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12/27/05:  Environmental Security in a Post-Tsunami World -- A Guest Commentary

12/27/05:  British Biologist Uses Carbon Trading To Grow Forests

12/27/05:  Gulf Hurriinbodyheadlines2">Gulf Hurricanes Triple Requests for Rigs-to-Reefs

12/27/05:  Kosovo Could One Day Be Self-Sufficient, U.N. Envoy Says

12/27/05:  Russia's Iinbodyheadlines2">Russia's Indigenous People Fear the Worst as Toxic Spill Enters Fishing Waters

12/27/05:  On Beyond Organic: Best of 2005

12/27/05:  Study Finds Climate Change May Melt Permafrost

12/27/05:  Defiant Brinbodyheadlines2">Defiant British Foxhunters Take to the Field

12/26/05:  Scientists Target Tree-Killing Beetle

12/26/05:  Alaska Researchers Study Reindeer Biology

12/26/05:  Residents inbodyheadlines2">Residents of Russian City Shun Tap Water as Chemical Slick Flows By

12/26/05:  Damaged New Orleans Goes to Dogs for Therapy

12/26/05:  Scientists Find Cache of Dodo Bird Bones

12/26/05:  China Dumps Chemicals To Try To Clean Toxic River

12/26/05:  Mexico's Snowy 'Smoking Mountain' Spits Ash, Rocks

12/26/05:  Japan Resumes Whaling after Escape Bid

12/23/05:  Fears for Dwindling Forests in Pakistani Quake Zone

12/23/05:  Outlook Grim for Toga, the Stolen UK Penguin

12/23/05:  Alaska Brainbodyheadlines2">Alaska Braces for Possible Volcanic Eruption

12/23/05:  Rare Frigate Bird Flies Thousands of Miles across Asia in Search of Food

12/23/05:  House Taskinbodyheadlines2">House Task Force Recommends Changes To Speed Federal Projects

12/23/05:  Diamond Recalls Pet Food Because of Toxic Chemical

12/23/05:  Journal Cites Evolution Studies in 2005

12/23/05:  Many Localinbodyheadlines2">Many Local Leaders Weren't Aware of Government Pollution Health Risk Scores

12/22/05:  Panama Jungle Power Plan Worries Environmentalists

12/22/05:  Greenpeace Vows To Continue Protesting Japanese Whalers in Antarctic Waters

12/22/05:  China Seen as Main Market for Illegal Africa Ivory

12/22/05:  EU Commission Proposes Stricter Emissions Standards for Cars

12/22/05:  Democrats Block Alaska Drilling in U.S. Defense Bill

12/22/05:  Toxic Slick Heads for South China Cities

12/22/05:  Canada Looinbodyheadlines2">Canada Looks Set To Require Ethanol in Gasoline

12/22/05:  Study is First on Menopause in Gorillas

12/22/05:  Better Turinbodyheadlines2">Better Turkeys: Buy Local -- A Guest Commentary

12/22/05:  In End of Era, Last Classic VW Vans Outfitted with Air-Cooled s Outfitted with Air-Cooled Engines

12/21/05:  Scientists Study Coral Reefs in Caribbean

12/21/05:  Ford Releases Emissions Report, Says More Cooperation Needed

12/21/05:  Scores of Pilot Whales Stranded on New Zealand Beach

12/21/05:  EU Fisheries Ministers open Bartering Session over Ever-Dwindling Fish Quotas

12/21/05:  Seven U.S. States Sign CO2 Plan in Break with Bush

12/21/05:  Interview with Michael Ableman

12/21/05:  EPA Proposinbodyheadlines2">EPA Proposes New Health-Based Soot Limits on Air Pollution

12/21/05:  Proposed Environmental Safeguards Challenged by Opponents of Arctic Refuge Drilling

12/21/05:  South Asian Experts Vow To Protect Endangered Elephants

12/21/05:  Public Datinbodyheadlines2">Public Data Show Chemicals in Tap Water

12/21/05:  Ford Releases Emissions Report, Says More Cooperation Needed

12/21/05:  Filtration Firm Helps Industries Meet Environmental Needs

12/21/05:  Solar Power Heating Up

12/20/05:  Periwinkle Snails Harming Louisiana Marshes

12/20/05:  Chemical Linbodyheadlines2">Chemical Levels Rise in Russian River

12/20/05:  Indian Oceinbodyheadlines2">Indian Ocean Nations Prepare for Next Tsunami

12/20/05:  China Aimsinbodyheadlines2">China Aims To Improve Safe Water Availability by 2010

12/20/05:  Ancient Trs2">Ancient Tribe Battles To Remain in Kalahari Reserve

12/20/05:  U.S. Greenhouse Gases Rose Two Percent

12/20/05:  Greenpeace Buys Tons of Illegally Cut Brazilian Wood, Delivers it to Police

12/20/05:  Chinese Coinbodyheadlines2">Chinese Companies, World Bank Deal Sign $930 Million Deal To Sell Pollution Credits

12/20/05:  Wyoming Launches Cloud-Seeding Project

12/20/05:  U.S. Democrats To Fight Arctic Oil in Defense Bill

12/20/05:  Shipping Company To Pay $10 Million Fine in Atlantic Dumping Case

12/20/05:  Maine Ballot Initiative on Water Tax Falls Short in Signature Drive

12/19/05:  Tsunami's Environmental Damage Huge; Human Impact Bigger

12/19/05:  Green Groups Sue U.S. To Protect Polar Bears

12/19/05:  Republicans Add Alaska Oil Drilling to Defense Bill

12/19/05:  Marine Ceninbodyheadlines2">Marine Census Shows Diversity, Declines

12/19/05:  Group Endsinbodyheadlines2">Group Ends Protests of Alaska Wolf Hunts

12/19/05:  Canadian Ninbodyheadlines2">Canadian Natives are Alarmed by a Shortage of Sons

12/19/05:  Toyota Starts Production of Hybrid Car Prius in China

12/19/05:  Fair Trade Promotes Coffee with a Conscience Changing the World Cup by Cup

12/19/05:  Tire Fuel inbodyheadlines2">Tire Fuel Sparks Fiery U.S. Environmental Debate

12/19/05:  Mexico Relinbodyheadlines2">Mexico Releases Cattle-Killing Jaguar into the Jungle

12/19/05:  Temperatures Climb as Warming Talks Stall

12/19/05:  Norwegiansinbodyheadlines2">Norwegians, Dutch Mix Sea and River To Make Power

12/19/05:  Mexican Painbodyheadlines2">Mexican Park Rangers Defend Monarch Butterflies from Loggers

12/16/05:  Alaskan Volcano Showing Signs of Erupting

12/16/05:  Rebuildinginbodyheadlines2">Rebuilding Gulf Coast's Fishing Industry to Cost $1.2 Billion

12/16/05:  Bush Promiinbodyheadlines2">Bush Promises New Orleans Bigger, Better Levees

12/16/05:  Big Tuna is the New Big Tobacco -- A Guest Commentary

12/16/05:  Climate, Sinbodyheadlines2">Climate, Storms Hit Extremes in 2005

12/16/05:  Groups Sue to Protect Polar Bears

12/16/05:  UN Launches $500 Million Emergency Relief Fund

12/16/05:  Christmas is Damaging the Environment, Report Says

12/16/05:  Collapsed Portion of Reservoir Made of 'Rubble Material'

12/15/05:  Swamp Thing? No, a Woodpecker Researchg? No, a Woodpecker Researcher

12/15/05:  Mistletoe Theft Threatens Kissing Crisis

12/15/05:  LA Zoo Elephants Need Three Times More Space

12/15/05:  Americans in Air Pollution Hot Spots Worry about Kids

12/15/05:  Environmental Rules Get Benched in Gulf Coast

12/15/05:  EPA Would Ease Pollution Reporting Rules

12/15/05:  Experts Say Arkansas Duck Numbers Downy Arkansas Duck Numbers Down 50 Percent

12/15/05:  California Regulators Unveil Solar Power Plan

12/15/05:  No Agreement on Northeast CO2 Emissions Pact

12/15/05:  Solar-Power Push Heats Up

12/15/05:  Storm Takes a Heavy Toll on Oyster Farmers

12/14/05:  Stop Bashing Us, Upset United States Tells Canada

12/14/05:  Suit Challenges Salmon Listings in West

12/14/05:  EU Commission Welcomes ComprEU Commission Welcomes Compromise on Energy Consumption Targets

12/14/05:  Narwhal's Tusk is a Giant Sensor, Study Finds

12/14/05:  U.S., Canadian Officials Sign Great Lakes Water Pact

12/14/05:  Deal Restricts Hunting on Canada's Pacific Coast

12/14/05:  EPA Goes Ahead with Plan To Test Apartments for World Trade Center Dust

12/14/05:  No Room at Cemetery, so MayoNo Room at Cemetery, so Mayor Proposes a Ban on Death

12/14/05:  Environmentalists To mentalists To Appeal U.S. Border Fence Ruling

12/14/05:  Research Project Reveals Industrial Pollution Inequities

12/14/05:  Katrina Strangles Louisiana's Cherished Citrus Industry

12/14/05:  As Alaska's Fishing Fleet Ages, Newcomers Find the Price of Entry High

12/13/05:  Interest Waning in Wildlife Interest Waning in Wildlife Work for State, Federal Agencies

12/13/05:  Study Reveals Arctic Killer Whales High in Toxins

12/13/05:  Serbia Removes Depleted UranSerbia Removes Depleted Uranium Left Over from NATO Bombing

12/13/05:  Gas Drilling Raises Dust Clouds Throughout the West

12/13/05:  Cathedral Gets Offspring of Ancient Tree

12/13/05:  Great Lakes Cleanup May Hit $20 Billion

12/13/05:  Mass Stranding of Whales, Dolphins on Cape Cod Investigated

12/13/05:  Study Pinpoints Species Facing Extinction Threat

12/13/05:  Business Groups Back Expanded U.S. Gulf Oil Drilling

12/13/05:  Dallas Cowboys May Get Flexibility in How They Replace Trees

12/12/05:  Endangered Rabbits Returned to Wild

12/12/05:  Hong Kong Hoards Herbs in Case of Flu

12/12/05:  Myanmar, Thailand Sign Agreement To Build Controversial Hydropower Dam

12/12/05:  Earth's Magnetic Pole Drifting Quickly

12/12/05:  Killer Whales Most toines2">Killer Whales Most toxic Mammal in Arctic, WWF Says

12/12/05:  Environmentalists Using 'Syriana' in Calls for Oil Conservation

12/12/05:  EU Parliament Backs Watered-Down Plans To Reduce Energy Consumption

12/12/05:  'Elvis' Woodpecker Draws Searchers to Arkansas

12/12/05:  Scientists Say Fissure Could Be a New Ocean

12/12/05:  U.S. Under Fire as World Climate Talks End

12/12/05:  Dairy Waste Becomes Resource

12/12/05:  Entrepreneur Seeks Capital To Produce Alternate Fuels

12/12/05:  Young Entrepreneur Turns Worm Waste into Profit

12/9/05:  Activist faces life in prison on 16-count arson indictment

12/9/05:  Report Says China Considering Dam To Shield Russian City from Toxic Spill

12/9/05:  Six Charged with Environmental Attacks in U.S.

12/9/05:  Free Trade Threatening Small-Scale Farmers, Fisherman, Environmental Group Says

12/9/05:  Amazon Drought Ending, Yet Sickness Looms

12/9/05:  Kicking the Oil Habit and Creating Jobs -- A Guest Commentary

12/9/05:  Role of Wild Birds in Avian Flu Spread Questioned

12/9/05:  U.N. Talks Support Clean EneU.N. Talks Support Clean Energy in Poor Nations

12/9/05:  Sand, Salt Stranglingines2">Sand, Salt Strangling Australia's Greatest River

12/9/05:  Oil Firms May Pay $10 Billion To Drill in Alaska

12/9/05:  Arizona Promotes 'Geotourism'

12/8/05:  Mercury In Atmosphere Could Be Washed Out More Easily Than Earlier Believed

12/8/05:  Global Warming Could Halt Ocean Circulation, With Harmful Results

12/8/05:  Greenland Glaciers Retreating at Alarming Rate

12/8/05:  China Investigates Death of China Investigates Death of Official Involved in Toxic Spill Aftermath

12/8/05:  Argentina Works To Stem Farmland Floodings

12/8/05:  In Final Days of Climate Conference, U.S. Resists `Post-Kyoto' Push

12/8/05:  'Alternative Nobel' Winners 'Alternative Nobel' Winners Call for Water and Land Rights, and for Global Justice

12/8/05:  Beware of Bear: Return of the Brown Bear to Switzerland

12/8/05:  Judge Blocks Land Clearing for Oil, Gas Drilling in Michigan Forest

12/8/05:  Scientists Say Greenland Glaciers Retreating

12/8/05:  EU Governments Agree on Rules To Tackle Pollution from Mining Waste

12/8/05:  Pittsburgh Brewing Files for Bankruptcy over Water, Sewage Bills

12/8/05:  State of the Emerging Global Greenhouse Market

12/8/05:  General Electric Not Required To Complete Cleanup of PCBs from Hudson River, Says New York Official

12/7/05:  New Lakes in Pakistani Quake Zone Endanger Thousands

12/7/05:  Research Team Finds Mones2">Research Team Finds More Toxic Contamination around U.S.-Owned Smelter in Peru

12/7/05:  Canada Environmentalists Demand Protection for Owls

12/7/05:  Lawyer of 'Erin Brockovich' Fame Dies Age 73

12/7/05:  Red, Catlike Animal May Be a New Species

12/7/05:  Report Says 2005 Will nes2">Report Says 2005 Will Be Warmest, Stormiest Year on Record, Likely Due to Global Warming

12/7/05:  Groups Want Snowmobiling Halted through Caribou Land

12/7/05:  Ozone Hole Recovery May Take Longer

12/7/05:  Land Sale Bill Ignites Passions in American West

12/7/05:  The Business of Salvaging Gadgets

12/7/05:  National Recognition Could Help Attract Customers to Eco-Friendly Hilton

12/6/05:  Foot-Thumping Roo Tape Could Be Aussie Farmers Hit

12/6/05:  Pacific Islanders Move To Escape Global Warming

12/6/05:  Low Funding Slows Va. Oyster ow Funding Slows Va. Oyster Restoration

12/6/05:  Scientists Discover New Hydrothermal Vents

12/6/05:  Movie Star Leonardo DiCaprio ovie Star Leonardo DiCaprio To Produce Environmental Documentary

12/6/05:  On Beyond Organic: Junk Food in Hospitals?

12/6/05:  Scientists to Study Acid Rain, Smokies

12/6/05:  Endangered Siberian Tiger, Other Rare Species, at Risk from Chinese Chemical Spill

12/6/05:  U.N. Talks Seen Averting Deadlines for Climate Pact

12/6/05:  Brazil Government Announces 31 Percent Drop in Amazon Destruction

12/6/05:  Canker Program Has Citrus Nurseries Near 'Collapse'

12/6/05:  Chevron, Conoco To Buy Land as Part of Pollution Settlement

12/5/05:  Groups Urge Soil Cleanup in New Orleans

12/5/05:  Inuits Transformed by Global Warming

12/5/05:  Wasps Could Replace Bomb, Druasps Could Replace Bomb, Drug Dogs

12/5/05:  Thousands March in Montreal To Urge Climate Action

12/5/05:  Feds Scale Back Consernes2">Feds Scale Back Conservation Plans for Upper Mississippi Refuge

12/5/05:  Gorbachev Urges More Action on Environmental Problems

12/5/05:  Forty-Four Acres of Coastline Collapse in Hawaii

12/5/05:  Research by Congress Says EPA Studies Favored Bush Air Pollution Plan

12/5/05:  In Alaskan Village, Erosion in Alaskan Village, Erosion is Measured in Skulls on the Shoreline

12/5/05:  Great Lakes Region Works to Save Water

12/5/05:  Gifts of Green Go Quite Well with Yuletide Red

12/5/05:  Heinz Co. May Sell Shares in Organic Food Maker

12/2/05:  Cranes Resume Migration After Windy Delay

12/2/05:  Group Says Lake Erie Gets Sewage Overflows

12/2/05:  Activists to Canada: Warming nada: Warming Threatens Hockey

12/2/05:  In Booming Gulf, a Lacnes2">In Booming Gulf, a Lack of Water Has Cities Eyeing Their Sewage

12/2/05:  Study Cites Risks of Eating Farmed Salmon

12/2/05:  Run Your Car on Cow Fuel, Canadian Company Says

12/2/05:  Meat Wall -- A Guest Commenteat Wall -- A Guest Commentary

12/2/05:  Southeast Asian Countries Launch Law Enforcement Network To Fight Wildlife Smuggling

12/2/05:  Forests Urged as New Front in Global Warming Fight

12/1/05:  Beyond the Harbin Chemical Spill

12/1/05:  Panda Cub Takes Washinnes2">Panda Cub Takes Washington by Storm

12/1/05:  Hong Kong, Most Neighboring Chinese Areas Suffer from Polluted Air

12/1/05:  Chinese River Town Shuts Down Water Supply as Toxic Slick Arrives

12/1/05:  Two-Headed Turtle Hatched in Costa Rica, WWF Says

12/1/05:  Australia Says 'Son of Kyoto' Deal Not Possible

12/1/05:  UN Talks Adopt Kyoto Rules on Global Warming

12/1/05:  Researchers Convert Chicken Fat to Fuel

12/1/05:  FAA Official Says U.S. Airlines Should Be Excluded from EU Emissions Trading Program

12/1/05:  Scientists Say Too Many Fish are Snared in the Wrong Nets

12/1/05:  Industry in Lather on Plan To Ban Phosphates

12/1/05:  Commercial Fishermen Forming National Organization To Push Their Causes

11/30/05:  Study Finds Midwest Warming May Harm Ducks

11/30/05:  Greek Capital's Landfill To Close Down over the Weekend

11/30/05:  Fish Removal Aiding Native Species

11/30/05:  Blair Expected To Favor Nuclear in Energy Review

11/30/05:  Aborigines on Australia's Birborigines on Australia's Bird-Flu Frontline

11/30/05:  EPA, DuPont Finalize Settlement over Chemical Used To Make Teflon

11/30/05:  EU Study Finds Climate Change Major Environmental Challenge for Europe

11/30/05:  Rebuilding Cancun's Beaches To Take a Year, Says President Vicente Fox

11/30/05:  Public Ripe for Organic Food

11/30/05:  Program Seeks Greener Image for Golf Courses

11/29/05:  Vertically inclined

11/29/05:  Swiss vote NO to GE crops and animals

11/29/05:  Armed Robbers Snatch Lion Cub from Palestinian Zoo

11/29/05:  Travel + Leisure Magazine Announces Global Vision Award Winners

11/29/05:  Wild Pigs, Dogs Damage Australian Farms, Report Says

11/29/05:  On Beyond Organic: Gren Beyond Organic: Green Leaders

11/29/05:  Mexico Authorizes Privnes2">Mexico Authorizes Private Plan To Reconstruct Cancun's Hurricane-Ravaged Beaches

11/29/05:  Prince Albert of Monaco Hopes North Pole Will Generate Interest in the Environment

11/29/05:  U.S. Virgin Islands Takes Steps To Prevent Seaside Pollution

11/29/05:  U.S. Defends Decision Not To Join Kyoto Protocol as Environmental Conference Begins

11/29/05:  GE's Greenville, S.C. Plant Shifts Attention To Producing Wind Turbines

11/29/05:  Natural Lands Flourish with GM as the Gardener

11/28/05:  Norway Demands Nearly U.S. $2 Million from Spanish Trawler for Illegal Fishing

11/28/05:  Democrats Want Government To emocrats Want Government To Address Rising Energy Costs

11/28/05:  Ethiopian Government Sends Vethiopian Government Sends Vet To Care for Cheetah Cubs Rescued by U.S. Soldiers

11/28/05:  Methyl Bromide Controversy Reveals the Politics of Pesticides

11/28/05:  Warm Glow of Irish Peat Takes Edge off Oil Woes

11/28/05:  Sharks, Warblers, Deer on Endharks, Warblers, Deer on Endangered Species List

11/28/05:  Chinese City Restores Running Water after Shutdown Caused by Toxic Spill

11/28/05:  Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Numbers Down

11/28/05:  Experts Say Flu Fears over Wild Birds Over-Stated

11/28/05:  U.S. To Battle Allies on Post-2012 GBattle Allies on Post-2012 Global Warming

11/28/05:  Nissan's Ghosn Cautious about Hybrid Cars

11/28/05:  Kenai Refinery To Make Low-Sulfur Fuel

11/25/05:  Unfit for Purpose: Shell Consortium Profiting from the Riches of Russia’s Far East -- A Guest Commentary

11/25/05:  China, Russia To Set Up River Pollutussia To Set Up River Pollution Hotline

11/25/05:  New England Looks to Canada few England Looks to Canada for Natural Gas Needs

11/25/05:  Study Shows There's More CO2 Now Than Past 650K Years

11/25/05:  EU Hopes To Reach Deal on Landmark Chemicals Bill Next Month

11/25/05:  Distinctive Chicago Chocolate Smell, Pollution to Some, To Disappear

11/25/05:  Chinese Oil Firm Apologizes for Polluting Water Supply in Northeastern City

11/25/05:  Swedish Capital Sees Less Silver PolCapital Sees Less Silver Pollution Thanks to Digital Photos

11/25/05:  Dominion Virginia Power Plans To Reduce Air Pollutants over Next Decade

11/25/05:  Renewable Energy May Bring Economic Boom

11/24/05:  U.S. is Reducing Greenhouse G.S. is Reducing Greenhouse Gases without Kyoto, White House Adviser Says

11/24/05:  Appeals Court Reinstates Corps of Engineers Permits for Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

11/24/05:  Ministers Gather in Sweden for Baltis Gather in Sweden for Baltic Sea Environment Meeting

11/24/05:  Search for Rare Arkansas Woodpecker Resumes

11/24/05:  Environmentalists Fight Forest Plan entalists Fight Forest Plan Change

11/24/05:  Britain Pressing for Measures To Protect Basking Shark, Henderson Petrel

11/24/05:  In Arctic, Evidence for Globan Arctic, Evidence for Global Warming Mounts

11/24/05:  U.N. Says Sonar Threatens Dolphin, Whale Survival

11/24/05:  Idaho's Wild Turkey Population Thriving

11/24/05:  Farmers, Conservationists Embrace No-Till Crops in Wake of High Fuel Prices

11/24/05:  Consumers Seek Politically Correct Products

11/23/05:  All-Natural Gobble Is Sound of Success

11/23/05:  Romney Doubts Seen Dlines2">Romney Doubts Seen Delaying Emissions Pact

11/23/05:  Bid for Seconodyheadlines2">Bid for Second Phase of Kyoto Faces Major Battle

11/23/05:  EU Destroyingodyheadlines2">EU Destroying Forests of Poor Countries, WWF Says

11/23/05:  Sustainable Gulf Reconstruction -- A Guest Commentary

11/23/05:  China City on Alert for Possible Water Contamination

11/23/05:  Along the Hurricane-Stricken Gulf Coast This Thanksgiving, There's Not a Lot To Be Thankful For

11/23/05:  India Says It Busts Major Tiger Poaching Ring

11/23/05:  EU Presses U.odyheadlines2">EU Presses U.S. on Gas Emissions, Global Warming

11/23/05:  Maine Woodchipping Business Picks Up Where Loggers Leave Off

11/22/05:  Researchers todyheadlines2">Researchers to Study Horse Manure, Weeds

11/22/05:  Throw Another Skippylines2">Throw Another Skippy or Wallagang on the Barbie?

11/22/05:  Forests Flushed Down the Toilet

11/22/05:  Researchers Find Usinc Acid Caused Elk Deaths

11/22/05:  Engineers Explore New Project To Save Venice from Sinking

11/22/05:  UK's Blair Should Exlines2">UK's Blair Should Expand Nuclear Power, Adviser Says

11/22/05:  On Beyond Organic: Cruise Ship Pollution, Coral Reefs and Aquariums

11/22/05:  Chinese City of Three Million Announces Cutoff of Water Supply, Sparking Water-Buying Rush

11/22/05:  Humane Societodyheadlines2">Humane Society Sues Government over Poultry Slaughter

11/22/05:  Report Says Oodyheadlines2">Report Says Ocean Noise Harms Dolphins, Whales

11/21/05:  New Wave of Hybrids Offer More Mean, Less Green

11/21/05:  Surge in U.S. Sea Lion Numbers Angers Fishermen

11/21/05:  Smoggy Manila Speeds Compliance with Clean Air Law

11/21/05:  Bangladesh's Rivers are Both Curse and Lifeline

11/21/05:  Anglers' Fishodyheadlines2">Anglers' Fish May Have Too Much Mercury

11/21/05:  Plan To Restore Grealines2">Plan To Restore Great Lakes Appears Sunk

11/21/05:  Mexican Divers Try To Fix Storm-Wracked Coral Reef

11/21/05:  Energy Company Uses Waste Fuel, Old Engine

11/21/05:  Zero-Emission Bus Makes Palm Springs, California Splash

11/21/05:  Nuclear Waste Transport Bound for Disputed Storage Site Crosses German Border

11/21/05:  UMass Training Students to Care for Alpacas

11/21/05:  U.N. Agency Sodyheadlines2">U.N. Agency Says Debris in Pakistan's Quake Zone Could Pose Serious Health Risks

11/21/05:  Mexico Sees Bigger Butterfly Migration This Year

11/20/05:  The Big Thaw: Global Disaster Will Follow If the Ice Cap on Greenland Melts

11/18/05:  PL starts cut in ancient redwoods and endangered species habitat

11/18/05:  Old growth, grand specimens drive big-tree hunters

11/18/05:  India Unlikely To Agree to Kyoto Emission Caps

11/18/05:  German Policeodyheadlines2">German Police Foil Suspected Plan To Disrupt Nuclear Waste Transport

11/18/05:  Three Months odyheadlines2">Three Months after Katrina, Dutch Rethink Their Own Water Defenses

11/18/05:  Hawaii Scientists tolines2">Hawaii Scientists to Study Palmyra Atoll

11/18/05:  U.S. Lawmakers Seek To Protect Animals from Coolant

11/18/05:  Martin To Telodyheadlines2">Martin To Tell Bush Canada is 'Right' on Softwood

11/18/05:  Parliament Backs New EU Law on Toxic Chemicals

11/18/05:  Climate Changodyheadlines2">Climate Change Threatens World Fish Stocks, WWF Says

11/17/05:  Greenpeace Activists Set Up Protest Camp at Hotel Construction Site in Spanish Nature Reserve

11/17/05:  Chicken Killer Seeks Fast, Clean Cull in Asia

11/17/05:  EU Says New Deal To Replace Kyoto Must Have Specific Targets

11/17/05:  Acid Drainageodyheadlines2">Acid Drainage Killing Some Fish in Kentucky

11/17/05:  Energy Inspector General: More Suspect Yucca Mountain E-Mails

11/17/05:  Report Says Global Warming May Harm N.J. Coast

11/17/05:  Wildlife Group Takes on S. Africa Predator Breeders

11/17/05:  Report Says Sodyheadlines2">Report Says Smog a Problem in Ohio, Kentucky

11/17/05:  Hidden Risks of Teflon-Like Chemical Raised by Documents, Says Company Insider

11/17/05:  Ford Unveils Mercury Mariner Hybrid

11/17/05:  Gates Invests in Ethanol Company

11/16/05:  Yellowstone Grizzlies May Lose Protection under Species Act

11/16/05:  Venezuela Sells Natural Gas Exploration Rights to ENI, Repsol, Petrobras, Teikoku

11/16/05:  Feds Agree To List Puget Sound Orcas as Endangered Species

11/16/05:  Carbon Dioxide Storalines2">Carbon Dioxide Storage a Success

11/16/05:  Study Concludes Morelines2">Study Concludes More than 800 Species at Risk in California

11/16/05:  Australia Pioneers Elia Pioneers Energy from Hot Rocks

11/16/05:  In Coastal Battle oflines2">In Coastal Battle of Wits Between Man and Otter, Man Concedes

11/16/05:  Senate Group odyheadlines2">Senate Group Unveiling Oil-Saving Plan

11/16/05:  Montana Revives Bison Hunt after 15-Year Ban

11/16/05:  Motorcycle of the Future Will Run on Fuel Cells, Create No Emissions

11/16/05:  Company Sells Wood with Stories

11/15/05:  Air Regulators Push lines2">Air Regulators Push for Stricter Plan To Cut Mercury Pollution

11/15/05:  Brazilian Wetodyheadlines2">Brazilian Wetlands Defender Commits Suicide in Environmental Protest

11/15/05:  Los Angeles Hodyheadlines2">Los Angeles Has the Worst Air Pollution in the United States, Government Says

11/15/05:  World Forest Losses Slowing but Still Alarming, UN Says

11/15/05:  Climate Change Couldlines2">Climate Change Could Spread Plague, Scientists Believe

11/15/05:  Wood Making Comeback as Heating Fuel

11/15/05:  Sun Unveils New CoolThreads Energy-Efficient Chip Aimed at Mid-Range Market

11/15/05:  Senate Cuts Spending for Nuclear Dump at Nevada's Yucca Mountain

11/15/05:  Judge Blocks California Sequoia Logging Project

11/15/05:  House To Probodyheadlines2">House To Probe Chemical Dumping

11/15/05:  'Intersex' Fish Disclines2">'Intersex' Fish Discovered off Southern California Coast

11/15/05:  German Police To Use 10,000 Officers To Ensure Passage of Nuclear Waste to Storage Site

11/14/05:  Galapagos Volcano Filines2">Galapagos Volcano Fire Threatens Endemic Tree Species

11/14/05:  Feds to Take odyheadlines2">Feds to Take Bears Off Endangered List

11/14/05:  German Police Investigating Threat To Poison Lake Constance

11/14/05:  Former French Environmental Official Warns Dominica about Overdevelopment

11/14/05:  Kayak Crusadeodyheadlines2">Kayak Crusaders Persuade Polluters To Come Clean

11/14/05:  Oil Spills from Hurricanes Staining the Coast

11/14/05:  Group Prepares 'Champion' Tree Clones To Replenish Watersheds

11/14/05:  Conservationists Creating Bison Preserve

11/14/05:  Environmental Groups Accuse Britain's Blair of Squandering Chance To Tackle Climate Change

11/14/05:  New Dams Destroying Water Sources and Damaging Economies, WWF Says

11/14/05:  Oyster Harvesting Returns to Southeast Louisiana

11/14/05:  Thousands Sign Up for Health Test on Effects of Chemical Used To Make Teflon

11/14/05:  EU Governments Delay Vote on Chemicals Legislation

11/14/05:  Environmentalism Goes Upscale; Designers Create Earth-Friendly Items for Homes

11/13/05:  Cyclist rides into Fresno to put focus on climate

11/11/05:  Eskimos Try New Explosive in Whale Kill

11/11/05:  Greenpeace Says Activists Attacked in Philippine Coal Plant Protest, Three Hospitalized

11/11/05:  Japan Backs Climate Pacts, Struggles To Meet Targets

11/11/05:  U.N. Says Thousands of Contaminated Industrial and Military Sites in Iraq Need Clean Up

11/11/05:  Utah Asks Federal Appeals Court To Reject Nuclear Dump

11/11/05:  Greening the Home Mortgage Deduction -- A Guest Commentary

11/11/05:  Hurricanes Take a Bite out of Louisiana's Coastal Restoration

11/11/05:  Global Warming Moved Plants Northward

11/10/05:  Fast track for logging

11/10/05:  Boundary error led to illegal logging

11/10/05:  GOP to Strike Arctic Drilling From House Bill

11/10/05:  Genetic Changodyheadlines2">Genetic Change Makes Mice Thinner

11/10/05:  Water Vapor May Be Blines2">Water Vapor May Be Biggest Contributor to Higher Global Temperatures, Researcher Says

11/10/05:  New York State To Cut Greenhouse Gases from Cars

11/10/05:  Science Panel Says Corps of Engineers, Louisiana Lack Overall Plan for Restoring Wetlands

11/10/05:  Online Resources Can Help Salvage Timber

11/10/05:  Gov. Romney Sees Explosive Growth in Clean Energy

11/10/05:  Pandas Wed in the Heat, Rain of Thai Zoo

11/10/05:  Britain Tryinodyheadlines2">Britain Trying to Save the Red Squirrel

11/10/05:  'Building Greodyheadlines2">'Building Green' Movement on Rise in Georgia

11/10/05:  Moderate Republicans Balk at Refuge Drilling

11/10/05:  Consultant Wiodyheadlines2">Consultant Withdraws Petition To List Eastern Oysters as Endangered

11/10/05:  U.N., Donors Pledge Greater Cooperation To Restore Iraq's Marshlands

11/10/05:  Oil Company Eodyheadlines2">Oil Company Executives Defend Profits in Appearance before Congress

11/9/05:  Japan To Double Usual Whale Kill in New Antarctic Hunt, Expanded To Include Fin Whales

11/9/05:  Groups Say Government Is Dragging Its Feet Protecting 283 Species

11/9/05:  Threats Alleged in Ecuador Environmental Lawsuit against Chevron

11/9/05:  Price of Plastic Skyrockets in Hurricane Katrina's Wake

11/9/05:  Greenpeace Activists Protest Plans To Extend Operation of Hungary's Nuclear Plant

11/9/05:  Environmentalodyheadlines2">Environmentalists Criticize Route of Planned Siberia-Pacific Pipeline in New Report

11/9/05:  Audubon Society Chapters Sue over Spotted Owl Protection

11/9/05:  Expect Sparks, No Flames, at U.S. Senate Oil Hearing

11/9/05:  U.S. States S>U.S. States Say Power Bills Won't Soar on CO2 Plan

11/9/05:  Cambodia Introduces Battery-Powered Bicycles for Tourists Visiting Angkor Complex

11/9/05:  More Monarch Butterflies May Go to Mexico

11/9/05:  U.S., Chineseodyheadlines2">U.S., Chinese Environmental Chiefs Start Regular Meetings on Cleaner Atmosphere

11/9/05:  Seals, Sea Liodyheadlines2">Seals, Sea Lions Can Be Condor Food

11/8/05:  Chinese President Calls Renewable Energy 'A Must' To Battle Pollution, Energy Shortages

11/8/05:  Caribbean Natodyheadlines2">Caribbean Nations May Ask U.N. To Settle Dispute with Venezuela

11/8/05:  Lawmakers Cut Funding for Yucca Mountain to $450 Million in 2006

11/8/05:  California City Struggles with an Opportunity To Become Nation's Solar Leader

11/8/05:  On Beyond Organic: Prince Charles & Organic Farmers

11/8/05:  Half China Fast-Food Containers Health Hazard, Paper Says

11/8/05:  Chicken Excrement for Fish Stirs Concern in Vietnam

11/8/05:  U.S. Midwest Farmers' Latest Harvest: Wind Energy

11/8/05:  New Rules on Illegalles on Illegal Trails Don't Go Far Enough, Critics Say

11/8/05:  EPA Promises Lead-Remodeling Regulation by End of Year

11/8/05:  Salmon Harvest Marks Third Largest Catch Ever

11/8/05:  Lands Could Reopen to Logging

11/7/05:  Schools Look To Forests for Heating Fuel

11/7/05:  Bland Fall Foliage Blunts Tourism in Northern U.S.

