge of oil spill clean-up

11/12/07:  Holiday online shopping expected to rise; customer service a priority

11/12/07:  Millions of jobs at risk from climate change: U.N

11/12/07:  The Gulden Coffee Story

11/12/07:  Global Agreement on Mercury Pollution Focus of International Meeting

11/12/07:  Waste water plus bacteria make hydrogen fuel: study

11/12/07:  Pump price to jump 20 cents next 2-3 weeks: government

11/12/07:  Oil spill threatens Black Sea environment

11/12/07:  Energy From Hot Rocks

11/12/07:  Bird flu confirmed on farm in east England

11/12/07:  Top U.N. Official Warns Against Inaction on Climate

11/12/07:  A Giant Step toward Infinitesimal Machinery

11/12/07:  Six of 8 bear species at risk of extinction: group

11/12/07:  Russia tackles oil spill after storm wreaks havoc

11/12/07:  Prehistoric women had passion for fashion

11/12/07:  Inflation Fuels Global Hunger

11/12/07:  U.S. Oil Slides Below $96

11/12/07:  Diesel- and Hybrid-Powered Vehicles Can Provide More Societal Benefits than Gas-Powered Autos

11/12/07:  Seas to absorb greenhouse gas, but food chain hit

11/12/07:  U.S. attack on Iran may "open Pandora's box"

11/12/07:  Drug-resistant bacteria found to trick immune system

11/12/07:  Rich urged to bear climate change costs

11/12/07:  Scientists strive to pinpoint warming forecasts

11/10/07:  AIDS vaccines experts confused and dismayed

11/10/07:  Australian state culls thousands of wild horses

11/10/07:  Remnant of Yellowstone volcano rising: study

11/10/07:  Toyota Eyes the Plug-in Prius

11/10/07:  U.N.'s Ban says global warming is "an emergency"

11/10/07:  Schwarzenegger declares Bay oil spill emergency

11/10/07:  Grooming goes green

11/10/07:  UN climate panel to meet, add pressure for action

11/10/07:  Politics of ethanol is to make more, Iowans agree

11/10/07:  Tobacco deaths to reach 10 mln a year by 2030: group

11/10/07:  Merck agrees to pay $4.85 billion in Vioxx settlement

11/9/07:  China attacks "subjective" IEA energy outlook

11/9/07:  U.S. Government Dumping $100 Million Into Filthy Fuels Project

11/9/07:  Nations share blame for Indonesia deforestation: VP

11/9/07:  China emission-cutting fund to reap up to $3 bln

11/9/07:  U.S. smoking rate stalled at 21 percent, CDC says

11/9/07:  Fishing ban needed for Mediterranean bluefin tuna

11/9/07:  Large cleanup after San Francisco oil spill

11/9/07:  Massive Oil Slick Shuts Down Miles Of Shoreline

11/8/07:  FBI warns of possible shopping mall attacks

11/8/07:  California sues EPA over car emissions

11/8/07:  Bush sees first veto override in water bill

11/8/07:  SF Bay Oil Spill: Vessel Traffic Lanes Threaten National Marine Sanctuaries, Expert Says

11/8/07:  San Francisco oil spill larger than thought

11/8/07:  Bassett recalls 8,900 cribs due to entrapment risk

11/8/07:  Childrens Toy contains date rape drug, millions recalled

11/8/07:  Human-generated Ozone Will Damage Crops, According to MIT Study

11/8/07:  UK Government Bans Non-Natives

11/8/07:  Fishermen Caught in Oil Dispute Over African Lake

11/8/07:  Beijing ups Surveillance of Water Supply

11/8/07:  Booming Palm Oil Demand Fuelling Climate Crisis

11/8/07:  Fuel Spill Closes San Francisco Beaches

11/8/07:  Cholera and Dengue Threaten Mexican Flood Victims

11/8/07:  Maldives says Warming Threatening Islands

11/8/07:  The Amur Tiger Offers An Encouraging Word: Success

11/8/07:  Mexico's expanded health insurance improves hypertension treatment

11/8/07:  Bill Clinton, Green Building Council Launch Effort To Green US Schools

11/8/07:  Ocean Garbage Gets Attention From US

11/8/07:  Maine officials OK 57 megawatt wind farm on Stetson Mountain

11/8/07:  Dead clams tell tales, give time-lapse view of ecosystems

11/8/07:  Safety agency issues new batch of toy recalls

11/8/07:  Ship emissions seen causing 60,000 deaths a year

11/7/07:  Scientists Enhance Mother Nature's Carbon Handling Mechanism

11/7/07:  China Vows New Facelift for Pollution-Battered Buddha

11/7/07:  Store-bought freshwater fish contain elevated levels of mercury, arsenic and selenium

11/7/07:  Fiji Water, Committed to Help Mitigate Global Climate Change

11/7/07:  Radioactive Minerals Dumped in Congo: Authorities

11/7/07:  Fish Vanishing From Southeast Asian Oceans: Report

11/7/07:  Vietnam Wants $15.6 bln to Tap Vast Bauxite Reserves

11/7/07:  China, India Growth Force Action on Climate

11/7/07:  Oil races to record high above $98 a barrel

11/6/07:  Diesel fumes may increase heart attack, stroke threat

11/6/07:  U.S. exchanges explore carbon trading

11/6/07:  Poll finds nearly 80 percent of U.S. adults go online

11/6/07:  Nearly Two-Thirds of U.S. Workers Don't Care About Their Work

11/6/07:  Seafood Companies Call on Canada to End Seal Hunt

11/6/07:  Target reducing use of PVC: report

11/6/07:  Experts on edge as Indonesia's volcanoes rumble to life

11/6/07:  Greenland's Broccoli is Bad for Our Health

11/6/07:  Whistleblower Exposes Culture of Cruelty at UC at Denver and Health Sciences Center

11/5/07:  Yoga found to boost health in heart failure patients

11/5/07:  Florida gov. to lobby for ethanol on U.S. Congress

11/5/07:  Experts say climate change threatens national security

11/5/07:  UN Environment Programme to Assess 300 Oil-Polluted Sites in Nigeria's Ogoniland

11/5/07:  How sweet is it?

