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12/29/06:  Regulators Move Forward on Ban of Children's Jewelry Containing Too Much Lead

12/29/06:  China Says Some Officials Fake Pollution Reports

12/29/06:  Cloned Hamburger Meat Still Seen a Long Way Off

12/29/06:  Environmentalists Revive German Speed Limit Debate

12/29/06:  Researchers Use Yellowstone As CO2 Lab

12/29/06:  Ice Mass Snaps Free from Canada's Arctic

12/29/06:  Taiwan Quake Shakes Confidence in Undersea Links

12/29/06:  Scientists Work on Map of Climate Change

12/28/06:  Red Cross Official: Pipeline Leak in Lagos Neighborhood

12/28/06:  Government Sees Polar Bears As 'Threatened'

12/28/06:  Oil Industry Blamed for Polluting India's Assam

12/28/06:  Thailand Tree Apes Use Song As Warning

12/28/06:  China Fears Disasters, Grain Cut from Global Warming

12/28/06:  Famed NYC Hawk Sees Bald Eagle Soar By

12/28/06:  Norway Wants U.S. Politicians to See Warming Arctic

12/28/06:  FDA Set to OK Food From Cloned Animals

12/27/06:  Warmer Winters Change Washington Foliage

12/27/06:  Australia's Military Asked to Battle Cane Toads

12/27/06:  Democrats Want to Redistribute Big Oil Money to Conservation, Renewables

12/27/06:  Study Links Fires to Ocean Temperatures

12/27/06:  Researchers Find Baking Impacts Puget Sound

12/27/06:  Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Go Green

12/27/06:  Defiant British Foxhunters Turn Out for Boxing Day

12/27/06:  Polar Bears May Be Listed As Threatened

12/27/06:  Taking the LEED in Green Building and Design

12/26/06:  Indonesia Struggles to Prepare Amid Warnings of Second Massive Tsunami

12/26/06:  Corruption to Blame for China's Worsening Pollution, Official Says

12/26/06:  Water-Short African States Near an Ancient, Elusive Goal: A Pact to Share the Nile

12/26/06:  Lawsuit Seeks to Shield Alaska Sea Otter

12/26/06:  In Many Villages, Alaskans Face Physical and Cultural Erosion

12/26/06:  Armadillos Marching North to Illinois

12/26/06:  Southeast Asia Hunts Wildlife Poachers

12/26/06:  Settlers Eyed in Australia Extinctions

12/22/06:  South Korea Says Dioxin in U.S. Beef Shipment Exceeded Approved Level

12/22/06:  Scientists Rebut Big Easy Channel Report

12/22/06:  Japan Researchers Film Live Giant Squid

12/22/06:  Syngenta Agrees to Pay $1.5 Million EPA Fine for Distributing Genetically Modified Corn

12/22/06:  Canada Court Says Native Hunt Rights Trump Safety

12/22/06:  Spanish Minister Proposes Live Exit for Bulls

12/22/06:  Sculptor Makes Perishable Art in Antarctica

12/22/06:  Rockhopper Penguin Numbers Tumble in South Atlantic

12/22/06:  Indian, Chinese Team to Map Glacier Melt

12/21/06:  Judge Decides Farms Not Hurt by Whale Rules

12/21/06:  WWII-Era German Submarine Loaded with Poisonous Cargo Still Haunting Norway

12/21/06:  West Africa Sheep Traders Make a Killing Before Feast

12/21/06:  EPA, Air Force Dispute Cleanup

12/21/06:  First Drought, Now Floods Plague Kenya's Nomads

12/21/06:  Virgin Dragon Prepares to Give Birth

12/21/06:  Report Says Tides Affect Speed of Antarctic Ice Slide

12/21/06:  European Union to Include Airlines in Pollution Allowances Trading Program in 2011

12/20/06:  WWF Says 52 New Species Discovered on Borneo

12/20/06:  Congo Takes Tentative Steps Toward Power Dream

12/20/06:  Study Finds Rare Batfish Invaluable to Great Barrier Reef in Australia

12/20/06:  Wounded Birds Return to Sky Via New Jersey Sanctuary

12/20/06:  Feds to Start Removing Wolf Protections

12/20/06:  Feds Withdraw Rare Wildflower Proposal

12/20/06:  Seychelles Tries to Save Endangered Bird

12/20/06:  Survival of Dwindling Stocks Dominate Annual EU Fisheries Meeting Again

12/20/06:  Lawsuit Seeks Protections for Alaska Sea Otters

12/20/06:  Singapore Fold-Up Bike Goes Against Asian Tide

12/19/06:  EU Environment Ministers Reject Appeal to Force Austria to Lift Bans on Biotech Crops

12/19/06:  Brazil Probes Dead Fish Washing Ashore

12/19/06:  Multistate Lawsuit against EPA Seeks to Lower Soot Levels, Save Lives

12/19/06:  Colombia Open to New Studies of Drug Fumigation

12/19/06:  Octopus Study Shows Way to Save Fish Stocks

12/19/06:  Group Offers Roadmap to Reduce Pollution

12/19/06:  Herbicide-Resistant Weed Worries Farmers

12/19/06:  In Antarctica, by Law, Extreme Recycling Prevails

12/19/06:  Coast Guard Withdraws Great Lakes Live Fire Plans

12/18/06:  Kenyan Rangers Shoot Dead Somali Poacher

12/18/06:  South Korean Team Produces Three Cloned Dogs

12/18/06:  Feds Want More Information about BP Pipeline Replacement Plan at Prudhoe Bay

12/18/06:  EU States Give Formal Backing to New Chemicals Law

12/18/06:  Biologists Hunt Invasive Pythons in Florida

12/18/06:  Climate Change Melts Kilimanjaro's Snows

12/18/06:  Herzog in Antarctica: An Easy Place to Make a Film

12/18/06:  Pacific Fisheries Group Maintains Tuna Quotas

12/18/06:  Off-Roaders, Environmentalists Vie for Surprising Canyon Near Death Valley

12/18/06:  EU Trade Chief Says Europe Can Green Globe by Pushing Trade Partners

12/15/06:  Week in Review: December 11th - 15th

12/15/06:  Groups Urge Fish Consumption Advisory

12/15/06:  2006 Sees Record Number of Wildfires

12/15/06:  Asian Boom Undercuts Pollution Cleanup

12/15/06:  Scientist Says New Data Backs Sulphur Climate Plan

12/15/06:  Group Challenges Wolf Recovery Program

12/15/06:  Gore Urges Scientists to Be More Active

12/15/06:  Two-Thirds of Congo Basin Forests Could Disappear

12/15/06:  Argentine Province Halts Mining on Pollution Fears

12/15/06:  Northern Hemisphere Warming Twice as Fast as South

12/15/06:  South Africa Moves to Restrict Canned Hunting

12/14/06:  New Controls on Publishing Research Worry USGS Scientists

12/14/06:  Climate Change Threatens Alpine Resorts

12/14/06:  Quota Cuts Could Slice Into Japan Tuna Feasts

12/14/06:  EU Says Malaysia Must Focus More on Preserving Tribal People in Rainforests

12/14/06:  Thousands of Ducks Mysteriously Dying in Idaho

12/14/06:  Study Shows Airline Industry Could Save Thousands of Dollars by Recycling

12/14/06:  Government Broke Law in Grizzly Dispute

12/14/06:  India Says Its Carbon Emissions Not Harming World

12/13/06:  Endangered Gorillas Prosper in Heart of Africa

12/13/06:  Scores of Indebted Indian Farmers Call off Threat to Jump off Water Tanks

12/13/06:  Report Defends Experiments on Monkeys

12/13/06:  Search for Rare Dolphin Ends in Failure

12/13/06:  Asian Leaders Call for Tougher Measures to Combat Air Pollution

12/13/06:  Farm Sediment, Fertilizers Damaging Massive Coral Reef

12/13/06:  New South Pole Station Nearly Complete

12/13/06:  Forest Service Says No More Environmental Analysis of Forest Plans

12/13/06:  For Ecologically Sensitive Americans, a Way to Pay the Way out of Global Warming Guilt

12/13/06:  Climate Change Catching Voter Attention around World

12/12/06:  Botswana's Bushmen Await Land Rights Verdict

12/12/06:  Texas Lawmaker Aims to Allow the Blind to Hunt

12/12/06:  Experts Mull Plan to Save Red Squirrel

12/12/06:  California to Limit Lawnmower Emissions

12/12/06:  Small Nuclear War Could Lead to Cooldown

12/12/06:  South Africa Delays Endangered Apes' Return to Cameroon

12/12/06:  Fishing Businesses Decry Large Mine Proposed for Alaska

12/12/06:  EPA Changing Fuel Economy Estimates

12/12/06:  Colombia Restarts Coca Fumigation Near Ecuador

12/12/06:  Global Warming Prolongs Life of Space Debris

12/11/06:  'Greenest' U.S. City Faces Same Problems as Others

12/11/06:  Nissan Planning New Fuel-Cell Vehicle for Early 2010s

12/11/06:  SMS Can Tell You if Fish Is Endangered

12/11/06:  Mideast May Save Dead Sea With Red Sea

12/11/06:  Two Still Fighting Dump Near Joshua Tree

12/11/06:  Vast African Lake Levels Dropping Fast

12/11/06:  Scientist Examines City Squirrels' Lives

12/11/06:  In Epochal Shift, Half Humanity to Become Urban

12/11/06:  Scientists Marvel at Sea Life Miles Deep

11/30/06:  World Asked to Share Australia's Drought Pain

11/30/06:  Study Shows Warhead Plutonium Long-Lasting

11/30/06:  Biblical Past Unearthed in Holy Land Construction

11/30/06:  Report Says Global Warming Big Issue in N.Y.

11/30/06:  California 'Green Tuners' Clamor for Plug-In Cars

11/30/06:  Bug Species Hurts Barbados Crops, Plants

11/30/06:  Feds Propose Plan for Puget Sound Orcas

11/30/06:  Some Bears May Not Sleep Through Winter

11/29/06:  Recent Sea Lion Attacks in California Challenge Animal's Cuddly and Playful Image

11/29/06:  Giant Prehistoric Fish Packed Quite a Bite

11/29/06:  New Flood-Tolerant Rice Could Help Farmers and Environment

11/29/06:  Flu Viruses Survive Frozen in Lakes, Study Finds

11/29/06:  Judge Suspends Government Auction of Oil Concessions

11/29/06:  Global Warming Case Goes before U.S. Supreme Court

11/29/06:  Animals Brought to Hawaii Flourish with Mixed Results

11/29/06:  Study Finds Great Lakes Threatened by Aging Sewage Systems

11/29/06:  Satellite to Track Elusive Pakistani Snow Leopards

11/29/06:  Research Shows Acceleration in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

11/28/06:  In Texas, Leftover Turkey Fat Fuels Biodiesel Cars

11/28/06:  Ivory Coast to Reinstate Three Officials Implicated in Toxic Waste Dumping

11/28/06:  China Building Major Dam in Southwest, Raising Debate over Impact on People, Environment

11/28/06:  Groups Fight Plan to Build Power Plant

11/28/06:  EU Pushes Through Tuna Catch Quota Cuts

11/28/06:  Professor Devises New Form of Solar Cell

11/28/06:  Alaska to Strip Companies of Oil and Gas Leases

11/28/06:  Forest Fragmentation Hurts Amazon Biodiversity

11/27/06:  Red Cross Says World Neglects Tsunami Risk Lessons

11/27/06:  U.S. Trout Get Unlikely Boost from Dams

11/27/06:  Clean Coal Power Plant Planned for 2011 in Norway

11/27/06:  Scientists Find Climate Change Clues in the Sky

11/27/06:  Pivotal Case on Global Warming Case Confronts High Court

11/27/06:  Wildlife Under Pressure Find Second Chance

11/27/06:  In U.S., Women Go Wild for Hunting

11/27/06:  U.N. Meeting to Tackle Growing E-Waste Menace

11/25/06:  Flames of Dissent

11/24/06:  Defense Chief Says Nuclear Passage through Japan Waters May Be Unavoidable

11/24/06:  Ivory Coast Report Blames Corrupt, Negligent Officials for Toxic Waste Scandal

11/24/06:  Two-Thirds of China Cities Face Water Shortages

11/24/06:  Environmental Groups Say Duke Energy's Message to the Justices Was Deceptive

11/24/06:  U.N. Drive for Ban on Ocean Bottom Trawling Fails

11/24/06:  Arctic Gull Reportedly Seen in California

11/24/06:  Russia's Upper Chamber of Parliament Passes Forest Code Criticized by Environmentalists

11/24/06:  Patrols in Tanzanian Park Slash Poaching, Scientists Say

11/23/06:  Fenced in, Kashmir's Leopards, Bears Stalk Villages

11/23/06:  Russian Officials Deny Report of Accident at Chemical Weapons Reprocessing Site

11/23/06:  Home-Bound Indonesia Orangutans Given VIP Welcome

11/23/06:  Brookfield Zoo Announces Birth of Okapi

11/23/06:  Rare Lion Cubs Poisoned to Save Costs

11/23/06:  Cambodian Court Jails Eight for Illegal Logging

11/23/06:  EPA to Regulate a Form of Nanotechnology for the First Time

11/23/06:  Groups Spar Over Shorebird Habitat Rules

11/23/06:  Consumers Not Warned of Mercury in Fish

11/22/06:  World Has Under a Decade to Act on Climate Crisis

11/22/06:  World Bank to Fund Controversial Uruguay Pulp Mill

11/22/06:  Six Nations Plus EU Sign Pact to Build Experimental Fusion Reactor in France

11/22/06:  China Agency Says Pollution Worsening Amid Economic Boom

11/22/06:  Brazil to Speed up 120 Infrastructure Projects

11/22/06:  Bosnian Rafters Say Paradise under Threat

11/22/06:  EPA Exempts Some Pesticide Use

11/22/06:  Hollywood Environmentalist Targets Middle America

11/21/06:  Group Wants Japan to End Dolphin Hunting

11/21/06:  In Chimp World, Males Find Older Females Sexier

11/21/06:  Environmentalists Seek Marine Protection for Parts of Northwest Atlantic

11/21/06:  Crayfish Enact Dominance/Submission Rituals

11/21/06:  Officials Investigate Contamination of Amur River in Russian Far East

11/21/06:  New Teeth for California's Great White Shark Tourism?

11/21/06:  Global Warming Said to Be Killing Some Species

11/21/06:  Looking for Lynx in the Swiss Alps

11/21/06:  Park Service Plan Would Keep Current Snowmobile Limits

11/20/06:  U.S. Nearing Emissions Control

11/20/06:  Polluted Fog Envelops Chinese Capital

11/20/06:  U.K. Soldiers Gun Down Endangered Rhino

11/20/06:  Police Dogs for 2008 Olympics Get First Test in Beijing

11/20/06:  Killer Elephant Loses Tusks in Nepal

11/20/06:  Twenty-Two States Say EPA Too Soft on Mercury

11/20/06:  California to Impose Sweeping Conservation Limits on Ocean Fishing

11/17/06:  U.N. Climate Talks Struggle to Agree Tiny Steps

11/17/06:  Thousands Protest Cancer-Causing Pollution in Industrial Serbian City

11/17/06:  Floods Hit up to 1.8 Million in Horn of Africa

11/17/06:  Signs of Warming Continue in the Arctic

11/17/06:  Pennsylvania Passes Plan to Cut Mercury

11/17/06:  India Urged to Blow Whistle on Elephant Polo

11/17/06:  Scientists Want More Ethanol Research

11/17/06:  Forest Fires May Actually Cool Climate

11/16/06:  Canada Named Top 'Fossil' at Kenya Climate Talks

11/16/06:  Rich, Poor Nations Wrangle on Global Warming

11/16/06:  Small Tsunami Hit Hawaii after Major Earthquake North of Japan

11/16/06:  Top Scientists Say Man May Need to Dirty Skies to Shield against Warming

11/16/06:  Harvard Biologist Extends Olive Branch to Evangelicals

11/16/06:  World Bank Urges CO2 Markets to Invest in Africa

11/16/06:  African Lake's Iconic Birds are Vanishing

11/16/06:  Democrats to Bush: Greenhouse Gas Limits Needed

11/16/06:  Polar Bear Survival Rate Falls as Climate Warms

11/15/06:  Dam plans jeopardize Amazon, experts say

11/15/06:  U.S. 2005 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rise 0.6 Percent

11/15/06:  Florida Expands Marine Reserve to Largest in North America

11/15/06:  Disasters Losses May Top One Trillion Dollars Per Year by 2040

11/15/06:  UN's Annan Launches Plan to Help Africa on Climate

11/15/06:  Japanese Research Fleet Leaves for Annual Antarctic Hunt

11/15/06:  Out in All Weathers: Britain's Secret Garden Nursery

11/15/06:  Wildlife Law Adds to Woes of India's Tigers

11/15/06:  Deep-Sea Trawling Destroying Underwater Mountains

11/15/06:  California Ecosystem Recovering From Blaze

11/15/06:  Lawsuit in Washington State Aims to Halt Logging to Save Declining Spotted Owl Population

11/14/06:  Norwegian Hunters Kill 546 Minke Whales in 2006, Just over Half of Quota

11/14/06:  Canadian Lawmaker Denies Green Move, for Now

11/14/06:  Global Warming Could Wipe Out Most Birds, WWF Says

11/14/06:  French Prime Minister Proposes Taxing States that Shun Kyoto

11/14/06:  Environmentalists See Boon in U.S. Congress Power Shift

11/14/06:  World's Forests are Making a Comeback

11/14/06:  Ice-Melt Isolates Remote Communities in Canada

11/14/06:  DOE Promises to Improve Household Appliance Energy Efficiency

11/14/06:  Study Finds Hollywood Contributes to Los Angeles' Poor Air Quality

11/14/06:  Sweden Tops Climate Change Efforts, U.S. Near Bottom, Environmentalists Say

11/13/06:  Kids Walk to Moon and Back in Climate Campaign

11/13/06:  U.N. Climate Fight Seen More Flexible after 2012

11/13/06:  Canada Faces U.N. Grilling over Kyoto Abandonment

11/13/06:  Snows of Kilimanjaro Shrink: God or Global Warming?

11/13/06:  War, Pollution and Politics Endangering Iraq's Storied Tigris River

11/13/06:  El Nino May Spell Trouble for Indonesian Orangutans

11/13/06:  U.N. Eyes Climate Change Plan for Africa

11/13/06:  Thai Zoo to Teach Panda to Mate with 'Porn' Videos

11/13/06:  Pressure on GOP to Accept Limited Expansion of Offshore Oil, Gas Drilling

11/10/06:  Eco-Anarchy Rising Part 2

11/10/06:  Four plead guilty in Oregon ecoterrorism case

11/10/06:  Space Maps of Forests from 1990s Could Aid Climate

11/10/06:  El Nino Expected to Continue Into 2007

11/10/06:  Environment Crises Plague China a Year after Spill

11/10/06:  Canada Says It Has No Plans to Pull out of Kyoto

11/10/06:  EU Environment Chief Urges Member States Not to Undermine Emissions Trading Plan

11/10/06:  Climate Change Melting Fabled African Glaciers

11/10/06:  Millions in Asia Suffering from Lack of Water and Proper Sanitation

11/10/06:  Mississippi Landowners Make Millions in Post-Katrina Land-Rush

11/10/06:  Scientists Say Millions Could Flee Rising Seas

11/9/06:  Duty to Serve

11/9/06:  Coca-Cola Undertaking Africa Water Project, CEO Says

11/9/06:  Guard Seeks to End Ban on Lead Bullets

11/9/06:  Barbados Faces Invasion by Giant Snails

11/9/06:  Merkel Vows to Forge EU Deal on Post-Kyoto Regime

11/9/06:  Groups Sue to End Gulf Bluefin Fishing

11/9/06:  Environmental Group Says Record Rain Forest Destruction under Brazil's Silva

11/9/06:  Alaskan Voters Say No to Oil Reserves Tax Initiative

11/9/06:  Environmentalists Warn of Shark Troubles

11/9/06:  International Energy Agency Warns of Effects of Rise in Coal Consumption

11/9/06:  Climate Change Threatens Agricultural Crisis, UN Says

11/8/06:  Icebergs Near New Zealand after Drifting from Atlantic

11/8/06:  Indian Scientists Find Rare Plant

11/8/06:  Officials Work to Save Homes after Two Days of Record Rains in Pacific Northwest

11/8/06:  UN Talks Split on Date for Climate Fight Rules

11/8/06:  Illinois Mulls Building Greenhouse Gas Pipeline

11/8/06:  Fishermen, Facing Declining Stocks, Turn to Sharks

11/8/06:  Kenyan Nobel Prize Winner Launches Campaign to Plant One Billion Trees in 2007

11/8/06:  Zanzibar Imposes Ban on Plastic Shopping Bags

11/8/06:  Indian Court Urged to End Monkey Business

11/7/06:  Court Finds Bureau of Land Management Violated Protections for Treetop Rodent to Allow Logging

11/7/06:  Italy Swings Its Support Back to Kyoto and Beyond

11/7/06:  Montana Trout Moved Because of Wildfire

11/7/06:  U.S. Reaffirms Emissions Cap Opposition

11/7/06:  Australia's Drought Could Be Worst in One Thousand Years

11/7/06:  Toxic Waste That Sickened Ivory Coast Arrives in French Port

11/7/06:  Taiwan Looks to Capitalize on Its Flora, Fauna and Build Biotech Industry

11/7/06:  U.S. Considers Bird-Friendly Communications Towers

11/7/06:  Global Warming Said Threat to World Heritage

11/7/06:  Indonesia Opposition Upset over Helipad for Bush

11/6/06:  Nairobi Talks to Seek Wider Fight on Warming

11/6/06:  Study Predicts Hotter, Drier Australia

11/6/06:  Tidal Energy Companies Staking Claims

11/6/06:  Indonesia Forest Fires, Attacks Kill 1,000 Orangutans

11/6/06:  Africa Needs Help to Win Clean Energy Investment

11/6/06:  Dolphin May Have 'Remains' of Legs

11/6/06:  N.J. Complex's Lawns Get Recycled Water

11/6/06:  Plastic Trash Vortex Menaces Pacific Sealife

11/3/06:  Public Split on New Snowmobile Plan

11/3/06:  Japan Catches 35 Whales off Northern Island of Hokkaido

11/3/06:  California Greenhouse Emissions Up 14 Percent 1990-2004

11/3/06:  Boy Gets Rare Shot of California Condor

11/3/06:  Dutch Rescuers Try to Save Horse Herd Threatened by High Water

11/3/06:  Indian PM Slams Ozone Pact over Trade Sanctions

11/3/06:  UK's Blair Pushes to Speed up Climate Change Talks

11/3/06:  Ocean Fish, Seafood Could Collapse by 2048

11/3/06:  U.S. Pesticide Stockpile Under Scrutiny at World Ozone Meeting in India