11/7/05:  California Family Wins Record $22.6 Million Settlement over Toxic Mold in Home

11/7/05:  Trash Haulers Move Mlines2">Trash Haulers Move Mountains, Yet More To Go

11/7/05:  In the New China, Thlines2">In the New China, There's Time To Chase the Nation's Own Loch Ness Monster

11/7/05:  Longline Fishing Rules Limit Bird Deaths

11/7/05:  Kerry Says Science Under Attack by Right-Wing Ideologues

11/7/05:  Global Warming Could Help Salmon in Norway, Report Says

11/7/05:  Mexico Coral Reef Set Back 100 Years by Wilma

11/7/05:  Democratic Senator Says He Will Block EPA Nominees over Lead Paint Questions

11/7/05:  New Turbine Design May Boost Wind Energy

11/7/05:  China's Biggest Desalination Plant Opens Amid Efforts To Ease Water Shortage

11/7/05:  Touch of Green Added to Building Materials

11/4/05:  Sunshine Canyon Landfill Needs a Sunset, Says POWER

11/4/05:  Initial Signatories Announced to International Cyanide Management Code

11/4/05:  Seven Ways to Fuel Savings to Offset High Gas Prices

11/4/05:  Arkansas Seeks to Sue Oklahoma over Rules about Rivers Tainted by Poultry Waste

11/4/05:  Prince Charles Donates To Help Rebuild Mississippi

11/4/05:  EU Seeks Talks, Not Targets at U.N. Climate Meeting

11/4/05:  Amazon Drought Relief Efforts Alleviate Danger, but Damage Could Be Long-Lasting

11/4/05:  Sea-Based Windmills Could Blunt Eyesore Criticisms

11/4/05:  Illegal Logging Devours Honduran Forests, U.S. Group Says

11/4/05:  EU Says Only 13 Percent of Large Factories Complying with Environmental Law

11/4/05:  Katrina and Rita Ripped up Huge Chunk of Louisiana's Coastal Marshes

11/4/05:  U.S. Senate Backs Oil Drilling in Alaskan Refuge

11/3/05:  California High Speed Rail Authority Approves Nation's First Environmental Impact Report for High-Speed Train System

11/3/05:  Vegetarian Dog Food Is Now Available Throughout the U.S.

11/3/05:  Constella Group Awarded Contract to Conduct Studies in Environmental Health

11/3/05:  North Korea Makes Virtue of Necessity

11/3/05:  U.S. Proposes Protections for Imperiled Right Whales

11/3/05:  Vermont Adopts New Rules To Cut Car CO2 Emissions

11/3/05:  Ruling Against New Land-Use Law Sows Uncertainty across Oregon

11/3/05:  Climate Change Linked to Rise in Malaria, Asthma

11/3/05:  New Orleans' Toxic Soup Is Served Up All Over America -- A Guest Commentary

11/3/05:  Cape Verde's Fragile Paradise on the Brink

11/3/05:  Parents Worried about Pesticides Turn to Organic Food

11/3/05:  Caribbean Reefs Bleached by Warm Water

11/3/05:  Environmentalists Blast New Policy on Off-Road Vehicles

11/3/05:  Trial Begins in Rhode Island's Lead Paint Lawsuit

11/3/05:  Oil Industry Executives Anticipate Grilling in Senate Next Week

11/3/05:  Calif. Quake Could Devastate Water Supply

11/2/05:  Environmental Heroes from Around the World Honored

11/2/05:  Sara Lee Food & Beverage To Discontinue Wood Pallets; Environmental Benefits Cited

11/2/05:  Judge Overturns Ban on Grouper in Gulf of Mexico

11/2/05:  Researchers To Study Urban Coyotes

11/2/05:  Swedish Investor Donates More Than $63 Million To Fight Baltic Sea Pollution

11/2/05:  Armadillos Spread North in Georgia

11/2/05:  UK Holds Energy Summit To Tackle Global Warming

11/2/05:  Study Reveals Mice Sing in the Presence of Mates

11/2/05:  Democrats, Environmentalists Criticize Katrina Cuts to Firefighting Funds

11/2/05:  Greenpeace To Pay Fine for Damaging Philippine Reef

11/2/05:  Senators Tell National Park Service To Back Off New Management Guidelines

11/2/05:  Animal Extremists Face Travelling Ban

11/2/05:  Two Public Relations Campaigns Pit Wal-Mart against Critics

11/1/05:  EPA Announces Environmental Bioinformatics Centers in North Carolina and New Jersey

11/1/05:  Study: Environmentally Friendly Buildings Also Most Market Friendly

11/1/05:  Save The World Air, Inc. Signs Its First Distributor Agreement for the Sale of Its ZEFS Devices

11/1/05:  Scientists Try to Explain Crash of Delta

11/1/05:  France Engaged in Ambitious Project To Undo the Damage at Mont-Saint-Michel

11/1/05:  Great Salt Lake May Return to Normal Level

11/1/05:  Montana Wildlife Officials Kill Nine Wolves

11/1/05:  On Beyond Organic: Slow Money Meets Slow Food

11/1/05:  Swampy Part of New Orleans Turns into Dumping Ground

11/1/05:  Dubai's Man-Made Islands Anger Environmentalists

11/1/05:  Australia Rules Out New Post-Kyoto Limits

11/1/05:  Africa Lakes under Strain as Populations Rise

11/1/05:  Report Says Keeping Public Lands Open for Grazing Costs $123 Million a Year

11/1/05:  Brazilian Start-Up Offers Minicar for Land of SUVs

11/1/05:  Dead Trees Give Birth to Businesses

10/31/05:  Australia Uses New Methods To Protect Whales

10/31/05:  U.S. Military Realignment Plans for Japan Face Strong Local Criticism

10/31/05:  Birds Vs. Windmills Battle Heads to Calif. Courts

10/31/05:  Nerve Agent Destruction Halted in Indiana after 500-Gallon Wastewater Spill

10/31/05:  International Albatross Plan Proposes New Colonies

10/31/05:  Missouri Team Mounts Tiny Cameras Atop Deer

10/31/05:  South Africa Takes Aim at 'Canned Hunting'

10/31/05:  Japan Wants All Nations in Post-Kyoto Deal

10/31/05:  Animal Rights Group Baits Anglers with Ethics Pledge

10/31/05:  U.S. Forest Agency To Try Out 'Green' Logging Standards

10/31/05:  McDonald's Brews a Java War

10/31/05:  Intel's New Process To Reduce Water Use at Microchip Plant Several Years Away

10/31/05:  Patagonia Staff Learns about Organic Cotton Production

10/31/05:  Microchip Technology Ships 1 Billionth Lead-Free Device

10/31/05:  Governor Rendell Opens East Coast's First BioDiesel Injection Blending Facility

10/28/05:  Auto Club: Gas Prices Fall -- More Declines Expected

10/28/05:  McDonald's to Sell Fair Trade Certified Coffee

10/28/05:  New Jersey Coalition Files Order to Stop Unregulated Waste Facilities at Rail Yards

10/28/05:  Landlocked Tennessee Home to Fledgling Shrimp Industry

10/28/05:  Philippines Monitors Wetlands for Bird Flu Entry

10/28/05:  Six Beavers Released in England in Effort To Restore Long-Extinct Species

10/28/05:  Disorientation Seen in Mass Australia Whale Deaths

10/28/05:  Mexico's Resort Islands Slow To Recover after Wilma Damages Towns, Reefs

10/28/05:  Use Arms Cash for Water, Mitterrand Widow Says

10/28/05:  Moscow Chokes, Drivers Fume in Mammoth Traffic Jams

10/28/05:  Pollution-Cutting Infrared System for De-Icing Aircraft Tested at Oslo Airport

10/28/05:  Half of Coral Reefs Could Be Destroyed

10/28/05:  Prince Charles Says World Should Give Climate Change Greater Priority

10/28/05:  Popular Insecticide Detected In Suburban Stream Beds

10/27/05:  Ballona Wetland Environmentalists Win Lawsuit against City of Los Angeles, Playa Vista Development

10/27/05:  Voluntary Green Power Purchasing up 1000 Percent in 5 Years; Large Corporate Purchasers Driving Growth

10/27/05:  Biodiesel Working Its Way into the Nation's Fuel Supply

10/27/05:  House Moves Toward Easing Offshore Drilling Ban, Opening Alaska Refuge

10/27/05:  Timber Traded for Improved Habitat

10/27/05:  Rare Wetland Raises Restoration Hopes

10/27/05:  Officials Meet To Discuss Venezuelan Nuclear Energy Options

10/27/05:  Panel Doesn't Have Stomach for Foie Gras

10/27/05:  Honda Bets on Natural Gas Cars

10/27/05:  Mexico Baby Turtles Thriving as Poachers Kept Out

10/27/05:  Brazilian Police Arrest Dozens Accused of Forging Permits To Transport Amazon Lumber

10/27/05:  Parks Strive To Improve Tours

10/27/05:  Wondrously Blank: A Plea for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- A Guest Commentary

10/26/05:  Cascadian Forest Battles

10/26/05:  Conservation Groups Applaud European Decision to Ban Import of Wild Birds

10/26/05:  Using Sun and Earth To Survive in Harsh Eritrea

10/26/05:  Wal-Mart Launches Environmental Drive To Cut Energy Use, Waste

10/26/05:  Activists Allege Army Distorted Truth about Nerve Agent Disposal

10/26/05:  Expert Says Conservationists, Chesapeake Bay Farmers Must Work Together

10/26/05:  More Retailers Building Environmentally Friendly Stores

10/26/05:  Nearly 60 Whales Dead after Stranding on Remote Beach in Southern Australia

10/26/05:  Rare Asian Black-Tailed Gull Found in Vt.

10/26/05:  NASA Scraps Plan to Wrap Hanger in Panels

10/26/05:  EU Plans Temporary Import Ban of Pet Birds

10/26/05:  Galapagos Volcano Erupts for Third Day

10/26/05:  Study Says Commercial Fishing Threatens Species in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

10/26/05:  Ontario Orders Evacuation of Residents of E. Coli-Stricken Reserve

10/26/05:  Scientists Draft Blueprint To Protect World Oceans

10/25/05:  SMART Papers Earns Forest Stewardship Council Credentials

10/25/05:  Computer Industry Dominates EPA's 'Best Workplaces for Commuters' List

10/25/05:  EPA Green Power Partnership Tops 3 Billion Kilowatts

10/25/05:  EU Must Do More To Fight Climate Change, Dimas Says

10/25/05:  Canoe Expedition Cleans Up Hurricane Debris from Louisiana Bayou

10/25/05:  On Beyond Organic: Green Hospitals, Restaurants and Cities

10/25/05:  Environmental Group Targets Toyota in New Ad

10/25/05:  China Dam Project Tests New Environmental Policy

10/25/05:  EU Launches Plan To Protect Marine Environment

10/25/05:  Renewable Energy Still May Be Too Expensive

10/25/05:  Alternative to Idling Trucks on Horizon

10/25/05:  Cloning Doubts: High Costs, Low Success and Uncertain Benefits

10/25/05:  Group Tracks Cougar Population in Midwest

10/24/05:  Los Angeles Magazine's Green Home Features GridPoint's Intelligent Energy Management Appliance

10/24/05:  Selective Logging Causes Widespread Destruction Of Brazil's Amazon Rainforest, Study Finds

10/24/05:  Inventor's New Drying Process Could Boost the Value of Coal

10/24/05:  Toyota Scrambling To Produce Hybrids To Meet Growing Demand

10/24/05:  More Use of Oil Eyed for Power Plants

10/24/05:  Devastated by Donna 45 Years Ago, Town on Edge of Everglades Nervously Waits for Wilma

10/24/05:  Suriname Denies UK Bird Flu Parrot Infected There

10/24/05:  Delta Waters After Katrina Now OK for Recreation, Officials Say

10/24/05:  Earthquake Dramatizes Human Ecological Assault on the Himalayas

10/24/05:  Japan Struggling To Meet CO2 Emissions Target

10/24/05:  Debris from Hurricanes May Be Used To Fight Coastal Erosion in Louisiana

10/24/05:  U.S. Menus, Romans May Aid Future Fish Stocks

10/24/05:  Environmental Activist Carole King To Testify on Idaho Wilderness -- As Opposition Witness

10/24/05:  Louisiana Wants Illinois Mud as Building Block for Devastated Marshes

10/22/05:  GreenShift Releases Video of Prototype Tornado Brand Generator

10/22/05:  Nanotechnology Conference to Focus on Environmental, Commercial and Public Policy Issues

10/22/05:  Flexcar Wins Environmental Excellence Award from Association of Washington Business

10/21/05:  Forest harvests back on after legal clarification

10/21/05:  Dutch Windmills at Risk from Climate Change

10/21/05:  Mexico Gains Traction in Battle against Tire Dumps

10/21/05:  Rain-Forest Damage Much Worse Than Thought

10/21/05:  Icebox Eyesore Symbolizes Massive Challenge: Removing Katrina Debris

10/21/05:  Greenland Icecap Thickens Slightly Despite Warming

10/21/05:  Canadian Researchers Find Anti-Freeze in Fleas

10/21/05:  Selective Logging May Have Doubled Amazon Damage

10/21/05:  Rat Race? Rodent 'Razza' Eludes Scientists

10/21/05:  Global Warming a Major Threat to Africa

10/20/05:  Situation at Weakened Massachusetts Dam Stable, But More Heavy Rain Looms

10/20/05:  Amazon Indians Protest Oil Contamination Allegedly Left by Texaco

10/20/05:  Saving the Planet at Flick of Switch

10/20/05:  Idaho, Montana Back Proposal To Remove Wolves from Endangered Species List

10/20/05:  Agreement Subjects Airlines to Fines if Drinking Water Problems Persist

10/20/05:  Fears of Biopiracy Hampering Research in Brazilian Amazon

10/20/05:  Air Inside Car Said To Be More Harmful than Outside

10/20/05:  U.S. Navy Sued over 'Ear-Splitting' Sonar on Whales

10/20/05:  Wal-Mart Switches to Corn-Based Plastic Packaging

10/20/05:  EPA Review Names Intel No. 1 Workplace for Commuters

10/19/05:  Criminal trail of rainforest timber unveiled by Greenpeace investigation

10/19/05:  Judge stiffens ruling on pesticide warning labels

10/19/05:  Coca-Cola, Ford Issue Sustainability Reports

10/19/05:  Whole Foods Market Establishes Whole Planet Foundation

10/19/05:  Denmark-Based Group Urges Halt in Fishing for Threatened Deep-Sea Species

10/19/05:  Environmental Studies Waived in Push for New Oil, Gas Drilling

10/19/05:  Sniffing Out Crop Pests, Naturally

10/19/05:  'Clean Coal' Push Concerns Environmental Activists

10/19/05:  Colorado Energy Groups Team To Find Way To Store Energy Created by Wind Farms

10/19/05:  Scientists Study Gorilla Who Uses Tools

10/19/05:  Puget Sound Region Feeling Climate Change

10/19/05:  New Species of Flying Reptile Named for Fang Teeth

10/19/05:  Hurricanes Revive Florida Offshore Drilling Battle

10/19/05:  Storm Warnings -- A Guest Commentary

10/19/05:  E-Waste Proliferating

10/19/05:  Gorilla Scientist Says He's Inspired by King Kong

10/18/05:  Delano Debuts High-End Women's Coat Made With 100% Organic Wool

10/18/05:  Xerox Reports on Environment and Sustainability

10/18/05:  Biodiesel Gets State Mandate in Minnesota

10/18/05:  Brazil Races Supplies to Towns Stranded by Amazon Drought

10/18/05:  Alabama's Rivers in Fast Decline

10/18/05:  EU Says It Will Not Weaken Drive for Action on Climate Change

10/18/05:  On Beyond Organic Radio: Meet the Bioneers

10/18/05:  Cameroon Bids To Win Back Apes from South Africa Zoo

10/18/05:  China Announces Plan To Use Desalination To Combat Water Shortages

10/18/05:  Mugabe, Chavez Team Up To Blame United States, Other Rich Nations for World's Woes

10/18/05:  Antarctic Ice Melts as Sea Warms but Cause Unknown

10/18/05:  U.S. Weighs Wyoming Request on Wolf Status

10/18/05:  Report Details Non-Human Invasions on Military Properties

10/18/05:  Green Oil: New Energy Crop for Farmers?

10/18/05:  Ecology Research as Good Green Fun

10/17/05:  Australia Signs Agreement To Helralia Signs Agreement To Help Guyana Improve Its National Parks

10/17/05:  Voles Head for Oregon Vineyards,s Head for Oregon Vineyards, Orchards

10/17/05:  Roosters No Longer Crow in Romanian Delta Village

10/17/05:  Planet Sees Warmest September on Record

10/17/05:  Environmental Group Greenpeace Says Wind Could Help Power China's Guangdong Province

10/17/05:  Slice of Wilderness Sits Amid One of South Carolina's Fastest Growing Areas

10/17/05:  Bill To Prevent Invasive Species Languishes in Congress

10/17/05:  For Mountain People, Moss Is a Cash Crop

10/17/05:  Casino Companies Plan To Rebuild, Possibly Reshape U.S. Gulf Coast after Hurricanes

10/17/05:  Dallas-Area Toyota Dealership First in Nation to Seek Green Certification

10/17/05:  Gardenburger Heads for Private Control

10/17/05:  Detroit Area Clean Cities Coalition to Celebrate Nationwide Billion Gallon Petroleum Savings

10/17/05:  San Jose Water Company Files Plan to Harvest Timber in Santa Cruz Mountains Watershed

10/14/05:  World urged to prepare now for 50 million environmental refugees

10/14/05:  Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. Earns Award

10/14/05:  Study: U.S. Energy Firms Lagging in Environmental Reporting

10/14/05:  National Zoo's Panda Cub Takes First Steps

10/14/05:  Scientists in Nordic Region Callntists in Nordic Region Call on Governments To Act against Global Warming

10/14/05:  Invasive Plant Found in Alaska

10/14/05:  National Recycling Coalition Honors Starbucks Coffee Company for its Leadership in Recycling

10/14/05:  Contractor Declares Rocky Flats Nuclear Cleanup Complete

10/14/05:  Eight Dolphins Seen in Lake Pontchartrain

10/14/05:  The Up-Hill Road to a Better America -- A Guest Commentary

10/14/05:  New Rules for Power Plants Could Allow More Pollution

10/14/05:  UNH Research Center Studies Rain Runoff

10/13/05:  Cherokee International Sites Certified to ISO 14001

10/13/05:  National Recycling Coalition Honors Starbucks Coffee Company for its Leadership in Recycling

10/13/05:  EPA Actions Against Polluters

10/13/05:  Nigeria Shuts Lagos Schools afteria Shuts Lagos Schools after Unexplained Fumes Sweep City

10/13/05:  Red Tide Still a Problem in Florida Panhandle

10/13/05:  Study Uncovers Source of California Beach Sand

10/13/05:  Experts Link New Mexico Tree Die-Offs to Warming

10/13/05:  Critics Dominate Final EPA Hearing on Radiation Rule

10/13/05:  Report Says U.S. Reduces Protection of Waters, Wetlands

10/13/05:  Wanted: A Few Good Environmental Videos

10/13/05:  Hawaii Removes 125 Tons of Marinii Removes 125 Tons of Marine Debris

10/13/05:  Deforestation Doesn't Trigger Floods, U.N. Report Claims

10/13/05:  Devices To Save Energy are Hot Sellers

10/13/05:  Hybrids, Diesel Cars Dominate List of Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles for 2006

10/12/05:  Chicken Growers Hope Measures Will Prevent Flu Breakout

10/12/05:  Amazon Rainforest Suffers Worst Drought in Decades

10/12/05:  A World Helpless Against the Assaults of Nature

10/12/05:  China Bear Bile Farmer Eaten by Own Animals

10/12/05:  Six-Nation Climate Change Meeting Likely Delayed

10/12/05:  Environmental Decay May Prompt Refugee Surge, Study Says

10/12/05:  Brazilian Governor Declares Amazon River a Disaster Area

10/12/05:  San Diego May Soon See California Condors

10/12/05:  Indigenous Groups Demand Chavez Stop Coal Mining in Western Venezuela

10/12/05:  U.S. High Court To Decide Wetlands-Regulation Cases

10/12/05:  Deal Protects Part of World's Oldest Reef

10/12/05:  Ohio Recycling Center Now a Reality

10/12/05:  Generation Green Asks California AG to Investigate Splenda Ads

10/12/05:  Flexcar Launches Carsharing Service in San Francisco

10/12/05:  New Project Will Reduce School Bus Emissions in Minnesota

10/12/05:  Wheelchair-Accessible Campground Opens Up Adirondack Experience

10/12/05:  ExxonMobil to Spend $590 Million in Clean Air Settlement

10/12/05:  MBDC Announces "Cradle to Cradle" Environmental Certification for Six Industry Products

10/12/05:  Green Mountain Energy Company Introduces New Renewable Energy Product in Pennsylvania

10/12/05:  Impact of Higher Energy Prices on Overall Economy Minimal, says S&P Report

10/11/05:  A World Helpless Against the Assaults of Nature

10/11/05:  GE Crops Out Of Control in Romania

10/10/05:  Goldman Sachs Adds Own Twist to Social and Environmental Assessment

10/10/05:  Limited Growth Ahead for Environmental & Waste Management Industry, Says Standard & Poor's

10/10/05:  India Faces Turbulent Water Future, World Bank Expert Says

10/10/05:  Energy Department Likely To Miss Deadline for Nuclear Treatment Plant at Hanford Site

10/10/05:  Bishop Says Hunger Strike Just the Start of Campaign To Save Brazilian River

10/10/05:  Alaska Threatens To Yank North Slope Leases from Oil Companies

10/10/05:  Conserving Through Conservancy: Managing Land and Wildlife in Namibia

10/10/05:  Study Shows Wyoming Gas Projects Harming Mule Deer

10/10/05:  European Polar Satellite Crashes Into Sea

10/10/05:  Why Is Africa Unable To Feed Itself?

10/10/05:  Court Rejects EPA Limits on Air Pollution Monitoring

10/10/05:  Patagonia Among 70 Vying for Green Business of the Year Award

10/10/05:  Oyster Farmer Ponders Future as Endangered Species Tag Looms

10/8/05:  Senate must find balance in ESA bill

10/7/05:  Sneak attack on the environment

10/7/05:  Solar-Powered Homes Exhibit on National Mall

10/7/05:  Auto Club: Gas Prices Higher on Thin National Supply

10/7/05:  Habitat Herbicide Approved for Use in California

10/7/05:  Australia Rejects Crocodile Safari Hunt Plan

10/7/05:  GE, EPA Strike New Deal on Hudson River Dredging

10/7/05:  Gasoline Spike Fuels Surge in U.S. Bicycle Sales

10/7/05:  Shark Nicole Clocks More Than 12,000 Miles Crisscrossing Indian Ocean

10/7/05:  Climate Change Linked to Cruise Ship Illness Outbreaks

10/7/05:  China To Eschew Fast Growth in New Economic Plan

10/7/05:  Gulf Nature Park Awaits Gators' Return after Rita

10/6/05:  Air Pollution Becoming a Greater Danger

10/6/05:  The truth is out: Bush's new nuclear stance

10/6/05:  Cock and Bull on the Bitterroot

10/6/05:  Climate change and pollution are killing millions, says study

10/6/05:  Toyota's Environmental Progress

10/6/05:  Courthouse Project Spotlighted at World Sustainable Building Conference

10/6/05:  Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicles Set to Showcase Solid H2 Storage

10/6/05:  GM Plans Fuel-Cell Propulsion Vehicles

10/6/05:  Eastern Canada Bakes in Extreme High Temperatures

10/6/05:  Congress Seeks To Slash Food Aid for Poor, Conservation

10/6/05:  Vets Operate on Giraffe for Skin Cancer

10/6/05:  Feds Propose Allowing Threatened Sea Otters Back into Southern California Waters

10/6/05:  Increased Cancer Risk from LA Port Complex Fumes

10/6/05:  Global Warming To Hit Migratory and Static Species

10/6/05:  Oyster Bay Listed As Endangered Refuge

10/6/05:  Arizona Officials to Track Mountain Lions

10/6/05:  Envoy: U.S. Greenhouse Gas Growth Slowing

10/6/05:  Genzyme Thinks 'Green' for New Labs

10/5/05:  Babyfoot Lake tree restoration takes first step

10/5/05:  EPA Releases Annual Superfund Report

10/5/05:  Business and Legal Reports Foresees Major Air Emission Reductions

10/5/05:  October is hell month for National Coal Co.

10/5/05:  Maxxam/Pacific Lumber Slapped with Logging Violation Notice

10/5/05:  Japan sending trainloads of toxins to Utah

10/5/05:  Green Building I

10/5/05:  Agencies Agree on Hanford Canyon Cleanup

10/5/05:  Hunger Crisis Looms as Malawi's Lean Season Comes Early

10/5/05:  House Pulses with Solar Energy

10/5/05:  Environmentalists and Industry Head for Clash on New EU Chemicals Law

10/5/05:  Officials Expect Gulf Natural Gas Production To Be Down for Months

10/5/05:  New Uses for the 'Big Boxes'

10/5/05:  Superfund Spent $507 Million Last Year Cleaning Hazardous Waste Sites

10/5/05:  Experts Say Spanish Fishing Devastates Sharks

10/5/05:  Chesapeake Plans To Increase Columbia Natural Resources' Production

10/5/05:  It's Fast Food for Your Car

10/5/05:  It's Fast Food for Your Car

10/4/05:  August and September of 2005 Two Warmest Months in Boston

10/4/05:  American Zoos and Aquariums Announce 'Audubon October'

10/4/05:  ACE Opens Environmental Risk Business in Europe

10/4/05:  Quest for Oil Collides With Nature in Alaska

10/4/05:  Costly Sewer System Divides Coastal Cali System Divides Coastal California Town

10/4/05:  Japan Ships Uranium-Contaminated Soil to U.S. for Disposal

10/4/05:  Great Lakes States Battle Southern Fish Farms on Asian Carp

10/4/05:  House GOP Drops Plans To Try To End Offshore Drilling Bans

10/4/05:  Brazilian Bishop on Hunger Strike To Protest River Project

10/4/05:  On Beyond Organic Radio: The Erin Brockovich of Shrimp

10/4/05:  Sweat, Fire Help Bring U.S. Midwest Prairies Back

10/4/05:  New Jersey Community Endures Decades of Ford's Toxic Legacy

10/4/05:  U.S. Government Unveils Energy Hog To Promote Conservation

10/4/05:  'Organic' Battleground

10/4/05:  Katrina Slams Outdoor Industry in Louisiana, Coastal Mississippi

10/3/05:  International Rectifier Wins Industry Environmental Award

10/3/05:  Staples, Earth Force Aim to Empower Young Environmental Citizens

10/3/05:  Starch-Based Cigarette Filter Can Reduce Environmental Impact

10/3/05:  Revised ESA could unravel protections of old-growth forests

10/3/05:  Hawaii Creates State Marine Refuge in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Bans Fishing

10/3/05:  Colorado Moose Tests for Chronic Wasting Disease

10/3/05:  Smallest Creatures in Ocean Hold Valuable Secrets

10/3/05:  Forest Service Says Court Order Stops Capitol Christmas Tree, Other Projects

10/3/05:  'Political' Science: The Rise of Junk Science and the Fall of Reason -- A Guest Commentary

10/3/05:  Levees Fixed, but City Still at Risk

10/3/05:  Los Angeles Fire Seen Fully Contained by Monday

10/3/05:  Wildlife Effects of West's Gas Boom Still Unknown with More Development Looming

10/3/05:  New-Car Smell Emerges as Auto Safety Issue with Japanese Makers Toning Down the Fumes

10/3/05:  Louisiana Ecological Harm Called Unpreceological Harm Called Unprecedented

10/3/05:  Extracting Oil From Shale Complex Process

10/3/05:  Furniture Builders Aim Beyond Birkenstocks

10/2/05:  DeFazio explains danger in ESA revision

10/2/05:  House Passes Endangered Species Act Revision

10/2/05:  Sun's Direct Role In Global Warming May Be Underestimated, Duke Physicists Report

10/2/05:  Climate Change More Rapid Than Ever

9/30/05:  Alarm over dioxin dump

9/30/05:  Oxygen Chooses Valence Technology Batteries to Power Electric Scooters

9/30/05:  Demonstration Launched for Diesel Locomotive Catalyst System in Boston Commuter Trains

9/30/05:  House "Guts" Endangered Species Act: Defenders of Wildlife

9/30/05:  Murder of Rangers Highlights Threat to Cambodia's Forests

9/30/05:  New Zealand, Australia Agree on Joint Effort To Help Stranded Whales' Survival

9/30/05:  Feds Drop Boreal Toad From Protected List

9/30/05:  Swedes May Be Freeze-Dried for Eternal Rest

9/30/05:  Hong Kong Leader: Southern China Aims Toader: Southern China Aims To Announce Air Quality Data Daily

9/30/05:  Rare Congo Gorillas Surviving War, Poaching, Group Says

9/30/05:  Oxygen Helped Mammals Grow, Study Finds

9/30/05:  Plastics Seminar Fueled by 'Ecomagination'

9/30/05:  Researchers Launch Biggest Study of U.S. Children

9/30/05:  Official Report Slams Canada Over Environment

9/30/05:  House Set To Act on Overhaul of Endangered Species Act

9/30/05:  Minnesota becomes first US state to require biodiesel

9/29/05:  GE Plastics Seminar Includes Environmental Component

9/29/05:  Efforts to Promote Commuter Alternatives and Benefits Win EPA Awards

9/29/05:  Energy Star Requirements to Get Tougher

9/29/05:  New Program Supports Parents Who Want to Raise Children in An Eco-Healthy Way

9/29/05:  Dutch Solar Car Wins Australian Outback Car Wins Australian Outback Race

9/29/05:  Maryland Gets $19.4 Million To Fund Bay Improvements

9/29/05:  California Air Quality Rules Too Taxing, Critics Say

9/29/05:  Officials Decline Automatic Re-Enrollment for Most in Conservation Program

9/29/05:  Ex-Interior Chief Calls For Land-Use Plan

9/29/05:  Warming Causes Record Arctic Ice Melt, U.S. Report Says

9/29/05:  U.S. House Panels Push Bills To Help Energy Industry

9/29/05:  Milwaukee-Based Company Unveils Lab for Hybrid Auto Batteries

9/29/05:  Environmentalists, Boise Cascade Clash Over 'Old Growth'

9/28/05:  Climate Change Now

9/28/05:  EnviroMedia Issues National Small Business Conservation Challenge: $5K Prize

9/28/05:  Global Warming: Death in the Deep-Freeze

9/28/05:  Sulfide Mining in Michigan's U.P.