11/5/07:  Rich nations' climate emissions up, near record

11/5/07:  Without enough sleep, children gain weight: study

11/5/07:  France casts doubts on timing of GMO evaluation

11/5/07:  By saving gorillas, can Congolese save themselves?

11/5/07:  World carbon market seen doubling this year

11/5/07:  Solar-power fever may not last:Japan's Tokuyama

11/5/07:  Most would pay higher bills to help climate: poll

11/4/07:  Remains of Hurricane Noel batter New England coast

11/4/07:  Bush vetoes popular water projects bill

11/4/07:  Working Assets:Launches Mobile Phones With A Social Conscience

11/4/07:  U.S. to boost testing of imported Canada meat

11/4/07:  Thousands perched on rooftops in Mexico floods

11/4/07:  Artery disease rises among U.S. women: study

11/4/07:  Poll finds most would pay to curb climate change

11/4/07:  Cargill Recalls 1 Million Lbs Of Ground Beef

11/2/07:  Drowsy driving is big killer in U.S.

11/2/07:  U.S. pilot who dropped Hiroshima bomb dies - report

11/2/07:  Tens of thousands trapped in Mexico floods

11/2/07:  Green Energy Options in the Caribbean

11/2/07:  Three “Garbage Crusaders” in Modern Cosmopolitan Beijing

11/2/07:  Army drafts drought plans

11/2/07:  Ol' McDonald had a Farm (Bill)

11/2/07:  Bill Clinton: "Green" economy offers great rewards

11/1/07:  Organic gardens take root in Canada

11/1/07:  Air pollution raises preterm birth risk

11/1/07:  Diet, growth are major cancer causes: report

11/1/07:  Noel becomes hurricane, moves toward Bermuda

11/1/07:  Totino's and Jeno's pizza recalled due to E. coli

11/1/07:  Climate bill seen as sign of political shift

11/1/07:  Wal-Mart, Clinton Climate Initiative in partnership

11/1/07:  NBC To Broadcast Major Green Themed Shows, Green Operations

11/1/07:  Regency Centers Launches Major Green Sustainable Building Initiative

11/1/07:  Push to build "green" homes picks up steam

11/1/07:  Organic GardensTake Root in Canada

11/1/07:  Australian man killed in water-rage attack

11/1/07:  Roaming Monkeys Higlight Climate Change in Africa

11/1/07:  Storm warning in Florida as Noel edges northward

11/1/07:  Whalers and surfers tussle at sea

11/1/07:  Fishes in Europe threatened

11/1/07:  California wildfires unleash climate-warming carbon

11/1/07:  Parrotfish on menu puts coral at risk

11/1/07:  La Nina seen persisting into 2008

11/1/07:  Pope and Saudi king to hold landmark meeting

11/1/07:  Nordic nations sound alarm over melting Arctic

11/1/07:  Boy confesses to starting California fire

11/1/07:  NY's Cuomo to announce mortgage probe development

11/1/07:  Fed cuts rates by quarter point

11/1/07:  Caribbean deaths mount in wake of Tropical Storm Noel

11/1/07:  Germany and India to enhance science alliance

11/1/07:  Galaxy Warriors toys sold at Family Dollar recalled

10/30/07:  UV light may offer "double whammy" for cancer

10/30/07:  Brain scans of obese show hunger hormone at work

10/30/07:  Too many Halloween treats prompt health warnings

10/30/07:  Southeast drought leads to spat over lake

10/30/07:  Merkel asks India to do more on climate change

10/30/07:  Tropical Storm Noel drenches Cuba, Bahamas

10/30/07:  Healthy planet, places and people at risk

10/30/07:  Norway upbeat on backing for CO2 storage aid

10/30/07:  New York may join crackdown on plastic bags

10/30/07:  GE says smart panel to cut power bills

10/29/07:  Bush Tries to Reverse Old-Growthsts Are Losing Diversity, Complexity

10/18/07:  Loggers, Greenpeace activists in Brazil standoff

10/18/07:  Some Tropical Birds Depend Completely On Army Ants To Flush Out Prey

10/18/07:  Ecologists Discover City Is 'Uber-forest' For Big Owls

10/18/07:  EPA worries new forest management plan and spotted owl recovery strategy could harm Oregon rivers

10/3/07:  Lawsuit challenges move to ban powerboats

8/10/07:  Research Reports Good Environmental News

8/10/07:  Australian Authorities Plan to Shoot More Nuisance Indonesian Deer

8/10/07:  UN Must Decide Russia Arctic Claim, Russian Experts Say

8/10/07:  Weather Service Raises La Nina Probability

8/10/07:  Lab Linked to Foot-And-Mouth Outbreak

8/10/07:  In Nebraska, Experts Disagree Over How Much Water It Takes to Produce Ethanol

8/10/07:  Once Rare Black-Footed Ferrets Make Comeback in U.S. West

8/10/07:  BLM proposes major upswing in logging

8/9/07:  U.S. Panel Worried about Baby Bottle Chemical

8/9/07:  Monsoon Floods Hit New Areas in South Asia; Death Toll Crosses 450

8/9/07:  Ford CEO Says Fuel Economy Standards Are Market Distorting

8/9/07:  Asian Countries Pledge to Tackle Health Problems Linked to Environment

8/9/07:  Canada Expands National Park in Northern Wilds

8/9/07:  Energy Secretary Bodman Says DoE Will Have Conservation Plan in Place by Next Year

8/9/07:  DDT Spray Scares Mosquitoes Away, Study Finds

8/9/07:  Technology Companies Tout Greener Credentials, but Significant Improvements Are Distant

