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12/31/04:  Sierra forest plan to be reviewed

12/31/04:  Religious Order Expands Mission to Include Environmental Justice

12/31/04:  Strawberry Grower Elevates Crop with Greenhouse Effect

12/31/04:  Umbra Pinpoints the Top Things You Should Be Doing for the Planet

12/31/04:  U.N. Warns of Rural Flight by Tsunami Victims

12/31/04:  Rare Owl Attracts Gawkers in New York City's Central Park

12/31/04:  Group Finds Six Lynx Kittens Born in Colorado

12/31/04:  The Next Wave

12/31/04:  Environmental Issues Emerging from Wreckage of Asian Tsunami

12/30/04:  Activists with MOUNTAIN JUSTICE SUMMER! call for Emergency Action

12/30/04:  Waste Processing Plan at Dade City, Florida Juice Plant Fizzles

12/30/04:  Peru Offers U.S.-Based Metals Producer More Time to Clean Up Toxic Contamination

12/30/04:  McDonald's Studying More Humane Chicken Slaughter

12/30/04:  Lodi, California Winery to Be Solar-Powered

12/30/04:  Monks, Planes Help Distribute Tsunami Aid

12/30/04:  Kansas is Proving Ground for Federal Conservation Program

12/30/04:  Farm Uses Waste Cooking Oil to Heat its Greenhouse

12/30/04:  Tsunami Threatens Survival of Indian Tribes

12/30/04:  Notes from Anna: Organic Jazz, and More Food For The Spirit

12/29/04:  Military Says Quake Destroyed Three-Quarters of Sumatra's Western Coastline

12/29/04:  In the Economics of Global Warming, Pig Emissions Have a Part to Play

12/29/04:  Tribes, Environmentalists Clash over Proposed Casino in Columbia River Gorge

12/29/04:  Palo Alto, Calif., to Buy 'Green' Power Created by Gas of Decomposing Garbage

12/29/04:  Government, Missouri Environmental Group Reach Settlement on Clean Water Standards for Lakes and Streams

12/29/04:  Endangered Ferrets Make Comeback in Arizona

12/29/04:  Military Says Quake Destroyed Three-Quarters of Sumatra's Western Coastline

12/29/04:  Tsunami Swallows Most of Southern Sri Lanka Town

12/29/04:  Texas Panel Finishes Energy Blueprint

12/28/04:  Oil-Spill Cleanup Makes Progress on Mexican Beaches, but Pollution Persists

12/28/04:  Indonesian Villagers Drop US$543 Million Lawsuit against Newmont

12/28/04:  Dredging Helps Save Florida's Lake Panasoffkee from Itself

12/28/04:  Thai Fishery Industry Fears Tsunami Threat to Coral Reefs, Biodiversity

12/28/04:  Study Shows Federal Water Subsidies Go to Largest Farms

12/28/04:  Oil Contamination Closes Fisheries in Bering Sea Near Grounded Freighter

12/28/04:  Global Warming, Pollution Add to Coastal Threats

12/28/04:  Tsunami Threatens Survival of Low-Lying Maldives Islands

12/28/04:  Warming May Be Taking Toll on Pikas, Study Reveals

12/28/04:  Bush Administration Finalizes Rules for National Forest Management

12/28/04:  Forest Service Plans Deletes Environmental Protections, Critics Say

12/28/04:  Bad Weather Hampers Efforts to Rescue Stranded Sperm Whales in Australia

12/28/04:  David Orr, Environmental Educator and Writer, Answers Grist's Questions

12/28/04:  Missouri Landfill Owner Leads Campaign to Incorporate Shingles into Asphalt

12/28/04:  Madagascar's Poor See No Benefit from Conservation

12/28/04:  American Eel May Get Federal Protection

12/28/04:  California Farmers have until Year's End to Turn in Plans to Clean the Air

12/28/04:  Tidal Wave Began Beneath Indian Ocean

12/15/04:  Italy Calls to End Kyoto Climate Limits After 2012

12/15/04:  EarthTalk: Is it True that Dry Cleaning Is Bad for the Environment?

12/15/04:  Couple Finds Attractive Way to Recycle Shopping Bags

12/15/04:  Time to Reinvent Our Future

12/15/04:  California Seeks to Create More Solar Homes

12/15/04:  Blair Faces Test of Bush Friendship on Environment

12/15/04:  Cuts in Carbon Dioxide Emissions Urged

12/15/04:  Rich Need To Do More on Environment, World Bank Says

12/15/04:  Mexico Enacts Water Rights Plan to Help Save Endangered Chapala Lake

12/15/04:  Climate Change Impact? Look in Your Backyard

12/15/04:  Spring Coming Earlier Than It Used To


12/14/04:  Doo-Lemma: Umbra Ponders Doggy-Poop Disposal Options

12/14/04:  Study Says Dolphins Are Too Thin

12/14/04:  EU Court Rules German Recycling Rules Discriminates against Non-German Bottlers

12/14/04:  Fish Levels in Lake Michigan a Concern

12/14/04:  Thousands of Antarctic Penguin Chicks Threatened with Starvation by Iceberg

12/14/04:  Climate Experts Confer on Post-Kyoto Steps

12/14/04:  Scientists Discover Warning Signs of Coral Bleaching on Great Barrier Reef

12/14/04:  AEP Plans to Build "Clean-Coal" Plant

12/14/04:  Aleutian Oil Spill Shows Area's Problems

12/14/04:  Supreme Court Limits Pollution Cleanup Lawsuits

12/14/04:  Ten Percent of Bird Species to Disappear, Study Concludes

12/14/04:  Supreme Court's Decision Changes Rules on Toxic Waste Cleanups

12/13/04:  Green-Career Guru Kevin Doyle Chats with Grist

12/13/04:  Beijing Puts Foot Down in Bid to Beat the Traffic

12/13/04:  Endangered Whooping Cranes Arrive in Florida

12/13/04:  Wildlife Conservation Team Begins Survey of Irrawaddy Dolphins in Myanmar, Report Says

12/13/04:  Mexican Ecologists Protest U.S. Gas Plant on Coast

12/13/04:  Impact of Greenhouses Gases Discussed at U.N. Global Warming Summit

12/13/04:  President Bush to Make 'Aggressive Push' to Cut Air Pollution, Administration Says

12/13/04:  DaimlerChrysler, GM to Team Up on Hybrid Engines

12/13/04:  Environmental Protection Agency Hasn't Won Improvements It Touted

12/13/04:  Bush OKs Ruling That May Endanger Species

12/13/04:  Alaska Oil Spill Crews Seize on Calmer Weather

12/10/04:  The Week Ahead: Dec. 13 - Dec. 17, 2004

12/10/04:  Shrimp Imports Tightened to Save Turtles

12/10/04:  Mexican Ecologists Protest U.S. Gas Plant on Coast

12/10/04:  California Regulators Agree to Require Diesel Emission Upgrades

12/10/04:  Major Fuel Spill Reported at Site of Broken, Grounded Freighter; Six Crew Still Missing

12/10/04:  Study: Wild Monkeys Resort to Use of Tools

12/10/04:  Government Relying on Industry to Protect Water Supplies

12/10/04:  To the Beat of Drums, African Woman Receives Nobel Peace Prize

12/10/04:  Notes from Anna: Without Labels

12/10/04:  First Alcoholic Drinks Found In China and Other Stories

12/10/04:  Bonobos are being 'hunted to extinction'

12/10/04:  Cave find should halt logging plans

12/10/04:  Nest soup taxing Indonesian birds

12/10/04:  Blair Said to Seek New Climate Pact with Bush

12/10/04:  Trials of the Pacific Lumber Co.

12/9/04:  Worst Oil Spill in Five Years off South China Coast

12/9/04:  Blair Seeks New Global Climate Pact with Bush, Newspaper Says

12/9/04:  Study Reveals Strange-voiced Whale At Large in the Ocean

12/9/04:  Umbra on the Greenest Christmas Tree Choice

12/9/04:  Amazon Burning Makes Brazil a Leading Polluter

12/9/04:  Nobel Winner Urges Tree Plantings; Peace Row Brews

12/9/04:  Pygmy Chimpanzee May Be Near Extinction

12/9/04:  Groups Say Government Plans Oil and Gas Lease Auction for National Forest Tracts

12/9/04:  Study Concludes Return of Wolves Changes Ecosystem

12/9/04:  More Federal Money Needed for Energy Security, Panel Concludes

12/9/04:  Earth First!er Rod Coronado to be Indicted on Conspiracy Charges

12/9/04:  Program to thin Sierra's forests drawing fire

12/9/04:  Fragmented Habitats No Ultimate Refuges For Forest-dwelling Tropical Birds

12/8/04:  Heatwave Study May Fuel Global Warming Lawsuits

12/8/04:  Ban fishing in one-third of oceans - UK scientists

12/8/04:  Tanker phase-out threatens new environmental disaster

12/8/04:  Greenpeace Declares Victory Against Wheat Patent

12/8/04:  A wake up call to the crisis in our oceans

12/8/04:  Chesapeake Bay Researchers Growing Blue Crabs in the Lab in Hopes of Restoring the Industry

12/8/04:  Hawks Evicted From New York City Perch

12/8/04:  Automakers Sue Over California's Tough Vehicle-Emissions Rules

12/8/04:  Fur-Filled Show Likely to Ruffle Feathers

12/8/04:  Putting the Pieces Back Together

12/8/04:  Red Tide Algae Lurks in Gulf Coast

12/8/04:  Maryland Firm Gets Extension for Toxic Cleanup in Peru

12/8/04:  Interior Department's Steven Griles Resigns

12/8/04:  More Federal Money Needed for Energy Security, Panel Concludes

12/8/04:  United States Defends Global Warming Strategy at International Climate Summit

12/7/04:  EPA Seeks Penalties Against DuPont Over New Tests on Teflon Chemical

12/7/04:  Giant Pacific Octopus Doesn't Give Up on Motherhood

12/7/04:  North Carolina 'Tinkerer' Recycles Automotive Antifreeze, Sells it Back to Shops

12/7/04:  Arson Fires Destroy Homes Under Construction Near Washington, D.C.; Eco-Terrorism Suspected

12/7/04:  'Hero of the Planet' Engineer Puts 'Green' Mark on Building Design

12/7/04:  India's Highest Court Orders Coke, Pepsi to Print Pesticide Residue Levels

12/7/04:  Experts Urge Action to Save Threatened Fish Species in British Waters

12/7/04:  Congress Acts to Preserve Money for Environmental Farming

12/7/04:  U.S. Firmly Anti-Kyoto as U.N. Climate Talks Start

12/7/04:  U.S. Workers' Group Says EPA Censors Comments

12/6/04:  Food-Safety Crusader Patricia Lovera Chats with Grist

12/6/04:  EarthTalk: Do You Have Any Tips for Saving Energy in My Home?

12/6/04:  Interior Department Finds Sage Grouse Outlook Less Than Dire

12/6/04:  EPA Projects Hazardous Waste Sites Growing in Number and Cleanup Costs

12/6/04:  Most Coral Reefs Under Threat, Some Resilient

12/6/04:  Government and Tribal Leaders Agree To Work Together on Great Lakes Cleanup

12/6/04:  As Tech Trash Piles Up, E-Junk Recycling Still in its Infancy

12/6/04:  Business Groups Beat Out Environmentalists in Spending Bill

12/6/04:  Dow bosses get Bhopal water, 'jadoo'

12/6/04:  The Week Ahead: Dec. 6 - Dec. 10, 2004

12/5/04:  Bhopal survivors demand some action

12/5/04:  Greenpeace targets GM chook feed

12/5/04:  Logging suspended in Philippines

12/4/04:  Say Goodbye To Rudolph, Other Reindeer If Global Warming Continues

12/4/04:  Reduced Fish Stocks Linked To Increased Bushmeat Trade, Wildlife Declines In W. Africa

12/4/04:  Bhopal victims struggle to survive

12/4/04:  Bhopal marks chemical tragedy

12/4/04:  Green cars starting to take root

12/4/04:  Humans Mostly To Blame For 2003 Heatwave,

12/4/04:  National Coal Company Hires Nashville Law Firm to Harass Katuah Earth First!

12/4/04:  Evidence Mounts that Fire Legislation Promoting Harmful Logging

12/4/04:  New German law on gene crops a ‘de-facto ban'

12/4/04:  Climate change responsible for Orissa disasters

12/4/04:  Swiss nuclear reactor to stay online

12/4/04:  Greenpeace alert over dioxin risk

12/3/04:  Researchers Develop Salmon Parasite Test

12/3/04:  Creative Gift-Giving Ideas that are Easy on the Planet AND Your Wallet

12/3/04:  U.S., Australia Team Up to Protect Vulnerable Reefs

12/3/04:  Heatwave Study May Fuel Global Warming Lawsuits

12/3/04:  Canada Bans Greenland, Faroese Fishing Boats

12/3/04:  Brazil Garbage Dump Could Be Climate Trailblazer

12/3/04:  New Jersey Supreme Court Calls Off Bear Hunt Four Days Before Start of Season

12/3/04:  Poverty, Graft at Root of Philippine Tragedy

12/3/04:  Energy Remains Challenge for Bush

12/3/04:  Humboldt, CA: Anti-logging activists to stand trial

12/3/04:  Bhopal victims commemorate 20th anniversary of disaster

12/3/04:  National Coal sues Katuah Earth First! for harassment

12/3/04:  Environmentalists see trouble for air, wildlife in Bush's second term

12/2/04:  Urine Trouble: On Cat-Pee Stains and Dry Cleaning

12/2/04:  Homing Pigeons Sense Magnetic Fields, and Other Stories

12/2/04:  Notes from Anna: Waiting for the Aurora

12/2/04:  China likely to decide on GMO rice in January

12/2/04:  EU Eyes British Nuclear Decommissioning

12/2/04:  Newmont Positive on Indonesia Despite Legal Case

12/2/04:  Feds Fine Two Biotech Companies for Seed Gaffes

12/2/04:  Reawakened Mount St. Helens is Washington State's New Top Polluter

12/2/04:  Carbon to Blame for Pollution Heart Damage, Study Says

12/2/04:  Southern Chinese Province Must Curb Car Use to Reduce Pollution in Hong Kong, Environmental Chief Says

12/2/04:  Brazil Amazon Deforestation Jumps, Data Shows

12/2/04:  ENN Publisher Jerry Kay Chats with Joe Sibilia, Founder and CEO of Meadowbrook Lane Capital, and CEO of CSR Newswire

12/2/04:  Language in Spending Bill Raises Concern about Gas Terminal Approvals

12/2/04:  Groups Alarmed Over Delta Water Plan

12/2/04:  Ancient Angola Elephant Route to be Demined

12/1/04:  Tasmania old-growth protection deadline to be missed

12/1/04:  Australian nuclear concerns

12/1/04:  No decision on GM maize

12/1/04:  South Asia Stares at Looming Water Crisis

12/1/04:  Future Uncertain for Rare Hawaiian Bird

12/1/04:  Decades of Illegal Logging Blamed for High Death Toll in Philippine Storm

12/1/04:  U.S. Virgin Island Fishermen Voice Concerns about Proposed Ban on Fishing of Several Species

12/1/04:  Christmas Complaints Miss the Point

12/1/04:  Japanese Aid to Smaller Nations Coincides with Whaling Votes

12/1/04:  Justice Department to Fight Hanford Initiative in Court

12/1/04:  Builders Turn More Towards Environmentally-Friendly Products as Costs Fall

12/1/04:  Environmentalists See Trouble for Air, Wildlife in Bush's Second Term

11/30/04:  Marine Expert John Emory Parks Chats with Grist

11/30/04:  Government Lab, Company Lead Project to Develop Nuclear Fission Hydrogen Production

11/30/04:  Booming China Awash in 'Out of Control' Acid Rain

11/30/04:  WWF Wants Power Companies to Make More Efforts on Renewable Energy

11/30/04:  Blair Urges Dialogue with U.S. on Climate Change

11/30/04:  At Least 55 Whales Die in New Zealand Mass Stranding, Officials Say

11/30/04:  EPA Considers Human Testing to Assess Pesticide Safety

11/30/04:  Coral Thrives on Sunken WWII Ships in Gulf

11/30/04:  More heat than light shed on GM corn in Mexico

11/30/04:  Farming's future hangs in the balance

11/29/04:  US Mining Giant Faces off against Police, Activists over Pollution Claims

11/29/04:  Hillary Opposed to Highway to South Pole

11/29/04:  Anglers Want to Remove Black Bass from List of Threats to Japan's Ecosystems

11/29/04:  Fine Particle Pollution is Cutting European Life Expectancy, Says U.N.