9/28/05:  Effect of Greenhouse Gases Rising, Government Says

9/28/05:  Illinois Hospital Goes 'Green'

9/28/05:  Rita Decimates the Louisiana Cattle Industry

9/28/05:  Malaysia Urges Neighbors To Do More on Hes Neighbors To Do More on Haze

9/28/05:  Rita May Worsen Red Tide in South Texas

9/28/05:  Scientists Capture Giant Squid on Camera

9/28/05:  European Commission Includes Airlines in Pollution-Cutting Emissions Trading Plan

9/28/05:  Los Angeles Study Finds Higher Pollution Death Risk

9/28/05:  Penguins Find Peace in Falklands War Minefields

9/28/05:  Cocaine Is Killing Colombian Nature Parks

9/28/05:  Former Prime Minister Proposes Australia as World's Nuclear Dump

9/28/05:  Crocodiles Rock on Former Brazil Dairy Farm

9/27/05:  Chicago Named 2005 Fall Allergy Capital

9/27/05:  Global Strategy to Fight Bird Flu in Animals Faces Funding Gap: FAO

9/27/05:  Fortune Rates Top 100 Corporate Citizens

9/27/05:  UN Recommends Capture, Storage of Carbon Dioxide Underground To Prevent Global Warming

9/27/05:  Feds Cut Back Habitat for Snowy Plover

9/27/05:  Cattle Feared Dead Along Flooded Louisiana Coast

9/27/05:  Decision to Remove Causeway Sparks Debate

9/27/05:  No One Can Say If Warming Caused Katrina, Rita

9/27/05:  Scientists Conduct Wind Energy Projects

9/27/05:  Mississippi Fears Post-Katrina Rebuilding Could Ruin the Variety of the Coastline

9/27/05:  On Beyond Organic Radio: Natural Pet Care

9/27/05:  China Tiger Trade Would Doom Species, WWTrade Would Doom Species, WWF Says

9/27/05:  Bush Urges Americans To Cut Back on Unnecessary Travel To Conserve Gas

9/27/05:  Utah Firms Find Being Environmentally Conscious Is Good Business

9/26/05:  Rita Damages Some Refineries, but Industry Appears To Dodge Bullet

9/26/05:  Montana Faces Eternal Clean-Up of Toxic s Eternal Clean-Up of Toxic Lake

9/26/05:  Fish and Wildlife Service Designates Bull Trout Habitat

9/26/05:  Solar-Power Cars Set Off Across Australian Outback

9/26/05:  Hurricane Rita Affecting Bird Migration

9/26/05:  Early Snowmelts Heating Alaska Arctic, Study Suggests

9/26/05:  Tsunami Actually Aided Crops in Indonesia

9/26/05:  Caribbean Corals Hit by Warm, Storm-Spawning Seas

9/26/05:  Reflecting New Shopping Trend, Stop & Shop Touts Organics

9/26/05:  Poll Shows Many Firms See Global Warming Affecting Their Business

9/26/05:  New Algae Species Complicates Efforts to Improve Taste, Smell of San Diego Drinking Water

9/26/05:  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Begins Assessing Damage on Texas Coast

9/26/05:  Lawsuit Filed Against Major Oil Companies Alledging Ecological Damage Worsened Katrina

9/26/05:  Living near a farm can be hazardous

9/24/05:  Innovation Spotlight

9/23/05:  Order to Halt Sequoia National Monument Logging May Be Appealed

9/23/05:  Alberta-Pacific Awarded Forest Stewardship Council Certification

9/23/05:  World Health Organization: One Million People Die Yearly From Environmental Risks in the Western Pacific

9/23/05:  North Korea Raises Stakes in Nuclear Standoff, Demands Reactors for Dismantling Nuclear Program

9/23/05:  Indonesia To Ban Poultry Farms in Capital

9/23/05:  Rita Brings Houston's Big Refining IndusHouston's Big Refining Industry To Standstill

9/23/05:  EU Sees No Major Post-Kyoto Climate Deal at Talks

9/23/05:  St. Petersburg Effluent Plant Opened by Russian, Swedish, Finnish Leaders

9/23/05:  Beijing Officials to Use Remote Sensing Technology to help Clean Air for 2008 Olympics

9/23/05:  Scientists Say Trying To Modify Hurricane Behavior Is Futile Because Storms Are Too Strong

9/23/05:  Report Says Global Warming Could Spark CGlobal Warming Could Spark Conflict

9/23/05:  Getting Apollo off the Ground -- A Guest Commentary

9/23/05:  Pollution Turns China Village into Cancerns China Village into Cancer Cluster

9/22/05:  Dealings get dirty at the McKenzie forest tree-sit

9/22/05:  Beijing Officials to Use Remote Sensing Technology to help Clean Air for 2008 Olympics

9/22/05:  National Instruments Announces Plan for New RoHS-Compliant Products

9/22/05:  Air Pollution Found To Pose Greater Danger To Health Than Earlier Thought

9/22/05:  EPA Proposes Easing Reporting Requiremen Easing Reporting Requirements on Toxic Pollution

9/22/05:  Nine States To Set Carbon Dioxide Pollution Limits from Power Plants

9/22/05:  Katrina Crop Toll Rivals Drought, Expected To Reach $900 Million

9/22/05:  Peru Mayor Says Camisea Gas Pipeline Leak Contaminated Jungle Rivers, Sickening Hundreds

9/22/05:  Europe's 2003 Heatwave Altered Carbon Cycle, Study Says

9/22/05:  Scientists Send Message: 'Cut Air Travelend Message: 'Cut Air Travel for the Environment'

9/22/05:  Shark Attacks Spark 'Kill or Be Killed' Debate

9/22/05:  In Marshlands South of New Orleans, Katrina's Destruction Threatens already Tenuous Existence

9/22/05:  E.U. Proposes Ambitious Plans To Clean Up Air Pollution by 2020

9/22/05:  House Panel Set To Approve Sweeping Endangered Species Act Rewrite

9/22/05:  Global Warming Could Cause up to 10,000 Deaths Per Year in Asia-Pacific, WHO Official Says

9/22/05:  New York Skyscrapers Dim Lights To Save Birds

9/21/05:  Scientists: Cut Air Travel for Environment

9/21/05:  Indonesia Court Says Newmont Has Case To Answer

9/21/05:  Depleted Canada Cod Stocks Face Devastatioace Devastation, WWF Says

9/21/05:  Environmental Income Can Help Reduce Poverty -- A Guest Commentary

9/21/05:  Experts Optimistic That New Orleans Safe To Resettle in a Few Months; More Testing Needed, However

9/21/05:  Professor Documents Glacial Retreat, Warns of Global Warming's Impact

9/21/05:  Endangered Species Act Rewrite Would Cut Critical Habitat Provisions

9/21/05:  Campaign To Save Sea Turtles Takes Aim at Mexico City Market

9/21/05:  Survey Shows Voters Care about Environment, But Not Necessarily at the Ballot Box

9/21/05:  Brazilian Oil Company Announces Natural Gas Find in Gulf of Mexico

9/21/05:  Funeral Industry Takes Green Slant

9/20/05:  Engineering Group Launches Efficiency-Awareness Program

9/20/05:  Dakota Beef Sponsors New Organic Resource Center

9/20/05:  Bush Administration Proposes New Fishing Rules Aimed at Overfishing

9/20/05:  China Says East China Sea Gas Drilling Is t China Sea Gas Drilling Is in Uncontested Waters

9/20/05:  Waste Company Scraps Landfill Plan along Vl Plan along Voting Rights Trail

9/20/05:  Firms Pressure Russia To Adopt Kyoto Mechanisms

9/20/05:  Congressman Calls for Investigation of Logging in Tree Reserve

9/20/05:  On Beyond Organic Radio: The 'Eat Local' Movement

9/20/05:  Army Corps Opens Tracts of Wetlands to Development

9/20/05:  North Korea Says It Won't Dismantle Nuclear Weapons Until It Gets Light Water Reactors

9/20/05:  Conservation Groups Want $404 Million for Frogs

9/20/05:  Congressmen Seeking Big Changes in Endangered Species Act

9/20/05:  Growth Endangers Horse Culture

9/20/05:  Farmer Has Carved Out a Niche for Survival: Community Supported Agriculture

9/20/05:  African Leaders Convene First Regional Forum To Explore Market-Based Conservation Strategies

9/20/05:  Clinton Global Initiative Event to be Carbon Neutral

9/19/05:  Man's fungus expertise nabs national attention

9/19/05:  Sandpiper makes it easier to get bird's-eye view

9/19/05:  Seven Final, Five Proposed Superfund Sites Announced

9/19/05:  Minister of the Environment Will Not Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada on Belledune Facility

9/19/05:  Ecolab Inc. Lauded for Improving Air Quality and Reducing Traffic Congestion

9/19/05:  Gore says Hurricane Katrina is a warning that environment can't be ignored

9/19/05:  Reforestation Of Burnt Earth: Use Truffles

9/19/05:  Tropical Deforestation Affects Rainfall In The U.S. And Around The Globe

9/19/05:  Biologists Encouraged by Ferrets' Progress

9/19/05:  Protecting New Orleans from Future Floods To Cost Billions, Take Decades

9/19/05:  Mississippi Begins Katrina Cleanup, but Where Will the Garbage Go?

9/19/05:  Ecuador Concerned by Colombia's Herbicide Use

9/19/05:  U.N. Estimates that 2005 Ozone Hole Will Probably Be Slightly Smaller than All-Time High of 2003

9/19/05:  Katrina's Environment Threat Not Over, Greens Say

9/19/05:  Young Malaysian Trash Pickers Make Turtle Nesting Beaches Pristine as Part of Global Cleanup

9/19/05:  An Uncertain Future for a River that Helpsuture for a River that Helps Feed the Nation

9/19/05:  North Korea Pledges To Drop Nuclear Programs at Arms Talks, To Get Energy Aid in Return

9/19/05:  Woman Markets Organic Dog Treats

9/19/05:  Company Reopening Mississippi Mills To Handle Damaged Timber

9/17/05:  Greenpeace protesters cleared by jury

9/16/05:  McKenzie River: Shots add tension to timber sale protest

9/16/05:  Global Warming 'Past the Point of No Return'

9/16/05:  Environmentalists want probe of errant logging

9/16/05:  Companies Managing Energy Use With Eye on Profits and the Environment

9/16/05:  Dell Offers Free Computer Recycling in Select Cities

9/16/05:  ULi Announces the Availability of RoHS-Compliant ''Green'' Chips

9/16/05:  Scientist Says Global Warming Options Exist

9/16/05:  Heavy Contamination of New Orleans Sediment Hinders Testing

9/16/05:  Tests Find Higher-than-Allowed Mercury Levher-than-Allowed Mercury Levels in Storebought Fish

9/16/05:  Bigger Brained Birds Do Better, Study Sayser, Study Says

9/16/05:  U.N. Says Ozone Layer Should Keep Healing

9/16/05:  Italy and Algeria Pledge To Further the U.N. Fight against Desertification

9/16/05:  Scientists Collect Fish To Assess Environmental Damage from Katrina

9/16/05:  Zimbabwe and China Swap Animals in Tiger Diplomacy

9/16/05:  Leaders and Celebrities Join To Promote Programs To Preserve Environment and End Poverty

9/15/05:  Innovation Spotlight

9/15/05:  Jury awards woman's family $13.3 million in pollution case

9/15/05:  Newspapers killing forests

9/15/05:  Anti-logging activists report being shot at with guns, arrows

9/15/05:  Aspen Institute Releases Report on Community Forestry

9/15/05:  FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company Pays NRC Fine

9/15/05:  New Orleans Air Putrid But Not Overly Polluted, Raising Hope Parts of City Could Reopen

9/15/05:  Senate Energy Committee Chairman: U.S. Poor Families Need More Energy Help

9/15/05:  Bush Administration To Fortify Stretch of U.S.-Mexico Border Despite Endangered Species Concerns

9/15/05:  German Inventor's 'Cat Fuel' Angers Animalr's 'Cat Fuel' Angers Animal Lovers

9/15/05:  U.N. Urges World Leaders To Get Clean Water to the Billions Suffering Without

9/15/05:  Bison Numbers Swell at Yellowstone

9/15/05:  Spending on Environment Yields Big Returns, Report Says

9/15/05:  Dangerous Levels of Bacteria, Lead Detectels of Bacteria, Lead Detected in Floodwaters

9/15/05:  Katrina Threatens To Wipe Out Many Gulf Coast Shrimpers

9/15/05:  More Automakers Embrace Hybrids as Gas Prices Rise

9/14/05:  Earth Share Launches CharityGift Card Program to Help Environment

9/14/05:  Zurich Opens Environmental Office in Boston

9/14/05:  England Household Waste Recycling Doubles in Last Four Years

9/14/05:  GreenFuel Technologies Delivers Field Trial System to First Commercial Customer

9/14/05:  U.S. Announces Clean Air Agreement with Nation's Largest Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal Operator

9/14/05:  Maldives Still Faces Drinking Water Shortag Water Shortages after Tsunami

9/14/05:  Endangered Species List Riles Builders

9/14/05:  Germany To Seal Nuclear Dump in Former Communist East with Four Million Tons of Concrete

9/14/05:  Bay Conservation Group Formed by Three Berkeley, California Women Hits 40

9/14/05:  Canada To Have Hard Time Pumping More Oil for U.S.

9/14/05:  Heat Adds Power to Storms -- A Guest Commentary

9/14/05:  Officials in Gulf of Mexico Area Say They'ulf of Mexico Area Say They're Worried about Winter Natural Gas Shortages

9/14/05:  Court Rules EU Can Demand Criminal Prosecuiminal Prosecution of Polluters

9/14/05:  Carmakers Offer More Gas-Electric Hybrid Choices To Meet Growing Demand

9/14/05:  Senate Effort To Repeal Mercury Emissions Rule Defeated

9/14/05:  Timber Tycoon Developer Now Owns Chunk of Idaho

9/13/05:  Brown Gets Greener: New Technologies Save Over 30,000 Gallons of Fuel and Reduce Emissions by 288 Metric Tons

9/13/05:  Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Approves Viscon Additive for Texas Low Emission Diesel

9/13/05:  Environmental Group Warns Hippos Face Extinction in Congo

9/13/05:  Indiana Town To Turn Stinking Hog Manure into Power

9/13/05:  On Louisiana Coast, Shrimp and fish Gone Along With Houses and Livelihoods

9/13/05:  Tagged Atlantic Sea Turtles Trace Journeys Online

9/13/05:  On Beyond Organic Radio: Sustainable Forests

9/13/05:  UN Sends Food Aid to Nicaragua's Miskito Indians

9/13/05:  Canada Doesn't See Breakthrough at Post-Kyoto Meet

9/13/05:  Katrina Spurs New Debate on Energy, Fuel ENew Debate on Energy, Fuel Economy, Offshore Drilling

9/13/05:  Scientists Study How to Clean Salty Water

9/13/05:  White House Says Bush Will Veto Changes to Mercury Emissions Rule

9/13/05:  Disney Opens New Park as Smog Casts Pall over Hong Kong

9/13/05:  Rural Montana Prepares for Major Bio Defense Lab

9/12/05:  Dynamix Bio-Hazard Clean-Up Crew Arrives in New Orleans

9/12/05:  California Business, Environmental and Government Leaders Forge Action Plan to Protect Habitat and Guide Growth

9/12/05:  Swiss Reinsurance Co. Doubles Katrina Claim Estimate

9/12/05:  Japan Begins Offshore Research Hunt for 60 Whales off Northern Island of Hokkaido

9/12/05:  Mexico Beats Deadline for Eliminating Ozone-Depleting Chemicals

9/12/05:  Captive Breeding Seen as Lifeline for Amphibians

9/12/05:  Bermuda Wary of Island's Development Boom

9/12/05:  European Farmers Need To Look at Ways of Cutting Greenhouse Gases, Minister Says

9/12/05:  Biloxi Harbor Eases Back into Business; FiEases Back into Business; Fishing Boats Return to Bay

9/12/05:  Countries to Agree to Save Ape Habitats

9/12/05:  California Farmers Want Classification formers Want Classification for 'Sustainable' Produce

9/12/05:  Forest Service Proposal Would Speed Up Gra Proposal Would Speed Up Grasslands Oil Drilling

9/12/05:  World Seen Winning Battle of Water Scarcitning Battle of Water Scarcity

9/12/05:  U.S. Agriculture Department Killed One Million More Animals in 2004 than in 2003

9/9/05:  Controversy Swirls Around Wind Farm Plan

9/9/05:  Taiwan God Pig Sacrifice: Religious Rite o Sacrifice: Religious Rite or Cruelty?

9/9/05:  Environmentalists Sue to Save Woodpecker

9/9/05:  Global Warming Could Hit Indian Agriculture, Study Reveals

9/9/05:  Republicans Eye Expanding U.S. Offshore Drilling

9/9/05:  The Environment Matters -- A Guest Commentary

9/9/05:  Contaminated Water Had To Be Poured into Lake, EPA Chief Says

9/9/05:  Tainted Loons, U.S. Senators Tackle EPA on Mercury

9/9/05:  Louisiana Scientists Expect Major Environmntists Expect Major Environmental Damage

9/9/05:  Environmental, Consumer Groups Criticize ComEd's Pullout from Illinois Renewable Energy Plan

9/9/05:  Doctor: Animal Survivors of Katrina Dying of Thirst and Starvation

9/9/05:  Ecoloclean Industries Mobilizes Water Purification Unit to Biloxi, Mississippi

9/9/05:  Genzyme Center Earns Highest Environmental Rating From U.S. Green Building Council

9/9/05:  BLM rethinks forestry plan for Northwest

9/8/05:  Siskiyou Area Seeks Protected Status

9/8/05:  Oregon joins suit to halt logging rules

9/8/05:  Gulf Coast Fishermen Hope Katrina Spared Sea Life

9/8/05:  Chilis Cool Conflict Between Man and Elephants

9/8/05:  Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: BlueHeat

9/8/05:  Amnesty International Says U.S. Consortium's African Oil Pipeline Threatens Human Rights

9/8/05:  EPA Proposal Would Ban Use of Pesticide Tests on Pregnant Women, Children

9/8/05:  EarthNews Radio: Finding Constellations

9/8/05:  States Sue U.S. over Energy Efficiency of Appliances

9/8/05:  First EPA Tests Confirm New Orleans Floodwater Risky Even for Skin Contact

9/8/05:  Global Warming Causes Soil To Release Carbon, Study Says

9/8/05:  Officials Unveil Plans for Sustainability Center

9/8/05:  Like a Theme Park, with Chores

9/7/05:  Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: BlueHeat

9/7/05:  2006 FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament to be Climate Neutral

9/7/05:  EarthNews Radio: Finding Constellations

9/7/05:  GreenShift Introduces Mean Green BioFuels

9/7/05:  Katrina Spawns Interest in Alternative Forms of Energy

9/7/05:  Captain Launches TV Show To Spotlight Fragile Florida Ecosystems

9/7/05:  Katrina Maims Lobster-Trapping Industry in Florida

9/7/05:  Don't Rush Tsunami Rebuilding, U.N. Envoy Cautions

9/7/05:  E.U. Parliament Backs Strict Waste Management Rules for European Mines and Quarries

9/7/05:  Water Crisis Looms as Himalayan Glaciers Melt

9/7/05:  It’s Time for a New Vision -- A Guest Commentary

9/7/05:  Brazil Likely To Build More Nuclear Plants, Minister Says

9/7/05:  Few Choices To Rid New Orleans of Poisoned Water

9/7/05:  Indonesian Orangutans Under Siege, Green Groups Say

9/7/05:  Grass Hailed as Potential Source of Clean Energy

9/7/05:  Chicago Opens a Rare 'Green' School

9/7/05:  Katrina Environmental Issues 'Almost Unimaginable'

9/6/05:  Hurricane Katrina, Record Gas Prices Spark ZAP Electric Car Sales

9/6/05:  Federal, Multi-State Clean Air Act Settlement with Cargill Secures Pollution Reductions

9/6/05:  Primax Electronics Uses PTC Windchill to Implement Environmental Regulatory Compliance Plan

9/6/05:  Katrina's real name

9/6/05:  Road Salt Blamed for Rising Salinity in Northeast Streams

9/6/05:  Spawning Turtles Return to Mexico Despite Threat

9/6/05:  Protecting China's National Treasure

9/6/05:  Climate Change Raises Risk of Hunger, Scientists Say

9/6/05:  On Beyond Organic Radio: Urban Farming

9/6/05:  Florida Conducting Coral Reef Study

9/6/05:  Conservationists Warn Great Apes Face Extinction

9/6/05:  Post-Katrina, Gulf Barrier Islands More Vulnerable

9/6/05:  South African Farmers Clean Up with 'Green Sugar'

9/6/05:  Navajos Receive Award for Banning Uranium Mining

9/6/05:  Rise in Natural Gas Costs Prompt More Consumers To Look at Geothermal Systems

9/5/05:  U.S. Confirms Citrus Greening in Florida

9/5/05:  Cambodian Tiger Hunter Gets Seven Years in Jail

9/5/05:  Argentine Government Takes Pulp Protest to Washington

9/5/05:  Endangered Plants Focus of New Study

9/5/05:  New Orleans Zoo Animals Survive Katrina's Wrath

9/5/05:  Irish Coral Reefs Bulldozed by Deep-Sea Trawlers

9/5/05:  Iran Seeks to Save Rare Cheetahs

9/5/05:  Pumping Water Out of New Orleans Will Take Weeks, Possibly Longer

9/5/05:  Ecology Professor at Home in Straw House

9/5/05:  Too Many People in Nature's Way, Experts Say; 'We Think We're Safe and We're Not'

9/5/05:  Potlatch Land Gets Green 'Certified' Label

9/5/05:  Organic Style Magazine To Cease Publication

9/2/05:  West Nile Virus Risk Could Increase Following Hurricane Katrina, Warns Journal Editor

9/2/05:  Nature's Path Sends Organic Products to Katrina Victims

9/2/05:  Auto Club: State Refinery Problems and Katrina Send Gas Prices to New Records

9/2/05:  Clean Diesel Signs Distribution Agreement to Improve Diesel Exhaust Controls

9/2/05:  Nevada Files Suit against NRC over Yucca License Process

9/2/05:  Clever Whale Uses Fish to Catch Seagulls

9/2/05:  Lava Bench Collapses in Hawaii

9/2/05:  Actor Alec Baldwin Gives His Support to Long Island Wind Park

9/2/05:  California Senate Rejects Schwarzenegger's Air Board Chair

9/2/05:  German Conservative Links Katrina to U.S. CO2 Policy

9/2/05:  Ebola Virus Threatens Gorillas, Chimps

9/2/05:  Retreating Glaciers and Melting Permafrost Threaten Traditional Lifestyles of Arctic People

9/2/05:  Biggest Health Worry after Katrina is Clean Water

9/2/05:  Willie Nelson's Biodiesel is Now Available in Austin, Texas

9/2/05:  Conservation Agriculture Comes to a Close

9/2/05:  A New Market for Grocery Store Bags

9/2/05:  Department of Energy Selects SRI International to Develop Low-Cost Hydrogen Generation System

9/2/05:  American Humane Association's Animal Rescue Rig Deploys Today

9/2/05:  EarthNews Radio: Checkout Bag Fee Proposal

9/2/05:  Officials Announce Clean Air Settlement with Cargill

9/2/05:  Private System for Animal ID Raises Concern

9/2/05:  Two-Pipe System with Fresh, Recycled Water Taps into Future

8/26/05:  Cummins, Scania Form Joint Venture to Produce Next-Generation Fuel Systems

8/26/05:  Showcase Your Video on ENN TV, Powered by Flimp™

8/26/05:  Fire and Water Sweep Through Europe in Summer of Extreme Weather

8/26/05:  Balkans May Be Bird Flu Gateway to Wider Europe

8/26/05:  Global Coalition Meeting in Nigeria Unveils New Initiative To Save Falling Fish Stocks

8/26/05:  Scientists Try to Harness Wave Energy

8/26/05:  California Tomato Farmers Dabble in Sustainable Agriculture

8/26/05:  Deadly Tsunami Reached Around the Globe

8/26/05:  NEXRAD Waterfowl: Conservation at the Speed of Light

8/25/05:  U.S. EPA and DOT Recognize Flexcar as a 'Best Workplace for Commuters'

8/25/05:  EENT's AXP 1000 Reduces Truckers' Idle, Helping the Environment

8/25/05:  Mistaken logging rips up reserve

8/25/05:  Government In East China Steps In After Pollution Protest by Farmers

8/25/05:  Congressional Panel To Hear of Woes at National Parks

8/25/05:  Iraqi Minister Says Rebuilding Water Infrastructure May Take up to Five Years

8/25/05:  North Dakota Pelicans Probably Headed to Canada

8/25/05:  Nine U.S. States Break with Bush on Greenhouse Gases

8/25/05:  Lawmakers Seek Meeting About Plum Island

8/25/05:  Another Blow to the Pseudo-Science of Global Warming Skeptics -- A Guest Commentary

8/25/05:  Nine Eastern States Seen Set To Freeze Plant Emissions

8/25/05:  Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: EnviroGLAS

8/25/05:  Indian State Bans Sale, Use of Plastic Bags

8/25/05:  Forest Service Admits 'Serious' Mistake in Logging Rare Tree Preserve

8/25/05:  Ethanol Is Cheaper, Industry Study Says

8/25/05:  Rio Grande Valley Havens Are Preserving Nature -- and Boosting Area Communities

8/24/05:  ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

8/24/05:  Panel Sees Growing Melting Arctic Threat

8/24/05:  Toyota Rejects Eco Car Rules: Proposed Size Limits 'Will Hurt Competition'

8/24/05:  Colorado Scientist Quits Global Warming Panel

8/24/05:  International Team Claims Discovery of New Source for China's Yangtze River

8/24/05:  Republicans Eye Offshore Drilling in U.S. Budget Bill

8/24/05:  Housing Conservation -- An Editorial

8/24/05:  Panel Sees Growing Threat in Melting Arctic

8/24/05:  Feds Cut Land for California Tiger Salamander

8/24/05:  African Ministers Say Clean Water Key To Fighting Poverty

8/24/05:  The Conservation-Conscious Salute This Man's Commute

8/24/05:  Iraq's Devastated Marshlands Recovering Fast, U.N. Says

8/24/05:  Showcase Your Video on ENN TV, Powered by FLIMP™

8/24/05:  Two New Bird Species Identifed in Colombia

8/24/05:  Tough But Fragile, Turtles Take to Italian Hospital

8/24/05:  Police, Firefighters and Volunteers Shovel Out Mud after Floods Sweep Europe

8/24/05:  Image Microsystems Awards Environmental Research Grant to Texas Tech University

8/23/05:  Stopping Climate Change in its Tracks

8/23/05:  Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: EnviroGLAS

8/23/05:  Several Airports Conserve Energy by Installing Power Efficiency Controllers

8/23/05:  NRG Energy, Inc. Receives Permit for Proposed Big Cajun II Power Plant Expansion

8/23/05:  Forest Officials Test Civilian Spy Planes To Fight Western Wildfires

8/23/05:  Montana Stream Law Still Under Attack, 20 Years after Passage

8/23/05:  From Landfills to Sludge Fields, Tour Showcases Garbage

8/23/05:  Safe Water: World Water Week

8/23/05:  On Beyond Organic Radio: Permaculture

8/23/05:  Canadians Gear Up for Protest against Natural Gas Projects in Maine

8/23/05:  U.S. Conservationist Fulfills His Chilean Dream

8/23/05:  EarthNews Radio: Our Energy

8/23/05:  Patagonia Seeks To Recycle Used Capilene Products into New Clothing

8/23/05:  African Leaders, Experts Try To Head Off Looming Fish Supply Crisis

8/23/05:  EarthNews Radio: Our Energy

8/23/05:  Red Snapper Limits Choking Fish Industry

8/23/05:  Tax Credit Energizes Wind Farms

8/23/05:  Down-to-Earth Merchandise Organically Grown

8/22/05:  San Francisco Municipal Railway Orders 56 Hybrid Electric Buses

8/22/05:  Safe Water: World Water Week

8/22/05:  200-year Experiment Changes Face Of Forest Management

8/22/05:  Forest Service Ranger Lies on Stand

8/22/05:  Green Mountain Power Trucks to Run on Green Fuel

8/22/05:  Russian Trawlers Flout Cod Quotas in Arctic

8/22/05:  Cloned Tabby Wildcats Have Kittens

8/22/05:  Plea To Stop Squabbles Ends Greenland Climate Talks

8/22/05:  Need More Research on Environmental Chemical Exposure -- A Guest Commentary

8/22/05:  Ship Zones Recommended to Help Whales

8/22/05:  EPA Says Summer Smog Problem Easing in East

8/22/05:  Spanish Surfers' Paradise Loses Its Wave

8/22/05:  World Health Organization Says Dirty Air a Regular Killer in Asia

8/22/05:  Indonesia Says Haze-Causing Fires Mostly Out -- But Underground Blazes Threaten Tigers

8/22/05:  Environmentalists Declare Victory Over Judge's Order To Step Up Wolf Preservation Efforts in Northeast

8/22/05:  State Environment Agency Tells Coca-Cola To Shut Plant in Southern India

8/22/05:  Cruise Ships Getting Bigger, Causing Some Port and Passenger Trouble

8/19/05:  Auto Club: Summer Surge Sends Gas Prices to New Record Highs

8/19/05:  Fuji Heavy Unveils Electric Car that Uses Lithium-Ion Battery

8/19/05:  CRRA Projects Profits from New Recycling Center

8/19/05:  Two Dallas Hyatts Purchase 100 Percent Renewable Electricity

8/19/05:  ENN Weekly: August 15th - 19th

8/19/05:  Scientists Try to Save Rare and Randy Warbler

8/19/05:  Cameroon Dam Nears Collapse, 10,000 Lives at Risk

8/19/05:  SE Asia Seeks Cooperation with China, Japan, South Korea on Environmental Protection

8/19/05:  N2Revolution Tire Inflation System Improves Vehicle Performance, Gas Mileage, and Environment

8/19/05:  Group Questions Whether Wild Birds Carry Much Flu

8/19/05:  Global Chemical Contamination Threatens Child Development -- A Guest Commentary

8/19/05:  Officials at Global Conference Say It's Time to Take Action on Global Warming

8/19/05:  Britain's Climate Blamed for Bird Changes

8/19/05:  Most EU Countries Miss Deadline for New Recycling Rules

8/19/05:  Coral Reef Ecosystems Found To Be in Decline in U.S. Waters

8/19/05:  ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

8/19/05:  ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

8/18/05:  ConAgra Signs Clean Water Act Permit Plea Agreement

8/18/05:  Tunnel Boring Machine Technology to Eliminate Sanitary Sewer Overflows in Austin

8/18/05:  N2Revolution Tire Inflation System Improves Vehicle Performance, Gas Mileage, and Environment

8/18/05:  RecycleNet Announces Municipal Recycling Market Co-op Service

8/18/05:  Uruguay's President Says Pulp Mills Will Be Built Near Argentine Border

8/18/05:  Dinosaur-Era Tree Set for First Auction Sale

8/18/05:  Commission Votes to Cap Annual Catch of Menhaden Fish in Chesapeake

8/18/05:  Explorer Says Preserving African Resources Key to Relieving Continent's Poverty

8/18/05:  EarthNews Radio: Triple Bottom Line

8/18/05:  Experts Say Pocket Gopher Near Extinction

8/18/05:  U.S. Senators Say Global Warming Obvious in Far North

8/18/05:  Groups Seek Better Electronics Recycling

8/18/05:  Group Wants to Transplant African Animals

8/18/05:  CNN Founder Turner Wants Nature Park for Koreas' Demilitarised Zone

8/18/05:  Teijin to Start Polyester Recycling with Patagonia in September

8/18/05:  Northern Colorado Horse Dealer Uses Profits to Rescue Abused Horses, Donkeys

8/17/05:  Fisher Fire "Salvage" Logging Begins in Wenatchee, WA

8/17/05:  New Forest Service Law Enforcement Chief lacks credentials

8/17/05:  EarthNews Radio: Triple Bottom Line

8/17/05:  USFS and BLM deny citizens access to public forest lands AGAIN

8/17/05:  17 year-old Woman Halts Logging in the Biscuit in Memory of Joan Norman

8/17/05:  Chevron Issues Corporate Responsibility Report

8/17/05:  Three Republican New Jersey Lawmakers Join Call to Protect the Arctic Refuge

8/17/05:  A Natural Way To Say Thanks

8/17/05:  Experts Say Man, Nature Threaten Asia's Cultural Landmarks

8/17/05:  Fast-Food Chains to Use 100% Renewable Energy

8/17/05:  Car Exhaust Polluting Puget Sound, Study Reveals

8/17/05:  Madagascar: Animation Meets Reality -- A Guest Commentary

8/17/05:  University of Wisconsin Records Show High Monkey Deaths

8/17/05:  Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: Trex Backyard Decking

8/17/05:  American Electronic Waste Contaminates China and India

8/17/05:  Web Shoppers Destroying Endangered Wildlife, Report Says

8/17/05:  Pacific Coast Ecosystems Return to Normal after Winds Arrive Late

8/17/05:  South Bronx Is Eyed for New Power Plant in New York

8/17/05:  Golf Course Proposal Hits Bump

8/16/05:  Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: Trex Backyard Decking

8/16/05:  Global warming conference opens in Greenland

8/16/05:  New Tests Show Bion's Process Produces Only 0.08 Pounds Per Cow Per Year of Volatile Organic Compounds

8/16/05:  Fast-Food Chains to Use 100% Renewable Energy

8/16/05:  JMAR Receives Purchase Orders for Three Advanced Sensor Systems for PCB Monitoring

8/16/05:  Thousands Without Shelter after Heavy Rains Flood Sudan's North Darfur State

8/16/05:  Malaysian Firemen Help Indonesia To Fight Blazes

8/16/05:  Mysterious Reptile Evades Capture in L.A. Park

8/16/05:  Powerful Quake Hits Northern Japan; Small Tsunami Reported, Buildings Collapse

8/16/05:  Changing Levels at Arizona Lakes Proves Costly for Park Service

8/16/05:  On Beyond Organic: Agri-Tourism

8/16/05:  Harvard to Investigate Origins of Life

8/16/05:  Solar Empowered

8/16/05:  Scientists Track Alien Seaweed in Hawaii

8/16/05:  Study Reveals Most Wild Chimps Are Southpaws

8/16/05:  Asarco's Bankruptcy Leaves Environmentalists Wondering about Cleanups

8/16/05:  Advocates Hope Credit Moves Solar Power Beyond Niche

8/15/05:  Mass Megawatts Wind Power Starts Feasibility Study of 50kW Multiaxis Turbosystem for Wind-Diesel Application

8/15/05:  Thousands Sign Up for Animal Feeding Operations Air Compliance Agreement

8/15/05:  US Forest Serivce, Loggers, Recklessly Endanger Lives of Nonviolent Protesters

8/15/05:  EarthNews Radio: Art and Nature: Moon on the Horizon

8/15/05:  Environmental, Labor, Agriculture Leaders Call for More Use

8/15/05:  Ice shelf disintegration threatens environment

8/15/05:  250 miles per gallon? They're doing it

8/15/05:  Environmental Group Slams Indonesian Plan for Huge Plantation in Heart of Borneo Forest

8/15/05:  Los Angeles Area Plans To Use Sensors, Cameras To Record Cars' Pollution Emissions

8/15/05:  U.S. Marines Use Donkeys To Go Places Their Humvees and Other Modern Vehicles Cannot

8/15/05:  China to Build Offshore Wind Power Complex

8/15/05:  Engineers Modify Hybrid Cars To Get Up To 250 MPG

8/15/05:  Supreme Court Candidate No Stranger to Environmental Law, Politics

8/15/05:  Hatching New Horizons

8/15/05:  Rising Fuel Costs Drive Oregon Trucking Company to Biodiesel

8/15/05:  Oil Leases Endanger Wildlife, Coalition Says

8/15/05:  Three Million Gallons of Liquid Manure Spill into Upstate New York River after Leak at Farm

8/15/05:  Malaysia Lifts Emergency as Haze Abates

8/15/05:  Judge Reluctant To Create Judicial Oversight of Global Warming

8/15/05:  Municipal Companies Say Their Water is Just as Good as the Bottled Brands, and Cheaper Too

8/15/05:  Environmentalists Urge Hong Kong Disneyland To Suspend Firework Displays on Polluted Days

8/15/05:  Angling 101: College Offers Class in How To Catch Alaska Fish

8/12/05:  EPA Issues Annual Fuel Mileage Booklet

8/12/05:  IC Interconnect Wafer Bumping Services Are Environmentally Friendly with Lead-Free Solder

8/12/05:  Ranking of Top Corporate Air Polluters: Toxic 100 Index

8/12/05:  ENN Weekly: August 8th - 12th

8/12/05:  Protesters Oppose Plan to Divert Water from Utah-Nevada Valley for Use in Las Vegas

8/12/05:  Wildlife Moves to Stay Cool in a Warmer World

8/12/05:  Number of Hungry in Africa Will Grow without Changes in Aid and Trade Policies

8/12/05:  Environmental Work in Cambodia Earns Actress Angelina Jolie Citizenship

8/12/05:  Weather Balloons' 1970s Design Caused Climate Spat

8/12/05:  Officials Discover Giant Waterfall in California National Park

8/12/05:  South African Farmers Trade Livestock for Wildlife

8/12/05:  Researchers Share Results of Massive Air Study

8/12/05:  Seiko Epson Printer Given Energy Conservation Award in China

8/12/05:  Global Warming May Take Economic Toll

8/12/05:  TV Talk Show Host's Rainbow Warrior Comments Rile Environmental Group

8/12/05:  Leaf to Bud: Pssst, It's Time to Flower

8/12/05:  Environmental Groups File Lawsuit to Reverse Crucial Scripps Permit

8/12/05:  Waterborne Diseases Kill 46 This Week in Flood-Hit Bombay

8/11/05:  Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth slam UK Governments decision on sustainable timber

8/11/05:  New spotted owl rescue bids get under way

8/11/05:  ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

8/11/05:  Denver's Oldest Title Insurer to "Close Green," Launching First-Ever Linked Documents Online

8/11/05:  Texas Approves Green Plus as Alternative Formulation Solution for Texas Low Emission Diesel

8/11/05:  EU Blames Drought, Human Negligence for Rise in Forest Fires in Southern Europe

8/11/05:  Barges Lighten Loads, Hope for Rain as Drought Lowers River Levels

8/11/05: Makes it Possble to Offset Business, Home and Travel Climate Footprint

8/11/05:  Living with the Legacy of 'Away' -- A Guest Commentary

8/11/05:  Agricultural Fires Jump by 60 Percent in Brazilian Amazon State

8/11/05:  Laurie Garrett: Are We Prepared for Avian Flu?