8/8/07:  Spain Hauls in Eight Tons of Jellyfish from Beaches

8/8/07:  Gore Says Polluters Manipulate Climate Info

8/8/07:  Doctors Go Bat-Hunting to Find the Source of Uganda's Marburg Outbreak

8/8/07:  New Mexico Cacti Specialist Markets Seeds and Plants to Cactus Connoisseurs Worldwide

8/8/07:  Bush Climate Meeting Draws Doubts about Action

8/8/07:  Study Shows Pollution Closes Record Number of U.S. Beaches

8/8/07:  Shocked British Farmers Vent Anger at Disease Labs

8/8/07:  Pollution Fear as China Invites World to Olympic Games

8/7/07:  China Can Cut Emissions Without Hurting Growth

8/7/07:  UN Says Situation in Sudan Could Deteriorate if Flooding Continues

8/7/07:  Heathrow Airport Wins Injunction to Stop Environmental Protesters

8/7/07:  Britain Finds Further Suspect Case of Foot and Mouth

8/7/07:  U.N. Team in Iran for Nuclear Transparency Talks

8/7/07:  Canada Counts Its Sharks but is Fishery Viable?

8/7/07:  Bank Pledge Euro368 Million Toward New Chernobyl Protective Shelter

8/7/07:  Aceh War a Blessing in Disguise for Orangutans

8/6/07:  India's Tigers in Crisis, Less than Half Estimated

8/6/07:  Brazil's Silva Tours Latin American Nations to Develop Biofuel, Energy Agreements

8/6/07:  Kangaroo Cull Plan Catches Aussie Military on the Hop

8/6/07:  Ecuador Revokes Deportation of U.S. Environmentalist

8/6/07:  Energy Search Goes Underground

8/6/07:  Plastic, Not Axes, Threatens Cork Forests

8/6/07:  Tuna Shift from Pet Food to Delicacy as Stocks Fall

8/6/07:  Ash Trees Still Have Value after Tree-Killing Beetle Attacks

8/4/07:  Environmentalists Allege Political Meddling with EPA Smog Analysis

8/4/07:  Scientists Use Satellites to Track Endangered Macaws

8/4/07:  Illegal Miners Excavate Road in Remote Guyana Town in Search of Gold, Diamonds

8/4/07:  Senators Line Up Behind Economy-Wide Approach to Slow Global Warming

8/4/07:  Mexican Police Arrest Loggers over Activist Murder

8/4/07:  Western North American Group Works on Carbon Goals

8/4/07:  Study Shows New York Marshes Vanishing Fast

8/2/07:  Sailboat Island Odyssey Has Grim Message for Earth

8/2/07:  Oregon Environmentalist Radical Sentenced to Four-Plus Years in Prison for Arson

8/2/07:  UN Climate Chief Skeptical about Global Carbon Tax

8/2/07:  Federal Judge Halts Logging in Washington Habitat of Threatened Spotted Owl

8/2/07:  Australia Says Clean Electricity Key to Greenhouse Cuts

8/2/07:  China Blames Climate Change for Extreme Weather

8/2/07:  Canada Fights Belgian Ban on Seal Trade at WTO

8/2/07:  White House Threatens Veto of $20 Billion Water Projects Bill, Says It's Too Costly

8/1/07:  New Zealand's First Ethanol Blend Fuel Reaches Market; Step to Carbon Neutrality

8/1/07:  Mud Island Emerges off Trinidad Coast

8/1/07:  Dead Zone Detected for First Time in Gulf off Texas; Flooding Named as Culprit

8/1/07:  Paris Woos Cyclists as Free Bike Scheme Takes Off

8/1/07:  Twelve Thousand People Evacuated as Fires Rage in Spain's Canaries

8/1/07:  UN Climate Change Meeting Aims at Rich Countries

8/1/07:  Investigators Not Told about Cheney Contact, Interior Official Says

8/1/07:  Powerful Farmers Negotiate Deal for Billions of Gallons of Water in Parched California

7/31/07:  Poaching, Encroachment Threaten India's Leopards

7/31/07:  Hollywood Pigeons to Be Put on the Pill

7/31/07:  China Seeks Profit from Panda Poo

7/31/07:  The Double Standard on Trading Contaminated Chinese and U.S. Consumer Products

7/31/07:  Saudi Aramco to Invite Bids for $10 Billion Manifa Oil Field

7/31/07:  Paulson Highlights China Environment Efforts

7/31/07:  Chairman Says APEC Finance Ministers Need Climate Change Consensus

7/31/07:  China Says Energy Efficiency Slowly Improving

7/30/07:  Pope Calls for Halt to Spread of Nuclear Weapons

7/30/07:  Giant Pandas Expanding Habitat in Western China

7/30/07:  Hybrid Train in Japan Does Its Tiny Part to Fight Global Warming

7/30/07:  Gulf Dead Zone Still Third Largest

7/30/07:  Cloudy Germany Unlikely Hotspot for Solar Power

7/30/07:  Environmentalists Ask Poland to Freeze Work on Highway through Rare Peat Bog

7/30/07:  In China, Paulson Eyes Debate Shift to Environment

7/30/07:  New Material Can Soak up Pollutants, Study Shows

7/27/07:  Texas Leads List of Dirtiest U.S. Power Plants

7/27/07:  Four Rare Mountain Gorillas Shot Dead in Congo Park

7/27/07:  Experts Seek to Stop Turtle Extinction

7/27/07:  U.S. Environment Chief Draws Fire on Global Warming

7/27/07:  Scientists to Look for Nonnative Species

7/27/07:  Costa Rica's Monkeys Lose Ground to Developers

7/27/07:  Plans on Hold for Mount Everest Highway to Help Olympic Torch Relay

7/25/07:  Oxford Residents Evacuated as UK Flood Waters Rise

7/25/07:  China Says Coal Use Surging Despite Environmental Worries

7/25/07:  New Mexico Works on Rodent Recovery Plan

7/25/07:  Utility Blasts Its Oregon Dam to Make Way for Fish

7/25/07:  Toyota Develops Plug-In Hybrid Car for Public Road Tests

7/25/07:  Voracious Seven-Foot Long Jumbo Squid Invade California Waters, Preying on Local Fish

