9/6/13:  CrimeStoppers Reward Offered in 300 Portland Tire Slashings

9/6/13:  Protesters Cut Hole in Fence, Enter US post in Italy

9/6/13:  Another Fur Farm Hit

9/5/13:  Protests Continue in Bucharest Against Goldmine Plan in Rosia Montana

9/5/13:  Lawsuit Launched to Protect Endangered Species From Fracking in Michigan

9/5/13:  Greenpeace Protesters Frack'Lancashire Council Hall

9/5/13:  "Death Sentence"for Raccoons, Other Orphaned Wildlife

9/5/13:  Obama s Central Asian Gambit

9/5/13:  Naomi Klein: Green Groups May Be More Damaging Than Climate Change Deniers

9/4/13:  Private militia firm ordered to close over Guarani killings

9/4/13:  Sweden's Indigenous Sami in Fight Against Miners

9/4/13:  Moving Beyond Keystone XL

9/4/13:  Indigenous Resistors to Wind Farm Project in Mexico Facing Violent Threats

9/3/13:  Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For September 2013

9/3/13:  "Wolf Wars"Infographic

9/3/13:  Michigan Tar Sands Pipeline Protester Could Get Two Years in Jail

9/1/13:  Updates from the Buffalo Field Campaign

9/1/13:  U.S. South's Largest Wood Pellet Exporter has Vital Forests in its Crosshairs

9/1/13:  Navy: Training May Kill Hundreds Of Dolphins, Whales

9/1/13:  Animal Rights Groups Infiltrate and Expose the Barbaric China Dog Meat Trade

9/1/13:  Syria Intervention Plan Fueled by Oil Interests, Not Chemical Weapon Concern

9/1/13:  Honduras: Three Indigenous Murdered for Defending Territory from Resource Extraction

8/31/13:  Activists Blocking Coal Train in Germany

8/29/13:  Another No Nuke Victory: Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant to Close in 2014

8/29/13:  South Africa Shale Pits Shell Against Sheep Farmers

8/29/13:  Why You Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Clear-cutting

8/29/13:  Third Fur Farm Raid in One Month: 2,000 Mink Released in Illinois

8/29/13:  Oregon Call to Action: White Castle Treesit Needs Your Help

8/29/13:  Three Arrests as Maine Earth First!, Protest Oil Trains

8/29/13:  Report: Toxic Fracking Fluids Killed Rare Fish in Kentucky

8/26/13:  Pilot Whale and Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands

8/25/13:  The Ex-Worker #8: Prison Abolition

8/25/13:  Genetically Pure Bison Returned to Fort Belknap After a Century Away

8/25/13:  Lions, Coatis and Bears (Oh My): Video

8/25/13:  Greenpeace Defies Russia, Breaks into Arctic Trade Route

8/25/13:  Coal Port Faces Huge Obstacle in Lummi Opposition

8/25/13:  A Wyoming First: No Bids for Coal Mining Tract in Powder River Basin

8/25/13:  Anti-Pollution Protest Blocks Industrial Port in Oman

8/25/13:  Pilot Whale and Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands

8/23/13:  Cattle Auction Website Hacked

8/23/13:  TWAC Maine October 19th-21st!

8/23/13:  Lawsuit: Company Lied About Coal Ash Dangers

8/22/13:  Meet the Activists Who Just Humiliated Monsanto

8/22/13:  Way Beyond Greenwashing: Have Corporations Captured Big Conservation?

8/21/13:  Hunting Towers Destroyed in Sweden

8/21/13:  Activists Boat onto Sludge Pond; Confront W.Va. Governor on Dangers of Coal Sludge

8/21/13:  Libya: Workers Shut Down Oil Terminals

8/21/13:  Green Scare Lite

8/21/13:  Facebook Removes March Against Monsanto Event

8/21/13:  U.S. Marines Plan to Destroy Another Island

8/20/13:  Tense Situation in Tibet After Crackdown on Mine Protests

8/20/13:  Hey Earth First!, Time to Get Busy!

8/20/13:  U.S. Navy to Increase Sonar Training and Underwater Detonations Despite Injury to Marine Mammals

8/20/13:  Tahltan Activists Serve Fortune Minerals with Eviction Notice

8/20/13:  Circus Lions Decide They're Not Going to Take It Anymore

8/18/13:  Proposed Elliott State Forest Land Sales Pit School Funding Against Environmental Conservation

8/18/13:  Removal of YouTube Tar Sands Satire Video Tied to Big Oil

8/18/13:  Ecuador Approves Yasuni National Park Oil Drilling in Amazon Rainforest

8/18/13:  Threats and Intimidation Used Against Mexican Anti-Incineration Groups

8/18/13:  Wild Horse Controversy at Fallon Slaughter Auction

8/16/13:  Fracking Protesters Gather for Six-Day Camp as Balcombe Drilling Suspended

8/16/13:  Blackfeet Tribal Council Says Energy Leases on Religious Site Canceled

8/16/13:  Lawsuit Challenges Plan to Log 150,000 Acres of California Old Growth Forests

8/16/13:  Unpublicized Arson & Coyote Release: 1999

8/15/13:  JTTF Approaches Anti-Fracking Activists

8/15/13:  With Impending Court Cases, Tar Sands Blockade Issues Call for Donations

8/15/13:  Rad Events in the Southeast Supporting Earth First! Media

8/15/13:  Last Bobcat Freed from Montana Fur Farm

8/15/13:  Residents Seek Environmental Justice in GA By Suing City for Decades of Sewage Dumping

8/15/13:  Disposal of Marcellus Shale Fracking Waste Caused Earthquakes in Ohio

8/15/13:  The Pirate Bay s New Censorship-Dodging Browser "Not Secure"

8/15/13:  First New Carnivore Identified in Western Hemisphere for 35 Years

8/14/13:  Pipeline Explosion Lights Up Illinois Sky; No Injuries

8/14/13:  Gezi Park Forums Have Spread Across Turkey

8/14/13:  Protestors Stage Sit-In at State Department Against Keystone XL pipeline

8/14/13:  Bear-Trap Saboteur in New Mexico Prevents Capture of Wild Bear

8/14/13:  Soft Blockade Against Megaload in Missoula Continues 8-Day Rolling Stand-Off

8/12/13:  Premiere of MTR Film "Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Eco-Sexual Love Story"in Charelston, WV

8/12/13:  Monday Montana Megaload Uprising!

8/12/13:  Manual for Sabotaging Wolf Hunts Released

8/12/13:  Undercover Agents Infiltrated Tar Sands Action Training

8/12/13:  CCF-Russia Torches Mobile Housing Unit at a Highway Construction Site in Adygeya (Russia)

8/12/13:  BP Gulf Compensation Fraud Hotline Hijacked to Accuse Oil Giant of Misbehaviour

8/12/13:  Monsanto s GMO Crops Already Planted in North Dakota

8/10/13:  Filipino Farmers Destroy Genetically Modified Golden Rice Crops

8/10/13:  Cascadia Calling!

8/10/13:  Pete Seeger & Onondaga Leader Oren Lyons on Fracking, Indigenous Struggles and Hiroshima Bombing

8/10/13:  REDOIL and Rising Tide Alaska will host an Action Camp

8/10/13:  China and India Water Grab'Dams Put Ecology of Himalayas in Danger

8/10/13:  U.S. Palm Oil Plantation Endangers Chimps, Forest Elephants in Cameroon

8/10/13:  Thousands Shut Down Chicago Streets Protesting ALEC Agenda

8/8/13:  Third Night of Protests and Blockades in Nez Perce Country

8/8/13:  ALF Torches Ticket Office at Bullring

8/8/13:  Japan Finally Admits The Truth: Right Now, We Have An Emergency At Fukushima

8/8/13:  Keystone XL Controversy: Investigation Reveals Scientific Misconduct, Abuse of Whistleblowers

8/8/13:  Indigenous Action Alliance Formation

8/7/13:  Chaos on the Clearwater River: Second Night of Megaload Blockades

8/7/13:  Honduras: Where the blood flows and the rivers are dammed

8/7/13:  BREAKING: Aerial Blockade Halts Enbridge's Pipeline 6B

8/7/13:  Argentina: Natural Gas Leak Causes Deadly Residential Blast

8/7/13:  Rising Tide versus the Avengers? The Culture Industry and the NSA

8/7/13:  No Compromise: A Compilation in Defense of the Wild

8/7/13:  ZAD Update: "Let's Bury the Notre Dame Des Landes Project for Good!"

8/7/13:  Inside the Censored EPA Fracking Water Study

8/7/13:  Activists Identify DC Cop Who Infiltrated Bangladesh Sweatshop Protests

8/7/13:  Girona, Spain: Call for a camping against the M.A.T. power line

8/7/13:  7 People Lock Down in Oakland in Solidarity with California Prisoners

8/6/13:  GPTSR Speaking Tour

8/6/13:  Willits Action Update

8/6/13:  2013 Fracktivist Conference: Sept 13-15, Knoxville, TN

8/6/13:  Investigation Continues Into Fatal Explosion at WV Fracking Site

8/6/13:  Nez Perce, Idle No More, Rising Tide Blockade Highway 12 to Stop Megaloads

8/6/13:  Nuclear plant spills radiation into Lake Michigan

8/6/13:  Seven Dead Dolphins Found on Maryland Shores in Alarming'Mid-Atlantic Trend

8/6/13:  New Mexico is the Driest of the Dry

8/6/13:  Nez Perce Tribe Urges Forest Service to Stop Megaloads

8/5/13:  Red Lake Encampment Battles Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline on Tribal Lands

8/5/13:  Great Lakes Saved from Nuke Waste Shipments

8/5/13:  US Border Patrol Violates O odham Rights

8/5/13:  Locals Left Without as Myanmar Gas Flows

8/5/13:  Researchers Expose Industrial Infrastructure Sabotage Risk

8/5/13:  Cyber-Sabotage Is Easy

8/4/13:  Video: Activists Shut Down First Tar Sands Mine in Utah

8/4/13:  3,000 Protest Chevron at Summer Heat in Richmond

8/4/13:  Protests Over Bangladesh Coal-Fired Power Plant Near Sundarbans

8/4/13:  Alberta Tar Sands: A Legacy of Negligence and Deceit

8/4/13:  Defiant Nuns and Monks Refuse to Give Up Kentucky Land for Gas Pipeline

8/4/13:  Plan for New Nuclear Plant Dropped, Public Still Pays

8/4/13:  Frack Gag Bans Children From Talking About Fracking, Forever

8/4/13:  FBI Can Remotely Activate Cell Phones, Laptop Microphones and More

8/4/13:  How Technology has Stopped Evolution and is Destroying the World

8/4/13:  Video: Activists Shut Down First Tar Sands Mine in Utah

8/3/13:  Animals Freed at Zoo in Uruguay

8/2/13:  A Major Tactical Breakthrough

8/1/13:  The Corporate Strategy to Win The War Against Grassroots Activists: Stratfor s Strategies

8/1/13:  A Radical Approach to the Climate Crisis

8/1/13:  Ongoing Road Blockade Against Mining in Sweden

8/1/13:  Twenty-seven Years of Pipeline Spills: What's Not to Love

8/1/13:  Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For August 2013

8/1/13:  Flesh-eating Bacteria Thrive in Tarballs

7/31/13:  Anonymous Liberators Free 2,400 Minks from Fur Farm in Idaho

7/31/13:  ALF Releases Captive Pheasants from Farm in Riverside, CA

7/31/13:  Arson at a New Mexico Horse Slaughterhouse

7/31/13:  Report: Emissions From North Dakota Flaring Equivalent To One Million Cars Per Year

7/30/13:  All-Night Anti-Shale Gas Truck Seizure, Road Block, Ends Peacefully Despite RCMP Negotiation Failure

7/30/13:  100 Anti-Fracking Activists Overwhelm Injection Well Site in Ohio

7/29/13:  The Balcombe Blockade and the Prospect of Countrywide Revolt

7/29/13:  Protest at Smoke Ranch Well

7/29/13:  Angry Crows Attack Police Officers In Everett, Washington

7/29/13:  Caught on Tape: One of World's Rarest Orchids Watch Video

7/29/13:  Are Mainstream Environmental Groups Keeping Racism Alive?

7/29/13:  BREAKING: TWAC Blocking Portland Transcanada Office with Tripod

7/26/13:  54 Grandparents and Grandchildren Blockade ERM

7/26/13:  FBI Resurfaces in Portland

7/26/13:  Communiqu After 50 days of Occupation in Zurawlow, Poland

7/26/13:  Corrected Billboard Applauds'NSA Prior to Congressional Vote

7/26/13:  Five Alpha Bridge Blockaders Sentenced; Four in Jail Now

7/26/13:  Sussex Police Arrest Balcombe Oil Drill Protesters

7/26/13:  Halliburton Pleads Guilty to Destroying Evidence After Gulf Spill

7/26/13:  Undercover Cop Threw a Three-Day Party for Eco-Warriors on Midland Farm

7/25/13:  Anti-Fracking Protesters Halt Sussex Shale Gas Operation

7/25/13:  Calling for Earth First! Journal Submissions

7/25/13:  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Planet

7/25/13:  2013 Fracktivist Conference in Tennessee

7/25/13:  Fracking in the Ocean Off the California Coast

7/23/13:  Poison Ivy Loves Climate Change

7/23/13:  Enbridge Considers "Constant Surveillance"Following Protests

7/23/13:  Utah, Get Buck Wild!

7/23/13:  Interview with Former SHAC 7 Prisoners Jake Conroy and Josh Harper

7/23/13:  Dozens of New Oil Rigs Planned for Gulf of Mexico

7/22/13:  BREAKING: Michigan Activists Locking Down to Halt Tar Sands Pipeline Construction

7/22/13:  Ag-Gag Lawsuit Challenges Corporate Attempts to Criminalize Free Speech and Journalism

7/22/13:  Comic Book Analysis and Review: Liberator #2

7/22/13:  San Diego Fur Shop, Owner, Manager's Residences Sabotaged by ALF

7/22/13:  14 Detained for Protesting Against TPP

7/20/13:  BREAKING: Chiapas Cancels Disastrous Forest Carbon Offset plan Linked With Calif. Cap-and-Trade

7/19/13:  June 2013: Second Hottest June on Record

7/19/13:  Climate and Clean Water Denials Leave Science with Splitting Headache

7/19/13:  UK Heatwave Melts Roads, Causes Wildfires, Kills 760 People

7/19/13:  Court sides with Samut Sakhon Villagers

7/19/13:  Revealed: Gen. David Petraeus Course Syllabus Features Frackademia Readings

7/19/13:  BREAKING: Chiapas Cancels Disastrous Forest Carbon Offset plan Linked With Calif. Cap-and-Trade

7/19/13:  Climate Change Could Wipe Out Amazing Baobab Trees in Madagascar

7/19/13:  Accounting for Ourselves A Review and Interview

7/19/13:  Revealed: The Full McDonald s Tecoma writs and affidavits

7/19/13:  June 2013: Second Hottest June on Record

7/18/13:  The EnvironmentaLIST: The Most Dangerous Model Laws Written by ALEC

7/18/13:  Asheville Grandparents Bring the Heat to Washington with a Protest March

7/18/13:  UPDATE: The FBI Is Approaching Seattle Climate-Change Activists

7/18/13:  Canadian Ambassador BSes Way Through International Seal Products Meeting

7/18/13:  A Critical Assessment of Idle No More

7/18/13:  Mapuche, Human Rights Activists Slam Argentina's Chevron Deal

7/18/13:  Earth First! even before Snowden

7/18/13:  New Utah NSA Center Requires 1.7M Gallons of Water Daily to Operate

7/18/13:  O'odham Protest Border Patrol Desecration of O odham Ceremonies

7/17/13:  The Ascendancy of Camp Cascadia

7/17/13:  New Blockades in Guangdong, Third Major Protest This Week

7/17/13:  A New Epidose in the Chevron vs Ecuador Saga


7/17/13:  Daniel McGowan Loses Lawsuit Against Bureau Of Prisons

7/17/13:  Victory in Northern Pennsylvania: Two Energy Companies Pulling Out

7/17/13:  Honduran Army Kills Indigenous Leader of COPINH Who Resisted Dam in Rio Blanco

7/17/13:  Tanks Move in Around Earth s Most Threatened Tribe

7/17/13:  Remember Lac-M gantic!

7/16/13:  Anti-nuclear Power Protesters Drop Dead'on 700th day of Kudankulam Stir

7/16/13:  Greenpeace Members Arrested after France Nuclear Break-in

7/16/13:  New Tree Sit in Tasmanian Old Growth

7/16/13:  British Climate Movement on the Upswing

7/16/13:  Cargill Flouts Law to Secretly Build Land Bank in Colombia

7/14/13:  Fracking, Climate Change Stressing U.S. Energy Infrastructure

7/14/13:  Dane Is Out of Prison!

7/13/13:  Tasmanian Lockdown Halts Work at Mill

7/13/13:  Protest in China Against Uranium Plant Draws Hundreds

7/13/13:  Ojibwe Chief Calls for Non-Violence

7/13/13:  EPA to Allow Consumption of Toxic Fracking Wastewater by Wildlife and Livestock

7/13/13:  China Cancels Uranium Plant One Day After Protest

7/13/13:  The Wild Fires This Time

7/12/13:  Support the Canyon Country Action Camp!

7/12/13:  Flash Mob to Protect Our City! Stop Spectra & Rockaway Pipelines

7/12/13:  Drone Demonology: Flying Robots, Cop Mustaches & Resistance in the End Times

7/12/13:  FBI Calls Destruction of GMO Sugar Beets in Oregon Economic Sabotage'

7/12/13:  Greenpeace Successfully Blocks Whale Meat Shipment

7/12/13:  Can We Save Southwest Oklahoma s Longhorn Mountain From the Rock Crusher?

7/11/13:  Brazil Indigenous Protest Blocks Major Iron Ore Railway

7/11/13:  Greenpeace Activists Scale the Shard to Send an Arctic Message to Shell

7/11/13:  Greenpeace Successfully Blocks Whale Meat Shipment

7/11/13:  Kelloggs to Kill Many Tigers, Mascot Chokes on 1000% RDA of Irony

7/11/13:  Can We Save Southwest Oklahoma s Longhorn Mountain From the Rock Crusher?