8/11/05:  EarthNews Radio: Venture Capital for Conservationists

8/11/05:  Air Pollution Hits Emergency Level in Malaysian Port Town from Indonesian Forest Haze

8/11/05:  American Research Team to Study Impact of U.S.-Owned Smelter on Peru Townspeople

8/11/05:  Transportation Bill Includes Controversial $207 Million Pet Project for Hastert

8/11/05:  Scrapped Locomotive Engines Power Roanoke Business

8/11/05:  FedEx West Coast Hub Goes Solar

8/10/05:  EarthNews Radio: Venture Capital for Conservationists

8/10/05:  Governor Torres Invites SSWM to Open Office in Puebla

8/10/05:  Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Utilizes Fire to Selectively Control King Ranch Bluestem Grass

8/10/05: Makes it Possble to Offset Business, Home and Travel Climate Footprint

8/10/05:  Growth Dictates Move of Tom's of Maine Warehouse

8/10/05:  Caterpillars Becoming a Nuisance in Vermont

8/10/05:  Firefighters Battle Forest Blaze in Southern Spain

8/10/05:  Herbicide-Resistant Weed Plagues California

8/10/05:  Canadian National Railway May Face Charges Over Alberta Toxic Spill

8/10/05:  Sierra Club Honors Three Members of a Mexican Forest Group

8/10/05:  EPA Proposing Radiation Exposure Limits at Yucca Mountain for One Million Years

8/10/05:  Roundup Is Killing Off Amphibians, Ecologist Says

8/10/05:  Tiny Uruguay Pressed by Neighbor to Halt Pulp Mills

8/10/05:  Poachers Massacre Protected Turtles on Mexico Beach

8/10/05:  New Federal Law Offers Tax Credits for Energy-Efficient Purchases

8/9/05:  World Land Use Seen As Top Environmental Issue

8/9/05:  Malaysia Bans Open Burning around Kuala Lumpur and Central Selangor State as Haze Worsens

8/9/05:  Mexico Plans to Protect New U.N. World Heritage Site on Sea of Cortes

8/9/05:  Judge Raps EPA for Letting Industry Decide Whether to Add Safeguards to Rat Poison

8/9/05:  If I Could Have Written the Energy Bill... -- A Guest Commentary

8/9/05:  Energy Bill Drops Requirement for Smog-Reducing Gasoline Additives

8/9/05:  Chinese Villagers Prevented from Petitioning Beijing about Pollution, Rights Group Says

8/9/05:  Alaska Sea Otters to Get U.S. Protection

8/9/05:  If ENN Readers Could Have Written the Energy Bill...

8/9/05:  Bush Says New Energy Bill Vital to U.S. Economy

8/9/05:  Gene-Modified Corn Gone from Mexico, Study Finds

8/9/05:  Solar Power is Hot -- Too Hot

8/9/05:  Used Boxes Unfold Booming Business

8/8/05:  New Software Helps Fleet Managers Evaluate Hybrid-Vehicle Costs

8/8/05:  Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. Announces Retail Distribution of Earth-Friendly Cat Litter

8/8/05:  Australia Seeks to Breed Test-Tube Sharks

8/8/05:  Newmont Executive Denies Polluting Indonesian Waters on First Day of Trial

8/8/05:  Solar Power is Latest Innovation at N.J. Farms

8/8/05:  Listening System May Help Save Whales

8/8/05:  Chemist Tries to Solve World's Energy Woes

8/8/05:  U.S. Court Rejects Effort to Block Rules on Mercury Pollution

8/8/05:  Green Sea Turtle Makes Rare Va. Delivery

8/8/05:  Canada, U.S. Agree Ways to Drain North Dakota Lake

8/8/05:  Scientists Study Arctic Climate Changes

8/8/05:  Bird-Filled Emirates Wetlands Diminishing

8/8/05:  Former Pork Producer Enters Renewable Energy Business

8/8/05:  Dairies at a Critical Juncture

8/5/05:  The Next Generation Of Conservation Scientists: The Canon National Parks Science Scholars Program

8/5/05:  Interface's Renewable Energy Purchases Fund Wind Farms And Solar Energy

8/5/05:  ENN Weekly: August 1st - 5th

8/5/05:  Portuguese Firefighters Struggle to Contain Wildfires

8/5/05:  Trees Are Killed to Save Rare Woodpecker

8/5/05:  Hybrid Cars Coming Soon to California Car Pool Lanes

8/5/05:  ENN Forum: Our Readers Speak

8/5/05:  Giant Ocean Waves More Common Than Thought

8/5/05:  If We Could Have Written the Energy Bill... Readers Opine

8/5/05:  Shuttle Commander Sees Wide Environmental Damage

8/5/05:  ENN Expo Brings Together Innovative Companies and Environmentally-Savvy Consumers

8/5/05:  Indonesia Sanctuary Puts the Beast Back into Animals

8/5/05:  Environmentalists See Hope in Exxon CEO Change

8/5/05:  U.S. Makes Drilling Compensation Voluntary

8/4/05:  Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: Soda Club

8/4/05:  Shuttle Commander Sees Wide Environmental Damage

8/4/05:  Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: Soda Club

8/4/05:  EarthNews Radio: Student Energy Campaign

8/4/05:  ENN Expo Brings Together Innovative Companies and Environmentally-Savvy Consumers

8/4/05:  DEP Urged to Protect Pennsylvania's Environment from Toxic Mercury

8/4/05:  EPA Recognizes Starbucks as Among Largest Green Power Purchasers in the US

8/4/05:  ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

8/4/05:  New York Authorities Battle Intruding Snakehead Fish

8/4/05:  The New White House Orthodoxy: Green Is Good

8/4/05:  Environmental News Network Launches ENN Expo

8/4/05:  South Korean Scientists Clone First Dog

8/4/05:  Crew to Track Monarch Butterflies

8/4/05:  'The Columbia… A River That Died and Was Reborn as Money' -- A Guest Commentary

8/4/05:  Official Says Pelican Exodus Not Alarming

8/4/05:  Grad Student Believes Wood May Replace Oil

8/4/05:  Virginia Officials Educate Immigrant Communities about U.S. Environmental Laws

8/4/05:  If We Could Have Written the Energy Bill... More Input from ENN's Readers

8/4/05:  Environmental Group Accuses California Farms of 'Double Dipping' Subsidies

8/4/05:  Energy Education Needed to Avert Conflict in the Rocky Mountains

8/3/05: Survey Finds Most Environmental Pros Feel Unprepared for Disasters

8/3/05:  New California Farm Trail: Sierra Oro Farm Trail Promises a Culinary Glimpse of Specialty Farms in Northern California

8/3/05:  EPA Says Illegal Sodium Cyanide Sales Centered in North Dakota

8/3/05:  Forest Fires in Indonesia Blanket Malaysian Cities with Unhealthy Haze

8/3/05:  Environmental News Network Launches ENN Expo

8/3/05:  Green For Good Launches Website Featuring Nearly 1400 Green, Organic and Eco-Friendly Products

8/3/05:  Suit Fights Ethanol Mandate

8/3/05:  EarthNews Radio: Cotton

8/3/05:  Flood Traps Hundreds of Migratory Birds in Indian Sanctuary

8/3/05:  Federal Judge Blocks Easing of Logging Rules in the Northwest

8/3/05:  Alaska Food Safe Decades after Nuclear Blasts, Study Finds

8/3/05:  If We Could Have Written the Energy Bill... ENN's Readers Weigh In

8/3/05:  4th Annual Illinois Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair to Be Held in August

8/3/05:  Energy Policy Act Will Boost Biofuels Industry: Biotechnology Industry Organization

8/3/05:  Turning Recycled Materials into Stylish, Customized Panels

8/3/05:  Move Away from Lead is Sure to Raise Costs

8/3/05:  Environmental News Network Launches ENN Innovation Expo

8/3/05:  Green For Good Launches Website' Featuring Nearly 1400 Green, Organic And Eco-Friendly Products

8/3/05:  Toyota to Keep Electric RAV4s in Service

8/3/05:  EarthNews Radio: Cotton

8/3/05:  Landfill Expert Always Let His Entrepreneurial Talent Go To 'Waste'

8/3/05:  Smithfield Agrees To Stop Routine Feeding of Antibiotics to Healthy Hogs

6/30/05:  EPA Proposes Cutting Diesel Exhaust from Equipment Powered by Stationary Diesel Engines

6/30/05:  Gaza Settlers Stoke Ecological Fears over Beach Villas

6/30/05:  Sales of Hybrid, Diesel Cars Projected to Soar by 2012

6/30/05:  Illinois Institute of Technology Professor Develops 'Clean Energy Technology'

6/30/05:  Ireland's Capital Running Out of Space for Its Garbage, Dublin City Council Says

6/30/05:  Canada's Mosquito Capital Seeks More Dragonflies

6/30/05:  Warming May Harm Africa's Sand Dune Fields

6/30/05:  Central California Fig Growers Fool Wasps to Grow Fruit

6/30/05:  Review Board Finds EPA Downplayed Potential Risks of Chemical Used for Teflon

6/30/05:  Reform Badly Needed in Fisheries Department -- A Guest Commentary

6/30/05:  Rebirth of Steeltowns is in the Eye of the Beholder

6/30/05:  Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in Environmental Partnership With Celebrity Green Power

6/30/05:  Official Says Efforts to Solve Global Water Crisis Falling Short

6/30/05:  Senate Votes to Block Pesticide Tests on Humans

6/29/05:  Business for Corporate Responsibility to "Green" November Conference

6/29/05:  Grace Sponsors Teachers to Attend Environmental Issues Curriculum Development Program

6/29/05:  Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in Environmental Partnership With Celebrity Green Power

6/29/05:  Nuclear Project Could Solve Energy Woes, Scientist Says

6/29/05:  G8 Leaders' Cars to Use Eco-Fuel Made from Straw

6/29/05:  Sanctuary for Donkeys, the Backbone of Ethiopia

6/29/05:  On Beyond Organic: Urban Sprawl

6/29/05:  Man-Made Reef May Make Amends for San Onofre's Environmental Damage

6/29/05:  Congress Requests Review of Hanford Waste Plant

6/29/05:  Cambodia's Leader to Attend Summit of Six-Nation Mekong Group in China

6/29/05:  Land Trade Targets Wildlife Refuge's Oil and Gas

6/29/05:  Bioterror Report on Milk Concerns Feds

6/29/05:  E85, Ethanol Fuel, Lures Price- and Eco-Conscious Motorists

6/29/05:  States Sue Allegheny Energy over Alleged Clean Air Act Violations

6/29/05:  Electronic-Equipment Recycler Secures Data, Serves Environment

6/29/05:  BAE Uses Fuzzy Logic to Make Wind Farms Vanish

6/29/05:  Pepsi Bottling Plant Identified as Major Cause of Organic Overload

6/28/05:  Global Warming A Threat To Waterfowl

6/28/05:  Environmentalist battles extradition

6/28/05:  Golden Grain Energy Achieves Environmental Compliance

6/28/05:  Beef Testing Inadequate Says Organic Prairie Family of Farms

6/28/05:  EarthNews Radio: Chocolate Exhibit

6/28/05:  Scientists Say Cod Off Nova Scotia Declining

6/28/05:  Tokyo's Clean Air Policy Found To Be Paying Off

6/28/05:  International Consortium Chooses France as Site for Nuclear Fusion Reactor

6/28/05:  ENN Newsletter Articles: To Summarize or Not To Summarize...That is the Question

6/28/05:  Radical Environmentalist Fights Extradition to U.S., Says He's Being Targeted by FBI

6/28/05:  Tsunami Prompts Companies to Play Greater Role in Humanitarian Relief Efforts

6/28/05:  Researchers Release Rare Turtles in Georgia

6/28/05:  British University to Conduct Major Survey of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises

6/28/05:  Senate Energy Bill Faces Opposition from Pro-Industry GOP in House

6/28/05:  Beijing Earmarks $40 Billion to Get in Olympic Shape

6/28/05:  By 2007, IndyCars Will Run on Pure Ethyl Alcohol, a Cleaner Fuel

6/28/05:  Parking Lot's Photovoltaic 'Solar Trees' Offer Shade, Provide Power

6/28/05:  'Biodegradable Slippers' Wins International Award

6/27/05:  124 Tractor-Trailers to Deliver Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to the Barnes & Noble Warehouse

6/27/05:  Georgia Power Investing $1.3 Billion in Environmental Controls, Reducing Sulfur Emissions About 50 Percent

6/27/05:  China Mulls Smog Tax for Big Cars, Report Says

6/27/05:  Alewives' Run Lures Spectators and Hungry Birds

6/27/05:  Fire Crews Fear More Wind, Heat and Low Humidity as Blazes Char Thousands of Acres in West

6/27/05:  'Niagara of the West' Roars to Life in Idaho after Years of Drought

6/27/05:  Rwanda Symbolically Names Endangered Baby Gorillas

6/27/05:  Timing of Next Indonesia Tsunami a Mystery

6/27/05:  Scientists Studying Gulf's 'Dead Zone'

6/27/05:  Appeals Court Upholds EPA on Letting Older Plants Pollute More

6/27/05:  Climate Change Threatens Humanity's Cradle, Africa

6/27/05:  ENN Newsletter Articles: To Summarize or Not To Summarize…That is the Question

6/27/05:  Mainstream Chains Join Organic Revolution

6/27/05:  Connecticut Business Certified To Handle Fluorescent Tube

6/24/05:  Greenlight Energy Gains Approval to Build Large-Scale Wind Farm in Northeastern Colorado

6/24/05:  ENN Weekly: June 20th - 24th

6/24/05:  Researchers Say Fossil Fuels Could Be Bridge to Future

6/24/05:  Cheery Chickadee Chirps Carry Complex Information, Study Reveals

6/24/05:  Poll Shows Europeans Skeptical of U.S. Environmental Stewardship

6/24/05:  EarthNews Radio: Family Farms

6/24/05:  U.S. Biotech Firm Sees FDA Approving Cloned Meat

6/24/05:  UPS Releases Report on Sustainability Goals

6/24/05:  Nuclear Industry Stands To Get Help from Taxpayers

6/24/05:  Senate Nears Completion of Energy Bill; Conflict Expected with House

6/24/05:  Group Rejects Japanese Plans for Coastal Whale Hunt

6/24/05:  California Turns to Goats to Stop Wildfires

6/24/05:  Mitsubishi Motors To Mass-Produce Electric Motorcar in 2010

6/24/05:  Manatee Hotels, Resorts Reach Out to Environment

6/23/05:  EarthNews Radio: Family Farms

6/23/05:  UPS Releases Report on Sustainability Goals

6/23/05:  ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

6/23/05:  Study Finds Parking Lot Sealcoat May Be Major Source Of PAHs

6/23/05:  New England Shellfish Growers Feel Snubbed by Red Tide Loan Program

6/23/05:  New Regulations Cut Number of House Paints for Five States

6/23/05:  Warm Water Temps May Be Harming Sockeye

6/23/05:  Wisconsin Power Plant Project Alarms Environmentalists

6/23/05:  IWC Urges Japan Not to Kill More Whales for Research

6/23/05:  Stem Cell Therapy Cannot Cure Our Toxic Legacy -- An ENN Commentary

6/23/05:  New Rapid-Bus Transit System Draws Catcalls, Cheers in Mexico City

6/23/05:  Government Proposes Changes in Fishing Rules

6/23/05:  President Touts Nuclear Power, Says Plants Far More Safe Now

6/23/05:  Solar Sail Craft Likely Didn't Make Orbit

6/23/05:  Task Force Calls for Congress to Preserve Northeastern Forest

6/23/05:  Senate Defeats Climate Measure, Says Siting of Gas Terminals May Be Federal Decision

6/23/05:  Whale Burger Goes on Sale in Japan Amid Growing Criticism over Its Research Whaling

6/23/05:  Emergency Workers Deal with Electrocution Threat from Hybrid Cars

6/22/05:  GREEN Flaming SUVs / A conversation with convicted ecoterrorist Jeff Luers

6/22/05:  University Of Oregon Experts Create Online Resource For Green Chemistry

6/22/05:  EarthNews Radio: Sensible Seafood Choices

6/22/05:  Environment Agency Says EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rose 1.3 Percent in 2003

6/22/05:  Kenya Reclaims Famed Game Park from Poachers

6/22/05:  Valero and Sunoco in Consent Decree with US, Will Reduce Harmful Emissions by 44,000 Tons Annually

6/22/05:  On Beyond Organic: Certified Organic Restaurants

6/22/05:  Scientific Whaling Program Weak on Science -- An ENN Commentary

6/22/05:  Japan Loses Commericial Whaling Vote

6/22/05:  WHO Starts Drive against Environmental Cancer Risk

6/22/05:  Taiwan's Aboriginals Try to Preserve Traditional Life in Face of Urban Encroachment

6/22/05:  Senate Approves Weaker, Voluntary Climate Change Plan

6/22/05:  Tom Chappell Grows Tom's of Maine Into a National Company

6/22/05:  In New Jersey, Solar Sells

6/21/05:  EarthNews Radio: Sensible Seafood Choices

6/21/05:  Novozymes Receives EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Award 2005

6/21/05:  Valero and Sunoco in Consent Decree with US, Will Reduce Harmful Emissions by 44,000 Tons Annually

6/21/05:  Dog Stew Diners Puzzled by Fuss over Whale Meat

6/21/05:  Pro-Whaling Countries Gear Up for Vote on Limited Commercial Hunts

6/21/05:  Alaska Natives Push for More Toxin Studies

6/21/05:  Greenpeace Gives Golden Chainsaw to Brazil Tycoon

6/21/05:  Private Space Group to Launch Solar Sail Orbiter

6/21/05:  Natural Gas Backs Peruvian Power Play

6/21/05:  A Decade Ago, Massive Hog Waste Spill Inspired Industry Reforms

6/21/05:  High-Tech Recycling: It's a Trashy Future

6/21/05:  Roanoke's Maple Leaf Bakery To Take Clean Air Measures

6/21/05:  Mass. Trees Attacked by Two Moth Species

6/21/05:  Office of Surface Mining Delays Changes to Buffer Zone Rule

6/21/05:  EU Approves Plan for Industrial Carbon Dioxide Trading Rights for Greece

6/21/05:  Mexican Nabbed Smuggling Tiger Cubs from U.S.

6/21/05:  Arsenic-Eating Fern Holds Hope for Tainted Soils

6/21/05:  Venezuela Targets Another Farm of UK Cattle Rancher

6/21/05:  Group Sets Benchmarks To Evaluate Boston Harbor's Health

6/21/05:  Senate Agrees to Energy Tax Package

6/21/05:  Sierra Nevada Growth To Bring More Congestion, Development, Report Says

6/21/05:  Wildlife Crowds Around Arctic Telescope

6/20/05:  Wind Power Project Stirs Controversy on Cape Cod

6/20/05:  Nissan to Build Altima Hybrid in 2006

6/20/05:  Fetzer Valley Oaks Estate Grown Organic Olive Oil Available on Web

6/20/05:  New Reports Pinpoint Climate Options for Building, Electricity Sectors

6/20/05:  USC, Partner to Study Fuel Cell Technology

6/20/05:  Africanized Bees Spotted in SW Arkansas

6/20/05:  Victor Wouk, Called the Father of the Modern Hybrid Car, Dies in New York at Age 86

6/20/05:  For Foundering Alaska Village, Bridge Seen as Lifeline

6/20/05:  Water Conflict Heats Up as Spain Parches with No Oasis in Sight

6/20/05:  African Growth Needs a Stable Climate -- An ENN Commentary

6/20/05:  Conservation and Culture to Clash at Whaling Forum

6/20/05:  Connecticut Military Base Closing Threatens Environment

6/20/05:  U.S. Resists Strong Summit Language on Global Warming

6/20/05:  Thriving Bald Eagles May Lose Protection

6/20/05:  Critics Protest Biotechnology Industry Organization Convention

6/20/05:  Stonyfield Farm Yogurt President Oversees Natural Fast-Food Restaurant Chain

6/20/05:  Energy Bill Adds Hatch Tax Break for Hybrids

6/17/05:  Abbott Sponsors Youth Policy Summit on Child and Adolescent Obesity and Nutrition in America

6/17/05:  ENN Weekly: June 13th - 17th

6/17/05:  Few in Connecticut Using Renewable Energy

6/17/05:  Calif. Scientists Plan to Kill Barred Owls

6/17/05:  Mosquito Onslaught Plagues Anchorage Residents

6/17/05:  Court Orders Protection for Pacific Right Whales

6/17/05:  Environmental Power Corporation Unveils New Anaerobic Digester Technology; Electricity from Cow Waste

6/17/05:  Draft G8 Communique Takes Only Mild Stance on Illegal Logging

6/17/05:  Use Them or Lose Them, Government Tells Ranchers with Grazing Leases

6/17/05:  EPA Sets New Rules for Cleaner Air in Parks and Wilderness Areas

6/17/05:  Alleged Clean Air Violations to Cost Oil Refineries Nearly $1 Billion in New Pollution Controls

6/17/05:  ATV Riders Take to Missouri Streams

6/17/05:  Seattle's Recycling Plan Gears Up To Help the Planet

6/17/05:  Tourism Sector Calls for Lower Electricity Charges

6/17/05:  Mazda Finds Ways to Recycle Bumper Materials for New Cars

6/16/05:  test

6/16/05:  U.S. Forest Service nears complex land swap involving six counties, three national forests

6/16/05:  Logging of salvage timber to begin again in Biscuit Fire area

6/16/05:  ENN Forum: Our Readers Speak

6/16/05:  Environmental Power Corporation Unveils New Anaerobic Digester Technology; Electricity from Cow Waste

6/16/05:  Power Plant Cleanups Put in Doubt by Appeals Court Ruling

6/16/05:  The Growing Plastic Wasteberg -- An ENN Commentary

6/16/05:  Democrats Say White House again Cozy with Big Oil

6/16/05:  EarthNews Radio: Plastic Wrap Alternative

6/16/05:  Mexican, U.S. Researchers Identify New Species and Family of Catfish in Mexico River

6/16/05:  Inuit to File Anti-U.S. Climate Petition

6/16/05:  Office Depot and The Nature Conservancy Employ New Boreal Ecologist

6/16/05:  New Laws Make Antarctic Polluters Liable

6/16/05:  G8 Draft Climate Text Watered Down

6/16/05:  Senate Approves Ethanol Mandate for Gasoline as Part of Energy Bill

6/16/05:  Dim the Lights and Turn Up the Thermostat

6/16/05:  N.H. Firm Carves Niche Selling Pasteurized Chicken Manure as Organic Fertilizer

6/16/05:  Old Tires Help Produce Cement

6/15/05:  EarthNews Radio: Plastic Wrap Alternative

6/15/05:  New Report From World Resources Institute Finds Environmental Loophole in Standards for Multilateral Development Banks

6/15/05:  Office Depot and The Nature Conservancy Employ New Boreal Ecologist

6/15/05:  Pricing Paradise By the Gallon

6/15/05:  White House Official Singled Out for Editing Climate Reports to Work for Exxon Mobil

6/15/05:  Tsunami Pushes Leatherback Turtles Towards Brink

6/15/05:  Raw-Food Fervor Starting to Sprout

6/15/05:  Firm Expands PC Recycling

6/15/05:  Senate Panel Rebuffs House Call for Interim Nuclear Waste Storage

6/15/05:  Loggers, Environmentalists Square Off Over Landmark Australian $6.36 Million Lawsuit

6/15/05:  Senate Proposes Broader Energy Tax Package than Passed by House

6/15/05:  Thirty Percent of Ireland's Rivers Polluted with Sewage or Fertilizer, Study Finds

6/15/05:  Four Rare Giant Catfish Released into Cambodian River after Years in Captivity

6/15/05:  EarthNews Radio: People's Grocery

6/15/05:  China to Watch Others on Climate Change Action

6/15/05:  Brazil Army to Divert River in Disputed Project

6/15/05:  Feds to Vote on Ocean Trawling Plan

6/15/05:  Sweden Calls for World Ban on PFOS Chemical

6/14/05:  EarthNews Radio: People's Grocery

6/14/05:  C&A Floorcoverings Earns Environmentally Preferable Product Certification for Ethos Brand Carpet Backing

6/14/05:  House Committee to Subpoena Worker in Yucca Mountain Investigation

6/14/05:  WWF Says Japan Scientific Whaling a Sham

6/14/05:  Texas Supreme Court Announces Ruling in Texas Environmental Cleanup Case

6/14/05:  U.S. Mayors Agree to Adhere to Kyoto Pact

6/14/05:  Rare Cave Crawfish Spurs Environment Study

6/14/05:  Farmer Cuts Herbicide Bill by Adding Soybean Oil to His Weed Killers

6/14/05:  Study Shows Fertilizers Harm Freshwater Lakes

6/14/05:  U.S. Senate Begins Debate on Energy Bill on Tuesday

6/14/05:  Coming Clean in Chesapeake Virginia

6/14/05:  A Grizzly Situation for Wyoming Farmers, Residents: Ecosystem is Close By

6/14/05:  Panama Banana Growers Fear EU Tariffs May Spell End

6/14/05:  Market Operates in Environmentally Friendly Building

6/14/05:  Ford's Amazon Rubber Town Dreams of a Brighter Future

6/13/05:  Texas Supreme Court Announces Ruling in Texas Environmental Cleanup Case

6/13/05:  Spain's Worst Drought in Six Decades Prompts Debate over Water Resources

6/13/05:  EarthNews Radio: Wildflowers

6/13/05:  After Years of Drought, Rising Water is Enlarging, Changing Utah's Great Salt Lake

6/13/05:  Endangered Condors Soar Over Grand Canyon

6/13/05:  U.S. Senate Panel Delays Lawn Mower Clean Air Plans

6/13/05:  Who Owns the Earth? -- An ENN Commentary

6/13/05:  Feds to Seek End of Federal Protection for Grizzlies in Yellowstone Area

6/13/05:  Ex-Lobbyist Leaves White House Environmental Job

6/13/05:  Indians Near Jungle Highway Fear Pavement Will Destroy Their Way of Life

6/13/05:  Senate Moving Toward Adding Climate Provisions to Energy Bill

6/13/05:  Hong Kong Disneyland to Tell Customers about Environmental Harm of Shark Fin Soup

6/13/05:  Snowmaking Upheld; Court Fight Next for Arizona Snowbowl

6/13/05:  Rebates Encourage Businesses to Try Alternative Sources of Energy

6/13/05:  U.S. Microbics Ventures into Mexico, Will Provide Spanish Website

6/10/05:  Yamaha Motor Company Subsidizes Eco-Commuting

6/10/05:  Bank of America Receives 2005 Climate Champion Award

6/10/05:  EarthNews Radio: Wildflowers

6/10/05:  Terruride Bluegrass Festival to Feature Renewable, Corn-Based Serviceware

6/10/05:  ENN Weekly: June 6th - 10th

6/10/05:  Group Sounds Alarm Over Trapped Dolphins

6/10/05:  River Cleanup Activists Count Their Blessings

6/10/05:  Massachusetts Governor Declares Red Tide a Disaster

6/10/05:  Policy Debate: Power Plants on Navajo Land

6/10/05:  Climate Changes Spur Plan for Alaska Village Move

6/10/05:  California Forest Cameras Snoop on Wildlife

6/10/05:  Researchers Say New Deep Sea Rules Needed

6/10/05:  India 'Boom' an Environmental Disaster, Author Says

6/10/05:  Goodbye to a Sea Giant

6/10/05:  Ethanol's Sweet Allure

6/9/05:  ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

6/9/05:  Baxter Testifies Before Congress About Business Benefits of Climate Change Initiatives

6/9/05:  Bush Administration Defends Former Oil Industry Advocate Who Changed Climate Reports

6/9/05:  U.S. Virgin Islands Government Sues Oil Refinery, Alumina Plant for Damaging Environment

6/9/05:  MIT Looks to Help Solve World's Energy Woes

6/9/05:  California Farmers Say Relief is Needed to Save Family Farms

6/9/05:  Herring are Depleted, but Not 'Endangered'

6/9/05:  Mexican Volcano Rumbles Back to Life

6/9/05:  Fishing Nets Kill 1,000 Marine Mammals Daily

6/9/05:  Survey Concludes Scientific Misbehavior Is Common

6/9/05:  Avoiding Health Risks from PBDEs -- An ENN Commentary

6/9/05:  Head of U.N.'s Food Agency Praises Blair's Africa Plan

6/9/05:  Border Patrol Horses Get Special Feed that Helps Protect Desert Ecosystem

6/9/05:  Coalition Urges UN Curbs on Harmful Ocean Sounds

6/9/05:  Scientists Believe Insect Would Kill Coca Crops

6/8/05:  US Investors Support Global Warming Resolution with General Motors

6/8/05:  Suncor Energy Releases 2005 Report on Sustainability

6/8/05:  Scientists Nudge Fish Closer to Extinction

6/8/05:  Editorial: Ethanol Use as Fuel is Burning Money

6/8/05:  Montana to Fight Spread of Noxious Weeds

6/8/05:  U.S. Proposes Allowing Fish Farming up to 200 Miles off Coasts

6/8/05:  Families to Donate Land to Park District

6/8/05:  World Scientists Say Humans Causing Global Warming

6/8/05:  Borneo Lowland Forests Face Extinction

6/8/05:  Whales are Big Business in Cape Cod's Waters

6/8/05:  Bamboo Fabric May Be 'Next Big Thing' in Textiles

6/7/05:  EarthNews Radio: Food Services for a Sustainable Future

6/7/05:  Modine Wins DaimlerChrysler Contracts to Meet Tighter Heavy-Duty Truck Emission Standards

6/7/05:  Followers Leading the Leaders

6/7/05:  Followers Leading the Leaders -- An ENN Commentary

6/7/05:  Lynx Making a Comeback in Minnesota

6/7/05:  Water Leads to Clash of Cultures in Colorado

6/7/05:  Innovative Farming Methods Save Money, Spare the Environment

6/7/05:  Alternative Fuels Push to Benefit Alaska

6/7/05:  Cultivating the Power of Nature's Call

6/7/05:  Scientists, Politicians Gather in Sweden to Discuss Antarctic Environment

6/7/05:  First Shipment of Cold War-Era Radioactive Waste from Ohio Plant Leaves for Texas

6/7/05:  Red Tide Hits Martha's Vineyard Shellfish

6/7/05:  Report Says Malaysia's Johor State Needs $263 Million to Clean Up Its Rivers

6/7/05:  International Research Group Calls for Reductions in Cod Fishing in North Sea

6/7/05:  Groups Seek More Protection for Shorebird

6/7/05:  Group Sues to Protect Alaska Sea Otters

6/7/05:  Followers Leading the Leaders -- An ENN Commentary

6/7/05:  Dolphins Protect Their Snouts With Sponges

6/7/05:  China Says Water Pollution So Severe that Cities Could Lack Safe Supplies