11/2/06:  Strapped Missouri Farmers Seek Salvation from Declining Economy in Wind Farms

11/2/06:  Japanese Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Produces First Batch of Test Fuel Solution

11/2/06:  Experts Say Many Risk Long-Term Damage from SE Asia Haze

11/2/06:  In Defense of Baltimore's Stony Run Stream Restoration

11/2/06:  Australia to push for 'New Kyoto' in Asia

11/2/06:  Mistaken Theory Harms Conservation Efforts, UK Study Shows

11/2/06:  Florida Alligator Comeback May Ease Hunting Rules

11/2/06:  Groups Want Forest Rules Overturned

11/2/06:  Investigations Begin Into Whether Bush Administration Muzzled Climate Research

11/1/06:  New Aquatic Species Found in Hawaii

11/1/06:  Countries to Protest Iceland's Decision to Resume Commercial Whaling

11/1/06:  Wild Jatropha Stirs Hope of Biodiesel Bounty in India

11/1/06:  Scientist Says Large Coral Disappearing

11/1/06:  Environmental Groups Defend Clinton-Era Clean Air Program Before Supreme Court

11/1/06:  Nebraska Governor Signs River Agreement He Says Also Protects Farmers

11/1/06:  Former U.S. President Clinton Champions Mangrove Forest Recovery Efforts

11/1/06:  Aid Groups Drive to Curb Deadly Gas-Guzzling Cars

10/31/06:  British report: Environment a ticking bomb

10/31/06:  China Turns to Salt Water to Ease Drought

10/31/06:  Russian Planes to Help Indonesia Fight Haze

10/31/06:  Australia Rejects British Climate Report

10/31/06:  A Snapshot of Changes Global Warming Could Cause

10/31/06:  Argentina Wants World Bank to Halt Pulp Mill Loans

10/31/06:  Cameroon Wildlife Sanctuary Awaits 'Taiping Four'

10/31/06:  Scientists Uncover New Bird Flu Strain

10/31/06:  Mirror Test Implies Elephants Self-Aware

10/31/06:  Ocean Dead Zone Off Oregon Dissipating

10/30/06:  Budgets Falling in Race to Fight Global Warming

10/30/06:  Australia Unveils Test-Tube Koalas

10/30/06:  Report Warns About Global Warming Impact

10/30/06:  Russian Defense Minister Downplays Environmental Fears over Baltic Sea Gas Pipeline

10/30/06:  Climate Negotiators Eye 2008 Elections

10/30/06:  Bengal Tiger Gives Birth to Three Cubs

10/30/06:  Plane Sensors Offering Better Forecasts

10/30/06:  U.N. Says Global Warming Gases on Rise Again

10/30/06:  Farmers Urged to Enroll in Carbon Emissions Trading Program

10/30/06:  Belize Barrier Reef Suffers, Global Warming Blamed

10/30/06:  Americans Favor Environment, but Don't Vote on It

10/29/06:  Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

10/27/06:  Last Bite of the Biscuit

10/27/06:  Hawaiian Teen Named Top Young Scientist

10/27/06:  Deadly Spinach Scare Appears over as Investigators Look to Wild Pigs as Culprits

10/27/06:  New Zealand Smoking in Cars Study Shows It Should Be Banned to Protect Children

10/27/06:  Study: Lake Tahoe Landslide Made Tsunami

10/27/06:  Malaysia's Rights Watchdog Urges Financial Help for Penan tribe

10/27/06:  Four Dead, Hundreds Flee California Wildfire

10/27/06:  Amazon Deforestation Lowest Since 1991

10/27/06:  One of World's Rarest Wildcats Tests Japan's Resolve to Save the Environment

10/26/06:  Wildlife Officials Plan Rescue for Manatee that Made It 700 Miles up Mississippi to Memphis

10/26/06:  Turkmen Leader Promises Free Gas, Electricity and Water to Every Citizen Through 2030

10/26/06:  Cousteau's Widow Opposes Condo Project

10/26/06:  Schwarzenegger Prods Bush on Warming

10/26/06:  Brazil Bus Firm Powers Fleet on Biofuels

10/26/06:  Wal-Mart Wins Preliminary Approval to Build in Cabo, Opponents Vow to Continue Fighting It

10/26/06:  Study Reveals More Sharks than Estimated Killed for Fin Soup

10/26/06:  Washington Landowners to Help Pygmy Rabbits

10/26/06:  Arctic Haze Pollution Thickens Despite Russia Cuts

10/25/06:  How Close to Catastrophe? Saving the Planet Will Require Community Effort

10/25/06:  LA Has Californa's Worst Beach Water

10/25/06:  Australian Government Announces Funding for World's Largest Solar Power Plant

10/25/06:  Researchers Warn About Coral Reef Deaths

10/25/06:  Jewish Symbolic Wall Raises Environmental Concerns

10/25/06:  Indian UN Vet Treats Animal Victims of Lebanon War

10/25/06:  Environment-Friendly Label Pays off for Tourism Businesses

10/25/06:  Panel Says New Great Lakes Water Deal Needed

10/25/06:  Butterfly Tagging Sheds Light on Migrating Monarch

10/24/06:  Two Arrested at Protest at NOAA Office

10/24/06:  EU Governments Back New Air Pollution Rules

10/24/06:  Climate Talks Held Despite Kyoto Rift

10/24/06:  Researchers Abandon Monkey Experiments

10/24/06:  UAE, U.S. Top List of Pressures on Nature, WWF Finds

10/24/06:  Humans Living Far Beyond Planet's Means, WWF Says

10/24/06:  Official Says Tibet Water Diversion Not Feasible

10/24/06:  As Japan's People Grow Older, Bears Grow Bolder

10/23/06:  Research Mice Leaving NYC for Suburbs

10/23/06:  Vermont's Proposal to Manage Trout in State's Section of Batten Kill Reeling in Critics

10/23/06:  Time to Get Serious on 'Bold' Kyoto Successor, WWF Says

10/23/06:  Scientists Say Wood Makes Plastic Stronger

10/23/06:  Asia's Kouprey May Not Be New Species

10/23/06:  Panama Backs Ambitious Canal Expansion Plan in Vote

10/23/06:  Pierce Brosnan, Other Celebrities Protest Natural Gas Facility Proposed for Malibu

10/23/06:  Researchers Developing Purple Tomatoes

10/23/06:  Climate Extremes Are Coming, Study Says

10/20/06:  Week in Review: October 16th - 20th

10/20/06:  Brazil Bus Company Begins Using Biofuel to Combat Pollution, Oil Dependence

10/20/06:  Critics say Easing Limits on Wetlands Development on U.S. Gulf Coast a Risk after Katrina

10/20/06:  Fake Grass, No-Watering Rules -- Such is Life across the Drought-Plagued West

10/20/06:  Companies Invest in Fish-Farming Project

10/20/06:  Ozone Hole Size Sets Record

10/20/06:  Nigeria Scheme Would Turn Pollution to Profit

10/20/06:  U.N. Says Number of Ocean 'Dead Zones' Rise

10/20/06:  NASA Says Greenland Ice Sheet Shrinking Fast

10/20/06:  Rebel Poachers Could Wipe Out Hippos in Congo Park

10/19/06:  Wal-Mart Letting the Sun Shine Iin: The Sky's the Limit

10/19/06:  Seeking a Sustainable Lode

10/19/06:  Rainwater as a Cash Crop

10/19/06:  Greener Growth

10/19/06:  Fewer Pollinators Mean Trouble for Crops

10/19/06:  California Presents Plan to Save Salton Sea

10/19/06:  Mexico Rejects Biotech Corn Planting

10/19/06:  Refugees, Disease Big Risk from Global Warming, U.N. Says

10/19/06:  Fight Over Chimps Enters New Chapter

10/19/06:  DaimlerChrysler in Discussions with German Automakers on Bluetec

10/19/06:  Grammar May Help Fight Bacteria

10/19/06:  Hard Times for Wildlife in Zimbabwe

10/19/06:  Pollution Shortens Life Expectancy Worldwide

10/19/06:  Greens Eye Comeback for American Bison

10/18/06:  California Farms Reeling after Spinach Scare

10/18/06:  Pennsylvania Moves to End Cruelty at Puppy Mills

10/18/06:  Oregon Airport De-Icing System Harms Fish

10/18/06:  Fungal Disease Killing L.A. Palm Trees

10/18/06:  Mega-Resort Proposal Draws Criticism in British Virgin Islands

10/18/06:  Soaring Water-Use Fees Prod California Farmers, Ranchers to Seek More Control

10/18/06:  U.S. Green Groups Donate Cash to Governor Races

10/18/06:  Iceland to Resume Commercial Whaling

10/18/06:  Eat More Fish, U.S. Study Urges, Despite Toxin Risk

10/18/06:  Brazil Tells Foreigners Amazon Not for Sale

10/17/06:  World Urgently Needs Post-Kyoto Climate Deal-UN Says

10/17/06:  North Sea Herring, Hake Stocks Good, but Cod, Flatfish Still Depleted

10/17/06:  Britain Must Cut Flights or Miss CO2 Targets

10/17/06:  Hawaii Remains Vulnerable to Quakes

10/17/06:  Antarctic Ice Collapse Tied to Greenhouse Gases

10/17/06:  Congressman to Push Bill on Sea Lions

10/17/06:  California U.S. Northeast to Unite on Forming CO2 Market

10/17/06:  Ivory Coast Tragedy Highlights Hazardous Waste Trade on Rise

10/16/06:  California Growers Fear Biotech Rice Threat

10/16/06:  Gore's Movie Gets Raves in Berlin,Yawns in Bangkok

10/16/06:  Haze Distresses Orangutans in Indonesian Reserve

10/16/06:  U.S. Approves Montana Mine after Long Ecology Fight

10/16/06:  Schwarzenegger Expands Green Initiatives

10/16/06:  Agency to Test Grasslands Grazing Rules

10/16/06:  Japan Tuna Quota Halved for the Next Five Years

10/16/06:  Aftershocks Keep Hawaiians on Edge Following Magnitude 6.6 Quake

10/16/06:  U.S. Population on Track to 300 Million

10/13/06:  Bering Strait Appeared Earlier than Believed

10/13/06:  Big Grey Mouse First New Mammal Identified in Years

10/13/06:  Task Force Finds Puget Sound Needs Billions

10/13/06:  Tainted Food Scares Prompting More Consumers to Turn to Local Growers, Farmers Markets

10/13/06:  U.S. Spinach E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Cow Manure

10/13/06:  Group Warns Mountains Will Lose Ice Caps

10/13/06:  Democrats Challenge EPA Pesticide Rule

10/13/06:  Madagascar Coral Reefs Damaged

10/13/06:  Climate Change Inaction Will Cost Trillions

10/13/06:  Big Bogs Spurred Ancient Global Warming

10/12/06:  European Commission Threatens 15 EU Governments with Legal Action over Climate Change Plans

10/12/06:  New Type of Mouse Discovered in Cyprus

10/12/06:  Post-Kyoto Climate Talks May Last to 2010, Expert Says

10/12/06:  Indonesians Pray for Rain Ahead of Haze Meeting

10/12/06:  Wasps Released in Louisiana to Combat Bugs

10/12/06:  Canada's Harper Under Fire for Cean Air Plan

10/12/06:  Tissue Manufacturers Get Poor Environmental Marks

10/12/06:  Study Shows Earth Wobbles Linked to Mammal Extinctions

10/12/06:  Targeted Vaccination Could Save Endangered Species

10/12/06:  Home Wind Turbines Turn Fashionable in Britain

10/11/06:  Coast Guard Defends Plan for Live Fire Exercises at Great Lakes

10/11/06:  Doctor Touts Vasectomies for Elephants

10/11/06:  U.S. FDA Told to Watch Nanotech Products for Risks

10/11/06:  Global Warming Seen Pushing up Insurance Costs

10/11/06:  Study Shows Africa Dust May Hamper Hurricanes

10/11/06:  Cockroach-Eating Contest Bugs U.S. Animal Group

10/11/06:  Hooded Seal Returned to the Wild

10/11/06:  Canada's Harper Says Environment Plan in Works

10/11/06:  Poor Weather Forces Alaska Pipeline, Prudhoe Bay Offline

10/10/06:  From Burgers to Spinach, Food Chain is Vulnerable to Outbreaks

10/10/06:  Once All but Disappeared, Texas Bighorn Sheep Now Numerous Enough for Hunting

10/10/06:  Bush Pushes Environment Moves, but Still Draws Ire

10/10/06:  Estonian President Names New Environment Minister

10/10/06:  Fungus Blamed for Washington Porpoise Deaths

10/10/06:  Groups Find Colorful Bird in Colombia

10/10/06:  Asian Nations to Find Ways to Tackle Haze

10/10/06:  Climate Change May Hurt Asian Economies

10/10/06:  Scientists Probe North Korea Nuke Test

10/9/06:  U.S. Pet Lovers Send Dentistry to the Dogs

10/9/06:  Illegal Ivory Trade Prospers in Angola

10/9/06:  Zoologist, Filmmaker Heinz Sielmann Dies

10/9/06:  Haze Brings Misery, Health Problems in Indonesia

10/9/06:  California Grower Recalls Possibly Tainted Lettuce

10/9/06:  Book Predicts Great Lakes Water Fight to Heat Up

10/9/06:  Pakistani Villagers Taught Animal Care in Wake of Quake

10/9/06:  Hungry Critters Attack NYC Ships, Piers

10/9/06:  War Disturbs Turtles in Unlikely Lebanese Refuge

10/9/06:  World Hits Annual Sustainable Resource 'Overshoot'

10/6/06:  Mad Deer Disease May Spread With Saliva

10/6/06:  Malaysia's Air Worsens as Haze Spreads

10/6/06:  Canada Says It Won't Rush to Set Emissions Targets

10/6/06:  Manufacturing Chemical May Hurt Thyroid, U.S. Study Says

10/6/06:  Scientist Warns of Species' Extinction

10/6/06:  Fungus Causes Pumpkins to Develop Mold

10/6/06:  Monster Fossil Found in Jurassic Graveyard

10/6/06:  Greater Diversity of Life in Tropics

10/5/06:  GAO Says Bush Administration, Not Lawsuits, to Blame for Oregon Logging Losses

10/5/06:  Cougars Not Extinguished in Eastern Canada

10/5/06:  U.S. Northeast Could Warm Drastically by 2100, Study Says

10/5/06:  Streaming Video Records Sea Lions' Lives

10/5/06:  WHO Calls for Improved Air Quality, Says Pollution Kills Two Million People Each Year

10/5/06:  EPA Chided Over 'Intersex' Fish Concerns

10/5/06:  Stop Crocodile Hunts, Say Malaysian Wildlife Groups

10/5/06:  Get Ready for Freak Weather, World's Polluters Told

10/4/06:  Forest Service Spends Record $1.5 Billion Fighting Wildfires

10/4/06:  E. Coli Found in Cattle Feces in Spinach Probe

10/4/06:  Canada Begins Talks on Tougher Auto-Emission Rules

10/4/06:  Atlantic Hurricane Season Nearly Over, Forecaster Says

10/4/06:  Brown Widow Makes Its Home on Gulf Coast

10/4/06:  Sewage, Coastal Destruction Threaten Marine Life

10/4/06:  Scientists Question U.S. Government Air Pollution Decision

10/4/06:  United Nations to Consider Deep Sea Trawling Ban

10/4/06:  Great Lakes Dunes Face Threats

10/3/06:  Salmon Farms Kill Wild Fish, Study Shows

10/3/06:  Potomac Sees Increase in Snakehead Fish

10/3/06:  Ameren to Pay Largest Fine in FERC History for Missouri Reservoir Collapse

10/3/06:  Agency Takes Species Off Endangered List

10/3/06:  Alaskan Storm Cracks Iceberg in Antarctica

10/3/06:  Nicaragua Seeks New Canal to Link Atlantic, Pacific

10/3/06:  Ozone Hole Matches Record Size

10/3/06:  U.S. Population to Top 300 Million This Month

10/3/06:  U.S. Swaps Guatemalan Debt for Forest Protection

10/2/06:  More Than One Quarter of Yangtze Water Undrinkable

10/2/06:  Singapore Skies Smoggy from Indonesia Fires; Air Quality Rated Moderate

10/2/06:  U.S. FDA Says Spinach Safe but Has Bigger Concerns

10/2/06:  Proposed Border Fence Could Face Environmental Obstacles in Texas

10/2/06:  Vietnam, U.S. Set New Tone on Dioxin War Legacy

10/2/06:  Scientists to Test Koala Contraceptive

10/2/06:  Ecuadoreans Learn to Live with Danger in a Country Brimming with Active Volcanos

10/2/06:  BP Starts 'Pigging' Alaska Line

9/29/06:  Brazil Greens See Tensions if Lula Wins Second Term

9/29/06:  Gore Presents Global-Warming Message at UN Headquarters

9/29/06:  Icelandic Hydroelectric Project Activated Amid Swirl of Environmentalist Protests

9/29/06:  U.S.-Mexico Border Fence May Harm Animal Migration

9/29/06:  Two of Five Feople Around the World Without Proper Sanitation

9/29/06:  Fishermen Say Seal Numbers Out of Control

9/29/06:  White House Says No Change on U.S. Carbon Strategy

9/29/06:  Canada's Environment Commissioner Calls for Massive Scale Up in Climate Efforts

9/29/06:  Smells Like Trouble: Parasitic Weed Sniffs Out Its Prey

9/28/06:  Bush opposes Mount Hood wilderness bills

9/28/06:  Mexican Garter Snake in Danger

9/28/06:  Trash on Mont Blanc Prompts Calls to Limit Hikers

9/28/06:  Experts Say India, China Must Coordinate to Save Tigers

9/28/06:  Japan Finds Radioactive Matter around U.S. Ship

9/28/06:  Schwarzenegger Signs Landmark Greenhouse Gas Law

9/28/06:  Typhoon Xangsane Batters Philippines, Flooding Towns, Closing Schools and Offices

9/28/06:  Senator Seeks to Speed Nuclear Waste Shipments to Yucca Mountain

9/28/06:  Dead Zone Off Oregon Needs Storms to Break

9/27/06:  U.S. Needs Two New Icebreakers, Study Says

9/27/06:  Researchers See Rare Woodpecker in Florida

9/27/06:  Judge Bans Snowmobiles to Protect Endangered Caribou in Northern Idaho

9/27/06:  Germany to Put Global Warming Back on G8 Agenda

9/27/06:  Rwanda Plans to Import Rhinos to Boost Tourism

9/27/06:  Greenpeace Slings Mud over Indonesia Mudflow Disaster

9/27/06:  Tiger Play at Private Zoo in Vietnam

9/27/06:  Several Asian Nations Unlikely to Meet UN's Safe Water Target

9/27/06:  Journal: Agency Blocked Hurricane Report

9/27/06:  Intact Northern Forests Worth $250 Billion a Year, According to Study

9/26/06:  Diaper Component Tested to Protect Water

9/26/06:  Earth May Be at Warmest Point in One Million Years

9/26/06:  Dolphin May Get a Prosthetic Tail

9/26/06:  Dutch Company Says Chemical Waste in Ivory Coast Contained No Toxic Substances

9/26/06:  Island Mammal Dwarfism Not Just a Matter of Size

9/26/06:  California Herons Move Into Urban Settings

9/26/06:  All 24 Aboard WWF Helicopter Killed in Nepal

9/26/06:  China to Release Rare Tigers to Shrinking Forests

9/26/06:  Scientists Issue Strongest Coral Warning

9/25/06:  Timber Company Appeals Ruling Restoring Forest Protections

9/25/06:  Evangelical Christian Lobbyist Pushes Environment

9/25/06:  Honda Shows Cleaner Next-Generation Diesel, Streamlined Fuel Cell Car

9/25/06:  Antarctic Ozone Hole Nears Record, U.N. Agency Says

9/25/06:  Rampaging Elephants Anger Kenyan Farmers

9/25/06:  Failure of Tsunami Reconstruction Leaves Humanitarian Agencies under Fire

9/25/06:  U.S. Says Will Pull Alaska Wetlands from Oil Drilling

9/25/06:  Indonesia Turns to Greener Motorised Rickshaws

9/22/06:  E. Coli Outbreak Mystifies Investigators

9/22/06:  Next U.S. President Should Engage More on Climate, U.K. Says

9/22/06:  Environmental Battle Heats Up Over New York Tire Burn

9/22/06:  Lebanon Begins To Clean Ravaged Coast After Wartime Oil Spill

9/22/06:  Schwarzenegger, Bloomberg Team on Climate Change

9/22/06:  Army To Test GM Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

9/22/06:  World Heritage Sites May Soon Be off Tourism Map

9/22/06:  New U.S. Air Pollution Rules Rankle Health Groups

9/21/06:  Branson Commits $3 Billion to Fight Global Warming

9/21/06:  Iceland's President Says the World Should Look to Icebound North for Global Change Help

9/21/06:  Protesters Attack Aceh Tsunami Reconstruction Office

9/21/06:  Thaw and Storms Opened Channel to North Pole

9/21/06:  U.S. Judge Rejects Bush Rule on Logging Roads

9/21/06:  Federal Agency Closes Area in Utah to Off-Road Vehicles to Protect Rare Cactus

9/21/06:  California Sues Carmakers over Global Warming

9/21/06:  British Scientists Accuse Exxon Mobil of Funding Groups that Mislead on Climate Change

9/21/06:  Ugandan Rebels Say They Won't Assemble Until They Get Clean Water

9/20/06:  U.N. Says Waste Dumped in Ivory Coast Violated International Agreements

9/20/06:  Bumps on the Road for U.S. Ethanol Vehicles

9/20/06:  Science Group Backs NASA Lunar Plans

9/20/06:  China Needs To Break Ties Between Polluting Industry, Local Officials

9/20/06:  Tainted Spinach Leads to Calls for More Oversight of Farms and Packaging Plants

9/20/06:  Iowa Company Turns to Ammonia for Fuel

9/20/06:  Economists Say Falling Energy Prices May Feel Good, but Aren't a Panacea

9/20/06:  EPA Inspector Criticizes Agency on Fairness of Reviews

9/19/06:  Gore Says Tax Pollution, Not Payrolls

9/19/06:  Fish Used to Detect Terror Attacks

9/19/06:  Study Finds Drugs, Chemicals in Sewage Sludge

9/19/06:  Shark That Walks on Fins Is Discovered

9/19/06:  Minority of FT 500 Firms Shun Climate Change Survey

9/19/06:  Mudflow Forces Indonesians to Camp on Highway

9/19/06:  Investigators Hope Testing Will Reveal Source of E. Coli Linked to Spinach Poisoning