7/11/13:  Friends of the Earth Reveals Lies in Keystone XL Environmental Impact Statement

7/11/13:  National Geographic Photographer Arrested Taking Photos Of Kansas Feedlot

7/10/13:  Rebel Portland Goes Hard Against Coal Trains

7/10/13:  What I learned from the Tar Sands Healing Walk

7/10/13:  Armed Military-Style Guards Patrol Large Mine in Wisconsin

7/10/13:  When Trees Fall

7/10/13:  Counting Bears

7/10/13:  10 Activists Arrested, Bail Funds Urgently Needed

7/10/13:  UPDATE : All 10 Momentive Protesters are Out

7/6/13:  Rural Resistance: 7th Town in Maine Passes Resolution Opposing Tar Sands Pipeline

7/6/13:  Squatters in Manila Clash with Police over Gentrification Project

7/6/13:  August 3rd: We Can Stop Climate Chaos

7/6/13:  Greenpeace Activists Protest Transport of Fin Whale Meat

7/6/13:  Aboriginal Anti-Shale Gas Advocate Jailed

7/6/13:  RCMP Arrest Media Co-op Journalist in New Brunswick

7/5/13:  China's Largest Algal Bloom Turns the Yellow Sea green

7/5/13:  In the Presence of Buffalo: Working to Stop the Yellowstone Slaughter

7/5/13:  Dr. Sidney Holt, Savior of the Great Whales, Praises Sea Shepherd for Their Work

7/5/13:  Colombia, Repression and Criminalisation in Tolima: The social cost of mega-projects

7/5/13:  Pyramid in Peru Torn Down by Developers

7/5/13:  Open Communiqu by Migs

7/4/13:  Communities Protest Against Oil Company In Akwa Ibom

7/4/13:  Summer of Solidarity A View from the Sacred Fire Encampment in Elsipogtog

7/3/13:  Third of Conifers Under Threat of Extinction, Study Says

7/3/13:  Seattle FBI Now Targeting Climate Activists

7/3/13:  China Now Handing Down Death Penalty to Worst Polluters

7/3/13:  Union Workers Walk Off Disputed McDonald's Development

7/3/13:  CHP Removes Willits Bypass Protester from Tower

7/3/13:  July 23-29: Cascadia Trans and Womyn's Action Camp

7/3/13:  U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement

7/2/13:  Emergency Funding Request for Youth Healing Walk/ Unist'ot en Camp Delegation

7/2/13:  Why I Have Nothing to Hide Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance

7/2/13:  When Drones Guard the Pipeline: Militarizing Fossil Fuels in the East

7/2/13:  Oil Trains and Terminals Could Be Coming to the Northwest

7/2/13:  Farmers Unite With Hydro-Fracking Activists

7/2/13:  Encryption Has Foiled Wiretaps for First Time Ever, Feds Say

7/2/13:  Worldwide Rally Staged vs Coal

7/2/13:  Idle No More Hosts Flash Mob During Canada Day Celebrations in Saskatoon

7/2/13:  NSA leaks and computer security

7/2/13:  Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For July 2013

7/1/13:  Moccasins on the Ground: It s About Survival.

7/1/13:  Arizona Jaguar Versus Copper Mine

7/1/13:  Send Books to Grand Jury Resistor Jerry Koch!

7/1/13:  Locals Risk Their Lives Fighting Mining in Mexico

7/1/13:  Yes, Monsanto Actually DID Buy the BLACKWATER Mercenary Group!

7/1/13:  Hong Kong: Tens of Thousands Protest for Democracy and Environment

7/1/13:  Official: Radical'Fire Killed 19 Firefighters

7/1/13:  Ecology Forum Discusses The Declining Fortunes Of Yellowstone Elk

7/1/13:  Building Burns to the Ground After Farmer Announces Plans to Open Mink Farm

7/1/13:  Quaking Aspen Population in Trouble

6/30/13:  Paddlers Charge Silver River, Protesting Expected Cattle Ranch

6/30/13:  The CRC: Another Dead Freeway

6/30/13:  Community Justice vs. Minas Conga Mine

6/30/13:  BLM Threatens Mesa Verde with Oil and Natural Gas Drilling

6/29/13:  Update from the Trees: Notes from White Castle

6/28/13:  TD Bank Declares its Love for the Ecological Resistance

6/28/13:  Colombian Military Massacres Peasants in Oil-and-Coal Related Protests

6/28/13:  It Makes More Sense to Just Burn Down the Banks

6/28/13:  Goodbye, Miami

6/28/13:  350 and Maine EF! Block Train Exporting Dirty Oil to Canada

6/28/13:  49 Acts of Powerline Sabotage, 19 Acts of Oil Pipeline Sabotage in Last Six Months

6/28/13:  Detroit Protesters Block Entrance for Petroleum Coke Deliveries

6/28/13:  Tar Sands Mining to Begin This Summer in Logan County, Kentucky

6/27/13:  Colombian Military Massacres Peasants in Oil-and-Coal Related Protests

6/27/13:  Navajos Launch Direct Action Against Big Coal

6/27/13:  Regaining Food Sovereignty: Neyaab Nimamoomin Mewinzha Gaa-inajigeyang

6/27/13:  Controversial Daily Caller Editor Admitted to Posing As Radical Animal Rights Activist

6/27/13:  GMO Crops Torched in America

6/27/13:  The Climate of Obamaland

6/26/13:  Giant Wolf Chases Motorcycle Out of its Territory

6/26/13:  David Hasselhoff Crabs Face Extinction

6/26/13:  Primate Products Inc. Facility Closes Down after Smash HLS Campaign

6/26/13:  Update from Swampline9 June 25th, 3:30pm

6/26/13:  Oil And Gas Companies Seen As Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

6/26/13:  Fracking Equipment Set Ablaze in Elsipogtog

6/26/13:  EYEWITNESS REPORT: Swamp Line 9 Raided by Police Injunction Against Enbridge Protest Camp Enforced

6/25/13:  Elsipogtog Blockade Halts Seismic Testing

6/24/13:  Obama's Climate Speech Will Surely Be Full of Shit

6/24/13:  Police Cut off Willits Protester from Food and Water

6/24/13:  BREAKING: Construction of KXL Pump Station Shut Down in Oklahoma

6/24/13:  Tasmania Defended: The World Celebrates the Success of Community Action to Protect Forests.

6/24/13:  BREAKING: Activist has Climbed Inside Enbridge Tar Sands Pipe in Michigan

6/24/13:  Monsanto Points to Sabotage at GMO-contaminated Wheat Field

6/24/13:  Monsanto in Puerto Rico

6/24/13:  Sabotage Against Shell's Pipeline in Erris, Ireland

6/24/13:  Victory! Grassroots Organizing Stops Massive Strip Mine in VA

6/23/13:  Experimental Geoengineering Could Create Food Scarcity

6/21/13:  Anti-pipeline Activists Occupy Enbridge Plant

6/21/13:  Felony Charge Dropped in Florida Case Against Animal-Rights Activist

6/21/13:  Crops of Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets Sabotaged in Oregon

6/21/13:  Building and Machinary Destroyed to Protest Proposed Mink Farm

6/21/13:  Tennessee Official: Water Complaints Could Be Act of Terrorism'

6/18/13:  Defend Havasupai Sacred Land from Uranium Mining at Grand Canyon June 2013

6/18/13:  Breaking News: Oglala Sioux Tribe President Arrested During Protest in White Clay

6/18/13:  Eastern Cherokee Celebrate Return of Historic and Sacred Site

6/18/13:  Oregon Bill Aims to "Chill"Protesting

6/18/13:  NGOs Kickoff Civil Disobedience Campaign at Chicago Anti-KXL Rally

6/4/13:  Billionaire Climate Activist Puts Obama On Notice About New Anti-pipeline Push

6/4/13:  Jerry Koch Transfered to MCC

6/4/13:  Keystone XL: The Art of NGO Discourse Part II

6/4/13:  Theriophobia: An Excessive Fear of Wild Animals

6/4/13:  Inside/Out: A Book Club for Anarchist Prisoners and Their Supporters

5/31/13:  Californians Against Fracking Launch Coordinated Protests Around State

5/31/13:  New Teargas Crackdown on Anti-government Protesters in Turkey

5/31/13:  Chile Special Police Deploy Cointerinsurgency Strategies to Combat Mapuche Struggle for Land

5/31/13:  Three Arrested Protesting GE Tree Conference

5/31/13:  Update From the Amazon: No Consultation, No Construction!

5/14/13:  Miners Union and Environmental Activists Stage Protests Against Peabody Coal in St. Louis

5/14/13:  It is Dane s Birthday next Sunday!

5/14/13:  Activists Disrupt Unconventional Fuels Conference in SLC

5/14/13:  Four Arrested; Crops Removed from Occupy The Farm Site

5/14/13:  Cross Timbers Earth First! Shuts Down KXL Construction Site

4/16/13:  Halkidiki Gold Mine Protesters Lift Roadblocks

4/16/13:  Mock Wedding Illustrates Misguided Marriage Between Fracking Industry and Environmental Groups

4/16/13:  Two Lifelong Oklahomans Halt Construction of Keystone XL Work Site

4/16/13:  Meet the Woman Who Shut Down Chicago s Dirty Coal Plants

4/16/13:  Odd Alliance of Anarchists, Farmers Takes on French Gov't in Occupy-style Airport Battle

4/16/13:  Keystone XL: The Art of NGO Discourse, Part I

4/16/13:  Asphalt Lot Is Fine Substitute for Bulldozed Garden, Ed Department Says

4/15/13:  Basildon Council Orders Dale Farm Families to Pay for Their Own Eviction

4/15/13:  Thousands Protest in Greece against Canadian goldmine project

4/15/13:  Indigenous Hawaiian's Take on Monsanto and GMOs

4/15/13:  Protests against sand-gravel mafia

4/15/13:  The Remarkable Biodiversity Of Belly Buttons

4/15/13:  China Mining Tibet To Death

4/15/13:  Chinese Authorities Squash Protests Against Land Grabs in Inner-Mongolia

4/15/13:  NEWS! MT-WY Tribal Leaders Council Pass Strong Buffalo Resolution

4/14/13:  Irish Teens Toss 25 Molotovs at Loyalist and Police in N. Ireland

4/14/13:  National Guard Prepares for Radiation Wielding Eco-Terrorist Attacks on Commercial Fisheries

4/14/13:  Trinity Industries- Closing Wind Power Manufacturing for Tar Sands

4/14/13:  Report: Statement from the Black & Green Forum & 2nd Solidarity Eco-Camp in the Philippines

4/13/13:  Muskrat Falls Inuit Arrested Battling Churchill River Hydroelectric Project in Labrador

4/13/13:  13 Spills in 30 Days

4/13/13:  How Obama Defanged the Environmental Protection Agency

4/13/13:  Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Coming Up

4/12/13:  Mountain Justice Action Camp, May 19-27

4/12/13:  Monsanto's Dirty War

4/12/13:  How Obama Defanged the Environmental Protection Agency

4/12/13:  Maddie Pfeiffer, the Final Grand Jury Refuser (So Far), Has Been Released

4/12/13:  Protests, Lawsuits and Arson: South American Mine Resistance

4/12/13:  Global Noise Demo: Mother s Day 2013

4/12/13:  Riots Over Baroness Thatcher's Dead Body

4/12/13:  Exxon Oil Pipeline Breaks on Blackfeet Reservation In Montana

4/11/13:  Same Company Building Keystone & Tennessee Pipelines

4/11/13:  New Ag-Gag Bill Introduced in North Carolina on Same Day Butterball Worker Pleads Guilty to Cruelty

4/11/13:  Alaska Oil Spill

4/11/13:  Daniel McGowan Forbidden From Publishing Articles Without Permission

4/11/13:  Anarchist Beekeepers Claim Responsibility for U.S. Drone Attack

4/11/13:  In Memoriam: Joe Feller, Much More Than a Law Professor

4/11/13:  Chile suspends Barrick Gold mine on indigenous fears of pollution

4/9/13:  Central Wisconsin Action Camp May 17th-19th

4/9/13:  The Octypus-like Monsters in the Guts of Termites

4/9/13:  TWAC Storms Prison Industry Giant GEO Group's HQ in Boca Raton

4/9/13:  Another Oil Pipeline Spill on the Weekend, Where s the Media Attention?

4/9/13:  Oklahoma Grandmother Locks Herself to KXL Heavy Machinery in Solidarity

3/24/13:  Military Robo-Cheetahs, Obamacare for Microchips and Other Dystopian Shit You Couldn't Make Up

3/24/13:  Tim Sappington, Valley Meat Contractor, Films Himself Shooting Horse

3/24/13:  Senate Approves Keystone Pipeline in Bipartisan Vote

3/24/13:  Istme os siguen en lucha contra el Parque E lico

3/24/13:  FinSpy Software Used To Surveil Activists Around The World, Report Says

3/24/13:  The Penan Blockade Against a New Gas Pipeline in Borneo

3/24/13:  Katuah Earth First! Shuts Down TD Bank in Protest Against Kesytone XL

3/23/13:  Everglades Earth First! cranks up the pressure on Kolter

3/22/13:  GM Seeds and the Militarization of Food: An Interview with Vandana Shiva

3/22/13:  Eagles in the Wind (Turbines)

3/22/13:  The Tiger: An Ecology of Teeth, the Anthropocene and Wild Revenge

3/22/13:  Lawmaker Calls for Stiffer Penalties for Forest Protesters and their "Reign of Terror"

3/22/13:  On the Rosemont Mine, Air Quality and Jaguars in Southern Arizona

3/22/13:  Natural-gas liquid is gushing near a Colorado creek, and nobody can figure out how to stop it

3/22/13:  Dozens Arrested as Anti-Keystone XL Protests Erupt Across Country

3/22/13:  Dear Invisible Liberation Front, How Can I Destroy Surveillance Cameras?

3/20/13:  Amazon Indians unite against Canadian oil giant

3/20/13:  A Q& A with Jaguar Advocate and Jag Critical Habitat Opponent Alan Rabinowitz

3/19/13:  Raytheon's "Riot"Software Uses Facebook To Track Your Future Whereabouts

3/19/13:  Genetically Engineered Trees for Bioenergy Pose Major Threat to Southern Forests

3/19/13:  The Truth About Radiation and the Fukushima Meltdowns

3/19/13:  Monsanto and the Arab Spring

3/19/13:  Trains Will Move Tar Sands Oil, if Keystone XL Doesn't

3/19/13:  Badass Momma Takes on Coal Plant in Kosovo

3/19/13:  Bat-eating Spiders are Everywhere (except Antarctica)

3/19/13:  Daniel McGowan Spring Update

3/18/13:  The Real Cost of an Iron Mine in Wisconsin

3/18/13:  Week of Action Kicks Off With Creativity Across the Country

3/18/13:  Climate Resistance in Bloom

3/18/13:  Stop Tar Sands Profiteers Week of Action Kicks Off

3/17/13:  Northern Ireland Police to Use Drones at G8 Summit

3/17/13:  Indigenous Amazonians Unite against Canadian Oil Giant

3/17/13:  Havasupai Tribe, Conservation Groups Challenge Uranium Mine Threatening Grand Canyon

3/16/13:  Deutsche Bags, the Keylime XL Pipeline and a Week of Eco-Action to Remember

3/16/13:  Red Lake Chippewa Blockade Enbridge Tar Sands Pipelines

3/16/13:  University of Tennessee Wins Approval for Hydraulic Fracturing Plan

3/16/13:  Quebec Rally Against Police Violence Highlights Assault on Indigenous Women, Ends in Police Violence

3/16/13:  Protested Myanmar Dam to Undergo Environmental, Social Impact Analysis

3/16/13:  A Thank You from Marie Mason to All Who Wished Her Happy Birthday

3/16/13:  Report from Shady Global Trade Talks in Singapore

3/16/13:  Protests Against the Indian-European Free Trade Agreement

3/16/13:  Riot Police Attack Communities Protesting Oil Exploitation in Colombia

3/16/13:  Canada Prevents UN Rapporteur Visit to Probe Natives Rights

3/16/13:  University of Tennessee Proposes Fracking On its Own Land

3/16/13:  U.S. Exporting Brutal Acoustic Crowd Control Devices to Dictatorships?

3/7/13:  The killing of Sabino Romero and the myth of Venezuela's "Eco-socialism"

3/7/13:  Eco-prisoners Continue Exposing BOP's Shady "Communications Management"

3/7/13:  7th Annual NYC Anarchist Film Fest

3/7/13:  New York Assembly Votes to Ban Fracking for Two More Years

3/6/13:  Gas Pipeline Treesitter arrested, Resistance Continues

3/6/13:  On Forming Martial Arts Societies

3/6/13:  Gas pipeline treesitter arrested, resistance continues

3/6/13:  Fracking Industry Propaganda Battles Science in Obama's New Energy Pick

3/6/13:  Nintendo Medal'for Military Drone Pilots

3/5/13:  Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Seattle House Fire

3/5/13:  Arson Attack on Seattle "Green"Development

3/5/13:  Sri Lankans Protest Against Indian Nuclear Power Plant

3/5/13:  Two Grand Jury Resisters Released; Maddy Pfeiffer Moved from Solitary

3/5/13:  Sweat the Small Shit

3/5/13:  African Forest Elephant Population Plummeting

3/4/13:  When Forest Defense is Outlawed

3/4/13:  Attorney Claims FBI Violated FOIA in Marie Mason's Case

3/4/13:  Start Planning Now for Bidder 70s Global Release Party

3/4/13:  Lakota people and allies block access to genocidal liquor sales in Whiteclay again

3/4/13:  Cascadia Forest Defenders March on Campus and Downtown Eugene

3/4/13:  Obama s Fracking-friendly Energy Pick has Environmentalists Up in Arms

3/3/13:  Shell Consortium Gets Nod for 25-year LNG Export Licence

3/3/13:  Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For March 2013

3/2/13:  Greenwasher Given "Cars Rejuvenating Carbon"Award

3/1/13:  Support Dane Rossman Arrested in Tuscon Yesterday

3/1/13:  Huila Community of Colombia Continues to Defend the Earth from Mega-Development

3/1/13:  Time is Short: Twenty Years of Sabotage & Agenda 21

3/1/13:  Saving Predators May Help Save Climate

3/1/13:  Protestor Locks Himself to Conference Equipment, Disrupts TransCanada Presentation At Oil Industry Gathering

3/1/13:  Red Lake Pipeline Blockade Initiated in Northern Minnesota

3/1/13:  Murder of environmentalist highlights Thailand's failure to protect activists

3/1/13:  How I met Rod', the suspected undercover police officer

2/22/13:  NextEra Wind Project Kills Eagle in First Month of Operation

2/22/13:  Week of Action to Stop Tar Sands Profiteers

2/21/13:  Sea Shepherd activists clash with Japanese whaler in Southern Ocean

2/21/13:  Idaho land deal could mean big clearcuts

2/21/13:  Urgent Call to Action Support the Treesitter blocking Tennessee Gas Pipeline

2/21/13:  Time is Short: Principles of War and Strategy

2/21/13:  A Mining Executive, A Missing Millionaire and the Weird Politics of U.S. Jaguar Conservation

2/15/13:  Owl Trapped in SUV Grille at Yeehaw Junction

2/15/13:  Anti-Anxiety Drug Makes River Fish Anti-Social

2/14/13:  OMG, Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriend Totally Arrested for Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline

2/14/13:  Tree Sit Against Willits Bypass Continues in California

2/14/13:  Demonstrations Disrupt Snowbowl 75th Anniversary Parties

2/14/13:  Winona, Texas Families Speak Out Against TransCanada's Life-Threatening Welds

2/14/13:  Biodiversity Photo of the Day: Nicrophorus americanus

2/14/13:  Biodiversity Photo of the Day: Grus americana

2/14/13:  Hot Sea Slug Couple Boasts Two Disposable Penises, Two Vaginas

2/14/13:  Sierra Club President Arrested During Keystone XL Protest

2/14/13:  NASA: Alarming water loss in Middle East

2/14/13:  Largest Glacier Calving Ever Caught On Film

2/10/13:  Community Members Unite to Stop FreshDirect s Exploitation of the South Bronx

2/9/13:  Announcing the Next EF! Journal Volunteer Work Week

2/8/13:  Naked Sir Ben Kingsley Wants YOU To Put an End to Irresponsible Fisheries Management

2/8/13:  62 Year Old Wild Albatross Hatches 35th Chick, Travels 3 Million Miles

2/8/13:  Biodiversity Photo of the Day: Puma concolor coryi

2/7/13:  Biodiversity Photo of the Day: Salt Creek Tiger Beetle

2/7/13:  Northwest Port Expansions will Fuel Coal Industry s Contributions to Mass Extinction

2/7/13:  How Hunter-Gatherers Maintained Their Egalitarian Ways: Three Complementary Theories

2/7/13:  We Will Counterattack Three Corporations for their World Wide Terrorism in the Next Six Months

2/7/13:  Resistant Coloradans Delay Drilling Auction

2/7/13:  Great White Sharks Become Candidates for California Endangered Species Act Protection

2/6/13:  Obama Nominates Oil Engineer, Head of REI for US Interior Secretary

2/6/13:  Ind genas desplazados inician plant n en carretera de San Crist bal-Tuxtla Guti rrez

2/6/13:  Biodiversity Photo of the Day: Mimic Poison Frog with His Tadpole Baby on Back

2/6/13:  Indigenous Leaders Confront Ecuadorian Government in Houston Deliver Message to the World

2/6/13:  Time to Drink Fracking "Produced Water"?