6/6/05:  Mohawk Paper to Use Wind Power

6/6/05:  International Experts Tackle Sustainability Issues in Floral Sector

6/6/05:  California Collects Stamp Fees to Boost Sportfishing, but Keeps Funds on the Hook

6/6/05:  Al Gore Urges World Mayors to Take Action to Fight Global Warming

6/6/05:  Scientists to Breed 'Test Tube' Sharks

6/6/05:  U.N. Urges 'Green' Planning for Burgeoning Cities

6/6/05:  Rattlesnakes Thrive in Iowa Prairie

6/6/05:  Urban Dwellers Mainly Cause Global Warning, but See Little of It

6/6/05:  Researchers Look at Role of Fish in Coal-Bed Methane Debate

6/6/05:  Permafrost May Be Shrinking Arctic Lakes

6/6/05:  Mayors from Around World Sign 'Urban Environmental Accords'

6/6/05:  Study Looks at Yellowstone Roads, Bison

6/6/05:  New Logging Permits Banned in Amazon State with Rampant Deforestation

6/6/05:  Britain Promises to Make G-8 Summit Environmentally Friendly

6/6/05:  MFC Plans First 'Social Responsibility' Fund

6/6/05:  Star Wars Spoof Touts Organic Produce, Angers Conventional Farmers

6/3/05:  ARAMARK Supports World Environment Day Through Environmental Initiatives

6/3/05:  Apple Announces iPod Recycling at US Retail Stores

6/3/05:  ENN Weekly: May 30th - June 3rd

6/3/05:  Rescuers Herd 74 Whales Back to Sea off Australia's West Coast

6/3/05:  Red Tide Continues Southward Expansion

6/3/05:  A Call for Action to Save Forests through Cooperation -- An ENN Commentary

6/3/05:  Commission Reports on Effects of Depleted Uranium on Bosnia's Environment

6/3/05:  Brazil Police Arrest 78 Officials and Businessmen in Crackdown on Illegal Logging

6/3/05:  Experts Are Listening to Grand Canyon

6/3/05:  San Francisco Hosts World Environment Day -- 'Green Cities: Where the Future Lives'

6/3/05:  China Reports More Cities Suffering Acid Rain, Rivers and Lakes Polluted

6/3/05:  State-Sought Ethanol Waivers Rejected by EPA

6/3/05:  Brazil Police Arrest 78 Officials and Businessmen in Crackdown on Illegal Logging

6/3/05:  Lawmakers Want to Save More Farms

6/3/05:  Business Aims to Eliminate E-Waste

6/2/05:  Dell to Increase Commitment to Used Computer Recovery

6/2/05:  ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

6/2/05:  U.S. Urges Japan to Stop Killing Whales, Says Any Expansion in Kills Unacceptable

6/2/05:  EarthTalk: Sunbathing and Skin Cancer

6/2/05:  Florida Approves a Deal to Avert Oil Drilling off the Coast

6/2/05:  Schwarzenegger Unveils California Plan to Fight Global Warming

6/2/05:  Western Drought Further Jeopardizing Endangered Wildlife

6/2/05:  Federal Judge Finds Phosphorus Discharges Violate Everglades Cleanup Settlement

6/2/05:  Wet Winter Triggered California Landslide, Expert Says

6/2/05:  Government Investigating Engine Stalling in Toyota Prius

6/2/05:  Brewery Supplements Profits with Energy Savings

6/2/05:  Entrepreneur Focuses on Environment

6/1/05:  National Semiconductor's Products to be Lead-Free in 2006

6/1/05:  Helping the Environment Around the Office

6/1/05:  New Society Publishers Announces that it is Carbon Neutral

6/1/05:  EarthNews Radio: Equal Exchange Interfaith Coffee Program

6/1/05:  EarthNews Radio: Equal Exchange Interfaith Coffee Program

6/1/05:  Evidence Showing Harm to Whales Withheld by Bush Administration

6/1/05:  Australian Animal Rights Group to Appeal Decision in Japanese Whaling Case

6/1/05:  Fighting Sprawl, Virginia Town Seeks to Save Past

6/1/05:  University to Research Sound Effects on Dolphins

6/1/05:  Council Mulling Moratorium on Black Coral Harvest Convenes for Three-Day Meeting

6/1/05:  Large Calcite Formation Found in New Mexico Cave

6/1/05:  Ecuador Lifts Galapagos Sea Cucumber Fishing Ban

6/1/05:  U.N. Training Iraqis in Jordan to Measure Radiation from Depleted Uranium

6/1/05:  Italian 'Eco-Mafia' Booms, Outstrips Economy

6/1/05:  Agronomists Import Wasps to Help Wipe Out Grapevine Pest

6/1/05:  SUV Drivers Reconsider

6/1/05:  Capitalism Colored Green at Small Business School

5/31/05:  Environmental groups, Eugene councilors want old-growth logging stopped in the McKenzie watershed

5/31/05:  Tajik Leader Urges More International Aid for Shrinking Aral Sea

5/31/05:  Saving Energy a Cool Idea in Hot Weather

5/31/05:  Great Lakes Soil Probed for Helpful Fungi

5/31/05:  Mountain Lion Research Continues in South Dakota

5/31/05:  The Toyota Prius and Climate Change: Good Technology versus the Misuse of Science -- An ENN Commentary

5/31/05:  Weyerhaeuser Executive, Descendant Urges Colorado to Recycle More

5/31/05:  Wildlife Officials to Kill 4,000 Cormorants

5/31/05:  Hurricane Season Could Renew Global Warming Debate

5/31/05:  Base Closings Leave Behind Large Swaths of Pollution

5/31/05:  A Highway through the Amazon Promises Riches, but Some Fear Ecological Catastrophe

5/31/05:  Weyerhaeuser Executive, Descendant Urges Colorado to Recycle More

5/31/05:  A Highway through the Amazon Promises Riches, but Some Fear Ecological Catastrophe

5/31/05:  Aquarium's New Display Seeks to Inspire Conservation

5/31/05:  Massachusetts Man Promotes Vegetable Oil Fuels for Autos

5/27/05:  U.S. Officials Seek Comments on Bull Trout

5/27/05:  Day of Reckoning Nears for Japan on Whaling Body

5/27/05:  Chesapeake Bay Grasses Recover in North

5/27/05:  Senate Advances Energy Bill, Including Federal Authority Over LNG Sites

5/27/05:  How Do Our Gardens Grow? Researchers Find a Clue

5/27/05:  Water Quality in Rivers, Lakes Worsening, EU Report Finds

5/27/05:  Biotech Food Debate Spices Up U.S. Scientist Meeting

5/27/05:  Study Says Raw Sewage Killing Coral Reefs

5/27/05:  Global Warming Will Increase World Hunger

5/27/05:  Inside the World of Nonprofit Finance

5/27/05:  Greenpeace Castigates Singapore Timber Giant for Action in China

5/27/05:  Conference Explores Benefits of 'Green' Construction Methods

5/26/05:  Legendary Album Covers Re-Imagined on Environmentally Responsible Papers

5/26/05:  Wildflower Feared Extinct Found in California

5/26/05:  Bush Visits Gas Station that Sells Hydrogen Fuel for Cars

5/26/05:  Covertly Placed Water-Quality Monitoring Devices Cause Friction Between States

5/26/05:  Need to Curb Appetite for Bushmeat -- An ENN Commentary

5/26/05:  World Needs More than Sea Walls to Stop Floods

5/26/05:  EarthNews Radio: ForesTrade

5/26/05:  China's Yellow River Plagued by Pollution

5/26/05:  Albanian Swaps Rare, 800 Kg Turtle for Mercedes

5/26/05:  New Program Aims to Reduce Alarming Destruction of Global Forests by Ten Percent Annually

5/26/05:  Senate Bill Would Double Ethanol Use in Gasoline to Eight Billion Gallons a Year

5/26/05:  Nicaragua Enticing Budget Travelers and Real Estate Developers

5/26/05:  Policy Debate Over Power Plants on Navajo Land

5/25/05:  General Mills Awards

5/25/05:  EarthNews Radio: Forestrade

5/25/05:  Arctic Leaders Appeal Over Global Warming

5/25/05:  Soot Levels in London Air Breach EU Pollution Law

5/25/05:  Lead Still North American Pollution Danger

5/25/05:  Catalina Bald Eagle Program Faces Cuts

5/25/05:  Solar Power Profitability: BP Solar

5/25/05:  Experts Tout Wolf Breeding Breakthrough

5/25/05:  Tanzania Scrap Contract with Water Supply Firm in Dispute over Quality of Services

5/25/05:  House Calls for Temporary Storage of Nuclear Waste at Federal Sites

5/25/05:  Waste Not, Want Not as Villagers Pioneer Use of Biogas in Cambodia

5/25/05:  Canada Says Seal Population Growing Despite Hunt

5/25/05:  Tanzania Scrap Contract with Water Supply Firm in Dispute over Quality of Services

5/25/05:  Drivers Lining up for Converted Restaurant Oil to Fuel Vehicles

5/25/05:  Save the River, St. Lawrence Seaway Developers Debate

5/25/05:  Hybrid Cars Jump Past Electric Ones

5/25/05:  Canada: Almost 1 million seals killed in 3 years

5/25/05:  Seeking to halt Biscuit timber sale

5/24/05:  Solar Power Profitability: BP Solar

5/24/05:  Alcoa Recognized at Industrial Energy Technology Conference

5/24/05:  Efforts to Protect Shorebird Continue

5/24/05:  Satellites Used to Aid Vanishing Guatemala Jaguars

5/24/05:  Environmental Crusader Marc Lappe Dies at 62

5/24/05:  EarthNews Radio: Art and Nature

5/24/05:  Dissident Shareholders Push Exxon Mobil on Global Warming

5/24/05:  On Beyond Organic: Buying Direct from Farmers

5/24/05:  Rare Wayward Manatee Entertains Texans as it Frolics

5/24/05:  India to Set up Home for Tigers

5/24/05:  Disney in Hot Water over Hong Kong Shark's Fin Soup

5/24/05:  Bush Says New EPA Chief will Put Science at Heart of Environmental Policy

5/24/05:  Australia Working to Prevent Resumption of Commercial Whaling

5/24/05:  Disney in Hot Water over Hong Kong Shark's Fin Soup

5/24/05:  Miners, Environmentalists Stand at the Ready as Interest in Coal Reignites

5/24/05:  Greenpeace Slams High-Tech Firms for 'E-Waste' in China

5/24/05:  On-Ramp to the Hydrogen Highway

5/23/05:  LOHAS 9 Conference -- A Success in Bringing Forth Social Responsibility & Healthy Living

5/23/05:  EarthNews Radio: Art and Nature

5/23/05:  ExxonMobil Faces Shareholder Resolutions on Climate Change

5/23/05:  Students chart slow demise of aspen trees

5/23/05:  Artificial snow plan criticized

5/23/05:  Bonaire Teens Reconstruct Skeleton of Whale Impaled by Cruise Ship

5/23/05:  Taiwan President Marks Anniversary by Recycling Paper as Poll Ratings Drop

5/23/05:  Brazil Losing Fight to Save the Amazon

5/23/05:  Farallon Islands Form Teeming Wildlife Haven West of San Francisco

5/23/05:  Quality Angling Tied to Conservation -- An ENN Commentary

5/23/05:  Jordan, Israel, Palestinians Agree on Action to Save Shrinking Dead Sea

5/23/05:  Groundbreaking Wave Power Electricity Project to Be Built off Portugal

5/23/05:  Advisory Group Recommends Five-Year Ban on Harvesting Black Coral

5/23/05:  System Unveiled that Changes Hog Waste into Clean Water

5/23/05:  Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas Documents from DuPont on Teflon Chemical

5/23/05:  Red Tide Creeps Along New England's Coast; Seen as Area's Worst Since 1993

5/23/05:  Ecotourism Conference to Be a Carbon-Neutral Gathering

5/20/05:  American Water's Environmental Grant Program Funds Three Pennsylvania

5/20/05:  India Tiger Body Calls for Tough Anti-Poaching Steps

5/20/05:  Disposable and Reusable Diapers Have Same Environmental Impact

5/20/05:  Cornell to Launch Five-Year Study on Coyotes

5/20/05:  New Monkey Species Found in Tanzania

5/20/05:  World's Biodiversity Declining at an Alarming Rate

5/20/05:  EPA Does About-Face, Won't Allow Partial Treatment at Sewage Plants in Storms

5/20/05:  ENN Weekly: May 16th - 20th

5/20/05:  Environmentalists Lose Appeal against Scripps

5/20/05:  Business Group Supports LNG

5/20/05:  Sustainable Economy This Week

5/20/05:  Worldwide Coastal Cleanup Bags 4,000 Tons of Debris

5/20/05:  Indonesia Eyes Quick Tsunami Warning by End of 2006

5/19/05:  ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

5/19/05:  SafeNet Begins Shipping Environmentally Friendly Software Protection Keys

5/19/05:  Pueblo Halts Mining Lawsuit

5/19/05:  Environmental Activists Unfurl Giant Banner at Vienna Oil Refinery

5/19/05:  Japan, South Korea Discuss Fisheries, Territorial Waters

5/19/05:  Checks by Italian Environmental Agencies Show Vatican Radio Emissions within Limits

5/19/05:  A Reader Responds to 'America's Other Trade Deficit'

5/19/05:  India Says 114 Tigers Killed by Poachers from 1999 to 2003

5/19/05:  U.S. States Sue EPA over Mercury Trading Rules

5/19/05:  Scientists Unveil Earthquake Forecast

5/19/05:  Amazon Destruction Accelerating in Brazil

5/19/05:  Authorities Plan to Restrict Off-Road Vehicles in Western U.S.

5/19/05:  Profiles of Three Wind Energy Firms

5/19/05:  Caribbean Farmers Find Growing, Marketing Organic Crops a Tough Row to Hoe

5/18/05:  Region hails new salamander species

5/18/05:  New Salamander Species Identified

5/18/05:  Mount Rainier Ranked Third Most Dangerous Volcano

5/18/05:  On Beyond Organic: Is Organic Elitist?

5/18/05:  Dawning of the New Nuclear Age

5/18/05:  Senators Seek Bipartisan Energy Bill with No Showstoppers

5/18/05:  Park at World's Southern Tip Recovers from Chile Fire

5/18/05:  Aging Sewer Systems Fouling Great Lakes

5/18/05:  Groups Seek Tougher EPA Rules on Mercury from Power Plants

5/18/05:  Cash Incentives Needed to Save Rain Forests

5/18/05:  EarthNews Radio: Bike to Work Day

5/18/05:  Agritourism Grows as Cash Crop

5/18/05:  Anheuser-Busch Issues Annual Environmental Report

5/18/05:  EarthNews Radio: Bike to Work Day

5/18/05:  Canadian Vineyard First Winery Worldwide to Earn LEED Certification

5/17/05:  Logging, wildlife plans at odds

5/17/05:  EarthNews Radio: Water Follies

5/17/05:  Blackburn Ventures Invests in EnviroClean

5/17/05:  U.S. Mayors Support Global Warming Treaty

5/17/05:  Cities, Water Agencies Argue over Basin Uses

5/17/05:  Solar and Wind Energy Potential -- An ENN Commentary

5/17/05:  Aviary to Send Rare Bird Eggs to Russia

5/17/05:  U.N. Climate Talks Start Hunt for Kyoto Successor

5/17/05:  Japanese Court Revokes Freeze on Government's Land Reclamation Project

5/17/05:  Report Warns Oil Spill Funds Will Be Empty by 2009

5/17/05:  Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano a Big Polluter

5/17/05:  More Imported Trash Finding Its Way to Virginia

5/17/05:  Lower Price of E85 Fuel Catches Consumers' Attention

5/17/05:  Indonesia Will Seek out-of-Court Settlement in Newmont Pollution Case

5/16/05:  EarthNews Radio: Bikes to Transit

5/16/05:  Invasive Wood-Killing Wasp Found in N.Y.

5/16/05:  Crowded India Cities Face Conflict on Cows

5/16/05:  On 100th Anniversary, Western Hemisphere's Last Island Penal Colony Welcomes New Prisoners

5/16/05:  Plan to Drain Lake in North Dakota Nears Completion, but Canada Has Environmental Concerns

5/16/05:  Tsunami Rebuilding Stalls as Survivors Confront Government Delays, Political Squabbling

5/16/05:  Rare Mexican Gray Wolf Caught in N.M. Trap

5/16/05:  Future Unclear on $2 Billion-a-Year U.S. Land Reserve

5/16/05:  U.N. to Start Marathon in Bonn to Widen Kyoto

5/16/05:  As Chinese Living Standards Rise, So Does Demand for Decent Toilets

5/16/05:  U.N. Official Urges Southeast Europe to Work to Prevent Environment Mining Accidents

5/16/05:  California Judge Sides with Conservationists Opposed to Building Thousands of Homes Near Tahoe

5/16/05:  NZ Greens Considering Consumer Boycott over Japan's Plans for Expanded Whale Hunt

5/16/05:  Portuguese Police Investigated Real Estate Deal Approved by Prime Minister

5/13/05:  Swiss wrap glacier to slow ice melt

5/13/05:  Gas Prices Starting to Ease

5/13/05:  ENN Weekly: May 9th - 13th

5/13/05:  Chicago Zoo Probed After Three Monkeys Die

5/13/05:  NYC Officials Battle Longhorned Beetles

5/13/05:  Studies Show Sealants Protect against Arsenic in Wooden Playgrounds, Decks

5/13/05:  Mexican Environmental Official Slams Pipeline Maintenance, Says Closure of Ducts Possible

5/13/05:  Man Tries to Revive Honeybee Population

5/13/05:  Interim Storage Needed to Supplement Yucca Mountain Nuclear Dump, House Subcommittee Says

5/13/05:  In School Cafeterias, Trash Piling High Despite Recycling Efforts

5/13/05:  U.S. Virgin Islands Should Use Caribbean Sun, Switch to Solar Energy, Says Official

5/13/05:  Chicago Zoo Probed After Three Monkeys Die

5/13/05:  Pesticide Appearing in Watershed

5/13/05:  Ocean Trade Increasing, Say Participants in Miami, Fla., Trade Conference

5/13/05:  Ameren to Spend up to $1.4 Billion on Pollution Control over Four Years


5/12/05:  EarthNews Radio: Cheetahs in Danger

5/12/05:  ENN Forum Review: Our Readers Speak

5/12/05:  EPA Says Toxic Pollution Levels Fall Six Percent

5/12/05:  New Species of Rodent Found in Laos

5/12/05:  Dozens of Closed Military Bases are on EPA's Superfund List of Worst Toxic Waste Sites

5/12/05:  Developers Going out on a Limb for Trees

5/12/05:  Hiking the Far Side of Puerto Rico's Caribbean National Forest

5/12/05:  German Cabinet Approves Tax Breaks for Diesel Cars with Soot Filters

5/12/05:  Court Backs Cheney on Energy Meetings

5/12/05:  You Make the Difference! -- An ENN Commentary

5/12/05:  Project Bringing Eagles Back to Ireland

5/12/05:  Bahrain Adds Sea Horse-Shaped Island to Odd Collection of Manmade Gulf Archipelago

5/12/05:  Salmon Farm Escapees Threaten Wild Cousins, WWF Says

5/12/05:  Backpackers Flock to Rebuild Thai Party Island

5/12/05:  Bahrain Adds Sea Horse-Shaped Island to Odd Collection of Manmade Gulf Archipelago

5/12/05:  Fishing Industry Suffering as Salmon Runs Drastically Drop

5/11/05:  World Fair Trade Day is May 14

5/11/05:  U.S. & European Investors Tackle Climate Change

5/11/05:  Ohio Officials Hope Chestnut Trees Revive

5/11/05:  EPA to Sample Dust from 150 NYC Buildings Due to Sept. 11 Attacks

5/11/05:  Poachers Poison Five Rhinos in S. Africa Reserve

5/11/05:  Tests Show Normal Levels of Heavy Metals in Villagers Close to Newmont Mine

5/11/05:  Wind Energy Part of a Sustainable Future

5/11/05:  Hatcheries May Be Releasing Pollutants along with Fish

5/11/05:  Court Tells EPA to Stop Tracking Releases of Widely Used Chemical Solvent

5/11/05:  Climate Change is 'All about Our Money,' Big Investors Say

5/11/05:  Gamble in the Desert -- 'Green' Diesel from Natural Gas Could Cut City Smog

5/11/05:  China's Environmental Agency Warns Local Officials against Shielding Pollutors

5/11/05:  EarthNews Radio: Farm to School Programs

5/11/05:  EPA Drops Regulatory Effort on Lead Paint Exposures

5/11/05:  Tests Show Normal Levels of Heavy Metals in Villagers Close to Newmont Mine

5/11/05:  Court Tells EPA to Stop Tracking Releases of Widely Used Chemical Solvent

5/11/05:  Wind Power Industry Gaining Ground across U.S.

5/11/05:  Investors at U.N. Convention Pledge $1 Billion in Clean Energy

5/10/05:  ENN Polls Reveal Opinions and Attitudes about the Environment

5/10/05:  U.N. Headquarters Hosts 'Climate Neutral' Event

5/10/05:  EarthNews Radio: Hemp-Based Foods

5/10/05:  U.N. Headquarters Hosts 'Climate Neutral' Event

5/10/05:  Chinas GM rice out of control

5/10/05:  DuPont Settles Charges over Pollutant

5/10/05:  The Solar Store Helps Central Oregon Shine in Renewable Energy Resources

5/10/05:  India to Set up Tsunami Alert System by Sept. 2007

5/10/05:  Environmentalists Crank up Heat on Utilities

5/10/05:  Maryland Researchers Predict Bad Year for Fish-Threatening Algae

5/10/05:  On Beyond Organic: Fishing for Seafood Truth

5/10/05:  Time is Energy -- An ENN Commentary

5/10/05:  Shanghai Mulls Factory Shutdowns, Curbs on Air Conditioner Use to Battle Power Shortages

5/10/05:  Brazil May Miss Chance to Build Tourism, Industry Experts Say

5/10/05:  Federal Judge Says California Antismog Agency May Enforce Rules on Public Vehicles

5/10/05:  Report Says British Flora Faces Extinction

5/10/05:  Brazil May Miss Chance to Build Tourism, Industry Experts Say

5/10/05:  Alaska-Yukon Rail Link Could Boost Economies, but Some Canadians are Suspicious

5/10/05:  Seed Industry Says One-Billionth Acre of Biotech Seed Has Been Planted

5/9/05:  Socially Responsible Investing: FTSE4Good Index Series

5/9/05:  Xerox to Cut Greenhouse Emissions by 10%

5/9/05:  Socially Responsible Investing: FTSE4Good Index Series

5/9/05:  EarthNews Radio: Cultural Diversity

5/9/05:  Xerox to Cut Greenhouse Emissions by 10%

5/9/05:  Crocodiles Put Australia Rangers on High Alert

5/9/05:  Yellowstone Rated High for Eruption Threat

5/9/05:  Puerto Rico Draws up Proposal to Eradicate and Control Non-Native Monkeys

5/9/05:  Pakistani, Indian Officials Begin Talks on Second Disputed Dam in Kashmir

5/9/05:  Dairy Cows Pass Gas, but How Much?

5/9/05:  Used Cooking Oil Might Be Fuel for Higher Profits at American Biofuels

5/9/05:  Mining Damage Far from 'Minimal," Environmentalist Lawyers Tell Court

5/9/05:  As Pace of Logging Picks up, Some in North Woods are Alarmed

5/9/05:  Dairy Cows Pass Gas, but How Much?

5/9/05:  Used Cooking Oil Might Be Fuel for Higher Profits at American Biofuels

5/9/05:  Coastal Federation Lobbyist Hopeful on Oyster Restoration Program Funding

5/9/05:  Green Cleaning

5/9/05:  GE to Unveil New Environmental Initiative

5/6/05:  U.S. Green Building Council Helps Builders and Companies Go Green

5/6/05:  University Initiative Urges Students Not to Dump Usable Items

5/6/05:  Trout Unlimited Advocates Renewal of Mine Cleanup Fund

5/6/05:  Tsunami Brings Better Treatment for Thai Stray Dogs

5/6/05:  Poll Finds Brazilians Fear Riches May Spark Invasion

5/6/05:  Road Building to Be Allowed on National Forest 'Roadless' Areas

5/6/05:  U.S. Looking Next Year to Join Global Treaty Banning World's Most Toxic Chemicals

5/6/05:  ENN Weekly: May 2 - 6

5/6/05:  Even Used, Some Prius Hybrid Cars Selling for above Sticker Price

5/6/05:  Gasoline Would Be Cheaper if Oil Companies Used More Ethanol, Report Says

5/6/05:  Bush Opens National Forests to Paving, Logging, Mining

5/6/05:  Sustainable Economy This Week

5/6/05:  EarthNews Radio Review

5/5/05:  U.S. Green Building Council Helps Builders and Companies Go Green

5/5/05:  EarthNews Radio: Organic Beauty Products

5/5/05:  Columbia chinook return estimate slashed

5/5/05:  Consumer Reports Launches Website for the Green Consumer

5/5/05:  Impoverished Arkansas Delta Towns Hope 'Lord God' Bird Will Work an Economic Miracle

5/5/05:  Park Closes Lake to Protect Rare Mollusk

5/5/05:  Sharing Gas Tax Will Help Cities -- An ENN Commentary

5/5/05:  New Zealand Mayor Slams Protesters for Leaving Animal Poison Near Water Supply

5/5/05:  Three Snails Thought Extinct Discovered

5/5/05:  Environmental Groups Say Removing Burned Trees from Montana Forest Could Harm Grizzly Bears

5/5/05:  House Panel Boosts National Park Spending, Cuts Local Water Projects

5/5/05:  Small Oil Company Touts Potentially Huge Discovery, Analysts Skeptical

5/5/05:  NRC Chairman Says U.S. Needs 100 New Nuclear Power Plants across Country

5/4/05:  Consumer Reports Launches Website for the Green Consumer

5/4/05:  EarthNews Radio: Spices

5/4/05:  FuelCell Energy Power Plant Running on Waste Byproduct to Generate Stable Electricity for Eco-Community

5/4/05:  Soybean Growers Brace for Insect Outbreak

5/4/05:  Ask Umbra: This Mortal Soil

5/4/05:  Myanmar Issues Regulations to Save Decimated Marine Turtle Population

5/4/05:  Beached Dolphins Released into Waters off Florida

5/4/05:  U.S. Energy Chief Wants Global Push for 'Clean Coal'

5/4/05:  U.S. Zoo Considers Using Animal Waste as Energy Source

5/4/05:  Early Alaska Wildfire Sparks Fears of Tough Season

5/4/05:  Maine's Paper Mills Pass DEP Dioxin Tests

5/4/05:  Smithfield Foods Receives Eight Environmental Awards

5/3/05:  On Beyond Organic: 'Green' Flowers

5/3/05:  Hunt's, Orville Redenbacher's to Launch Organic Products

5/3/05:  Hunt's, Orville Redenbacher's to Launch Organic Products

5/3/05:  EarthNews Radio: Hemp Industry Association

5/3/05:  Hiking the Far Side of Puerto Rico's Caribbean National Forest

5/3/05:  Elephant's Death to Renew U.S. Outcry over Zoos

5/3/05:  New Jersey Beach, Wildlife Refuges Share Settlement from Company in Panama

5/3/05:  Wild Pigs Killed to Save Santa Cruz Fox

5/3/05:  Albatross Migration Attracts Celebrities, Punters

5/3/05:  Interior Secretary Turns Down Request to Reduce Release of Colorado River Water

5/3/05:  Ohio Lab Tests Solar Space Propulsion System

5/3/05:  United Nations Meet to Seek Safer Ways to Kill Insect Pests

5/3/05:  New Jersey Beach, Wildlife Refuges Share Settlement from Company in Panama

5/3/05:  Developers Eye Land along Florida Everglades to Relieve Housing Shortage

5/3/05:  Harvest from the Ashes

5/3/05:  Texas Shrimpers Blame U.S. Government for Industry's Decline

5/2/05:  Nesting Treasury Duck Becomes Tourist Attraction; Then It's Make Way for Ducklings

5/2/05:  Mercury-Laden Clouds Threaten Utah

5/2/05:  California Judge Rejects Challenge to Diesel Emission Rules

5/2/05:  Government Researchers Locate Concentration of Lost Fishing Nets

5/2/05:  America's Other Trade Deficit -- An ENN Commentary

5/2/05:  Human Waste, an Unsavory Import, Raises Concerns Among Some Farmers in Southern California

5/2/05:  China to Create Powerful New Energy Agency Headed by Top Economic Planner

5/2/05:  Toxic Algae on Florida's Lake Okeechobee Jeopardizes $8.4 Billion Everglades Restoration

5/2/05:  Midwest Research Projects Look to Hydrogen

5/2/05:  Traveling Light: The Environmental Impact of Vacation Travel

5/2/05:  Traveling Light: The Environmental Impact of Vacation Travel

5/2/05:  California Judge Rejects Challenge to Diesel Emission Rules

5/2/05:  China to Create Powerful New Energy Agency Headed by Top Economic Planner

5/2/05:  Hybrid Catfish Nears Commercial Use

5/2/05:  North Slope Oil Companies Gamble on Heavy Oil

4/30/05:  Scientists Confirm Earth's Energy Is Out Of Balance

4/29/05:  ENN Weekly: April 25 - 29

4/29/05:  EPA Exceeds Mercury Cleanup Projection

4/29/05:  Swedish Government Approves Congestion Tax for Stockholm on Trial Basis

4/29/05:  Eskimo Villagers' Pro-Drilling Stance Wavering

4/29/05:  What Would You Like to Hear About on EarthNews Radio?

4/29/05:  Experts Say New Data Show Global Warming

4/29/05:  Senate Confirms New EPA Chief

4/29/05:  Professors Develop Spreadsheet to Help Farmers Allocate Water Supplies

4/29/05:  Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce Boosts Maine's Sustainable Tourism Potential

4/29/05:  Petroleum Industry Funds Challenge to Benzene Study

4/29/05:  In Love with Hybrids

4/29/05:  Town Debates Plans for Liquefied Natural Gas Import Terminal

4/29/05:  Mexican Environmentalist Jailed on Defamation Charges

4/29/05:  Exploding Toads May Have Been Pecked by Birds for Their Livers, Veterinarian Says

4/28/05:  Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Feared Extinct, Isn't

4/28/05:  Air Pollution Lower, Still a Threat, Report Says

4/28/05:  Standing Room Only at New Australian Cemetery

4/28/05:  Republicans Plan Vote to Overcome Democrat's Block on EPA Nominee

4/28/05:  Bush Touts Technology to Solve Energy Problems, Admits Being Powerless to Curb Prices

4/28/05:  JPMorgan Chase Joins Effort To Save Endangered Forests And Stop Global Warming

4/28/05:  New Environment-Friendly Technology Developed

4/28/05:  University Mulls Proposal to Grow Gilia for Developer

4/28/05:  Cousteau Grandson Backs Windmill Park Plan

4/28/05:  Turning Rotten Garbage into Gold

4/28/05:  ENN Presents 'Sky Tour'

4/28/05:  Gorilla Gossip Scotched by Ugandan Reappearance

4/28/05:  High Court Rules Farmers Can Sue Dow, Pesticide Makers for Crop Destruction

4/28/05:  Right-Wingers Running Full Court Press -- An ENN Commentary

4/28/05:  Zoo Reverses Vasectomy on Bush Dog

4/28/05:  Oregon Latest State to Consider Banning Foie Gras

4/28/05:  High Court Rules Farmers Can Sue Dow, Pesticide Makers for Crop Destruction

4/28/05:  SBC California Joins the California Climate Action Registry

4/27/05:  Office Depot Garners Outstanding Recycling Retailer Award

4/27/05:  EarthNews Radio: Master Gardeners International Conference

4/27/05:  Office Depot Garners Outstanding Recycling Retailer Award

4/27/05:  Exploding Toads in a Hamburg Pond Baffle Scientists

4/27/05:  Taiwan Gets Tough on Trash as Space Runs Out

4/27/05:  Many Old Computers Put to Use Again, Study Finds

4/27/05:  Ameren is Asked to Press Fight on Global Warming

4/27/05:  Tough Environmental Rules for New Housing Complexes

4/27/05:  Forestry Now Florida's Economic Heavyweight

4/27/05:  U.S. Government Agrees to Consider Federal Protection for Two Rare Plants in U.S. Virgin Islands

4/27/05:  Greenpeace Plans Arctic Trek to Highlight Warming

4/27/05:  Bush to Propose Oil Refineries at Ex-Military Bases

4/27/05:  Wind Energy Industry Sets Sails for Good Year during 2005

4/27/05:  ENN Presents 'Sky Tour'

4/27/05:  Kangaroo Leather Sales Bill Advances in California

4/27/05:  Wind Energy Industry Sets Sails for Good Year during 2005

4/27/05:  Kangaroo Leather Sales Bill Advances in California

4/26/05:  EarthNews Radio: PBS Series 'Strange Days on Planet Earth'

4/26/05:  Coleman Natural Foods Announces Natural Product Line for Conventional Grocery Retailers

4/26/05:  EarthNews Radio: PBS Series

4/26/05:  Office Products from Recycled Material

4/26/05:  Sierra Club rejects immigration proposal

4/26/05:  Coleman Natural Foods Announces Natural Product Line for Conventional Grocery Retailers

4/26/05:  Primates On The Brink: Mankind's Closest Living Relatives Under Threat Around The World

4/26/05:  U.S. Forest Service Sued over Logging in Oregon

4/26/05:  35 More Wild Horses Killed in the West

4/26/05:  ENN Presents 'Sky Tour'

4/26/05:  Sierra Club Members Reject Policy Change Advocating Immigration Limits

4/26/05:  On Beyond Organic: Ed Begley, Jr., Eco-Celebs Walk the Talk

4/26/05:  Singapore, Malaysia Sign Deal Ending Dispute over Land Reclamation

4/26/05:  Forest Service Whistleblower Alleges Improper Pesticide Use in Southwest

4/26/05:  Australian Officials Announce Wild Camel Cull

4/26/05:  State Takes up Difficult Task of Setting aside Agricultural Land for Recreation

4/26/05:  Power for Moon Base Could Come from Sun

4/26/05:  Sierra Club Members Reject Policy Change Advocating Immigration Limits

4/26/05:  Ranchers Anticipate Grazing Rule Announcement

4/26/05:  China Eyes Turbines at Sea to Boost Wind Power

4/26/05:  Oregon Might Brand Lumber with Green Seal of Approval

4/25/05:  Sandvik Group Plans Carbide Recycling Plant at Chiplun

4/25/05:  Protesters Cut into Timber Meeting

4/25/05:  '24' Producer Tony Krantz to Host ‘Getting LOHAS to a Tipping Point’ Panel at LOHAS 9 Forum

4/25/05:  Upgrades Turn Scottsdale, Ariz., Building Green

4/25/05:  Views on Ecology Law Mixed

4/25/05:  Toyota Gets Triple the Orders it Expected for Hybrid SUVs

4/25/05:  Safety of Nuclear Power Plants Remains Emotional Issue in Energy Debate

4/25/05:  Home Vehicle Refueling Becomes a Convenient Alternative

4/25/05:  Diesel Engine Companies Challenge Emission Rules from California Air Pollution Regulators

4/25/05:  Colombia Coca Crop Spraying Not Harmful, Study Reveals

4/25/05:  ENN Presents 'Sky Tour'

4/25/05:  Switzerland and the Wolf

4/25/05:  Massachusetts Democrat Takes Aim at Energy Bill

4/25/05:  New Nukes? No Thanks. -- An ENN Commentary

4/25/05:  Colorado Wildlife Agency Says Feds Underestimated Effects of Drilling on Prized Plateau

4/25/05:  World Bank Says Polluted Air, Water a Growing Health Threat in East Asian Cities

4/25/05:  Bush, Canceling Earth Day Visit to the Smokies, Pushes for 'Clear Skies' Legislation

4/25/05:  California Town's Water Tainted by Perchlorate; 36 States Face Contamination

4/23/05:  Told to cut, Forest Service starts selling land

4/23/05:  Earth Day: Environmentalists Mull Future of Movement

4/22/05:  Antarctic Peninsula glaciers in widespread retreat

4/22/05:  ENN Weekly: April 18 - 22

4/22/05:  Should Beer and Wine Drinkers Pray for Rain in the Pacific Northwest?