9/19/06:  Three States to Work on Pacific Ocean Health

9/19/06:  Plan: Make Good Food From Intrusive Fish

9/18/06:  Lions Dying in Indian Zoo after Failed Experiment

9/18/06:  Malacca Strait Meeting Asks Users to Help Littoral States

9/18/06:  Ivory Coast Names New Government after Toxic Waste Scandal

9/18/06:  Mayors Gather in Alaska to Talk Warming

9/18/06:  World Water Demand Surging Due to Rising Population

9/18/06:  Schwarzenegger Sends Green Guru to Spread the Word

9/18/06:  World Bank Says Illegal Logging Costing Nations Billions

9/18/06:  Dutch Moving Wind Turbines Offshore

9/18/06:  Eco-Paradises in Crossfire of Water Scarcity Fight

9/15/06:  World has 10-Year Window to Act on Climate Warming - NASA Expert

9/15/06:  World Needs Clearer Rules To Avert Trade Rows

9/15/06:  Cape Town to Increase Shark Patrols

9/15/06:  Interior Officials Say Deal Near on Getting Oil Royalties

9/15/06:  Cousteau Plans Resort in Hawaii That Would Offer Marine Conservation Programs

9/15/06:  Researchers Unlock Genetic Code of Tree

9/15/06:  Environmental Group Sues Federal Government To Halt Sales of Toy Jewelry Containing Lead

9/15/06:  Stratospheric Sulfur Could Stall Global Warming

9/14/06:  Student Says He's Found Spider Species

9/14/06:  Kashmir's Monster Mahseer Carp Set To Make Comeback

9/14/06:  World Has Ten-Year Window To Act on Climate, Expert Says

9/14/06:  Wisconsin Farm Has Third Rare White Buffalo

9/14/06:  Drought-Prone Beijing Must Cap Population Growth

9/14/06:  Thai Monkey Business Over as Orangutan Head Home

9/14/06:  Democrats Ask for Investigation of Former EPA Director on 9/11 Health Issue

9/14/06:  South Pacific States To Sign Whale, Dolphin Conservation Agreement

9/14/06:  Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks, a Sign of Greenhouse Effect

9/13/06:  U.S. Animal Rights Activists Sentenced to Four to Six Years

9/13/06:  Proposal Cuts Murrelet Habitat Area

9/13/06:  Russia Concerned about Energy Project Costs

9/13/06:  New Multicolored Bird Found in India

9/13/06:  Earth Storms Lead to Space Storms, Scientists Say

9/13/06:  Manila Wants to Siphon Oil from Sunken Tanker

9/13/06:  Malaysia Denies Rain Forests Being Destroyed for Palm Oil Cultivation

9/13/06:  Federal Royalties May Be Avoided on Part of Massive New Gulf of Mexico Oil Discovery

9/13/06:  What It Takes to Drive on Vegetable Power

9/12/06:  Federal Agencies Drop Protests to Vegas Plan to Pump Water in Rural Nevada

9/12/06:  South African Environment Minister Issues Warning on Climate Change

9/12/06:  U.N. Sending Expert Team to Help Ivory Coast with Waste Cleanup

9/12/06:  Smelting Plant Blamed for Poisoning Hundreds in China Reported Many Times

9/12/06:  Don't Hurt Rays after Irwin Death, Officials Say

9/12/06:  Europe, Asia Pledge to Cut Emissions

9/12/06:  Isle Royale Wolves Becoming Less Fearful

9/12/06:  Live Bird Flu Virus Vaccine Protects Animals, Study Shows

9/12/06:  Humans Affect Sea Warming in Hurricane Zones

9/11/06:  The Evolution of Socially Responsible Investing

9/11/06:  Zoos Targets for Exotic Animal Thieves

9/11/06:  Jordan River -- Some Are Baptised in It, Others Pollute It

9/11/06:  Chemical Leak Poisons Water Supply in Central China, Report Says

9/11/06:  Destructive Insects on Rise in Alaska

9/11/06:  Global Warming Film Unites Preachers and Politics

9/11/06:  Iceland Resumes Whale Exports after 15-Year Gap

9/11/06:  Sturgeon Slowly Re-Emerge in Great Lakes

9/11/06:  Wyoming Museum Wows with Warhol's Animal Side

9/11/06:  County Plans to Vaporize Landfill Trash

9/8/06:  Global Warming Taking Earth Back to Dinosaur Era

9/8/06:  Three California Trees May Be World's Tallest

9/8/06:  Feds Reject Plan to Create Utah Nuclear Waste Stockpile

9/8/06:  Senate Skeptic of Global Warming Takes Aim at California

9/8/06:  Microbes Can Clean Up Toxic Waste Dumps, Scientist Says

9/8/06:  Canada Native Groups Join to Protect Water Supply

9/8/06:  Christian Group Encourages Recycling

9/8/06:  Africa Said Most at Risk to Ill-Regulated Toxics

9/8/06:  U.S. Court Ruling Blocks Alaska Oil Lease Sale

9/7/06:  China Says Energy Needs Won't Cause Conflict

9/7/06:  New Underground Trigger for Volcano Eruption Found

9/7/06:  Tsunami Spurs Interest in Asian Coasts

9/7/06:  Ivory Coast Government Quits over Dumped Toxic Waste

9/7/06:  Swans Fitted with Transmitters in Bird Flu Fight

9/7/06:  House Approves Bill Giving States Power to Regulate International Trash

9/7/06:  More 'Intersex Fish' Found in Potomac

9/7/06:  U.S. Colleges to Buy Green Power in MTV Competition

9/7/06:  Study Says Methane a New Climate Threat

9/6/06:  Scientist Says Lots of Dinosaurs Remain

9/6/06:  Survey Revives Debate on Nevada Butterfly

9/6/06:  China and Europe to Discuss Energy, Environment

9/6/06:  Hundreds of Chinese Villagers Suffer Lead Poisoning from Smelter

9/6/06:  Oil Pool Tapped in Gulf of Mexico Could Boost U.S. Reserves by 50 Percent

9/6/06:  Brazil Sees Amazon Land Clearing Easing This Year

9/6/06:  Gore Predicts Shift in Bush Climate Policy

9/6/06:  EU Commission Proposes Cleanup Strategy for Mediterranean

9/5/06:  Stingray Deaths Rare, Irwin Extremely Unlucky, Experts Say

9/5/06:  Leaner Designs Fuel Race to Build Next Generation of Reactors

9/5/06:  Dutch Greenhouse Gas Emissions Now at 1990 Levels

9/5/06:  SKorea, Japan Begin Final Day of Talks on Maritime Borders

9/5/06:  Author Sees Science, Religion Saving Environment

9/5/06:  'Chameleon' Schwarzenegger Shows Green in Campaign

9/5/06:  Soaring Natural Gas Prices Spur Widespread Drilling

9/5/06:  Scientists Map Canyon Below Atlantic

9/5/06:  Leaner Designs Fuel Race to Build Next Generation of Reactors

9/4/06:  Anger Mounts over Indonesia Mudflow

9/4/06:  Don't Ditch Dams, World Bank Water Boss Says

9/4/06:  Wind Power a Vexing Question for Vermont

9/4/06:  Wolves Return to Eastern Germany as People Leave

9/4/06:  Climate Panel Lowers Global Warming Forecast, Report Says

9/4/06:  Evolution, Not Just Gluttony, Led to Obesity Pandemic

9/4/06:  Brazil Unveils New Technology to Curb Logging

9/4/06:  Crocodile Hunter Took Risks to Conserve Wildlife

9/1/06:  USAF Planes to Check Typhoon Damage

9/1/06:  U.S. State CO2 Laws Won't Prevent Coal Boom

9/1/06:  Kempthorne Gets Firsthand Look at Oil-Rich Wildlife Refuge in Alaska

9/1/06:  Rich Nations' Greenhouse Gases Up, Despite Kyoto

9/1/06:  Brazil Proposes Fund to Stem Rainforest Cutting

9/1/06:  Mammoth, $200 Million Wind Farm Proposed in Iowa

9/1/06:  Expert Calls for Animal Surveillance in Indonesia

8/31/06:  Brazil Arrests 31 in Environmental Corruption Case

8/31/06:  Earth's Formerly Thin Ozone Layer Is Recovering, Scientists Claim

8/31/06:  Pledges of $3.1 Billion for Environment Project 'Too Little'

8/31/06:  U.S. Science Agency Funds Study Center

8/31/06:  Clean-Up at Plant Along Adriatic Coast Removes 300 Tons of Pesticide

8/31/06:  Drought to Shut Down Canadian Rain Forest Resort

8/31/06:  Alaska Wolf Control Program Faces Battle

8/31/06:  Features of California's Landmark Global Warming Bill

8/31/06:  Schwarzenegger Reaches Deal on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

8/30/06:  Rebuild New Orleans Wetlands, Architect Suggests

8/30/06:  Interior Secretary Says North Slope Drilling Is Safe, Will Proceed

8/30/06:  Green Wave Surges onto Pop Culture's Shores

8/30/06:  Interior Secretary Says North Slope Drilling Is Safe, Will Proceed

8/30/06:  Mud from Indonesian Oil Well Engulfs Key Road Again

8/30/06:  Major Peruvian Gold Mine Reaches Accord with Protesting Farmers

8/30/06:  Scientists Pinpoint Polar Cataclysm Date

8/30/06:  South Africa Arrests Two for White Rhino Poaching

8/30/06:  Inmates Shave Heads to Mop up Philippine Oil Spill

8/29/06:  Ethanol Turned Into Food-Grade Alcohol

8/29/06:  Global Environment Fund Hears Warnings on Climate Change

8/29/06:  Indonesia Orders All Forest Fires Be Extinguished Before President's Visit to Singapore

8/29/06:  Bolivia Revokes Concessions in National Parks

8/29/06:  EU Tells Carmakers to Do More to Cut Carbon Dioxide Emissions

8/29/06:  South Africa Urged to Make 2010 World Cup 'Green'

8/29/06:  Hydrogen Power System Unveiled in Maine

8/29/06:  Bush Marks Katrina Anniversary, Says Recovery Is Just Beginning

8/29/06:  EU Tells Carmakers to Do More to Cut Carbon Dioxide Emissions

8/28/06:  More Tropical Fish Sighted in Rhode Island Water

8/28/06:  Pope Benedict XVI Urges Better Care for the Environment

8/28/06:  Illegal Trade in 'Get Rich' Algae Expands Deserts

8/28/06:  New Orleans Sets Storm Anniversary as Deadline for Home Gutting

8/28/06:  Power Plants Seek Solutions to Mercury

8/28/06:  Brown Bear Released in French Pyrenees Dies in Fall

8/28/06:  Thousands Search for India's Tigers

8/28/06:  Acid Rain Affects Large Swathes of China

8/28/06:  Power Plants Seek Solutions to Mercury

8/25/06:  Greenpeace and French Fishermen End Row over Tuna

8/25/06:  Italians Keep Tabs on Dead Bear's Mother

8/25/06:  Worst Red Tide in Years Hits Puget Sound

8/25/06:  Philippines Hopes to Break World Record with Mass Tree-Planting

8/25/06:  Dam Broken to Restore California Wetlands

8/25/06:  Government Proposes Beginning Oil and Gas Lease Sales in Central Gulf of Mexico

8/25/06:  Rhinos Take First Steps on African Soil

8/25/06:  Judge Strikes Down Pesticide Usage Rule

8/25/06:  L.A. Fights Back after Rural County Bars Its Treated Sewage from Reaching Farmland

8/25/06:  Officials Say Reports of Toxic Soup after Katrina a Myth

8/24/06:  China Says Contains Chemical Spill in River

8/24/06:  French Tuna Fishermen Block Marseille Port

8/24/06:  Groups Ask Judge for Nationwide Suspension of Drug Crop Permits

8/24/06:  China Targets Rising Mountain of High-Tech Junk

8/24/06:  U.S. Government Tracks Manatee Odyssey to Northeast

8/24/06:  Biofuels Could Strain U.N. Goals of Ending Hunger

8/24/06:  Scientists Hope for Kangaroo Contraceptive

8/24/06:  Norway's First Hydrogen Fueling Station Opens

8/24/06:  Ozone Layer on the Mend but Recovery Delayed, U.N. Says

8/23/06:  Drought, Water Worries Cloud Skies for U.S. Farmers

8/23/06:  Judge Rejects Bush Plan to Log in Sequoia National Monument

8/23/06:  Scientists Issue Second Coral Warning Due to High Caribbean Sea Temperatures

8/23/06:  New Shrimp Farm Rules Aim to Save Asian Mangroves

8/23/06:  France Winds Up Bear Repopulation Effort

8/23/06:  New Alliance Seeks to Fight Water Sector Corruption

8/23/06:  Ant Has Fastest Jaw in the World

8/23/06:  China to Spend US$125 Billion to Improve Water Facilities, Combat Pollution

8/23/06:  Experts Say Snail Venom May Have Benefits

8/22/06:  Researchers Hope Bugs Speed Methane Take

8/22/06:  LRA Rebels Extend Ceasefire to Game Rangers in Congo

8/22/06:  Fixing Leaks Can Avert World Water Woes, Expert Says

8/22/06:  It Is Easier to Be Green, but Does It Matter?

8/22/06:  Leading Canada Liberal Proposes Type of Carbon Tax

8/22/06:  Books That Take on the Earth

8/22/06:  Endangered Manatee Spotted Off R.I.

8/22/06:  Scientists Call for Water Conservation

8/22/06:  Chefs: Cook Organically for Taste, Principle

8/21/06:  Ozone-Friendly Chemicals Lead to Warming

8/21/06:  Norway Whalers Land Only Half of Quota

8/21/06:  Snake Harvest Threatens Cambodian Lake

8/21/06:  Bacteria Warnings Hit N.H., Maine Coast

8/21/06:  Singapore Turns to Biodiesel to Fight Rising Fuel Costs

8/21/06:  Grey Jays Hit by Warming as Birds' Freezer Fails

8/21/06:  Food, Biofuels Could Worsen Water Shortages, Report Says

8/21/06:  Carbon Cards: Lifeline for Planet or Big Brother?

8/21/06:  Malaysia's Development Race Puts Mangroves at Risk

8/21/06:  Scientists Call for Radical Action to Ease Water Scarcity

8/21/06:  Texas, Illinois Vie for Near-Zero-Emissions Coal Power Plant Project

8/21/06:  Brazil Soy Industry Boycotts Beans from the Amazon

8/21/06:  Fuel Costs Drive Coin Laundry into Sun-Energy Vanguard

8/21/06:  GM Shows Off New, Green Assembly Plant

8/21/06:  BP Shutting Eight Percent of U.S. Oil Output Due to Spill

8/21/06:  BP Tries to Keep Part of Prudhoe Bay Oil Field Open

8/21/06:  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Urges Puerto Rico to Block Hotel Projects on Beach

8/18/06:  Malaysian State Orders Schools to Suspend Outdoor Activities as Haze Worsens

8/18/06:  Decision Not to Rely on Alaska Crude Pays Off for Refiner

8/18/06:  Hurricane Katrina, Rita Oil Spills Mostly Minor, Didn't Reach Shore

8/18/06:  California on Brink of Global Warming Breakthrough

8/18/06:  Scientist Says Dolphins are Dim-Wits

8/18/06:  U.S. Government Wins Round in Power Struggle with Industrial Plants over Air Pollution

8/18/06:  Whales Strike Out in Collisions with Ships

8/18/06:  Decision Not to Rely on Alaska Crude Pays Off for Refiner

8/18/06:  U.S. Government Wins Round in Power Struggle with Industrial Plants over Air Pollution

8/17/06:  Harvard Dentistry Professor Cleared of Research Misconduct

8/17/06:  Australia Formed by Three-Continent Collision

8/17/06:  Stench of Fuel Hangs over Philippine Marine Park

8/17/06:  The Good Life in Valdez, Alaska, is Directly Related to the Oil Industry

8/17/06:  Heat, Drought Strain China's Power, Water Resources

8/17/06:  Thousands of Katrina Evacuees Seen as Climate Refugees

8/17/06:  Engineered Grass Found Growing in Wild

8/17/06:  Test-Tube Coral Babies May Mend Reefs

8/16/06:  Firefighters Back Off Ontario Industrial Blaze

8/16/06:  Global Warming Affects Hurricane Intensity, U.S. Study Shows

8/16/06:  Congressional Hearing to Look at BP Stewardship of Alaska Oil Field

8/16/06:  Israeli Zoo Animals Show Signs of Stress

8/16/06:  Philippines Battles Major Oil Spill, Fishermen Suffer

8/16/06:  Blue Whale Ancestor Was No Gentle Giant, Report Claims

8/16/06:  China Draws Line in Sand to End Pollution for Good

8/16/06:  Rich Countries Like Poor Face Water Crisis

8/15/06:  Bringing Back the Woolly Mammoth -- Maybe

8/15/06:  China Denies Plundering World's Rain Forests

8/15/06:  Officials Cut Corners with Biotech Crop Permits in Hawaii

8/15/06:  Lebanon to Start Mopping Up Oil Spill This Week

8/15/06:  New Orleans Mayor Halts Dumping at Landfill Opened after Katrina

8/15/06:  World Bank Fine Tunes Clean Energy Funding Proposal

8/15/06:  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Urges Puerto Rico to Block Hotel Projects on Beach

8/15/06:  Australian Farmers Called to Report Ugly Sheep

8/15/06:  Genetic Testing to Help Anglers, Fish

8/15/06:  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Urges Puerto Rico to Block Hotel Projects on Beach

8/14/06:  Cold Can't Stop Alaska Sewage Composting

8/14/06:  Pigeons Beam Air Quality Info to Blog

8/14/06:  NYC Professor Promotes Urban Fish Farm

8/14/06:  Curbs on Mercury only Dent Global Threat

8/14/06:  Two Pairs of Panda Twins Born in China

8/14/06:  Pacific 'Dead Zone' Said to Exceed Fears

8/14/06:  Feds to Increase California No-Fishing Zones

8/14/06:  Dying Salt Marshes Puzzle Scientists

8/14/06:  Caviar, Oil Targeted by Caspian Protection Plan

8/11/06:  China Delays Animal Hunt Licence Auction

8/11/06:  Georgia Drought Halts Boats, but Not Gators

8/11/06:  GM to Show Off Fuel Cell-Powered Car

8/11/06:  BP Tries to Keep Part of Prudhoe Bay Oil Field Open

8/11/06:  Wisconsin Banned From Killing Gray Wolves

8/11/06:  Tourists Flock as Warming Alps Crumble

8/11/06:  Some in California Seek Ice to Ease Crunch

8/11/06:  BP Tries to Keep Part of Prudhoe Bay Oil Field Open

8/10/06:  Streisand Gives One Million Dollars to Clinton Charity

8/10/06:  Stronger Hurricanes Spawn Bigger Storm Surges

8/10/06:  Indonesian Forest Fires Flare, Region Holds Breath

8/10/06:  Brazil Police Arrest 46 in Major Crackdown on Illegal Amazon Logging

8/10/06:  Bill to Curb Greenhouse Gases Poses Dilemma for Schwarzenegger

8/10/06:  BP Alaska Woes Could Hurt ANWR Drilling, Greens Say

8/10/06:  Charity, NAACP Want Independent Testing of FEMA Trailers

8/10/06:  In Warmer World, Even Inuit Buy Air Conditioners

8/9/06:  More Than 100 Forest Fires Rage in Northwest Spain

8/9/06:  Feds Agree to Review Rare Nevada Butterfly

8/9/06:  Killing Pumas Doesn't Lessen Attacks on Man, Study Shows

8/9/06:  Federal Court Rejects Nevada's Objections to Yucca Mountain Waste Transport Plan

8/9/06:  BP Pipeline Woes Preventable, Environmentalists Say

8/9/06:  Penguins Corralled on Texas Highway after Accident

8/9/06:  Washington Abuzz with Arrival of Snow Leopard Cub

8/9/06:  China to Let Tourists Hunt Endangered Species

8/8/06:  Gray Birds Cover 40,000 Miles Annually

8/8/06:  Giant Panda Gives Birth to Giant Cub

8/8/06:  Environmentalists Say Logging Companies Committing Rights Abuses

8/8/06:  U.S. Sees No Gasoline Shortages from Lost Alaska Oil

8/8/06:  After Alaska Disruption, Governors Criticize National Energy Policy

8/8/06:  Hundreds Watch 'Corpse Flower' Bloom

8/8/06:  Manure, Buses Seen Helping Curb Global Warming

8/8/06:  Florida Manatee Takes Rare New York Tour

8/7/06:  Judge Cuts Award for California Dry Cleaning Pollution

8/7/06:  Toronto Judge Refuses to Order Sludge to Michigan

8/7/06:  New Shrimp Nets Help Save Troubled Fish Stocks

8/7/06:  EPA Gives Green Light to One Group of Pesticides, Bans Another

8/7/06:  Scientists Say Warming Triggers Dead Zone

8/7/06:  BP Shutting Eight Percent of U.S. Oil Output Due to Spill

8/7/06:  Tsunami Boosts Illegal Indonesia Logging

8/7/06:  Despite Opposition, Greens Push for Restoration of Yosemite Valley

8/7/06:  Balloons Work with Satellite to Gauge Bad Air Days

8/7/06:  BP Shutting Eight Percent of U.S. Oil Output Due to Spill

8/4/06:  Lebanon Oil Spill Spreads to Syrian Coast

8/4/06:  Sea Urchins Dying Off California Coast

8/4/06:  UK's Jurassic Coast Feels Heat of Climate Change

8/4/06:  Experts Think DNA Technique May Save Whales

8/4/06:  GM Shows Off New, Green Assembly Plant

8/4/06:  NASA Joins Search for Elusive Woodpecker

8/4/06:  Foul Water Put U.S. Swimmers' Health at Risk, Group Says

8/4/06:  Seattle's Green Mayor Brings Kyoto to the Backyard

8/4/06:  GM Shows Off New, Green Assembly Plant

8/3/06:  Israelis Work to Save Pets Abandoned Because of Hezbollah Attacks

8/3/06:  South Africa Whale Burning Draws Crowds of Spectators

8/3/06:  Michigan Island Steeps in Sewage Dispute

8/3/06:  Pesticides Still Found in Coke, Pepsi, Indian Study Shows

8/3/06:  Energy Department to Spend $250 Million on Fuel Study

8/3/06:  Oil Plant Leak Damages Third of Lebanon's Coast

8/3/06:  New Group to Try to Solve Aspen Mystery

8/3/06:  Key Facts about Asia's Endangered Animals

8/3/06:  Chinese Consumer Key to Saving World's Sharks

8/3/06:  Summer Nights Heating Up, Scientists Say

8/2/06:  Senate Approves More Offshore Drilling in Gulf, Sets up Confrontation with House

8/2/06:  Pilots Fly the Flag for South Africa's Environment

8/2/06:  China to Divert Tibet's Waters to Parched West

8/2/06:  New Fight over Canadian Environmental Battleground

8/2/06:  U.S. Praises Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei for Conservation Project on Borneo

8/2/06:  Major World Cities Team Up to Fight Global Warming

8/2/06:  Federal Court Weighs Legality of Bush's Forest Service Road Plan

8/2/06:  Where Are the World's Looming Water Conflicts?