11/29/04:  Entering `Kyoto' Years, Warming World Wonders what Lies Beyond

11/29/04:  Lao Premier Urges ASEAN to Invest in Dam Project

11/29/04:  International Forum to Take up Acid-Pollution Problem

11/29/04:  Brazil Indians Grapple with White Man's Advance

11/29/04:  EarthTalk: Is Rinse-Aid Safe for the Environment, and Do I Need to Use it in My Dishwasher?

11/29/04:  Ojibwe Tribe, Utility Study Renewable Energy in Minnesota

11/29/04:  W.R. Grace Expects Indictment over Montana Asbestos Contamination

11/29/04:  Environmental Advocacy Group Urging Yellowstone Officials to Focus on Reducing Roadkill

11/29/04:  Ontario Fuel to Contain Five Percent Ethanol by 2007

11/29/04:  Gash Found on Vessel's Cargo Tank after Delaware River Oil Spill

11/29/04:  Eighty Whales, Dolphins Die on Australian Island

11/29/04:  Dispute over Montana Riverbed Roiling along Northern Cheyenne Reservation

11/28/04:  Earliest Human-Ape Ancestor Found and Other Stories

11/28/04:  How Greenpeace lost its edge

11/26/04:  Flame Retardant PBDE Found in Lake Michigan, Adding to Concerns

11/26/04:  Land Adjacent to California's Yosemite Park Bought by Conservation Group

11/26/04:  Brazilian Landless Protests Hit Capital

11/26/04:  Texas Returns to Passion of the Longhorn

11/26/04:  Output Still Halted at Terra Nova Oil Project

11/26/04:  EU Determined to Build Nuke Site in France

11/26/04:  WTO Lets EU, Others Hit US with Trade Sanctions

11/26/04:  Skin Trade Threatens World's Few Surviving Tigers

11/26/04:  Arctic People Seek Tropical Team on Global Warming

11/26/04:  Dead Cicadas Help the Soil, Study Reveals

11/25/04:  Grim climate change scenario for Asia

11/25/04:  More and more farmers buy into organic growing

11/24/04:  Salvage timber sales fall short

11/24/04:  2 million hectares of Amazon saved

11/23/04:  US wins support for first international shark fin ban

11/21/04:  Forest Service learns to enjoy its trees

11/20/04:  Alternative cities: the eco-friendly way

11/19/04:  Timber industry seeks access to endangered spotted owl habitat

11/19/04:  Tasmania's old growth forests: emotions run high

11/18/04:  Spotted owl remains a threatened species, government says

11/17/04:  Greenpeace to UN: no more bare bottoms

11/17/04:  Court bars timber salvage sale in burned area

11/17/04:  Greenpeace says Yunnan logging illegal

11/16/04:  Decision due on threatened status of spotted owl

11/14/04:  Fear for Congo's Rainforests

11/13/04:  Bush advances on forest and salmon

11/12/04:  Alaska oil drilling back on agenda

11/09/04:  Earth First! protesters disrupt Scripps meeting

11/09/04:  Lawsuit filed over timber salvage sale

10/29/04:  New look at timber sales ordered

10/14/04:  National Coal Co. Takes Katuah Earth First! to Court

10/08/04:  Maathai: Fighter for the forests

10/08/04:  Biologists call for action to protect tropical forests

9/16/04:  Talks aim to settle fire site logging

9/15/04:  Film on Cat Torture Draws Protesters in Toronto

9/15/04:  Amid Protests, Ecuador Fires Galapagos Park Chief

9/15/04:  Asia Faces Bird Flu Crisis of Unprecedented Scale

9/15/04:  Saboteurs Blow Up Pipeline Junction in Northern Iraq

9/15/04:  Hong Kong Gasps Under Record Air Pollution

9/15/04:  Indian Tribe Conducts First War Dance Since 1887 to Stop Expansion of Shasta Dam

9/15/04:  Iraqi scientists to wage war on pollution

9/15/04:  Recreational Fishing Threatens Marine Stocks and Other Stories

9/15/04:  Sen. Smith proposes legislation to speed Biscuit salvage logging

9/15/04:  Research Uncovers Added Value Of Streamside Forests

9/15/04:  Byproduct Of Water-disinfection Process Found To Be Highly Toxic

9/14/04:  Expect the Unexpected in Antarctica

9/14/04:  Hydroponic Sea Oats Grown in Florida Panhandle to Save Energy

9/14/04:  If There Ever Was a Time for Composting, It Is Now

9/14/04:  Resistant Bacteria and Mercury Threaten the Great Lakes and Human Health

9/14/04:  Only in Nevada Is Bush's Record on Environment Likely to Be a Decisive Issue

9/14/04:  Dark Future for White Animals in Arctic

9/14/04:  Colorado Sand Dunes to Become Newest National Park

9/14/04:  Spreading Slums May Boost Extremism, Says U.N. Agency

9/14/04:  Israel's Red Sea Fishery Is Killing Coral Reef, Scientists Say

9/14/04:  Polar Bears Are Suffering from Industry Chemicals, Says WWF

9/14/04:  UPS and Chrysler Launch First Medium-Duty Fuel Cell Vehicles

9/13/04:  North Korea Says Blast Was for Hydroelectric Project

9/13/04:  Vietnam Detains 30 People in a Crackdown on Illegal Gold Mine

9/13/04:  Public Outcry Blocks Project that Threatens Coral on Malaysian Island

9/13/04:  NOAA Fisheries Files New Columbia Basin Salmon Plan with Court

9/13/04:  Blair to Press on Climate Change, Challenge Bush

9/13/04:  Brazil Scrambles to Save Its Disappearing Savanna

9/13/04:  Interior Secretary Orders Utah Rivers Protected from New Mining Claims

9/13/04:  The Truth About Garbage

9/13/04:  Captain and First Mate of Uruguayan Fishing Boat are Fined for Poaching Chilean Sea Bass

9/13/04:  Green Meeting in Brazil to Propose Environmental Court

9/13/04:  Stronger Ivan Eyes Cuba After Slamming Caymans

9/13/04:  EarthTalk: Is There a Connection Between Environmental Toxins and Breast Cancer?

9/10/04:  'Unsung Species' Ignored On Endangered List

9/10/04:  Biscuit salvage sale fails to draw bids

9/10/04:  Thousands of birds found dead in northern Greece

9/10/04:  Warming is a hot topic among Arctic scientists

9/10/04:  Villagers flee troops, militia fighting near Nigerian oil city

9/10/04:  South Korea nuclear case likely to go to U.N. Security Council

9/10/04:  Lucrative, rare species need trade protections, says WWF

9/10/04:  WTC rescue workers' health is suffering, says government

9/10/04:  Hurricane Ivan devastates Grenada and takes aim for Jamaica

9/10/04:  DuPont Offers to Settle C8 Case for up to $343 Million

9/10/04:  Mexico, U.S. environmental officials take first step to clean up mountains of old tires at border

9/10/04:  Group sues U.S. government for protection of two plant species found only in U.S. Virgin Islands

9/10/04:  Farmer becomes first in Tennessee to use federal funds for preservation

9/10/04:  Extinct species take others along, study finds

9/10/04:  College Campuses Opt for Sustainable Dining

9/10/04:  Africa MegaFlyover: Michael Fay and the Human Footprint

9/9/04:  Actress Pam Anderson lends image to help chickens

9/9/04:  White House offers plan to improve sharing of Earth observation data

9/9/04:  Environment takes unusual prominence in Colorado Senate race

9/9/04:  Energy dependence on Mideast, Russia to grow, says study

9/9/04:  Russia still unsure on Kyoto, postpones decision

9/9/04:  E.U. executive amends nuclear plan, greens cry foul

9/9/04:  Ford says gasoline prices are hurting big SUV sales

9/9/04:  Appeals court halts logging in forest burned by 2002 fire

9/9/04:  Fish mix it up at the Panama Canal and other stories

9/9/04:  Australians asked to provide water as koalas are dropping from trees because of thirst

9/9/04:  Mayan Indians seize disputed Guatemalan dam

9/9/04:  Long-running pollution study shows dirty air limits children's lung development

9/9/04:  Businesses urged to curb thirst for water

9/8/04:  Washington state adopts 10-year plan that allows more logging

9/8/04:  South Africa seizes uranium enrichment materials

9/8/04:  Scientists skirt ice, politics in the Arctic

9/8/04:  Hurricane spilled 41 million gallons of acidic waste in Tampa-area waterway

9/8/04:  Hazardous material leaks into sea off Turkish coast from sunken ship

9/8/04:  Average U.S. motorist spends two days a year in traffic jams

9/8/04:  Pharming: The next war on drugs?

9/8/04:  "Once a century" floods kill 161 in China

9/8/04:  Global CITES meeting to consider new rules to save great white shark, timber

9/8/04:  Ranchers try to boost alternative grazing method

9/8/04:  Africa's world is our world

9/7/04:  Ship said to be carrying hazardous cargo sinks off Turkey's coast

9/7/04:  Team plans to recreate famous Kon-Tiki expedition with an environmental twist

9/7/04:  Protests continue against gold prospecting of sacred Peruvian mountain

9/7/04:  More Massachusetts communities eye wind power

9/7/04:  World's oldest field test reveals soil secrets

9/7/04:  Floods kill 76 in China, no let-up in sight

9/7/04:  Cambodian report warns of environmental damage from use of chemicals in gold mining

9/7/04:  Romania says heavy metal spilled into river

9/7/04:  Hurricanes bring destruction but also environmental renewal

9/7/04:  "Cheetah friendly" beef to make its way to E.U.

9/7/04:  EarthTalk: Do airplanes contribute significantly to air pollution?

9/2/04:  Halliburton says officials spoke of Nigeria bribes

9/2/04:  Scientists to study experiences of upstate New York dairy farmers going organic

9/2/04:  Bird flu infects cats, too, study finds

9/2/04:  Hurricane Frances menaces Florida; 2.5 million people told to clear out

9/2/04:  Sri Lanka closes park as thirsty elephants see red

9/2/04:  On the trail of the black-footed ferret

9/2/04:  China city fights environmental trouble with trees

9/2/04:  Indonesian police to question Newmont mining manager over alleged pollution from gold mine

9/2/04:  Reopening swordfish fishing will harm endangered species, say environmentalists

9/2/04:  Renewable energy remains elusive

9/2/04:  Britons finally get legal right to ramble on

9/2/04:  Blast at South African gas plant kills 6 workers

9/2/04:  Coastguards use popcorn for oil slick drill

9/2/04:  TransCanada, Petro-Canada to jointly build liquefied gas plant in Quebec

9/2/04:  U.N. delivers mixed report on Iran nuclear program

9/2/04:  Latest study over health benefits of farm-raised fish raises new conundrum

9/2/04:  Tree-munching moose are blamed for costly damages to Swedish forestry industry

9/2/04:  Corals are easing into warming waters and other stories

9/2/04:  India says it's vindicated by WTO ruling against the United States

9/2/04:  Dwindling Atlantic salmon is still king on Canada river

9/2/04:  Washington state joins lawsuit to force pollution cleanup by Canadian mining company

9/2/04:  Toxins in food supply signal need for change

9/1/04:  New class of planets found around two other stars

9/1/04:  Judge lifts injunctions on Oregon salvage logging of nation's worst 2002 wildfire

9/1/04:  AEP plans to build "clean-coal" plant

9/1/04:  Appalachian Trail is vulnerable to new forest rules, environmental group claims

9/1/04:  Village crier joins Cameroon's war on cholera

9/1/04:  Organic farmers work to fix dead zones

9/1/04:  Japanese government challenges court order to freeze massive land reclamation project

9/1/04:  Klamath River salmon opponents inch toward compromise

9/1/04:  Billion-dollar Asian reef fish industry in peril

9/1/04:  Technology already exists to stabilize climate, say experts

8/31/04:  Judge lifts injunctions on Biscuit salvage

8/31/04:  American Indian museum set to open in Washington

8/31/04:  Locust swarms munch crops near Senegal's capital

8/31/04:  Agriculture Department releases funds to protect sage grouse

8/31/04:  Rescuers try to lure Nova Scotia humpback through dam

8/31/04:  Mexico detects huge new deep-sea oil finds

8/31/04:  Texas group seeks $500 million from Mexico over water shared in Rio Grande Valley

8/31/04:  Arctic expedition seeks 50-million-year record of Earth's climate

8/31/04:  The natural alternative to prescription pain relief

8/31/04:  Nuclear waste languishes in Kazakhstan as talks with United States stall

8/31/04:  Crews race to cut dead trees in tinder-dry Southern California

8/31/04:  U.N. report on North Korea environment says outlook is tough

8/31/04:  California revives plan to create string of restricted fishing zones along coast

8/31/04:  EarthTalk: Do urban trees really help reduce pollution and clean the air?

8/27/04:  French foreign minister maps out diplomatic mission for coming year, lists global dangers

8/27/04:  U.S. study links human activity to global warming

8/27/04:  Typhoon Aere kills 35; 930,000 evacuated from coastal areas in mainland China

8/27/04:  Rift in Kenya Cabinet over Masai land rights

8/27/04:  Olympics-bug-shy New Zealand says no to Athens victors' crowns

8/27/04:  Environmental groups object to eco-label for Alaska's pollock industry

8/27/04:  WTO ruling delayed in trans-Atlantic row over food

8/27/04:  Casual fishers reel in more prized fish than commercial fleets

8/27/04:  World is meeting goals on safe drinking water but falling behind on sanitation, says U.N.

8/27/04:  Fifteen years after Exxon Valdez, Alaskan fishers are still waiting for a settlement

8/27/04:  Alaska brown bears gather for summer salmon feast

8/27/04:  Drought boosts campaign to drain one of the West's biggest reservoirs

8/26/04:  Even after vote, concerns about Venezuela's oil sector persist

8/26/04:  Global warming means more frost-free days, says report

8/26/04:  Bird flu may be in Asia to stay, officials fear

8/26/04:  NASA experts report drought forecast breakthrough

8/26/04:  China's inbreeding pandas to be given more space

8/26/04:  AIDS is killing Africa's traditional survival skills

8/26/04:  Cleaning products, solvents may cause asthma, says study

8/26/04:  Botswana Bushmen head to United States to raise money

8/26/04:  EPA, GSA, and World Bank Seek to Buy Renewable Energy Credits

8/26/04:  Nigerian senate orders Shell unit to pay tribe US$1.5 billion

8/26/04:  Ecuador gives Petrobras the OK to drill inside Amazon reserve

8/26/04:  Asian farmers are sucking the continent dry, says report

8/26/04:  Focus on hydrogen economy has things backwards

8/25/04:  Greenpeace protests Ford's plans to destroy Norwegian-built electric cars

8/25/04:  Two Iraq ministers survive bombs, 5 guards killed

8/25/04:  One killed in Kenya in Masai protests over land

8/25/04:  Hormone-charged birds force out rivals in U.S. West

8/25/04:  Hungary restarts troubled nuclear reactor

8/25/04:  Whale is trapped at Nova Scotia power plant after swimming through sluice gates

8/25/04:  Ecuador attorney general files to cancel Occidental Oil concession

8/25/04:  World Bank lends Brazil $1.2 billion to protect environment

8/25/04:  China grabs antelope contraband by the horns

8/25/04:  Cafeteria management chain pushes for sustainable agriculture

8/25/04:  Brazil police seize black market uranium ore

8/25/04:  Workers and officials celebrate removal of 3 million gallons of waste from Hanford nuclear reservation

8/25/04:  Polluted fish warnings cover one-third of lakes, one-fourth of rivers

8/25/04:  Oak disease spreads via human hikers and other stories

8/24/04:  Army delays start of nerve agent destruction at Indiana facility

8/24/04:  Water rises in U.S. Great Lakes after near record low

8/24/04:  School officials failed to dispose of more than 1,000 bottles of radioactive waste

8/24/04:  U.S. criticizes Danube canal project

8/24/04:  Los Alamos lab waste reportedly found in the Rio Grande, says report

8/24/04:  U.S. says diplomacy can resolve Iran nuclear crisis

8/24/04:  Migrating storks are killed by toxic pools in Israel's Negev desert

8/24/04:  Judge revokes permit for mine in habitat for endangered Florida panther

8/24/04:  Environmentalists decry India's river-linking project

8/24/04:  Detoxifying the bedroom

8/24/04:  Industries to pay $56 million for northwest Indiana river cleanup

8/24/04:  Mysterious lobster threat is migrating north

8/24/04:  Scientists say risk of water wars is rising

8/24/04:  EarthTalk: How can I attract wildlife to my backyard?