4/22/05:  Buying Green

4/22/05:  For Earth Day, Go Green With Your Company

4/22/05:  LOHAS 9 Taking Place Next Week

4/22/05:  On Earth Day, Environmentalists Debate Future of Movement

4/22/05:  ENN Presents 'Sky Tour'

4/22/05:  Study Shows Antarctic Glaciers Shrinking

4/22/05:  Greenpeace Protests New Russian Forest Legislation

4/22/05:  EPA Mercury Rule to Achieve Cuts with Few Direct Controls, Report Says

4/22/05:  Designed for Harmony, but Plants Invade Fallingwater's Land

4/22/05:  House Passes Energy Bill; Conflict with Senate Likely over Gas Additive, Alaska Refuge

4/22/05:  Hunter Kills Well-Known Alaska Alpha Wolf

4/21/05:  Electronics Recycling

4/21/05:  Japanese, Russian Leaders Meet to Discuss Siberian Oil Pipeline

4/21/05:  Salmon Fishing Halted on Columbia River Amid Concern about Chinook Population

4/21/05:  Recycler Shows Off Plant

4/21/05:  ENN Presents 'Sky Tour'

4/21/05:  Apes May Be Key to Human Nature, Expert Says

4/21/05:  Scientists 'Rediscover' Rare Angolan Birds

4/21/05:  Extended Producer Responsibility -- An ENN Commentary

4/21/05:  Diesel Pollution Targeted in New York

4/21/05:  Rural Britons Take Hunt Ban Anger to the Ballot Box

4/21/05:  Activists Push Recycling to Fight 'E-Waste'

4/21/05:  Energy Bill Won't Ease Fuel Prices Quickly, Bush Says

4/20/05:  LOHAS 9

4/20/05:  Last Shipment of High-Level Radioactive Waste Leaves Colorado

4/20/05:  Burlco's Recycling Project is Garbage In, Gas Out

4/20/05:  Site Work on New York State Wind Farm Expected to Begin Next Week

4/20/05:  EarthNews Radio: PBS's "Deep Jungle"

4/20/05:  ENN Presents "Sky Tour"

4/20/05:  Fiddler timber sale protesters quickly disbanded

4/20/05:  ENN Presents 'Sky Tour'

4/20/05:  Brazil Land Conflicts Worst in Decades, Report Says

4/20/05:  West's Water Troubles Getting Worse, Officials Say

4/20/05:  Chilean Report Links Copec Pulp Plant to Dead Swans

4/20/05:  Old Growth Up, Spotted Owl Numbers Down

4/20/05:  Report Says Ships' Tainted Ballast Water Threatens Great Lakes with Foreign Organisms

4/20/05:  Canadian Inuit Leader Wins Norway's Sophie Environment Prize

4/20/05:  New Pope Could Swing Bible Debate on Environment

4/19/05:  Eugene City Beat: Hybrids help city control pollution, lower fuel costs

4/19/05:  Congress takes up bills aimed at cutting cruise ship pollution

4/19/05:  Goldman Environmental Prizes Handed Out to Grassroots Activists

4/19/05:  U.S Forest Service looks for sites to close down

4/19/05:  Constitutional Court Upholds Austrian Province's Ban on Nighttime Truck Traffic

4/19/05:  ENN Presents 'Sky Tour'

4/19/05:  Norway's Disputed Whaling Season Opens with Higher Quota than Last Year

4/19/05:  Brando Island to Become Luxury Resort

4/19/05:  Honduran Activist Priest Says He'll Use Environmental Prize Money to Build Ecology Center

4/19/05:  Farm-State Lawmakers, Others Want Congress to Require a Bigger Boost in Ethanol

4/19/05:  On Beyond Organic: Earth Day

4/19/05:  Venezuela Ecoreserve Says it's Fighting for Survival

4/19/05:  Officials Want to Wire Earth for Continuous Readout of Vital Signs

4/19/05:  Texas Compost Facility Turns Solid Waste into Rich Dirt

4/19/05:  Time to Roll Out, Recycle Old Tires

4/19/05:  High Gas Prices Push Car Buyers to Hybrids

4/19/05:  United Technologies Touts Environment Record

4/19/05:  EarthNews Radio: PBS's "Deep Jungle"

4/19/05:  ENN Presents "Sky Tour"

4/18/05:  Constitutional Court Upholds Austrian Province's Ban on Nighttime Truck Traffic

4/18/05:  New Warner Bros. Project at Forest Preserve Gains Environmentalists' Support

4/18/05:  Gorbachev Calls for Global Treaty Making Access to Water and Basic Sanitation a Human Right

4/18/05:  The Springtime Night Sky

4/18/05:  Monuments to Unsustainability -- An ENN Commentary

4/18/05:  Population of Chesapeake Rockfish Rebounds, but Worries Persist over Species' Future

4/18/05:  Environmental Battle Looms as Developers Press Plans for Resorts along Puerto Rico's Coast

4/18/05:  Michigan Works to Restore Moose Population

4/18/05:  Oceans Getting Louder; Effects Unclear

4/18/05:  Peru Judge Orders Cleanup of Town Polluted by U.S.-Based Metals Producer

4/17/05:  The Potential of LEDs

4/16/05:  Being Too Clean Could Be Hazardous To Your Health And The Environment

4/16/05:  South Korean corporation will plead guilty to pollution crimes

4/16/05:  Energy Bill Would Mean More Dirty Air

4/16/05:  Congress 'misled' over oil pollution in Alaska

4/16/05:  Beaverton moves toward easing its tree-cutting rules

4/16/05:  Greenpeace seeks ban on open-air GE rice trials

4/15/05:  ENN Weekly: April 11th - 15th

4/15/05:  Furniture Company Supports Green Line

4/15/05:  Old-Growth Timber May Get the Ax

4/15/05:  Elevated Lane for Mass Transit Part of Options Offered to Unclog I-595

4/15/05:  EarthNews Radio in Review

4/15/05:  Sustainable Economy This Week

4/15/05:  Eggs Hatching for Aurora the Octopus

4/15/05:  Canada Sees Threat from Soil in Chinese Toy Guns

4/15/05:  Wholphin -- Part Whale, Part Dolphin -- Born in Captivity in Hawaii

4/15/05:  Baby Rhino Named for Designer Marc Ecko

4/15/05:  Democratic Senator Blocks Vote on Bush Nominee to Head EPA

4/15/05:  Developing Nations Ripe for Wind, Solar Energy, U.N. Says

4/15/05:  Singapore Finds it Hard to Expand without Sand

4/15/05:  New Zealand to Protest Japan's Bigger Whale Kill Plan at Whaling Meeting

4/15/05:  EPA Likely to Miss Deadline for Issuing Rule on Views, Air Quality in National Parks

4/14/05:  EarthNews Radio in Review

4/14/05:  Sustainable Economy This Week

4/14/05:  Governor asks Forest Service to hold off Biscuit salvage logging

4/14/05:  Symposium on Smoke-Free Apartment Buildings Held in Los Angeles

4/14/05:  House Committees Advance Slimmed-Down $8 Billion Energy Tax Package

4/14/05:  Columbia River Spring Salmon at New Lows

4/14/05:  Who Let the Dogs Out? -- An ENN Commentary

4/14/05:  Land Bordering Grand Canyon's North Rim to Be Acquired for Conservation

4/14/05:  Resident in Way of Everglades Restoration Project Finally Agrees to Millions for Home

4/14/05:  Lawmakers and Environmentalists Push New Marine Pollution Law on Cruise Ship Waste

4/14/05:  Coalition Presses Electric Companies over Global Warming Risks

4/14/05:  Singapore Exhumes the Dead to Make Room for the Living

4/14/05:  Fuel Made from Plutonium Arrives in U.S., Despite Protests

4/14/05:  Company's Proposed Plant Would Convert Garbage to Energy

4/14/05:  Tattoo Ink Composition: What's in There?

4/14/05:  Bill Would Bar Obesity Lawsuits

4/14/05:  Canada plans to cut greenhouse gases

4/14/05:  Everglades holdout agrees to deal

4/14/05:  Chemical Present In Clear Plastics Can Impair Learning And Cause Disease

4/13/05:  Forest Service eyes closings in face of cuts

4/13/05:  Norway's Statoil Shuts Down Oil Drilling Rig After Arctic Oil Spill

4/13/05:  Engineers Redesign Roads to Save Moose

4/13/05:  Whole Foods, Nation's Biggest Organic and Natural Food Seller, to Enter Milwaukee Market

4/13/05:  Report Shows Good Progress on Small Grain Planting in Iowa

4/13/05:  EarthNews Radio: PBS's "Deep Jungle"

4/13/05:  Beer giant threatens boycott over 'medicinal' grain

4/13/05:  Author of Suspect Yucca Mountain E-Mails got $4,900 for New Assignment

4/13/05:  Prosecutors Investigate Russian Nuclear Plant Waste Dumping

4/13/05:  Mo. Pups Could Boost Gray Wolf Population

4/13/05:  Energy, Farms, Water Seen Aided by Nanotechnology

4/13/05:  Botswana Woos Rich Tourists with 'Africa-Lite'

4/13/05:  U.N. Presses India to Save Tigers

4/13/05:  Conservationists to Convert Pesky Prairie Dogs into Valuable Farm Tools in Northern Mexico

4/13/05:  MTBE Gas Additive Protection, DeLay at Center of Energy Debate

4/13/05:  Wal-Mart to Fund Wildlife Habitat

4/12/05:  EarthNews Radio: PBS's "Deep Jungle"

4/12/05:  Tampa Firm Snags Deal for County's Computer Castoffs

4/12/05:  Adobe House Designed To Be Self-Sufficient

4/12/05:  Neighbors Challenge Tyson Food Poultry Plant's Air Quality

4/12/05:  Gas Situation Actually Has a Bright Side

4/12/05:  Villagers, Police Clash over Pollution Protest in Southern China

4/12/05:  EU Considers Suspending U.S. Corn Gluten Imports in Biotech Dispute

4/12/05:  Global-Warming Experts Address 100 Loggers

4/12/05:  Japanese Whaling Ships Leave for Controversial Research Hunt off Northern Coast

4/12/05:  On Beyond Organic: Organic Marijuana

4/12/05:  In Latin America, a New Gold Rush Runs into Opposition over Strip Mines, Cyanide

4/12/05:  Sheep and Insects to Help Kill Exotic Weeds in Arizona Forests

4/12/05:  Alternatives to Ozone-Depleting Chemicals also Contributing to Climate Change, U.N. Says

4/12/05:  U.N. Meeting Tackles 'Silent Humanitarian Crisis'

4/11/05:  Dairy farmer sentenced to prison for water pollution

4/11/05:  At least 30 injured when villagers, police clash over pollution protest in southern China

4/11/05:  Pollution makes life a hell for many in E. Java

4/11/05:  Villagers riot over pollution in China

4/11/05:  States Look to National Guard as Last Resort in Coming Fire Season

4/11/05:  Engineers Redesign Roads to Save Moose

4/11/05:  Federal Lawmaker Advises People in Northern Australia to Bludgeon Toxic Toads to Death

4/11/05:  Drug-Resistant Bacteria Persist in Chicken

4/11/05:  Interior Turns Down Request for Testimony from Yucca Mountain Scientists

4/11/05:  New Tactics for the Environment -- An ENN Commentary

4/11/05:  EPA Cancels Proposed Study that Would Have Exposed Children to Pesticides

4/11/05:  DuPont Shareholder Seeks Disclosure of Expenses on Chemical Being Studied by EPA

4/11/05:  The King is Commander, the Enemy Drought, as 'Cloud Attackers' Take to the Skies

4/11/05:  States Ask Court to Force EPA Action on Greenhouse Gases

4/11/05:  Great Divide: Can Development, Wildlife Coexist?

4/11/05:  Methane Mining Churns up Murky Water Issue

4/11/05:  EarthNews Radio: PBS's "Journey to Planet Earth"

4/11/05:  NYC Subway Gets a Computerized Facelift

4/11/05:  Design Firms Try Greening Up

4/8/05:  Reef Fish Tune in to Noise when House Hunting

4/8/05:  Report Assails U.S. Border Commissioner in Charge of Water Issues

4/8/05:  Smithsonian Names New Threat to U.S. Rice

4/8/05:  Paraguay Rejects Plan to Protect Untouched Tribe

4/8/05:  On the U.S. Chesapeake, Asian Oyster Stirs Debate

4/8/05:  Two U.S. Senators Block EPA Chief Nomination

4/8/05:  Brazil's Soldiers Learn to Love the Jungle

4/8/05:  Week in Review: April 4th - 8th

4/8/05:  Farm Shares: Community Supported Agriculture

4/8/05:  Visitors Warn about Ethanol Plant

4/8/05:  Wholesale Grower Sees Family Business Blossom

4/8/05:  Jay Leno To Own First Lithium Powered Car in US

4/8/05:  EarthNews Radio Highlights PBS's "Journey to Planet Earth"

4/7/05:  EarthNews Radio: National Food to School Program

4/7/05:  Dairy Farms on the Decline in Alabama

4/7/05:  Report Touts Wind, Biomass Energy Sources

4/7/05:  EarthNews Radio Highlights PBS's "Journey to Planet Earth"

4/7/05:  Demand for Organic Grains on Rise

4/7/05:  Daylight-Saving Time Saves Fuel, Lawmakers Say

4/7/05:  Primate Species Face Extinction, Report Says

4/7/05:  Nuclear Plants May Be Vulnerable to Terrorists, Scientists Say

4/7/05:  Suspects Eyed in Canadian Bald Eagle Killings

4/7/05:  Fishing: The New Resource War -- An ENN Commentary

4/7/05:  White Pelicans Return to N.D. Refuge

4/7/05:  Government Proposes to Move Nuclear Waste Piled Near the Colorado River

4/7/05:  State Department Pressed to Open North Dakota Drainage Project to International Judgment

4/7/05:  Alaska Starts Kill of Grizzly Bears to Boost Moose

4/7/05:  Bari documentaries shown to raise money for pepper spray trial

4/7/05:  Hemp-legalization testimony is set

4/7/05:  Leahy and Snowe Offer Bill to Cut Mercury Pollution

4/7/05:  Children on School Buses Breathe More Pollution

4/7/05:  The World of Electric, Plug-in Hybrid, Fuel Cell and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

4/7/05:  Greenpeace opposes wind farm plan

4/6/05:  Riding Shotgun with Woody Harrelson

4/6/05:  German cities will restrict vehicles to cut air pollution

4/6/05:  Chairman of shippping line sentenced for illegal dumping

4/6/05:  NZ warns nuclear waste ship to steer clear

4/6/05:  Research Forest Logging To Begin

4/6/05:  Company Proposes Massive Development for Maine's North Woods

4/6/05:  PressOil Platforms May Be Used for Fish Farms

4/6/05:  Shipper's Waste Dumping Draws Big Fine

4/6/05:  Rolls-Royce in Venture to Develop Fuel Cell-Based Power System

4/6/05:  Cougar Hot Springs: Paradise Imperiled

4/6/05:  Feds Agree to Study Status of Steelhead

4/6/05:  Lawmakers Investigate Fraud Allegations at Yucca Mountain

4/6/05:  EPA Says 21 Counties in Nine States Now Meet New Air-Quality Standards

4/6/05:  U.S. Presses China to Invest in Cleaner Energy

4/6/05:  New Cotton Fabric May Absorb Toxins

4/6/05:  Insurers Drop Backing for Asbestos Trust Fund, but Other Businesses Groups Renew Their Support

4/6/05:  House Panel Revives U.S. Energy Bill

4/6/05:  Canadian Automakers Volunteer to Dramatically Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

4/5/05:  Air pollution influences crop disease

4/5/05:  Pollution in water and air

4/5/05:  Make a difference: Celebrate Earth Day

4/5/05:  Summit seeks to energize students for environment

4/5/05:  Environment is making a comeback

4/5/05:  Study predicts dire future for world environment

4/5/05:  Canadians Support Anti-GMO Legislation

4/5/05:  Shipping line admits dumping

4/5/05:  Scientist Sees 'Collision Course' with Agricultural Manure Issue

4/5/05:  'Harry Potter' Publisher Pledges U.K. Print Run on Recycled Paper

4/5/05:  EarthNews Radio Highlights PBS's "Journey to Planet Earth"

4/5/05:  From Ocean Depths, Air Conditioning for the Tropics

4/5/05:  GM Rolls Out World's First Fuel-Cell Truck

4/5/05:  Study Suggests Salmon Thrived Above Klamath Dams

4/5/05:  Scientists Artificially Inseminate Whale

4/5/05:  Ask Umbra: As the World Learns

4/5/05:  Yucca Mountain E-mails Not Likely to Discredit Project, DOE Concluded

4/5/05:  Federal, State Officials Sign 50-Year Plan to Protect Colorado River

4/5/05:  On Beyond Organic: A World Without Water

4/5/05:  Panamanian Shipping Company to Pay $25 Million for Dumping Waste around U.S.

4/5/05:  Israel Plans to Dump Garbage from Tel Aviv in a Landfill on Palestinian Land, Prompting Protests

4/5/05:  From Ocean Depths, Air Conditioning for the Tropics

4/5/05:  China Announces Plan to Move 400,000 People for Giant Water-Diversion Project

4/4/05:  Environmentalist tires of confrontations

4/4/05:  Stop logging McKenzie River Trail

4/4/05:  Protesters vow larger effort against roadless-area logging

4/4/05:  EarthNews Radio Highlights PBS's "Journey to Planet Earth"

4/4/05:  Near-Record Number of Births this Year for Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales

4/4/05:  India Sacks Officials after Tigers Go Missing

4/4/05:  Oil Platforms May Be Used for Fish Farms

4/4/05:  E-mails Appear to Show Yucca Mountain Scientists Planning to Make up Data

4/4/05:  The Color of Water -- An ENN Commentary

4/4/05:  Tsunami Survivors Grow Saplings to Remember the Dead and Protect from Waves

4/4/05:  China's Giant Pandas Get Broadband

4/4/05:  Roll out the Welcome Mat for Birds -- Then Clean It

4/4/05:  World's Biggest Iceberg Begins Moving after Blocking Food Supplies for Antarctic Stations, Penguins

4/4/05:  Windmills Blow Ill for Birds

4/4/05:  Ford Motor Co. to Prepare Climate Risk Report

4/4/05:  Farmers Feel Bite as Rising Fuel Prices Push Fertilizer Costs Up

4/4/05:  Farmers Forced to Find Alternatives to Traditional Crops for Livelihood

4/2/05:  Arrested Crewmembers Return to Ship - Patrolling Continues

4/2/05:  Farley Mowat Crewmembers are Free

4/2/05:  The Parade of Seal Killing Fools

4/2/05:  Seal hunters, protesters clash

4/2/05:  The Assault and Rape of Cascadia

4/2/05:  Rogue Valley Independent Media Center

4/2/05:  Biscuit Burn Skillshare Camp

4/2/05:  California May Allow Rocket Fuel Pollution to Remain in Drinking Water Supplies of Millions

4/1/05:  New Zealand seal hunt protester arrested while filming killing of seals

4/1/05:  Test Case: Biscuit Fire decision seen as turning point in future of forest management

4/1/05:  Brutal Attack by Seal Hunters

4/1/05:  Citrus peels an alternative energy source

4/1/05:  Week in Review: March 28th - April 1st

4/1/05:  Growers Protest Restrictions on Farmers Markets

4/1/05:  Food Co-op Hopes for Global Success

4/1/05:  EarthNews Radio: Backyard Habitats

4/1/05:  Monterey Aquarium Releases White Shark

4/1/05:  Chronic Wasting Disease Found in One New York Deer

4/1/05:  Solar and Wind Units Bring Energy to Navajos

4/1/05:  Damage to Coral Reefs on Indian Government's Radar

4/1/05:  Colorado Pushes Lynx Habitat Rule Changes

4/1/05:  Dandruff, Fur, Pollen Affect Atmosphere, Study Reveals

4/1/05:  ENN Special Report: Sustainable Gardening

4/1/05:  For Small Farms and Garden Entrepreneurs, Challenges Abound

4/1/05:  Sap's Rising but Maple Syrup is Year-Round Melt-in-Mouth Asset

3/31/05:  EarthNews Radio: Junk Food and American Waistlines

3/31/05:  SYSCO's Earth Plus Product Line Recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

3/31/05:  Demonstrator takes airy stand to challenge salvage logging

3/31/05:  'Pax' sits near apex of a protest, halts traffic with oversize tripod

3/31/05:  Envirocare Looking to Expand its Operation

3/31/05:  Solar Cell Maker's Shares Jump 45% on Debut

3/31/05:  Lawsuits Challenge Critical Habitat Designation for 42 species

3/31/05:  UW paper use under fire

3/31/05:  Biscuit Protesters block street in front of forest service.

3/31/05:  Survey Finds Silver Contamination In North Pacific Waters

3/31/05:  Newfoundland Geography Student Questions Paul Watson and Rebecca Aldworth about Canada's Seal Hunt

3/31/05:  Canadian seal hunt begins amid row

3/31/05:  Stumptown Earth First! Shuts Down SW 2nd Ave in front of Portland USFS Headquarters

3/31/05:  Tough Steps Urged to Cut CO2 Emissions in Japan

3/31/05:  Nursery Business is Green as Gardening Interest Spurs Industry Growth

3/31/05:  Mexican Environmental Authorities Say Oil Pumps, Valves Also at Risk

3/31/05:  New York OKs $1.8M for Cleanups

3/31/05:  Wintry Canada to Use Solar Power to Heat Homes

3/31/05:  Washington State Lawmakers would Require New State Buildings Be 'Green'

3/31/05:  What are We Really Planting in Our Gardens? -- An ENN Commentary

3/31/05:  Latest Earthquakes Surprise Seismologists

3/31/05:  Tiny Hong Kong Falling Foul of Electronic Waste, Greenpeace Claims

3/31/05:  Shell to Reroute Pipelines in Russian Far East Oil Project over Gray Whale Fears

3/30/05:  UPS to Implement Environmental Initiatives

3/30/05:  St. Louis-based Ameren Corp. Addresses Tougher Air-Quality Regulations

3/30/05:  EarthNews Radio: Organic Consumers Association

3/30/05:  EarthNews Radio: Organic Consumers Association

3/30/05:  Shell to Reroute Pipelines in Russian Far East Oil Project over Gray Whale Fears

3/30/05:  GM, Energy Dept. to Make Fuel Cell Vehicles

3/30/05:  Thousands of Seal Pups Being Slaughtered

3/30/05:  Scientists Mystified by Herring Decline

3/30/05:  Multiple Dangers Loom in Coastal Regions

3/30/05:  Major War Brewing over Efforts to Save Spokane River

3/30/05:  Japan Government Panel Approves Proposal to Cut Emissions under Kyoto Protocol

3/30/05:  Nine States File Lawsuit Challenging New EPA Mercury Regulations

3/30/05:  Salmon From Farms Breed Sea Lice, Study Says

3/30/05:  EPA Says Children May Be Vulnerable than Adults to Carcinogens

3/30/05:  Earth's Health is Deteriorating as Growing Human Demands for Food, Water Strain Ecosystems, U.N. Study Finds

3/29/05:  N.J. leads nine-state challenge of EPA mercury pollution rules

3/29/05:  Afghanistan: Saving Precious Trees

3/29/05:  Premier, Inc. Among "Champions for Change" Recipients

3/29/05:  Environment Must be Taken into Account as Asia Economy Grows, Officials Say

3/29/05:  Contractors Face Pressure to Lower Diesel Engine Pollution

3/29/05:  Environmental Activists Plan Summer Mining Protests

3/29/05:  EarthNews Radio: Healthy Vending

3/29/05:  Bamboo Shortage Threatens Pandas in China

3/29/05:  Air Pollution in Munich Exceeds EU Limit, Prompting Calls for Action

3/29/05:  Indiana Man Photographs Endangered Bobcats

3/29/05:  Study Finds High Toxins in Wash. Fish

3/29/05:  Unlikely Bedfellows Lobby against US Gas-Guzzlers

3/29/05:  On Beyond Organic: God, Food & the Environment

3/29/05:  Nuclear Power Plants Turning to Dry Casks for Storing Used Fuel

3/29/05:  Activists Gear up to Fight Seal and Elephant Culls

3/29/05:  African Union Appoints Nobel Laureate to Key Advisory Position

3/29/05:  Scientists Debate Quake Vs. Aftershock

3/29/05:  "Grandma Joan" Spends 14th Day in Jail

3/28/05:  Activists plan summer mining protests

3/28/05:  EarthNews Radio: Morrison Planetarium

3/28/05:  Rainforest Alliance Announces 2005 Individual and Corporate Awardees

3/28/05:  Fuel-Efficiency Attitudes May be Shifting; Auto Dealers Hear Hints of a Shift

3/28/05:  Experts Warn Ships May Bring Lake Invaders

3/28/05:  Demand for Produce Farmers Outpacing Supply

3/28/05:  Asian pollution linked to polar climate change

3/28/05:  Man Suspected in Nun's Death Surrenders

3/28/05:  India, U.S. Agree to Push Defense, Energy Ties

3/28/05:  Pakistan Seize Indian Fishing Trawlers with 70 Tons of Tuna

3/28/05:  In Texas Town Raised on Oil, Leaky Pipeline at Center of Growing Legal Action

3/28/05:  Demand for Organic Grains on Rise

3/28/05:  Hurricane Ivan Caused Sand Loss, Expert Says

3/28/05:  The Myth of Nonprofit Inefficiency -- An ENN Commentary

3/28/05:  Chinese Park Scrambles to Feed Hungry Pandas

3/28/05:  Asia Needs Tsunami Warning System, Disaster Education, Experts Say

3/28/05:  Yucca Mountain Woes Giving Push to Alternate Plans for Nuclear Waste Storage

3/28/05:  Tiger Future Not Burning Bright in India

3/27/05:  Temporary Restraining Order on Biscuit Logging Denied

3/26/05:  Environment takes back seat to security

3/26/05:  Biotech seeds pose a threat to organic farmers, environment

3/26/05:  Forest Service says snowmobiles don't impact environment

3/25/05:  Two more forest defenders arrested

3/25/05:  Decision on legality of roadless-area logging delayed

3/25/05:  Blockade Halts Hauling at Fiddler Timber Sale

3/25/05:  BLM Evicts Biscuit Campers

3/25/05:  Medicinal Mushrooms from Old-Growth Forests May Counter Smallpox and Similar Viruses

3/25/05:  Week in Review: March 21st - 25th

3/25/05:  A New Fuel Cell's Many Positives

3/25/05:  Sumitomo Chemical to Invest $2.5 mil. in BioCarbon Fund

3/25/05:  Hydrogen-fuel Projects Receive Funding

3/25/05:  Billionaire buys 9.2 percent of Wild Oats

3/25/05:  EarthNews Radio: Cow Shares

3/25/05:  Sustainable Economy This Week

3/25/05:  Singapore Advises Citizens to Stay Indoors from Haze Caused by Indonesian, Malaysian Fires

3/25/05:  Experts Warn Ships May Bring Lake Invaders

3/25/05:  Kyoto Protocol Tough for Emerging Economies, South Korea's Environment Minister Says

3/25/05:  Octopuses Observed Avoiding Predators

3/25/05:  Tsunami Silt Threatens Indian Ocean's Coral

3/25/05:  EPA Work on Sensors for Detecting Bioterrorism Attack Faulted

3/24/05:  Use of More Diesel Engines May Increase Pollution

3/24/05:  Judge orders new limits on Okeechobee pollution

3/24/05:  City reborn from ashes of disastrous fire

3/24/05:  Canada Begins Annual Seal Cull Amid Call to Boycott its Seafood

3/24/05:  Earth First! Day, Modesto

3/24/05:  Tempe Gathering to Raise Awareness of Destruction Caused by Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort

3/24/05:  Northwest salmon habitat threatened by warming

3/24/05:  Drivers Who Subscribe to TerraPass Help to Fund Renewable Sources of Energy

3/24/05:  EarthNews Radio: Center for Biodiversity Research and Information

3/24/05:  Ecologic Finance Awarded $465,000 by Skoll Foundation

3/24/05:  Federal Government Awards Contracts to Clean Up Washington, Idaho Nuclear Sites

3/24/05:  Judge Nixes California Village's Deal to Sell Spring Water to Nestle

3/24/05:  Chemical plant allegedly broke pollution rules

3/24/05:  China faces severe water shortages, mounting pollution problems

3/24/05:  Crocodile Hunter Opens a New Tiger Exhibit at His Australia Zoo

3/24/05:  Shallow Lake in Lowell, Ore., Will Have Deep Impact

3/24/05:  Panda Undergoes Artificial Insemination

3/24/05:  It's 2005... Do You Know Where Your Beef Comes From? -- An ENN Commentary

3/24/05:  Canadian Government and Automakers Reach Deal on Cutting Emissions

3/24/05:  Daley Blames Public for Recycling Program's Woes

3/24/05:  The Basics on Genetically Modified Foods

3/24/05:  Government Issues Guidelines for Tracking Greenhouse Gas Reductions

3/24/05:  Copy That: Xerox gets the message

3/23/05:  Syngenta Sold Some Unapproved Biotech Corn in US

3/23/05:  Environmental Protection, the Economy, and Jobs: What is the Bottom Line?

3/23/05:  Recycling Leaders to Share Ideas Today at Myrtle Beach Conference

3/23/05:  EarthNews Radio: Alliance to Save Energy's Kateri Callahan

3/23/05:  Plastic Mats Support Heavy Equipment with Minimal Environmental Impact

3/23/05:  World Water Day: Private Sector Still Eyeing to Own Every Drop

3/23/05:  China strives for drinking water safety by fighting pollution

3/23/05:  Automakers Spread False Information in Attempt to Hide Vehicle Pollution

3/23/05:  GM crops harm environment, finds UK study

3/23/05:  Activists slam Canada on seal hunt

3/23/05:  Tons of Experimental Biotech Corn Inadvertently Shipped to Farmers

3/23/05:  Lawsuit Threatened over River

3/23/05:  Dozens of Dolphins Make Surprise Visit to Israeli Port

3/23/05:  China Faces Severe Water Shortages, Mounting Rollution Problems, Report Says

3/23/05:  Dozens of States Declare Support for Nuclear Power

3/23/05:  Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Campaigns for Clean Water

3/23/05:  Canada Unveils Annual Seal Hunt, Blasts Activists

3/23/05:  Professor, Students Donate Website Proceeds to Renewable Energy Projects

3/23/05:  EPA Chided for Disregarding Study of Benefits from Mercury Curbs

3/22/05:  EarthNews Radio: Max Green Alchemy

3/22/05:  Company Touts Plasma Technology to Reduce Waste, Create Alternative Fuel

3/22/05:  Groups Work to Save Rain Forest Palms

3/22/05:  Zoo Tests Biodiesel Alternative

3/22/05:  Trash Companies Beautify their Sun Valley Properties

3/22/05:  Umbra Opines on Reproduction

3/22/05:  Water, Sanitation Key to Disaster Response, Long-Term Development

3/22/05:  Brazil's Wetlands Threatened by Agribusiness

3/22/05:  On Beyond Organic: 'Pharming'

3/22/05:  Figures Show British Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rose in 2003

3/22/05:  Tour Rush Seen in Alaska Refuge before Oil Drilling

3/22/05:  Agency Admits Using Faulty Data on Endangered Florida Panthers

3/22/05:  South America Wetlands May Be 'Next Everglades,' Report Says

3/21/05:  EarthNews Radio: Roy G. Biv

3/21/05:  State of Illinois to Invest in E-85 Fuel Stations

3/21/05:  Environmentalism Hasn' Died -- An ENN Commentary

3/21/05:  Indian PM Orders Moves to Save Disappearing Tigers

3/21/05:  Nuclear Energy May Be Back in Vogue, UN Says

3/21/05:  Tsunami Victims, Iraqis Get Taste of Recycled Water Targeted for Space

3/21/05:  Environmentalists Tell German Automakers to Drop Suit Against Calif.'s Proposed Emissions Law

3/21/05:  Clean Harbors Boosts Income; Reviews Accounting Method

3/21/05:  Two Montana Oil Refineries Disagree With Proposed Ethanol Blend Bill

3/20/05:  Judge orders temporary halt to logging plan in Lolo National Forest

3/20/05:  On Palm Sunday, Churches, Environmentalists Join To Save Rain Forest Palms and Parrots

3/20/05:  Nationwide Drought Hits Home in Thailand's Poor Northeast

3/20/05:  EPA, Northeast States Settle Pollution Lawsuit with Ohio Utility

3/20/05:  Survey Shows Myanmar's Marine Mammals Not Harmed by Tsunami

3/20/05:  Group Plans to Sue Over Arizona River

3/20/05:  Wal-Mart's California Supercenters Delayed by Environmental Lawsuits

3/20/05:  Higher Gold Prices Stir New Interest in Western Mines

3/20/05:  Utility to pay $1.1 billion in federal pollution case

3/19/05:  Senate Nod to Arctic Oil Drilling Stiffens Opposition

3/19/05:  Forest Defenders still going strong - New Base Camp!