2/6/13:  Sea Shepherd Australia Stops Japanese Whalers Yet Again!

2/6/13:  Action Opportunities For Solidarity With Tar Sands Blockade

2/5/13:  TIMELINE: How you persuaded Asia Pulp & Paper to stop cutting down Indonesia s rainforests

2/5/13:  Hundreds Protest Fracking at New York Capital

2/5/13:  TSB unites with indigenous leaders from the Achuar & Shuar tribes to stop Ecuador s Amazon oil auction

2/5/13:  Time is Short: Systems Disruption and Strategic Militancy

2/5/13:  Love and Revenge: Sperm Whales Adopt Disabled Dolphin

2/5/13:  Altruism Exhibited in Maize Plants

2/5/13:  Political Prisoner Birthday Poster for February 2013

2/5/13:  First New Mexican Gray Wolf Released into the Wild in 4 Years is Recaptured 3 Weeks Later

2/1/13:  The Yuppie-Manventure-Industrial Complex

2/1/13:  Rural Rebels and Useless Airports [part 2]

2/1/13:  Tar Sands Blockade Releases Photos of Flawed Welds on Keystone XL Pipeline

1/31/13:  Disturbing Greg Boyce s Peace: StopPeabody Activists Kidnapped by Hotel Security

1/31/13:  Ranchers, Native Activists Protest Keystone XL Pipeline in Nebraska

1/31/13:  Tarnation

1/31/13:  Demonstrators confront tar sands investment meeting

1/31/13:  Mobilize to stop GE Trees!

1/31/13:  Dung Beetles: Celestial Navigators

1/30/13:  Indigenous Organizers to Hold Round Table Meeting on Tar Sands Resistance and Decolonization

1/30/13:  Alberta Oil Spill: Up To 3,000 Barrels Spill Near Red Deer River

1/30/13:  Rising Tide group rises from the Florida Keys

1/30/13:  Q'eqchi Maya Communities Meet Across Borders

1/30/13:  Tar Sands Blockade Activists Forced to Settle Lawsuit But Will Continue to Fight

1/30/13:  EF! News, Yule 2013, Ready to Hit the Streets!

1/30/13:  Treesit in California Against CalTrans Bypass

1/30/13:  Bees attack Corporate Media Drone in Palm Beach

1/28/13:  Unfrackable: May 3-5

1/28/13:  Lockdown at Maggie's Farm Food Not Fracking!

1/28/13:  Solidarity With Marie In North Carolina

1/27/13:  Isabel is Free!

1/27/13:  Thoughts on Ecological-Crisis, #Egypt, #Jan25, #Tahrir, and Revolutionary Struggle

1/27/13:  Anti-Repression Olympics in Germany?

1/27/13:  Video: Black Mesa Dine & Appalachians Confront Peabody Coal in St. Louis, MO

1/27/13:  Updates to Eco-Prisoner Support pages on the EF! Newswire

1/25/13:  Update from Grand Jury Fishing Expeditions on the West Coast

1/25/13:  Why Penis Worm Anuses are Getting Evolutionary Biologists all Hot and Bothered

1/25/13:  Keystone XL: A Year in Review

1/25/13:  Under the Radar: Fracking Wastewater Radioactive

1/25/13:  Ohio Doctor Warns Residents to Get Away From Fracking Sites

1/25/13:  Idle No More'Cree Youth In 900 Mile Frozen Solidarity Trek to Ottawa

1/25/13:  The Trail of Broken Treaties: From Wounded Knee to Idle No More

1/25/13:  Government Scientists in the U.S. Are Set to End Most Research Done On Chimps

1/24/13:  The Awkward and Romantic Seahorse

1/24/13:  Hurdles Remain for U.S. Jaguar Habitat

1/24/13:  Rattlesnake Slaughter Fest this Weekend

1/24/13:  Bat-killing Epidemic Found at Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

1/24/13:  Lawsuit Filed to Stop Unregulated Fracking in California

1/24/13:  Wild & Weird: Can't See the Factory Fire for the Smog

1/23/13:  Earth First! Climbers Guild Camp spring 2013 March 24-30, New York

1/23/13:  Protests against Fracking Could Cripple Australia's LNG Progress

1/23/13:  Nebraska Governor Approves Keystone XL Route

1/23/13:  Andean Glaciers Melting At Unprecedented' Rates

1/23/13:  Arabs and Jews Protest, Blockade Together Against Environmental Hazard

1/23/13:  The Return of the Anti-Roads Protesters!

1/23/13:  Our Violent Economy is Hurting Women

1/23/13:  Sierra Club Announces Direct Action to Stop Tar Sands?!?

1/22/13:  ALEC leads attack on North Carolina clean energy with Duke Energy funding

1/22/13:  CPI(M) to dissociate itself from eco committee

1/22/13:  EZLN: "p sima coreograf a", la cruzada contra el hambre de Pe a Nieto

1/22/13:  Activists Disrupt Arch Coal Corporate HQ In St. Louis

1/22/13:  Is Lead to Blame for Death of Zion Condor?

1/19/13:  Trans & Womyn's Action Camp (TWAC) South Florida April 3rd-8th, 2013

1/19/13:  Pissed Off Scientists: Earth Is Fucked, Commence Resistance Now

1/19/13:  Dark Ecology: Searching for truth in a post-green world

1/19/13:  Eco-prisoner Rebecca Rubin moved to Portland

1/19/13:  Pandora s Boxes: Inside nanotechnology s little universe of big unknowns

1/19/13:  Harnessing Rebel Energy Making Green A Threat Again

1/19/13:  Masked Militants March in Anti-Pipeline Protest

1/18/13:  Keystone Pipeline Route Near Bald Eagle Nest Ruffles Feathers

1/18/13:  Forgotten Rebellion: Black Seminoles and the Largest Slave Revolt in U.S. History

1/17/13:  Wild & Weird: Rootin'Tootin Bandit Mouse Eats Scorpion, Howls at Moon

1/17/13:  After 46 days Gulf Coast activists end hunger strike, express solidarity with Theresa Spence

1/17/13:  Mali's Secret Infrastructure: The Scramble for Africa Breaks into a Sprint

1/17/13:  Catastrophism and Resurgence

1/17/13:  First There Was a Mountain

1/17/13:  Obama s EPA Shuts Down Fracking Study

1/17/13:  Become an Earth First! News Correspondent!

1/17/13:  Six People Arrested Inside Enbridge Hearings

1/17/13:  The Economics of Insurgency

1/16/13:  Beautiful Justice: Prayers for Roadkill

1/15/13:  El Dorado in Greece: You Can't Mine Your Way Out of Capitalism

1/14/13:  From the "Cyanide Beach"in Italy to an Open-pit Mine in Arizona's Sky Islands

1/14/13:  Drones Over Disney World

1/14/13:  The Ecology of Squid Sex in Video

1/14/13:  Idle No More International Day of Action January 28, 2013

1/14/13:  Corruption, Justice and Forest Defense Michoacan Style

1/14/13:  Time is Short: Reports, Reflections & Analysis on Underground Resistance

1/14/13:  Gimme! Coffee Introduces Fracktivist Coffee

1/11/13:  Wild & Weird: New Species of Venomous Armpits Discovered in Borneo

1/11/13:  Idle No More Hits Arizona as Part of Snowbowl Protest

1/11/13:  Keren Kayemet Le Yisrael and Environmental Racism in Palestine

1/11/13:  Corvids: The Birds Who Think Like Humans

1/11/13:  Industry Consultants Warn Frackers: Do Not Underestimate the Global Anti-Fracking Movement

1/11/13:  Ola Cassadore Davis was a clarion voice for Apaches

1/11/13:  Millions of killer slugs'set to take over gardens

1/11/13:  Video: Damocracy

1/11/13:  Holy Sh*t! Its a Dolphin Stampede

1/11/13:  Burning Deep Purple': Australia So Hot New Color Added to Index

1/9/13:  The Zapatista Army of National Liberation Announces Next Steps Mexico

1/9/13:  Mass Action Against Tar Sands Forms Uncontrollable Dance Party

1/9/13:  The Luddites And The Politics Of 21st Century Technology

1/9/13:  Eat, Sleep, Click: A bicycle-powered internet?

1/9/13:  World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?

1/7/13:  Celebrating Birthdays in January: Jeremy Hammond & Other Political Prisoners

1/7/13:  The Bioethics of Twitter Controlled Cyborg Roaches

1/7/13:  World's Longest Treesit Campaign, Update from Bilston Glen

1/7/13:  Megaloads Still Going Through Idaho

1/7/13:  Anarchy in New Orleans, Justice in the Gulf, Direct Action in Texas

1/7/13:  American Indian Movement of Florida "Do Something Right For Once"Event

1/3/13:  We Support the Covert Release of Large Predators Into The Eastern United States

1/3/13:  New Keystone XL Aerial Tree Blockade Halts Construction in Diboll, TX

1/3/13:  Wild & Weird: For Rock-like Creature, It Only Takes One to Tango

1/3/13:  Wild & Weird: Unicorn Lair'Found in North Korea?

1/3/13:  Monsanto Cucumbers Cause Genital Baldness Immediately Banned in Nova Scotia

1/3/13:  Upcoming Comic About Liberating Animals and Burning Shit Down

1/2/13:  Shell's Arctic Drilling Rig Runs Aground Off Alaskan Coast

12/31/12:  Manchester: An Environmental Battleground

12/31/12:  Stanford University Under Investigation for Endangered Species Act Violations

12/31/12:  Idle No More: Women rising to lead when it's needed most

12/31/12:  Tracking the American Jaguar! Viva, Viva Macho B

12/31/12:  Wild & Weird: Winged Funerals

12/31/12:  As the World Warms, the Future of Skiing Looks Bleak

12/31/12:  Happy Birthday Panagioti, Stay Wild, Stay Weird

12/30/12:  Fallen Warrior: Becky Tarbotton

12/25/12:  Protests Against Arizona Snowbowl Continues As Ski Season Begins

12/25/12:  Something is Brewing in Manchester

12/24/12:  Idle No More protests Bill C-45

12/24/12:  Uncensored Interview with a Tar Sands Blockader

12/24/12:  Human Rights Violations Pave Way for Development in Ethiopia

12/24/12:  First Nation blockade of Sarnia CN Rail track in 3rd day

12/24/12:  Santa To Be Evicted From North Pole

12/24/12:  Wild & Weird: Adapt to Air Pollution by Growing Your Nose Hair Out?

12/24/12:  Earth First! Organizers Conference & Winter Rendezous

12/21/12:  Pumpkin pie and tofurky in the trees, hot damn!

12/21/12:  State of Maine buys easement on 21,000 acres in Washington County

12/20/12:  3-week Winter Action Camp, St. Louis, January

12/20/12:  Tar Sands Blockaders still in jail, and on hunger strike

12/20/12:  Stop Yellowstone's Plans to Slaughter Buffalo!

12/20/12:  WTO Rules Against Canada's Wind Power Program

12/20/12:  Activists free, conspiracy charges dropped in NC

12/16/12:  Alaska Natives Take on Fossil Fuel Disinformation in Kivalina

12/16/12:  "Renewable"Energy's Got Bling

12/16/12:  Armenian Activists Protest Prime Minister's Arrival in California

12/16/12:  Environmental Protests Continue to Flare Up at the Gates of Beijing

12/14/12:  Organized Resistance to the Tar Sands and XL Pipeline

12/14/12:  Wild & Weird: Mystery of Underwater Crop Circles Solved

12/14/12:  Lakota warriors and Deep Green Resistance call for support on the Great Plains

12/13/12:  The Early History of the Robot Wars, Part 1

12/12/12:  FPL brings pipeline wars to Florida's Everglades

12/12/12:  Daniel McGowan released from prison!

12/12/12:  Gas line explodes in West Virginia; homes burn, freeway damaged

12/12/12:  Wild & Weird: Need Green Cleaning Products? Try Flesh-eating Beetles

12/12/12:  La Via Campesina: UN climate talks achieve nothing, promote false solutions


12/11/12:  Extinction's Effect on Childhood Toys

12/11/12:  Earth's Biggest Trees are Dying

12/11/12:  Wild & Weird: Bigfoot Denied Endangered Species Status

12/10/12:  Social Risk Test Ordered by China for Big Industrial Projects

12/9/12:  Railroading the environment

12/9/12:  Zombies'protest GOMA mining

12/9/12:  Three Activists Killed Before Human Rights Day

12/7/12:  Wild & Weird: Undersea Immortality

12/6/12:  Bayou Frack-Out: The Massive Oil and Gas Disaster You've Never Heard Of

12/6/12:  Battle Over Coal Trafficking Heats Up at Hearing

12/6/12:  Raising Resistance Global Day of Action re-cap

12/6/12:  Sacred Site Defender, Ola Cassadore Davis, Walks On

12/6/12:  Accused Environmental Warrior Rebecca Rubin Surrenders at US-Canada Border

12/4/12:  People Barricade Themselves Inside Keystone XL Pipe To Halt Construction

12/3/12:  Update on tar sands megaloads in the Northern Rockies

12/1/12:  TONIGHT: Earth First! Film Fest

11/30/12:  Dozens Wounded in Mayanmar Coppermine Protest

11/30/12:  Celebrate a global justice holiday today at the EF! Film Fest! in Lake Worth

11/29/12:  Opposition to frack waste in Ohio continues to grow

11/29/12:  Tar Sands Blockaders Lock Themselves to Trucks Outside Valero's Houston Refinery

11/29/12:  Demonstrators rally in Westwood against fracking'

11/29/12:  Mapuche Indians Fight New Airport in Southern Chile

11/29/12:  Resistance sprouts against Bt maize in India

11/29/12:  Genetically Engineered Labeling Campaign in the US

11/28/12:  Ohio Resisdents Blockade Radioactive Fracking Waste Well

11/28/12:  Activists interfere with international mining conference in Finland

11/28/12:  French police fire tear gas on second day of airport protest

11/27/12:  Roaches get revenge against animal trade

11/26/12:  Carpe Noctem!

11/26/12:  Activists Toss Eggs at Taiwan President's Office

11/26/12:  Protesters demonstrate against oil exploration plans

11/26/12:  Greek gas tanker attempts first winter Arctic crossing

11/25/12:  Kuala Lumpur: 10,000 protest rare earth plant over health concerns

11/25/12:  Updated: Call for solidarity actions on Tuesday November 27th

11/25/12:  Groups Protest Proposed Coal Shipments Through Idaho Panhandle

11/24/12:  Turkey Scraps Construction of TPP near Bulgarian Border

11/24/12:  Environmentalists protest against end of ecological reserve

11/24/12:  Hunger Strike against Trinidad Highway Reaches Critical Stage

11/24/12:  Greenpeace and Ecodefense Refuse to Register in Russia

11/24/12:  How the war against the mega quarry was won

11/22/12:  Stephen Harper's Endless Campaign for Mining Profits

11/22/12:  Free Leonard Peltier!

11/22/12:  Food Bank Stocks Dry Up in Wake of Great Drought

11/20/12:  White House march revives Keystone XL protest movement

11/18/12:  Over 200 people voice disagreement with Turkey s building TPP close to border with Bulgaria

11/18/12:  Rallies, public gatherings banned in Ayun

11/17/12:  One Big Step Closer to Ending Mountaintop Removal

11/17/12:  Climate Change Resistance Solidarity Action

11/17/12:  Rural Rebels and Useless Airports: La ZAD Europe s Largest Postcapitalist Land Occupation

11/16/12:  Black Elk Energy oil rig fire: two feared dead, two more missing

11/16/12:  Pro-Wolf Activists Rally Throughout Minnesota as Wolf Hunt Continues

11/16/12:  40 Climate Solidarity Actions Launch Worldwide to Defend Our Homes From Dirty Energy and Climate Change

11/16/12:  Hopi File New Lawsuit Against Snowbowl

11/15/12:  Equipment at construction site of gas compressor station sabotaged and stolen

11/15/12:  Belo Monte construction halts after protestors torch buildings at three construction sites

11/14/12:  Malaysia Protests Big Industry

11/14/12:  More Direct Action in Australia Makes Politicians Squirm

11/14/12:  Ojibwe members protest Minn. wolf hunt

11/14/12:  TransCanada Bulldozes Texas Farmer s Renewable Biofuels Business

11/14/12:  Earth First! Journal Editor's Foray into Electoral Politics Proves Violence Inherent in the System

11/13/12:  Plans for an artificial beach in Hong Kong attracts locals fury

11/13/12:  Shalefield Action Camp Stands Up for Small Farms

11/12/12:  Groundswell shuts down Ta Ann veneer mill

11/12/12:  Tar Sands Blockade Calls For Solidarity Actions November 19th

11/12/12:  Anarchists Blockade Shell Station in British Columbia to Protest Tar Sands

11/10/12:  Earth First! Film Fest in South Florida

11/10/12:  Israeli Anti-Gas Protesters Disrupt Conference

11/9/12:  Tunisians Protest against Shale Gas Extraction

11/9/12:  Facing Protests, China s Business Investment Slows

11/9/12:  We Gonna Save this Mother F$*king Species

11/9/12:  Statement from Australian Gas Protesters

11/9/12:  Fracking and Radioactivity

11/8/12:  Controversial Logging Proposal on Federal Land in Oregon Meets Resistance

11/8/12:  Mass Action to Stop Keystone XL Monday, Nov. 19th

11/7/12:  No Good Dirty Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wins Again, Gets a Big F You in Arizona

11/7/12:  Army of 12 Monkeys Resist Behind Bars

11/7/12:  Two arrests in home demo against Primate Products in Florida

11/7/12:  Obit: Larry Bloch of the Wetlands Club in NYC Dies at 59

11/6/12:  Tar Sands Blockade Solidarity Action at DC lobbist office

11/6/12:  Outrage sweeps Mindanao over Tampakan massacre

11/6/12:  Chesapeake Earth First!, Occupy DC storm tar sands law firm's building, 4 arrested

11/4/12:  Indigenous vs. multinationals in Mexico wind power

11/4/12:  Grapes of Rage Targets of Ecotage

11/4/12:  Interview with Tree Sitter of Chandrapur

11/4/12:  After the Storm: A Proposal

11/3/12:  Hey I just met you, and this is crazy we're all locked down, so please don t taze me*

11/2/12:  Ningbo Protests Victorious!