8/20/04:  Mars rovers find more evidence of water and some oddities

8/20/04:  Malaysia confirms deadly bird flu strain and culls birds

8/20/04:  Kerry pledges $10 billion to clean up coal power plants

8/20/04:  Ecuadorean lawsuit vs. Texaco boils down to science

8/20/04:  Pollution shrouds Hong Kong, poor visibility blamed for string of ship collisions

8/20/04:  Weird worms dine on whale bones and other stories

8/20/04:  U.S. birders flock to see rare, lonesome falcon

8/20/04:  Illegal logging a threat to prized timber, group says

8/20/04:  Unusual alliance forms to clean mining wastes from Utah canyon

8/20/04:  The Bush administration pushes dirty coal plants

8/20/04:  Jolts of low-voltage electricity are reviving damaged coral reef off Indonesian resort

8/20/04:  E.U. complains at governments' failure to implement environment rules

8/20/04:  State and federal agencies seek sealed grand jury documents on former nuclear plant near Denver

8/20/04:  U.S. courts tackle foreign abuses of energy corporations

8/19/04:  Arctic hunters lasso polar bear, may forfeit paws

8/19/04:  China says road building not to blame for Tibet lake

8/19/04:  Scientists make malaria drug based on herbal remedy

8/19/04:  Silly string ban a serious matter in Los Angeles

8/19/04:  Fuel stations may pose child cancer risk, says study

8/19/04:  Malaysian authorities make efforts to get rid of haze in Borneo

8/19/04:  WTO framework deal "positive," says Kerry campaign

8/19/04:  Park Service to allow three more winters of snowmobiling at Yellowstone

8/19/04:  Alaska wildfires grow to record 5 million acres

8/19/04:  Hope for coral reef ecosystems

8/19/04:  Bush "reckless" on post-9/11 health risks, says report

8/19/04:  Malaysia's sea turtles are "on the brink of collapse," say scientists

8/19/04:  Public schools improve nutrition

8/19/04:  European winters could disappear by 2080, says report

8/19/04:  Ecuador judge begins jungle site visits in ChevronTexaco pollution case

8/19/04:  Buying Nemo

8/18/04:  Water scarce in Havana from Charley's passage

8/18/04:  Malaria adds to Darfur's woes, says U.N.

8/18/04:  Indian police fire on angry flood victims, killing three

8/18/04:  Group urges EPA to require more pollution cuts by power plants

8/18/04:  China typhoon death toll rises to 164

8/18/04:  Plan to share Earth observation data seen providing billions in benefits

8/18/04:  New York issues emergency order to cut acid rain emissions

8/18/04:  New flightless bird species found off Philippines

8/18/04:  Connecticut subsidiary of Tyco pleads guilty to pollution charges

8/18/04:  Kenya Masai vow to intensify protests over land

8/18/04:  Desert city Phoenix is epicenter for West Nile

8/18/04:  Global warming could bring extreme changes to California, says study

8/18/04:  Farmland fight moves to isolated Argentine woods

8/18/04:  Putting endangered animals on ice and other stories

8/17/04:  Old Montana mining city is historical attraction, not scenic treasure

8/17/04:  Charley victims sweat through long lines to wait on basics

8/17/04:  From north to south, Nevada's drought deepens as government mulls disaster declaration

8/17/04:  Maggie the lonely elephant to remain in Alaska zoo

8/17/04:  Chavez survives recall and vows to deepen revolution

8/17/04:  Albanians protest sea oil pollution allegedly from Greek ship

8/17/04:  India urges Bangladesh not to kill stray elephants

8/17/04:  European eel population is collapsing

8/17/04:  Japanese knotweed threatens rare native plants

8/17/04:  Federal managers are told to protect wildlife and delay energy projects

8/17/04:  Thai court acquits wildlife activists in shark fin lawsuit

8/17/04:  Journalist groups complain Homeland Security is skirting environmental disclosure rules

8/17/04:  EarthTalk: How are pesticides, particularly malathion, dangerous?

8/13/04:  Malaysian air quality drops due to haze from fires in Indonesia

8/13/04:  Italian detained for tossing hamsters off terrace

8/13/04:  British badgers threaten ancient burial sites

8/13/04:  Canada feedlots seek C$150m from United States over mad cow

8/13/04:  Zimbabwe "secrecy" fuels food crisis, says rights group

8/13/04:  India fears lake formed by landslide in Chinese Himalayas could burst, threatening thousands

8/13/04:  U.S. complains to Russia about its handling of YUKOS

8/13/04:  Heat waves to worsen across America and Europe, says study

8/13/04:  Swazi food crisis deepens due to AIDS and drought, says WFP

8/13/04:  DuPont challenges EPA claim it failed to report Teflon chemical risks

8/13/04:  Bacteria give coral its orange glow, study finds

8/13/04:  Nigeria and United States agree on military exercises in oil delta

8/13/04:  Argentine ants create super colony in Australia

8/13/04:  Scientists probe the Pacific Ocean depths in search of the Dead Zone

8/13/04:  Bulk of greenhouse gases swallowed by oceans and other stories

8/13/04:  Clean energy goes to college

8/12/04:  U.K. scientists are allowed to clone human embryos

8/12/04:  L.A. fights spread of West Nile virus

8/12/04:  Firefighters battle fire on natural gas rig in Mediterranean for a second day

8/12/04:  Construction renewed on Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline

8/12/04:  Some dolphins are born socialites

8/12/04:  Millions of locusts headed for Darfur, say experts

8/12/04:  Bangladesh flood victims return home to new worries

8/12/04:  Japan begins probe into worst nuke accident

8/12/04:  Iraq pipeline fixed, sabotage threat rises

8/12/04:  Dissolvable plastic and "bionic" gloves take honors at Australian science awards

8/12/04:  Appeal rejected on plan to poison California stream to aid "rarest trout"

8/12/04:  Bangkok's canals, once its lifeline, losing ground to urban sprawl

8/12/04:  Flame retardants found in salmon meat

8/12/04:  Survey shows most organic farmers say prices are holding steady, some predict rise

8/12/04:  Understanding diversity the first step in protecting it

8/11/04:  Millions in United States face mega-wave from island collapse

8/11/04:  Desert shrub may help some cancer patients, says study

8/11/04:  Canada broadens coverage of mad cow tests

8/11/04:  Red Adair, world-renowned oil well firefighter, dies

8/11/04:  Cholera outbreak hits lawless Congo mining area

8/11/04:  Unique tire-burning plant in Minnesota town brings promises of jobs and worries

8/11/04:  Peru authorities search for missing radioactive material

8/11/04:  Kerry says Bush broke his word on Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage

8/11/04:  USDA for sale?

8/11/04:  Thai cops see monkey business in monkey business

8/11/04:  EPA mercury plan aims to help children and women, sidestep coal politics

8/11/04:  Sudanese Arab horsemen poach rare Congo rhinos

8/11/04:  EarthTalk: Where can I find Earth-friendly building materials?

8/10/04:  Interstate radioactive waste dump compact accepts Nebraska's $141 million settlement

8/10/04:  Dirty water provokes hepatitis outbreak in Darfur

8/10/04:  World Bank plans Iraq infrastructure projects soon

8/10/04:  West Africa fears famine as locusts advance

8/10/04:  Kerry offers plan for U.S. energy independence

8/10/04:  Connecticut dairy farmer is turning manure into cash

8/10/04:  Rush for natural resources still fuels war in Congo

8/10/04:  Ethnic, criminal bloodletting over oil wealth has Nigeria's petroleum industry reeling

8/10/04:  Millionaires' resort community in Montana to pay $1.8 million fine over water pollution

8/10/04:  Occidental signs controversial $50 million Peru oil deal

8/10/04:  Accident at Japanese nuclear plant kills at least four, raises worries about reactor safety

8/10/04:  The motherly love of leeches and other stories

8/6/04:  Shark attacks along Texas coast are 'normal'

8/6/04:  Pollution-related beach closures are increasing

8/6/04:  Ford unveils world's first hybrid SUV

8/6/04:  First signs of El Nino arise in the Pacific Ocean

8/6/04:  Marine expedition finds life and mysteries in the deep

8/6/04:  Grandfather nears end of 35-mile swim from Cozumel to Cancun

8/6/04:  Great Bustards back in Britain after 172 years

8/6/04:  South Asia monsoons inundate new areas, claim more lives

8/6/04:  California EPA wants to spur solar-home development

8/6/04:  Movement down under to drive cleaner cars

8/6/04:  Mauritania seeks aid to battle locust swarms

8/6/04:  Hiroshima mayor chastises U.S. for developing small nukes

8/6/04:  Environmental groups win biotech crops suit

8/6/04:  Green credit unions do well by doing good

8/5/04:  Earth-like planets may be rare

8/5/04:  Gloves come off for 'Thai' boxing orang-utans

8/5/04:  Bush and Kerry at odds over 'sportsmen' program

8/5/04:  Welcome to Svalbard, but don't feed the bears

8/5/04:  Ford's hybrid SUV not green enough for environmentalists

8/5/04:  Eastern U.S. may face more bad summer air

8/5/04:  Drop cod for pollock say marine conservationists

8/5/04:  South Asia monsoon death toll spirals beyond 1,800

8/5/04:  State park preserves geological and industrial history

8/5/04:  Swedish method may predict quakes weeks in advance

8/5/04:  Building the 'world's most environmentally responsible high-rise office building'

8/4/04:  Remote Alaska island is home to petrified forest

8/4/04:  Hospitals move toward paperless age

8/4/04:  Hungry elk pay for meals with their lives

8/4/04:  Could mosquitoes have a sweet tooth?

8/4/04:  Maggots make medical comeback

8/4/04:  Australia-U.S. free trade deal under threat

8/4/04:  Bangladesh braces for post-flood trauma

8/4/04:  Annual 'dead zone' spreads across Gulf of Mexico

8/4/04:  Study finds high mercury levels in freshwater fish

8/4/04:  Climate distress reaches the deep sea

8/3/04:  Rafting whitewater, while it's still there to ride

8/3/04:  Texas ship accident halts traffic on Neches River

8/3/04:  Antioxidants from food are better than supplements, study says

8/3/04:  Brazil farm sector sees long haul to WTO trade pact

8/3/04:  Diesel whiz says he can clean up coal

8/3/04:  Disease and hunger spread as South Asia floods ease

8/3/04:  Plutonium particles accumulating in Japanese bay

8/3/04:  Why Bangladesh floods

8/3/04:  World trade talks deal draws mixed response in Asia

8/3/04:  Australian town joins global war on plastic bags

8/3/04:  Is Thimerosal the Missing Link to Autism and Developmental Problems?

7/30/04:  U.S. attacks Iran nuke program, E.U. trio holds talks

7/30/04:  New species of underwater bone-eating worm found

7/30/04:  Mediators make final bid for deal at WTO talks

7/30/04:  U.S. mad cow testing ignites criticism from both sides

7/30/04:  Bush administration lightens pesticide reviews for endangered species

7/30/04:  Estimates of Amazon's greenhouse gas 'too low'

7/30/04:  China faces summer energy shortage

7/30/04:  Deforestation threatens Amazon river, scientists warn

7/30/04:  Study finds MBA graduates seek ethical employers

7/30/04:  DeFazio: Cut trees, save old-growth forests and jobs

7/29/04:  Federal judge in Florida orders government to protect nocturnal beach mice

7/29/04:  Alaska volcano showing possible eruption signs

7/29/04:  Republic of Congo groups denounce Asians' fishing practices

7/29/04:  Firefighters struggle with forest fires in southern Portugal

7/29/04:  Clean-water advocate completes 315-mile swim of Hudson River

7/29/04:  Nearly 3,000 dengue cases in Singapore

7/29/04:  Pakistan, India to discuss concerns over Indian dam

7/29/04:  Bush plans to boost trade in methane to curb climate change

7/29/04:  U.S. distributor recalls Canadian ground beef

7/29/04:  Audit finds federal efforts to clean Hanford groundwater ineffective

7/29/04:  U.S. tells Europeans to 'hold firm' on Iran

7/29/04:  Diplomats: Iran is testing nuclear-related equipment

7/29/04:  Sussing out polluters and the meaning of 'dolphin-safe'

7/28/04:  St. Croix landfill reopens after catching fire

7/28/04:  WTO talks stall over farm reform

7/28/04:  Drought may have triggered toxic algae in Nebraska lakes

7/28/04:  Risk of exposure to toxins uncontrolled at some Superfund sites

7/28/04:  Bangladesh capital inundated as millions suffer in flooded South Asia

7/28/04:  Locusts begin rampage in West, North Africa

7/28/04:  Oil industry leaders admit clean fuel regulations aren't cause of high prices

7/28/04:  Malaria experts abuzz on global warming fears

7/28/04:  Scientists advise government to be cautious with biotech crops

7/28/04:  E.U. trio plans high-level nuclear talks with Iran

7/28/04:  Amazon fires change weather, speed deforestation

7/28/04:  Migration urge keeps sparrows awake, and other stories

7/27/04:  Tiger salamander granted protected status in California

7/27/04:  Spacecraft to begin journey to Mercury

7/27/04:  Ministers seek breakthrough in stalled trade talks

7/27/04:  Alaskans hope sea lion study leads to more fishing

7/27/04:  New computer network helps environmental agencies compile, swap pollution data

7/27/04:  Study says cancer risk low from WTC chemicals

7/27/04:  Northeast attorneys general sue over EPA's clean water rules

7/27/04:  Jordan says Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor poses no radiation threat to the kingdom

7/27/04:  Court says Galapagos sea cucumber limits remain

7/27/04:  Villagers sue U.S. mining company over alleged pollution

7/27/04:  China seeders train sights on soggy skies

7/27/04:  Back in the saddle, but not on top

7/23/04:  Greenpeace protests restart of reactor at Hungarian plant

7/23/04:  Tough criticism of WTO trade pact triggers rethink

7/23/04:  A year on, Baghdad zoo faces uncertain future

7/23/04:  Politician attacks critics of kangaroo cull

7/23/04:  French government to float plan for surcharge on high-pollution cars

7/23/04:  Fact or fiction? Iran's quest for the atomic bomb

7/23/04:  Military and industry sonar harms whales, says IWC report

7/23/04:  Canada's mosquito capital swats at activists

7/23/04:  Environmental prosecutor investigates sea turtle deaths

7/23/04:  Deaths from asbestos exposure surge in U.S., says report

7/23/04:  Costs top $8 billion for restoring Florida Everglades

7/23/04:  Whaling body retreats from rush to lift hunt ban

7/23/04:  Washington tribe sues owner of Canadian smelter over pollution washed into United States

7/23/04:  The paper chase

7/23/04:  Democratic National Convention organizers plan greener event

7/22/04:  Wyden legislation to create 177,000 acres of Mount Hood wilderness

7/22/04:  Depleted beluga whale population is stable, U.S. says

7/22/04:  Death toll in China flooding nears 400

7/22/04:  Russia, U.S. pledge support for securing radioactive waste sites in Kyrgyzstan

7/22/04:  Anthrax kills wild apes in Ivory Coast, say scientists

7/22/04:  House Republicans want out of treaty banning popular pesticide

7/22/04:  Iraq struggles to deliver water to every household

7/22/04:  Whaling conference approves new measures on killing methods

7/22/04:  Record number of U.S. tires are being recycled

7/22/04:  Oil from sunken Prestige tanker to be recovered off Spanish coast

7/22/04:  U.S. mining firm denies causing pollution deaths in Indonesian bay

7/22/04:  Pilgrim's Pride fires 11 for cruelty to chickens

7/22/04:  Do cancers cluster around atomic plants?