3/19/05:  Biscuit forest defenders speak from Josephine County Jail

3/18/05:  G8 Environment And Development Ministers Agree Action On illegal Logging

3/18/05:  Indian Nation Files Unique Claim to Protect Environment

3/18/05:  BP settles pollution suits for $81 Milllion

3/18/05:  Mercury pollution rules called weak

3/18/05:  Fourteen activists arrested in The Hague

3/18/05:  Week in Review: March 14th - 18th

3/18/05:  ENN Focuses on Sustainable Economy in March

3/18/05:  Biscuit Roadless Logging Imminent: Mike's Gulch

3/18/05:  Wind Farm Wins OK to Begin Construction

3/18/05:  Xcel to Buy Wind Power from Lamar Investors

3/18/05:  EarthNews Radio: Reef Protection International

3/18/05:  Air Travel Industry Leaders Agree on Need to Improve Environmental Protection

3/18/05:  Rivers Overspill Banks as Water Levels in Poland Rise

3/18/05:  Rains Help Mexico Repay Water It Owes U.S., but Could New Drought Bring New Debt?

3/18/05:  Report Says Navy Sonar Likely Made Orcas Flee

3/18/05:  Wet Winter Threatens Spring Flooding

3/18/05:  Greenpeace and British Trawlermen in Sea Standoff

3/18/05:  Aim: To Measure Green against Green

3/18/05:  Manatees Have Brittle Bones, Study Shows

3/18/05:  Study Links Mercury from Power Plants to Autism

3/18/05:  Scientists: Road Salt Harms Environment

3/17/05:  Everyone joins in building a green home

3/17/05:  Protestors arrested at G8 environment meeting

3/17/05:  US Sets Mercury Pollution Limits from Power Plants

3/17/05:  Protesters defend forest

3/17/05:  The Death of Environmentalism? Mr. Kristof's Kool-Aid

3/17/05:  Mercury Pollution, Autism Link Found

3/17/05:  USFS tries to stop forest defense using desperation tactics

3/17/05:  Women draw the line against lawless old-growth logging

3/17/05:  EarthNews Radio: Mars Rover Update

3/17/05:  Fifty Companies Win EPA Nods for Energy Efficiency, Greenhouse Gas Reductions

3/17/05:  China Zoo Practices Criticized

3/17/05:  DuPont Agrees to Reduce C8 Emissions

3/17/05:  Senate Votes to Open Alaskan Oil Drilling

3/17/05:  G-8 Environment Ministers Discuss Illegal Logging

3/17/05:  Senate votes for ANWR oil drilling

3/17/05:  Mich. Moose Population Slump Continues

3/17/05:  Experimental Flock Loses Whooping Crane

3/17/05:  UNESCO Designates Vietnam's Cat Ba Archipelago a Biosphere Reserve

3/17/05:  Idaho Senate Finalizes Historic Water Agreement

3/17/05:  China Takes Over as Leading Consumer -- An ENN Commentary

3/17/05:  Stress May Bring Sumatra Quake, Experts Say

3/17/05:  Poacher Turns Protector to Save Elephants in Africa

3/17/05:  Study Says Ravens Thriving in Alaska Oil Fields

3/17/05:  Documents for Nuclear Waste Project May Have Been Falsified, Government Says

3/16/05:  Mount Kilimanjaro Photo Wake-Up Call for Action Against Global Warming

3/16/05:  On hybrids vs. biodiesel

3/16/05:  Chinese rejecting GM technology

3/16/05:  US Aims to Jeopardise Legal Action on Illegal Logging

3/16/05:  Viewpoint: Stay out of our remaining old growth and roadless areas

3/16/05:  Despite Many Social-Responsibility Programs, Disagreement over Starbucks

3/16/05:  EarthNews Radio: Backyard Habitats

3/16/05:  Thai Government to Urge Motorbike Trade-Ins to Ease Air Pollution

3/16/05:  Quiet British Bike Seeks Added Vroom

3/16/05:  Forestry Consultant Brings Big Yields, Conservation to Kentucky

3/16/05:  Showdown Vote Approaches on Arctic Drilling

3/16/05:  CHILE: Defending Consumers' Rights to Information and Choice on GM Products

3/16/05:  Pawar swears by GM cotton

3/16/05:  U.S. plutonium transport arrives in Normandy

3/16/05:  Greenpeace under fire on protest

3/16/05:  EarthTalk: Healthy Alternatives to Sugar

3/16/05:  Nobel Peace Winner Appeals for Protection of African Forests in Rome

3/16/05:  Senate Prepares to Vote on Alaska Refuge Drilling Proposal

3/16/05:  New Fairy Shrimp Species Found in Idaho

3/16/05:  Agency Orders Power Plant Mercury Pollution Cut by Nearly 50 Percent

3/16/05:  Greens Clash over S. African Elephant Cull Question

3/16/05:  Bid to Unlock Corn's Code Gaining, Group Says

3/16/05:  Environmentalists Tout Land-Use Law's Successes

3/16/05:  Transporting Food Can Cost the Earth

3/16/05:  Umbra on Hybrids vs. Biodiesel

3/16/05:  Venezuela Defends Disputed Land Seizures

3/15/05:  USFS closes Biscuit logging area to public

3/15/05:  50 Arrested in Blockade to Save the Siskiyous

3/15/05:  Biscuit salvage protesters banned from woods area

3/15/05:  Rains Prompt Rare Wildflower Display in Death Valley

3/15/05:  Thailand Seeking Water from Neighbors to Ease Drought

3/15/05:  Environmentalists Call on World Bank to Abandon Laotian Dam Project

3/15/05:  EPA Issuing New Rules on Mercury Pollution from Power Plants

3/15/05:  South African Poachers, Police Wage Battle over Threatened Delicacy

3/15/05:  Embattled Zimbabwe Farmers Find New Africa Fields

3/15/05:  Female Owl Goes on 150-Mile Trek for Mate

3/15/05:  Ministers from 20 Countries Meet in London to Discuss Climate Change

3/15/05:  Smog-Busting Inventors Get Nation's Highest Technology Award

3/15/05:  Whaling Moratorium Likely to Be Dumped, New Zealand Official Warns

3/15/05:  Forest Service Arrests 22 Protesters and Closes Salvage Logging Area in Oregon to Public

3/15/05:  PNC Bank Takes Green Approach

3/15/05:  EarthNews Radio: Car Sharing

3/15/05:  Canon U.S.A. Receives 2005 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award

3/15/05:  EPA to Let Utilities Trade Mercury Emissions

3/15/05:  On road to privatizing forests

3/15/05:  Fighting the Big Gunns in Tasmania

3/14/05:  Understanding, Sales of Energy Star-Labeled Products on the Rise

3/14/05:  Colombia's Beetle Breeder Thrills Museums

3/14/05:  China Close to Production of 'Safe' Genetic Rice

3/14/05:  Invention Turns Waste into Fertilizer

3/14/05:  EU Ministers Reach Deal on Agency to Manage Fisheries

3/14/05:  On Beyond Organic: Cooking the Whole Animal

3/14/05:  Truck Emissions Tested in Pilot Study

3/14/05:  Officials Sounding the Alarm on Southeast Asian Droughts

3/14/05:  Breaking the Oil Addiction -- An ENN Commentary

3/14/05:  Onondagas Claim 4,000 Square Miles of New York State, Want Environmental Cleanup

3/14/05:  Water Crisis Looms as Himalayan Glaciers Shrink, Environmental Group Warns

3/14/05:  Jargon on Government's Hazardous Waste Form Confuses Emergency Responders

3/14/05:  US Broker Creates World's First Private Emission Credit Fund

3/14/05:  Price of Vehicle Refrigerant is Overheated

3/14/05:  EarthNews Radio: The Westin A. Price Foudation

3/13/05:  Creating an environmentally conscious home

3/12/05:  22 Arrested thus far in Biscuit Blockades at Fiddler Mountain

3/12/05:  Watch Earth First! Biscuit Protest first day video

3/11/05:  Week in Review: March 7th - 11th

3/11/05:  Environmentalists Urge U.S. Firms to Stop Importing Indonesian Timber

3/11/05:  EPA rule resets limits on soot, smog

3/11/05:  Arctic drilling foes lose initial Senate battle

3/11/05:  Indonesian Government Sues Newmont Mining over Pollution of Bay off Sulawesi Island

3/11/05:  Flight Attendant Caught Trying to Smuggle Endangered Fish into Australia in His Baggage

3/11/05:  Sources Say Mexico, US Reach Agreement on Water Debt

3/11/05:  Australia Announces Plan to Name -- and Shame -- Polluting Businesses

3/11/05:  Fishermen, Lawmakers Prepare for Possible Introduction of Modified Salmon

3/11/05:  Cambodia Seeks to Tighten Regulations on Pesticide Use

3/11/05:  Canada Call US Alaska Oil Drilling Plan "Big Mistake'

3/11/05:  High Levels of Mercury Found in Vt. Birds

3/11/05:  EPA Orders Smog, Soot Reductions to Benefit People Downwind from Power Plants

3/11/05:  Scientists Prove Less Trees, Less Rain

3/11/05:  EarthNews Radio: Sustainable Conservation

3/11/05:  Sustainable Economy This Week

3/11/05:  Contractor for Hanford Waste Cleanup Fined for Worker Contaminations

3/11/05:  New Diesels Hit Streets

3/11/05:  Western Wind Energy Signs Deal with Southern California Edison

3/10/05:  Terrorism, the Law and Guilt by Association

3/10/05:  Legislature approves bill against animal, ecological terrorism

3/10/05:  Another 11 protesters arrested at Fiddler timber sale

3/10/05:  Saving at the Pump

3/10/05:  New Report from Alliance to Save Energy Documents Solutions to Rising Industrial Energy Costs

3/10/05:  Grants Available to Agriculture Sustainable Economy Practitioners and Researchers

3/10/05:  Mining Company in Court Battle with Peruvian Villagers Over 2000 Mercury Spill

3/10/05:  Fishermen, Lawmakers Prepare for Possible Introduction of Modified Salmon

3/10/05:  'World Record' Stork Killed by French Power Lines

3/10/05:  Tribes and Forest Service Discuss Sacred Sites

3/10/05:  Canada Smelter Blamed for Lake's Pollution

3/10/05:  Researchers Draw Link Between Second-Hand Smoke and Breast Cancer

3/10/05:  Mexico's Gulf Coast in Peril from Global Warming

3/10/05:  Senate Tries New Strategy to Win Alaska Drilling

3/10/05:  Lying about Environmentalists -- An ENN Commentary

3/10/05:  Kyoto Protocol Spurs Race to Develop Fuel Cells

3/10/05:  Utility Pollution Bill Stalls in Senate

3/9/05:  Last Chance for American Caribou

3/9/05:  Michael Donnelly: Standing Up to Ecocide in Oregon

3/9/05:  NRDC's Twelve Most Threatened Wildlands

3/9/05:  Auto Club Rewards Hybrids, Surcharges Gas Guzzlers

3/9/05:  Shell Executive Speaks About Alternative Fuels

3/9/05:  EarthNews Radio: Ways to Save Water

3/9/05:  Direct Action Against 'Dolphin Killers'

3/9/05:  Greenpeace strikes out against GM milk

3/9/05:  Bulgarian Green Leader Threatened With Death

3/9/05:  Support for Welch's is Support for Open-Space Protection

3/9/05:  Kyoto Protocol Spurs Race to Develop Fuel Cells

3/9/05:  Open Season on Cats in Wisconsin?

3/9/05:  Developer Drops Plans for Tire-Burning Power Plant amid Intense Opposition

3/9/05:  China Raises Environmental Bar for Heavy Industry

3/9/05:  Claws out over Animal Rights in West Hollywood

3/9/05:  Somalia's Environment Minister Calls for Investigation of Suspicious Waste

3/9/05:  Invasive Tree Species Infestation Spotted

3/9/05:  Shooting Hobbyist Invents Eco-Friendly Target

3/9/05:  Mercury Study Identifies Problem Spots

3/8/05:  Biscuit Natural Fire Recovery Zone currently under assault

3/8/05:  Protesters fail to halt Biscuit burn logging

3/8/05:  Soda-Making at Home Eliminates Bottle Waste

3/8/05:  WRI, Cameroon Agreement Cuts Down Illegal Logging

3/8/05:  Energy-Efficient Phone Adapter Scoops EPA Design Award

3/8/05:  Group Says Ecotourism Plan is Wrong for Bigelow Preserve

3/8/05:  'Hot' Hybrids Forecast To Do Slow Burn in Marketplace

3/8/05:  An interview with Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai

3/8/05:  Amid Environmental Protests, Logging Begins in Oregon Forest Burned by 2002 Wildfire

3/8/05:  Pacific NW Undersea Quakes Intrigue Scientists

3/8/05:  South Dakota Bill Targets Prairie Dogs

3/8/05:  EarthTalk: The Lowdown on 'Energy Efficient Mortgages'

3/8/05:  Study Says Canadian Smelter Polluting U.S. Lake

3/8/05:  Ethanol to Fuel Racecars

3/8/05:  World Fish Stocks Strained, U.N. Says

3/8/05:  WWF Warns that China's Rising Demand for Wood Threatens Other Countries' Forests

3/8/05:  EPA Announces Plan for Stricter Controls on Lead in Drinking Water

3/8/05:  Cherished Tradition Sparks Battle over Beach Access along Great Lakes

3/7/05:  B.C. logging threatens endangered species, watchdog says

3/7/05:  10 arrested at Oregon timber protest

3/7/05:  GEAC defers final decision on extending Bt cotton approval

3/7/05:  AAA Questions EPA Gas-Mileage Reporting

3/7/05:  Building a Business on Junk

3/7/05:  Not Many Knocks Against Environment-Friendly Hardwood

3/7/05:  Nokia Drops Plans to Develop Fuel Cells

3/7/05:  USDA Awards $15 Million for Farmers' Market Program

3/7/05:  Restless Volcano Creates Hazards in Alaska

3/7/05:  Botswana Elephants Hit Namibia Crops, Environment

3/7/05:  On Beyond Organic: The Many Uses of Hemp

3/7/05:  Rural Alaska Community Researches Nation's First Tiny Nuclear Reactor

3/7/05:  A Changing Environment -- An ENN Commentary

3/7/05:  Bush Picks Scientist to Head EPA

3/7/05:  Environmentalists Fear Brazil's Lifting of GMO Ban

3/7/05:  Knowledge Fades As Africa Languages Die

3/6/05:  B.C. not doing enough to protect threatened species, says forestry watchdog

3/6/05:  Sonoma County to put biotech ban to voters

3/6/05:  GM soy approved by Brazil's legislature; Paraguay signs Monsanto royalty deal

3/5/05:  Environmentalists fear Brazil's lifting of GMO ban

3/4/05:  The Week in Review in Business and Industry, February 28-March 4

3/4/05:  Forest bills echo defeated measure, opponents say

3/4/05:  Week in Review: February 28th - March 4th

3/4/05:  U.S. Must Address Global Warming, Bush Ally Says

3/4/05:  Texas Geologist Helps Fix Water Problem in Nepal

3/4/05:  Right to Name New Monkey Sells for $650G

3/4/05:  Biologists Fret as Mexico Butterfly Numbers Dive

3/4/05:  House, Senate Can't Agree On Wildlife Fund

3/4/05:  Government Sets Conditions for Importing Beluga Caviar, Proposes Coral Protections

3/4/05:  Washington Wary as New Predator Creeps Closer

3/4/05:  Unusual Life Forms Found at New Hydrothermal Vents in Atlantic

3/4/05:  Forests Could Be Key to Curbing Global Warming

3/4/05:  Cooking Linked to Possible Climate Changes

3/4/05:  Calif. AG Sues Over Giant Sequoia Plan

3/4/05:  Clean-up To Begin at Canada Mine Near Olympic Site

3/4/05:  Brazil Approves Law to Legalize Genetically Modified Crops

3/3/05:  Forest Service EIS to include enviros' alternative plan

3/3/05:  Environmentalist killed in Brazil

3/3/05:  Michael Donnelly: Teresa Heinz Gets No Love; John Edwards Gets a Pass

3/3/05:  The State of Oregon vs. Mike Roselle

3/3/05:  Rescuers Struggle to Save Trapped Whales in Russian Far East

3/3/05:  'Clear Skies' Bill Decried in N.C.

3/3/05:  Mystery Squid Helps Prove Ocean Research

3/3/05:  Energetically Defending Our Public Lands -- An ENN Commentary

3/3/05:  Researcher Downplays Ozone Hole Risk

3/3/05:  Forest Advocates are Sharply at Odds over Logging's Benefits, Perils

3/3/05:  Seattle Zoo Tries to Inseminate Elephant

3/3/05:  Looser Environmental Restrictions on Military Sought by Bush

3/3/05:  AEP Gets Nod to Purchase Wind Power

3/3/05:  Richardson: Governors Should Have More Say About Drilling on Federal Land

3/3/05:  Atlanta Subways to Get TV, Radio Feeds

3/3/05:  Planners Vote Against Wal-Mart in Columbus, Georgia

3/3/05:  February US Hybrid Sales Second-Strongest Ever

3/3/05:  Panel Seeks to Put Organic Loophole Out to Pasture

3/3/05:  Forest Advocates Are Sharply at Odds Over Logging's Benefits, Peril

3/2/05:  Forest advocates gather in Eugene, Oregon, sharply at odds over logging's benefits, perils

3/2/05:  Senate Panel Delays Emissions Vote Again

3/2/05:  Connecticut River Advocates Take on Pollution, ATVs

3/2/05:  California Golf Club Told it Dropped the Ball

3/2/05:  Washington State Gas Tax Plan Calls for Hike of 4 Cents

3/2/05:  Planned Biofuel Plant to Use Clarkson-Developed Technology

3/2/05:  Alabama Lawmaker Targets Ugly Fish Law

3/2/05:  Pleasanton mayor nears 100 days in office

3/2/05:  Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel Chats with Grist about Climate Change

3/2/05:  Coastal Zone Growth Places Millions in Hazard Areas

3/2/05:  Army Publication: Israeli Military Causes Severe Environmental Damage

3/2/05:  Senate Republicans Ready to Push Arctic Refuge Drilling Measure

3/2/05:  Thais Fight to Save Rare Fossil Bed from Miners

3/2/05:  Manure Blamed for Killing Wisconsin Trout

3/2/05:  Winds Trapping Pollutants, Solar Storms, Blamed for Arctic Ozone Loss

3/2/05:  Seven Rare Whales Found Dead on New Zealand Beach

3/2/05:  Pols are Pushing Cleanup of Creek

3/2/05:  Scientists Say Removing All Radioactive Waste from Defense Sites Impractical

3/1/05:  Oil Firm Near $52 as Cold Hits U.S. Northeast

3/1/05:  Fort Replicators Aghast at ExxonMobil Report

3/1/05:  North Carolina Oyster-Growing Project to be Permitted

3/1/05:  Pols are Pushing Cleanup of Creek

3/1/05:  Tiny Trees Spur New Growth in Industry

3/1/05:  Towns Prepare for Coal Rebirth

3/1/05:  U.S. Animal Rights Activists Protest China Fur

3/1/05:  Judge Approves $107.6 Million Settlement Against DuPont Over Alleged Poisoning of Water

3/1/05:  Athens' Sludge Mountain Upsets Residents

3/1/05:  Umbra on Avoiding Unsightly Bathroom Mold

3/1/05:  Mercury Damage to Babies Costs Billions, Study Says

3/1/05:  Judge Approves $107.6 Million Settlement against DuPont over Alleged Poisoning of Water

3/1/05:  US Animal Rights Activists Protest China Fur

3/1/05:  Traders Gather for Conference on the World's Newest Trading Commodity: Pollution

3/1/05:  Greenpeace Urges World Bank, ADB to Shift Funding to Renewable Energy

3/1/05:  Research May Help Fight Tiny Bee Pests

3/1/05:  U.S. Research Ship Pays US$2 Million Fine for Reef Damage

2/28/05:  Economic Uncertainty over Lack of Dredging in North Carolina

2/28/05:  Citrus Growers Gearing Up for Canker Issues

2/28/05:  Four New York City Boroughs Report Drop in Car Registrations

2/28/05:  Minnesota Officials Mum on Cyanide Investigation

2/28/05:  Program to Compensate Amchitka Workers is Progressing

2/28/05:  EU Defuses Row with US over Wood Packaging Insects

2/28/05:  Jury Deliberates Case of Alleged Clean Water Act Violation

2/28/05:  Emerald Isle's Visitors Seek Beach Access

2/28/05:  Malaysian Leader Brushes Off Indonesian Protest on Disputed Offshore Oil Blocks

2/28/05:  Island-Building Covers Coral Reefs, Alters Gulf Environment

2/28/05:  Scientists Study Drop in Blue King Crab Populations

2/28/05:  New Virus May Have Come from Monkeys, Experts Say

2/28/05:  Lawmakers Team with Environmentalists To Push Wind, Solar Energy

2/28/05:  On Beyond Organic: Fighting Food Allergies

2/28/05:  Vanishing Islands -- An ENN Commentary

2/28/05:  Brazil Awards Disputed Area to Slain Nun's Project

2/28/05:  Canada Close to Emissions Deal with Car Makers

2/28/05:  EU Must Compromise on Nuke Issues, Says Iran Official

2/25/05:  The Week in Review in Business and Industry, February 21-25

2/25/05:  Week in Review: February 21st - 25th

2/25/05:  New Hampshire Nature Center Wants Snowmobile Ban

2/25/05:  Birth Rate Falls for Canadian Grizzlies, Development Cited

2/25/05:  Nebraska Woman Wins Emissions Lawsuit Against Tyson

2/25/05:  Board Backs Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump at Utah Reservation, Reversing Objection on Plane Crash Risk

2/25/05:  Venezuela Unwilling to Negotiate Tax Increase on a Heavy Crude Upgrading Project Involving ExxonMobil

2/25/05:  Deluge Deadly for Southern California's Dairy Cows

2/25/05:  Kraft Draws Ire for Road Kill Candy

2/25/05:  African Fossils Push Back Origins Of Humans, and Other Stories

2/25/05:  Some Dairy Farmers Worry about 'Organic' Milk Labels

2/25/05:  Senate Considering Revival of Pesticide Reporting System

2/25/05:  'Green Building' Trend Grows

2/25/05:  City of Albuquerque, Environmentalists Settle Silvery Minnow Dispute

2/25/05:  Board Backs Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump at Utah Reservation

2/25/05:  Island-Building Covers Coral Reefs, Alters Gulf Environment

2/25/05:  Fire Ravages Forest Reserve Bordering Malaysian Airport, Administrative Capital

2/25/05:  Justices Weigh Water Rights

2/24/05:  Safaricom And Save The Elephants Win Mobility in the Environment Award

2/24/05:  Warm Weather Melting Skiers' Season

2/24/05:  Fines Urged in Sales of Unregistered Flea Treatments

2/24/05:  Tree Sacrifice in Durham Pains Builder

2/24/05:  Amazon Land Grab Fuels Brazil Progress, Violence

2/24/05:  Feds Order Susquehanna Power Plants and Others to Stop Killing Off Fish

2/24/05:  Disaster-Cleanup Firms in Orange County Scrambling to Keep Up With Calls

2/24/05:  Emmpak Foods Reaches Pollution Settlement

2/24/05:  Woman Absorbs Cost of Big Sprinkler Leak; City Lowers Bill to $2,000

2/24/05:  Sam Kennedy and Dan Shope, The Morning Call, Allentown, Pa.

2/24/05:  South African-Led Consortium Plans Congo River Project to Nearly Double Africa's Electricity Output

2/24/05:  Retreat of Antarctic Ice Shelves Is Not New, Report Says

2/24/05:  Tribal Clashes over Water and Land in Central Kenya Leaves at Least Four Dead

2/24/05:  Giant Panda Skeleton Found in 4,000-Year-Old Tomb

2/24/05:  Climate Science Keeps on Ticking -- An ENN Commentary

2/24/05:  Trash from Canada Piling Up

2/24/05:  Tiger on Loose Near L.A. Shot and Killed

2/24/05:  Bush, Schroeder Say Cooperation Possible on the Environment

2/24/05:  Brazil Environmentalist Shot in Rain Forest

2/24/05:  Study Proposes Plastic Bag Ban in Kenya to Manage Growing Waste Problem

2/23/05:  Premier Medical Waste Services Wastes no Time Expanding Base

2/23/05:  Environmentalist CEO's Business Rents Hybrid Cars

2/23/05:  Biotech Business Spurs Debate

2/23/05:  More Japanese Firms Producing Materials Less Harmful to Environment

2/23/05:  Scientists Examines Workplace Germs

2/23/05:  Soy Industry Looks for the Next Big Thing

2/23/05:  Tourists Evacuated as Chilean Park Fire Burns

2/23/05:  Older Diesel Equipment Will Still Pose Health Problems, Group Says

2/23/05:  Study Proposes Plastic Bag Ban in Kenya to Manage Growing Waste Problem

2/23/05:  Panelists Decry Bush Science Policies

2/23/05:  Bush, Schroeder to Make Pledges on Climate Change, Official Says

2/23/05:  Green Waste a Burning Rural Issue

2/23/05:  Up to 11 Wilderness Areas Could Join National Forest

2/23/05:  Umbra on Renting Hybrids and Sharing Cars

2/23/05:  Ex-Wildlife Manager Agrees to Pay Fine

2/23/05:  Bird Flu in Flies No Threat to Animals or Humans, Expert Says

2/23/05:  Study Blames 20,000 Deaths a Year on Diesel Exhaust

2/22/05:  On Beyond Organic: Bodycareless - What's in Our Soap?

2/22/05:  Sifter to Speed Ordnance Depot Cleanup

2/22/05:  PGA Aquifer Shield Elaborate

2/22/05:  Eco Depot

2/22/05:  No Schedule Yet on Japan Beef Trade-USDA's Johanns

2/22/05:  More Mutilated Eagles Found Near Vancouver

2/22/05:  Great Salt Lake Mercury Worries Scientists

2/22/05:  Canada Not Planning to Ban Popular Lawn Pesticide

2/22/05:  Coastlines Already Damaged by Pollution Suffered More from Tsunami than Others, Says U.N. Official

2/22/05:  Agriculture Research Faces Cuts in Bush Plan

2/22/05:  Tsunami-Hit Beach May Become Turtle Haven

2/22/05:  Brazil Vows Slowdown of Amazon Destruction

2/22/05:  Cuba Calls on Citizens to Conserve Water to Confront Shortage

2/22/05:  Forest Fire Rages in Chile's Torres del Paine Park

2/21/05:  California Lawmaker to Propose Study on Converting Nuclear Plant to Natural Gas

2/21/05:  EPA Sides with North Carolina on Pollution Controls for TVA Coal Plants

2/21/05:  Dischargers Seek Delay in River Cleanup Plan

2/21/05:  Programs Aim to Help Farmers Conserve Water

2/21/05:  Columbus, Ohio-Based Plastics Firm Finds New Use for Corn

2/21/05:  Low-cost Technology for Environment-Friendly Plastic Developed

2/21/05:  Organic Produce Businesses Start to Grow

2/21/05:  Group to Examine Possible Cell Phone Risks

2/21/05:  EPA Sets Exposure Limit for Fuel Pollutant

2/21/05:  Bears on China Farms Face "Barbaric Cruelty"-Group

2/21/05:  Organic Produce Businesses Start to Grow

2/21/05:  Mexico Suspends Permit for Controversial U.S. Research Ship

2/21/05:  Global Warming Could Worsen US Pollution, Report Says

2/21/05:  British Fox Hunters Test Bounds of New Ban

2/21/05:  California in Deal to Preserve Hearst Coastal Area

2/21/05:  Careful Flooding May Restore Iraq Marshes, Experts Say

2/21/05:  EPA Sets Exposure Limit for Rocket Fuel Pollutant

2/21/05:  Brazil's Drive to Become World's Bread Basket Blamed for Amazon Land Violence

2/21/05:  Brazil's Drive to Become World's Bread Basket Blamed for Amazon Land Violence

2/21/05:  Passage of Air Quality Legislation is Cloudy -- An ENN Commentary

2/21/05:  Court Finds Fault with EPA Haze Program for Parks, Wilderness

2/21/05:  Experts: Scientific Influence Wanes, Research Funding Weakened in Bush Administration

2/18/05:  The Week in Review in Business and Industry, February 14-18

2/18/05:  EPA Terminates Contract with Computer Recycling Firm

2/18/05:  Delray Workers Plant Endangered Native Vine to Prevent Dune Erosion

2/18/05:  Boosting Wind-Energy Standards to Mean 'Significant New Benefits,' Group Says

2/18/05:  Farmland Advocate Promotes Agricultural Easements

2/18/05:  Tenth Shipment of Reprocessed Japanese Nuclear Waste Heading Home

2/18/05:  California Elks Will Be Sent to Roam Free

2/18/05:  Umbra on What Global Warming Will Mean for Average Folks

2/18/05:  Environmentalists Sue Bush Administration over New Forest Rules

2/18/05:  Britain Criticizes US Climate Change Record

2/18/05:  Group Seeks Protection for Polar Bears

2/18/05:  EPA Agrees to Consider Requiring Pollution Cuts in 13 Eastern States

2/18/05:  Brazil's President Creates Massive Forest Reserves after Killing of American Nun

2/18/05:  Gulf States Talk about Reducing the Shrimp Fleet to Aid Struggling Shrimpers

2/18/05:  EPA Agrees to Consider Requiring Pollution Cuts in 13 Eastern States

2/18/05:  Brazil Plans Vast Amazon Reserve to Stem Logging

2/17/05:  Bill to Keep Animals, Children out of Antifreeze Endorsed

2/17/05:  City Asked to Pick Sides on Toxics

2/17/05:  Solar Project on the Hot Spot

2/17/05:  Firm Ready to Bet on Nuclear Power

2/17/05:  Groups Oppose Ethanol Proposal

2/17/05:  Fuel Cells to Supply Electricity at Sheraton

2/17/05:  Rampant Lobster Disease Mystifies Scientists

2/17/05:  Tenth Shipment of Reprocessed Japanese Nuclear Waste Heading Home

2/17/05:  Frenchville Residents Get Update on Odorous Manure

2/17/05:  In a New Mexico Desert Town, Residents Stake Their Future on Uranium

2/17/05:  New Global Network Aims for Tsunami Warning System

2/17/05:  Mexico Reports 75-Percent Drop in the Number of Monarch Butterflies

2/17/05:  Dream or Nightmare? -- An ENN Commentary

2/17/05:  Ice Kangaroos, Koalas Melt in Kyoto Protest

2/17/05:  Massachusetts Making Boundary Change that Could Limit Planned Offshore Windmills

2/17/05:  Russia's UES Close to Large Kyoto-Linked Deals

2/17/05:  Seizing Their Chance, Conservationists Join Forces to Push Bills

2/17/05:  Defecating Pandas Expand Their Horizons

2/16/05:  Environmental Officials Defend Rules on Construction

2/16/05:  Victoria, Texas, Considers Getting into Methane Gas Mining Business

2/16/05:  Oil Prices Soar as OPEC Cut Worries Linger

2/16/05:  Japan Government Drafts Bill on Making Firms Report Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2/16/05:  China Miners: Losing Jobs Biggest Worry

2/16/05:  Development of Sakhalin Oil Fields Should Be Delayed to Protect Gray Whales, Independent Report Says

2/16/05:  Pesticide Tax, Farmer Education Could Lessen Pollution from Runoff, Report Says

2/16/05:  Economic Development Officials Battling Air-Pollution Designations

2/16/05:  Maryland Proposal Would Slap Annual $750 Registration Surcharge on Hummers, other Mammoth SUVs

2/16/05:  Kenya Seizes Smuggled Baby Chimps Crammed into Cage

2/16/05:  Tired of Lions? Try a Frogging Safari

2/16/05:  Canada Plans to Buy Kyoto Green Credits Abroad

2/16/05:  Ranchers Blame Government for Prairie Dog Damage

2/16/05:  An Interview with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai

2/16/05:  Thousands Gather for Funeral of American Nun as Battle over Amazon Intensifies

2/16/05:  Dangers of Mercury Pollution Overstated, House Republicans Say in Report

2/16/05:  Feted and Hated, Kyoto Enters into Force

2/15/05:  Governor's Crusade Against Business Rules has Found No Villains

2/15/05:  Bush Puts Jobs Ahead of Climate Treaty Targets

2/15/05:  Oil Rises as OPEC Says May Cut Supply

2/15/05:  California's emission rules here? Auto Dealers Say it's a Bad Idea

2/15/05:  Libby, Mont., Residents Hope to Hold Big Corporation Accountable for Asbestos Illnesses

2/15/05:  UK Activists Hail Court Ruling in "McLibel" Case

2/15/05:  Salvage and Oil Cleanup of Aleutian Freighter Wreck Halted Until Spring

2/15/05:  Unions Lobbying Democrats to Back President's clean Air Plan

2/15/05:  Do Cows and Tennis Balls Stoke Global Warming?