11/2/12:  Barricades Built as Longest Power Plant Occupation Continues

11/2/12:  Hydroelectric Protests Rock India

11/2/12:  Mass Campaign Halts Arctic Surveying

11/2/12:  Canada: Movement Against Tar Sands on the Rise

11/2/12:  Review: scott crow's Black Flags and Windmills

11/2/12:  Review: Imperiled Life, by Javier Sethness-Castro

11/2/12:  Obama's real birth certificate found in Earth First! Journal office

11/2/12:  Update from Earth First! Journal: New issue and Northeast mini-tour

11/1/12:  Tar Sands Blockade Lines Cut, Tree Sitter Literally out on a Limb

10/31/12:  New Blockade, Green Party Candidate Gets Popped

10/31/12:  Grand Jury Fishing Expedition Widens in the Pacific Northwest

10/30/12:  No Dash for Cash Occupies Gas-Fired Power Plant

10/30/12:  Chinese Environmental Protest a Sign of Things to Come?

10/30/12:  For the Next Seven Generations Trailer

10/30/12:  Tim DeChristopher Released to a Halfway House

10/29/12:  In Hurricane Sandy's Fury, The Fingerprint Of Climate Change

10/29/12:  ExxonMobile Executive Assassinated in the Streets of Brussels

10/29/12:  Dispatches from the Tar Sands Blockades

10/29/12:  Chinese Protests Over Chemical Factory Reflect Government Mistrust

10/29/12:  Tasmania: Ongoing Forestry Protests Marked by Fatigue

10/29/12:  Penan Blockade Remains Strong Against Murum Dam

10/29/12:  Anti-Coal Protests Continue in New Zealand

10/28/12:  Radicals push past old-school activism to oppose shale drilling

10/26/12:  PA turns lights out to protest proposed power lines

10/26/12:  New wave of pipeline activism flirts with the law

10/26/12:  Updates from Michigan Fracking Protest

10/25/12:  Gulf Coast Oilfield Wife, Mother of 6, Cherri Foytlin Chains Self to Keystone XL Pipeyard Gate

10/25/12:  VIDEO: Solidarity from the Pacific Coast of Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas

10/25/12:  Wild Idaho Rising Tide Monitors MegaLoad, Raises Objections

10/24/12:  Chinese villagers clash with police in protests over environmental issues

10/24/12:  5 Charged with Felonies in Michigan Fracking Protest, Bail Needed

10/23/12:  14 Activists Arrested Protesting Coal in South Africa

10/23/12:  Indigenous Communities Rise Up in Mexico

10/23/12:  Activists Unfurl Banner Over Peabody + United Way Billboard

10/23/12:  Croatan Earth First! Locks Down Against Fracking

10/22/12:  Protesters, police clash in Greece over gold mine

10/22/12:  Thousands of Protesters to Demonstrate Against Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline

10/22/12:  Environmental Justice Advocates Rally Against MegaInfrastructure Project in Long Beach

10/22/12:  Manifesting Deliciousness for the Environment

10/22/12:  Dana Lyons'Great Coal Tour Makes a Stop in Rising Tide Country

10/21/12:  Banner Drop Against Coal Seam Gas in Australia

10/21/12:  Canadians Present Trees Against Highways

10/21/12:  Stand With the ACFN to Stop Pipelines At the Source

10/21/12:  After Summer of Solidarity, Eco-Activists Building Autumn of Unity

10/19/12:  One Grand Jury Resister Freed, Two More Still Need Support!

10/19/12:  Road to new biotech development in Florida stopped

10/18/12:  Earth First! Journalist popped at Tar Sands Blockade

10/17/12:  TransCanada s Police Abuse Peaceful Blockader A First Hand Account of the Arrest (Day 24)

10/16/12:  WTF: Shell Oil is Suing Greenpeace

10/16/12:  Protesters Take to the Seas to Protest Fish Farms

10/16/12:  First Nations and Allies Protest Gateway Pipeline Hearing

10/16/12:  Crazy in Dimrock: Fracking Resistance Gets to "Occupy the Pipeline"

10/16/12:  Thousands Protest Coal Seam Gas in Australia

10/16/12:  Update from the Tejas Tar Sands Blockade: Fresh Recruits, More Arrests Begin Week Four in Texas Tar Sands Blockade

10/15/12:  Lock Downs and Blockades at Tar Sands Tree Sit

10/12/12:  Support Grand Jury Resisters!

10/12/12:  Increased Action in Texas, Slowing the Keystone Pipeline

10/10/12:  Citizens Reach Landmark Settlement in Major Water Pollution Case

10/10/12:  Long Walk to Freedom

10/7/12:  East Texas Tar Sands Action Camp Coming Up, Daryl Hannah Approved!?

10/6/12:  Large Predators Moving to the City: Urban Coyotes on the Rise

10/5/12:  Gateway Project Faces Major Obstacles Ahead

10/5/12:  Swedish Forest Occupation Declares Temporary Victory

10/5/12:  Hudson Valley Earth First! Continue to Resist Fracking in New York

10/4/12:  Rally to Shut Down Injection Wells at Ohio Courthouse

10/4/12:  Unusual Dallas Earthquakes Linked to Fracking, Expert Says

10/3/12:  Florida's Largest, Rarest Bat Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protection

10/2/12:  Filthy War Machine: US Military Industrial Complex, World's Worst Polluter

10/2/12:  Love and Rebellion in the East Texas Woods

10/2/12:  Arizona Ski-Resort Will Pump Sewage Snow on Sacred Mountain

10/1/12:  Supreme Court Upholds Roadless Rule

9/29/12:  Video: Resisting Shell's plan to frack Sacred Headwaters in British Colombia

9/29/12:  Video: New documentary about former Eco-Prisoner Jonathan Paul

9/29/12:  "Never Repentant, Never Forgotten"Il Silvestre 3 Released from Swiss Prison

9/28/12:  From the Woods: Tar Sands blockade update

9/28/12:  Armed Struggle for the Redwoods

9/28/12:  Audubon Society sticks nose deeper up ass of GOP

9/28/12:  Statement from Tim DeChristopher Regarding Decision on Appeal

9/28/12:  San Carlos Apache Made Annual Sacred Run Up Mount Graham This Summer, Protesting Desecration

9/27/12:  30-Day Canoe Flotilla Against Mining in the North Woods Begins

9/27/12:  When Big Oil Attacks

9/27/12:  Forget Columbus Day: Decolonize the New World 2012!

9/26/12:  The Earth First! Death Cult? It does have a nice ring to it!

9/26/12:  Blockade Continues Despite Police Torture and Repression

9/26/12:  More Jobs on a Dead Planet?

9/25/12:  Get Your Ass Out to Texas and Fight the Tar Sands Pipeline!

9/25/12:  Sunrise Intervention at Gas Industry Convention

9/25/12:  People Lock Themselves to Keystone XL Machinery to Defend Tree Village

9/25/12:  Community defeats giant cement company in Mexico

9/24/12:  Get Your Ass Out to Texas and Fight the Tar Sands Pipeline!

9/24/12:  New Trailer for Occupied Cascadia

9/24/12:  Riots Shut down iPhone Factory in China

9/24/12:  Tar Sands Blockade begins 8-person tree sit

9/22/12:  Energy Industry Crackdown, Global Protest Frackdown

9/21/12:  Arctic "death spiral"leaves climate scientists shocked and worried

9/20/12:  Wisconsin Doesn t Want SFI s Greenwash

9/19/12:  Two Youths Brought Before Grand Jury for Refusing to Own Kindles

9/19/12:  There Are Less Than 100 Members of Each of These Species Left in Existence

9/19/12:  Revenge of the Wolves: delisted, targeted in Wyoming, wolves attack hunters

9/18/12:  CALL TO ACTION: Stop the Keystone XL ASAP!

9/18/12:  Riots erupt in China over disputed island's gas reserves

9/18/12:  EF! Action Camp in Maine coming up soon

9/17/12:  The Tiny Springsnails in the Path of the Las Vegas Watergrab

9/17/12:  Anniversary of OWS culminates in an occupation of the NY Stock Exchange

9/17/12:  Riots erupt in China over disputed island's gas reserves

9/16/12:  Deforestation in the Amazon Decreasing Rainfall

9/16/12:  Codex Alimentarius Endangers Health Freedom, Creates Global Nutricide

9/16/12:  Activist Arrested for Filming Secretive Trade Talks

9/15/12:  Who Bombed Judi Bari?

9/15/12:  Global Frackdown! in Boise, Idaho

9/14/12:  We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say

9/14/12:  Stanford University Researchers in the Pocket of Big Biotech

9/14/12:  What might Red Sea mining bring to Saudi Arabia and Sudan?

9/14/12:  Update: The Law of Mother Earth

9/14/12:  For Farms in the West, Oil Wells Are Thirsty Rivals

9/14/12:  Protesters Blockade Monsanto Seed Facility in California

9/14/12:  Police Kill Anti-Nuke Protester in India, Resistance Continues to Grow

9/14/12:  Support Needed for Arizona-based Activist Center

9/13/12:  The Mighty Pythons of Florida

9/13/12:  Gestational Exposure to Urban Air Pollution Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency in Newborns

9/13/12:  Mysterious Rise in Ocean Salinity

9/13/12:  A Wet Surprise: Drier Soils May Spur Rain

9/13/12:  The Unique Funeral Behavior of the Western Scrub Jay

9/12/12:  If Corporations Are People, Then Why Not Rivers?

9/12/12:  Octopus Camouflage Hints To Higher Intellect Than Expected

9/11/12:  Photos: camera traps capture wildlife bonanza in Borneo forest corridor

9/11/12:  Nearly all conventional food crops grown with fluoride-laced water, then sprayed with more fluoride

9/11/12:  Wind Power and Climate Change

9/11/12:  Study Shows Workers at "Green" Companies are More Productive

9/11/12:  Global Wind Energy

9/10/12:  Summer Temps in the Lower 48 Are 3rd Highest on Record

9/10/12:  Arctic Contaminants

9/10/12:  Volcano on Santorini hasn't had a major Eruption in more than 3,00 years so what's going on now?

9/10/12:  Climate change causing forest die-off globally

9/10/12:  Global Carbon Trading Takes a Big Step Forward

9/8/12:  Learn Skills to Defend The Land

9/8/12:  Spectra Showdown: Arrests begin at blockade against pipeline in NYC

9/8/12:  Six Arrested Blocking Road in front of Duke Energy HQ During DNC

9/8/12:  What Caused the Significant Fish Mortality in Lake Erie?

9/7/12:  Employment Opportunities at the Earth First! Journal

9/7/12:  Crazy Horse was a Sober Warrior

9/7/12:  Hurricane Isaac

9/7/12:  Climate change a mixed blessing for wheat, say experts

9/7/12:  Waterloo Scientists Debate If Older People are Really Smarter

9/7/12:  Pillaging the Moon for the Promise of Space Energy

9/7/12:  Climate change a mixed blessing for wheat, say experts

9/7/12:  Waterloo, Canada Scientists Debate If Older People are Really Smarter

9/7/12:  Recycling Jobs Now Even Dirtier and More Dangerous

9/7/12:  Creating Faster Charging Electric Car Batteries

9/7/12:  Fossils reveal flightless raptor preyed on flying dinosaurs

9/7/12:  Video of RNC Coal Plant Blockade

9/6/12:  Keystone XL Pipeline blockades continue in Texas

9/6/12:  Protesters chained to fence outside Inergy gas facility in New York

9/6/12:  Hurricane Isaac

9/6/12:  LEDs in the Future

9/6/12:  U.S. Emissions Reach 20-Year Low, but its not time to congratulate ourselves just yet!

9/6/12:  Thousands of dead nutria pile up on Mississippi beaches after Isaac

9/6/12:  Deforestation affects rainfall, another reason to protect the rainforests

9/5/12:  LEDs in the Future

9/5/12:  Polar Bear gets popped blocking Gazprom HQ

9/5/12:  Rising Tide shuts down construction of a coal haulage railway line in Australia

9/5/12:  Banks Profiting from Global Food Crisis

9/5/12:  Mackenzie River Basin Governance Forum

9/5/12:  Without a backbone, without a future?

9/5/12:  Will EU subsidies be enough to encourage greener farming?

9/5/12:  Tropical Forests Sustainability

9/4/12:  News Round-Up from Eco-Rebellion World Wide

9/4/12:  Governor to open Fracking in New York?

9/4/12:  Biodiversity Typically Rises with Higher Temperatures, but Not this Time

9/4/12:  Forest expands 3% in Colombia during 2000s, but loss grows in llanos region

9/4/12:  Ten African countries unite to protect rainforests

9/4/12:  Weatherman goes rogue - ClimateChange

9/4/12:  Organic Farming May Not Be As Beneficial As It Seems

9/4/12:  How Can Cities Reduce the "Heat Island" They Create?

9/4/12:  Perfluorooctanoic Acid and Heart Disease

9/4/12:  Arctic summer sea ice decline seems irreversible

9/3/12:  Environmental Challenge on the Field in Los Angeles

9/3/12:  Atmospheric Methane Reductions Attributed to not Venting it!

9/2/12:  Highway in Boliva would cut through National Park

9/1/12:  Incandescent Light Bulbs have served us well but now it is time to turn them off!

8/31/12:  Tonight is a Blue Moon

8/31/12:  Yanomami Indians massacred by goldminers in Venezuela

8/31/12:  Earth First! Blockades Coal Plant at RNC in Tampa

8/31/12:  Soot and Climate

8/31/12:  Chimpanzees use handclasps to create social traditions

8/31/12:  American Meteorological Society confirms Climate Change and Man's Role

8/31/12:  Small or Large Families

8/31/12:  Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists

8/31/12:  As Susquehanna Nears Sediment Capacity, Chesapeake Bay Likely to Suffer

8/30/12:  Undercover Narc Enabled Houston Felonies

8/30/12:  Russia Dumped 17 Nuclear Reactors and Tons of Waste in the Arctic

8/30/12:  Isaac packs a punch to the Gulf Coast

8/30/12:  Clean vs Dirty Energy: Learning From India's Great Blackout

8/30/12:  Hope of Greater Global Food Output, Less Environmental Impact of Agriculture

8/30/12:  Sudden Death from Heart Attacks Less Likely for Exercisers

8/30/12:  Study vs. Sleep: Which is more beneficial to your academic success?

8/29/12:  Remains Are of Woman Who Was Scalped, Hate Crime Investigated

8/29/12:  Unis tot en Action Camp

8/29/12:  Coyote Extermination Conjured in Cincinnati Suburb

8/29/12:  Washington Wildlife Officials to Kill 4 Wolves of the Wedge Pack

8/29/12:  Rush Limbaugh: Obama Manipulated the Hurricane Forcast to Sabotage the RNC

8/29/12:  Hurricane Isaac May Stir Up Oil From BP Spill

8/29/12:  Study Reveals that Drought Brought Down Ancient Egypt

8/29/12:  Brazil's controversial Belo Monte back on track after court decision overruled

8/29/12:  Book Review: Eco House Book

8/29/12:  German Nuclear Power

8/28/12:  The RNC, Koch Habits, and Uprisings in District 12

8/28/12:  Wily Raccoon

8/28/12:  Will Batman Celebrate International Bat Night?

8/28/12:  To Buy Green Or To Be Green?

8/28/12:  Methane Making An Appearance In Pa. Water Supplies

8/28/12:  More Bad News for Young Smokers: Arterial Damage

8/28/12:  Wild Fire and Heat Trapping

8/27/12:  Coke Plant Expansion Shut Down by Protestors in India

8/27/12:  The Dwindling Arctic

8/27/12:  'Torture Lab' Kills Trees To Learn How To Save Them

8/27/12:  The Drought and the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

8/27/12:  Why Your Weathercaster Doesn't Mention Climate Change

8/27/12:  New Report: America Trashes Forty Percent of Food Supply

8/27/12:  Is Horse Branding Still Necessary?

8/27/12:  Brandon Darby: Occupy Anarchists Plan to Take Down Emergency Medical Services at RNC

8/26/12:  Family Fun Day at the blockade against coal seam gas in Australia

8/25/12:  Activists on Occupied Russian Arctic Oil Rig Hit with Water Cannon

8/25/12:  Some Birds use a Hurricane to Fly Fast - REALLY Fast!

8/25/12:  Old School Earth First! in Technicolor

8/24/12:  When Republicans, Hurricanes and Anarchists Collide

8/24/12:  Going ape shit in Tampa

8/24/12:  Texas Judge Rules TransCanada Can Seize Pasture for Keystone XL Pipeline

8/24/12:  Biomass Incinerator Looms on Horizon for Gypsum, Colorado

8/24/12:  Study confirms Arctic sea ice set to plunge to lowest measure on record

8/24/12:  Climate change 'may boost South-East Asian agriculture'

8/24/12:  Cross State Air Pollution Rule is Overturned by Court

8/24/12:  World's first community-owned tidal turbine to power up

8/24/12:  Invasive brittle star could change appearance and ecology of Atlantic coral reefs

8/23/12:  Rice Genes

8/23/12:  Blow, Blow Seminole Wind

8/23/12:  Decade Long Fight Against Dam Victorious!

8/23/12:  Burj Khalifa Firm Wins Contract For World’s Tallest Statue in India

8/23/12:  New York Passes Sewage Pollution Right-to-Know Act

8/23/12:  Our Changing Forests: An 88-Year Time Lapse

8/23/12:  Mid Life Tasks

8/22/12:  ELF prisoner Jesse Waters to be released soon

8/22/12:  One Extinction Leads to Another

8/22/12:  Living with cats is good for your health (Dogs too!)

8/22/12:  Are captive tuna farms a viable alternative to overfishing?