7/25/07:  Forest Service Teams with Nonprofit Foundation to Combat Global Warming

7/25/07:  U.S. Border Fence Seen Harming Ocelots, Butterflies

7/24/07:  Kashmir Revolt Helps Endangered Bear Populations

7/24/07:  Westinghouse Seals Mega China Nuclear Deal

7/24/07:  Vietnam Calls for Rapid Action against Pig Diseases

7/24/07:  Police Save 270 Crocs from Becoming Handbags

7/24/07:  IAEA to Send Team to Quake-Hit Japan Nuclear Plant

7/24/07:  World Bank Sees Support for $250 Million Forest Fund

7/24/07:  Beijing to Build Windmills for 2008 Olympics

7/24/07:  U.S., Canada, Mexico Vow Energy Tech Cooperation

7/23/07:  Late Crocodile Hunter to Be Honored by New Wildlife Reserve

7/23/07:  Texas Turtles Ending up in China Soup Pots

7/23/07:  Astronauts Toss Space Junk

7/23/07:  China Silences Green GDP Study, Report Says

7/23/07:  Floods Hit Southern Britain, Power and Water Cut

7/23/07:  Prison Sentences Symbolize Decline of Radical Environmentist Movement

7/23/07:  Ecuador Tries Novel Balance of Oil and Environment

7/23/07:  Climate Change Fears Reach Even Formula One Racing

7/20/07:  FEMA Lawyers Discouraged Tests of Contaminated Trailers for Hurricane Victims

7/20/07:  Commission Will Give NYC Congestion Pricing Plan a Second Look

7/20/07:  Beware Melting Glaciers This Century

7/20/07:  Giuliani Defends Commitment to Renewable Energy Despite Law Firm's Work for Oil Industry

7/20/07:  Climate Change Threatening Canada's Polar Bears, Will Unleash Insect-Borne Diseases

7/20/07:  Space Station Crew Prepare to Dump Space Junk

7/20/07:  Study Shows Plug-In Hybrids Could Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

7/12/07:  Malaysia To Try To Clone Threatened Turtles

7/12/07:  Florida To Introduce Tough Greenhouse Gas Targets

7/12/07:  Palm Oil Firms Burning Indonesia Forests

7/12/07:  Activists Hope To Start Bike-Sharing in New York

7/12/07:  China Hits Back at Defiant Polluters

7/12/07:  U.S. Confirms Low-Risk Gird Flu in Virginia Turkeys

7/12/07:  Package Pilgrims Destroying the Himalayas

7/12/07:  Ugandan Refugees Go Online

7/11/07:  Study Shows Dull Birds Fared Better After Chernobyl

7/11/07:  South Dakota Wins Federal Underground Lab Project at the Closed Homestake Gold Mine

7/11/07:  Sheeps Being Trained to Weed Vineyards

7/11/07:  Rare Giant Squid Washed Up in Australia

7/11/07:  China's Premier Urges Action in Energy-Saving Drive

7/11/07:  Solar Variations Not Behind Global Warming

7/11/07:  EPA Investigating Whether Radioactive Waste Was Buried at Pollution-Plagued Camp Lejeune

7/11/07:  Federal Agency Agrees to Issue New Rules Protecting Whales from Fishing Gear Entanglement

7/10/07:  NYC's Jamaica Bay Fades Away with No Clear Cause

7/10/07:  Experts Link Raw Fish to Liver Cancer in SE Asia

7/10/07:  Maine Hatchery Releases Tiny Lobsters

7/10/07:  U.S. Warns Citizens over Naples Garbage Crisis

7/10/07:  BLM Gets OK for New North Slope Drilling

7/10/07:  University of Delaware Researcher Says Seeds from Salt-Tolerant Plant a Promising Source of Biodiesel

7/10/07:  China Province Vows Water Clean-Up Even if Economy Hurts

7/10/07:  Canada To Increase Military Presence in the Arctic Despite U.S. Objections

7/9/07:  Australia To Build Cross-Continent Climate Corridor

7/9/07:  Bicycling Gains Popularity Even in the Bike-Crazy Netherlands

7/9/07:  Malaysia Seizes 900 Monkeys from Wildlife Poachers

7/9/07:  Earth Underwhelmed by Environment Pop Extravaganza

7/9/07:  Polluted Muck Taken from Florida's Lake Okeechobee Prompts Fears on Land

7/9/07:  Greek Environmentalists Rally Outside Parliament

7/9/07:  Spanish Companies Pay Developer To Reduce Greenhouse Gases at Chinese Landfill

7/9/07:  Florida Raises Ill-Fated Artificial Reefs

7/6/07:  Camera Trap Captures Three-Legged Sumatran Tiger

7/6/07:  EU Seeks Biofuel Imports, Environment Standards Too

7/6/07:  Namibia's Seal Hunting Season Begins Amid War of Words

7/6/07:  Rock Stars Tackle Cynics as Well as Climate Change

7/6/07:  China Announces New Plan for Combating Infectious Diseases Outbreaks

7/6/07:  African Farmers Urged To Change Ways Because Weather Is Changing

7/6/07:  EU Experts Urges Faster Implementation of Single European Sky Concept

7/5/07:  UN Official Says Cuba Has Solved Its Energy Crisis Without Sacrificing Its Environment

7/5/07:  Unknown Antarctica Band Joins Live Earth Megastars

7/5/07:  Rain-Swollen Rivers Crest in America's Plains

7/5/07:  India Invests US$595 Million in International Reactor Project To Combat Global Warming

7/5/07:  Winning Olympic Bid for Sochi Stirs Mixed Emotions for Russian Ecologists