8/2/06:  Bombardment Unleashes Oil, Killing Fish and Turtles in Lebanon

8/1/06:  Politics, Bugs Slow Tsunami Alarm System

8/1/06:  UN Urges Speed in Dealing with Lebanon Oil Slick

8/1/06:  Company Agrees to Limit Its Catch of Chesapeake Bay Fish

8/1/06:  House Report Calls for Changes to Environmental Law

8/1/06:  Florida Purchases Hectares of Wilderness Inhabited by Bears, Panthers

8/1/06:  Britain, California to Work Together on Global Warming

8/1/06:  Western Toads Abundant in Northern Nevada

8/1/06:  Oceans Teem with Bacteria, Study Shows

7/31/06:  Russian Ministry Warns of Environmental Catastrophe after Oil Spill

7/31/06:  Recycling Single-Use Medical Devices Saves Money, Raises Concerns

7/31/06:  Controversial Thai Elephants Ready for Australia

7/31/06:  State of California Receives Part of Long Beach Wetlands

7/31/06:  USDA Sees $10 Billion Cost for Farm Stewardship Plan

7/31/06:  Offshore Drilling Proposal of Intense Interest to Nation's Heartland

7/31/06:  Australian Town Rejects Potable Recycled Sewage Water

7/31/06:  Fuel Costs Drive Coin Laundry into Sun-Energy Vanguard

7/31/06:  Global Illegal Wildlife Trade Worth $10 Billion

7/31/06:  Fuel Costs Drive Coin Laundry into Sun-Energy Vanguard

7/28/06:  Oil Spill Adds Ecological Crisis to Lebanon's Agony

7/28/06:  No Improvement in Florida Sewage Spill Reporting

7/28/06:  Dire Measures Planned, as Britain Faces Worst Drought in Decades

7/28/06:  Cape Cod Wind Power Backers Confident of U.S. Approval

7/28/06:  New Trawling Ban Protects Deep-Sea Alaska Corals

7/28/06:  Audit Shows Toxins Poorly Safeguarded

7/28/06:  Study Shows Water Contaminant Can Cause Cancer

7/28/06:  U.S. Power Group Promoting Global Warming Skeptic

7/28/06:  Energy and Climate Crises: On a Collision Course at a Fork in the Road

7/27/06:  Pilot Whale Near Norwegian Beach Baffles Zoologists

7/27/06:  Condor Chicks Die of West Nile in Idaho

7/27/06:  At Serbian Nuclear Site, Clean-Up Experts Race to Beat Terrorists

7/27/06:  Pro-Whale Protesters Heckle Japan's Ambassador on Whale Watch

7/27/06:  Scientists Say Warming Triggers 'Dead Zone'

7/27/06:  Report Faults EPA on Clean Air Regulation

7/27/06:  Toronto Buildings Going Green on Top, But Very Slowly

7/27/06:  Parts of U.S. West Bar Tree-Cutting on Private Land

7/26/06:  Global Warming Puts Twelve U.S. Parks at Risk

7/26/06:  Senate Bill Would Open Millions of Acres in Gulf of Mexico to Oil, Gas Drilling

7/26/06:  Drought Shrinks Brazil's Famous Iguacu Falls

7/26/06:  Wildfire Burns Near Beverly Hills Neighborhood

7/26/06:  Researchers Discover New Type of Cricket

7/26/06:  Texas, Illinois Vie for Near-Zero-Emissions Coal Power Plant Project

7/26/06:  Study Hints Language Skills Came Early in Primates

7/26/06:  U.S. House May Link Higher Gas Mileage, Oil Drilling

7/26/06:  Brazil Soy Industry Boycotts Beans from the Amazon

7/26/06:  Texas, Illinois Vie for Near-Zero-Emissions Coal Power Plant Project

7/26/06:  Brazil Soy Industry Boycotts Beans from the Amazon

7/25/06:  House Approves Wilderness Bills

7/25/06:  Rare Ibis Tagged in Race to Save Bird of Pharaohs

7/25/06:  Record Heat Pushes California Power Close to Breaking

7/25/06:  U.S. Duck Hunter Exposed to Type of Bird Flu, Study Finds

7/25/06:  Amazon Indians Want Court to Speed Up Chevron Case

7/25/06:  Texas Tops in Wind Energy Production

7/25/06:  Hundreds of Wisconsin Bass Found Dead After Meet

7/25/06:  Feds Deny Wyoming Petition to Delist Wolves

7/25/06:  Last Bald Eagle Released in Vermont Program

7/24/06:  Nine Missing Environmentalists Freed by Rebels

7/24/06:  Gorbachev: 'Time for Countries to Address Global Environmental Crisis'

7/24/06:  New Zealand Lawmaker to Take Japan Envoy on Whale-Watching Trip

7/24/06:  Study Bolsters Protecting Jumping Mouse

7/24/06:  Chinese Police Detains Smuggler of Panda Cub Fur

7/24/06:  Heatwave in Europe, U.S. But Is It Climate Change?

7/24/06:  Alaskan Fishermen Pull Up Slew of Squid

7/24/06:  Warmer Waters Disrupt Pacific Food Chain

7/21/06:  Former Soviet Leader Gorbachev Urges Australia, U.S. to Sign Kyoto Protocol

7/21/06:  Woodpecker Halts Arkansas Irrigation Project

7/21/06:  Global Warming Disputes Heat Up Congress

7/21/06:  Scientists Map Submerged Sand Dunes Off San Francisco

7/21/06:  China Farms Losing US$2.5 Billion a Year to Pollution

7/21/06:  Louisiana Governor Sues Federal Agency over Offshore Environmental Damage

7/21/06:  World's Tiger Habitat Said Down 40 Percent

7/21/06:  Engineers to Build Everglades Reservoir

7/20/06:  Birdwatching Tourism Ready for Take-Off in Eritrea

7/20/06:  Alaska Regulators Push Tighter Rules after BP Leaks

7/20/06:  Hungary PM Declines Greenpeace Offer of Land

7/20/06:  Britain May OK Pollution 'Points' Trades

7/20/06:  Scientists Want Global Body to Conserve Biodiversity

7/20/06:  To Move Trash Out, New York City Dumps Trucks for Barges

7/20/06:  Camera Now Tracks Alaska Brown Bears

7/20/06:  China Vegetables to Get Olympic Identity Codes

7/20/06:  Alaska Regulators Push Tighter Rules after BP Leaks

7/20/06:  To Move Trash Out, New York City Dumps Trucks for Barges

7/19/06:  Volunteers Pluck Eight Million Pounds of Trash from Beaches

7/19/06:  Japan Plans 30-Year Supercomputer Forecasts

7/19/06:  New Opening Date for Yucca Mountain Waste Dump Is 2017

7/19/06:  Toyota to Pursue Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

7/19/06:  Haifa Zoo Uses Bomb-Proof Cages to Secure Carnivores

7/19/06:  Fire Ants on the Rise in Coastal Virginia

7/19/06:  Falcons Get Glimpse of New Texas Habitat

7/19/06:  Britain's Solar Boat a Scientific Advance

7/19/06:  High Pesticide Exposure Found among Migrant Workers

7/19/06:  Study Finds Beaches Sicken 1.5 Million in California

7/19/06:  Toyota to Pursue Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

7/18/06:  House Concurs with US-Russia Accord on Polar Bears

7/18/06:  Crops Wither under Stifling Heat Wave

7/18/06:  Endangered Flowers Trigger Fight over California Housing Development

7/18/06:  Average Fuel Economy Showed No Improvement in U.S. This Year

7/18/06:  Killer Salinity Rings Australia's Desert Heart

7/18/06:  Greenland Opens New Round of Concessions for Oil Exploration in Fragile Arctic

7/18/06:  Darfur Peace Must Address Water Crisis, Economist Says

7/18/06:  China to Invest $175 Billion in Environment Clean-Up

7/18/06:  Honda Uses Ice-Making Plant to Cool Workers

7/18/06:  Endangered Flowers Trigger Fight over California Housing Development

7/17/06:  Two Humpbacks Entangled off New England

7/17/06:  Florida Authorities Begin Gator-Feeding Sting

7/17/06:  Big Wildebeest Migration Good Sign for Post-War Angola

7/17/06:  California Agency Probes Where Insecticides Go

7/17/06:  G8 Document Shows Splits on Nuclear, Climate Issues

7/17/06:  Program Lets Forests Grow Longer to Combat Global Warming

7/17/06:  Gators, Manatees, Vultures Share NASA Launch Site

7/17/06:  Pacific Mangroves Disappearing under Rising Seas

7/17/06:  EPA Orders Phase-Out of Dry Cleaning Chemical

7/17/06:  Biotech Playing Role in Clothing Industry

7/17/06:  EPA Orders Phase-Out of Dry Cleaning Chemical

7/17/06:  Biotech Playing Role in Clothing Industry

7/14/06:  Finches on Galapagos Islands Evolving

7/14/06:  Huge California Fire Sweeps toward Resort Town, Forest

7/14/06:  U.N. Adds 18 Sites to Heritage List, but Not Everest

7/14/06:  Researchers Hope to Foster Fish Farming in Georgia

7/14/06:  Mountain Lions and Fear Growing Out West

7/14/06:  G8 Draft Highlights Deep Split over Nuclear Energy

7/14/06:  Meerkats Offer Paws-On Lessons to Young

7/13/06:  Wildfire Burns out of Control in California Desert

7/13/06:  Lobstermen Can Earn More with Fewer Traps

7/13/06:  Washington State Seeking to Bar More Waste from Hanford Nuclear Site

7/13/06:  China Giant Panda Sanctuary Put on UN Heritage List

7/13/06:  Group Files Lawsuit to Prevent New Grazing Rules

7/13/06:  EU Proposes Tougher Rules on Pesticides

7/13/06:  Greenpeace Warns Drift Nets Threatening Mediterranean Marine Life

7/13/06:  Gore Praises Wal-Mart for Sustainability Plans

7/13/06:  'Ferocious Fossils' Found in Australia

7/13/06:  Gore Praises Wal-Mart for Sustainability Plans

7/12/06:  EU's Barroso Urges G8 to Agree on Energy, Africa

7/12/06:  New Assessment of Dioxin Cancer Risk Needed

7/12/06:  Santiago's Killer Smog is Getting Worse Again

7/12/06:  Pearl Jam Donates Green to Offset Carbon Emissions

7/12/06:  Higher Mercury Levels Found in Imported Tuna

7/12/06:  Feds May Let Acres of Salty Farmland Go Fallow

7/12/06:  No Energy Security without Climate Security

7/12/06:  Volcanic Leaks Point to Climate Gas Storage Risks

7/12/06:  Brown Tide Blooms in Washington's Waters

7/12/06:  Happy Isle Tops Happy Planet Index

7/12/06:  Pearl Jam Donates Green to Offset Carbon Emissions

7/11/06:  USDA Questions Sugar-To-Ethanol Profits

7/11/06:  Canada Farm Quarantined in Suspected Mad Cow Case

7/11/06:  Drought Makes Louisiana Feel More Like Texas than Subtropics

7/11/06:  Endangered Cuckoo Spotted in Indonesia

7/11/06:  Ethanol Won't Solve Energy Problems

7/11/06:  Bush Urges Senate to Approve Science Research Funds

7/11/06:  Socializing Helped Ebola Wipe Out Gorillas

7/11/06:  Climate Change Could Slash U.S. Wine Industry

7/11/06:  USDA Questions Sugar-To-Ethanol Profits

7/10/06:  As Land Values Rise, Mobile Home Park Breathes Its Last

7/10/06:  China Panda, Born to Be Wild, Coping Well

7/10/06:  Geologists Hope Rocks Help Unravel Planet's Secrets

7/10/06:  Fugitive Otter Recaptured after Month on the Run

7/10/06:  Nuclear Waste Looms As Challenge in Asia

7/10/06:  Baghdad Treatment Plant Pumps Plenty, but Can't Deliver

7/10/06:  Tom Brokaw Joins the Battle against Global Warming

7/10/06:  U.S. Farm Town Tries for All-Renewable Energy

7/10/06:  As Land Values Rise, Mobile Home Park Breathes Its Last

7/7/06:  The Upside of Green Business

7/7/06:  Admiral Seeks Agreement Over Whales, Sonar

7/7/06:  Climate Change Blamed for Western U.S. Wildfires

7/7/06:  Fish Sold as 'Wild' May Have Come from the Farm

7/7/06:  Overfishing Among Threats to Ecosystems

7/7/06:  Most Endangered Whale Gets Protection

7/7/06:  Environmental Movement in the Religious Mainstream

7/7/06:  The Upside of Green Business

7/6/06:  Companies Agree to No-Fishing Zone in Indian Ocean

7/6/06:  Florida Coral Battered by Hurricanes and Disease

7/6/06:  Green Group Buys Out Fishermen to Protect Ocean Floor

7/6/06:  Environmental Group Asks EU to Extend Anchovy Fishing Ban in Bay of Biscay

7/6/06:  Canada, Mexico, U.S. Agree to Protect Butterflies

7/6/06:  Conservation Group Warns Tuna Threatened

7/6/06:  Bushmeat Sold in Secret European, U.S. Markets

7/6/06:  Fossil Fuels Said to Damage Ocean Life

7/6/06:  Green Group Buys Out Fishermen to Protect Ocean Floor

7/6/06:  House of Lords Rules Bangladeshi's Suit over Arsenic Poisoning is 'Hopeless'

7/6/06:  Family Gets Weather Record-Keeping Award

7/6/06:  Navy to Use Passive Sonar in Exercise

7/6/06:  Climate Change Evaporates from G8 Agenda

7/6/06:  Confidence in Ability to Control Weather Dries Up

7/6/06:  Wildfires Force Evacuations in Western Canada

7/6/06:  Florida Looks to Biofuels to Fix Energy Woes

7/6/06:  Bald Eagles Recovering Across the Country

7/4/06:  UN Sees Staggering Obstacles to Development Goals

7/4/06:  Jordan Asks Syria for 15 Million Cubic Meters of Water

7/4/06:  'Give Us Our Bear Back' Angry Italy Tells Germans

7/4/06:  Judge Stops U.S. Navy Using Sonar off Hawaii

7/4/06:  Appeals Court Allows Suit against Canadian Smelter to Go Forward

7/4/06:  Scientists Say Warm Seas Threaten Coral

7/4/06:  Low Water in North America's Great Lakes Causes Worry

7/3/06:  New Delhi Hospital Cares for Injured Birds

7/3/06:  Deal Reached to Restore Salmon in California's San Joaquin River

7/3/06:  Booming Development Driving away Persian Gulf's Endangered Wildlife

7/3/06:  Pentagon Exempts Navy from Whale Protection Law

7/3/06:  China Offers Hungry Elephants 'Dinner Halls'

7/3/06:  Eritrea's Dahlak Islands Teem with Life

7/3/06:  'Green' Burials Growing in Popularity

7/3/06:  China Opens High-Altitude Tibet Railway Line

6/30/06:  Northeast U.S. Floods Stir Global Warming Debate

6/30/06:  World Bank Internal Review Slams Its Forestry Program in Cambodia

6/30/06:  Groups Sue to Stop Navy From Using Sonar

6/30/06:  Ford Drops Focus on Hybrids, Shifts to Biofuels

6/30/06:  House Lifts Offshore Drilling Ban, but a Battle Looms in Senate

6/30/06:  California Smog Rules May Be Used Nationwide

6/30/06:  Baby Rhino Tracks in Malaysia Raise Hopes

6/30/06:  New Rule Protects Alaska's Coral Gardens

6/30/06:  Ford Drops Focus on Hybrids, Shifts to Biofuels

6/29/06:  Is the Smart Car Smart? Americans Are Unconvinced

6/29/06:  Japan to Fight Global Warming, Oil Prices by Replacing Gas Cars with Ethanol Ones by 2030

6/29/06:  Scores of Dead Birds Wash up Along California Beach

6/29/06:  House Makes Another Try to End Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Ban

6/29/06:  GAO Says EPA Suffers from Chronic Management Problems

6/29/06:  U.S. Group Launches Effort to Establish Wildlife Reserves in Afghanistan

6/29/06:  Big Three Cars Emit 230 Million Tons of Greenhouse Gas

6/29/06:  Marine Parks Failing to Protect Coral Reefs

6/29/06:  Oregon Timber Sale Awarded as Efforts to Stop It Continue

6/29/06:  U.S. Automakers to Double Production of Flexible-Fuel Vehicles

6/29/06:  Is the Smart Car Smart? Americans Are Unconvinced

6/29/06:  Big Three Cars Emit 230 Million Tons of Greenhouse Gas

6/29/06:  U.S. Automakers to Double Production of Flexible-Fuel Vehicles

6/28/06:  Guyana Sets Up Fishing Restrictions to Help Endangered Sea Turtles

6/28/06:  Organic Dairy Growth Raises Concerns

6/28/06:  EU Governments Move Closer to Agreement to Cut Air Pollution

6/28/06:  Big Bats Show Puzzling Fondness for Small Places

6/28/06:  Domenici Offers Temporary Nuclear Waste Storage Proposal

6/28/06:  Scientists OK Gore's Movie for Accuracy

6/28/06:  Navy to Use Sonar That May Affect Whales

6/28/06:  Environmental Degradation Could Destroy African Economy

6/28/06:  Sunken Ships Eyed for Storm Barriers

6/28/06:  Al Gore, Dave Matthews Band, Corporations Offsetting Pollution

6/28/06:  Organic Dairy Growth Raises Concerns

6/27/06:  U.S. Won't Rule out Joining Kyoto Successor

6/27/06:  Ontario Urges U.S. Co-Operation on Air Pollution

6/27/06:  New Color-Changing Snake Found in Borneo, WWF Says

6/27/06:  U.S. Has Duty to Lead on Global Warming

6/27/06:  Connecticut Scientists Investigate Marsh Die-Off

6/27/06:  Farmers Try to Preserve Dwindling Breeds

6/27/06:  Scientists Seek to Spy on World's Fish

6/27/06:  Supreme Court Takes Up What Could Be Key Ruling on Climate Change

6/26/06:  Supreme Court Will Hear Important Environment Case

6/26/06:  Small Utah Tribe Bitterly Divided over Storing Radioactive Waste

6/26/06:  Possibly Intoxicated Pelican Runs into Windshield

6/26/06:  U.S. Forest Service Workers Report Growing Dangers on the Job

6/26/06:  Tighter Antarctic Protection Measures on Hold

6/26/06:  Baby Pelicans Starving Along California Coast

6/26/06:  Rainy Netherlands Hosts Solar Boat Race

6/26/06:  Denmark to Set Up Ice Cap Stations

6/26/06:  Boat Speed Limit Proposed to Save Whales

6/26/06:  Harriet, 176-Year-Old Giant Tortoise, Dies

6/26/06:  Environmental Groups Wouldn't Support Caribbean Tourism Boycott

6/23/06:  Wind Farm Kills Nine Eagles in Norway

6/23/06:  Primatologists Aim to Ape Bird Watchers

6/23/06:  Malagasy Corals Defy Bleaching, Need Protection

6/23/06:  EPA Plan Targets Animal Waste and Water

6/23/06:  Goodall, Others Oppose Research on Monkeys

6/23/06:  Merck Research Plant Chemicals Kill Fish in Pennsylvania Federal Authorities Say

6/23/06:  China Gives Extra-Picky Pandas Their Space

6/23/06:  Sea Lions and Dolphins May Join War Games

6/23/06:  From World Cup to World Bank, Climate Actions Rise

6/23/06:  Earth Hottest It's Been in 2,000 Years

6/23/06:  Merck Research Plant Chemicals Kill Fish in Pennsylvania Federal Authorities Say

6/22/06:  Group Offers $10K for Woodpecker Evidence

6/22/06:  Japanese Whaling Communities on Front Lines of Campaign to Overturn Hunting Ban

6/22/06:  New Science Shows Greenhouse Gases Under-Reported

6/22/06:  More Pandas in China Than First Thought

6/22/06:  Brazil Creates Three New Protected Areas in Amazon Rainforest

6/22/06:  Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Cape Cod Wind Farm

6/22/06:  Stephen Hawking Warns About Global Warming

6/22/06:  Offshore Drilling Bill Advances in House

6/22/06:  Hydraulic Hybrid Trucks Promise Fuel Savings, Cleaner Air

6/22/06:  Bush Administration Agrees to Protect Roadless Forests in Three States from Logging

6/21/06:  Catches of Ancient Fish off Africa Worry Greens

6/21/06:  Condors Seen at Risk for Lead Poisoning

6/21/06:  U.S. Says It Won't Cut Deals with Japan over Whaling

6/21/06:  E.U., U.S. Agree to 'Urgent' Action on Climate Change

6/21/06:  Sierra Club Investing Heavily in State Races

6/21/06:  Liberia Seeks Prosperity from Blood-Stained Forests

6/21/06:  Americans Prefer Video to National Parks, Study Finds

6/21/06:  Alaskan Eskimos Fear Whaling Future under Threat

6/20/06:  Arkansas Researcher Says Some Bats Bounce Back

6/20/06:  Giant Panda's Future Looks Brighter, Study Finds

6/20/06:  World Must Come to Aid of Urban Poor, UN Official Says

6/20/06:  Sharply Divided Supreme Court Tackles Wetland Protection

6/20/06:  IWC Calls for Reduced Oil Industry Air Gun Impact

6/20/06:  Conference Studies How to Make Biodiversity Pay off for Africa

6/20/06:  Scientists Take Cues from Nature to Solve Tech Problems

6/20/06:  Free Fish Program Stocks Private Ponds

6/20/06:  Researchers Work on Alternative Jet Fuel

6/19/06:  India to Give Army Powers to Protect Wildlife

6/19/06:  Ethanol's Water Demands Cause for Scrutiny, Not Alarm

6/19/06:  Work Begins on Global Seed Bank on Arctic Island

6/19/06:  Japan Wins Pro-Whaling Vote, First in Two Decades

6/19/06:  UAF Gets $1M to Study Sea Ice in Arctic

6/19/06:  America's National Parks Face Pressures

6/19/06:  Coral Reef Ecosystem May Fight Illnesses

6/19/06:  New Hope for Madgascar's Rare Birds

6/19/06:  Newest National Monument a Scenic Wonder, But Few Can Visit

6/16/06:  Photos Taken of 'Living Fossil' in Laos

6/16/06:  Fugitive Bear Hit by Car in Southern Germany

6/16/06:  Whale Carcass Found in Central Alaska, 1,000 Miles from Its Ocean Habitat

6/16/06:  Millions of People Die Annually from Preventable Environmental Causes

6/16/06:  Myth that Green Protection Hits Economy, UNEP Says

6/16/06:  Japan Unsure of Pro-Whaling Majority at Meeting

6/16/06:  Thawing Permafrost Could Unleash Tons of Carbon

6/16/06:  Foreign Oil Woes Drive Trend toward Deepwater Drilling

6/16/06:  Myth that Green Protection Hits Economy, UNEP Says

6/15/06:  China Orders Cities to Restore Bicycle Lanes Lost to Car Boom

6/15/06:  Environmentalists Ask Judge to Stop Logging in Burned-over Section of National Forest

6/15/06:  Elephants Drive Hundreds of Bangladeshis onto Boats

6/15/06:  Scientists Urge G8 Not to Ignore Global Warming

6/15/06:  Chinese Officials Rush to Clean River Polluted by Tons of Coal Tar

6/15/06:  Wildfires Burn More than 20,000 Acres across Arizona

6/15/06:  Northwest Hawaiian Islands to Get Monument Status

6/15/06:  Chemicals Harming Polar Bears, Belugas, Seals

6/14/06:  Greenpeace Ship Barred from Caribbean Whale Venue

6/14/06:  Conservationists Get Rare Glimpse of Borneo Rhino

6/14/06:  South Carolina Scientists Find New Shark Species

6/14/06:  African Leaders Pledge Farming Green Revolution

6/14/06:  Japanese No Longer Like Whale Meat, Anti-Whalers Claim

6/14/06:  Scientists Launch Project to Save Caspian Beluga

6/14/06:  Katrina Cleanup Sparks Fear of Toxic Trash

6/14/06:  Study Says Polar Bears May Turn to Cannibalism

6/13/06:  China Three Gorges Activist Beaten, Rights Group Says

6/13/06:  California Appeals Court to Hear Arguments on Proposed Biodefense Lab

6/13/06:  New Video Shows Harpooned Whales Take Too Long to Die, Animal Rights Groups Say

6/13/06:  Beijing Orders a Day without Cars, Elevators, Air Conditioning for Civil Servants

6/13/06:  U.S. Government Plans to Phase out Use of Common Pesticide on Fruit, Other Crops

6/13/06:  Gore to Train 1,000 to Spread Word about Climate

6/13/06:  Biologists, Criminalists are Developing 'CSI'-Type Standards to Catch Underwater Perps

6/12/06:  Bird Flu Fear Doesn't Deter Alaska's Hunters

6/12/06:  Gypsy Moth Invasion Ruining N.J. Forests

6/12/06:  China's Yellow River Estuary Cleanest in Years

6/12/06:  Forest Service Auctions Timber from Burned-Over Section of National Forest

6/12/06:  U.N. Scheme to Save One Billion Tonnes of Greenhouse Gas

6/12/06:  Eagles from Maryland Helping to Establish Population in Vermont

6/12/06:  Japan Tries to Cut Down on Plastic Bags

6/12/06:  Wyoming Antelope Heading to Mexico

6/12/06:  Brazilian Police Crack Down on Illegal Logging in Amazon Rain Rorest

6/12/06:  Feds Propose Habitat for Puget Sound Orcas

6/9/06:  Shrinking Dead Sea Faces Fight to Survive

6/9/06:  Canada Wrests Oil from Sands, but at What Cost?