8/21/12:  Action Alert: Save the Peaks Campaign Erects Tree-Sit

8/21/12:  BREAKING NEWS: Save the Peaks Tree-sit Update & Video

8/21/12:  Extinction Explosion

8/21/12:  838,000 Acres Protected for Jaguar Could Mean an End to the Rosemont Mine Proposal in Arizona

8/21/12:  Olive Oil and Bones

8/21/12:  Species Adapting to Climate Change is more complicated than thought

8/21/12:  Cape Wind Gets Final Approval

8/21/12:  David A Gabel

8/20/12:  National Petroleum Reserve Development

8/20/12:  Weyerheuser’s NORPAC plant Pioneering new Energy Saving Technology

8/20/12:  Veganism Goes Viral in Israel

8/20/12:  The Effect of Dams on Global Warming

8/19/12:  Nuclear warhead factory shut down by protests

8/19/12:  Prominent Russian environmentalist sentanced in Pussy Riot trial

8/19/12:  Man killed by Chinese police in Tibet mining protest

8/19/12:  Wind Power in the US Expected to Peak in 2012

8/18/12:  Tighter Rules on Coal Dust Exposure Backed by the GAO

8/17/12:  Earth First! group calls for eco-action during RNC in Tampa

8/17/12:  Salmon First! Action Camp Against Mining in Alaska

8/17/12:  Landslide Fatalities Underestimated

8/17/12:  Cold-Blooded species may adapt to climate change faster than thought

8/17/12:  Belo Monte mega-dam halted again by high Brazilian court, appeal likely but difficult

8/17/12:  Offshore wind will play a vital role in the UK's future energy mix, report confirms

8/17/12:  Did You Take Your Aspirin Today?

8/17/12:  BREAKING: Blockade Stops Construction of Keystone XL

8/16/12:  A Great Victory': Controversial Brazilian Dam Construction Halted

8/16/12:  Algae Fuel Advancing in Practicality

8/16/12:  Global Warming Causes More Extreme Shifts of the Southern Hemisphere's Largest Rain Band, Study Suggests

8/16/12:  Ford's Investment in EVs and Hybrids Continues to Surge

8/16/12:  Slipping Sustainability Through The Back Door

8/16/12:  Trouble Having Kids? Eat Some Walnuts

8/16/12:  Teribe Tribe of Costa Rica Fights for Indigenous Autonomy, End to Hydroelectric Projects

8/16/12:  Occupying the Montana Capitol Again!

8/16/12:  Trapwire and the Creepy Dystopic Surveillance Empire You'll Probably Get Accustomed To

8/16/12:  Animal Liberation News

8/15/12:  Carbon Capture? Is it a Foreseeable Reality?

8/15/12:  Northwest Passage is open again - NASA

8/15/12:  Could California Handle a 6.4 Quake?

8/15/12:  Muscle Contraction Affected by Antibacterial Agent

8/15/12:  New Assessment of Oil and Gas Reserves Released by USGS

8/15/12:  Challenges facing the future of Antarctica

8/15/12:  Enbridge CEO Says Revolutionary Environmental Groups Have Taken Control of Pipeline Debate

8/14/12:  Will new anti-protest laws in Puerto Rico benefit the Energy Empire?

8/14/12:  August 31st: National Day of Action for the Cleveland 4!

8/14/12:  Think Globally, Act Selfishly: How Utilitarian Environmentalism Can Backfire

8/14/12:  Blockade Showdown Against Fracking Pipeline in Manhattan

8/14/12:  Chemical Cloud from Halliburton Frack Fluid Truck Threatens New Columbia Community

8/14/12:  Record Burmese Python found in the Florida Everglades

8/14/12:  Beavers Benefit Salmon Populations

8/14/12:  Drought Bad News for Baby Bears

8/14/12:  Costco, the Genuine Retail CSR Leader

8/14/12:  How the Human Nose Rebounds from Periods of Stuffiness

8/13/12:  King of the jungle: lions discovered in rainforests

8/13/12:  Rate of Arctic summer sea ice loss is much greater than predicted

8/13/12:  Black Carbon from Slash and Burn Practices Still a Problem in Brazil

8/12/12:  Shaleshock Shuts Down Shumberger Fracking Site

8/12/12:  Freshwater Fish Extinction

8/12/12:  Early Man and his Cousins

8/11/12:  Montanans Prepare to Harness Direct Action in Coal Fight

8/11/12:  Extreme Drought Impacting Crop Yields

8/10/12:  As American As Genetically Engineered Apple Pie

8/10/12:  Outlaw Matriarch of the Fox Mountain Pack Ordered Dead by Feds

8/10/12:  EF! News, Litha 2012, Copy and Destroy!

8/10/12:  Tel Aviv University Researcher Says Plants Can See, Smell, Feel, and Taste

8/10/12:  Get off the Internet

8/10/12:  Wind Energy Update

8/10/12:  Living Fences in Costa Rica a growing idea

8/10/12:  Cameroon increases elephant protection after mass slaughter

8/10/12:  In Concerns over Weight, Perception becomes Reality

8/10/12:  EF! Climbing Camp Fall 2012 in Ohio

8/10/12:  Villagers in Senegal Vow to Stop Land-grabbing Biofuels Project

8/10/12:  Earth First! in Humboldt Blocks Sierra Pacific Sawmill Entrance

8/10/12:  Fracking Boom Looms in California's Monterey Shale

8/9/12:  2012 Hurricane Season Update

8/9/12:  U.S. Auto Industry Jobs Up Nearly A Quarter Million Since 2009 - Fuel Efficiency a Key Driver

8/9/12:  Simple construction system 'offers quake protection'

8/9/12:  Facing Environmental Issues on the US, Mexico Border

8/9/12:  New Discovery Linked To Climate Change and Human Health

8/9/12:  Drug Found to Protect Heart from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

8/8/12:  2013 EF! Round River Rendezvous

8/8/12:  Keystone XL s Beetlemania

8/8/12:  The WE'RE F**KED Weather Report

8/8/12:  Spice up your local infoshop with copies of the Earth First! Primer

8/8/12:  Electric Cars and Wind Farms Spurring Ecological and Social Devastation in China

8/8/12:  Grapefruit Juice and Cancer

8/8/12:  Shrimp Farms and Sustainablity

8/8/12:  Climate Change predicted to reduce output of California Hydro-electric plants

8/8/12:  How Some Food Retailers Are Coming to the Rescue of Pigs

8/7/12:  Caffeine Pollution in the Ocean

8/7/12:  Toxic Fire at Chevron Refinery in Richmond, Calif

8/7/12:  "Anti-Occupy"Law Ends U.S. Right to Protest

8/7/12:  Black Bear "Management" Hearing Aug 29

8/7/12:  Lose the Swag Bag: How to DeClutter at Trade Shows by Using Your Smart Phone

8/7/12:  Tree Loss Used to Guage Elephant Population Health

8/7/12:  A Lot of Dust in the Air

8/7/12:  Environmental Advertising Increases When the Economy Is Stronger

8/6/12:  Beasts of the Southern Wild: A Review

8/6/12:  Shagged by a Rare and Pudgy Parrot

8/6/12:  Jail Support Needed for RAMPS Arrestees

8/6/12:  Monsanto Soy Blocked by Yucatan Beekeepers

8/6/12:  Monday Morning Inspiration

8/6/12:  New Amish Communities Being Founded at high rate

8/6/12:  BLM Analysis Reveals Massive Damage From Las Vegas Water Grab

8/6/12:  Salmon Conservation Areas Must be Widened

8/6/12:  Extreme heatwaves 50 to 100 times more likely due to climate change

8/6/12:  Metals and the Beginnings oif Life

8/5/12:  Mutant Mosquitoes in the Keys?

8/5/12:  Native American Health Traumas Addressed

8/5/12:  Coping with Drought, Lessons from the Dust Bowl

8/4/12:  Autonomous indigenous community shuts down illegal logging in Mexico

8/4/12:  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution innovates to help track Arctic Ice

8/3/12:  China s environmental protests: simple NIMBYism or cutting edge people power?

8/3/12:  Mountaintop Removal Mining Poisons One in Four Streams in Southern West Virginia

8/3/12:  Coal Mining in India Poses Dire Threat to Bengal Tiger

8/3/12:  Brazil Opens Indigenous Lands to Dams, Mining, and Military Bases in National Interest

8/3/12:  W. Virginia Fish Threatened by MTR, Fracking, Proposed for Endangered Species Protection

8/3/12:  Cancer Fuel

8/3/12:  The US is now Exporting Coal - is this good?

8/3/12:  Climate Warming Refuted as Reason for Plant Shifts in High-Profile 2008 Study

8/3/12:  Why we all need to worry about the decline in native butterflies

8/3/12:  Kick Your Kids Out(side) for Their Own Good

8/3/12:  The Diseased Caves of Bats

8/3/12:  Termite Retirement Plan Features Suicide Bombing

8/3/12:  Petition Seeks Delisting of Pacific Northwest Orcas

8/2/12:  World Wide Air Pollution in the Future

8/2/12:  Shell Game in the Arctic

8/2/12:  Update: Electric Car Sales

8/2/12:  Antarctica's tropical past is revealed

8/2/12:  12 Innovations to Combat Drought, Improve Food Security, and Stabilize Food Prices

8/2/12:  Employment Opportunities at the Earth First! Journal

8/1/12:  What's a Serving of Food

8/1/12:  Not all rice is bad for pre-diabetics

8/1/12:  The Revival of the American Eel

8/1/12:  America's 'Most Polluted' Lake Finally Comes Clean

8/1/12:  Dead Zone Down: Thank You Drought For Something!

8/1/12:  Lack of Sleep Causes Slower Cognitive Abilities

7/31/12:  Bustin'through the barricades against nukes in Japan

7/31/12:  Critical Mass versus Olympic Games

7/31/12:  State of Oregon Owns Rainwater, Criminalizes Permaculture

7/31/12:  Alarming Biodiversity Collapse in Protected Forests

7/31/12:  Burrying Beetle Vs. Keystone XL Pipeline

7/31/12:  Southern Ocean Carbon Sink

7/31/12:  Thank The Simple Wasp For That Complex Glass Of Wine

7/31/12:  Vertical Wind Turbines Go Offshore

7/31/12:  The Wonder of the Eidetic Memory

7/31/12:  Humpback Whales alter migration pattern, stay in Antarctic waters longer

7/30/12:  The Frack War Comes Home

7/30/12:  First Nations Delegation Denied Access to New England Governors Conference

7/30/12:  Western U.S. Drought of 2000-2004 Worst in 800 Years

7/30/12:  Sediment Plume and Ecosystems

7/30/12:  Pacific Coral Triangle 'at risk of collapse'

7/30/12:  Angry Environmental Protesters Occupy Govt Office, Smash Computers in China

7/30/12:  Irish Protest over GM potatoes grows

7/30/12:  Dustin Steele, Arrested and Beaten for Opposing Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia

7/30/12:  The Way Forward for Renewable Energy Policy in the US

7/30/12:  Chart: Tropical forest loss between 2000-2005

7/30/12:  Electric Car Sales Still Slower Than Expected

7/29/12:  Study Reveals Caffeinated Waters Off of Oregon Coast

7/29/12:  Video: Mountain Mobilization shuts down largest mountaintop removal mine in U.S.

7/29/12:  Help the Defenders of the Oldest Mountains in the World

7/29/12:  Wolf Looking for Love Finds None in California

7/29/12:  Daring Protesters Shut Down Obama Backed Strip Mine In West Virginia; 500,000 in Bail Needed!!!!

7/29/12:  Is it Safe to Eat that Fish you caught?

7/28/12:  Solidarity Statement against the raids and grand jury

7/28/12:  Saving Salamanders and Ourselves, From Ourselves

7/28/12:  G20 rioter sentenced to prison Send her a letter!

7/28/12:  Hybrid Polar/Grizzly Bears showing up in the Arctic

7/27/12:  Bird Ingestion of Plastic in North Pacific Among Highest in the World

7/27/12:  Activists From Innu First Nation To Protest Governors'Conference in Vermont

7/27/12:  Groups Protest Tar Sands Oil on Spill Anniversary

7/27/12:  Japan also seeking to extradite Sea Shepherd Captain

7/27/12:  Taiwan outsourcing Pollution to Malaysia?

7/27/12:  Shark Teeth Have Built-In Toothpaste

7/27/12:  Does Yoga Actually Work?

7/27/12:  United Nations hails green credentials of London's Olympic Games

7/27/12:  Can Extreme Weather CONTRIBUTE to Climate Change?

7/27/12:  Dozens of elephants massacred in Chad

7/27/12:  Algeria Solicits Bids for Wind and Solar Plants

7/27/12:  David A Gabel

7/27/12:  Aerosols Effect on Ozone and Global Cooling

7/27/12:  Exercise Really Does Help you live longer!

7/27/12:  Eroding U.S. Federal Oversight of Genetically Engineered Crops

7/24/12:  End of the last Ice Age - Close linkage between CO2 and temperature found

7/24/12:  Polar Bear Evolution

7/24/12:  Bats Catch Mating Flies in the Act

7/24/12:  European Offshore Wind Energy Continues to Grow by Leaps and Bounds

7/24/12:  Native American Diabetes

7/24/12:  Jordan is Free!

7/24/12:  Monsanto Expanding its GMO Operations to Offshore Fish Nurseries

7/24/12:  Egypt Resists Monsanto s Genetically-Modified Maize

7/23/12:  Cleaner aviation depends on supplies of not so clean materials

7/23/12:  How Global Warming Is Impacting Stock Prices

7/23/12:  Presence of Oxygen Radicals in Early Childhood May Determine Life Span

7/23/12:  Saving Avatar Grove: the battle to preserve old-growth forests in British Columbia

7/23/12:  Women in Asia Need more Equality to Achieve Climate & Poverty Goals

7/23/12:  Nighttime light exposure linked to health impacts, AMA encourages more study

7/23/12:  Did Deepwater Horizon Accident contribute to Dolphin Deaths?

7/20/12:  Video: Wildass Roadblock and Treesit Shut Down Fracking Rig

7/20/12:  Special Deal Expiring Soon!

7/20/12:  Greenpeace activists shut down 74 UK Shell petrol stations

7/20/12:  Take Back a Mountain on July 28!

7/20/12:  Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers' Traps

7/20/12:  Gait and Decline

7/20/12:  EPA Authority to Regulate Greenhouse Gases Survives Another Challenge

7/20/12:  Mobius Motors creates a car specifically for Africa

7/20/12:  Research Suggests Views on Marriage are more Traditional among Poor People

7/20/12:  Andes water scarcity: Impact of population growth

7/20/12:  Toxic Substances Poll

7/20/12:  Biofuel Expansion in Central America and the Myth of Vacant Land

7/18/12:  Solvent Exposure and Heart Birth Defects

7/18/12:  Heat Wave leading to High Ozone levels in Southern New England - watch that workout intensity

7/18/12:  Pet owners show greater concern for the environment

7/18/12:  Fukushima Aftermath

7/18/12:  Johnson & Johnson making great progress on aggressive sustainability goals

7/18/12:  Better Place Electric Car Sales Now Open to Public in Israel

7/18/12:  Which Species Must Die?

7/18/12:  Afghanistan Mapped Using Hyperspectral Data for Its Abundant Mineral Resources

7/18/12:  Natural Gas?

7/13/12:  Why you really DO need to properly recycle or dispose of your printer cartridges!

7/13/12:  Radical Mycology: A Primer from the Spore Liberation Front

7/13/12:  Collusion Uncovered in Michigan Energy Land Grab

7/13/12:  Anti-Oppression in the EF! Movement

7/13/12:  Actions! Actions! Actions!

7/13/12:  Sustainable Colonialism in the Boreal Forest

7/13/12:  Viral Coral

7/13/12:  RGGI Update: Regional Cap-and-Trade Program Survives New York Challenge But Faces Others

7/13/12:  Women, Bones and Alcohol

7/13/12:  Asian Carp in the Great Lakes

7/13/12:  Viral Coral

7/13/12:  Diabetes and Female Personal Care Products

7/13/12:  Egypt's Plans for Science

7/13/12:  Ghost Galaxies

7/13/12:  Nine Population Strategies to Stop Short of 9 Billion

7/13/12:  Women, Bones and Alcohol

7/13/12:  EU considering requiring lower CO2 emissions on new cars

7/13/12:  Despite moratorium, Indonesia failing to take action on illegal palm oil plantations

7/13/12:  Asian Carp in the Great Lakes

7/13/12:  The Dead Sea is Dying - Really!

7/13/12:  Fish and Soybean Farmers to Shake Hands?

7/13/12:  Reagan Secretary of State George Shultz Supports Carbon Tax

6/29/12:  EF! Journal Volunteer Party & Work Week! July 16-20th

6/29/12:  Fronteras y Cuerpos (Borders and Bodies)

6/29/12:  Feds Grant Approval for Southern Portion of Keystone XL

6/29/12:  Obama Plan Expands Risky Offshore Drilling in Arctic, Gulf of Mexico

6/29/12:  Enviro Group Sells Out to Fracking Industry in NY

6/29/12:  Africa's Savannas May Become Forests

6/29/12:  Is Acid Rain a Thing of the Past?

6/29/12:  Energy Efficiency Without Trying (and With)

6/28/12:  Beach Wear

6/28/12:  Lots of Vegetables Found to Prevent Acute Pancreatitis

6/28/12:  Coffee's Goodness

6/28/12:  As Colorado River Dries Up, The West Feels The Pain

6/28/12:  D.C. Circuit Upholds EPA's Climate Change Regulations

6/27/12:  US Energy Information Administration Predicts Future Energy Scenarios in America

6/27/12:  Womb Mess by PCBs

6/27/12:  New Paintings by Marie Mason

6/27/12:  Forest Service Approves Grand Canyon Uranium Mine Despite 26-year-old Environmental Review

6/27/12:  Study: East Coast Sea Levels Rising Four Times Faster Than Global Average

6/27/12:  Fracking Blockade in Ohio Ends After 6 Hours

6/27/12:  Wind Energy Creates a Warming Effect, Study Finds

6/27/12:  Would more trees in the Arctic absorb carbon, or cause more to be released?

6/27/12:  Bill Ford: Mobility is Becoming a Human Rights Issue

6/27/12:  Forget Doomsday, Watch Out for Snakes

6/27/12:  US Energy Information Administration Predicts Future Energy Scenarios in America

6/27/12:  The Great Shrew Evolution

6/26/12:  Wind Energy Creates a Warming Effect, Study Finds

6/26/12:  Cement Rules

6/26/12:  Sea Level Rise may continue for Centuries

6/26/12:  The Last Mountain: A Second Look at Coal

6/26/12:  Declining Testosterone an Effect of Behavior, not Aging

6/26/12:  Natural Contamination

6/26/12:  The new Earth First! Journal is OUT Almost

6/26/12:  Photographs of Biodiversity and Extinction

6/26/12:  Fracking' A Protest Song

6/26/12:  Cascadia Earth First! Locks Down, Climbs Flagpoles in State Capitol

6/26/12:  Sea Level Rise may continue for Centuries

6/25/12:  Pretty Female Blue Tits Keep their Mates

6/25/12:  Climate change threatens Botswana's main tourist attraction

6/25/12:  Los Angeles to Heat Up an Average 4 to 5 Degrees by Mid-Century

6/25/12:  Food or Forests?