7/5/07:  China Environment Chief Says Pollution Fuelling Unrest

7/5/07:  UN Chief Tells Business Leaders To Do More To Fight Climate Change

7/5/07:  Sexual Problems Could Lead to Rhinos' Extinction

7/4/07:  U.S. Agency Moves on Plan to Kill Wolves

7/4/07:  Alaska Opens Application Process for Gas Pipeline

7/4/07:  Live Earth's First Green Test: Clean Up Own Mess

7/4/07:  Chinese Environmental Watchdog Freezes Industrial Development on Parts of Filthy Rivers

7/4/07:  Environmentalist Tapped To Lead California Air Board

7/4/07:  Australia Protects Rock Art, but OKs LNG Plant

7/4/07:  The Hague Announces Project To Warm 4,000 Houses Using Geothermal Heating

7/4/07:  Surge of Dead Seabirds Alarms Scientists

7/3/07:  World Bank Says Pollution Kills 460,000 Chinese a Year

7/3/07:  EPA Criminal Unit Looking into Reservoir Collapse that Unleashed Flood in Missouri Park

7/3/07:  California Environmental Official Quits, Citing Meddling by Schwarzenegger's Office

7/3/07:  Northern Canada Ponds Drying Up

7/3/07:  Aussie Farmers Launch Tree-Felling Protest

7/3/07:  Erosion Slicing Arctic Alaska Habitat

7/3/07:  Asia-Pacific Countries See Effects of Climate Change on Health, Brace for More

7/3/07:  Hurricanes May Aid Stressed Coral

7/2/07:  How Can Carbon Trading Save Peatlands and Rainforests?

7/2/07:  Climate Deals Turn up Heat in Indonesia's Dark Peatlands

7/2/07:  China Bans Production and Import of Two Ozone-Depleting Substances

7/2/07:  Search for 'Lonesome George' Mate Is Long Shot

7/2/07:  EU Paper Shows Options on Warming Europe

7/2/07:  Texas Begins Desalinating Sea Water

7/2/07:  WHO Estimates Smoking Could Kill One Billion this Century

7/2/07:  Nuclear Energy Hot Topic Once Again

6/29/07:  House Committee Defeats Increase to Gas Mileage Standards

6/29/07:  Plant Lovers Want Nurseries To Stop Selling Invasive Plants that Threaten Environment

6/29/07:  Live Earth Concerts To Deliver climate SOS, Gore Says

6/29/07:  Logging Plan Halted for National Forest in Kentucky over Environmental Objections

6/29/07:  Shipping Lanes Into Boston Moved To Protect Whales

6/29/07:  Indian Plan To Lease Degraded Forests Sparks Anger

6/29/07:  Australian Crews Plan Second Bid To Float Beached Freighter

6/29/07:  A Tale of Two Tahoes: Tourists on Beaches; Elsewhere, Destruction

6/29/07:  Desertification a Threat, According to UN Report

6/28/07:  U.S. Bald Eagle Numbers Making Recovery

6/28/07:  Wildlife, Crops Hit by Southeast Europe Heatwave

6/28/07:  U.S., Mexico and Canada To Protect Threatened Monarch Butterflies and Porpoises

6/28/07:  Indian Thriller To Prick Conscience on Poaching

6/28/07:  EU Takes Action Against Italy Over Naples Waste Crisis

6/28/07:  U.S. House Passes Bill Affirming Global Warming Exists

6/28/07:  Canada Must Charge Firms a Lot for Emissions, Panel Says

6/28/07:  GAO Report Finds Federal Environmental Authorities Let Asbestos Monitoring Dip

6/26/07:  Giant Penguins May Have Roamed Peru

6/26/07:  Lake Tahoe Fire Destroys 200-Plus Buildings, Clouds Lake with Ash

6/26/07:  Ex-EPA Chief Confronts Critics in Congress over Safe-Air Statements after 9/11

6/26/07:  U.S. Firms Wary of UN Responsible Business Compact

6/26/07:  Connecticut Biologists Search for Female Moose

6/26/07:  Desert Dust Cuts Mountain Snow, May Spur Warming

6/26/07:  Floating Wind Turbine May Be in North Sea by 2009

6/26/07:  San Francisco Bans Bottled Water for City Staff

6/25/07:  Mushrooms Become Source for Eco-Building

6/25/07:  Florida Everglades Beats Back Development Pressure, but Dresden Risks Succumbing

6/25/07:  Shark Bite Leads to Reproduction Mystery

6/25/07:  Captive Indian Crocodiles Turn Protectors

6/25/07:  U.S. Climate Law May Linger Intil Next President

6/25/07:  EPA Proposes Tougher Smog Standards

6/25/07:  Ecuador Wants Habitat on Endangered List

6/25/07:  Rich Nations Accused of Green Imperialism on Climate Change

6/22/07:  Glastonbury's Green Fields Embrace Green Credentials

6/22/07:  Critics Question EPA's Tighter Ozone Limits

6/22/07:  Darfur Conflict Worsening Environmental Damage

6/22/07:  Drifting Icebergs Are Hotspots of Life

6/22/07:  Clinton, Mining Industry Launch Anti-Poverty Effort

6/22/07:  Senate Passes Energy Bill Favoring Renewables, Better Auto Fuel Economy

6/22/07:  Weeds, Corks and Copper Fuel Green Drinks Debate

6/21/07:  U.S. Senate Struggles for Deal on Auto Fuel Standards

6/21/07:  Japan Whaling Town Carves First Catch of the Season, with School Kids in Attendance

6/21/07:  Ontario Sets Plan for Home Refits, Solar Power

6/21/07:  Malaysian Environmental Group Says Government Approved Plantations in Dam Catchment Area

6/21/07:  Third Crack Found in Forested Area on Hawaii's Kilauea, Threatening Rare Plants and Species