7/21/04:  Florida wildlife officers wear plain clothes after tiger death

7/21/04:  Rescuers flood fiery Ukrainian mine with water, nitrogen; 31 dead, five missing

7/21/04:  Democrats use Bush nominee to criticize president on environment

7/21/04:  New Jersey Fish and Game council authorizes bear hunt

7/21/04:  Power shortage is hell in China's heaven on Earth

7/21/04:  Spitzer and states to sue utilities over CO2, say sources

7/21/04:  Ill-tempered whaling talks target energy sector

7/21/04:  Senior wildlife official moved from post amid tiger scandal

7/21/04:  YUKOS faces ruin as core unit is to be sold

7/21/04:  Democrats see campaign issue in Bush forest rule

7/21/04:  Global appetite, islanders' poverty threaten tuna's vast last refuge

7/21/04:  Budget crunch squeezes space, environmental funding

7/21/04:  Flush with aid from Japan, Caribbean nations are key allies at whaling commission

7/21/04:  Lemurs take long, tropical siestas and other stories

7/20/04:  France allows wolf cull after farmers protest

7/20/04:  Now comes hard part for Bolivia's leader

7/20/04:  Amazon burning makes Brazil a leading polluter

7/20/04:  Great Lakes states, provinces eye water protection

7/20/04:  DaimlerChrysler aims for mass-market, hydrogen-fueled cars in 10 years

7/20/04:  Brazil's savanna is set to disappear by 2030, says report

7/20/04:  Cellular "Frankenpine" won't blend into park, critics say

7/20/04:  California pelican deaths puzzle wildlife officials

7/20/04:  India court orders release of payment to gas victims

7/20/04:  Whales do not compete with humans for fish, says study

7/20/04:  Republican who headed EPA criticizes Bush

7/20/04:  Huge wetlands-restoration project begins on San Francisco Bay

7/20/04:  EarthTalk: What are the environmental threats to Native Americans and their lands?

7/17/04:  Biscuit Fire salvage sale draws timber buyers, protesters

7/16/04:  Coalition sues to halt old-growth Biscuit fire logging

7/16/04:  EPA considers clean air lawsuits for pollution at 22 power plants

7/16/04:  Agency proposes fining contractor in radioactive sludge removal

7/16/04:  Japan says proposed policy changes won't help meet greenhouse gas target

7/16/04:  U.N. calls for money managers to invest responsibly

7/16/04:  British Columbia to sell coal-rich land near Glacier National Park

7/16/04:  Carbon dioxide emissions may harm ocean life

7/16/04:  NASA launches Aura spacecraft to study atmosphere

7/16/04:  Plan for new parking spaces aims to reduce pollution from idling big rigs

7/16/04:  Tourist hordes damage Mediterranean freshwater, says WWF

7/16/04:  Sustainable Scotland: Hike, bike, kayak, and birdwatch in natural splendor

7/16/04:  Whale sonar deaths bring threat of U.S. Navy lawsuit

7/16/04:  Athens Olympics is causing irreversible environmental damage, says WWF

7/16/04:  Everglades mercury levels fall sharply, says study

7/16/04:  Landowner opposition sinks Gaviota seashore proposal

7/15/04:  Kerry unveils forest plan that keys on worker corps

7/15/04:  Shark vigilantes warned off hunting surfer's killer

7/15/04:  Ukraine to reverse policy on oil pipeline

7/15/04:  Hey! You! Get off of my cloud

7/15/04:  Chavez, Uribe discuss energy, border security

7/15/04:  Kyrgyz-German uranium processing project gets experts' approval

7/15/04:  Garbage threatens navigation in China's Three Gorges Dam

7/15/04:  Many household products contain toxic chemicals, says environmental group

7/15/04:  U.N. campaigns to cut risks from natural disasters

7/15/04:  Appeals court approves increased flows for California's Trinity River

7/15/04:  Monsoon rains bring more destruction to South Asia, 326 dead

7/15/04:  Bolivian leader bets his future on gas referendum

7/15/04:  Global action is needed to make transport sustainable, says study

7/14/04:  U.S. military talks to Nigeria over Gulf of Guinea

7/14/04:  Animal liberationists vow to stop kangaroo shooting in Australia's capital

7/14/04:  U.S. to proceed on Nevada waste site despite ruling

7/14/04:  World trade gloom grows as poor nations stand firm

7/14/04:  NASA again postpones launch of pollution-study satellite Aura

7/14/04:  Dell, HP expand recycling programs

7/14/04:  Brazilian army to join fight against deforestation

7/14/04:  Argentina OKs Monsanto's Roundup Ready GMO corn

7/14/04:  Sustainable agriculture in Marin County

7/14/04:  USDA probe finds holes in U.S. mad cow testing

7/14/04:  New York "mongo" hunters find treasure in trash

7/14/04:  World's appetite for tuna poses threat to supply in under-policed seas

7/14/04:  The time for renewable energy is now

7/13/04:  Bush aims to topple logging ban

7/13/04:  Summer heat pushes Shanghai power use to record

7/13/04:  Where have North American pelicans gone?

7/13/04:  Bangladesh asks India to retrieve stray elephants

7/13/04:  Villagers who shared everything with Sudanese refugees are now in desperate need

7/13/04:  Sewage is turning British fish female, says report

7/13/04:  Inspection reports show 15 of 51 Savannah River tanks have cracked, rusted, or leaked

7/13/04:  For first time ever, tankers in Alaska's Prince William Sound have spill-free year

7/13/04:  Flood historian tells "dam" good story

7/13/04:  Dozens die, millions homeless in South Asia floods

7/13/04:  Bush administration proposes plan to open more national forests to logging

7/13/04:  Trial begins over government's nuclear waste costs

7/13/04:  Botswana Bushmen fight eviction in desert court

7/13/04:  EarthTalk: Why is food being irradiated? And what are the implications for our health?

7/10/04:  First timber harvest gets green light

7/9/04:  China jails two for eating rare tiger, says paper

7/9/04:  China culls 20,000 chickens to contain bird flu

7/9/04:  Weather helps Arizona firefighters

7/9/04:  Soybean farmers hope to pump up interest in biodiesel

7/9/04:  Lead exposure still poses health hazard, says U.S. government

7/9/04:  Forest Service OKs plan criticized by environmentalists to log trees burned by huge wildfire

7/9/04:  Oil industry sues to block California pollution standards on 22 offshore oil platforms

7/9/04:  Briton says launches world's smallest folding bike

7/9/04:  DuPont failed to report Teflon health risks, says U.S. EPA

7/9/04:  Poachers burn one-third of Rwandan park

7/9/04:  U.S. science policy swayed by politics, says group

7/9/04:  Natural alternatives promote healthy kids

7/8/04:  Enron ex-chief Kenneth Lay is indicted, will surrender

7/8/04:  Government's ruling on shrimp tariffs does little to lift spirits of bayou fishers

7/8/04:  Los Angeles mayor calls for development ban in scenic Owens Valley

7/8/04:  Wind farm blows new life into Spanish village

7/8/04:  Residents in Australia's capital are warned to beware of kangaroo influx

7/8/04:  Ecologists push shift from whaling to whale-watching

7/8/04:  Squirrels Use Heat To Threaten Snakes

7/8/04:  National off-road vehicle policy proposed for forests, grasslands

7/8/04:  WRI inks pact with Indian industry to promote green business

7/6/04:  State to host U.N. Children's Conference on Environment

7/6/04:  Greenhouse gases "threaten Australian way of life"

7/6/04:  Pamplona protesters strip down to protest bull run

7/6/04:  10,000 villagers trapped in Taiwan as worst flooding in 25 years kills 21

7/6/04:  Scandal surfaces as Japan reconsiders long-term nuclear program

7/6/04:  Man refuses state's millions to keep swampy Florida home

7/6/04:  Kazakh environmental groups protest oil consortium's waste disposal technique

7/6/04:  Wild leopards kill humans in Bombay

7/6/04:  Botswana's Bushmen fight removal from game reserve

7/6/04:  EarthTalk: How does Pfiesteria piscicida kill fish?

7/2/04:  U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rise

7/2/04:  Size of Trinidad oil spill disputed

7/2/04:  Nation's richest farming counties brace for new air-quality rules

7/2/04:  Administration proposal would open more national forest land to logging

7/2/04:  USDA, consumer groups clash over impact of more mad cow

7/2/04:  Protect our peppers, say Mexican chili farmers

7/2/04:  USDA announces $26 million project to restore Nebraska wetlands

7/2/04:  Low-lying Dutch fear rising seas

7/2/04:  Breaking the lawn-care pesticide cycle

7/2/04:  Poaching is wiping out Zimbabwe's wildlife

7/2/04:  Alaska Natives say warming trend imperils villages

7/2/04:  Parliament's poached penguin eggs and the Great Guano War

7/1/04:  Deputies seize Greenpeace gear in southern Oregon

7/1/04:  American alleged eco-terrorist says he wants to be Canadian refugee

7/1/04:  Northern Haitian town is struggling to recover after floods

7/1/04:  U.S. refiners sue EPA over timing of ozone rules

7/1/04:  Some U.S. consumers changed buying habits after mad cow

7/1/04:  Peru city bets on waterfront walkway to clean up Lake Titicaca bay

7/1/04:  Winds, politics bring clear skies to Mexican capital

7/1/04:  Report outlines environmental progress of 12 industry sectors

7/1/04:  Turtle conservation loses out to Olympics in Greece

7/1/04:  Nearly 100 million in United States are breathing particulates, says EPA

7/1/04:  More sharks to be put on endangered "Red List"

7/1/04:  Thousands in India refuse to leave town facing extinction via dam waters

7/1/04:  New sea otter scourge found

6/30/04:  Details sought on Biscuit Fire wilderness plan

6/30/04:  Federal worker's mistake blamed for deaths of seven wild horses in Nevada

6/30/04:  Anger brews in Ethiopia over Brazilian decaf find

6/30/04:  Russian border guards discover tens of tons of fish on detained Japanese trawler

6/30/04:  Man arrested in connection with environmental activist's killing

6/30/04:  US EPA seeks to cut train and boat engine pollution

6/30/04:  China to build nature reserve for endangered river dolphin, says report

6/30/04:  Household hazards are a house-by-house issue

6/30/04:  China's dams put Mekong on knife's edge, says researcher

6/30/04:  Businesses sue to force EPA and GE to fully remove PCB contamination

6/30/04:  Kuwait, Saudi Arabia insist Iraq pay Gulf War debt

6/30/04:  Greatest climate challenge may be overcoming ideology

6/29/04:  Endangered wildlife research tool becomes high-tech way to educate

6/29/04:  Colombia coca growers protest U.S. drug spraying

6/29/04:  E.U. tells ship owners to cut down on SO-2 pollution

6/29/04:  U.N. agency to push ahead with Russian nuke dump

6/29/04:  Who's to blame for West Virginia's repeated floods?

6/29/04:  Nokia to take part in European environmental project

6/29/04:  Pollution rules targeting manure could force dairies to relocate

6/29/04:  The true cost of sprawl

6/29/04:  Asia is turning to nuclear power, says international nuclear agency

6/29/04:  Biotechs mine hardy bacteria for industrial use

6/29/04:  Ninjas battle for gold in Mongolia's "Wild West"

6/29/04:  EarthTalk: Why are coastlines eroding and what can be done?

6/27/04:  Rocket fuel chemical in California cow milk

6/25/04:  Mexican judge releases two jailed Indian antilogging activists

6/25/04:  Feds propose protections for threatened bull trout in four states

6/25/04:  Rural black South Africa sees land as key to better life

6/25/04:  Toilets targeted in Australian water-saving strategy

6/25/04:  Malaysia urges Indonesia to tackle fires that send smog over tourist sites

6/25/04:  When certain plants can help one another thrive, that's real companionship

6/25/04:  Australian government vows to build nuclear waste dump despite court setback

6/25/04:  U.S. court won't make Cheney energy papers public

6/25/04:  Boy dolphins are bound to leave and other stories

6/25/04:  Arctic Ocean survey may reveal lost world, say experts

6/25/04:  Senior swims to save coral reefs

6/25/04:  Bear-baiting is increasing in Pakistan, say activists

6/25/04:  Replacing fossil fuels in a "clean energy" economy

6/24/04:  Protesters fell Finland's only GM tree study

6/24/04:  Greenland, Indonesia, and South Africa sites are set for U.N. protection

6/24/04:  Environmentalists appeal ruling against Galapagos fishing limit

6/24/04:  Coca-Cola plant may be forced to close in southern India, official says

6/24/04:  Norwegian oil workers' strike escalates amid fear of short world supplies

6/24/04:  U.S. scientists follow fate of frog populations by their song

6/24/04:  California family drives to Argentina on recycled vegetable oil

6/24/04:  Habitat for recovery of species seen as shortchanged

6/24/04:  Toxic pollution rose 5 percent in 2002, reversing trend

6/24/04:  Australia encourages Great Barrier Reef oil exploration

6/24/04:  Africa's black rhino seen on road to recovery

6/24/04:  U.N. sees businesses responding to push for corporate citizenship

6/23/04:  South Africa to streamline eco-impact rules

6/23/04:  Australia's rare white whale is tiring of his celebrity, expert says

6/23/04:  Projects work to restore the river that once ran through a desert city

6/23/04:  Study finds toxic rocket fuel chemical in milk from California cows

6/23/04:  Maryland and Virginia scientists seek a faster way to restore vegetation to Chesapeake Bay

6/23/04:  Stricter laws, rules help some Mexican sea turtles, do little for others

6/23/04:  Woman with human form of mad cow disease dies in United States

6/23/04:  International trade comes home

6/23/04:  Haze from fires in Indonesia disrupts flights, blankets cities in Malaysia

6/23/04:  Dam-building threatens world rivers, says WWF report

6/23/04:  United States sloppily managed Iraqi oil money, says U.N. watchdog

6/23/04:  Soils and atmosphere intricately linked

6/22/04:  Protesters at Southern Oregon forest rescue station holding firm

6/22/04:  Bush flirts with nuclear disaster, Kennedy says

6/22/04:  Port of Los Angeles opens green shipping terminal

6/22/04:  Yucca nuclear dump funding plan draws industry ire

6/22/04:  Indian and Pakistani officials are meeting in New Delhi for talks on hydro-dam

6/22/04:  California sues three tuna makers on product warning law

6/22/04:  Monsanto withdraws GMO wheat from all but U.S. FDA

6/22/04:  Australia nets illegal tiger and rhino parts in raids

6/22/04:  Hybrid owl species complicates future of threatened bird

6/22/04:  Fake sharks could save turtles from fish hooks, says U.N.

6/22/04:  Scientists urge shift to nonfood crops

6/22/04:  Death toll from burst dam in Brazil rises to five, thousands flee their homes

6/22/04:  Australia's koalas face extinction, foundation says

6/22/04:  Debate surrounds potential methane work in Canadian province

6/22/04:  EarthTalk: What incentives are there for homeowners and businesses to install renewable energy systems?