6/9/06:  Chicken Farmers to Try Trees to Cut Odors

6/9/06:  California Bill Would Require Evacuation Plans for Pets, Livestock

6/9/06:  High Nest, Low Blows Rivet Web Audience

6/9/06:  A 'Summer of Green,' the Ultimate Guide to U.S. National Forests, and Medicines in Our Waterways

6/8/06:  Expert Says Meteor May Have Caused Extinction

6/8/06:  Japan Plans New Pro-Whalers Group to End Hunting Ban

6/8/06:  Indian Carpool Portal on Call as Fuel Prices Rise

6/8/06:  Population of Endangered Dolphins Rises

6/8/06:  Bush Hosts Ceremonial Swearing-in for Interior Secretary

6/8/06:  Fiji War Chant Used to Spur Marine Conservation

6/8/06:  Prototype Toilets Aim to Flush away Beijing Drought

6/8/06:  Bank of America to Offer Incentives to Buy Hybrids

6/8/06:  Florida to Remove Manatee from Endangered List

6/7/06:  Construction on World's Largest Solar Power Plant Starts in Southern Portugal

6/7/06:  Two Frog Species Feared Extinct Found in Colombia

6/7/06:  Plan to Raise Missouri River Leads to Concerns about Flooding, Shortages

6/7/06:  Oil Slick Threatens Tourist Beaches in India's Goa

6/7/06:  U.S. Envoy Urges Hong Kong Businesses to Lead on Pollution

6/7/06:  Ag Secretary Says Bird Flu Easily Found

6/7/06:  Australian Zoos Halt Bid to Move Thai Elephants

6/7/06:  Australia to Examine Nuclear Power Industry

6/7/06:  Tilting at Turbines: Talk Swirls of Great Lakes Offshore Windmills

6/7/06:  U.S. Envoy Urges Hong Kong Businesses to Lead on Pollution

6/6/06:  Bulldozing the Bottom of the Sea

6/6/06:  Indian Court Allows 'Toxic' Ship to Drop Anchor

6/6/06:  Nigeria's Oil Delta Faces Escalation of Violence

6/6/06:  China Says Pollution Will Worsen with Economic Boom

6/6/06:  U.N. Warns of Conflict Risk from Growth of Deserts

6/6/06:  London Celebrates Environment Day with World's Longest Clothesline

6/6/06:  Exxon Pushes Kinder, Gentler Face to Win Hearts

6/6/06:  Brazil OKs Paving Amazon Road on Environment Day

6/6/06:  Black Sea Summit Opens in Romanian Capital

6/6/06:  Mexico's 'Green Wall' Preserves, Protects Rio Grande

6/6/06:  China Says Pollution Will Worsen with Economic Boom

6/6/06:  Exxon Pushes Kinder, Gentler Face to Win Hearts

6/5/06:  France Ignores Protests, Releases Bear in Pyrenees

6/5/06:  Recovery of Lake Offers Hope for Acid Rain-Ravaged Region

6/5/06:  Greenpeace Says Brazilian Internet User Urged Killing Priests, Activists

6/5/06:  World's Key Deserts in Danger from Climate Change

6/5/06:  Deal Reached on Columbia River Pollution Study

6/5/06:  New Generation of 'Green' Activists at U.S. Colleges

6/5/06:  Environment Groups Lobby against U.S. Ice Highway across Antarctica

6/5/06:  Globe Confronts Warming As Emissions Grow

6/5/06:  Ethanol Grabs Attention of White House, Wall Street, Automakers

6/5/06:  Is Corporate America Going Green?

6/5/06:  Ethanol Grabs Attention of White House, Wall Street, Automakers

6/5/06:  Is Corporate America Going Green?

6/2/06:  Pakistan Investigates Killing of Rare Leopard

6/2/06:  New Orleans Sinking Faster than Thought

6/2/06:  At Season End, Future Dims for Gaza Harvest Project

6/2/06:  Whalers May Take Step to End Hunting Ban, Whaling Commissioner Says

6/2/06:  Treasury Nominee Brings New Views on Environment to Bush

6/2/06:  U.S. Government Sees 'Smooth Transition' to Cleaner Diesel

6/2/06:  Emissions Grow, Temperatures Rise, Talks Advance as Globe Confronts Warming

6/2/06:  Stick up for Chickens, U.S. Animal Activists Say

6/2/06:  At Season End, Future Dims for Gaza Harvest Project

6/1/06:  New Forecast: Hot and Hotter

6/1/06:  Studies portray tropical Arctic in distant past

6/1/06:  Wild Birds Role Unclear in Spreading Bird Flu

6/1/06:  Iowa Ape Research Facility to Offer Tours

6/1/06:  Scientists Say Warming Threatening Florida

6/1/06:  China Cracking Down on Illegal Timber from Myanmar

6/1/06:  Contaminated Water Leaves Nine Dead, 19,000 Sick in Eastern Pakistan

6/1/06:  Study Finds Yellowstone Air Quality Worsening

6/1/06:  Scientists Say Arctic Once Was Tropical

6/1/06:  Women's Help Vital in Slowing Spread of Deserts

5/31/06:  U.S. Has Easy Ride under Kyoto, U.N. Official Says

5/31/06:  Philippines Shuts Down KFC Outlet for Pollution

5/31/06:  Greenpeace Says Nuclear Waste Seeping into Groundwater from French Storage Site

5/31/06:  Dutch Preparing for 14-Inch Ocean Rise by 2050

5/31/06:  Australia Lobbies Pacific Nations against Whaling

5/31/06:  States Restrict Firewood to Stop Bug

5/31/06:  Study Finds Global Warming Boosts Poison Ivy

5/31/06:  Group Advocates Clean-Running School Buses

5/31/06:  Judge Rules Sea Lion Research Violates Laws

5/31/06:  China Warns of Toxic Baby Bottles

5/31/06:  Philippines Shuts Down KFC Outlet for Pollution

5/30/06:  Top Bollywood Filmmakers Defend Aamir Khan over Dam Comment Dispute

5/30/06:  State, Advocates Look to Give New Yorkers a New Beach

5/30/06:  China, India, Brazil Could Slash Energy Use, Report Says

5/30/06:  Romania Borrows $70 Million to Modernize Water Infrastructure

5/30/06:  E.U. Urges Europeans to Act Locally to Help Stop Global Warming

5/30/06:  Poorly Mapped and Policed, Amazon Rain Forest Suffers from a Settler Influx

5/30/06:  Where the Buffalo Roam a Sore Topic in Montana

5/30/06:  China Says It's Slowing Rate of Desertification

5/30/06:  Pollution Market Collapses -- But Without Triggering Concern Among Experts

5/30/06:  Pollution Market Collapses -- But Without Triggering Concern Among Experts

5/29/06:  Oxford University Wins Animal Rights Injunction

5/29/06:  Complex Views of Cars and Higher Gas Prices Found during a Drive across Nation

5/29/06:  U.S. Bill Lets 9-11 Victims File Asbestos Fund Claims

5/29/06:  Toepfer Warns Climate Change Could Destabilise World

5/29/06:  From Biofuels to Wind, Quest for Energy Alternatives Steps Up

5/29/06:  Repeat Hurricanes Test Coastal Recovery

5/29/06:  Chronology: Recent Pacific Rim Earthquakes

5/29/06:  Alligators Abound During Annual Florida Count

5/28/06:  U.N. Conference Backs Crackdown on Illegal Fishing

5/28/06:  Kyoto States to Discuss Post-2012 Cuts

5/28/06:  U.S. Senate Confirms Kempthorne to Head Interior

5/26/06:  EW review: Gore's brilliant 'Truth'

5/26/06:  Park a Marriage of Recreation, Filtration

5/26/06:  Chesapeake Bay Underwater Grasses Rebound

5/26/06:  Drug Trade, Land Grabs Threaten Guatemala Rainforest

5/26/06:  U.S. House Votes for Oil Drilling in Alaska Refuge

5/26/06:  Report Says Tropical Timber is Better Protected, Not Safe

5/26/06:  Southeast Asia Plans Wildlife Crime-Busting Units

5/26/06:  Subtropic Warming Could Mean Bigger Deserts, Study Shows

5/25/06:  India Bans Drug Threatening to Wipe out Vultures

5/25/06:  Mexican Artisans Turn Trash into Fashion, Send Candy Wrapper Purses Globally

5/25/06:  UConn Scientists Probe Sea Squirt Invasion

5/25/06:  Research Group Says School Buses are Exposing Students to Pollution

5/25/06:  Bush Asserts That More Nuclear Power Will Reduce Greenhouse Gas

5/25/06:  China Struggles to Stop Its Largest Lake Shrinking

5/25/06:  Cape Baboons: Hairy, Hungry and in the House

5/25/06:  U.S. Beachgoers at Risk from Polluted Water, Group Says

5/25/06:  Mexican Artisans Turn Trash into Fashion, Send Candy Wrapper Purses Globally

5/24/06:  Gore's 'Truth' Turns up the Heat

5/24/06:  Feds Reject Petition to List Spotted Owl

5/24/06:  Desalination Plant Planned for London Would Increase Carbon Emissions, Mayor Tells Inquiry

5/24/06:  First Bavarian Bear in 170 Years Returns to Austria

5/24/06:  Clinton Seeks 'Revolution' to Cut U.S. Oil Imports

5/24/06:  Australian Study Says Global Warming Speeding Up

5/24/06:  UN Conference Shies from Rewriting UN Fishing Pact

5/24/06:  Environmental Group Sues Government over Gas Mileage Rules

5/24/06:  Study Says Oregon Power Plant Spreads Haze

5/24/06:  Sand Can Be Polluted Even with Clean Water

5/24/06:  Rocky Mountain Elk Plan May Cost $18 Million

5/24/06:  Desalination Plant Planned for London Would Increase Carbon Emissions, Mayor Tells Inquiry

5/24/06:  Study Says Oregon Power Plant Spreads Haze

5/23/06:  Beijing Wages War Against Termites, Hungry Moths

5/23/06:  Expert Sees Bird Flu Not Reaching U.S. Soon

5/23/06:  Iran Nuclear Plans May Be Environmental Hazard, UAE Says

5/23/06:  Earth-Solar Cycle Spurs Greenhouse Gases, Studies Show

5/23/06:  EU Issues Plan to Fight Plant, Animal Extinctions

5/23/06:  Tribe Seeks Greater Freedom to Kill Eagles

5/23/06:  Energy Department Considering Overhauling Agency that Oversees Health and Safety

5/23/06:  Virginia Center to Have Bioterror Surveillance

5/23/06:  Bush Snubs Gore Film on Global Warming

5/23/06:  Penguins, Otters Returning to New Orleans

5/22/06:  Scientists Hunt Bird Flu in Alaska

5/22/06:  Clinton Says Must 'Get off Our Butts' to Stop Warming

5/22/06:  UK Animal Rights Protesters Go Naked over Bearskins

5/22/06:  Peru Prepares to Rule on Cleanup Extension Requested by U.S.-Owned Smelter

5/22/06:  Australia May Develop Nuclear Power, Says Prime Minister Howard

5/22/06:  Report Says Ozone Hole May Disappear by 2050

5/22/06:  EU Says U.S., China Open to Global Emissions Trade

5/22/06:  Glacier Bay Popular for Humpback Whales

5/22/06:  Iowa Company Hopes to Make Gasoline Obsolete

5/22/06:  Tower with World Trade Center Dust, Human Remains Looms at Ground Zero

5/22/06:  Peru Prepares to Rule on Cleanup Extension Requested by U.S.-Owned Smelter

5/22/06:  Iowa Company Hopes to Make Gasoline Obsolete

5/21/06:  Hundreds of Families in Brazil Evacuate Plantation of Major Wood-Pulp Producer

5/19/06:  Rare Woodpecker Elusive as Search Season Ends

5/19/06:  U.S. States, Investors Attack Exxon on Global Warming

5/19/06:  Scientists Claim New Monkey Species Found

5/19/06:  Poor States Seen Escaping Kyoto Climate Caps

5/19/06:  House Votes to Keep Offshore Oil Drilling Ban; Debates Natural Gas Ban

5/19/06:  Governments Have Failed to Stop Overfishing, Study Shows

5/19/06:  Sri Lanka to Rehab Unruly Elephants

5/19/06:  Rare American Chestnut Trees Discovered

5/19/06:  Gore in Movie Campaign to Protect Earth

5/19/06:  U.S. States, Investors Attack Exxon on Global Warming

5/18/06:  Louisiana's 'Gators Appear to Have Weathered Storms

5/18/06:  Climate Expert to Lead Talks on Extending Kyoto Deal

5/18/06:  China to Fine Movie Crew for Damaging Environment

5/18/06:  Democrats Offer Plan to Cut U.S. Oil Import Reliance

5/18/06:  House Approves Bill to Speed Logging in Burned Forests

5/18/06:  India Eyes Chinese Help to Protect Tigers

5/18/06:  'Carbon Dioxide... We Call It Life,' U.S. TV Ads Say

5/18/06:  Transport a Black Spot for Global Warming, U.N. Says

5/18/06:  U.S. Navy Sinks Old Warship for Reef off Florida

5/18/06:  Scientists Back Plug-In Hybrids

5/17/06:  Pennsylvania Puts Cormorants on Hit List

5/17/06:  India Says Poverty a Worse Problem Than Climate

5/17/06:  Hawaii Fights Coqui Frogs, Other Species

5/17/06:  Arctic Harp Seals Show Up on U.S. Beaches

5/17/06:  U.S. Random House Vows to Use 30 Percent Recycled Paper

5/17/06:  Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Still a Threat, Study Says

5/17/06:  Elephant Not Interested in Using Treadmill

5/17/06:  El Salvador Tropical Coffee Forests Threatened

5/17/06:  Environmental Groups Want Nanotech Sunscreens Pulled from Market

5/17/06:  U.S. Random House Vows to Use 30 Percent Recycled Paper

5/17/06:  Environmental Groups Want Nanotech Sunscreens Pulled from Market

5/16/06:  California Officials Resume Sea Lion Battle

5/16/06:  U.S. Shows Interest in Post-2012 Climate Plan, E.U. Says

5/16/06:  Canada Defends U.N. Climate Role, Overshoots Kyoto

5/16/06:  Supreme Court to Decide When Best Pollution Controls Required

5/16/06:  Glaciers in Africa Expected to Disappear

5/16/06:  Hong Kong Checks Reports of 30,000 China Chicken Deaths

5/16/06:  Biologists in Tennessee Go on a Bio-Blitz

5/16/06:  Supreme Court to Decide When Best Pollution Controls Required

5/15/06:  Whirling Disease Spreading in Utah

5/15/06:  Some Elk Still Struggling with Aftermath of St. Helens' Eruption

5/15/06:  Sheep in Cairo Thanks Australia for Animal Ban

5/15/06:  Alaska Gets Its First Artificial Reef

5/15/06:  What Price Nature? Bogs $6,000, Reefs $10,000

5/15/06:  Thirty-Four Endangered Turtles Returned to Vietnam

5/15/06:  Climate Change Threatens Development of Billions of World's Poorest People, Charity Says

5/15/06:  Biotech Firm Raises Furor With Rice Plan

5/12/06:  One Hundred Oil-Coated Penguins Turn Up Dead on Argentina's Coast

5/12/06:  Katrina Helps New Orleans Fight Fire Ants

5/12/06:  Massachusetts Town Shudders after Study Details Cancer Risk

5/12/06:  New Monkey Species Is More Unique than Thought

5/12/06:  Zebra Mussels Eradicated in U.S. Quarry

5/12/06:  Amid Extinctions, Parrots, Panthers Get Costly Aid

5/12/06:  PETA Urges Applebees to Alter Poultry Slaughter

5/12/06:  Texas Plans Nation's Largest Offshore Wind Farm

5/12/06:  PETA Urges Applebees to Alter Poultry Slaughter

5/11/06:  Spring Caravan to Indigenous Resistance Communities - Rides Needed

5/11/06:  Climate -- Not Humans -- Killed off Mammoths, Research Suggests

5/11/06:  China and India are Fast-Growing Polluters, World Bank Says

5/11/06:  House Sets Up Prizes for Hydrogen Fuel Technology

5/11/06:  Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Far above Target

5/11/06:  House Committee Signals Support for Ending Offshore Gas Drilling Ban

5/11/06:  China Ponders Price of Progress at Spectacular Gorge

5/11/06:  DNA Tests Confirm Bear Was a Hybrid

5/11/06:  Bounty Fishing Helping Save Salmon

5/11/06:  Colombian Police Train Rats to Sniff out Landmines

5/10/06:  Sri Lanka's Coastal Drinking Water Still Suffers Effects of 2004 Tsunami

5/10/06:  Nuclear Industry Adopts New Detection, Disclosure Policy on Radioactive Water

5/10/06:  Amid Mines and Barbed Wire, Wildlife Thrives in a Cold War No Man's Land

5/10/06:  Officials Prep for Red Tide Outbreak

5/10/06:  California Butterfly Numbers Near 40-Year Low

5/10/06:  Lawsuit Over Teflon Health Risks Seeks to Combine Complaints from 16 States

5/10/06:  Glaxo Wins Injunction Against Animal Activists

5/10/06:  Indian Women Take 500-Year-Old Hunt to City Streets

5/10/06:  U.S. House Leader Suggests Ethanol Import Tariff Cut

5/10/06:  Lawsuit Over Teflon Health Risks Seeks to Combine Complaints from 16 States

5/10/06:  Glaxo Wins Injunction Against Animal Activists

5/9/06:  Chinook Finally Arriving at Oregon Dam

5/9/06:  Georgia to Revise Protected Species List

5/9/06:  New 'Toxic Ship' Headed for India, Greenpeace Says

5/9/06:  Four Mid-Atlantic Power Plants Agree to Air Pollution Cuts

5/9/06:  After Decades of Fear and Hostility, Are We Loving Orcas to Death?

5/9/06:  Crews Fight off Invasion of Nonnative Plants in U.S. Virgin Islands

5/9/06:  Dolphins, Like Humans, Recognize Names

5/9/06:  Pacific islands Look to Coconuts to Cut Oil Costs

5/8/06:  Some Vietnam Breeders Regain after Bird Flu Scourge

5/8/06:  Hawaiian Waters Grow Crowded With Whales

5/8/06:  Foxes Thrive in Urban Britain

5/8/06:  Biologist Aims to Demystify Wolf and Moose

5/8/06:  Power Shortages Force Blackouts in India's Sweltering Capital; Water Supply Hit

5/8/06:  Senators, Administration Move to Protect Cape Cod Wind Project

5/8/06:  Wild Banana Species in India Vanishing

5/8/06:  Coral Species Put on 'Threatened' List

5/8/06:  Scientists Fear for Nesting Turtles

5/5/06:  Scientists Probe Atlantic, Find New Species of Life

5/5/06:  Industry Urged to Be Open about Nano Testing

5/5/06:  Argentina Takes Battle over Uruguay Mills to Hague

5/5/06:  Eight New Frog Species Discovered in Laos

5/5/06:  U.S. to Protect Two Coral Species as Caribbean Warms

5/5/06:  Grid Operator Urges Congress Not to Block Wind Farm Proposal

5/5/06:  Switching to Cleaner Fuels, Improved Stoves Could Save Millions of Lives

5/4/06:  Photographer Sebastiao Salgado Focuses on Nature

5/4/06:  Zanzibar Dolphin Deaths Puzzle Scientists

5/4/06:  Poultry Shipments Also Likely Spread Bird Flu, Expert Says

5/4/06:  Global Warming Weakens Vast Pacific Climate System

5/4/06:  House Takes up Energy Price Gouging Measure

5/4/06:  Democrats Want to Use Interior Nominee as a Platform for Energy Demands

5/4/06:  Red Tide Fears Broaden Shellfishing Ban

5/4/06:  South Africa to End 'Canned Hunting'

5/4/06:  Ozone Layer Shows Signs of Recovery, Scientists Claim

5/3/06:  Canada Investigates QE2 Liner over Dumping

5/3/06:  Crumbling Dike Threatens South Florida

5/3/06:  Nationalization of Bolivian Natural Gas is Part of a Broader Global Trend

5/3/06:  Greenpeace Report Warns Commonly Found Chemicals May Be Harming Reproductive Health

5/3/06:  Oil in Alaska Refuge Seen Raising $111 Billion for U.S.