6/21/07:  China Overtakes U.S. as Top CO2 Emitter

6/21/07:  Glacial Lake Vanishes in Southern Chile

6/21/07:  In Climate Change Debate, U.S. Eyes Turn to California

6/21/07:  Google Aims To Go Carbon-Neutral by the End of 2007

6/21/07:  Indonesia Pledges To Halve Forest Fires This Year

6/21/07:  Desalination Could Aggravate Climate Change

6/21/07:  Chilean Salmon Industry Damaging Lakes, WWF Says

6/21/07:  Canon Tops List of Climate-Friendly Companies

6/21/07:  New US-Vietnam Effort Launched To Deal with Toxic Agent Orange Legacy

6/21/07:  Fish Flies Return to Michigan Shorelines

6/21/07:  Search for Water Gets Harder in U.S. Southwest

6/12/07:  Salvage Logging, Replanting Increased Biscuit Fire Severity

6/4/07:  Melting Ice, Snow To Hit Livelihoods Worldwide, UN Says

6/4/07:  China Says Climate Policy Must Make Room for Growth

6/4/07:  Wildlife Conference Agrees to Ivory Sale

6/4/07:  Public Loses Access to California's Famous Beaches as State Agency Struggles

6/4/07:  UN Urges Protection of Animals from Climate Change

6/4/07:  India Uses 'Mooing' Ringtones To Catch Leopards

6/4/07:  Indonesia's Forests Threatened by Logging, Palm Oil

6/4/07:  House Chairman Pushes Tougher Regulation for Wind Industry

6/1/07:  Ethiopian Elephants, Lions at Risk as Forest Cut

6/1/07:  Thousands Protest Against South China Chemical Plant

6/1/07:  Obama Would Restore Environmental Regulations Bush Rolled Back

6/1/07:  EU Calls Bush Climate Plan 'The Classic U.S. Line'

6/1/07:  Japan Threatens To Leave Whaling Forum

6/1/07:  Japan Showcases Eco-Friendly Cars Ahead of G-8 Summit

6/1/07:  Dutch Try To Grow Environment-Friendly Meat in Lab

5/31/07:  Panda That Was Released Into Wild Dies

5/31/07:  CITES to Study Species Over-Exploitation

5/31/07:  G8 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rise; U.S. Not Worst

5/31/07:  Most European Beaches Clean, EU Report Shows

5/31/07:  Beijing To Shut Down Heavy Polluters During Games

5/31/07:  Ban on Selling Wildlife May Fuel Trade

5/31/07:  Peruvian Mahogany Logged Illegally, Report Says

5/31/07:  Montana Delays Slaughter of 300 Bison Amid Uproar

5/30/07:  As Insurgency Ebbs, Kashmir Looks To Save Dal Lake

5/30/07:  Report Finds That Big California Farms Get Unfair Electricity Subsidy to Pump Water

5/30/07:  U.S. Rejects EU Emission Reductions

5/30/07:  China City Suspends Chemical Plant after Uproar

5/30/07:  Drought Reduces Level of Lake Okeechobee, Threatens Water Supply in South Florida

5/30/07:  Cows in New Zealand Produce Low-Fat Milk

5/30/07:  U.S. to Study Protection for Alaska Loon

5/30/07:  U.S. Aboriginal Whaling Quotas Renewed at IWC

5/29/07:  Food Scares Help China's Nascent Organic Market

5/29/07:  Elephants Unlikely Foe for Sri Lanka's War-Displaced

5/29/07:  China Shrugs Off EU Calls for Climate Change Action

5/29/07:  Alaska Natives Need Whale Quota, Says U.S. Senator at International Whaling Panel

5/29/07:  Indian Firm To Burn Toxic Waste from 1984 Industrial Disaster

5/29/07:  Norway's Statoil Strikes Oil with Exploratory Well in the North Sea

5/29/07:  WHO Urges Ban on Smoking in Public Buildings

5/29/07:  Rich Must Pay Bulk of Climate Change Bill, Oxfam Says

5/29/07:  British Swimmer Plans Record Cold North Pole Swim

5/29/07:  Lucrative Fish and Timber Face U.N. Trade Limits

5/29/07:  Palm Oil Puts Squeeze on Endangered Orangutan

5/29/07:  Climate To Push Up Australian Power Costs, Study Shows

5/29/07:  Elephant Herds Found on Isolated South Sudan Island

5/29/07:  Manual Lawn Mowers Are Making a Comeback

5/29/07:  Trouble Brews in Germany as Biofuel Boom Jacks Up Price of Beer

5/29/07:  Do Trees Make It OK to Drive an SUV?

5/25/07:  Global Experts Urge Joint Efforts To Find New Energy Sources for Vehicles

5/25/07:  The Coral Sea Vista Opened Up By British Judges

5/25/07:  Scientists Seek Approval to Kill Sharks

5/25/07:  Japan Prime Minister's Climate Plan Seen Lacking Teeth

5/25/07:  Conservationists Warn India Rhinos Running Out of Space

5/25/07:  Costa Rica Aims To Win Carbon Neutral Nation Race

5/25/07:  Group Says Sinking Ships Will Boost Tourism

5/25/07:  GE CEO Sees Green Unit Growing Faster

5/24/07:  Cool Hand Nuke: Paul Newman Endorses New York Nuclear Power Plant

5/24/07:  Taiwanese Employees of a Now-Closed RCA TV Factory Sue Over Cancer Cases

5/24/07:  Drought Lets Officials Remove Muck at Florida's Lake Okeechobee To Restore Habitat

5/24/07:  Study Shows Primitive Fish Had Genetic Wiring for Limbs

5/24/07:  A U.S.-Mexico Commission Fears Border Fence May Flout 1970 Treaty

5/24/07:  Killer Hurricanes Thrived in Cool Seas

5/24/07:  Scientists Urge WTO To Slash Fishing Subsidies

5/24/07:  Billions in Forest Damage Caused by Campers Transporting Insect-Infested Firewood