6/25/12:  Inner Ears Reveal Speed of Early Primates

6/25/12:  Sea Level Rise on US Atlantic Coast 3-4 Times Faster than Global Average

6/25/12:  New Brain Stimulation Device Helps Smokers Quit

6/23/12:  Film on: The cycle of Tasmania's forest destruction

6/23/12:  UN Environmental Summit opens in Rio de Janeiro

6/23/12:  Guatemalan Anti-Mining Activist Survives Assassination Attempt

6/23/12:  Fracking In California's Monterey Shale

6/23/12:  Deadly Violence Against Environmentalists On The Rise Worldwide

6/23/12:  Top Predators Key to Extinctions as Planet Warms

6/23/12:  Climate change threatens Botswana's main tourist attraction

6/22/12:  Deforestation Now

6/22/12:  Apple Skin

6/22/12:  Rio+20 closing statement - opportunity to act on a sustainable future lost

6/22/12:  UPS Rolls Out Lightweight Composite Trucks In a Move Towards Energy Efficiency

6/22/12:  Solar Cell Absorbs Invisible Light

6/21/12:  Another Week of Stopping Shell at the Rossport Solidarity Camp

6/21/12:  Fox Thought Extinct in Oregon Possibly Photographed on Mt. Hood

6/21/12:  House Bill Passes: Border Patrol Trumps Environment

6/21/12:  Whose Hands are Dirty with Nigerian Oil?

6/21/12:  Despite Drop from 2009 Peak, Agricultural Land Grabs Still Remain Above Pre-2005 Levels

6/21/12:  2012 Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

6/21/12:  Longest Day in the North...Shortest in the South

6/21/12:  Anti-desertification plan gets official launch in Rio

6/21/12:  Will UN Summit on Sustainable Development in Rio make anyone happy?

6/20/12:  Water Power Rise

6/20/12:  Occupy the Biotech Food Empire; Monsanto and Friends Get Interrupted

6/20/12:  McKay Tract Tree-sitters Declare Victory

6/20/12:  Salad Days

6/20/12:  A Million Years to Maryland's Ground Water

6/20/12:  Risk of Asthma Decreased with Dog Ownership

6/20/12:  Salad Days

6/20/12:  How to help to poorer Nations on Environment

6/20/12:  As Tsunami Debris Crosses Pacific, Dangers Emerge

6/19/12:  A Million Years to Maryland's Ground Water

6/19/12:  Lyme Disease and Foxes

6/19/12:  Complexities of Collapse: Trade Routes and Resource Exhaustion in Mayan Civilization

6/19/12:  Three Hundred People Breach Earthen Dam, free Xingu River from Belo Monte project

6/19/12:  Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army Road Show Dates Announced

6/19/12:  More Than 24,000 Acres of Critical Habitat Protected for Western Snowy Plover

6/19/12:  The Evan Mecham Eco Terrorist International Conspiracy

6/19/12:  Indonesia aims to lead in Sustainable Forestry

6/19/12:  Studying Soil to Predict the Future of Earth's Atmosphere

6/19/12:  Findings and Solutions in the Living Planet Report 2012

6/19/12:  Ancient Leaf Wax Tells the Story of Plant Life in Antarctica

6/19/12:  Rabid Vampire Bats

6/19/12:  Very Fine Particulates

6/19/12:  Can Making Rum be Sustainable? Serrallés thinks so!

6/19/12:  Bonobos Join Chimps as Closest Human Relatives

6/19/12:  A New Global Architecture for Sustainability Governance

6/19/12:  OECD launches 'green economy' consultation with developing countries

6/13/12:  Algal biofuels are no energy panacea

6/13/12:  Morning People Are Actually Happier Than Night Owls

6/13/12:  Fire, Fire Everywhere

6/13/12:  Israel's Secret Project: Super-Battery To Reduce World's Oil Thirst

6/13/12:  How do you like your craft beer, in bottles or cans?

6/13/12:  Manhattan's biggest hotel gets even greener

6/13/12:  Study Reveals the Mystery of the Dartmoor Tors

6/13/12:  US bucks global trend of closing down nuclear power stations

6/13/12:  The End of the Woolly Mammoth

6/5/12:  France to ban pesticide linked to Bee Colony collapses

6/4/12:  European Parliament considers curbing food ads aimed at the young

6/4/12:  Now Greece is looking at an energy crisis

6/4/12:  Cool paving materials helps lower city temperatures, study finds

6/4/12:  Energy Efficient LEDs Displace Conventional Technology and Value Shrinks Overall

6/4/12:  Sumatran Orangutan Relocated as Forest Clearing Continues

6/4/12:  The Negative Consequences of Long-Distance Endurance Training

6/4/12:  Tundra to Forest

6/2/12:  Arctic Monitoring Stations Report CO2 Levels of 400 parts per million

6/1/12:  Lawsuit Filed to Protect Threatened Marbled Murrelets From Clearcutting in Oregon State Forests

6/1/12:  Warrantless GPS Tracking, Obama Likes It

6/1/12:  Bat, Bee, Frog Deaths May Be Linked

6/1/12:  Study highlights food risk hotspots

6/1/12:  To Feel Good, Mediterranean Diet is Way to Go

6/1/12:  North Korea lifts the veil on its agroforestry practices

6/1/12:  Geoengineering for Global Warming: Increasing Aerosols in Atmosphere Would Make Sky Whiter

5/31/12:  Occupy Well Street Blockades Truck Carrying Drill Rig in PA

5/31/12:  Eat, Sleep, Click; or why you should start worrying and learn to hate the internet

5/31/12:  NOAA: Carbon dioxide levels reach milestone at Arctic sites

5/31/12:  Anti-Mining Protests in Peru Surge, Mayor Arrested

5/31/12:  A Call for Submissions: Eco-Terrorist Steampunk, Luddite Cyberpunk, Zoomorphic Historical Fiction

5/31/12:  Redwood Coast Rendezvous

5/31/12:  Lawsuit Filed to Protect Threatened Marbled Murrelets From Clearcutting in Oregon State Forests

5/31/12:  Lawsuit Filed to Protect Crayfish Threatened by Mountaintop-removal Mining in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia

5/31/12:  Better Place Electric Car Spotting

5/31/12:  ScienceShot: It's Official, Men Are the Dirtier Sex

5/31/12:  Modern Dinosaurs Living Among Us

5/31/12:  Martian Methane

5/30/12:  Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?

5/30/12:  Climate Change Led to Collapse of Ancient Indus Civilization, study finds

5/30/12:  Who's afraid?

5/30/12:  Protestors shut down Canadian mining conference with rotting fish

5/30/12:  Rosemont Mine Power Line Approved by State but Corporation Commission Adds Hurdles to Be Met

5/30/12:  Cleantech: Generating Power From Water To Detect Pipe Leaks

5/30/12:  New Zealand's natural heritage threatened by 20 years of environmental inaction

5/30/12:  The Last Extinction Event

5/30/12:  Protect Against Skin Cancer with Painkillers

5/30/12:  Italy Quake Strikes Already Battered Region

5/30/12:  Greenland glacier melt was faster in 1930s than today

5/30/12:  The Underlying Cause of Low Scottish Life Expectancy

5/30/12:  Researchers look to nanotech to keep fruit fresh

5/30/12:  Exotic Arctic Bacteria and Life on Europa

5/25/12:  Pollutants Mucking With Food Production

5/25/12:  Majority of Americans Agree: Protecting the Environment Creates Jobs

5/25/12:  CO2 Removal Catalyst

5/25/12:  Deep Sea Hitchhiking

5/25/12:  Cookstoves and Carbon Credits

5/25/12:  The Delight of Curry

5/25/12:  Rangers now allowed to shoot tiger poachers on sight in Indian state

5/25/12:  Plastic Bags to be Banned in the City of Angels

5/25/12:  Why the best world-changing ideas begin in your neighbourhood

5/22/12:  ALEC Attacking Wind Next

5/22/12:  Entrapment of Cleveland 5 and NATO 3 is "a pre-planned narrative"

5/21/12:  The Complete Electric Car with Charging Station

5/21/12:  Happy, Happy Parents!

5/21/12:  1,000 Years of Climate Data Confirms Australia's Warming

5/21/12:  Chemical weapon and radiation fear at Scottish RAF base

5/21/12:  Suit Filed Against Expansion of Navajo Coal Mine Polluting Four Corners Region

5/21/12:  Howls of Reprisal: Wolves Return to the Frontlines

5/21/12:  Occupy Well Street [OWS Stands in Solidarity Fighting Extraction]

5/21/12:  Rapid Climate Changes Turn Minn.'s North Woods into a Moose Graveyard

5/21/12:  Forest Service Awards One of Largest-ever Timber Contracts to Agency Insiders

5/21/12:  Earthquake Hits Northern Italy

5/21/12:  Charcoal for African Cookstoves, What's the Story?

5/20/12:  Earthquake Hits Northern Italy

5/19/12:  Lose Weight While You Sleep!

5/18/12:  Happy, Happy Parents!

5/18/12:  EPA: Protect Yourself from the Sun this Summer!

5/18/12:  Paper or Plastic?

5/18/12:  New Jersey Takes Slow, Steady Approach to Offshore Wind

5/17/12:  European Agricultural Ministers look to backtrack on Farm Carbon Program

5/17/12:  Solar Paint Technology May Revolutionize the Renewable Energy Industry

5/17/12:  Hotels charge you (for free)

5/17/12:  Natural sinks still sopping up carbon

5/16/12:  Radiation and DNA

5/16/12:  European Airlines provide early data on carbon emissions, show slight reduction

5/16/12:  U.S. Military Not Retreating on Clean Energy

5/16/12:  NOAA: Six Fish Populations Restored to Healthy Levels in the US

5/16/12:  Wind, Solar...Coconuts: Small Island Developing States Commit to Renewable, Sustainable Energy for All

5/16/12:  Melting Sea Ice Could Lead to Pressure on Arctic Fishery

5/15/12:  Navy raises sonar impact on dolphins, whales dramatically

5/15/12:  Bill To End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Introduced Into Congress

5/15/12:  How Pain Comes and Goes

5/15/12:  How Ambient Noise Affects Cognitive Ability

5/15/12:  Expect the Unexpected to happen with Climate Change

5/15/12:  Forest-sourced biofuel is bad for the environment, new study warns

5/15/12:  Report: Global Biodiversity Down 30 Percent in 40 Years

5/15/12:  Microsoft Moving Towards Carbon Neutrality

5/15/12:  Africa may struggle to extract groundwater, experts say

5/15/12:  Wild Elephants gather inexplicably, mourn death of “Elephant Whisperer” | Delight Makerss

5/8/12:  Zombie Ants Fight Fungus with Fungus

5/8/12:  First Step Towards Fracking in Michigan, DNR Auctions Rights to 109,000 Acres

5/8/12:  Climbing Camp July 14th 20th in Oregon

5/8/12:  Lakota, Navajo and Supai to UN Rapporteur: Halt genocide and eco-cide

5/8/12:  B.C. Economist Blocks Coal Trains In White Rock

5/8/12:  Scientists create constant supply of sterile water using sunlight and air

5/8/12:  Streetkleen Taps Man's Best Friend for Renewable Biogas

5/8/12:  Hybrid Vehicles Create Cost Advantages for Businesses

5/8/12:  Load Bearing Exercise for Young Men Prevents Bone Loss in Later Years

5/8/12:  Not ALL Spiders use a web to catch prey

5/8/12:  The Joy of Jogging

5/8/12:  The Great Outdoors Is Good for Allergies

5/8/12:  Ford to EV Dealers: Meet Environmental Requirements

5/8/12:  Getting Instant Cash...Off the Grid

4/16/12:  The Owl "Fight"

4/16/12:  Women Do Not Exercise Enough

4/16/12:  Pesticides in backyards implicated in Bee Colony die off

4/16/12:  Fungal disease threat seen increasing

4/16/12:  Tar Sand oil update

4/16/12:  TSCA: E Filing as Opposed to Paper

4/16/12:  Dropping Solar Panel Costs and Grid Parity

4/16/12:  UN: Meat Consumption Must be Cut to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

4/16/12:  Fine Needle Aspiration May Be Best Alternative Method for Lung Cancer Patients

4/16/12:  To Live or Die in the Shade

3/10/12:  Gorilla Genome

3/10/12:  Solar Power in Poor Rural Areas

3/10/12:  NASCAR: Safe Driving is Green Driving

3/10/12:  Virgin Islands Lose Oil Refinery: Opportunity for Green Energy?

3/10/12:  Cookie Cutter Sustainability

3/10/12:  Low-Carb, High-Carb, It Doesn’t Matter, Study Says, It's All About The Veggies

3/10/12:  Reflecting on the Winter that Never Was

3/10/12:  The Once Prolific Dugong

3/10/12:  D.C. Circuit Hears Challenges to EPA Climate Regulations

3/10/12:  Did Meteorites enable life on earth?

2/6/12:  Once, men abused slaves. Now we abuse fossil fuels

2/6/12:  Deadly Malaria on the Decline

1/21/12:  European Commission Aims to Cut Food Waste 50 Percent by 2020

1/21/12:  Trucks and Diesel Air Pollution

1/21/12:  Globally, 9 of the 10 warmest years on record occurred since 2000

1/21/12:  More Fuel Efficient Cars Spell Less Money For Mass Transit

1/21/12:  NASA Sees Repeating La Niña Hitting Its Peak

1/21/12:  Obama's Calculus for Terminating the Keystone Pipeline

1/21/12:  Acid Rain Change

1/21/12:  Italy risks worst environmental disaster in decades

1/18/12:  Singapore Panel Makes Recommendations for Mitigating Flash-Flooding

1/18/12:  Japan extends allowed operating life of nuclear reactors

1/18/12:  NASA GISS Identifies 14 Air Pollution Control Measures to Slow Global Warming, Improve Health and Increase Crop Yields

1/18/12:  UN launches International Year of Sustainable Energy for All

1/18/12:  China Sets Historic Limits on GHG Emissions from Select Regions

1/18/12:  Cruise Ship Environmental Issues

1/18/12:  Genetically Modified Plants To Resist Intense Drought

1/18/12:  Ford’s Future Cars: Plastic Bottle Carpets and Soy Seats

1/17/12:  What Really Are the Best Ways to Cut Gasoline Use?

1/17/12:  Fish Brains and Carbon Dioxide

1/17/12:  Trees near homes boost incomes, sequester carbon

1/17/12:  Sumatran rhinos find each other

1/17/12:  Tainted gold: thousands join protest against Peru's largest ever mining project

1/17/12:  Selling Whales to Save Them?

1/17/12:  South Florida Alliance Gears Up for Climate Change

1/17/12:  Better Grasses

1/17/12:  Building a Sustainable Hydrogen Economy

1/17/12:  Don't wait for wealth — better health needs basic tools

1/10/12:  Light At Night Not A 'Bright' Idea

1/10/12:  In the News: Good news for the Seychelles warbler

1/10/12:  Study Finds Warming Arctic Decimating Harp Seal Populations

1/10/12:  Think-tank blasted over "flawed" wind power report

1/10/12:  Ancient Tortoise Lives On

1/10/12:  Operation Migration is ON! Whooping Cranes WILL migrate!

1/10/12:  Europe's mountains show clear and rapid change to a warming climate

1/10/12:  New CO2 Sucker Could Help Clear the Air

1/10/12:  How Elks are Destroying Song Birds

1/8/12:  Yellowstone Wolves Help Trees Rebound

1/8/12:  Tunisian Environmentalist Protest For Endangered Species

1/8/12:  Private agency paid to monitor Facebook for protest groups that target "critical energy infrastructure"

1/8/12:  It s Eel, It s Salmon Wait It s Kinda Both?

1/8/12:  U.S. weighs retaliation over Europe carbon tax

1/8/12:  2011 was the driest year on record in Texas

1/6/12:  Lawsuit Seeks Justice for 1.2 million Residents Living Near SoCal Freeways

1/6/12:  Protests over U.S. based Newmont mine resume in Peru

1/6/12:  Experts Say Drilling Causes Earthquakes in Ohio

1/6/12:  Lone Grey Wolf Wanders into California, First Since 1924

1/6/12:  Shocking News: FDA Poisons Tens of Millions of Birds in killing spree known as Operation Blackbird!

1/6/12:  The Dirty Secret of World Trade: One Super Container Ship SO2 Greater Than 50 million Cars

1/6/12:  Study: Parasitic Fly to Blame for Honeybee Population Decline

1/6/12:  The Perils of Vacuum Cleaners

1/6/12:  EPA may retest PA. water near fracking drilling site

1/6/12:  US Beats Expectations Saving Energy

1/6/12:  China Partners With Better Place On Electric Vehicle Center

1/6/12:  EPA Report Identifies Toxic Contamination in Communities Across the Country

1/6/12:  The Great Extinction

1/4/12:  Gulf Stream: Charting the Chaotic Current That Warms Norway

1/4/12:  New Year's Resolution: Keep Your Brain from Shrinking

1/4/12:  Mercury in the Atmosphere

1/4/12:  Expert says Ohio earthquake was not a natural event

1/4/12:  Scotland looks to build on a record year for renewable energy

1/4/12:  Breakthrough Facility to Trap Solar Energy in Molten Salt

1/4/12:  Deep Down in the Sea: A Lost World

12/30/11:  The Campaign to "Decolonize"Oakland: Native Americans Say Occupy Terminology Is Offensive

12/30/11:  Indonesian Protesters Sew Their Mouths Shut Over Deforestation/Palm Oil

12/30/11:  Protests Continue Over Mining Expansion in Kajaran

12/30/11:  O odham Sacred Site of Quitovac Threatened By a Low Cost Heap Leach Gold Mine

12/30/11:  Stop Logging in the Traditional Territory of Grassy Narrows First Nation


12/30/11:  Scientists test sick Alaska seals for radiation

12/30/11:  Oil and Fish Embryos in Shallow Water

12/30/11:  Tsunami Debris

12/30/11:  Anti-whaling protest ship in distress

12/30/11:  Satellite Studies Reveal Groundwater Depletion around the World

12/30/11:  It was a bad year for Rhinos as Asian demand for Rhino horn drives record slaughter in Africa

12/30/11:  Math and Piegons

12/24/11:  Chestnuts Roasting By An Open Fire: Eco-Friendly Or Health Threat?

12/23/11:  The eco travel guide to Finland

12/23/11:  The Female Brain During Pregnancy

12/23/11:  Diving Marine Mammals and Decompression

12/23/11:  Traditional farming can save threatened species

12/23/11:  Nigeria coast braces for Royal Dutch Shell oil spill

12/23/11:  Smoking Linked to Skin Cancer in Women

12/23/11:  Frankincense May Be Doomed

12/23/11:  Historic Mercury Regs from EPA a Boon for Health, the Environment and Jobs

12/23/11:  Wildlife Protection at Glover's Reef, Belize Falling Short

12/15/11:  US Department of Agriculture Releases Stricter Standards for Decreasing Use of Fertilizers

12/15/11:  Killer Claws and Flight

12/15/11:  Breaking wind

12/15/11:  ARKive celebrates 100 years since reaching the South Pole

12/15/11:  Postmaster General Talks Sustainability in Durban While Promoting Junk Mail Back Home

12/15/11:  Vast Stores of Methane Are Released from under the Arctic

12/15/11:  Lungfish Locomotion

12/15/11:  Romanian Drought, Power, Crops and Survival

12/15/11:  U.S. PV solar installations soar 40 percent in 3rd quarter

12/15/11:  Warning as infectious salmon disease spreads from Europe's fish farms to Canada

12/15/11:  Green Christmas suggestions from IzzitGreen

12/15/11:  Melting Glaciers Reveal Future Alpine World

12/13/11:  Ancient Huron Wood

12/13/11:  International Mountain Day — 11th December 2011

12/13/11:  Landmark Deal Emerges from Durban Climate Talks

12/13/11:  Dead Trees in the Sahel

12/13/11:  Bicycle Power

12/13/11:  Canada first nation to pull out of Kyoto protocol

12/13/11:  EPA To Unveil Stricter Rules For Power Plants

12/13/11:  UK issues severe weather alert as experts warn of worst storm in decades

12/13/11:  Northwestern Study Analyzes Artificial Performance Enhancements

12/11/11:  How global finance fuels a secretive and unethical land grab in Africa

12/11/11:  More Shrubbery in a Warming World

12/11/11:  Weather experts warn of second huge storm to hit length and breadth of UK

12/11/11:  Super Hospital Disinfection

12/11/11:  UN Climate deal reached in Durban

12/11/11:  Measuring carbon emissions: How can business really be accurate?