2/15/05:  Study Finds Pollution May Affect Babies' Genes

2/15/05:  Group Seeks Protection for Eastern Fish

2/15/05:  Smokies Park Gets Bugs, Species Funds

2/15/05:  Kyoto Host Japan Still Far from Greenhouse Targets

2/15/05:  Little Fire Ants Invade the Big Island

2/15/05:  EarthTalk: Combatting Sprawl with 'Smart Growth'

2/15/05:  U.S. Cities Eye Ocean Waves for Power Supplies

2/15/05:  President's Budget Cuts Funding for Fisheries Programs

2/15/05:  Reef Expert Gives Back to Asia

2/15/05:  Unions Lobbying Democrats to Back President's Clean Air Plan

2/14/05:  Nuclear waste: Greenpeace blocks train convoy

2/14/05:  P.E.I. could become first province to ban GMOs

2/14/05:  City to Meet over Contract to Clean Up Harmful Agents

2/14/05:  EU Cautions UK of Legal Action if it Exceeds Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2/14/05:  U.S. Cities Eye Ocean Waves for Power Supplies

2/14/05:  Birders Eye Winter Hummingbirds, Vagrants

2/14/05:  Earth's 'Lung,' the Amazon Forest, Breathes Uneasily in a Time of Climate Change

2/14/05:  Council Votes to Restrict Bottom Trawling in Aleutian Islands

2/14/05:  Report Warns Great Barrier Reef Could Die in 20 Years

2/14/05:  U.S. Wildlife Experts to Teach Brazilian Environmental Police

2/14/05:  Global Warming Treaty Set to Take Effect

2/14/05:  Congressional Challenges in 2005 -- An ENN Commentary

2/14/05:  Senators Introduce Ocean Trash Bill

2/14/05:  FPL to Build Solar Panels Thanks to Green Customers

2/14/05:  More Trucks Likely to Come Under New CAFÉ Umbrella

2/13/05:  Cumberland Greens Bioregional Council Winter Gathering

2/13/05:  Oregon: Logging and Forests

2/13/05:  Opinion: Raise your voices now, before forests fall silent under Bush plan

2/13/05:  Earth First! Demands Mountain Justice

2/13/05:  Sydney: Green groups oppose proposed Botany Bay treatment plant

2/11/05:  Week In Review: February 7th - 11th

2/11/05:  Oil spillAlaska's biggest since 1989

2/11/05:  Madagascan Troops Accused of Smuggling Tortoises

2/11/05:  Clouds Gather Over Future of Kyoto Climate Pact

2/11/05:  Biologist Says Deer Threaten Ginseng

2/11/05:  Asia Quake, Tsunami Moved Islands, Shortened Days

2/11/05:  Planets Could Be Made Of Diamonds, and Other Stories

2/11/05:  $15.5M Grant to Aid Animals

2/11/05:  Aleutian Oil Spill Now Biggest in Alaska Since 1989

2/11/05:  2005 Could Be Warmest Year Recorded, Says NASA

2/10/05:  Film details the Forest Service century

2/10/05:  Police on alert after group urges action against mining

2/10/05:  Wyoming to Study Declining Moose Population

2/10/05:  Seattle Mandates Recycling

2/10/05:  Carbon Emissions Trading is New Weapon to Battle Global Warming

2/10/05:  Scientists Find New Coral Species

2/10/05:  FERC Rules on Access to Proposed Alaska Gas Pipeline

2/10/05:  'Political' Science: The Rise of Junk Science and the Fall of Reason--An ENN Commentary

2/10/05:  State Wolf Plan Awaits Live Test

2/10/05:  Energy Secretary Reaffirms Commitment to Building Nevada Nuclear Waste Dump

2/9/05:  Chemical Company, Officials Indicted on Asbestos-Related Charges

2/9/05:  Coal Recouped

2/9/05:  Deal Close on Superfund Site's Cleanup

2/9/05:  A Computer Recycler's Big Job

2/9/05:  Wildlife Could Lure Tourists to Maine

2/9/05:  Experts Try to Predict What the Next Tsunami Will Do

2/9/05:  China under Pressure on Emissions as Kyoto Looms

2/9/05:  Going Once, Going Twice -- A Chance to Name a Monkey

2/9/05:  World Bank Chief Says Neutral Expert To Be Appointed in Kashmir Dam Dispute

2/9/05:  Experts Baffled by Finch Die-Off in Alaska

2/9/05:  Mangrove Forests Reduce Impact of Tsunami and Cyclones, Ecological Experts Say

2/9/05:  EU Wants to Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions Beyond 2012

2/8/05:  W.R. Grace and Seven Employees Indicted over Asbestos-Contaminated Mine

2/8/05:  Scientists, Fishermen Worry About Herring

2/8/05:  'Leather-Free' Mercedes Thrills Rights Group

2/8/05:  Storm Damage May Hasten Death of Sequoia

2/8/05:  Solar Power Demand to Soar in Coming Years

2/8/05:  Researchers Work on Red Tide Sensor

2/8/05:  Israelis and Palestinians Clean up Rivers to Save Endangered Turtles, Improve Drinking Water

2/8/05:  Budget at a Glance: Department of Energy

2/8/05:  Bush Seeks Nearly Six Percent Cut in Environment Funding

2/7/05:  A new code for forest protests? The industry spokesman & the activists discuss

2/7/05:  Fiddler Timber Sale sparks protest

2/7/05:  Biodiesel to be Distributed for Boaters through Port Everglades

2/7/05:  500 Hours Achieved in Biomass Power Generation

2/7/05:  Florida Revisits Manatee Status

2/7/05:  Time Ticking on Nuclear Waste Decision

2/7/05:  Mitsubishi Motors, Heavy Eye Joint Development of Fuel-Cell Car

2/7/05:  Researchers Probe Antarctica's Shifting Ice, 'Not Sure What's Going On'

2/7/05:  Bush Budget Would Cut Aid for Local Law Enforcement, Environment, Indian Schools

2/7/05:  Ancient Beasts Raise Questions about Climate Change

2/7/05:  EarthTalk: What is 'Acid Rain' and What Causes It?

2/7/05:  Biodiesel To Be Distributed for Boaters Through Port Everglades

2/7/05:  Time Ticking on Nuclear Waste Decision

2/7/05:  Nesting Begins for Endangered Parrots

2/7/05:  The New Environmentalism -- An ENN Commentary

2/7/05:  African Countries Sign Treaty to Protect Rain Forest

2/7/05:  The New Environmentalism -- An ENN Commentary

2/7/05:  Nesting Begins for Endangered Parrots

2/7/05:  Time Ticking on Nuclear Waste Decision


2/6/05:  Biscuit Fire logging plans protested

2/6/05:  Earthroots slams government's move to continue culling native birds in protected bird sanctuary

2/6/05:  Reducing Radioactive Waste

2/6/05:  Bid to Reduce Greenhouse Gas and Extend Oil Production

2/6/05:  European food retailers against biotech foods

2/6/05:  Apocalypse Now: How Mankind is Sleepwalking to the End of the Earth

2/5/05:  Africa's rainforest depend on cutting out corruption

2/4/05:  EU shelves mostly GM-free

2/4/05:  Week In Review: January 31st - February 4th

2/4/05:  Biologists Planning to Study Pelicans

2/4/05:  Scientists Worry About Red Tide, Manatees

2/4/05:  Organisms Found in Deepest Part of Ocean

2/4/05:  Food Scarcity Predicted with Rising Temperatures, Falling Water Tables

2/4/05:  Experts See Increasing Energy from Sugar

2/4/05:  EPA Overlooked Health Impact, Based Mercury Rule on Industry Plan, Internal Audit Finds

2/4/05:  Guards, Governments Seek to Save African Forests

2/4/05:  Bush Seeks $867 Million Budget for Forest Thinning

2/3/05:  Lockyer Sues Over U.S. Timber Plan

2/3/05:  Environmental Group Says Oil and Gas Wells in Western States not Being Inspected Enough

2/3/05:  Trees Could Grow Cash for DuPage

2/3/05:  Free Bags May Get the Sack

2/3/05:  Insurers Agree to $93 Million Settlement Over Hazardous Waste Site in California

2/3/05:  Lawmakers Float Plan for Underwater Logging

2/3/05:  Group Claims Biotechs Don't Deliver on Promises

2/3/05:  US Senate Panel May Deadlock on Utility Emissions

2/3/05:  Catastrophe Left Lasting Impact, and a Hope that People Don't 'Rebuild the Next One'

2/3/05:  Climate Warming Spells Species Wipeout, Experts Say

2/3/05:  The 51 Percent Solution -- An ENN Commentary

2/3/05:  Bush Urges Congress to Pass Energy Bill

2/3/05:  Rare Plant Nearly Wiped Out by Work Crew

2/2/05:  Claims against Forest Service charge new logging mandate ignores science

2/2/05:  Is the biographer of activist Judi Bari a tool of the right -- or just a skeptical liberal?

2/2/05:  Mexico green groups go after Pemex for oil spills

2/2/05:  GM Canola may contaminate

2/2/05:  Toyota to Launch World's 1st Hybrid Luxury Vehicle in U.S.

2/2/05:  Wind Energy a Goal in State

2/2/05:  West Texas Woodlands Make Conservation 'Hot' List

2/2/05:  Bonobos dying as they flee hunters

2/2/05:  California, Environmental Groups Sue to Block Sierra National Forest Plan

2/2/05:  Lawmakers in Six Midwestern States Announce Regional Environmental Effort

2/2/05:  Tiny Pest Decimating Honeybee Colonies

2/2/05:  Scientists Say Global Warming Hurts Africa

2/2/05:  Carpool Lanes: Not Just for Carpools Anymore

2/2/05:  Crane Restoration Partners Pledge to Continue Efforts

2/2/05:  Notes from Anna: Collapse, by Jared Diamond

2/2/05:  Judge Rules U.S. Government Wrong to Downgrade Wolf from Endangered to Threatened

2/2/05:  Study Uncovers New Threatened Ecological Hotspots

2/2/05:  Compound From Amazonian Rainforest Plant Shows Promise In Treating Breast Cancer

2/1/05:  Zoltek Cos. Will be Included in Pro-Environment Energy Fund

2/1/05:  Farmers Looking at Methane Digesters to Create Energy from Cow Manure

2/1/05:  Landfill's Effect on Water Supply a Concern

2/1/05:  Inspections to Begin at 28 Industrial Plants

2/1/05:  Lack of Cash Stalls Landfill- to-Energy Project

2/1/05:  National Survey Shows Americans Are In The Dark Regarding Genetically Modified Foods

2/1/05:  EU Commission Proposes Phasing out Exports to Combat Mercury Pollution

2/1/05:  Scientists Keep Eye on Alaska Volcanoes

2/1/05:  Sri Lanka's Beaches Will Recover but Coral Damaged

2/1/05:  China Presses Three Gorges Project to Heed Rules

2/1/05:  Goals of the Exeter Climate Conference

2/1/05:  British Minister Opens International Conference on Climate Change

2/1/05:  Students Worldwide to Learn about Louisiana's Vanishing Wetlands

2/1/05:  Conservation Deal Takes Unusual Tack

2/1/05:  EU Reports Thinning Ozone Layer over Arctic; Possible Threat to Human Health

2/1/05:  Farmers Looking at Methane Digesters to Create Energy from Cow Manure

2/1/05:  India Way Down on World Green Index

1/31/05:  A fight to save ancient forest at Lake Erie

1/31/05:  Texas, Mexican Officials Discuss Landfill Fire Problem

1/31/05:  Toyota Unveils Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus Before Expo

1/31/05:  EPA, Mining Firm Cut Deal, but Some Residents are Leery

1/31/05:  'Dangerous' Global Warming Possible by 2026, WWF Says

1/31/05:  EarthTalk: Are There Any Organic Products That Young Children Would Enjoy?

1/31/05:  Massachusetts Water Authority Officials Investigating Boston's Big Dig Project

1/31/05:  Commission Staff Calls Risks of Proposed Plutonium Conversion Plant Minimal

1/31/05:  Residents of Tight-Knit River Neighborhood Losing Land, Losing Hope

1/31/05:  Loggers Going Into Oregon Old Growth Reserve on Biscuit Fire

1/31/05:  Special Mouse that Blocked Projects Special No More, Government Says

1/31/05:  Landmarks Since Prehistory, Glaciers are Shrinking in a Warming World

1/31/05:  The Short Path to Oil Independence -- An ENN Commentary

1/28/05:  Tyson Foods Agrees to Monitor Level of Ammonia Emissions

1/28/05:  ConocoPhillips Agrees to Clean-Air Settlement

1/28/05:  Yale Study Suggests Chemical Might Cause Hearing Loss in Whales

1/28/05:  Canada Split over Restrictions on Car Emissions

1/28/05:  Umbra Schools a Student Who Needs Sturdy, Eco-Friendly Bags

1/28/05:  Bear Hunting Debate Shifts to Outlawing Traps

1/28/05:  ConocoPhillips Reaches Clean Air Settlement Requiring $525 Million in Pollution Controls

1/28/05:  Nordic Countries Claim Four of Top Five Spots in Environmental Sustainability Survey

1/28/05:  Environmentalists Sue Feds To Stop Mining Companies from Dumping Mountain Tops into Valleys

1/28/05:  Endangered Condors Return to Andes Skies

1/28/05:  Environmentalists Sue To Stop Logging of Sequoias, Other Trees at California National Monument

1/27/05:  Shell executive: Climate needs shift from oil

1/27/05:  Greenpeace intercepts shipload of transgenic soya

1/27/05:  Poor are victims of toxic waste imports

1/27/05:  Environmental extreme has district attorney doing its work

1/27/05:  Greenpeace protest, GM crop banned

1/27/05:  Senate Panel OKs Bush's Pick for U.S. Energy Secretary

1/27/05:  Small Town in Jungle Creates Dilemma for Authorities

1/27/05:  House Members File Bill To Restore Horse, Burro Protection Law

1/27/05:  Mad Cows a Symptom of a Sick Food System

1/27/05:  Scientists Say Valdez Spill Impacts Slow To Fade

1/27/05:  One Month Later, Picture of Tsunami's Toll on the Environment Emerges

1/27/05:  Notes From Anna: 'Do You Ever Wonder...'

1/27/05:  EPA Approves Pollution Control Plan for Everglades

1/27/05:  Bush Air Pollution Plan Up Against Deadlocked Senate Committee

1/27/05:  Bush Administration Pushes Plan to Change Air Pollution Regulation

1/27/05:  ChevronTexaco Officials Outline 2 Projects that May Affect Coastal Environment

1/26/05:  Don't raid arctic refuge: Republicans planning legislative shortcut

1/26/05:  Chlorine Factories Cited as Big Source of Mercury Pollution; Industry Says it's Making Changes

1/26/05:  Gold Mine Exploration Begins on Western Shoshone Lands

1/26/05:  U.S. Seeks to Scuttle Conference Text Linking Climate Change to Disasters

1/26/05:  Australian Government Says It Won't Back Anti-Whaling Lawsuit

1/26/05:  Phoenix Officials Urge Residents To Boil Water Because of Treatment Plant Problems

1/26/05:  Federal Officials To Sue after Gas Leak from State Oil Company on Mexico's Gulf Coast

1/26/05:  State Logging Plan Draws Objections from Conservation Groups

1/26/05:  Early Settlers Made Australian Desert, Study Finds

1/26/05:  Alaskan Urges Gas Research Funding

1/26/05:  Pataki, Schwarzenegger Urge Congress Not To Weaken States' Environmental Powers

1/26/05:  Study Encourages Everglades Land Purchases

1/25/05:  Groups oppose coal-fired plants

1/25/05:  Greenpeace to track GMO soy cargo into French port

1/25/05:  Glades Reservoir Proposal Encounters Some Opposition

1/25/05:  Officials, Groups Seek to Settle Clean Air Suit

1/25/05:  Report: Global warming approaching critical point

1/25/05:  At Least 14 Killed as Kenyan Tribes Clash over Scarce Water Supplies

1/25/05:  According to Report, River Erosion Lowering Water Levels on Lake Michigan, Lake Huron

1/25/05:  Jordi Honey-Rosés, Butterfly Protector, InterActivates

1/25/05:  San Francisco Ponders Ecology Tax for Grocery Bags

1/25/05:  Ecuador Foreign Ministry Says Colombian Anti-Drug Spraying Not Harming Border Region

1/25/05:  Court Fight May Spare Blair Pre-Poll Hunt Protests

1/25/05:  Report Says Global Warming at Critical Point

1/25/05:  Report Warns of Toxins in Baltic Fish

1/25/05:  Feds Adopt Plan for Drilling on Vast New Mexico Grassland; State, Conservationists Vow Fight

1/24/05:  Climate Change: Countdown to Global Catastrophe

1/24/05:  Global Warming Approaching Point of No Return, Warns Leading Climate Expert

1/24/05:  EPA Plans to Exempt Livestock, Poultry Feed Lots from Air Pollution Fines

1/24/05:  GM Wary on Hybrids

1/24/05:  California Officials Doubt Natural Seepage Caused Oil Spill Killing Hundreds of Birds

1/24/05:  U.S. Ship Begins Sound-Wave Research off Yucatan Despite Protests

1/24/05:  One Month Post-Tsunami, Farmers Face Fallow Fields

1/24/05:  EarthTalk: Are There Any Car-Free Cities in the World?

1/24/05:  Growing Demand for Liquefied Natural Gas Raises Safety Questions

1/24/05:  Notes from Anna: Bird's Eye Views -- Three Thinkers In Eco-Ethics

1/24/05:  Government to Allow Oil Exploration in Ecologically Sensitive Alaska Area

1/24/05:  EPA Offers to Limit Fines to Factory-Style Farms in Exchange for Data

1/23/05:  Victoria's Secret turns old-growth into catalogs

1/23/05:  Virgin forest turned into steamy catalogs

1/23/05:  Surin governor says GM rice not necessary for Thailand

1/21/05:  Dow Chemical, Michigan Approve Plan on Dioxin

1/21/05:  Maine Forestlands in Times of Change

1/21/05:  Hiding Bycatch Nets a Big Fine

1/21/05:  Group spreads the word about mining

1/21/05:  U.N. Says Asian Tsunami Caused Severe Environmental Damage in Indonesia

1/21/05:  Arizona Park Wants to Kill Exotic Plants

1/21/05:  U.S. Seeks to Scuttle Conference Text Linking Climate Change to Disasters

1/21/05:  Researchers Find Quahogs Can Neutralize Toxin

1/21/05:  Army Corps Agrees NY Wetland Deserves Federal Protection

1/21/05:  Space Mission Lands On Titan, and Other Stories

1/21/05:  Rare Giant Pandas Boost Numbers by Almost Half

1/21/05:  Colorado Scientists Find Chemicals in Waters

1/21/05:  Ohio Wildlife Officials Consider Allowing Otter Trapping after Success of Reintroduction Programs

1/21/05:  UN Storm Brews over Hurricane-Global Warming Link

1/20/05:  Kelpie Wilson: Judi Bari Survives Character Assassination

1/20/05:  Notes from Anna: The Mailroom as Landscape

1/20/05:  Congo Police, Army Accused of Elephant Poaching

1/20/05:  Silt Deposits Threaten Coral Life in Tsunami-Hit Southern Indian Islands

1/20/05:  US Forests Cost-Effective against Global Warming, Study Concludes

1/20/05:  Environmentalists fight planned gas terminal in Mexico

1/20/05:  Puget Sound Environmental Report Yields Mixed Results

1/20/05:  The Final (Probably) Word on Plastics from Umbra

1/20/05:  Canada Can Learn from California

1/20/05:  Nuclear Power Makes a Comeback

1/20/05:  It's the Bomb: New bio of eco-radical Judi Bari ignites pals' ire

1/19/05:  Leaks Make up Big Part of Toxics Released by Industry

1/19/05:  Environmentalists Fight Planned Gas Terminal in Mexico

1/19/05:  Casino Developers Granted Permit to Build Resort Near Wetlands in U.S. Virgin Islands

1/19/05:  Betsy Rosenberg, Host of Radio's EcoTalk, Answers Grist's Questions

1/19/05:  Sugar Companies Explore Making Ethanol from Molasses

1/19/05:  Canada Considers Adopting California's More Stringent Auto-Emission Standards

1/19/05:  Environmentalists Say Hawksbill Sea Turtle in 'Drastic Decline' in Mexico

1/19/05:  Tsunami Detection a Complex Challenge

1/19/05:  Bush `Clear Skies' Proposal Hinders Power Plant Cleanups, Official Says

1/18/05:  U.S. Officials Accuse DuPont of Concealing Teflon Ingredient's Health Risk

1/18/05:  Science News : Home-Made Biofuels Are Best

1/18/05:  Car bombing put Judy Bari in the spotlight

1/18/05:  Environmental Organizations Speak Out Online on Critical Environmental Issues.

1/18/05:  Gunns sues environmentalists, attacks free speech

1/18/05:  Mexican Authorities Order Gas Well Closed after Explosion, Spill

1/18/05:  Record Warm Winter Stirs Sleepy Estonian Bears

1/18/05:  U.S. Officials Accuse DuPont of Concealing Teflon Ingredient's Health Risk

1/18/05:  Fishermen Barred from Spawning Grounds of Rare Species in U.S. Virgin Islands

1/18/05:  Geologist has Vision for Wyoming

1/18/05:  EarthTalk: Are There Environmentally-Friendlier Ways to De-Ice Pavement?

1/18/05:  Indonesia to Replant Mangroves in Tsunami Defense

1/18/05:  Homemade Biofuels are Best, Say UK Green Groups

1/18/05:  Disaster Looms for Megacities, UN Official Says

1/17/05:  Mangroves Lost to Development may be Replenished as Natural Wave Barrier

1/17/05:  Sugar Companies in Florida Explore Ethanol from Molasses

1/17/05:  Environmentalists Win Bid to Regulate Taconite Industry Mercury Emissions

1/17/05:  Congo's Rare Rhinos to Be Flown to Safety

1/17/05:  Notes from Anna: Brazil -- Migration, Nature, and the Documenting Lens

1/17/05:  Scientists Watch for Antarctic Iceberg Collision

1/17/05:  Ravens' Interaction With Oil Rigs Studied

1/17/05:  Rome, Milan Ban Cars to Lower Pollution Levels

1/17/05:  EPA Seeking Review on Potential Health Risks of Chemical Used in Teflon

1/17/05:  Malaysian Company that Imported Toxic Waste from Taiwan to Be Charged in Court, Report Says

1/17/05:  The Sound of the Big Bang, and Other Stories

1/17/05:  Senses, Sand Dunes Helped Tsunami Animals Escape

1/15/05:  Environmentalists Say Sound Wave Research off Yucatan Threatens Marine Life

1/15/05:  Court Lifts Injunction Protecting Siskiyou Ancient Forests

1/15/05:  Aus enviros light fire in forest

1/15/05:  Exports blamed for Amazon deforestation

1/15/05:  Paul Driessen opinion: Anti-biotech campaigns perpetuate poverty

1/14/05:  Ethanol Plant Proposed for Northampton, Pa., Site

1/14/05:  Tampa, Fla.-Based Utility to Spend $300 Million to Slash Pollution

1/14/05:  Four Endangered Whales Found Dead in Six Weeks

1/14/05:  Pakistan Urges India Not to Let Dispute over Dam Hinder Ties

1/14/05:  Federal Officials Say Santa Fe, N.M.-Area Water Case Cost Too High

1/14/05:  Environmentalists Say Sound Wave Research off Yucatan Threatens Marine Life

1/14/05:  Small Island Nations Appeal for Help to Deal with Environmental and Economic Woes

1/14/05:  Wet Winter Raises Threat of Mississippi River Flooding

1/14/05:  Casino Developers Granted Permit to Build Resort Near Wetlands in U.S. Virgin Islands

1/14/05:  Academy Report Sees Benefits of Existing Clean Air Program

1/14/05:  Appeals Court Lifts Injunction Blocking Logging from Site of Nation's Worst Wildfire in 2002

1/13/05:  Study Claims U.S. Power Plants Far More Polluting than National Neighbors

1/13/05:  New Case of Mad Cow in Canada Raises New Concerns in Kansas, Elsewhere

1/13/05:  USDA Seeks 'Guidance Document' Concerning Organic Cows' Pasture Access

1/13/05:  Chinese Company Plans Asia's Biggest Wind Farm, Report Says

1/13/05:  Nalgene Therapy, in Ask Umbra

1/13/05:  Nebraska Zoo Discovers Two Species of Lemurs

1/13/05:  U.S. Coal-Fired Electricity Plants among North America's Largest Polluters, Study Says

1/13/05:  EPA Seeking Review on Potential Health Risks of Chemical Used in Teflon

1/13/05:  Notes from Anna: A Detour in Search of an Intersection

1/13/05:  Groups Cite Sprawl as Threat to 1,200 Rare Plants, Animals

1/13/05:  Biotech Crop Harvest Comes Amid Discord

1/13/05:  A Tidal Wave of Lessons Learned -- an ENN Commentary

1/13/05:  Environmentalists, Feds Face off over Wilderness Deal

1/13/05:  Opinion: DDT needed to fight malaria

1/12/05:  Graniteville, S.C., Mill Officials Fear Equipment Damage from Chlorine Leak

1/12/05:  Honda's President Details Initiatives in Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Engines

1/12/05:  Device Could Cut Air Pollution at Long Beach, Calif., Port

1/12/05:  Fire-prevention funding escapes Forest Service ax

1/12/05:  U.S. wood demand seen harmful abroad

1/12/05:  Old-growth forests: Albanese tours the Tarkine

1/12/05:  Getting to the Roots of Liberation: an interview with Dan Berger

1/12/05:  Monsanto pays up

1/12/05:  Challenging the Greatest Force on Earth: Nuclear Weapons

1/12/05:  Biologists Check on Arizona Fish Diversity

1/12/05:  Tsunami Relief Shows Humanity's Capacity To Give

1/12/05:  Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania Governors Back $15 Billion Aid for Bay

1/12/05:  Scientific Panel's Report on Water Pollutant at Odds with EPA Findings

1/12/05:  Researchers Find Pond Scum Toxin that May Kill Bald Eagles

1/12/05:  Apple's Popular Products Pile Up in Landfills, Protesters Say

1/12/05:  Scientists Use Hazing to Drive Crows Away

1/12/05:  San Francisco Officials Pass Law Mandating Humane Treatment for Backyard Dogs

1/12/05:  Blue Bins in, Bags out in Chicago Recycling Experiment

1/11/05:  EPA Watchdog Finds Security Lapses in Remote Controls for Water Systems

1/11/05:  Lawsuit seeks to stop ski area growth

1/11/05:  Rising Seas Threaten Islands, Cities, Coasts

1/11/05:  North Charleston, S.C., Company Recycles Leftovers into Sealer for Roofs

1/11/05:  Pyramid Decision will Shape Food Industry

1/11/05:  Brown Deer, Wis., Firm Finds Niche in Global Air Pollution Control

1/11/05:  Carolinas Work to Make Coastal Protection Plans' Recommendations Reality

1/11/05:  Portland, Ore.-Based Crown Pacific's Creditors Take Over 522,000 Acres

1/11/05:  Fort Worth, Texas, Approves Natural-Gas Drilling Under Parks

1/11/05:  3 Orangeburg, S.C.-Area Plants Release Cancer-Causing Pollutants

1/11/05:  Silicon Valley Players Seek Breakthroughs in Alternative-Power Technology

1/11/05:  Hull, Mass., Aims to Build High-Tech Water Desalination Plant

1/11/05:  GM's Fuel-Cell Cars Still Face Obstacles

1/11/05:  Tortoise Adopts Stray Hippo at Kenyan Sanctuary

1/11/05:  Health Standard for Perchlorate in Drinking Water Too High, Panel Says

1/11/05:  Tsunami Disaster in Focus as Island Meeting Opens

1/11/05:  Device Could Cut Air Pollution at Long Beach, California Port

1/11/05:  Residents Displaced by Chlorine Gas May Be Kept Away Longer

1/11/05:  EarthTalk: Is it True that Coastal Development Contributed to Greater Loss of Life from the Tsunami?

1/10/05:  Hurricanes May Have Spared Manatees

1/10/05:  Study Urges Water Conservation on Farms

1/10/05:  Salt's Impact on Mountain Lakes Studied

1/10/05:  Beijing to Plant Rooftop Grass to Clean Away Smog

1/10/05:  Notes from Anna: Hip, Small, and Green -- The Tiny Abode Is All the Rage

1/10/05:  Endangered Sea Turtles Hit by Tsunami

1/10/05:  Florida Focuses on Saving Its Endangered Natural Springs

1/10/05:  Small Island Nations Appeal for Help to Deal with Environmental and Economic Woes

1/9/05:  Thai Scientists Begin Probe in Big Orangutan Case

1/9/05:  Appalachian Trail is Vulnerable to New Forest Rules, Environmental Group Claims

1/8/05:  Rainbow Warrior Brings Aid to Tsunami Survivors

1/8/05:  In the Northwest: Administration serves up environment on a platter

1/8/05:  Emergency call to action: Mountain Justice Summer

1/7/05:  Sticky Gecko Feet Repel Grime, and Other Stories

1/7/05:  Head of Mexican Oil Monopoly Apologizes for Oil Spill

1/7/05:  Sage Grouse Won't Be Federally Protected

1/7/05:  Tennessee Wind Farm Expands to Generate More Clean Power

1/7/05:  Pollution-Eating Bacteria Gives Up Genetic Secrets

1/7/05:  Experts Fear Coral Reefs May Have Been Severely Damaged by Tsunami

1/7/05:  EBay, Intel Launch Initiative to Recycle Used Electronic Gadgets

1/7/05:  Mangroves Could Have Reduced Tsunami Damage, U.N. Official Says

1/7/05:  Effort Under Way to Weaken US Endangered Species Law

1/6/05:  India, Pakistan Hold Crucial Talks over River Row

1/6/05:  First Oil Removed from Broken Freighter off Alaska

1/6/05:  UK Company Defends Land Rights in Venezuela Reform

1/6/05:  War Zones Yield Cheap Shelter for Tsunami Homeless

1/6/05:  Arizona Rivers Flowing After Storms

1/6/05:  Potential Tsunami Flood Zones Mapped

1/6/05:  National Renewable Energy Laboratory Gets New Director in Golden, Colo.

1/6/05:  New York to Get Easements on 104,000 Acres of Adirondack Forest

1/6/05:  21 EU Nations Ready to Make Kyoto Emissions Cuts

1/5/05:  Thai Rescuers Save Trapped Dolphin, Calf Missing

1/5/05:  Experts Dismiss Hong Kong Government Fears of Post-Tsunami Fish

1/5/05:  Tsunami May Accelerate Maldives' Dilemma: Relocate or Perish

1/5/05:  Conservationists in India Call Scarce 'Mermaids' in Peril after Tsunami

1/5/05:  Sustainability -- A New Bottom Line

1/5/05:  Tsunami Didn't Redraw Asian Coastlines

1/5/05:  Federal Environmental Officials Take Western Policy Talks to Resort

1/5/05:  Reading Winds, Waves May Have Saved Ancient Tribes on Remote Indian Islands

1/5/05:  Once-Hated Gray Wolf Thrives in the US Rockies

1/5/05:  Editorial: National forests/Another gift to timber interests

1/5/05:  Eco-Extremists Exploit Tsunami Tragedy to Promote Global Warming Ideology

1/5/05:  Outbreaks of disease strike refugee camps

1/5/05:  Historys largest relief operation Calamity strikes from the deep

1/4/05:  9 arrested in Earth First! protest of Mecca Farms plan

1/4/05:  Guest Viewpoint: Bush plan will kill off the inland salmon runs

1/4/05:  Thai Dolphin Rescue Hits Snag as Rescuers Bicker

1/4/05:  Florida Homeowner and Island Officials Locked in Turf War over Plastic Lawn

1/4/05:  Jimmy Carter Urged to Give Fish a Chance

1/4/05:  All We are is Farms in the Wind: Umbra Opines on Wind Farms

1/4/05:  Rats Killed and Tons of Waste Removed in Rare Cleanup of Kenya's Main Market

1/4/05:  Carolinas Work to Make Coastal Protection Plans' Recommendations Reality

1/4/05:  Chileans Upset over Dead Swans, Some Blame Pulp Mill

1/4/05:  Sierra Club Seeks to Stop Las Vegas Freeway Widening on Pollution Grounds

1/4/05:  Animals Across South Asia in Danger after Tsunami Muddies Water, Kills Owners

1/3/05:  New Forest Service rules silence public

1/3/05:  Elders' Sea Knowledge Spares Some Thais

1/3/05:  Thousands of Seals at Home in New England

1/3/05:  EcoVillage Provides Challenge, Support

1/3/05:  Two Dolphins Trapped by Tsunami in Thai Lake

1/3/05:  Deepest U.S. Reef Found off Florida Coast

1/3/05:  California Energy Official Sees No Crisis Repeat

1/3/05:  Elephants Pitch in to Clear Debris in Thailand's Tsunami-Affected Areas

1/3/05:  Large Gambian Rats Worry Florida Officials