6/21/04:  Plant dumped tons of mercury into the Columbia River

6/18/04:  Earth Liberation Front claims responsibility for lumberyard fire

6/18/04:  House votes to keep snowmobiles in Yellowstone, Grand Teton national parks

6/18/04:  Spain to launch new plan for arid regions

6/18/04:  Scientists discover new fish species off Brazil coast

6/18/04:  Malaysian scientists seek more environmental protection for Straits of Malacca

6/18/04:  Architect of Southern California pollution credit program accused of fraud

6/18/04:  Workers spill tar into protected Mexican mangrove, coral reserve

6/18/04:  DuPont defends Teflon ingredient as EPA signals fight ahead

6/18/04:  Court summons Dow Chemical representative in Bhopal gas leak tragedy

6/18/04:  Clearing the air with hybrid buses

6/18/04:  Energy Department pledges to remove 99 percent of nuclear waste from tanks

6/18/04:  Western drought beats Dust Bowl, could be worst in 500 years

6/18/04:  Environmental hazards are a big killer of children, says study

6/18/04:  First-ever standards set for land use projects target climate change

6/17/04:  Court Stops Logging in Elk Creek, Oregon Old-Growth Reserve

6/17/04:  U.S. energy official in charge of nuclear waste cleanup resigns

6/17/04:  Japan is shipping home a half-century's worth of garbage from Antarctica

6/17/04:  World Bank approves $8.9 million to rehabilitate radioactive sites in Kyrgyzstan

6/17/04:  Venezuela struggles to remove aquatic plant faster than it spreads over nation's largest lake

6/17/04:  House passes bill to promote refinery expansion, opponents say it would hurt environment

6/17/04:  Canadian Indians use canoes to thwart scientists' efforts to capture lonely killer whale

6/17/04:  Alaska men admit poaching bear organs

6/17/04:  Turkey's Bosporus bottleneck complicates exports of Caspian oil

6/17/04:  Alaska fishery, world's largest, awarded label signifying environmental friendliness

6/17/04:  Two red tides bloom off China's east coast, says paper

6/17/04:  Genetically modified salmon outeat wild fish and other stories

6/16/04:  Greenpeace protests Soukow logging operation in Southern Oregon

6/16/04:  U.S. House takes aim at Senate with energy bills

6/16/04:  Chevron demands that Petroecuador pay costs from lawsuit

6/16/04:  Climate change experts despair over U.S. attitude

6/16/04:  Carmakers may sue California on new emissions plan

6/16/04:  Australia unveils multimillion-dollar energy plan to help environment

6/16/04:  Ukraine announces it will continue to destroy rocket fuel

6/16/04:  Research indicates endangered mouse never actually existed

6/16/04:  U.S. Senate backs Bush on new nuclear weapons

6/16/04:  World's land turning to desert at an alarming speed, warns United Nations

6/16/04:  EarthTalk: What happened to the "paperless office"?

6/15/04:  Disease, hunger dog Haiti flood victims

6/15/04:  Jakarta begins construction of monorail

6/15/04:  Flood-menaced population to double by 2050, says U.N.

6/15/04:  U.S. senator seeks Halliburton special counsel

6/15/04:  Oil-rich leaders turn tap largest investment project in sub-Saharan Africa

6/15/04:  Sea protection costs less than fish subsidies, says study

6/15/04:  Nigerian well leaks tons of oil on villages

6/15/04:  World Bank ponders its role in the environment

6/15/04:  Environmental groups lose case over off-road vehicles

6/15/04:  Obesity is about far more than body image

6/12/04:  U.S. backtracks on Biscuit logging

6/11/04:  "Doggie, speak" has new meaning in language study

6/11/04:  Indian, Pakistani officials to discuss controversial dam in Kashmir

6/11/04:  Southeast Asian nations dumping ground for toxic waste

6/11/04:  California farms' dependence on delta water highlighted by levee failure

6/11/04:  Australian rock star to run for parliament

6/11/04:  Government proposes more Alaskan land for oil and gas drilling

6/11/04:  Urban firefighters are learning to battle growing threat of wildfires

6/11/04:  China's pandas are procreating but not out of the woods

6/11/04:  Mendocino's GMO vote sparks action

6/11/04:  Report says sage grouse are holding their own but face serious threats

6/11/04:  California seen readying plan to cut auto emissions

6/11/04:  U.S. city's lights-out policy saves migrating birds

6/11/04:  Cuba's new environmentalism faces challenges

6/10/04:  Weather forecast: warm for the next 15,000 years

6/10/04:  Two Indonesian volcanoes spew more smoke, hot ash

6/10/04:  Venezuela calls alert as plant clogs oil-hub lake

6/10/04:  FDA is considering phasing out certain asthma inhalers

6/10/04:  Lax U.S. power plant rules are killing thousands, says study

6/10/04:  Nevada nuclear waste project faces budget problems, possible delay

6/10/04:  Brazil inaugurates DNA bank for endangered flora

6/10/04:  Scientists dig and fly over Angkor in search of answers to golden city's fall

6/10/04:  The dimming of the light and other stories

6/10/04:  U.S. House panel votes to block new nuclear weapons

6/10/04:  African ape havens to release more animals into wild

6/10/04:  Army to begin destroying deadly nerve agent at Indiana depot

6/10/04:  New Partnership Brings Sustainable Forest and Farm Products to Market

6/9/04:  Suicide by Pseudoscience

6/9/04:  Farmington, Maine–area residents oppose planned wind-turbine generators

6/9/04:  New space shot aims for insight into ozone layers

6/9/04:  U.K. scientists say uncultivated patches could help skylarks

6/9/04:  Norwegians use popcorn to simulate a massive oil spill

6/9/04:  Polystyrene foam from old boat docks is becoming a significant source of pollution

6/9/04:  Environmentalists seek ban on bottom trawl fishing

6/9/04:  The Grand Canyon is ailing, but panel can't agree on a prescription

6/9/04:  EarthTalk: How can I reduce the number and amount of toxins to which my new baby is exposed?

6/8/04:  Washington is worried about faltering energy tie with Moscow

6/8/04:  Can solar power work? Pioneering community answers yes and no

6/8/04:  Pollution may delay sale of former El Toro Marine base

6/8/04:  Galapagos fishers call off sea cucumber protest

6/8/04:  Taiwanese company accused of shipping toxic waste to Malaysia

6/8/04:  Anger against wolf-reintroduction suspected in dog poisonings

6/8/04:  U.N. urges fish havens as world marks Environment Day

6/8/04:  Supreme Court: U.S. can skip environmental study, let Mex trucks roll

6/8/04:  Alternative energy on Beyond Organic

6/8/04:  Designer ecosystems are now in vogue

6/4/04:  Brazil defends Amazon protection efforts

6/4/04:  Nuclear reprocessing plant resumes storage of nuclear waste from Japan

6/4/04:  New Zealand to ask tiny Palau to support South Pacific whale sanctuary

6/4/04:  Regulators reject government plan for radioactive waste from Ohio

6/4/04:  Ailing Alaska killer whales to get protection

6/4/04:  Biologists alarmed at disease outbreak in Klamath River salmon

6/4/04:  "Toxic dust" on computers has chemicals linked to diseases, says study

6/4/04:  Levee break near Stockton floods fields, threatens water quality

6/4/04:  Twenty-seven dead from contaminated water in southern Pakistan

6/4/04:  Car owners are turning to vegetable oil as cleaner, cheaper fuel alternative

6/4/04:  U.S. Senate approves change in defense nuclear cleanup requirements

6/4/04:  Hippos beat the Sun's blistering rays and other stories

6/3/04:  E.U. Commission sees U.S. return to Kyoto fold

6/3/04:  Open USDA biopharm permit process to the public, says study

6/3/04:  Power plants top North American air polluters, says watchdog

6/3/04:  RWE Thames Water pulls out of Shanghai treatment plant project

6/3/04:  Gas may have spurred ancient global warming, says Nature

6/3/04:  Australian PM says Schwarzenegger response "positive" on gas plan

6/3/04:  Bad air causes heart disease, says U.S. heart group

6/3/04:  Deadly floods force tough talk about Haiti's deforestation

6/3/04:  "Low-carb" diet can trim U.S. fuel costs, says study

6/2/04:  Rival ethnic militants pledge peace in Nigeria's oil "hot zone"

6/2/04:  Iceland to catch fewer whales

6/2/04:  Antifire chemical spurs toxic fears in Arctic

6/2/04:  Japan considers stricter car fuel efficiency rules

6/2/04:  Latvian nuclear reactor to be decommissioned with U.S. funds

6/2/04:  Jordan appeals for international help to save the Dead Sea

6/2/04:  Court upholds snowmobile pollution rule

6/2/04:  Soap and water cuts diarrhea in refugee slum, says study

6/2/04:  Three-fourths of oil and gas leases on federal lands aren't producing

6/2/04:  Cities intensify climate problems

5/28/04:  Giant three-tired mushroom baffles experts in Congo

5/28/04:  Californians are downing too many beers without recycling bottles

5/28/04:  New Mexico fire spreads in "Smokey Bear" forest

5/28/04:  In about-face, Army scraps plans for environmental cutbacks

5/28/04:  White House suggests cuts in new Bush admin for education, environment

5/28/04:  U.S. needs stricter car fuel standards, says group

5/28/04:  Biomass could reduce CO2 emissions, says report

5/28/04:  Russia, U.S. to clean up nukes around the world

5/28/04:  High U.S. fuel costs put focus on renewable energy

5/28/04:  China embraces sustainability one city at a time

5/28/04:  Kiss those sweet red lips goodbye

5/27/04:  Administration looking at ways to boost gasoline supplies, may ease environmental rules

5/27/04:  U.S. arrests seven animal rights militants

5/27/04:  California governor launches fuel-conservation drive

5/27/04:  Scientists find bacteria living in toxic soil at Washington nuclear reservation

5/27/04:  Tokyo to spend US$897 million more if Japan wins experimental nuclear fusion plant, says report

5/27/04:  EPA issues fine over release of nerve gas on Pacific wildlife sanctuary

5/27/04:  U.S., Russia work with U.N. on global nuke threat

5/27/04:  Death toll from floods in Dominican Republic and Haiti nears 2,000

5/27/04:  World pays heavy price for global airline boom

5/27/04:  Peregrines nest in San Francisco and other stories

5/26/04:  50-cent-per-gallon gas tax increase would do us good

5/26/04:  EPA administrator touts benefits of recycling by malls

5/26/04:  Dozens of stranded whales dragged back to sea in Indonesia

5/26/04:  Brazil says foreign media distort Amazon destruction

5/26/04:  Administration considers speed, routing limits to save big whales

5/26/04:  Missed conservation opportunities prove costly

5/26/04:  Kerry pushes plan for energy independence

5/26/04:  Louisiana oyster fishers claim diversion project destroyed harvesting area

5/26/04:  Floods kill 500 in Haiti, Dominican Republic

5/26/04:  Bank of America sets new industry best practices for climate change and forest policies

5/25/04:  Humans, nature mix things up in Day After Tomorrow

5/25/04:  Maverick environmentalist's conference to list solutions to global ills

5/25/04:  Fast Arctic thaw is a sign of global warming, says report

5/25/04:  U.S. agency calls for closer look at drugs in animals

5/25/04:  Japan mulls market to let companies trade rights to pollute

5/25/04:  Divers assess fuel leakage from sunken car carrier off Singapore

5/25/04:  "Grandma Osprey" moves ospreys back from the brink

5/25/04:  Climate change: Boom or bust for biodiversity?

5/25/04:  Despite traditions and bloodlines, government says some tribes don't exist

5/25/04:  EarthTalk: What happens to drugs when they leave our systems?

5/22/04:  Could Global Warming Mean Less Sunshine And Less Rainfall?

5/21/04:  Russia's support for Kyoto delights and baffles

5/21/04:  New underwater volcano discovered off Antarctic coast

5/21/04:  Lemurs aren't so dumb after all, study finds

5/21/04:  Man sentenced for nabbing green sea turtle

5/21/04:  Environmentalists sue over planned California power plants in area considered sacred by tribes

5/21/04:  Russia undecided on Kyoto on eve of E.U. summit

5/21/04:  White rhinos on the critical list, say conservationists

5/21/04:  Seas, ice, animals show global warming impact

5/21/04:  ShoreBank Pacific spawns Salmon Nation credit card

5/21/04:  Federal whistleblower quits, alleges politicization of science

5/21/04:  Pollution off the starboard bow

5/20/04:  Activists and MPs renew call for British hunt ban

5/20/04:  Thaw of icy gas may worsen global warming, says report

5/20/04:  A shocker for Americans: $2-a-gallon gasoline

5/20/04:  Uranium mining company may face criminal charges for water contamination, Australian minister says

5/20/04:  Bush invokes war on terror in U.S. energy debate

5/20/04:  Washington hopes chemical will end lead woes

5/20/04:  International protection given to New Zealand marine reserve area

5/20/04:  Greenpeace cleared in U.S. ship-boarding case

5/20/04:  JP Morgan Chase deflects criticism with new environmental policies

5/20/04:  Conservationists ask Koizumi to stop U.S. military base relocation to save endangered dugongs

5/20/04:  Forest Plan Spells Extinction For Marbled Murrelet and other stories

5/19/04:  Greenpeace conspired to illegally board ship, says U.S. government

5/19/04:  New species of fish discovered in Seychelles

5/19/04:  South Africans in a spin over shooting Himalayan goats

5/19/04:  Bush forms Cabinet-level task force to coordinate Great Lakes cleanup

5/19/04:  Cameroon arrests woman carrying 266 dead parrots

5/19/04:  Oslo wants more whaling to boost fish stocks

5/19/04:  Medicine from the sea

5/19/04:  Environmentalists target Canada's boreal forest

5/19/04:  California lawmakers back ban on force-fed foie gras

5/19/04:  Shanghai warns residents to avoid seafood due to massive red tide off coast

5/19/04:  Harnessing the power of stuff

5/18/04:  Urbanization Is Devastating About-to-emerge 17-year Brood X Cicadas

5/18/04:  U.N. food agency supports genetically modified crops

5/18/04:  Arctic temperatures are warming rapidly, says polar explorer

5/18/04:  Russia's top scientists tell Putin to kill Kyoto

5/18/04:  Bald eagle will be off threatened list this year, says Bush official

5/18/04:  Bhopal survivors press U.S. company for disclosure

5/18/04:  U.S. cattle brains may be turned into biofuels, says USDA

5/18/04:  Suriname Indians urgently need land rights

5/18/04:  Russia wants faster aid for "rotting" nuclear subs

5/18/04:  Japan says it won't meet Kyoto targets reducing greenhouse gases without policy changes

5/18/04:  Set for ban, DDT lingers in battle against malaria

5/18/04:  EarthTalk: Are hybrid buses really helping to reduce air pollution?

5/14/04:  Seychelles scraps plans for hotel on remote atoll

5/14/04:  Lawmaker warns Energy Department of money cuts for nuclear waste project

5/14/04:  Senate energy tax package price soars to $18 billion

5/14/04:  Jakarta opts for monorail to ease traffic congestion

5/14/04:  EPA inspector to review power plant mercury rule

5/14/04:  Terror distracts from the poor and the environment, says World Bank

5/14/04:  Sooty air pollution linked to inherited genetic mutations

5/14/04:  Kenyans seek more cash for deaths caused by wildlife

5/14/04:  High gasoline prices mute America's love for big SUVs

5/14/04:  U.S. takes Greenpeace to court in unusual trial

5/14/04:  Everything but an eye-biter

5/13/04:  Thousands to meet for talks on tackling Earth's environmental problems

5/13/04:  California water district approves plan to pay farmers for irrigation water

5/13/04:  Asia's "last frontier" poised for irrevocable change

5/13/04:  Cod could be wiped out within 15 years, says WWF

5/13/04:  Wetter world counters greenhouse gases, says scientists

5/13/04:  Wal-Mart to pay $3.1 million to settle water pollution charges

5/13/04:  Hairs help spider feet stick and other stories

5/13/04:  Inuit "poisoned from afar" due to climate change

5/13/04:  Garbage hits beach at "Bloody Tarawa" in new, trashed Pacific

5/13/04:  Outdoor gear makers urge Bush administration to protect roadless forests

5/13/04:  Efficiency can help meet EPA smog rules while saving companies money, says report

5/12/04:  Government grounds firefighting air tankers amid safety concerns

5/12/04:  Asbestos gone, E.U. Commission headquarters are plagued by timber

5/12/04:  EPA targets off-road vehicles, marine vessels in new pollution controls

5/12/04:  Foreign companies own large share of U.S. hardrock mining rights, says report

5/12/04:  Tank explodes at sewage plant, dumping sludge into Spokane River

5/12/04:  They're here: Cicada cycle fascinates U.S. regions

5/12/04:  U.S. Senate passes energy tax package

5/12/04:  Alcoa agrees to 10,000-acre conservation plan, clearing the way for dam license approval

5/12/04:  Environmentalists rejoice at Monsanto GM decision

5/12/04:  Sudanese rebels threaten rare Congolese rhino

5/12/04:  Potholes on the hydrogen highway

5/11/04:  U.S. says it is misunderstood on climate change policy

5/11/04:  E.U. may end farm export aid, boosts trade talks

5/11/04:  Invasive frogs in San Francisco pond evade eradication efforts

5/11/04:  Indian Ocean could lose coral islands in 50 years

5/11/04:  EPA issues rules cutting pollution in construction and farming vehicles and equipment

5/11/04:  Rocky Mountains energy groups to fight bird protection

5/11/04:  Loss of bamboo threatens rare animal species

5/11/04:  Egg industry should not label its product humane, says BBB

5/11/04:  Head of Chinese chemical firm resigns in water pollution case

5/11/04:  EarthTalk: What are some ways to maintain a "green" swimming pool?