5/3/06:  China's 'Roof of the World' Glaciers Melting Fast

5/3/06:  Global Warming Differences Resolved with Corrections in Readings

5/3/06:  Ten States Sue Federal Government for Tighter Gas Mileage Requirements

5/3/06:  EU to Agree on New Battery Recycling Plan, Officials Say

5/3/06:  Common Soap Antiseptic Found in U.S. Crop Fields

5/3/06:  Nationalization of Bolivian Natural Gas is Part of a Broader Global Trend

5/3/06:  Oil in Alaska Refuge Seen Raising $111 Billion for U.S.

5/2/06:  U.S. Wastewater Sites Need More Security Funding

5/2/06:  Scientists Vote to Track Down Jaguar

5/2/06:  Greenhouse Gases Showed Steady Rise in 2005

5/2/06:  UN Denies Conflict in Appointing Environment Chief

5/2/06:  Buses Start Using Clean-Burning Fuel

5/2/06:  Polar Bears, Hippos Added to Threatened Species

5/2/06:  Wyoming Plans Another Ferret Release

5/1/06:  Thaw Releases More Toxins From China Spill

5/1/06:  A Short History of Environmentalism -- A Guest Commentary

5/1/06:  China Releases Panda Into the Wild

5/1/06:  Thousands Protest on Argentina's Border with Uruguay Over Wood-Pulp Plants

5/1/06:  China Bans Waste Discharges Near Croplands

5/1/06:  Federal Grants Fund Suburban Bobcats Study

5/1/06:  California Frog at Center of Protection Debate

5/1/06:  Across Asia, Governments Look to Crops to Offest Oil Dependence

4/28/06:  Flock of Endangered Birds Found in Cambodia

4/28/06:  Hundreds of Families in Brazil Evacuate Plantation of Major Wood-Pulp Producer

4/28/06:  Ten States, DC Sue EPA over Power Plant Emissions

4/28/06:  Israel to Join Anti-Whaling Coalition Alongside U.S., Australia

4/28/06:  Report Says U.S. Air Quality Has Improved in Past Decade

4/28/06:  Parasite Seen as Likely Cause of Starfish Kill North of Vancouver

4/28/06:  NASA Rounds up Roadkill for Shuttle Safety

4/28/06:  Hundreds of Families in Brazil Evacuate Plantation of Major Wood-Pulp Producer

4/27/06:  Turkish Parliament Passes Law Enabling Stiffer Fines for Polluting Environment

4/27/06:  London's U.S. Diplomats Gradually Going Green

4/27/06:  Malaysian PM Says Billions Lost to Environmental Degradation, Unchecked Logging

4/27/06:  Alabama, North Dakota Power Plants Agree to New Pollution Controls

4/27/06:  'Green' Roof Unveiled by U.S. Architect Group Showcases Global Trend

4/27/06:  Cape Cod Debates First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm

4/27/06:  Healing Plants Found in Threatened Borneo Forest, WWF Says

4/27/06:  Ford to Promote Green Investments to Consumers

4/27/06:  California Seal Pups Beat Kids in Battle over Beach

4/27/06:  Ford to Promote Green Investments to Consumers

4/26/06:  Colorado Lawmakers Approve Unprecedented Water Charter

4/26/06:  U.S. Audit Cites Agency Fights, Indecision for Everglades Delay

4/26/06:  Shrinking Alpine Glacier Points to Snowless Future for Swiss Mountain Resorts

4/26/06:  When Home is a Blighted Land: Tales from Chernobyl

4/26/06:  Wyoming Hopes to Create a Conservation Corps of Its Own, Although Idea Sparking Controversy

4/26/06:  Federal Judge Strikes Down U.S. Forest Service Rules on Public Comment

4/26/06:  No Criminal Charges in Yucca E-Mail Controversy

4/26/06:  Canada Backs Breakaway Six-Nation Climate Group

4/26/06:  Make Room for the River: Restoring the Danube Delta

4/26/06:  Eco-Friendly Belize Wary of Oil Fever

4/25/06:  Health Organization Gives Waikiki's Sand a Clean Bill of Health

4/25/06:  Norway Slams Whaling Critics, Says Stocks Robust

4/25/06:  Students in England Show off European Project to Design Two-Seat, Three-Wheel Concept Car

4/25/06:  Dam Researcher among Environmental Prize Winners

4/25/06:  Global Warming Behind Record 2005 Storms, U.S. Expert Says

4/25/06:  Energy Bill Aimed at Smarter Energy Consumption

4/25/06:  Power Plant Waste Eyed for Green Building

4/25/06:  Scientists Seek Clues to Dying Steelhead

4/25/06:  Study Indicates Mormon Crickets Invade to Survive

4/25/06:  U.S. Taps Private Sector to Fix Greenhouse Pollution

4/25/06:  Panama President to Unveil Plan for Panama Canal Expansion

4/25/06:  Power Plant Waste Eyed for Green Building

4/21/06:  Deadly Bird Flu Strain Could Be Hard to Spot in Migratory Birds

4/21/06:  Anti-Whaling Group Accuses Japan of Buying Caribbean Votes to Roll Back Hunting Ban

4/21/06:  Group Calls River Second 'Most Endangered'

4/21/06:  Environment Minister Accuses Turkish Company of Burying Toxic Waste Near Istanbul

4/21/06:  Central America Eyes Sweet Alternative to Oil

4/21/06:  Environmentalists Urge Malaysia to Save 130 Million-Year-Old Rainforest

4/21/06:  Falcon Smugglers Swoop to Profits, Endanger Birds

4/21/06:  Earth Day Celebrations Come in All Shapes and Sizes

4/20/06:  Lawsuit Alleges DuPont Contamination of N.J. Drinking Water

4/20/06:  Fossil Suggests Snakes Evolved on Land

4/20/06:  Argentina Urges Foreign Role in Paper Mill Dispute

4/20/06:  Community and Trade -- A Guest Commentary

4/20/06:  California Biologists Find Finches Ailing

4/20/06:  Tiny Reactor Boosts Biodiesel Production

4/20/06:  Former Exxon Boss Says Critics 'Don't Understand' Oil

4/20/06:  Act Now on Climate Change, Scientists Urge Canada

4/20/06:  Most Portugal Wildlife under Threat, Study Says

4/20/06:  Lawsuit Alleges DuPont Contamination of N.J. Drinking Water

4/20/06:  Former Exxon Boss Says Critics 'Don't Understand' Oil

4/19/06:  Report: Chernobyl to kill 90,000

4/19/06:  Yellow Dust Storm Hits Korean Peninsula

4/19/06:  Endangered Sei Whale Ends Up in Baltimore

4/19/06:  Chinese Premier Warns of Environmental Toll

4/19/06:  WHO Says 9,300 Likely to Die from Chernobyl Effects, Greenpeace Says More than 90,000

4/19/06:  Former Democratic Nominee Revs up Campaign -- on Global Warming

4/19/06:  Development Jockeys with Ecology on Shanghai Island

4/19/06:  EPA, BorgWarner to Jointly Develop Diesel Technology

4/19/06:  Scientists Find Strong Bacterial Glue

4/19/06:  Development Jockeys with Ecology on Shanghai Island

4/19/06:  EPA, BorgWarner to Jointly Develop Diesel Technology

4/18/06:  Capturing Big Animals is Big Business in South Africa

4/18/06:  Grants Fund Study of Suburban Bobcats

4/18/06:  Rare Birds' Deaths Roil South African Island

4/18/06:  New Technology Could Help Clean Manure

4/18/06:  Capturing Big Animals is Big Business in South Africa

4/18/06:  New Zealand Part of Diplomatic Bid to Stop Japan Controlling Whaling Body

4/18/06:  Rabbit Restoration Effort Under Way

4/18/06:  Park Officials Release Captured Bison

4/17/06:  Britain's Chief Scientist Says Temperatures Likely to Rise 3°C by End of Century

4/17/06:  South American Rodents Found in Seattle

4/17/06:  Activists March against France's Plans to Build New Generation of Nuclear Reactors

4/17/06:  Oregon Commision OKs Plan to Control Cougars

4/17/06:  Nation's Energy Needs Open New, Old Opportunities

4/17/06:  Tiny Owl May Be Taken Off Endangered List

4/17/06:  Scientists Say Red Tide Encore Not Certain

4/17/06:  As Massive South Korean Land Plan Nears End, Critics Cry Foul

4/17/06:  'Nuisance' Beavers Increasingly Face Bounties

4/17/06:  Study Finds Melting Sea Ice a Danger to Walruses

4/15/06:  Activists say angry fishermen keep them from seal hunt

4/14/06:  South of New Orleans, a People Fight to Keep Their Land

4/14/06:  Some Worms Like It Really, Really Hot, Study Finds

4/14/06:  Habitat for the Red-Legged Frog Reduced

4/14/06:  Greenpeace Arctic Mission to Spotlight Polar Bears

4/14/06:  Hawaii Crews Vacuum Up Invasive Algae

4/14/06:  Oregon Commision OKs Plan to Control Cougars

4/14/06:  Florida Island Town Overrun with Iguanas

4/13/06:  Biscuit Salvage Logging

4/13/06:  China Villagers Attack Polluting Factories

4/13/06:  New Species of Stingray Discovered in Thai river

4/13/06:  Maple Sugar Maker Uses Soybean Fuel to Produce Syrup

4/13/06:  FCC Rejects Call to Halt Telecom Towers for Birds

4/13/06:  In New Orleans, a Big Green Opportunity is Wasted, Environmentalists Say

4/13/06:  EPA Says Toxic Pollution Levels Fall Four Percent

4/13/06:  U.S. Biologist Battles Killer Pythons in Florida Park

4/13/06:  BLM Proposes Wild Horse Birth Control

4/12/06:  EU Official Says Romania Making Progress in Environment Protection

4/12/06:  Effects of Climate Change on Arctic Observed

4/12/06:  Cameras Banned From Carlsbad Caverns

4/12/06:  New Eagle Forces Eagle Dad to Neglect Nest

4/12/06:  Big Oil Makes Big Push in On-Campus Recruiting

4/12/06:  Scientists Breed Rice to Defy Climate Change

4/12/06:  Seventy Pacific Region Species to Be Reviewed

4/12/06:  Everglades Headwaters to Reclaim Original Path with Restoration Project

4/12/06:  Big Oil Makes Big Push in On-Campus Recruiting

4/11/06:  Global warming threatens extinctions

4/11/06:  Biologists Check Georgia Swamps for Woodpecker

4/11/06:  Fourteen Whooping Cranes Spotted in Chicago Park

4/11/06:  Researchers Seeks Ways to Cut Manure Smell

4/11/06:  On Beyond Organic: Talking Grub -- Anna Lappé & Bryant Terry

4/11/06:  Authorities Close Major Logging Operation in Brazil

4/11/06:  Caribbean Reefs Ailing from Bleaching, Disease

4/11/06:  Oozing Sewage Pollutes 'Green' Costa Rica

4/11/06:  Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Sees Big Opportunity in Green Technology

4/11/06:  Global Warming Threatens Extinctions

4/11/06:  Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Sees Big Opportunity in Green Technology

4/10/06:  Sooty Mangabeys at Heart of Research Fight

4/10/06:  Greenpeace Blocks Ship Carrying Soya Allegedly from Illegal Amazon Farms

4/10/06:  Scientists Warn, 'Don't Pollute the Puget Sound'

4/10/06:  Guide to Help Protect Endangered Whales Soon Available in Russian

4/10/06:  Pipe Break Spews Sewage into U.S. Virgin Islands Harbor

4/10/06:  State OKs Power Line Through Kentucky Forest

4/10/06:  Canada Troops Mount Big Arctic Sovereignty Patrol

4/10/06:  Oslo's Sewage Heats Its Homes

4/10/06:  China to Establish Reserve for Rare White Dolphin

4/10/06:  OSU Researchers Propose Sea Floor Map Plan

4/7/06:  EU Takes Nations to Task over Environment

4/7/06:  Brazil Seals Biggest Carbon Credit Deal on Record

4/7/06:  Philadelphia Discovers It Pays to Recycle Trash

4/7/06:  Greenpeace Accuses of McDonald's of Fueling Destruction of Brazil's Amazon

4/7/06:  Environmentally Conscious Megasuburb Planned Near Salt Lake City

4/7/06:  Researchers Link Chinook, Orca Populations

4/7/06:  Animal ID System to Be in Place by 2009

4/7/06:  U.S. Interior Department Sued over GMO Plantings

4/7/06:  Philadelphia Discovers It Pays to Recycle Trash

4/7/06:  Greenpeace Accuses of McDonald's of Fueling Destruction of Brazil's Amazon

4/7/06:  Environmentally Conscious Megasuburb Planned Near Salt Lake City

4/6/06:  Philadelphia OKs No-Flush Urinals at Skyscraper after Cutting Deal with Plumbers

4/6/06:  China's Waterways Facing Major Chemical Pollution Risks

4/6/06:  Fossil Fish Sheds Light on Transition

4/6/06:  FDA Finds Benzene Levels in Soft Drinks above Tap Water Limit

4/6/06:  Scientists in Dispute over Carbon Curbs, Magazine Reveals

4/6/06:  NASA Helps Monitor Bleaching of Great Barrier Reef

4/6/06:  Philadelphia OKs No-Flush Urinals at Skyscraper after Cutting Deal with Plumbers

4/6/06:  Protesters Give up Control of Pumping Station Supplying Mexican Resort of Acapulco

4/6/06:  Cats Seen at Risk in Bird Flu Zones

4/5/06:  Myanmar, Thailand Sign Six-Billion-Dollar Hydropower Plant Agreement

4/5/06:  Limits on Greenhouse Gases Proposed in California

4/5/06:  Greenpeace Sounds Alert over Indian Turtle Deaths

4/5/06:  Feds to Do Their Own Spotted Owl Recovery Plan

4/5/06:  Bush Administration Wants to Bury More Nuclear Waste at Nevada Dump

4/5/06:  WWF Praises Malaysians for Imposing Logging Ban in Sabah to Protect Rare Animals

4/5/06:  Pennsylvania Seeks to Lead in Recycling Mine Water

4/5/06:  Expert Says It Was Hotter 247 Million Years Ago

4/5/06:  Farmers Putting Own Cash into Anti-Pollution Measures

4/4/06:  Company Produces Clones From Cutting Horses

4/4/06:  Ag Program Boosts African Farming

4/4/06:  India and U.S. Sign Deal to Cooperate in Experimental Energy Project

4/4/06:  On Beyond Organic: Junk Food in Hospitals?

4/4/06:  Coral Die-Off Spreads to Caribbean

4/4/06:  Conservationists Sue to Keep Motors out of Grand Canyon

4/4/06:  Canada Blanches as Michigan Mulls Curbs on Trash

4/4/06:  China Grapples with Growing Water Shortages

4/4/06:  EPA Plan Could Let Many Plants Skirt Strictest Cuts in Air Pollutants

4/3/06:  Tibetan Women Launch Campaign to Save Fish at Sacred Nepal Pond

4/3/06:  Crafty Sea Lion Befuddles Engineers

4/3/06:  Record-Breaking Rainy Month in Hawaii Clears to Reveal Blue Skies

4/3/06:  Nuclear Power Debate Heats up before German Summit

4/3/06:  U.N. Environmental Conference in Brazil Ends with Few Advances

4/3/06:  Americans Willing to Fight Global Warming

4/3/06:  Global Warming Unstoppable, but Still Chance to Stop Major Disasters, Scientists Say

4/3/06:  Tanzanian Vice President Announces Ban on Plastic Bags and Other Environmental Measures

4/3/06:  Debate over Delisting Yellowstone-Area Grizzlies Splits Scientists

4/3/06:  Twenty-One Senators Press EPA on Emissions Standards

3/31/06:  Humble Goldfish Make Splash for LA River Project

3/31/06:  Coeur d'Alene Alaska Gold Mine Permit Reinstated

3/31/06:  Japanese Nuclear Reprocessing Plant to Start Test Run

3/31/06:  Scientists Scramble to Find Alternatives to Banned Pesticide

3/31/06:  Cross-Border Parks Form Havens for Biodiversity

3/31/06:  Borneo Rainforests a Treasure Trove of Rare Species

3/31/06:  Wetlands Reverse Long Decline -- If Golf Course Ponds Count

3/31/06:  Caribbean Coral Suffers Record Bleaching, Death

3/30/06:  Stranded Whales Mystify U.S. Researchers

3/30/06:  Snail Slows Down Pace of New Zealand Coal Mine

3/30/06:  U.S. Ethanol Makers Say They Can Meet Oil Refiner Demand

3/30/06:  For Some Fish, Lack of Oxygen in Water Can Mean Way Too Many Males

3/30/06:  Alaska to Run Bird Flu Tests in Lakes and Ponds

3/30/06:  California Condors Spotted Nesting in Big Sur

3/30/06:  Developing Nations Look for New Ways to Fund Environmental Protection

3/30/06:  Study Says Cruise Ships Distress Harbor Seals

3/29/06:  Kashmir's Rare Red Deer to Get Hi-Tech Protection

3/29/06:  Federal Judge Orders Salmon Water Plan on Klamath River to Start

3/29/06:  China at Heart of Illegal Timber Trade Greenpeace Says

3/29/06:  EU Calls for Global Ban on Bottom Trawling to Prevent Harm to Ocean Life

3/29/06:  Pressed by Sprawl and Environmental Laws, Dairy Farmers Quitting California

3/29/06:  Forest Service Looking beyond Timber Sales for Revenues

3/29/06:  Australia Says New Research Proves Scientific Whaling is 'A Sham'

3/29/06:  FDA Says No Safety Concerns from Early Tests on Benzene in Soda

3/29/06:  Britain's Blair Endorses Asia-Pacific Climate Pact

3/29/06:  Island Nation Creates Third Largest Marine Park

3/29/06:  Pressed by Sprawl and Environmental Laws, Dairy Farmers Quitting California

3/28/06:  Brazil to increase rain forest protections

3/28/06:  The Mount Hood Meltdown

3/28/06:  Beetles at Alaska Museum are Unsung Soldiers of Global Warming Research

3/28/06:  On Beyond Organic -- Katrina & Gulf Coast Farms

3/28/06:  Northeast Missouri Becomes Latest Battleground over Hog Farms

3/28/06:  In Norway, Break the Law and Live by a Beach

3/28/06:  U.S. Court OKs Bid to Block Burned Tree Logging

3/28/06:  Brazil Expands Amazon Protection as Global Environmental Conference Starts

3/28/06:  Developers Encouraged to Turn to Experts to Restore Wetlands

3/27/06:  Local Governments Officially Accept Japanese Utility's Plan to Use Plutonium-Based Fuel

3/27/06:  In Colrain, Forest Finds Protector in Self-Styled Naturalist

3/27/06:  WMO Sees Link Between Global Warming and Hurricanes

3/27/06:  Fishermen Seek End to Alaska Oil Spill Court Case

3/27/06:  IFC Eyes Carbon Market Blueprint for Biodiversity

3/27/06:  Crabbers Face Season with Guarded Optimism

3/27/06:  Homebuilding Goes Green to Save Energy, Provide Comfort

3/27/06:  World Must Tackle Wildlife Smuggling, UN Official Says

3/27/06:  IFC Eyes Carbon Market Blueprint for Biodiversity

3/27/06:  Homebuilding Goes Green to Save Energy, Provide Comfort

3/26/06:  Sealers beginhunt on thin ice

3/26/06:  Global Warming: Be worried, be very worried

3/25/06:  Canada's seal hunt to begin todah

3/25/06:  Scientists forecast meter rise in sea levels this century

3/24/06:  Biologist Never Tires of Watching Wolves

3/24/06:  Indian Tortoise, Clive's Pet, Dies at 250 Years

3/24/06:  Melting Ice Sheets Could Spur Oceans' Rise, Study Says

3/24/06:  Maine Steps up Bird Flu Planning, Monitoring

3/24/06:  U.N. Biodiversity Meeting Embraces Eco-Friendly City

3/24/06:  Post-Katrina Landscape: Refrigerators Gone, Abandoned Cars Linger

3/24/06:  Beetle 'Epidemic' Rends Northwest Forests

3/24/06:  U.S. States in CO2 Pact Eye Trees, Methane at Dumps

3/23/06:  VX Destruction Resumes at Chemical Depot after Latest Spill

3/23/06:  Tearful Bardot Begs Canada to Scrap Seal Hunt

3/23/06:  Nevada Files New Federal Lawsuit in Yucca Mountain Fight

3/23/06:  Survey of Canadian Forests Raises Protection Calls

3/23/06:  Forum Says Governments Must Improve Water

3/23/06:  Are We Winning the Race to Stop Biodiversity Loss? -- A Guest Commentary

3/23/06:  Worms, Beetles in Soil Part of Untapped Trove, UN Says

3/23/06:  Greater Efforts Needed to Save Amazon Rainforests

3/23/06:  Coyote Caught in New York's Central Park

3/23/06:  Reduction Urged in Maximum Fluoride Limit

3/22/06:  Greenpeace Wants 40 Percent of Oceans Protected

3/22/06:  Corning Says It Has Produced New Glass without Heavy Metals

3/22/06:  Bolivia Says Water is a Right, Opposes Declaration

3/22/06:  NASA Radar Plane Gauges Arctic Snow Layer

3/22/06:  Michigan Officials Seek Tough Clearing Rules

3/22/06:  Colgate to Buy Majority Stake in Tom's of Maine

3/22/06:  Group Backs Grizzlies on Endangered List

3/22/06:  Groups Prepare for Contested Seal Hunt

3/22/06:  Corning Says It Has Produced New Glass without Heavy Metals

3/22/06:  Colgate to Buy Majority Stake in Tom's of Maine

3/21/06:  Climate Change Threatens to Hamper Development in Poorest Countries

3/21/06:  U.S. Nuclear Commission to Investigate Tritium Leaks at New York Nuclear Plant