12/11/11:  ExxonMobil Energy Use Predictions

12/11/11:  Psychedelic gecko, "Elvis" monkey in new Mekong finds

12/8/11:  Six Canadian youth kicked out of Durban climate talks after protest

12/8/11:  Thousands Protest Climate Inaction

12/8/11:  Earth First! Journal Too Popular for Facebook

12/8/11:  In the Wake of #Occupy: Free Military Hardware To Every Police Department In the US

12/8/11:  Jellyfish Swarm Shuts Down Nuclear Power Plant in St.Lucie

12/8/11:  U.N. Climate Conference close to deal on Climate Fund

12/8/11:  Solar power can now be produced for less than $1 a watt, study finds

12/8/11:  Discovery Channel backtracks, promises to air climate change episode of new Frozen Planet series

12/8/11:  European Pesticides in Waterways

12/8/11:  NJ Governor Christie's Energy Master Plan

12/8/11:  One Quarter of World’s Agricultural Land ”˜Highly Degraded’, UN Report Concludes

12/8/11:  Chevrolet Carbon Story 4 Rockingham County Landfill

12/8/11:  Wind turbines are supposed to like the wind!

12/6/11:  European Automakers Meet in Brussels

12/6/11:  Low Cost Solar Cells

12/6/11:  Pipeline deal could open up Alaskan oil

12/6/11:  At least 74 percent of current warming caused by us

12/6/11:  Yellow Pages: Will the Madness Ever Stop?

12/6/11:  A Green Military: Saving More than Energy

12/6/11:  The Southern Continent's Hidden Landmass Revealed

12/6/11:  CO2 from the Air

12/6/11:  Electric Car Rental In Paris

12/1/11:  Another record breaker: 2011 warmest La Nina year ever

12/1/11:  Global forestry loss is not as great as first feared, UN study confirms

12/1/11:  Charlotte to Install First Airport Worm Composting System

12/1/11:  Ladybugs Changed Color in Response to Climate Change

12/1/11:  US considering using toxic fungi in war on drugs

12/1/11:  Is there room for wildlife as Africa grapples with development?

12/1/11:  The Durban Climate Talks

12/1/11:  Book Review: Homegrown and Handmade

12/1/11:  Electirc Car Battery Safety

11/17/11:  Revenge of the internal combustion engine

11/17/11:  How Texas Wind Power Inspires Performance Art

11/17/11:  Why Wood Smoke May not Be Good for You

11/17/11:  U.S. proposes to double auto fuel economy by 2025

11/17/11:  Chevrolet's Carbon Initiative Program, Part Two

11/17/11:  New "Super" Mouthwash Under Development May Eliminate Cavities

11/15/11:  Weed Ray Guns

11/15/11:  Chevron suspects drilling caused Brazil oil spill

11/15/11:  The hidden costs of gold: mercury poisoning blights mining communities

11/15/11:  Air pollution linked for first time to droughts and major storms

11/15/11:  Japan's Radioactive Farmland Mapped

11/15/11:  Cooking Stoves in Developing Nations Linked to Pneumonia

11/15/11:  Broadcasters lose their nerve over BBC's climate change program

11/15/11:  Survival against all odds: Animals of the Arctic

11/15/11:  A LEAFâ„¢ That Does More Than Float

11/10/11:  GHG Index is Up

11/10/11:  "Storm of epic proportions" hits Alaska

11/10/11:  Lead Air Quality

11/10/11:  Key malaria parasite discovery raises vaccine hopes

11/10/11:  The Importance of Riverbed Carbon Storage Capacity

11/10/11:  First ever survey shows Sumatran tiger hanging on as forests continue to vanish

11/10/11:  40% of Madagascar's reptiles at risk of extinction

11/10/11:  The Use of Whiskers on Mammals

11/7/11:  Tree Change in North America

11/7/11:  Waterlogged Thailand will struggle to prevent future floods

11/7/11:  Climate change imperils global prosperity, UN warns

11/7/11:  Oklahoma earthquake causes damage

11/7/11:  The Lights of Really Distant Cities

11/7/11:  Last year's greenhouse gas emissions topple worst-case scenario

11/7/11:  Permafrost Microbial Action

11/7/11:  Why Population Matters to the environment

11/7/11:  Roman Era Drought in Southwest USA

10/25/11:  Hundreds Feared Dead in Turkey Quake

10/25/11:  Scottish Government commits £18m for wave and tidal power

10/25/11:  Solar Bonsai Tree Lets You Charge In Style

10/25/11:  Life on the Moons of the Solar System

10/25/11:  Rescuers digging deeper to find Turkish quake survivors

10/25/11:  Automated Vehicles and the Future of Fuel Efficiency

10/25/11:  PlanetSolar’s Pioneering Voyage

10/25/11:  In the News: Javan rhino driven to extinction in Vietnam

10/25/11:  Book Review: Curious Critters

10/25/11:  In Europe, Aviation Biofuels Reach the Runway

10/18/11:  Two Arrested For Attempted Break-In at Iowa Fur Farm

10/18/11:  SHAC chalks up another victory over vivisectors with Softcat contract cancellation

10/18/11:  Recent Surge in Sea Turtle Deaths Prompts Lawsuit

10/18/11:  Walter Bond sentenced to another 7 years in prison

10/18/11:  New Zealand Oil Spill Decimating Bird Population

10/12/11:  War on the Environment, Immigration and Indigenious Sovereignty

10/12/11:  State Department Admits Its Independent Tar Sands Pipeline Review Was Paid For By TransCanada

10/12/11:  Greek Canine takes part in Revolutionary Struggle

10/12/11:  Earth First! Journal Recieves IRS Letter of Intent to SEIZE OUR PROPERTY

10/12/11:  Proposed Uranium Mining in Grand Canyon Region

10/12/11:  SHARE: print 'Indisputable proof' of Yeti discovered

10/12/11:  Lake Ellsworth

10/12/11:  EPA says it will complete Mercury and Air Toxics Standards by November 16

10/12/11:  Sense Of Smell Is Physiological, Not Psychological, Study Shows

10/12/11:  Global Warming Will Make Chocolate a Luxury Item

10/12/11:  Toxic fallout as activists challenge strawberry industry's pesticide use

10/12/11:  Natural sediment may shield groundwater from arsenic

10/12/11:  Carbon Sequestraion and the Balance of Property Right and the Public Good

10/10/11:  Deadly Thai floods close factories, threaten Bangkok

10/7/11:  ARKive Celebrates World Smile Day :)

10/7/11:  10 Ways to Recycle Vinyl Records Creatively

10/7/11:  Drought-stricken Pacific island nation Tuvalu down to last few days of water

10/7/11:  Air Tax

10/7/11:  Eight Amazing Things About Solar Panels That Could Change the World

10/7/11:  Why Climate Models Underestimated Arctic Sea Ice Retreat: No Arctic Sea Ice in Summer by End of Century?

10/7/11:  Study: Human Brain Evolved to Predict Smells

10/7/11:  First ever aerial wolf hunt proposed on Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

10/6/11:  Enforcement and Compliance Mapping

10/6/11:  Growing CO2 Emissions from China due to Construction

10/6/11:  EPA considering relaxing air quality rule for power plants

10/6/11:  In the News: Cull will not save Tasmanian devil

10/6/11:  Deloitte Survey: CFOs Will Need to Take a More Energetic Role in Embedding Sustainability into Business Strategy

10/5/11:  Lake Agassiz Demise

10/5/11:  Dave Foreman still aligning with bigots

10/5/11:  Eco-prisoner Justin Solondz spends birthday behind bars this Monday

10/5/11:  Greek revolutionaries stand trial for attacks on state and corporate targets

10/5/11:  Anonymous Saboteurs use wire cutters to release thousands of fish from nets

10/5/11:  Groups petition FDA to require labeling of GMO food

10/5/11:  Great Lakes face stresses from run-off, invaders

10/5/11:  Non-Toxic Beauty: Do You Know What’s In Your Lipstick?

10/5/11:  Population has bigger effect than climate change on crop yields, study suggests

10/5/11:  How Children Associate Snack Foods with Satisfying Hunger

10/5/11:  Chevrolet's Carbon Initiative Program

10/5/11:  Europe Electronic Waste

10/4/11:  September's Eco-Villain Photo of the Month

10/4/11:  Earth First! events this week in Athens, Greece

10/4/11:  Buffalo Field Campaign Logo Contest

10/4/11:  Spare some change for an end to industrial civilization?

10/4/11:  Spanish farmers sab GM maize

10/4/11:  Europe's prawn obsession devastating local communities in Bangladesh

10/4/11:  Arctic Ozone Loss

10/4/11:  Montana clean water settlement

10/4/11:  Time to Kill the Dollar Bill?

10/4/11:  Israeli Movie Against Pesticides 1st At Int’l Festival

10/4/11:  Marshall Islands creates world's biggest shark park

10/4/11:  Coffee: is the black stuff as green as it should be?

10/4/11:  Ice Age CO2

10/4/11:  Chevrolet's Carbon Initiative Program

10/4/11:  World’s Oldest Car Powered by Steam Heads to Auction


9/29/11:  Plants and CO2

9/29/11:  Afghanistan Mineral Potential

9/29/11:  TAKE ACTION to save the red squirrel

9/29/11:  Major fire shuts most of Shell Singapore refinery

9/28/11:  Most Polluted Cities in the World

9/28/11:  Global CO2 Emissions Reach All-Time High, Rising More Than 5% in 2010 to Close Out Past 20 Years

9/28/11:  Portland ADL Locks Down to Protect Wolves

9/28/11:  L.A. Air Force Base Will Deploy 100% Electric Vehicle Fleet

9/28/11:  Obama administration to push back fuel efficiency standards

9/28/11:  Billionaires Get Behind Cleantech Funding

9/28/11:  How Global Warming Could Cause Animals to Shrink

9/28/11:  ALF Sets Fire to an Idaho Fur Store

9/27/11:  Potatoes and Potassium

9/27/11:  Ford Develops E-Bike Protoype

9/27/11:  Green desert monoculture forests spreading in Africa and South America

9/27/11:  Hey Dirty South! Are GE "Forests"Coming Your Way?

9/27/11:  Alcohol and Asthma

9/27/11:  Typhoon Nesat pounds Philippines

9/27/11:  In the News: Fishing boats kill up to 320,000 seabirds a year

9/27/11:  Climate Change Set to Increase Ozone-Related Deaths Over Next 60 Years, Scientists Warn

9/27/11:  World has 'enough water' for future food needs

9/26/11:  One Way to Sabotage Montana's Wolf Hunt

9/26/11:  Tearing out The Heart of the Monster: A literary voice rises against the tar sands

9/26/11:  Alcohol and Asthma

9/26/11:  Why Are Investors Bearish on Clean Energy?

9/26/11:  The Witwatersrand Legacy

9/26/11:  Occupy Wall Street Movement Reports 80 Arrested Yesterday in Protests

9/26/11:  More mass actions planned against tar sands tomorrow in Canada

9/26/11:  High corn prices impact crop rotations

9/26/11:  New Boom Reshapes Oil World, Rocks North Dakota

9/26/11:  African Countries Struggle To Fight Overfishing

9/26/11:  Book Review: The Slums of Aspen

9/26/11:  Respiratory Hazards for City Bicyclists

9/25/11:  The VOLT goes to Europe as the Vauxhall Ampera

9/24/11:  Hey You! Defend Forests and Endangered Species with N.E.S.T.

9/24/11:  An Efficient Solar Harvest

9/24/11:  First radioactive rice found in Japan

9/23/11:  Most Biodiverse Place on Earth Could Open for Oil Exploration

9/23/11:  Tropics of Southeast Asia Experiencing Greatest Biodiversity Loss

9/23/11:  An Efficient Solar Harvest

9/23/11:  The Acid Earth

9/23/11:  Hilary becomes Category 4 hurricane, Mexican coast on alert

9/23/11:  Coral Reefs likely to disappear by the end of the century

9/22/11:  Nigeria, Oil Spill Contaminates Drinking Water in Ogale, Eleme

9/22/11:  This Camera Fights Fascism: The Photographs of David Bacon and Francisco Dominguez

9/22/11:  Is Climate Change Already Causing Violent Conflict?

9/22/11:  Killer Asteroids

9/22/11:  Andrews Air Force Base

9/22/11:  Whales Mingle Across the Arctic

9/22/11:  Spotlight On: Bears

9/22/11:  Himalaya earthquake: search for survivors continues

9/22/11:  WWF celebrates World Rhino Day

9/22/11:  A View of Earth: PBS Offers Operators Manual

9/21/11:  No a las Represas, Si a la Defensa de los Rios!

9/21/11:  Black Mesa Indigenous Support Annual Caravan

9/21/11:  Scientists confirm ancient Egyptian knowledge: Nile crocodile is two species

9/21/11:  CO2 Up in the World

9/21/11:  Typhoon nears Tokyo, Toyota plants closing

9/20/11:  Protests Rising on Environmental Concern in China

9/20/11:  Waste Water + Bacteria = Clean Energy

9/20/11:  Same Global Economic Output Needs More Energy, Worldwatch Finds

9/20/11:  Irene's Aftermath: Mushrooms!

9/20/11:  Yawn!

9/20/11:  Why Eating Organic is the Single Greenest Thing You Can Do

9/20/11:  Laughter

9/20/11:  World Atlas ice loss claim exaggerated

9/19/11:  The Benefits of Maple Syrup

9/19/11:  Understanding Methane's Seabed Escape

9/19/11:  Converting rainforest to cropland in Africa reduces rainfall

9/19/11:  Potential Endangered Status for Captive Chimps Threatens Biomedical Industry

9/19/11:  Reclaim The Fields Camp 2011, Romania

9/19/11:  Climate Warming: Who Thinks What

9/19/11:  Why Eating Organic is the Single Greenest Thing You Can Do

9/19/11:  The Salmon are happy, Largest dam removal in U.S. history begins in Washington

9/19/11:  Laughter

9/18/11:  Native prisoner Leonard Peltier moved 2,000 miles from Chippewa Nation home

9/18/11:  WTO Rules Against Dolphin Safe Tuna Label

9/18/11:  Reportback on the first ever Radical Mycology Convergence

9/18/11:  Thousands occupying Wall Street, NYC

9/18/11:  Congressional Push to Gut Environmental Protections Along US Borders

9/18/11:  More Americans believe world is warming

9/18/11:  It’s All in the Head: Songbirds With Bigger Brains Have Benefited from the End of Communism

9/18/11:  Belgian Company Leads the Way In Landfill Mining

9/18/11:  Tallest Building in New York Now LEED Certified

9/18/11:  Smart Energy Country Profile — South Africa

9/18/11:  Climate Warming: Who Thinks What

9/18/11:  The Benefits of Maple Syrup

9/18/11:  Magnitude 6.6 quake hits Japan

9/18/11:  Native New England cottontail rabbits disappearing

9/15/11:  Transportation Fuel from Under Our Ground

9/15/11:  Carton Recycling

9/15/11:  Support the Buffalo Field Campaign

9/15/11:  Rising seas expected to wash out key California beaches

9/15/11:  Post-Irene Cleanup May Damage Environment

9/15/11:  Water Evaporated from Trees Cools Global Climate, Researchers Find

9/15/11:  Drinking Milk Can Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

9/15/11:  Animal-Rights Activist Arrested at Gunpoint at Marine Center in Florida, Accused of ALF Affiliation

9/15/11:  Former-ELF spokesperson helps open new venue for activists in Buffalo, New York

9/14/11:  Snails and How They Get Around

9/14/11:  Solar Power Increase

9/14/11:  IGCC Series: Star Gazing in a World of Light Pollution

9/14/11:  Test Drive: Mitsubishi i Electric Car and Chevy Volt

9/14/11:  How Fathers Care for Their Offspring

9/14/11:  Wind Power More Feasible in Pacific Northwest with Adoption of Electric Vehicles

9/14/11:  Summer Arctic sea ice melt at or near record

9/14/11:  Famine in Africa: Can Reforestation Improve Food Security?

9/14/11:  Rise of the Planet of the Apes: An Earth First! Film Review

9/13/11:  Contact lost with wayward penguin "Happy Feet"

9/13/11:  In the News: Hawaiian monk seal sliding towards extinction in reserve

9/13/11:  Test Drive: Mitsubishi i Electric Car and Chevy Volt

9/13/11:  Study: Women Prefer Deep Voices

9/13/11:  How Fathers Care for Their Offspring

9/13/11:  Wind Mills, Bans, and Possible Ill Effects

9/13/11:  Tasmanian Forest Defender Needs Support

9/12/11:  If Money is the Root of All Evil, then Earth First! is an Angel

9/12/11:  New Documentary about Brandon Darby and the 2008 Republican National Convention Betrayal

9/12/11:  How Predictable is Climate Change?

9/12/11:  Too Much Exercise

9/12/11:  Study: Switching from coal to natural gas would not significantly help climate!

9/12/11:  9/11 Changed us, Cantor Fitzgerald Since 9/11

9/12/11:  Storm Nate weakens, warnings dropped

9/12/11:  Air Force Jumpstarts Electric Vehicle Program

9/12/11:  Health Effects and Light Bulbs

9/12/11:  Endangered Species of the Week: Chinese giant salamander

9/12/11:  U.S. Experiences Second Warmest Summer On Record: Texas Has Warmest Summer On Record of Any State

9/12/11:  Meet the Energy Superbugs: Extremophiles

9/7/11:  Chevron makes U.S. Gulf deepwater find

9/7/11:  Breastfeeding Moms More Agressive than Those Who Use Bottles

9/7/11:  Clouds Don't Cause Climate Change, Study Shows

9/7/11:  Fish farms less harmful than thought

9/6/11:  Tar Sands Solidarity Action in Portland

9/6/11:  Occupy Wall Street?!

9/6/11:  Texas Wildfires driven by high winds

9/6/11:  Amazon Deforesting Result

9/6/11:  Electronic Thermostatic Radiator

9/6/11:  In the News: Could stem cells save endangered species?