5/8/04:  Oregon Biscuit Fire salvage protesters stop official

5/8/04:  Oregon announces new 1,775 acre state park

5/7/04:  Mars scientists find tempting new rocks

5/7/04:  New group battling to beat climate change

5/7/04:  Fast fish evolved similar design separately

5/7/04:  U.S. Commerce Department sides with gas pipeline company

5/7/04:  Humpback whales' mysterious singing is more prevalent than thought, say scientists

5/7/04:  Reservoir to trim flow of acidic waste into Sacramento River

5/7/04:  Drugstore culture threatens ancient Arab medicine

5/7/04:  Canada vows to combat overfishing near its waters

5/7/04:  Air pollution kills thousands a year, says French agency

5/7/04:  Private-public partnership brings back shovelnose sturgeon after 50-year hiatus

5/7/04:  On the wing in Africa

5/6/04:  For aging Hubble, basic questions about the universe

5/6/04:  Ahead of whaling meeting, Japanese research fleet prepares for next hunt

5/6/04:  Royal Caribbean will add equipment to cruise ships to better clean up sewage

5/6/04:  U.S. delays sending toxic WW II ship to China

5/6/04:  Ocean creatures growing sicker and other stories

5/6/04:  World's great apes are running out of time, says Leakey

5/6/04:  Wild salmon prices boosted by campaigns promoting health, taste, environment

5/6/04:  Cambodian government illegally approves plantation in national park, say activists

5/6/04:  Conservation groups organize boycott of catch from environmentally damaging fisheries

5/6/04:  Scientists petition to list 225 plants and animals as endangered

5/6/04:  Last stand for Hawaiian birds

5/5/04:  California firefighters battle six early blazes

5/5/04:  Pakistan, China sign deal on nuclear power plant

5/5/04:  Canadians urged to swamp prime minister with bread

5/5/04:  U.S. lawmakers seek to remove lead from tap water

5/5/04:  Grain harvest predicted to fall short of world demand

5/5/04:  Change is coming, but when?

5/5/04:  Malaysia detains 16 Chinese fishers for poaching, finds 160 dead sea turtles on boat

5/5/04:  African groups criticize U.S. over gene-altered food aid

5/5/04:  Debate over causes aside, warm climate's effects are striking in the West

5/5/04:  United Nations wakes up to sustainable coffee

5/4/04:  Greenpeace bars Argentine GMO soy from Brazil port

5/4/04:  U.S. mad cow test procedure was violated in Texas, says USDA

5/4/04:  Pentagon misses deadline for rocket fuel contamination report

5/4/04:  Supreme Court declines to review Bush administration appeal over pollution

5/4/04:  Marine organisms threaten Seychelles ecology

5/4/04:  U.S. rule change could weaken salmon protections

5/4/04:  WWF says new hook can protect endangered turtles

5/4/04:  Whistle-blower accuses government of cooking data on endangered panthers

5/4/04:  Searching for safer seafood

5/4/04:  Spain to start removing oil from sunken tanker Prestige

5/4/04:  Looming Colorado River shortage forcing tough choices in the West

5/4/04:  EarthTalk: Are there any safe, nontoxic garden herbicides?

4/30/04:  U.S. EPA delays mercury utility rule until March 2005

4/30/04:  World Bank pledges to nearly double aid to reduce danger of radioactive waste sites in Kyrgyzstan

4/30/04:  Inconsistent quality of natural gas raises safety and reliability concerns

4/30/04:  French firm fined for hazardous waste at Montana plant

4/30/04:  South Africa monitors stricken ship off coast

4/30/04:  Peru to ration water in Lima from May to December

4/30/04:  Iraq, terror divert focus from environment, says Annan

4/30/04:  'Frankenfish' rears ugly head in Maryland, again

4/30/04:  Report predicts asthma epidemic from pollution

4/30/04:  Company could be penalized after California fuel leak

4/30/04:  Art leaves a positive stamp on the Earth

4/29/04:  Whales abound in St. Lawrence River in Quebec

4/29/04:  EPA says 2004 models average 20.8 mpg

4/29/04:  Bianca Jagger speaks about Ecuadorean health at Chevron Texaco annual meeting

4/29/04:  Japanese utility approves plan to use recycled nuclear fuel amid safety concerns

4/29/04:  Radioactive waste water from nuclear plant spills into Rhine

4/29/04:  Supreme Court hands loss to environmentalists in California smog case

4/29/04:  Dutch home builders try a new tactic against rising tides

4/29/04:  Baboons embrace a peaceful culture and other stories

4/29/04:  California farmers struggle with new rules on runoff pollution

4/29/04:  U.N. conference finds little progress on reaching global development goals

4/29/04:  Farming is biggest global environmental threat, says new book

4/28/04:  Environmentalists revisit grassroots to oust Bush

4/28/04:  WTO cotton move sends shock wave through farm talks

4/28/04:  California has a chance to preserve Hearst land, but some are skeptical

4/28/04:  Sixteen years after Bush Sr.'s famous tour, Boston Harbor is a different place

4/28/04:  U.N. wants to end confusion about Chernobyl

4/28/04:  Energy Department announces $350 million in research grants for hydrogen fuel technology

4/28/04:  California takes a step toward banning foie gras

4/28/04:  Bush administration tells U.S. court Cheney papers must be secret

4/28/04:  Norwegian island being used to test clean energy system

4/28/04:  Climate change movie is not exactly rocket science

4/27/04:  Officials seize giant snails from schools

4/27/04:  UN uses atomic technology to fight malaria mosquito

4/27/04:  Water agencies file claim against U.S.

4/27/04:  Study finds signs of life in ancient lava

4/27/04:  Mozambique OKs greenhouse gas resolution

4/27/04:  Nearly half extinct species were in Hawaii

4/27/04:  EU paves way to end five-year ban on new GM foods

4/27/04:  African heads of state meet open Niger River basin conference

4/27/04:  Nations, scientists agree on global climate watch system

4/27/04:  Earthtalk: In search of natural toothpaste and examining population trends

4/23/04:  G8 rallies in United States to carry price tag, activists fume

4/23/04:  EPA drops plan to ease gasoline pollution rules

4/23/04:  In Sweden's capital, tolls on car to be implemented to reduce traffic

4/23/04:  Monitors of California's largest lake endorse $730 million restoration plan

4/23/04:  Bush hails his environmental record on Earth Day

4/23/04:  Gas leaks and blasts in China kill 21 in a week

4/23/04:  Schwarzenegger's plan to retrofit Hummer pushed 'down on priority list'

4/23/04:  New York to protect 260,000 Adirondack acres for public recreation

4/23/04:  Tyco subsidiary must pay fine for illegal dumping

4/23/04:  Eco-friendly furniture that's beautiful and functional

4/22/04:  Old-growth Logging at Blue River Face Sparks Controversy on Earth Day

4/22/04:  Indian, Latin American groups share prestigious Tyler Prize for environment

4/22/04:  Study finds even tallest trees have limits to how high they can grow

4/22/04:  Seattle folk smell the coffee in their gardens

4/22/04:  10 issues about which to write your congressperson and educate your friends and neighbors

4/22/04:  Lack of females may have done in dinosaurs, says study

4/22/04:  Britain cuts emissions from Sellafield nuclear plant

4/22/04:  Canadian firm delivers less polluting bio-fuel

4/22/04:  U.S. court hears Mexican trucks environmental case

4/22/04:  Many of Iraq's Marsh Arabs are reluctant to go back to their ancient lifestyle

4/22/04:  National church group says Bush changes are weakening Clean Air Act

4/22/04:  10 personal actions that can make a difference for the environment

4/21/04:  U.S. is keen to rejoin global warming debate

4/21/04:  Kerry says environmental efforts boost the economy, provide jobs

4/21/04:  Lawn chemicals linked to dog cancer, says U.S. study

4/21/04:  Government lists beluga sturgeon as a threatened species

4/21/04:  Amnesty denounces U.S. government, oil companies over rights abuses

4/21/04:  Schwarzenegger seeks to boost hydrogen-fueled cars

4/21/04:  Attorneys general criticize military environmental exemptions

4/21/04:  Institute warns of water shortage if food production practices are not changed

4/21/04:  Mexican intellectuals demand end to Canada seal hunt

4/21/04:  U.S. oceans report says coastal areas are in peril

4/21/04:  Parks are only the start of conservation

4/20/04:  Warming climate disrupts Alaska natives' lives

4/20/04:  U.S. may be losing fuel cell race

4/20/04:  EPA plan would improve national park vistas

4/20/04:  USDA won't pay full cost of animal ID system

4/20/04:  Permit appeal halts Teck's Alaska gold development

4/20/04:  Birders mourn loss of webcam falcon

4/20/04:  EU hopes newcomers will meet deadline for CO2 plans

4/20/04:  Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. counties have unhealthy air

4/20/04:  Brazil police recover 26 bodies in Amazon killings

4/20/04:  Seven activists receive Goldman Environmental Prizes

4/16/04:  In birthday wishes to Danish queen, Bardot fumes about Faeroese whaling

4/16/04:  Ontario says coal plans won't jeopardize consumers

4/16/04:  Millions of locusts swarm toward Australian cities

4/16/04:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife rejects trumpeter swan complaint

4/16/04:  Spain to scrap disputed river rerouting, says Zapatero

4/16/04:  U.S. Corps showcases efforts to bring sturgeon back to Missouri River

4/16/04:  Sunsets may help guide migrating songbirds, says study

4/16/04:  Pumas prowl amid people and other stories

4/16/04:  Judge upholds government's use of obscure 1800s law in charging Greenpeace

4/16/04:  Government, ignoring threat of legal action, says it will ship nuclear waste to Nevada

4/16/04:  Honduras to halt gold mine after protests

4/16/04:  Europe's scorching summer: Was global warming responsible for the deadly heat?

4/15/04:  Basinger to sell gems to aid old circus animals

4/15/04:  Got fish? Canadian cows eat herring for new milk

4/15/04:  Dominican Congress passes resolutions requesting Puerto Rican waste shipment be returned

4/15/04:  Japan passes oil pollution law that could affect North Korean ships

4/15/04:  When looking for sex, young bowerbirds prefer blue

4/15/04:  Watering restrictions sweep Colorado

4/15/04:  EPA requires smog reductions in 31 states

4/15/04:  Ranchers, conservationists agree on Idaho wilderness plan

4/15/04:  Global energy demand to rise 54 percent by 2025, says U.S. EIA

4/15/04:  Environmental responsibility can be profitable, study shows

4/14/04:  Growing the world's most controversial grass

4/14/04:  Radical environmentalist sentenced to prison for damaging SUVs, vandalism

4/14/04:  Cheney took in $178,437 from Halliburton in 2003

4/14/04:  Research shows swine manure can become crude oil

4/14/04:  Kremlin aide officially advises Putin to kill Kyoto

4/14/04:  Halt harvests where tricolored blackbird breeds, environmental group says

4/14/04:  China's premier reportedly orders review of controversial dam

4/14/04:  World lags on clean water goals despite benefits

4/14/04:  Butterflies may make better canaries

4/13/04:  Mad cow disease: What's the real threat?

4/13/04:  Homeowners warm to tankless water heaters

4/13/04:  Finns tap arctic water supply for Arab exports

4/13/04:  10 years later, Northwest Forest Plan still stirs debate

4/13/04:  Hollywood is asked to help save the Tasmanian devil

4/13/04:  Wildlife, humans clash on America's urban frontier

4/13/04:  After decades of bombings, Hawaiian island begins to heal

4/13/04:  Irrigation, irritation, and litigation in a remote California county

4/13/04:  Canada's biggest seal hunt in 50 years draws protest

4/13/04:  EarthTalk: What role will wind power play in our energy future?

4/9/04:  Agency fast tracks Biscuit salvage

4/9/04:  Hong Kong-bound Chinese water heavily polluted, says Greenpeace

4/9/04:  Cloud seeding to fight global warming approved for Australian ski region

4/9/04:  EPA prepares smog ratings for up to 506 counties

4/9/04:  Refinery explosion near Gallup, N.M. hospitalizes four with serious injuries

4/9/04:  Parrot refuge squawks at Canada's bird flu cull

4/9/04:  Oil pipeline shooter ordered to pay $17 million

4/9/04:  Lichen kills elk and other stories

4/9/04:  Government rejects challenge to Alaska program that allows wolves to be hunted from planes

4/9/04:  Governors ask Army to reconsider dumping byproducts of deadly nerve agent into Delaware River

4/9/04:  Does the Great White North deserve its green reputation?

4/8/04:  Global warming could melt Greenland ice sheet, says study

4/8/04:  Increasing destruction of Amazon alarms activists

4/8/04:  Energy Department says waste law must be changed or it won't spend $350 million on nuclear cleanup

4/8/04:  Jeffords holds up EPA nominations over document requests

4/8/04:  Environmentalists call for cruise ships to clean up dumping

4/8/04:  Ranges of hundreds of threatened, endangered species have no protection, says study

4/8/04:  Alaska utility finds ways to keep eagles from being electrocuted on power lines

4/8/04:  Intel to cut lead content of chips by 95 percent

4/8/04:  Silicon Valley firms unite to promote sustainability, fight global warming

4/7/04:  Scientists to study industrial damage to Aboriginal rock art

4/7/04:  Barcelona council says it is opposed to bullfighting

4/7/04:  U.S. senators seek probe of possible mad cow deaths

4/7/04:  Voters to decide fate of proposed Wal-Mart in Los Angeles suburb

4/7/04:  Alien insects and homogeneity threaten city trees

4/7/04:  Court official alleges Interior Department favored energy companies at Indians' expense

4/7/04:  ConocoPhillips to pay $70 million to settle Florida pollution suits

4/7/04:  Military renews drive to reshape environmental laws

4/7/04:  Canada is missing out on clean economy potential

4/6/04:  Federal plan announces transportation of nation's nuclear waste across New Mexico by rail

4/6/04:  Amazon drought can be measured from space, says study

4/6/04:  From his jail cell, radical environmentalist Tre Arrow says he's no terrorist

4/6/04:  Venezuela says it has set a record saving river turtles

4/6/04:  Record number of Indonesian fishing vessels caught last year, says Australian fisheries minister

4/6/04:  U.S. lamb: Who's tending the flock?

4/6/04:  Alaska offshore oil plan is opposed by Arctic natives

4/6/04:  Supreme Court sidesteps wetlands disputes

4/6/04:  U.S. plans major study on how environment affects kids

4/6/04:  EarthTalk: Why are environmentalists trying to get snowmobiles banned from national parks?