3/21/06:  Greenpeace Activists Swim Uruguay River to Protest Paper Mills

3/21/06:  On Beyond Organic -- Springtime: Gardening & Backyard Farm Animals

3/21/06:  Ethanol Industry Anticipates Summer Growing Pains

3/21/06:  Amid Teflon Problems, DuPont Still Deals with Legacy of Benlate

3/21/06:  Mexico's Mayan Underworld Proves Researchers' Dream

3/21/06:  Humans Spur Worst Extinctions Since Dinosaurs

3/21/06:  Ethanol Industry Anticipates Summer Growing Pains

3/21/06:  Amid Teflon Problems, DuPont Still Deals with Legacy of Benlate

3/20/06:  Life's diversity 'being depleted'

3/20/06:  Hong Kong pollution leaves tourists choking

3/20/06:  Kenyan Sees Natural Link of Environment, Women's Rights

3/20/06:  Eagle Lays First Egg in 50 Yrs on Santa Cruz

3/20/06:  China to Boost Coal Output to Record Levels Despite Environmental Worries

3/20/06:  Louisiana Faces an Unimaginable Scenario: An Exodus from the Coast

3/20/06:  Rifle Range Getting the Boot from State Park in Montana as Times Change

3/20/06:  EPA Study Clears Way for Regulating Small-Engine Pollution

3/20/06:  Alaska Volcano's Web Site Becomes Internet Hot Spot

3/20/06:  U.S. Government Plan to Line Canal with Concrete Sparks Mexican Opposition

3/20/06:  World's Water Problems, and Solutions, Can Be Found on the Farm

3/20/06:  Court Rejects Bush Administration Power Plant Pollution Rule

3/20/06:  Louisiana Faces an Unimaginable Scenario: An Exodus from the Coast

3/17/06:  Oregon: More People Charged in Latest Green Scare Repression

3/17/06:  Great Lakes Gray Wolves No Longer Endangered

3/17/06:  Halliburton Expert Warned Water for Iraq Troops May Have Been Unsafe

3/17/06:  German Named to Head U.N. Environment Agency

3/17/06:  No Safe Water for One Billion Poor, Companies Wary

3/17/06:  Experts Argue Over Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

3/17/06:  Coral Reefs Seen Threatened by Tsunami Rebuilding

3/17/06:  Study Shows Wolverines Travel Hundreds of Miles

3/17/06:  Bush Picks Idaho's Kempthorne for Interior

3/17/06:  Halliburton Expert Warned Water for Iraq Troops May Have Been Unsafe

3/17/06:  No Safe Water for One Billion Poor, Companies Wary

3/16/06:  In Northwestern Kenya, Drought Has Tribes Fighting for Water

3/16/06:  Beijing Mayor Admits Traffic and Pollution Still Problems, but Can Be Tackled for Olympics

3/16/06:  Project Head Details Delays, Costs for Nuclear Waste Dump

3/16/06:  Countries Increasingly at Odds over Water Sharing

3/16/06:  Japan to Invite Iraqi Officials to Marshland Conservation Training Rrogram

3/16/06:  Brazil's Thirst for Energy to Flood Amazon Habitats

3/16/06:  Global Warming Reaches 'Tipping Point,' Report Says

3/16/06:  State of the World's Water Resources

3/16/06:  Canada Sets Seal Hunt, Says Activists Mislead

3/16/06:  Democrats Want U.S. Budget Bill to Drop Oil Drilling

3/15/06:  Uruguay Warns Argentina on Pulp Mill Protests

3/15/06:  Long-Despised Oil Platforms Should Be Kept in Place as Artificial Reefs

3/15/06:  Turkmen President Orders Forest Planted in His Desert Nation

3/15/06:  NASA Says Northern Ozone Pollution Spurs Arctic Warming

3/15/06:  General Electric Agrees to Buy Water Company

3/15/06:  U.N. Meeting to Try to Slow Species Loss

3/15/06:  Report Says Alternatives for Treating Hog Waste Remain Too Expensive

3/15/06:  Extreme Cold Slows Cleanup of Record Oil Spill on Alaska's North Slope

3/15/06:  Coast Guard to Study 'Cargo Sweepings'

3/15/06:  General Electric Agrees to Buy Water Company

3/14/06:  Winter Warmest Ever on Record in Canada

3/14/06:  Ethanol Producers Encouraged by New Study

3/14/06:  India Takes on Poachers in Key Tiger Reserve

3/14/06:  States Look to Regional Cloud-Seeding

3/14/06:  Nuclear Waste: Bury It and Forget?

3/14/06:  Flooding Rivers Create Problems in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

3/14/06:  Wisconsin Certifying 'Green' Tourism Businesses

3/14/06:  Tourists in Vigil of Patagonian Glacier

3/14/06:  On Beyond Organic --'Green' Tax Incentives & Organic Rebates

3/14/06:  Wisconsin Certifying 'Green' Tourism Businesses

3/13/06:  Opinion: Green Scare and the Fed's "Case" Against Rod Coronado

3/13/06:  Mango-Eating Asian Beetle Found in Florida

3/13/06:  Groups Hope to Expand Montana Bison Numbers

3/13/06:  Alaska's North Slope Sees Its Biggest Oil Spill

3/13/06:  Wildlife Biologists Warn on Feeding Deer

3/13/06:  Thirsty Mexico City Hosts Conference on Better Use of Water

3/13/06:  Hungry Michigan Wolves Turning on Each Other

3/13/06:  Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai Urges Individual Action to Protect Environment

3/13/06:  Regulator Says China Must Step up Environmental Protection or Face Disaster

3/13/06:  Luna the Killer Whale Believed Killed

3/13/06:  U.S. Interior Secretary Norton Leaves Bush Cabinet

3/11/06:  Another Northwoods Mine?!

3/10/06:  Militant Peasants Raid Aracruz Farm in Brazil

3/10/06:  NOAA Fisheries Recommend Closing Salmon Fishing from California to Oregon

3/10/06:  U.S. Government Declines to Protect Two Rare Plants in U.S. Virgin Islands

3/10/06:  Putting Conversation Back Into Conservatism -- A Guest Commentary

3/10/06:  Rat-Squirrel Not Extinct After All

3/10/06:  U.N. Reports a Fifth of World Lacks Clean Drinking Water Despite Abundant Supplies

3/10/06:  Gray Wolf Numbers in Northern Rockies Up

3/10/06:  Chinese Political Representatives Say Industrial Pollution Killing Bohai Sea

3/9/06:  Prudhoe Bay Restart on Hold for Oil Spill Cleanup

3/9/06:  EPA Soot Rules Said Not Strict Enough

3/9/06:  Ice Thawing Earlier on Maine Lakes

3/9/06:  House Moves to Strip Warnings from Food Labels

3/9/06:  EPA, Auto Industry Reach Deal on Mercury

3/9/06:  Bottom Trawling Banned in Some Waters

3/9/06:  Global Warming Threatens New Guinea Paradise

3/9/06:  Companies Keep Cell Phones out of Trash and Turn Them into Cash

3/9/06:  Senate Urged to Safeguard Species Act

3/9/06:  EPA, Auto Industry Reach Deal on Mercury

3/9/06:  Companies Keep Cell Phones out of Trash and Turn Them into Cash

3/9/06:  Mexico Pushes Law to Help Rid Mines of Toxic Gas

3/8/06:  'Skin Deep' Site Looks at Product Safety

3/8/06:  New Test on Austrian Cat is Negative for H5N1

3/8/06:  River Algae Prompts Concern for Trout

3/8/06:  Sun's Next Eleven-Year Cycle Could Be Fifty Percent Stronger

3/8/06:  Brazil State to Cull Cattle for Foot and Mouth

3/8/06:  Bicycle Taxis Thrive on Streets of New York; City Considers Crackdown

3/8/06:  New Animal Resembling Furry Lobster Found

3/8/06:  Biologists, Amateurs Search for Woodpecker

3/8/06:  Dalai Lama Offers Lifeline to Indian Tiger

3/8/06:  'Skin Deep' Site Looks at Product Safety

3/8/06:  Bicycle Taxis Thrive on Streets of New York; City Considers Crackdown

3/7/06:  Termites Knocked Down, But Not Out, in New Orleans

3/7/06:  Natural Gas Pipeline Ruptures in Peruvian Amazon for Fifth Time

3/7/06:  Officials Try Insect to Save Hawaii Tree

3/7/06:  Tight Budgets Imperil the Nation's Environmental Satellites

3/7/06:  On Beyond Organic: GMO Lawsuits & Health Risks

3/7/06:  Life on the Mississippi Turned Upside Down for River Pilots

3/7/06:  Gliders Tracking Whale Calls, Ocean Waves

3/7/06:  Yellowstone Bison Numbers Down Sharply

3/7/06:  Scientists Work to Save Gooney Birds

3/7/06:  Researchers Identify Extinction Hotspots

3/6/06:  Pirate Trawlers Face Crackdown on Overfishing

3/6/06:  Dog's Death Sparks Debate over Trapping's Place in Suburbia

3/6/06:  'Hippie Chimps' Fast Disappearing in Congo

3/6/06:  Pesticides Found Throughout the Nation's Streams

3/6/06:  China to Spend Nearly A Billion Dollars to Repel Wetland Rats

3/6/06:  States Appeal to U.S. Top Court on CO2 Car Emissions

3/6/06:  Scientists Find Antarctic Ice Shrank Significantly

3/6/06:  Mice Are Key Tool in Quest for New Drugs

3/3/06:  Mexican Biologist Discovers New Shark Species

3/3/06:  The Myths and Facts of Freshwater -- a Guest Commentary

3/3/06:  Crude Oil Spills from Transit Line in Alaska

3/3/06:  Scientists Urge Experiments on Barred Owls

3/3/06:  Energy-Strapped Asian Countries Forced to Become More Efficient

3/3/06:  Brazil Opens Chunks of Amazon Forest to Logging

3/3/06:  Rocker McCartney Takes to Ice to Save Canada Seals

3/3/06:  Warmer Temperatures Complicate Alaska's Iditarod

3/2/06:  ELF spokesman talking 'direct action' strategy

3/2/06:  Argentina Asks Uruguay to Halt Pulp Project 90 Days

3/2/06:  Rhode Island Congressman Opposes Bid to Close Door on Wind Farms

3/2/06:  Bush Plan to Sell Public Lands Assailed

3/2/06:  EPA Plans Cuts in Benzene, Other Air Toxics for Cars, Fuel, Containers

3/2/06:  Refilling Old Mines May Be Acceptable to Dispose of Coal Ash

3/2/06:  New U.S. Crop Seeks to Replace Imported Oils

3/2/06:  Cape Verde: Tourism or Turtles?

3/2/06:  EPA Proposes Allowing Ethanol Plants to Emit More Pollution

3/2/06:  Computers Utilized for Quickly Checking Fish Mercury Levels

3/2/06:  Bio-Diesel Car Rental Opens in World's Car Capital

3/1/06:  McCartneys to protest seal hunt

3/1/06:  Senators challenge national forest sales

3/1/06:  Norway's Electric-Car Maker Think Nordic Declared Bankrupt

3/1/06:  Illegal Loggers Clearing PNG's Forests, Report Says

3/1/06:  Flamingo Deaths Spark Bird Flu Probe in Bahamas

3/1/06:  California City Approves $250 Million Desalination Plant

3/1/06:  Professor Finishes Maine Bay Seaweed Study

3/1/06:  In Congo, Pygmies Ill-Prepared to Fight for Their Forests

3/1/06:  U.S. Biologists Bet N.D. Pelicans Return

3/1/06:  Scientists Studying Decline of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales

3/1/06:  California City Approves $250 Million Desalination Plant

2/28/06:  Latest on Rod Coronado

2/28/06:  Mercury Cuts on the Ground Not Enough

2/28/06:  Brooklyn Refineries are Long Gone, but the Oil Isn't

2/28/06:  Nuclear Fallout Report Leaves Government's Course up in Air

2/28/06:  Schwarzenegger Says Chertoff Will Look into Helping California Levees

2/28/06:  On Beyond Organic -- Cooking Up New Lives

2/28/06:  U.S. Greenhouse Gas Growth Rate Rose in 2004, Says EPA

2/28/06:  Ocean Scientists Enlist Cruise Ships to Collect Data

2/28/06:  Bird-Loving Indonesians Worried about Mass Culling

2/28/06:  Scores of Fish Beach Themselves in N.C.

2/28/06:  Ocean Scientists Enlist Cruise Ships to Collect Data

2/27/06:  Environmental Firm Says Peru Amazon Pipeline Project Could Face New Leaks

2/27/06:  Report Says Industry Study Withheld Data on Carcinogen

2/27/06:  Aboriginal Group Demands Inclusion of Review of MacKenzie Valley Pipeline

2/27/06:  Chinese Officials Close Brewery, Distillery over River Pollution Scare

2/27/06:  U.S. Drops Objections to Chemical Weapon Wastewater Plan

2/27/06:  World Lawmakers Set up Global Warming Monitor Group

2/27/06:  Seychelles Bans Cutting Sharks' Fins

2/27/06:  California Bill Would Bar Toxins in Cell Phones, iPods

2/27/06:  Scientists Study Sound, Marine Creatures

2/27/06:  Environmental Firm Says Peru Amazon Pipeline Project Could Face New Leaks

2/24/06:  Missouri Expands Test Run for Foul-Smelling Fuel Plant

2/24/06:  Experts Foresaw Tragedy in Philippines

2/24/06:  China Detains Man for Spreading Pollution Rumours

2/24/06:  EU Ready for More Bird Flu from Africa Migration

2/24/06:  U.S. Plans to Send Missouri Water North Worry Canada

2/24/06:  Powell Says Wetlands, Levees Vital to Louisiana

2/24/06:  Japanese Ministry Shuts off Heating in Race to Meet Kyoto Target

2/24/06:  In Chile, Going for Gold Means Digging under Glaciers

2/24/06:  Missouri Expands Test Run for Foul-Smelling Fuel Plant

2/24/06:  In Chile, Going for Gold Means Digging under Glaciers

2/23/06:  Steelworkers Lead Teflon Chemical Warnings

2/23/06:  Greenland Starts Quota to Save Polar Bears

2/23/06:  Natural Gas Pipeline from Alaska Won't Eliminate Long-Term Supply Challenges

2/23/06:  Bottles Recycled for Fertilizer Line

2/23/06:  Urban Land Trusts -- A Guest Commentary

2/23/06:  Sunflower Farmers Wait for More Research

2/23/06:  U.S. Agency is Asked to Look into Farmed Salmon Ad

2/23/06:  Alaska's Mount McKinley Climbers Capped at 1,500

2/23/06:  Cash Crunch Looms for 'Noah's Ark' Seed Project

2/23/06:  Coral Reef Discovered off Thailand Cost

2/23/06:  Bottles Recycled for Fertilizer Line

2/22/06:  Supreme Court Raises Concern over Limiting Coverage of Clean Water Act

2/22/06:  West Virginia Woman Told to Stop Rescuing Opossums

2/22/06:  The Good and Bad about Organics

2/22/06:  Pennsylvania Would Demand Big Mercury Cuts from Power Plants under New Proposal

2/22/06:  U.S. University Ends Chimp Research, Retires Animals

2/22/06:  Lights May Dim on Olympics

2/22/06:  San Francisco to Test Turning Dog Waste into Power

2/22/06:  China Warns Officials against Covering up Pollution

2/21/06:  Development May Spread Old Pesticides

2/21/06:  Uruguay Leader Says Pulp Protests Hurt Economy

2/21/06:  Toshiba Says Westinghouse Purchase Will Let it Tap into Growing Nuclear Market

2/21/06:  World Ethanol Demand to Test Brazil Cane Industry

2/21/06:  NIH Launches Genetics Project Examining Environmental Influences on Disease

2/21/06:  Firm Hopes Reopen Long-Dormant California Gold Rush Mine

2/21/06:  Government May Lose Billions in Oil, Gas Royalties Because of 1995 Law

2/21/06:  China Hydro-Dams Leave Locals Poorer Report Says

2/21/06:  Commercial Whaling Resumption Possible, Australia Says

2/21/06:  Farmers, Others Sue USDA over Monsanto GMO Alfalfa

2/21/06:  Forest Service Eager to Study Wolverine

2/21/06:  China Makes Stable Energy Supplies Top Priority for Economic Planning

2/21/06:  On Beyond Organic -- Combating Global Warming with... Community

2/21/06:  Anti-Whaling Ship Hits Diplomatic Squall

2/21/06:  Maui Mayor Wants Sand Exports to End

2/21/06:  Rising Energy Costs Illuminate Surging Fluorescent Bulb Market

2/21/06:  Scientists Fear Leaping Carp to Invade U.S. Great Lakes

2/21/06:  El Nino May Affect Africa's Food Supply

2/21/06:  Report Says Most Reefs Damaged by 2004 Tsunami Will Recover in a Decade

2/21/06:  Rising Energy Costs Illuminate Surging Fluorescent Bulb Market

2/20/06:  Chinese Company Manager Fired Following Wastewater Leak that Polluted River

2/20/06:  Cat Parasite a Danger to Otters

2/20/06:  President Promotes Nuclear Energy, Plan for Dealing with Radioactive Waste

2/20/06:  Heavy Rains, Illegal Logging Blamed for Philippines Landslides

2/20/06:  Drought Kills Wildlife in East Africa's Sanctuaries, Hits Annual Migration

2/20/06:  Supreme Court to Decide Far-Reaching Wetland Cases

2/20/06:  Intensified Development Raises Catastrophic Flood Risk around U.S., Experts Say

2/20/06:  Study Finds Cultures Affect Captive Gorillas

2/20/06:  Ontario Government Criticizes U.S. Plans to Ease Air Pollution Rules

2/20/06:  Development May Spread Old Pesticides

2/17/06:  Pitchfork Protest

2/17/06:  Colombian Air Force Bombs Rebels in Nature Reserve

2/17/06:  Groups Sue Feds Over Colorado River Fish

2/17/06:  Commercial Whaling Resumption Possible, Australia Says

2/17/06:  Baja California Governor Sees Dangers in U.S. Stance on Canal Dispute

2/17/06:  EPA Launches Effort to Reduce Emissions

2/17/06:  Farmers, Others Sue USDA over Monsanto GMO Alfalfa

2/17/06:  South Africa Postpones Elephant Cull Plan

2/17/06:  Greenland Glaciers Disappearing More Quickly, Study Says

2/17/06:  Commercial Whaling Resumption Possible, Australia Says

2/17/06:  Farmers, Others Sue USDA over Monsanto GMO Alfalfa

2/16/06:  Chile Authorizes Gold Mining Project but Bans Relocation of Glaciers

2/16/06:  Alaska Ordinance to Prevent Eagle Feeding

2/16/06:  Scientists May Have Found New Fish Species

2/16/06:  China Announces Major Plan to Combat Pollution, Revive Battered Environment

2/16/06:  EPA Board Says Teflon Chemical a Likely Carcinogen

2/16/06:  New York Sues U.S. Agency, Seeks Air Quality Files

2/16/06:  Rare Dolphin Heading for Extinction in Cambodia

2/16/06:  Florida Manatee Deaths Set Record in January

2/16/06:  EPA Lifts Requirements for States to Add Ethanol, MTBE to Gasoline

2/16/06:  China Hydro-Dams Leave Locals Poorer Report Says

2/16/06:  China Hydro-Dams Leave Locals Poorer Report Says

2/15/06:  U.S. Jury Awards Damages for Bomb Plant Contamination

2/15/06:  Firm Hopes Reopen Long-Dormant California Gold Rush Mine

2/15/06:  Forest Service Cancels Plan to Log Near Grand Canyon

2/15/06:  U.S. May Remove Bald Eagles from Endangered List

2/15/06:  Two Lost Worlds Give Us Hope -- A Guest Commentary

2/15/06:  Oxford Seeks PC Users to Help Map Climate Change

2/15/06:  Government May Lose Billions in Oil, Gas Royalties Because of 1995 Law

2/15/06:  Early California Was Native American Killing Field

2/15/06:  India Searches for Ways to Head off Extinction of its Endangered Tigers

2/15/06:  Brazil's President Creates New Forest Reserves in Amazon

2/15/06:  Firm Hopes Reopen Long-Dormant California Gold Rush Mine

2/15/06:  Government May Lose Billions in Oil, Gas Royalties Because of 1995 Law

2/14/06:  Prompt Action Urged on Pakistan Landslide Threat

2/14/06:  Nothing Shelled out for Beaches

2/14/06:  Indian Court Orders New Panel for 'Toxic' Ship

2/14/06:  Scientists Discover New Assassin Spiders

2/14/06:  Pollution Leaves Two Runners Critically Ill after Hong Kong Marathon

2/14/06:  Starving Cattle Put Kenya Wildlife at Risk

2/14/06:  Shark Attacks Fall in 2005 as Humans Fight Back

2/14/06:  Valentine Roses, Candy Go PC

2/13/06:  U.S. Geological Survey to Study Fault Line

2/13/06:  Yellowstone Reopens Facility for Bison

2/13/06:  East Africa People and Wildlife Struggle to Share Precious Land and Water

2/13/06:  Northern China Wetlands Drying Up

2/13/06:  As Underground Water Vanishes, Plains Towns Brace for Costly Future

2/13/06:  Bush Administration Details Billion-Dollar Plan for Public Land Sales

2/13/06:  Study Finds Higher Level of Exposure to Mercury

2/13/06:  Seattle's Waterfront Reshaped by New Sculpture Park

2/11/06:  Lawmaker Seeks Probe of Logging Study

2/10/06:  Bush Administration Moves to Sell National Forest Land

2/10/06:  Bolivia Moving to Exert Greater State Control over Natural Gas Production

2/10/06:  Study Suggests Bad Corn Caused Birth Defects in the Rio Grande Valley

2/10/06:  Expert Studies Moths at Carlsbad Caverns

2/10/06:  Sperm Whales Use Engines As 'Dinner Bells'

2/10/06:  Montana's Avid Hunter Governor Spares Nine Lost Bison

2/10/06:  Science Panel Concludes Nuclear Waste Transport Generally Safe

2/10/06:  Japan Faces Whale Meat Glut

2/10/06:  Mayor of Peruvian Town Says Planning Protest in Support of U.S.-Owned Smelter

2/10/06:  Best Blooms for Valentine’s Day -- A Guest Commentary

2/9/06:  Texas Town Rushes to Build a Pipeline before the Faucets Run Dry

2/9/06:  Senate, White House at Odds over River Locks Funding

2/9/06:  World Ethanol Demand to Test Brazil Cane Industry

2/9/06:  U.S. Evangelicals Urge Action on Global Warming

2/9/06:  Less Snow in Rockies Slows Release of CO2 Emissions

2/9/06:  Lawmaker Seeks Probe of Logging Study

2/9/06:  Bush Budget Cuts Back on Energy Efficiency Programs

2/9/06:  Alaska Looks for Image Makeover

2/9/06:  NIH Launches Genetics Project Examining Environmental Influences on Disease

2/9/06:  Feds Move to Protect Polar Bears

2/9/06:  Toshiba Says Westinghouse Purchase Will Let it Tap into Growing Nuclear Market

2/9/06:  World Ethanol Demand to Test Brazil Cane Industry

2/9/06:  NIH Launches Genetics Project Examining Environmental Influences on Disease

2/8/06:  Nigerian Farms Destroy Dead Poultry, Labs Testing

2/8/06:  India Panel on Toxic Waste Divided over French Ship

2/8/06:  Pregnancy Test May Lie behind Deadly Frog Fungus

2/8/06:  Judge May Halt Project to Protect Bird

2/8/06:  World Has Seven Years for Key Climate Decisions, Says Tony Blair

2/8/06:  Group Tests Toxin Levels of Bald Eagles

2/8/06:  U.N. Chemicals Agreement Reached Despite U.S. and European Differences

2/8/06:  Scientists Warn of Melting Ice in Arctic

2/8/06:  Deal Reached to Protect Canada's Coast Rainforest

2/7/06:  Political science test

2/7/06:  Texas Sues Developer for Sales of Land with No Water Service

2/7/06:  Russian Environmental Safety Regulator Rejects Eastern Oil Pipeline Route

2/7/06:  Uruguay Leader Says Pulp Protests Hurt Economy

2/7/06:  Sweden, a Leader in Renewable Energy, Aims to End Oil Dependency by 2020

2/7/06:  U.S. Congressmen Push at U.N. for New Climate Talks

2/7/06:  China's Environmental Agency Says Disasters Must Be Reported within One Hour

2/7/06:  Bush Budget Triples Money from Alaska Oil Drilling

2/7/06:  Deadly Fungus Threatens Beloved Panamanian Frog

2/7/06:  Art Exhibit Attempts to Chronicle 'New Gold Rush'

2/7/06:  'Lost World' Found in Indonesian Jungle

2/7/06:  Texas Sues Developer for Sales of Land with No Water Service

2/7/06:  Uruguay Leader Says Pulp Protests Hurt Economy

2/6/06:  Birds Put on Show for New York Harbor Cruise

2/6/06:  Deaths Push Rare Asia Dolphins Nearer Extinction

2/6/06:  Controversy Over Padre Island Beach Access

2/6/06:  Huge U.N. Environment Summit Kicks off with Chemicals Treaty

2/6/06:  Landmark Vermont Farm Tries Grass Pellet Heat

2/6/06:  MIT Scientists Tracking Fish With Sonar

2/6/06:  New EPA Soot Limits Faulted by Scientists

2/6/06:  You Can Fool Some of the Fish Some of the Time...