5/23/07:  Southeast Asia Seeks To Crack Down on Animal Trade

5/23/07:  Congress Considers Changing U.S. Water Pollution Law

5/23/07:  Two-Base EU Parliament Seeks Carbon Neutral Status

5/23/07:  Halibut Excluder Helps Hapless Halibut Escape Cod Nets

5/23/07:  Malaysia on PR Campaign over Rainforests, Wildlife

5/23/07:  Study Shows that Climate Change Could Harm Crops

5/23/07:  India Tiger Numbers Far Lower Than Thought, Experts Say

5/23/07:  EU Proposes Ways To Make Dismantling Old Ships Safer for Humans, Environment

5/22/07:  Australia Opposition To Track Japan Whalers If Elected

5/22/07:  Agency Aims to Improve Habitat for Sheep

5/22/07:  Denver Monkey Dead from Bubonic Plague

5/22/07:  China Says Environment Losing Out to Development

5/22/07:  Film Stars and Their Green Credentials

5/22/07:  World Growth Spurs Faster Climate Change, Report Says

5/22/07:  Forest Service Aims To Close Nature-Deficit Gap by Getting Kids out into the Woods

5/22/07:  Dozens of European Mammal Species Face Extinction, Conservation Group Says

5/21/07:  Polar Bears at Risk as Warming Thaws Icy Home

5/21/07:  Remote Florida Site Eyed for New Green Town for the Environmentally Aware

5/21/07:  Australian Farmer Accused of Bulldozing Wetland

5/21/07:  Three Gorges Dam Causes Downstream Erosion, Study Finds

5/21/07:  Known for Its Freedom, Unique Nuclear Lab Faces Closure

5/21/07:  Referendum Over Highway Through Rare Peat Bog in Poland Ruled Invalid

5/21/07:  Australian Foreign Minister Says Regional Carbon Trading Scheme Unlikely Soon

5/21/07:  South Africa Battles Alien Fish

5/18/07:  Trust Fund for Grizzlies, Wolves Weighed

5/18/07:  Contaminated Salvador Lake Is Mystery Bird Magnet

5/18/07:  Can Americans Get Charged on Electric Cars?

5/18/07:  Mexican Baby Killer Whale in Tug of Love

5/18/07:  Study Shows Southern Ocean Saturated with Carbon Dioxide

5/18/07:  Environmental Protection Agency Proposes Rules for Hybrids in Car Pool Lanes

5/18/07:  Scientists Advise Capturing Spotted Owls

5/18/07:  Americans Discover the Allure of Off-Grid Living

5/17/07:  West Nile Virus Decimates Suburban Birds

5/17/07:  Climate Change Threatens Ghaf Tree

5/17/07:  Poor Indian Fishermen Threaten To Kill Rare Sharks

5/17/07:  China Needs Responsible Timber Choice, Greenpeace Says

5/17/07:  India Must Resist China Pressure on Tiger Ban, WWF Says

5/17/07:  Environmental Groups Sue U.S. Navy Over Sonar Exercises off Hawaii

5/17/07:  Toyota Banking on Hybrids Despite Expected Arrival of Ecological Rivals

5/17/07:  U.N. Professor Says Climate Change Is Creating New Refugees Who Deserve U.N. Protection

5/16/07:  Senate Defeats Provision To Require Army Corps To Consider Climate Change

5/16/07:  Canada Urged To Tighten Rules on Private Zoos

5/16/07:  Arctic Islands Invite Tourists To See Climate Woes

5/16/07:  Bald Eagles in Wyoming Soar to 185 Pairs

5/16/07:  Scientists Predict Asian Dust Plume Might Sway U.S. Climate

5/16/07:  Travel Experts See Worrisome Downside to Ecotourism

5/16/07:  Australian Water Crisis Could Be Worse Than Thought

5/16/07:  Sixteen Cities To Go Green Under Clinton Plan

5/15/07:  Clean Energy Spending Can Curb Climate Change, WWF Says

5/15/07:  Pollution Turning India's Famed Taj Mahal Yellow, Will Require Mud Bath To Clean

5/15/07:  Scientists Urge Half of Canada Forest Be Protected

5/15/07:  Fecal Bacteria on Rise in Louisiana Bayous

5/15/07:  Japan Government Panel To Debate Climate Proposals

5/15/07:  Washington Utility to Build Solar Project

5/15/07:  eBay Condemned for Allowing Ivory Trade

5/15/07:  EPA Giving $71M to Cities in 38 States To Clean Up Industrial Pollution, Blight

5/14/07:  South Korea Land Reclaim Starves Shore Birds

5/14/07:  Empty Nets as Tide Turns on Asia's Fishermen

5/14/07:  Recovery Program Working for Pronghorn

5/14/07:  U.N. Climate Expert Hopeful on Environment Policies

5/14/07:  Australia's Military Calls in Kangaroo Shooters

5/14/07:  Democratic Presidential Candidates Prod Automakers on Fuel Efficiency

5/14/07:  Bush Reveals New Pollution Regulations Designed To Find Way in 18 Months To Curb Emissions

5/14/07:  Yangtze River at Risk of Bank Collapses

1/15/07:  In New England, Questions Swirl over Mild Winter

1/15/07:  U.S. Firefighters to Help Hard-Pressed Australians

1/15/07:  Hindus Defy Pollution to Bathe in Ganges Festival

1/15/07:  Exxon Meets Green Groups as Climate Focus Surges

1/14/07:  Chevrolet Volt Plugs Into Concept of Running Car with Electricity Only

1/14/07:  Golden Globes Going Green with Eco-Friendly Party

1/14/07:  Warmth Locks Lichen out of Reindeers' Reach

1/14/07:  U.S., Canada Weigh Great Lakes Cleanup

1/14/07:  Artist Turns Everest Trash Into Treasure

1/14/07:  No Business in Snow Business for Low Swiss Resorts

1/14/07:  Montana Woman to Head Forest Service

1/12/07:  Week in Review: January 8th - 12th

1/12/07:  Japan and EU Urge Big Polluters to Cut Emissions

1/12/07:  Polar Explorer to Return to the Arctic

1/12/07:  Mystery of World's Biggest, Yuckiest Flower Solved

1/12/07:  Japan Detects Country's First Infections of Frogs with Deadly Fungus

1/12/07:  Canada Auto Union Alarmed by Tough Emissions Talk

1/12/07:  Quebec Begins Five-Billion-Dollar Hydro-Electric Project

1/12/07:  Alaska Charges Processer with Letting 400 Tons of Salmon Rot; 'Economic Catastrophe'