4/2/04:  Raw sewage flows into river, closes park

4/2/04:  South Africa investigates illegal shark fin haul

4/2/04:  Judge orders release of documents related to Cheney case

4/2/04:  U.S. mulls clean gasoline waivers to ease supplies

4/2/04:  Crew convicted, awaiting deportation from Australia for illegal fishing

4/2/04:  Country living may be hazardous to men's fertility

4/2/04:  Alaska governor invites drilling in state waters off ANWR

4/2/04:  Senators, states call on EPA to toughen mercury pollution proposal

4/2/04:  Ex-official says U.S. government covered up spill cause

4/2/04:  Fish protection may have a price tag

4/1/04:  North Korea set to release environment report with U.N.

4/1/04:  Japanese police arrest farmer over bird flu

4/1/04:  Greenpeace says regulations protecting Mexico's mangrove swamps are in danger

4/1/04:  Green groups seek protections for Alaska loon

4/1/04:  Fish catch in Mekong River tributary plummets 50 percent

4/1/04:  Washington governor signs bills to curb power plant emissions

4/1/04:  Dangerous Asian dust storms increase fivefold from Chinese desert, says U.N.

4/1/04:  E.U. Parliament approves law forcing polluting companies to pay for cleanups

4/1/04:  Sea turtles get fishing relief and other stories

3/31/04:  Iraq war diverts key aid from devastated Afghanistan, minister says

3/31/04:  Judge cuts Alabama verdict against Exxon Mobil to $3.6 billion

3/31/04:  German industry to cut greenhouse gas output in emissions trading deal

3/31/04:  Garbage is threatening beauty of paradise islands

3/31/04:  Environmentalists sue over approval of Columbia River dredging

3/31/04:  Arid Saudi Arabia is struggling to cut water use

3/31/04:  U.N. tackles link between war and environment at global forum

3/31/04:  Bush mining regulatory change denounced by coal company neighbors

3/31/04:  Office Depot to incorporate conservation science into paper-procurement decisions

3/30/04:  Dust storm blankets Chinese capital

3/30/04:  As natural gas prices rise, utilities plan new coal-fired plants

3/30/04:  Health officials say tests would detect Rocky Flats pollution

3/30/04:  Pinprick attacks on global warming gain popularity

3/30/04:  Raw milk cheese: Scapegoat or sacred cow?

3/30/04:  U.N. environment summit opens, targets ocean dead zones

3/30/04:  Firm pleads guilty in Massachusetts oil spill

3/30/04:  EarthTalk: How many rainforests are protected worldwide?

3/26/04:  U.S. House passes $2.41 trillion budget

3/26/04:  U.S. EPA may revise vehicle fuel economy tests

3/26/04:  U.S. FDA finds cancer-risk acrylamides in more food

3/26/04:  Military allowed to expand training base, but tortoise must be guarded

3/26/04:  Nuclear waste transportation casks would survive Sept. 11 style attack, regulator says

3/26/04:  Preventing "toadal" loss

3/26/04:  Three Hanford nuclear workers taken to hospital after noting odor near radioactive tanks

3/26/04:  Environmental havoc, AIDS threaten China's progress in living standards, says U.N. report

3/26/04:  Illegal uranium mining in Congo, U.N. wants answers

3/26/04:  Yellowstone becomes prize in legal tug of war

3/24/04:  Scientists are testing national park snow for airborne pollution

3/24/04:  Life on Mars could have come from Earth, says scientist

3/24/04:  Chile park-builder sets sights on Argentina, Paraguay

3/24/04:  Uranium mine in Australian national park is closed after uranium is detected in water supply

3/24/04:  Russia ignores environment in oil sale quest, says WWF

3/24/04:  Colombia drops plans to spray drug crops in parks

3/24/04:  Chinese dams blamed as Mekong River level drops

3/24/04:  Bush administration eases logging restrictions on logging old-growth forests

3/24/04:  Channel Island foxes declared threatened and other stories

3/24/04:  Restrictions on old-growth logging eased

3/24/04:  Mexico to host next world water summit

3/24/04:  Land conservation program expands in Pennsylvania

3/24/04:  Mars once had a shallow pool of briny water on its surface, says NASA

3/24/04:  Exxon penalties could rise as Valdez oil lingers

3/24/04:  U.S. pushes to boost use of ozone-damaging fumigant

3/24/04:  Poverty grinds against oil wealth in Nigerian delta

3/24/04:  25 years after Three Mile Island, concerns linger

3/24/04:  Supreme Court dodges major ruling in Everglades pollution case

3/24/04:  Listen to the birds

3/23/04:  Congressman seeks answers to claims of environmental crimes at former nuclear weapons plant

3/23/04:  Russia seizes China-bound truck with 800 bear paws

3/23/04:  New international wetland restoration program to start in Yucatan

3/23/04:  Mohawk Indian tribe seeks court order to stop icebreaking on St. Lawrence

3/23/04:  Turning the Kalamazoo from a river choked by pollution to one with clean, clear waters

3/23/04:  Government leans toward stretching out power plant cleanup of mercury pollution

3/23/04:  Ireland plans weight-based garbage tax to promote recycling

3/23/04:  Keeping it clear: Where the zebras and wildebeest roam

3/23/04:  EarthTalk: What is the environmental impact of the United States' consumer habits?

3/21/04:  Key 'greenhouse gas' reaches record levels

3/19/04:  Romanian river is polluted with cyanide

3/19/04:  Report criticizes Army Corps of Engineers

3/19/04:  Fighting the auto industry for low-emission cars

3/19/04:  New Mexico battleground over drilling on public property

3/19/04:  Chip industry to probe cancer rates of workers

3/19/04:  U.S. justice Scalia refuses to recuse in Cheney case

3/19/04:  U.N. watchdog and U.S. want to clean up atomic 'mess'

3/19/04:  Site that prompted creation of Superfund is now clean, EPA says

3/19/04:  Fresh studies support new mass extinction theory

3/19/04:  Donkey wars and the Green Revolution

3/18/04:  Companies make $368.8 million in high bids for lease sale in Gulf

3/18/04:  U.S. House panel agrees to extend ethanol subsidy

3/18/04:  UNICEF chief says energy-starved North Korea can't provide clean water, heat schools

3/18/04:  University of the Virgin Islands is launching solar-powered lights on St. Croix campus

3/18/04:  Africa's Nile nations chart fairer use of waters

3/18/04:  Alaska refuge's oil would have little impact on imports, study finds

3/18/04:  Fish-killing ban on wild steelheads sparks culture war in Washington state

3/18/04:  Oyster farmers and dairy ranchers clash over pollution in California bay

3/18/04:  Industrial Fishing Turns Birds to Cannibalism and other stories

3/17/04:  U.S. oil tanker law could raise gasoline prices

3/17/04:  Paraguay protesters march on farm, justice issues

3/17/04:  Ethics office says U.S. Interior official didn't act improperly

3/17/04:  New York may join growing number of states banning backyard trash burns

3/17/04:  Captive China pandas to get more space

3/17/04:  Singapore is tightening air pollutant regulations

3/17/04:  E.U. moves to protect dolphins, porpoises ensnared in fishers' nets

3/17/04:  EPA to judge energy-efficient courthouses

3/16/04:  Neil Young tour is powered by vegetable oil

3/16/04:  U.S. "tick rider" agents guard against Mexican cows

3/16/04:  Alleged ecoterrorist is arrested in Canada for 2001 arson of logging trucks

3/16/04:  Australia will seize vessels found illegally fishing, says government after court ruling

3/16/04:  Coca-Cola suspends production from plant in southern India

3/16/04:  Brazil struggles to slow Amazon destruction

3/16/04:  E.U. needs to do more to protect Arctic, study finds

3/16/04:  Indonesia mulls death penalty for illegal loggers

3/16/04:  EarthTalk: How can I tell if something is made from old-growth wood?

3/15/04:  Damage from Warming becoming 'irreversible' says new report

3/13/04:  Hollywood film will depict horrors of global warming

3/12/04:  Canada passes bill to ban human cloning

3/12/04:  Mercenary intrigue spotlights West Africa's oil curse

3/12/04:  FDA says details on U.S. mad cow blood ban is weeks away

3/12/04:  Conservation works: United States' water use is holding steady

3/12/04:  Feds ban U.S. commercial swordfish fishing in much of Pacific to save turtles

3/12/04:  Nevada gold mine plan raises prospect of polluting in perpetuity

3/12/04:  U.K. is hub of thriving illegal ivory trade, said activists

3/12/04:  Genetically modified corn threatens Mexico's native species, says NAFTA study

3/12/04:  The Bush administration packs the courts with anti-environmental judges

3/11/04:  NYC residents and workers sue EPA over air quality after Sept. 11 attacks

3/11/04:  Cork residents seek to stop construction of Ireland's first waste incinerator

3/11/04:  Labor asks U.S. senators to oppose asbestos bill

3/11/04:  Toyota and Ford agree on hybrid technology licensing agreement

3/11/04:  Bangladesh says tiger numbers burning bright

3/11/04:  Carbon dioxide is key suspect in rainforest change

3/11/04:  Dry Beijing to shun water-intensive industry

3/11/04:  Program launched to support agriculture, environment along in Mekong Basin

3/11/04:  Scientists condemn deepsea trawling and other stories

3/10/04:  California grad student is arrested in SUV arson

3/10/04:  New Zealand government says it will not try to prevent massive mud slide from volcanic crater

3/10/04:  Hong Kong court backs controversial harbor reclamation

3/10/04:  Washington, D.C., sued by residents over lead in water

3/10/04:  Researchers say Virgin Islands' fish population is dangerously low

3/10/04:  Senate committee backs $60 million "abrupt climate change" research program

3/10/04:  Britain allows first genetically modified commercial crop, but under strict limits

3/10/04:  Peru warns of water rationing in capital

3/10/04:  Power giants agree to report climate emissions to shareholders

3/9/04:  White House race pits oil drilling against conservation

3/9/04:  "Stop whaling," animal welfare groups urge world

3/9/04:  Experts from 10 African nations meet to discuss plan on sharing waters of the Nile

3/9/04:  EPA proposes 11 new sites for the Superfund program

3/9/04:  Bush helps lift Appalachia's mountaintop mines from doldrums

3/9/04:  Duck hunters win one for isolated wetlands — or do they?

3/9/04:  Mars critics wonder if billions aren't better spent elsewhere

3/9/04:  In Bush's world, human desires trump environmental protections

3/9/04:  EarthTalk: How do I properly dispose of asbestos?

3/4/04:  Saudi says E.U. can't go it alone on Kyoto pact

3/4/04:  GOP contributor in New Mexico gets leeway for oil drilling

3/4/04:  Appeals court revives General Electric challenge of Superfund law

3/4/04:  Exhaust from Alabama weapons incinerator high in PCBs

3/4/04:  Laos discovers lucrative eco-tourism niche

3/4/04:  Sargasso genome study finds 1,800 new species

3/4/04:  Kenya urges African countries to stick to ivory ban

3/4/04:  A radioactive nightmare in Concord, Massachusetts

3/4/04:  Latest Neil Young tour highlights environmentalist character

3/4/04:  Ecotourism takes a toll on wildlife

3/4/04:  Ants, like cars, avoid congestion

3/4/04:  Philippines to open new offshore oilfields

3/4/04:  D.A. targeted by lumber company survives recall election

3/4/04:  FDA OKs mouthwash chemical for poultry

3/4/04:  IBM settles New York birth defect lawsuit

3/4/04:  Namibia to start expropriating white farms

3/4/04:  California county bans planting of biotech crops

3/4/04:  Coho salmon make state endangered list and other stories

3/3/04:  Climate change theory of dinosaur extinction gains ground

3/3/04:  USDA says bird flu in Texas appears contained

3/3/04:  Federal agencies talk about protecting minnow, flycatcher

3/3/04:  Monsanto to take over environmental cleanup for defunct subsidiary

3/3/04:  Coke questioned in U.K. about Dasani purity claim

3/3/04:  Swiss cities deemed best for living, Baghdad worst

3/3/04:  Iraqi oil exports reach nearly $6 billion

3/3/04:  UN casts wary eye at global growth of nuclear power

3/3/04:  Nuclear blast on Bikini Atoll still felt 50 years later

3/3/04:  Science Matters: Is our climate nearing the tipping point?

3/2/04:  More alternative fuel vehicles seen in U.S. in 2004

3/2/04:  Koalas ruining Australian island

3/2/04:  Hawaii whale count runs into bad weather

3/2/04:  Galapagos fishers end protest in contested pact

3/2/04:  Curacao government slaps environmental restrictions on refinery

3/2/04:  Huge Missouri River management plan unveiled

3/2/04:  Ocean power techologies to harness Spanish waves

3/2/04:  Sixty animals dead in Brazil zoo murder mystery

3/2/04:  EarthTalk: How do I recycle or safely dispose of used batteries?

2/27/04:  World Bank, Pentagon: global warming red alert

2/27/04:  U.S. company delays lead poisoning mitigation in Peru

2/27/04:  Smoke pollution makes for stronger storms

2/27/04:  Nigeria converts US Coast Guard vessel for pipeline patrols

2/27/04:  Kyrgyz premier vows to prevent German uranium contract

2/27/04:  Insect-busting gadgets on display at mosquito control conference

2/27/04:  'Hydrogen highway' by 2010 says California official

2/27/04:  Bangladesh begins tiger census in fragile wetlands

2/27/04:  U.S. oil companies eye return to Libya after 18 years

2/27/04:  First Michigan wolverine spotted in 200 years

2/27/04:  Disputes stall Malaysia talks on biotech exports

2/27/04:  Pentagon downplays report identifying climate change as national security threat

2/26/04:  Beaver populations expanding in Tierra del Fuego Argentina

2/26/04:  U.N. Disease early warning system established

2/26/04:  Is Golden Rice the crop to prove GM's worth?

2/26/04:  Iran proposes war of 'Comb Jellies' in Caspian Sea

2/26/04:  Washington D.C. warns about lead in water

2/26/04:  Protesting fishers continue occupation on Galapagos Islands

2/26/04:  National Zoo chief in U.S. quits after critical report

2/26/04:  Venezuelan development plans challenged by Guyana

2/26/04:  Kazakhs, ENI sign deal on Kashagan oil for 2008

2/26/04:  EarthTalk: Where did curbside recycling in the United States get started?

2/25/04:  Marketer tries again to sell fluorescent GloFish in California

2/25/04:  US Fish & Wildlife testing hatchery-raised fish for pollutants

2/25/04:  No-smoking areas offer only partial protection: study

2/25/04:  Scientist says 'Asian brown cloud' threatens Gulf

2/25/04:  England's streets get dirtier, study says

2/25/04:  Boost for transgenic foods as China widens imports

2/25/04:  Mississippi River traffic jam grows

2/25/04:  Seals and dolphins wash up on Mexican beach

2/25/04:  Thai king honored by U.N. award for water management projects

2/25/04:  Nothing simple about nature

2/24/04:  Loggers once more in Eugene, Oregon

2/24/04:  Oregon dam has second spill of oil in 6 weeks

2/24/04:  Southeast England fights to save sparrows

2/24/04:  Shanghai may relent on bicycle ban

2/24/04:  Great Barrier Reef faces major coral destruction

2/24/04:  Germany wants new U.N. chemicals agency in Bonn

2/24/04:  France bans insecticide after bee deaths

2/24/04:  Brazil tribes fear for their environment

2/24/04:  Texas bird flu may be worse than thought

2/24/04:  Galapagos fishermen protest to demand more freedom

2/24/04:  Five power companies commit to clean energy and limits on CO2

2/21/04:  Forest Service won't block timber sales

2/20/04:  Nations to do more to stop extinctions at conference in Malaysia

2/20/04:  Australia battles locust swarms after drought

2/20/04:  U.N. prizes for fighting poverty, conserving environment

2/20/04:  Obesity can't be solved at the individual level

2/20/04:  E.U. says differences with U.S. over biotech crops will persist

2/20/04:  Utilities to release cost information for future environment rules

2/20/04:  Chemical research on humans approved

2/20/04:  Japanese love fish too much for fragile stocks

2/20/04:  Australia wrestles with crocodile safari hunting

2/20/04:  Can zoos save species without saving habitat?