2/6/06:  Federal Protection Sought for Florida Bears

2/6/06:  You Can Fool Some of the Fish Some of the Time...

2/3/06:  Road Salt May Be Sickening Alaska Pigeons

2/3/06:  Study Urges Action on Threatened Africa Predators

2/3/06:  Tanker Runs Aground in Alaska, Spills Oil Products

2/3/06:  Preparing for Oil Spills in Norway’s Arctic Waters -- A Guest Commentary

2/3/06:  China Pledges to Do More to Protect Dwindling Wetlands

2/3/06:  U.S. Senators Plan Climate Change Bill this Spring

2/3/06:  U.S. Judge Blasts EPA over Sept. 11 Dust Health Dangers

2/3/06:  Commission Leaders Say Government Must Act Fast to Save Oceans

2/3/06:  Diesel Pollution from Trains and Boats Targeted

2/2/06:  Normally a Big Chill, Canada Basks in Mild Winter

2/2/06:  Elephant Sanctuary Rescues Abused Pachyderms

2/2/06:  Pigeons Get Backpacks for Air Pollution Monitoring

2/2/06:  River Conservationist Wins $100,000 Idea Contest

2/2/06:  Two Consortiums Bid for Construction of Bulgaria's Second Nuclear Plant

2/2/06:  Louisiana Governor Seeks More Royalties, Threatens to Block Offshore Leases

2/2/06:  Environmentalists Protest Russian Plans for Oil Pipeline Running along Lake Baikal

2/2/06:  Bush Plan to Help Climate, but No Green Conversion

2/2/06:  Louisiana Governor Seeks More Royalties, Threatens to Block Offshore Leases

2/1/06:  Review Panel: Teflon Chemical a Likely Carcinogen

2/1/06:  Experts Say Black-Footed Ferrets Reproducing

2/1/06:  Environmentalists Say Stopping Aid to Palestinians Would Harm Whole Region

2/1/06:  Mexico Signs Agreement to Drastically Cut Fuel Emissions, Improve Air Quality

2/1/06:  New England Fisherman again Facing Severe Fishing Cuts

2/1/06:  Australia's Reefs Face Bleaching Risk

2/1/06:  Review Panel: Teflon Chemical a Likely Carcinogen

2/1/06:  New England Fisherman again Facing Severe Fishing Cuts

2/1/06:  Army Corps Keeps Plan for Spring Rise on Missouri River

2/1/06:  Washington Weather May Be Killing Seabirds

2/1/06:  EPA Sets Perchlorate Cleanup Level

2/1/06:  Army Corps Keeps Plan for Spring Rise on Missouri River

1/31/06:  Global Warming Demands Urgent Solutions, Scientists Say

1/31/06:  On Beyond Organic -- Farmer John Goes Hollywood

1/31/06:  North Carolina Sues TVA, Citing Air Pollution as Public Nuisance

1/31/06:  EPA Strikes Pollution Deal with Factory-Style Animal Farms

1/31/06:  Stray Dog Kills Japanese Man in Romanian Capital

1/31/06:  California Starts Monitoring Air Pollution in Farm Town Plagued by Pesticides, Smog

1/31/06:  Corn Used in Tainted Dog Food Not Properly Tested

1/31/06:  Unique Australian Trees Endangered

1/30/06:  Team Finds Rare Sandpipers in Bangladesh

1/30/06:  Lawmaker Calls for Official Status for Humuhumunukunukuapuaa

1/30/06:  Retailers Agree to Reduce Lead in Costume Jewelry, Mostly Sold to Kids

1/30/06:  Climate Expert Says NASA Bids to Muzzle Him

1/30/06:  U.S. Mogul Pledges $40 Million to Mozambique Park

1/30/06:  Scientists Find Frozen Methane Gas Deposit

1/30/06:  Deep-Sea Drill Set for Climate Research

1/30/06:  Researcher Finds Pollution Limiting Sunny Days in China

1/30/06:  Alaska Revives Aerial Wolf Control Program

1/30/06:  Hurricanes Shape New Natural Order

1/30/06:  Retailers Agree to Reduce Lead in Costume Jewelry, Mostly Sold to Kids

1/27/06:  Ethiopian Red Fox Needs More Protection to Survive

1/27/06:  Valdez Spill Lingers in Court and on Alaska Shores

1/27/06:  Climate Change Has Unexpected Effects -- A Guest Commentary

1/27/06:  Wild Birds: Vectors or Victims of Avian Flu?

1/27/06:  High Cancer Rates Found in Maryland Catfish

1/27/06:  Ethanol Could Reduce Fossil Fuel Need, Study Shows

1/27/06:  Congressional Investigators Question EPA Data on Lead in Drinking Water

1/27/06:  California Classifies Second-Hand Smoke a Toxic Risk

1/27/06:  Global Warming May Cause Sea Levels to Rise 34 Centimeters by 2100

1/26/06:  German Chancellor Urges Common Social, Environment, Trade Approach

1/26/06:  Beijing Offers Modest Solutions to Ease Traffic Congestion

1/26/06:  U.S. National Zoo Puts Down Arthritic Elephant

1/26/06:  Nuclear Power Company Negotiates with Property Owners after Radioactive Leak

1/26/06:  Scientists Say they Discover World's Smallest Recorded Fish in Indonesian Swamp

1/26/06:  U.S. Asks Companies to Slash Output of Teflon Compound

1/26/06:  Bush Administration to Seek Salmon Harvest Cuts and Hatchery Reforms

1/26/06:  Mouse Frustrates Endangered Species Policy

1/26/06:  Plan to Build Gas Pipeline through Amazon Rain Forest Catches Environmentalists Off Guard

1/26/06:  Nuclear Power Company Negotiates with Property Owners after Radioactive Leak

1/26/06:  Better Times Ahead for U.S. Automakers, Energy Secretary Says

1/26/06:  U.S. Asks Companies to Slash Output of Teflon Compound

1/25/06:  State Government Bans Commercial Fishing in Sydney Harbour Due to High Dioxin Levels

1/25/06:  Scientists to Pitch Homestake Experiments

1/25/06:  Al Gore to Publish Book on Global Warming in April

1/25/06:  Brazil Sacks Indian Expert after Spat over Lands

1/25/06:  Bush Administration Outlines Funding for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

1/25/06:  NASA Says 2005 Was Warmest Year on Record

1/25/06:  Program Seeks to Preserve Grasslands

1/25/06:  Size Does Matter in Bats' Evolution

1/25/06:  Coral Reefs Cheaper to Protect than Neglect, U.N. Finds

1/25/06:  FDA Panel Recommends Federal Ban on Nonprescription Asthma Inhalers that Harm Ozone

1/25/06:  FDA Panel Recommends Federal Ban on Nonprescription Asthma Inhalers that Harm Ozone

1/24/06:  Contractor Allegedly Supplied Tainted Water to Iraq Base

1/24/06:  Hong Kong Dolphins Are Pretty in Pink

1/24/06:  On Beyond Organic -- Road to Recovery: Gulf Coast Farms

1/24/06:  East Africa People and Wildlife Struggles to Share Precious Land and Water

1/24/06:  UK Launches Energy Review in Face of Global Warming

1/24/06:  U.S. Greenhouse Operators Find Green Roof Niche

1/24/06:  Ancient Southern Africa Tribe Battles to Avoid Eviction from Kalahari Reserve

1/24/06:  Warming Probably Not Killing Arizona Frogs

1/24/06:  Research Site Full of Yellowstone Bison

1/24/06:  EPA to Accept Pesticide Tests on Humans

1/24/06:  Contractor Allegedly Supplied Tainted Water to Iraq Base

1/24/06:  U.S. Greenhouse Operators Find Green Roof Niche

1/23/06:  Survey Shows Inland Air Nation's Dirtiest

1/23/06:  How Green is My Wardrobe

1/23/06:  Rescuers Say Thames Whale's Death May Save Others

1/23/06:  Dams That Were Engineering Marvels 100 Years Ago Being Mothballed

1/23/06:  U.S. Indicts 11 Environmental, Animal Activists

1/23/06:  Montana Governor's Vision for Coal Conversion Draws Attention

1/23/06:  Houdini the Leopard Has No More Secrets

1/23/06:  Environmentalists Fight Spread of Vineyards to California Coastal Forests

1/23/06:  Bioprospectors Raise Ire as They Patent More Life Forms

1/23/06:  Bioprospectors Raise Ire as They Patent More Life Forms

1/20/06:  Time to Tackle the Pirates -- A Guest Commentary

1/20/06:  EU Head Office Says Enforcement of Fishing Rules to Protect Stocks is Seriously Flawed

1/20/06:  Japan Grapples with Invasion of Giant Jellyfish

1/20/06:  Space Debris Accumulating, Report Says

1/20/06:  Arctic Temperatures Blanket Russia, Death Toll Rises to More than 30

1/20/06:  Indigenous Children Die of Dehydration, Kidney Failure and Pneumonia in Brazil

1/20/06:  Balloons to Help Scientists Clear Cloudy Picture

1/20/06:  Regulators Approve Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal in Massachusetts Town

1/20/06:  Wind Generator to Use Fire to Examine Bats

1/20/06:  Wind Generator to Use Fire to Examine Bats

1/19/06:  GOP ex-EPA chiefsbash Bush policies

1/19/06:  Colombia to Eradicate Coca in National Park

1/19/06:  Castro Announces Major Overhaul of Cuba's Electrical Grid

1/19/06:  South African Environment Minister Holds More Talks about Elephant Culling

1/19/06:  Former Republican EPA Chiefs Accuse Bush of Neglecting Global Warming

1/19/06:  Animals Healthy at Jackson's Ranch, USDA Says

1/19/06:  Pollution-Cutting Infrared System for Aircraft Deicing Opens at Oslo Airport

1/19/06:  Drought Puts Kenya's Wildlife at Risk

1/19/06:  New Law Forces Manufacturers to Pick up Recycling Costs

1/19/06:  Judge Rules Alaskan Wolf-Killing Program Illegal

1/19/06:  New Animal Species Found in California Caves

1/19/06:  New Law Forces Manufacturers to Pick up Recycling Costs

1/18/06:  Experts to Search Bangladesh for Sandpiper

1/18/06:  French Defense Minister Confident about Indian Court Decision on Dismantling Warship

1/18/06:  In Shadow of Foreign-Owned Refineries, Bolivia's Poor Wait for Energy Profits

1/18/06:  Raw Sewage Spill Closes California Beaches

1/18/06:  On Beyond Organic: Gulf Coast Cough & Government Spin

1/18/06:  Uruguay President Defies Pulp Mill Protesters

1/18/06:  Oil-Stung Caribbean Looks at Energy Alternatives

1/18/06:  Endangered Whales Sighted off Texas Coast, Miles from Usual Winter Territory

1/18/06:  Alaska Volcano Erupts, Shooting Ash Miles High

1/18/06:  Landslides Could Worsen with Global Warming

1/18/06:  Uruguay President Defies Pulp Mill Protesters

1/18/06:  Oil-Stung Caribbean Looks at Energy Alternatives

1/17/06:  Canadian Beetle Infestation Worries U.S.

1/17/06:  India to Open Remote Andamans to Foreign Flights

1/17/06:  Rivals Unite to Save Nature

1/17/06:  Anti-Nuke Activists Protest Pluto Mission

1/17/06:  New Zealand Has No Legal Options for Challenging Japan's Scientific Whaling

1/17/06:  Kenya's Maasai Drive Starving Herds into Nairobi

1/17/06:  Pakistani, South African, Norwegian among Tips for Top U.N. Environment Job

1/17/06:  Conservationists Agree on Steps to Save African Lion

1/16/06:  North Dakota to House Hydrogen Refueling Station

1/16/06:  Ice Thaw Could Create New Toxic Slick in China

1/16/06:  Warm Weather Isolates Northern Canadian Natives

1/16/06:  USDA Investigators Slam Agency for Poor Oversight of Biotech Crops

1/16/06:  Floods that Washed away Homes and Lives Leave Behind Golden Gift

1/16/06:  Activists Sue Over Connecticut Parakeet Removal

1/16/06:  Kenyan Official Says Lifting Ban on Sport Hunting Possible

1/16/06:  Twelve States Oppose Bush Plan to Cut Companies' Burden on Reporting Pollution

1/16/06:  North Dakota to House Hydrogen Refueling Station

1/16/06:  USDA Investigators Slam Agency for Poor Oversight of Biotech Crops

1/16/06:  Twelve States Oppose Bush Plan to Cut Companies' Burden on Reporting Pollution

1/15/06:  Harpoon just misses protesters

1/13/06:  World's largest wetland vanishing

1/13/06:  Greenpeace Activists Board Ex-French Warship Saying It's Carrying Toxic Waste to India

1/13/06:  The Power to Change... By Choosing the Coffee We Drink -- A Guest Commentary

1/13/06:  U.S., Australia Pledge Millions of Dollars to Promote Fight against Global Warming

1/13/06:  Kenya's Elephants Suffering from Drought, Clash with People over Resources

1/13/06:  Chemical Traces Found in U.S. Bottled Water Given as Substitute for Tainted Tap Water

1/13/06:  California Regulators Adopt $2.9 Billion Solar Power Plan

1/13/06:  World Wildlife Fund to Train Thousands of Gold Miners in Suriname to Protect Environment

1/13/06:  Interior Department Clears Way for Oil Leases in Lake Region of Alaska's North Slope

1/12/06:  US Lifts Longtime Drilling Ban on Alaskan Wildlife Habitat

1/12/06:  Analysis pegs $9 million in salvage logging losses

1/12/06:  U.S., Australia Say Businesses Will Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Voluntarily

1/12/06:  French Green Lobby Wary of Biofuel Benefits

1/12/06:  Fishing Reefs Take about a Year to Develop

1/12/06:  Coal Takes Center Stage at U.S.-Led Climate Change Conference

1/12/06:  Researchers Say Farming Threatens Brazil Wetlands

1/12/06:  Alaska Governor Wants Campaign against 'Ridicule'

1/12/06:  Students Test Food Recycling

1/12/06:  Climate-Change Fungus is Wiping out Frogs

1/11/06:  Clean Energy is Life or Death for Planet

1/11/06:  Haves and Have Nots Clash over Plan to Divert River for Drought Relief

1/11/06:  Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Enter Critical Year for Protection

1/11/06:  U.S. Starts Debate on Allowing Grizzly Bear Hunting

1/11/06:  Consumers Could See Lower MPG Ratings for 2008 Model Vehicles

1/11/06:  U.S. Says Industry Key to Six-Nation Climate Pact

1/11/06:  Whole Foods Commits to Renewable Energy

1/11/06:  Report Shows Deforestation Threatens Brazil's Pantanal

1/11/06:  Zoos Part of U.S. Effort to Detect Avian Flu

1/11/06:  Authorities Investigate the Death of Some 2,000 Chickens in Trinidad

1/11/06:  Warming May Cut Duck Numbers

1/10/06:  U.N. Welcomes U.S Led Partnership on Climate Change

1/10/06:  Greenpeace Says Whaling Ship Collision Will Not Deter Protest

1/10/06:  Louisiana Delegation Heading to Netherlands

1/10/06:  Energy Department Will Wait to Ship Nuclear Waste to Washington Site

1/10/06:  On Beyond Organic: Farming in the City

1/10/06:  China Adds Pollution to List of Exports

1/10/06:  NAFTA Panel Finds Mexico Slow to Respond to Illicit Logging on Indian Lands

1/10/06:  Marine Water Invaders on Most Wanted List

1/9/06:  Hong Kong Urges Public to Give Used Currency as Gifts during Lunar New Year

1/9/06:  Expert Says Resources Needed for Montana Bears

1/9/06:  Sydney Climate Talks Unaffected by Cancellations

1/9/06:  China to Spend $3.3 Billion on Songhua River Cleanup

1/9/06:  Fishermen Say Chinook Salmon Are Smaller

1/9/06:  Federal Program to Reduce Oil Consumption Increases It

1/9/06:  Environmentalists Worry on China's Kangs

1/9/06:  Deadly Landslide in Indonesia Sets off Debate over Role of Logging in Disaster

1/9/06:  Receding Groundwater Threatens Boston's Historic Legacy

1/9/06:  Debate Swirls as Wind Power Grows Rapidly

1/8/06:  Wild horses disrupt logging ancient trees

1/6/06:  Study strikes salvage logging beliefs

1/6/06:  U.S. Tsunami Alert System Streamlined

1/6/06:  Tourists Flock to Chinese City Festival, Assured that River No Longer Contaminated

1/6/06:  Boaters Damaging Seagrass in Florida

1/6/06:  Conservationists Sue Over Nevada Butterfly

1/6/06:  India Begins Count of Threatened Tigers

1/6/06:  Humans Display Their Stupid Side to Wildlife

1/6/06:  Florida Manatee Deaths Jump 30 Percent in 2005

1/6/06:  China Orders End to Limits on Small Car Sales in Anti-Pollution Effort

1/6/06:  Expert Blames Dog Disease for Wolf Decline

1/6/06:  General Electric Workers Sue Monsanto over PCBs

1/6/06:  Grapes in California's Wine Country Expected To Survive Stormy Weather

1/6/06:  Organic Dairy Farming Profits Elusive

1/4/06:  Study Concludes 'Double Whammy' Harms Murrelet

1/4/06:  Police Briefly Hold Greenpeace Activists Accusing France of Dumping Toxic Wastes in India

1/4/06:  Trash Mouninbodyheadlines2">Trash Mounts as California Cleans up from Floods

1/4/06:  U.N. Moves To Block 2006 Caspian Sea Caviar Exports

1/4/06:  Stockholm Tries out Traffic Tolls To Ease Congestion

1/4/06:  Forest Fires Ravage Rare Species in New Caledonia, Worry Environmentalists

1/4/06:  Government Issues Cleanup Guidelines for 'Dirty Bomb' Attack

1/4/06:  Law Bans Most Mercury from Products

1/4/06:  Three Automakers To Unveil Hybrid Plans

1/3/06:  One Personinbodyheadlines2">One Person Killed, More than a Thousand Displaced in Malawi Floods

1/3/06:  Mexico Peasants Take up Machetes against Acapulco Dam

1/3/06:  Science aninbodyheadlines2">Science and the Environment: The Challenges of Reaching the Public -- A Guest Commentary

1/3/06:  On Beyond Organic: Food Marketing & Kids

1/3/06:  Northern California Cleans up as Storms Move South

1/3/06:  One Tail Hinbodyheadlines2">One Tail Hair Reveals Elephant's Life Tale

1/3/06:  U.S. Government Mulls Options for Protecting Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

1/3/06:  Fictional King Kong Mirrors Odd Island Facts

1/2/06:  Californiainbodyheadlines2">California Wine Country Flooding Set To Ease

1/2/06:  Conservation Officers Shoot Whales after New Zealand South Island Stranding

1/2/06:  UAE Workins2">UAE Working To Rid Drinking Water of Chemical Linked To Cancer

1/2/06:  New Orleaninbodyheadlines2">New Orleans Aquarium Restocking after Huge Hurricane Losses

1/2/06:  Tiny American Pika Seen Headed toward Extinction

1/2/06:  Protestersinbodyheadlines2">Protesters Blockade Argentine Bridges to Uruguay in Rift over Paper Mills

1/2/06:  'Rogue' African Elephants May Soon Hunt Poachers

1/2/06:  Some Canned Light Tuna May Contain Other Fish with More Mercury

1/2/06:  Washington Schools, Day-Care Centers Won't Get Special Pesticide Notices

1/2/06:  FEMA Dumpss2">FEMA Dumps Donated Drinking Water Not Used at Hurricane Shelters

1/2/06:  Mining Company Drops Cyanide Plans

1/2/06:  BLM To Zap Pest Plants

1/2/06:  Governor Orders Southwest Missouri Turkey Oil Plant Closed Because of Foul Odors

1/2/06:  Company that Makes Natural Paint Starts Seeing Green

1/2/06:  Pricey Coffee Good to the Last Dropping

1/2/06:  Biotech Crops Mark First Decade with Wins, Losses

1/2/06:  Go Green By Trading, Says Goldman