1/12/07:  Idaho Governor Calls for Gray Wolf Kill

1/11/07:  Cities Most Innovative in Global Warming Fight

1/11/07:  Turtle Thought Extinct Found in Thailand

1/11/07:  Health Experts Call on EU to Impose Total Ban on Use of Mercury

1/11/07:  China to Give Hong Kong Pandas to Mark Ten Years of Home Rule

1/11/07:  Warm Europe Winter Has Pollen Lingering

1/11/07:  Restrictions on Naval Sonar OK'd

1/11/07:  Mountaintop Meteorology Mixes High, Low-Tech Tools

1/11/07:  Rampant Gold Mining Polluting Huge Tiger Reserve in Myanmar

1/10/07:  Warm December Pushes 2006 to Record Year

1/10/07:  EU, Indonesia Target Illegal Logging Pact

1/10/07:  Villagers, Elephants Fight for Right to Life in India

1/10/07:  Montana Legislation Threatens Fish and Wildlife Resources of the Last Best Place

1/10/07:  Tony Blair Pledges to Pay to Offset Carbon Emissions from His Holiday Flights

1/10/07:  Studies Find Northeast Mercury Hotspots

1/10/07:  Study Shows Bigger Brains Give Birds Survival Benefit

1/10/07:  Bush Lifts Oil and Gas Drilling Ban for Alaska Bay

1/10/07:  Cook Inlet Belugas Face Extinction Risk

1/9/07:  Canada's Conservatives Hit Road to Push Green Look

1/9/07:  Rare Asian Vulture Bred in Captivity for First Time

1/9/07:  EPA Rejects Proposed Lumber Treatment

1/9/07:  Pennsylvania State Agency Refuses to Publish Tough Pollution Rule

1/9/07:  U.N. Official Wants World Summit on Global Warming

1/9/07:  'Killer' Bees Tracked Near New Orleans

1/9/07:  Warming Could Spur 'Evolution Explosion'

1/9/07:  Dead Sea Plight Spurs Bike Rally

1/9/07:  UK's Blair Loath to Give Up Travel to Help Climate

1/8/07:  U.S. Approves Weight-Loss Drug for Obese Dogs

1/8/07:  Portuguese Entrepreneur Finds His Own Answer to Energy Problems

1/8/07:  Striking Nepalese to Cut Water Supply to King, Prime Minister's Residences

1/8/07:  Whooping Cranes Rebounding in Texas

1/8/07:  Wild Game Herds of Serengeti: Wonder or Worry?

1/8/07:  Conservationists Say Oil Hunt Damages Congo Park

1/8/07:  Moose From Utah Transported to Colorado

1/8/07:  Building a Green Revolution

1/5/07:  Global Warming May Put Dutch Skating Race on Ice

1/5/07:  Bush, Merkel Pledge Closer Cooperation on Mideast, Global Warming

1/5/07:  World May Be Facing Highest Grain Prices in History

1/5/07:  Environment at Center of Canada Cabinet Shakeup

1/5/07:  For Extreme Tree Hunters, Redwoods Rule

1/5/07:  France's Chirac Says Wants EU Carbon Tax Post-2012

1/5/07:  Rains May Be to Blame for Kenya Flamingo Deaths

1/4/07:  German Zoos Get Teeth into Chistmas Tree Leftovers

1/4/07:  Oil Plunges Four Percent on Mild U.S. Weather

1/4/07:  Cargo Plane, Helicopters Drop Hay to Hungry, Snowbound Cattle

1/4/07:  Rare Nepal Rhinos Mysteriously Disappear

1/4/07:  Report Says ExxonMobil Cultivates Global Warming Doubt

1/4/07:  India's PM Says West is Environmentally Wasteful

1/4/07:  Thirty Pandas Born in China in 2006

1/4/07:  Scientists Say 2007 May Be Warmest Yet

1/3/07:  Arizona Tests Wildlife 'Crosswalk'

1/3/07:  Yesterday's High Technology Makes Mountain of E-Waste

1/3/07:  Oryx Species to Help Revive Dying Breed

1/3/07:  China Report Warns of Agriculture Problems from Climate Change

1/3/07:  Edward James Olmos Accuses Puerto Rico, Washington of Delaying Vieques Bombing Range Cleanup

1/3/07:  Study to Examine Beach Erosion on Island

1/3/07:  Norway, UK Try to Tackle Planes' Greenhouse Gases

1/3/07:  U.N. Lifts Ban on Caviar Exports from Caspian

1/2/07:  Endangered Idaho Snail Losing Habitat

1/2/07:  E. Coli Outbreaks Have Industry, Government Increasing Safety Efforts

1/2/07:  Gene-Engineered Cows Resist Mad Cow Disease, Study Shows

1/2/07:  Is the Yucca Dump Doomed?

1/2/07:  Australian Aborigines Win East Coast Land Claim

1/2/07:  Study Shows Louisiana Slowly Slipping Into Gulf

1/2/07:  Horse Meat, Kale and Crickets on Menu at Bronx Zoo

1/2/07:  Researchers Say Warming May Change Amazon

1/2/07:  Welcome 2007, the Year of the Dolphin

1/2/07:  Divers Seal Broken Oil Pipeline in Gulf of Mexico; Environmental Effects Minimal