2/19/04:  South Africa's badlands get a touch of green

2/19/04:  Swiss study predicts scorching European summers

2/19/04:  U.S. extends carmakers' alternative fuel incentive

2/19/04:  Rich countries must stump up for life on Earth, says Malaysia

2/19/04:  California marine preserve remains off-limits to fishing

2/19/04:  Yucca Mountain could leak nuclear waste, says scientist

2/19/04:  Kerry hailed as ally of the wider world on environment

2/19/04:  Bush administration "distorts science," says report

2/19/04:  The butterfly of utter blackness and other stories

2/18/04:  Australia toasts new transcontinental railway

2/18/04:  U.S. petroleum engineers become rare commodity

2/18/04:  World is slipping in goal of fresh water to poor

2/18/04:  Brazilian Indians fear millennial way of life is threatened by development

2/18/04:  Bald eagles wait to be taken off threatened list, but their very prevalence is causing delays

2/18/04:  Scottish skiers face grim reality of global warming

2/18/04:  Green groups sue to block drilling in Alaska reserve

2/18/04:  Ecuador is sacked by illegal wildlife trade

2/18/04:  ACEEE rates model year 2004's 'greenest' and 'meanest'

2/17/04:  U.S. must engage Africa better than Mideast, says thinktank

2/17/04:  Bird flu recurs in Thailand, Tibet also hit

2/17/04:  Tiny South Pacific islands face high tide flooding this week

2/17/04:  Concerns mount over safety of LNG tankers, as more U.S. terminals are proposed

2/17/04:  Biologists find cows make good company for some rare critters

2/17/04:  E.U. wants to cut pollution from car tires

2/17/04:  Largest waste coal plant in world sprouts from Pennsylvania coal region

2/17/04:  How Bush reversed regulatory effort on polluting gas additive

2/17/04:  EarthTalk: Why is gasoline more expensive in Europe than in the United States?

2/13/04:  Stem cell technique: murder or medicine's big hope?

2/13/04:  U.S. Senate passes $318 billion transportation bill

2/13/04:  Camera could help sort fish, save stocks

2/13/04:  Greening corporations with socially responsible investment groups

2/13/04:  Scientists develop a prototype reactor to produce hydrogen efficiently and cheaply

2/13/04:  California water-rights ruling could threaten species protection

2/13/04:  Environmentalists call for sanctions against Malaysia for timber smuggling

2/13/04:  World may be headed for nuclear destruction, says ElBaradei

2/13/04:  Uneasy rumblings down in the swamp

2/11/04:  Australian outback bursts into life as a flood hits

2/11/04:  Agriculture officials to remove ash trees in parts of Michigan to stop spread of insect

2/11/04:  U.N. watchdog probes global atomic black market

2/11/04:  Lesotho declares emergency, appeals for food aid

2/11/04:  Sacre bleu! No more foie gras from California?

2/11/04:  Deep sea species are at risk from seabed trawls

2/11/04:  Indigenous people demand rights protection at U.N.-backed conference

2/11/04:  U.S. activist groups urge Valentine's boycott of gold

2/11/04:  Canada could be sustainable within a generation

2/11/04:  Greenpeace says Putin is playing with planet

2/11/04:  WHO says bird flu will take time to beat

2/11/04:  Republicans lay aside plan to save energy bill

2/11/04:  Judge overturns ban on snowmobiling in Yellowstone

2/11/04:  WHO issues guidelines for herbal medicines

2/11/04:  Windmills providing unexpected benefit for marine life, scientists say

2/11/04:  Call for better management of indigenous crops to combat hunger

2/11/04:  Laos' tropical paradise is on road to ecological disaster

2/11/04:  Alcan announces $1 million prize to promote sustainability

2/10/04:  Australia charges five over toothfish poaching

2/10/04:  Town in Peruvian Andes wants U.S.-owned smelter to clean up its act

2/10/04:  Highway bill may be a means to overhaul of U.S. energy plan

2/10/04:  Canines who don't shy away from toxins

2/10/04:  Rabbits, mussels, hyacinths among alien invaders

2/10/04:  Medicine hunter tracks plants with healing promise

2/10/04:  Cloud forests, water source to millions, face risk

2/10/04:  Halting species loss in Europe and other stories

2/6/04:  U.N. agencies rebuke Asian countries over bird flu

2/6/04:  One-quarter of rural wells are polluted by feces in Ireland

2/6/04:  Global warming bigger threat than terrorism, says Canada

2/6/04:  Democrats question court nominee about environmental views

2/6/04:  California approves rules for water-efficient washing machines

2/6/04:  Plants give up their secret of splitting water

2/6/04:  Animal welfare groups sue to block killing of cormorants

2/6/04:  A.Q. Khan was just the "tip of an iceberg," says U.N.

2/6/04:  Journey to Eden

2/5/04:  CA utility abandons plan to ship nuclear reactor around South America

2/5/04:  Space agency says aerosol particles, gases obscuring Indian skies

2/5/04:  Alaska sea otters' disappearance a mystery

2/5/04:  Once-abundant shark species nearly driven extinct over 50 years

2/5/04:  Whistleblower says EPA used unreliable data for sludge decision

2/5/04:  Kentucky cloning doctor says his first attempt fails

2/5/04:  Six charged in dumping of oil-tainted wheat in South China Sea

2/5/04:  Malaysia is accused of illegally selling millions of dollars of  hardwood

2/5/04:  Malaysian conference gets to the heart of sustainability

2/4/04:  Fighting rages between rival militias in Niger Delta turf war

2/4/04:  Cuddly but greedy coatis steal snacks in Brazil park

2/4/04:  Shipment of reprocessed nuclear waste is passing through the Caribbean

2/4/04:  Giant sperm whales have figured out how to pluck cod from fishing lines

2/4/04:  War, terror hunt puts environment on hold

2/4/04:  Germans fined $18,000 for poaching rare beetles

2/4/04:  Environmentalists urge action on ship ballast water

2/4/04:  Western retirees worry new energy boom will ruin outdoors economy

2/4/04:  U.S. military contracts with Chevron to save money, slash emissions

2/3/04:  Northwest follows Europe, New England fish failures

2/3/04:  Hubble detects oxygen and carbon around a distant planet

2/3/04:  Experimental sonar sparks debate over how best to protect whales

2/3/04:  E.U. sees GM import soon, Belgium bans rapeseed crop

2/3/04:  Bush budget cuts environmental funding by 7 percent

2/3/04:  Mexico designates 34 new areas as protected marshland

2/3/04:  U.N. wants rules for bioprospecting in Antarctica

2/3/04:  Ornithologist pushes for awareness of birds' biggest threat: glass

2/3/04:  EarthTalk: Can mercury in seafood harm a fetus?

1/29/04:  Scientists cite progress in reducing air pollution

1/29/04:  Mad cow bans mean breeding curbs at Canadian zoos

1/29/04:  Experts back culls over vaccines in bird flu fight

1/29/04:  Environmental concerns are muddying Bali's tourism prospects

1/29/04:  U.S. caviar producers hope for ban on Caspian Sea beluga

1/29/04:  Orangutans in rehab are only the start for Borneo apes

1/29/04:  Energy Department postpones picking site to make nuclear triggers

1/29/04:  Mexican sea turtles are massacred by armed poachers

1/29/04:  Water quality watchdogs

1/29/04:  E.U. moves a step closer to ending GM food ban

1/29/04:  Painkiller threatens survival of Asian birds, says study

1/29/04:  E.U. head office proposes 1 billion euros for water for Africa, Caribbean, South Pacific

1/29/04:  Government begins work on CO2 storage project at Teapot Dome

1/29/04:  Judge orders Exxon Mobil to pay nearly $7 billion in spill damages

1/29/04:  Worst drought in more than a decade threatens millions in southern Africa

1/29/04:  Hitler's chemical weapons are a seeping menace

1/29/04:  Japan to consider sharing international fusion project, says official

1/29/04:  Messing up a planet is easy, fixing it takes time

1/28/04:  British medical lab plans are scrapped over protests

1/28/04:  Chemicals crackdown will save thousands of lives, says E.U.

1/28/04:  Wildlife police brace for impact of E.U. expansion

1/28/04:  Deforestation of monarch butterfly habitat continues despite crackdown

1/28/04:  Mexico agrees to send Rio Grande water to Texas, angering farmers at home

1/28/04:  Flower power could help clear landmines

1/28/04:  Bush administration to ease pesticide reviews for endangered species

1/28/04:  Loss of human-eating animals is an ecological warning

1/28/04:  Monkeys illuminate language advance and other stories

1/27/04:  Forest scientist pans Biscuit plan

1/27/04:  E.U. farm animals could be treated with alternative medicines

1/27/04:  Nicaragua is poaching far fewer sea turtles, says U.S. group

1/27/04:  Thailand's chicken slaughter is labeled inhumane

1/27/04:  Fury over a gentle giant

1/27/04:  Sulu Sea marine zone eyes military protection

1/27/04:  Farmed salmon industry to face lawsuit over contaminants in fish

1/27/04:  FDA launches new mad cow rules to protect U.S. food, feed

1/27/04:  Agriculture Department looks at revamping biotech rules

1/27/04:  EarthTalk: Are the world's frogs still in peril?

1/22/04:  Norton wants to triple natural gas drilling permits in Wyoming fields

1/22/04:  Water-saving standards for washing machines are delayed again in California

1/22/04:  Oil tanker company admits effort to hide illegal dumping

1/22/04:  Pollution may act as antifreeze in high clouds

1/22/04:  Everglades activists turn their eyes to Iraq marsh restoration

1/22/04:  California judge to rule in Myanmar pipeline case

1/22/04:  Interior finishes plan to open nearly 9 million acres in Alaska to drilling

1/22/04:  Citigroup adopts corporate policy to protect environment

1/22/04:  Our one big mistake

1/22/04:  Greenpeace is on a campaign to save Indonesia forest

1/22/04:  Eritrea needs speedy aid to meet food crisis, says U.N.

1/22/04:  USDA mulls mandatory national livestock ID program

1/22/04:  North America, Europe may cool in warmer world, says report

1/22/04:  Rio drops 'pill by mail' plan after church talk

1/22/04:  Indian tiger census in Sunderbans Forest finds population stable

1/22/04:  Crews work to contain spill from capsized freighter off west coast of Norway

1/22/04:  Supreme Court rules EPA can overrule state in clean air case

1/22/04:  Changing the future means changing priorities

1/21/04:  Martian soil poses puzzles for NASA scientists

1/21/04:  Biotech firms urge Canada to uphold canola patent

1/21/04:  More U.S. herds quarantined over mad cow, says USDA

1/21/04:  $3 million sewage system is cleaning up trademark stream at Frank Lloyd Wright house

1/21/04:  Hard to say how to tame gene-altered life, says report

1/21/04:  Authorities stop flow of raw sewage into the ocean surrounding St. Croix

1/21/04:  SARS bites deep into Hong Kong snake restaurants

1/21/04:  U.S. government dusts off 1800s law in targeting environmental group Greenpeace

1/21/04:  Wild salmon have fewer toxins than their farmed cousins and other stories

1/21/04:  N. America, Europe to cool as world warms?

1/17/04:  Save Kevin Cooper

1/16/04:  Native American tribe sues for Pennsylvania land

1/16/04:  Halliburton defends fuel contract in Iraq

1/16/04:  New Yorker dreams of a city where he can sleep

1/16/04:  Sewage in St. Croix harbor causes cruise ship diversion

1/16/04:  Gore blasts Bush space plan and says president neglects Earth

1/16/04:  South Africa land issue looms in election year

1/16/04:  Energy Dept. can't justify relaxed testing of radioactive waste shipments

1/16/04:  Ebola may come from bush meat, study finds

1/16/04:  Industrial meat production causes more problems than it solves

1/15/04:  Dinosaurs once roamed Brazil's Amazon

1/15/04:  India begins massive tiger census

1/15/04:  Iowa spotlights farm issues, doesn't solve them

1/15/04:  Yucca Mountain nuclear waste fight goes to court

1/15/04:  U.S. Supreme Court takes up air and water pollution cases

1/15/04:  Canada challenges EPA action against Teck

1/15/04:  USDA tracing suspect cattle from Canada

1/15/04:  U.N. health agency starts first mass cholera vaccination

1/15/04:  EarthTalk: Scandinavia leads world in environmentalism

1/14/04:  Judge allows use of controversial whale-seeking sonar

1/14/04:  California budget woes stall marine plan

1/14/04:  Kazakhs may face another Aral Sea disaster

1/14/04:  Group names 10 most endangered parks

1/14/04:  Court overturns Bush air conditioner standards

1/14/04:  Finland stages nuclear drill, readies to build new reactor

1/14/04:  British government reconsiders stance on GM crops

1/14/04:  U.N. aims to study link between environment, wars

1/14/04:  Why California must burn

1/13/04:  Groups fear for Yellowstone bison

1/13/04:  Pombo to take on Endangered Species Act 'bit by bit'

1/13/04:  North Korea plans talks on nuclear reactors

1/13/04:  Bush may appeal Yellowstone snowmobile ruling

1/13/04:  Indian tribe takes Everglades fight to U.S. Supreme Court

1/13/04:  France is hot to host nuclear fusion plant

1/13/04:  Architect finds quake-safe houses hard to sell

1/13/04:  Professors design mad cow 'digester'

1/13/04:  Consumer appetite erodes quality of life for all

1/9/03:  Help save California's Jackson Forest

1/9/04:  Norwegian children pay tribute to Keiko, the killer whale

1/9/04:  Manila residents go two to a tub to save water

1/9/04:  Danish government supports 'skeptical environmentalist'

1/9/04:  Key West is cracking down on cruise ships

1/9/04:  Superfund lacks cash, EPA says

1/9/04:  Farmed salmon loaded with chemicals, study confirms

1/9/04:  Employee error puts nuclear plant reopening on hold

1/9/04:  Court of Final Appeal rules to preserve Hong Kong harbor

1/9/04:  An eye-popping view of Mars

1/8/04:  Mercury contamination keeps Nevada school closed

1/8/04:  'Roaster' planet warms up its sun

1/8/04:  Scientists think sunburst triggered ancient mass extinction

1/8/04:  Study warns of global warming extinctions

1/8/04:  Emergency help arrives for tiny Niue after cyclone

1/8/04:  Thailand renews environmental pact with United States

1/8/04:  Environmentalists cry foul on Bush mining proposal

1/8/04:  India's Supreme Court keeps nuclear safety documents secret

1/8/04:  Scientists and citizens are stymied by water crisis

1/7/04:  CDC warns flu season still hasn't peaked

1/7/04:  38 States Get Fs on Tobacco Prevention

1/7/04:  Universe was lifeless after Big Bang, scientists say

1/7/04:  Former arsenal declared free of chemical weapons

1/7/04:  Gasoline beats diesel for cleaner autos

1/7/04:  Presidential candidates on the issues: Fuel efficiency

1/7/04:  Costa Rica works toward trade pact with United States

1/7/04:  Business leaders pay to wine and dine Bush environmental policymakers

1/7/04:  Diseases of the poor are badly underfunded

1/6/04:  Coffee may lower diabetes risk, study says

1/6/04:  EarthTalk: Does aluminum cause Alzheimers?

1/6/04:  NASA's Mars exploration follows the water

1/6/04:  Research ship puts scientists in the field and on the sea

1/6/04:  Maryland seeks to build green rest stop

1/6/04:  EPA enforcement chief resigns for Wal-Mart job

1/6/04:  Indiana farmer's pig pens are study in sustainability

1/6/04:  Date palm trees give Iranian quake survivors hope

1/6/04:  Mad cow is one of many mystifying diseases

1/6/04:  Earth's magnetic field is fading

1/2/04:  Much at stake for NASA's Mars rovers

1/2/04:  Budget fights reach grass-roots level

1/2/04:  Countries undecided on how to store nuclear waste