9/6/11:  Hotel Chains Standardize Carbon Accounting

9/6/11:  How Earth's 24-hour Day-Night Cycle is Synchronized at the Cellular Level

9/5/11:  Musicians on the frontlines: Rye'n Clover fall tour

9/5/11:  Can a fight for South Florida reefs help block the expansion global capitalism?

9/5/11:  Call to Action: Shale Gas Outrage Rally and Demonstration

9/5/11:  Rise up Vermont!

9/5/11:  Ocean Defense Updates

9/5/11:  Storm Lee tests New Orleans flood protection, threatens Southeast with heavy rains

9/4/11:  Tropical Storm Lee hits Louisiana coast

9/3/11:  The mighty Missouri River and the mighty flooding damage

9/2/11:  State backs down on ousting forest defenders in the Elliott

9/2/11:  Civil disobedience action against tar sands reach over 1,000 arrested

9/2/11:  Political Prisoners with Birthdays in September

9/2/11:  New plan to restore 150 million hectares of forest

9/2/11:  Cancer Risk At Ground Zero

9/2/11:  Falling Solar Panel Costs Are Great For Buyers, Bad for Producers

9/2/11:  Drought intensifies in the South, no end in sight

9/2/11:  Green Energy Use in Germany Passes 20 Percent of Total Power Mix

9/2/11:  Climate in the Past Million Years Determined Greatly by Dust in the Southern Ocean

9/2/11:  New 'demon' bat discovered in Vietnam

9/2/11:  Sustainable Concrete

9/1/11:  Peterson Glacier Breakup Continues

9/1/11:  Katia strenthens into hurricane over Atlantic

9/1/11:  2 tons of elephant ivory seized in Hong Kong

9/1/11:  Australia Deslanates with Utility Scale Solar from US

9/1/11:  Volkswagen Investing One Billion Euros in Wind Energy

9/1/11:  Pharma-waste: Costly Pollution or Untapped Resource?

9/1/11:  Energy Efficiency is So In Right Now

8/31/11:  Fracking stirs controversy in South Africa

8/31/11:  International Hotels To Standardize Carbon Accounting Methods

8/31/11:  Irene Rainfall

8/31/11:  Can Deep Green Resistance bridge the gap between two political prisoners in Utah?

8/31/11:  Wage Slave Dilemma

8/31/11:  143 arrested at August 29 tar sands protest in DC

8/31/11:  Mom's Sure Fire Recipes for Sabotage: A One Act Play

8/31/11:  Exxon, Rosneft tie up in Russian Arctic, US

8/31/11:  Brazil Forest Law changes threaten to send climate achievements up in smoke

8/31/11:  Is Gibson Guitars Unfairily Bullied or Have They Really Screwed Up... Again?

8/31/11:  Controversial Tar Sands Pipeline Moving Forward Despite Heavy Protest

8/30/11:  Write a letter to Willow Cordes-Eklund in jail for defending Maine's mountains

8/30/11:  Midwest Rising Protest Blocks Traffic to Protest Coal

8/30/11:  Three Heavy Machines torched at Ukraine Construction Site

8/30/11:  Alright You Dirty So-and-Sos, the Online Funding Drive Continues

8/30/11:  Biofuels Make a Comeback Despite Tough Economy

8/30/11:  China Buys 27 Million Electric Bikes Annually

8/30/11:  Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales Need a Shake-up

8/30/11:  After Irene: New Jersey and Vermont experience worst flooding

8/30/11:  New USGS Report Clouds the Future of Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale Formation

8/30/11:  Preserving 4 Percent of the Ocean Could Protect Most Marine Mammal Species, Study Finds

8/30/11:  Study: Eating Chocolate is Good for the Heart

8/30/11:  Resistance to fossil fuel infrastructure continues in Western Australia

8/30/11:  BP Guard Shoots Endangered Polar Bear

8/30/11:  Three more megaload protesters arrested in Cd A

8/30/11:  Trophy Hunters, Cattle Industry and the State of Alaska Appeal Listing the Polar Bear as Threatened

8/30/11:  2012 Presidential hopeful says she'd drill for oil and gas in the Everglades

8/29/11:  Europe REACH

8/29/11:  NASA Satellite Shows Irene's heavy rains

8/29/11:  Irene floods northeast, rivers still rising, many roads still flooded

8/28/11:  TransCanada s Keystone XL pipeline clears hurdle despite mass civil disobedience

8/28/11:  Kick Down to the Eco-Revolution, An Earth First! Journal Funding Drive

8/28/11:  Hurricane Irene batters shuttered New York

8/27/11:  Breaking: Idaho Residents Arrested Blocking Tar Sands Megaloads Bound for Alberta

8/27/11:  Deep Green Resistance joins anti-tar sands action in DC, hosts fundraiser for Tim DeChristopher

8/27/11:  Earth First! Newswire supports boycott of Huffington Post

8/27/11:  Anti-infrastrucure insurgent Irene skips Florida, aims for US Capitol

8/27/11:  Hurricane Irene, weakening, rages up U.S. east coast

8/26/11:  US East coast braces for Irene

8/26/11:  Scientists discover massive underground river 13,000 feet beneath the Amazon

8/26/11:  Scientists call for better management of the deep sea

8/26/11:  Unreported Green House Gas Emission in Europe?

8/26/11:  Cloud Formation

8/26/11:  Daryl Hanna Heading to White House Keystone XL Protest

8/26/11:  The Earth First! Fiction Writers Guild

8/25/11:  Irene!

8/25/11:  Pacific Walruses Studied as Sea Ice Melts

8/25/11:  Smart Phones and Fuel Efficiency

8/25/11:  Hybrid Midsize Sedan?

8/25/11:  Texas grid narrowly avoids power outages

8/25/11:  Death by fashion: is your wardrobe poisoning the world's water supply?

8/25/11:  Earthquakes: East vs. West

8/24/11:  The Hydro-Fracking Industry converges on Philadelphia

8/24/11:  Earthquake reignites debate over safety of nuclear power

8/24/11:  More action and anger against Shell from Ireland to Australia

8/24/11:  Drought and CO2

8/24/11:  Seeking Protection for Coral Sea "Hotspot"

8/24/11:  Hurricane Irene continues to strengthen, now Category 2 storm

8/24/11:  Summer Drought Limits the Positive Effects of CO2 and Heat On Plant Growth in Future Climate

8/24/11:  Madagascar may authorize exports of illegally-logged rosewood

8/23/11:  Another 52 Protesters Arrested at Tar Sands Protests in DC

8/23/11:  Calling all Defenders: Mobilize for the San Francisco Peaks!

8/23/11:  Are Mermaids real? Vampires?

8/23/11:  Louisiana paper mill spill causes massive fish kill

8/23/11:  Urine test for TB shows promise

8/23/11:  Seeking Protection for Coral Sea "Hotspot"

8/23/11:  The Great Upward and Northward Migration is Underway

8/22/11:  Pressure from EU halts Wolf Hunts in Sweden

8/22/11:  68 arrests at protest against Keystone XL/tar sands oil pipeline

8/22/11:  From the Producers of Napalm and Agent Orange comes a new GE Food Product

8/22/11:  School Bus Pollution

8/22/11:  Irene strengthens to hurricane over Puerto Rico, takes aim on Florida

8/22/11:  Newly Discovered Icelandic Current Could Change North Atlantic Climate Picture

8/22/11:  Indigenous protestors embark on 300-mile walk to protest Amazon road in Bolivia

8/22/11:  Study: A Happy Marriage Can Boost Health and Survivability

8/21/11:  Canadian regulations would require CO2 controls on coal-fired power plants

8/21/11:  Tropical Storm Irene strengthening in the Caribbean

8/19/11:  Bolivians march against development plan

8/19/11:  More bomb attacks against nanotechnology in Mexico

8/19/11:  Is Local Law Enforcement Tracking Your Cell Phone?

8/19/11:  Incendiary attack on two vans of the energy multinational GDF Suez in Madrid (Spain)

8/19/11:  The Sweet Meeting of Sperm and Egg

8/19/11:  River Otters Bounce Back in England

8/19/11:  Dust storm engulfs downtown Phoenix

8/19/11:  Excrement and Coral

8/19/11:  World nations see six all-time record high temperatures, no lows so far in 2011

8/19/11:  BrightSource Glad to See Carbon "Tax" Down Under

8/19/11:  Doctors Join Fight Against Livestock Antibiotics

8/19/11:  New Jersey DEP Will Provide Green Job Training Through EPA Brownfields Grant

8/17/11:  Opposition to bear farms in China

8/17/11:  Wild Horse Round Ups, Prison Labor and the Border

8/17/11:  Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant may not achieve cold shutdown as soon as planned

8/17/11:  Why We Should Put a Price Tag on Ecosystem Services

8/17/11:  Warming Atlantic Waters Lure Mackerel North and East

8/17/11:  New Study Analyzes Link Between Neurodegenerative Diseases and Normal Aging

8/16/11:  Mother bear chooses suicide over slavery

8/16/11:  Memo Shows Prison Mail Screened by a Counter-Terrorism Unit

8/16/11:  Black Flags and Windmills'a new film about Common Ground, New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina

8/16/11:  Emergency order is sought to halt wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana

8/16/11:  Fire threatens Dismal Swamp Atlantic white cedar ecosystem

8/16/11:  Peruvian Desert Once a Breadbasket

8/16/11:  Greenland publishes Arctic oil spill plan

8/16/11:  There Are Only 14 Different Kinds Of Noses, Study Says

8/16/11:  Oil Leaks

8/15/11:  A Lending Hand for the Energy-Efficient Home Buyer

8/15/11:  Aung San Suu Kyi backs Burma dam protesters

8/15/11:  More arrests at Snow Bowl protests

8/15/11:  Fracking debate heating up in New Zealand

8/15/11:  An Open Letter to the People of the Faeroe Islands

8/15/11:  "Green is the new Rage": Walter Bond set for sentancing in Utah on ALF actions

8/15/11:  Support Earth First! music

8/15/11:  Weekend Round-Up of Disaster and Disorder

8/15/11:  China's Dalian Fujia plant runs normally despite shutdown order

8/15/11:  Deep Sea Hydrogen Cells

8/15/11:  North Sea Release

8/15/11:  Increased Tropical Forest Growth Could Release Carbon from the Soil

8/15/11:  NRDC: It’s Not Just the Heat, It’s the Smog Pollution

8/15/11:  Healing the Heart after a Stroke/Heart Attack

8/14/11:  Fujia plant in Dalian, China triggers protests

8/13/11:  Rains bring only brief relief to drought-stricken Texas

8/12/11:  Home in a Box: Cargo Container Dwellings

8/12/11:  Amazing recovery, Blue iguana back from the dead

8/12/11:  WWF calls for maximum penalty on suspected tiger smuggler

8/12/11:  Air Emissions and Disaster

8/12/11:  Methane may be more important than CO2 in warming

8/12/11:  'Electronic Skin' Grafts Gadgets to Body

8/12/11:  Climate change 'to increase malaria' in Indian Himalayas

8/11/11:  Riverside 550 Megawatt Solar Project

8/11/11:  MIT Researchers Claim UN Arctic Predictions are Inaccurate

8/11/11:  Stopping dams in the Amazon: a message from John Seed

8/11/11:  Reports of recent action against ALEC and BP in New Orleans

8/11/11:  Cleveland Volcano erupting, showing signs of increasing severity

8/11/11:  Organic Poultry Contains Dramatically Fewer Drug Resistant Bacteria

8/11/11:  Why we need to stop trying to 'save the planet' and just realise our place in it

8/10/11:  New Nuclear Reactors

8/10/11:  Spinal Disc Implants Help Fight Back Pain

8/10/11:  Protesters urge federal minister to stop Australian gas hub; 29 Arrested

8/10/11:  Plans to accommodate giant ships at Port Everglades will threaten endangered coral reefs

8/10/11:  New canopy occupation in the Willamette National Forest

8/10/11:  Flagstaff Police Attack and Arrest San Francisco Peaks Marchers

8/10/11:  Cars, Cops and Corporations feel the heat of British riots

8/9/11:  Truck, Bus Improved Efficiency

8/9/11:  NOAA Releases July Climate Assessment

8/9/11:  Lionfish Invasion Comes to Rhode Island

8/9/11:  Did Past Climate Change Encourage Tree-Killing Fungi?

8/9/11:  Toxic School Supplies Pose Threat to Children's Health

8/9/11:  Reducing the Costs of the Offshore Wind Turbine Supply Chain

8/9/11:  Mysterious orange goo washing ashore in Alaska

8/9/11:  Arctic open for exploitation: Obama administration grants Shell approval to drill

8/9/11:  Why the U.S. Debt Crisis is just the Tip of the Melting Iceberg

8/7/11:  Keystone XL Pipeline Protest set for site of 2007 Burnaby pipeline rupture

8/7/11:  McKay 09 Logging Permit Extended

8/7/11:  Niger Delta villagers go to the Hague to fight against oil giant Shell

8/7/11:  Protesters urge federal minister to stop gas hub; 29 Arrested

8/7/11:  US South deep in heat, unrelenting drought

8/6/11:  Coal River Mountain Treesit Updates

8/5/11:  Banner Drops in New Orleans for Bidder 70

8/5/11:  New Orleans!! Fight corporate greed! March to the Marriott! August 5

8/5/11:  CO2 Sequestration

8/5/11:  Drought worsens in Midwest

8/5/11:  Maldivian move to marine energy

8/5/11:  Himalayan nations develop energy, water roadmap in lead up to climate summit

8/5/11:  Mold Exposure Has Greater Impact on Infants

8/5/11:  How World Wildlife Federation works with the logging companies

8/5/11:  Seminole Tribe of Florida fights FPL proposal; Sierra Club beats rock mine in the Everglades

8/4/11:  Lake Acidification Causes

8/4/11:  Green House Gases Other than CO2

8/4/11:  Woman Hiker Breaks Appalachian Trail Record

8/4/11:  Tim DeChristopher to appeal conviction

8/4/11:  Tropical Storm Emily slows, aims at Haiti

8/4/11:  Rising Carbon Dioxide Could Reverse Drying Effects of Higher Temperatures On Rangelands

8/3/11:  Better Battery Storage

8/3/11:  Lake Acidification Causes

8/3/11:  Wild mustang roundup in Wyoming off for now

8/3/11:  Deloitte and the CDP collaborate to help companies addressing water challanges

8/3/11:  Right Whale Roadkill

8/3/11:  Study: Antarctica, not Greenland, Will Contribute More to Sea Level Rise

8/3/11:  Occupation of Oregon Department of Forestry office

8/3/11:  Billboard banner drop opposes clear cutting and log exportation in Oregon

8/2/11:  Quit Coal Activist Training Camp

8/2/11:  Himalaya glaciers shrinking, some may disappear

8/2/11:  In the News: Third of freshwater fish threatened with extinction

8/2/11:  UPS Reduces Per Package Fuel Consumption

8/2/11:  New Study Shows Negev Solar Farm is a Death Knell for Wildlife

8/2/11:  Turning the tables: Attack Survivors Help Sharks

8/1/11:  International Bog Day 2011

8/1/11:  Still baking in the Midwest and South

8/1/11:  World Sacred Forests Mapped Out

8/1/11:  Dolphin Blubber Holds Secrets to Healing

7/31/11:  Scott DeMuth Freed

7/30/11:  Bears moving to the city, in Texas!

7/29/11:  Updates from the tree tops, coast to coast!

7/29/11:  Justin Solondz pleads Not Guilty

7/29/11:  President Obama Announces Historic 54.5 mpg Fuel Efficiency Standard

7/29/11:  A Potential Cure for Sunburn

7/29/11:  Tropical storm Don welcome in drought-stricken Texas

7/29/11:  How the boom in climbing, biking and sailing is costing the earth

7/29/11:  Scientists Report Dramatic Carbon Loss from Massive Arctic Wildfire

7/28/11:  Sometimes it's necessary to put yourself between the saws

7/28/11:  New blockades in the Elliot State Forest Urgently Need Your Help

7/28/11:  Anarchists Protest Economic, Environmental Ruin in the Phillipines

7/28/11:  Union Pacific train carrying hazardous materials derails in California

7/28/11:  How Can Making 3,000 Tons of Ice Every Night Actually End Up Saving Energy?

7/28/11:  1993 US Northwest Forest Plan Turns Public Forests into Carbon Sink

7/28/11:  Stem Court Ruling a Decisive Victory for NIH

7/27/11:  New blockades in the Elliot State Forest

7/27/11:  Protesters take to the trees again in Elliott State Forest

7/27/11:  Activist gets 2 years prison for bidding to block oil and gas exploitation

7/27/11:  'Green' image seen as key to future business success

7/27/11:  Tim DeChristopher Solidarity Rallies in DC, elsewhere protest 2 year term for stopping oil/gas leases

7/27/11:  Fungi could protect rice against climate change

7/27/11:  Tree Rings Affected by More than Just Climate

7/27/11:  NOAA changes position on killing sea lions

7/27/11:  Tim DeChristopher Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

7/26/11:  26 Arrested in Blockades Outside of DeChristopher Trial

7/26/11:  Blockade against industrial wind project in Danish wilderness

7/26/11:  Direct Action All Summer Long!

7/26/11:  Fire & Fury: 15 Years of Raising A Ruckus

7/26/11:  Tasmania's forests defense groups ramp up protest action

7/26/11:  Eco activists detained at industrial wind energy test site

7/26/11:  Into the Muskeg Swamps of Northern Alberta - A History of the Tar Sands

7/26/11:  New York Proposes Hydraulic Fracturing In Certain Areas Under Strict Controls

7/26/11:  The World at 7 Billion: Can We Stop Growing Now?

7/26/11:  Storm Nock-Ten batters Philippines

7/26/11:  Earth First! protests Big Oil in Montana

7/25/11:  The World at 7 Billion: Can We Stop Growing Now?

7/25/11:  FedEx Wins Big in Efficiency & Reduced Aircraft Emissions

7/25/11:  Incredible! A picture of the long lost rainbow toad

7/25/11:  Fukushima cleanup going well, according to UN atomic watchdog

7/24/11:  Good news! More Amur leopards captured on video

7/23/11:  The Armadillo Forest & The Bio-Economy

7/23/11:  Earth First! Journal - Could the Jaguar Be Poised for Recovery in the United States?

7/23/11:  EPA's New Guidance Won't Stop Strip Mining on Coal River Mountain

7/23/11:  Cleveland volcano in Alaska shows signs of impending eruption

7/22/11:  Ambient Energy

7/22/11:  Northeast Bakes Under Blistering Heat

7/22/11:  Drought continues to worsen in southern Plains

7/22/11:  Hearing Loss in Teens Linked to Secondhand Smoke

7/21/11:  Brea Solar Power

7/21/11:  Study: Height Plays a Factor in Cancer Risk for Women

7/21/11:  Can the Indian Point nuclear power plant in NY meet proposed new water intake rules?

7/21/11:  Why Grass Fed Beef Isn't Just Healthier

7/21/11:  Man-Eating Lions Attack by the Dark of the Moon

7/20/11:  Pollutants Can Lurk and Hide

7/20/11:  US Shale Gas and the World Energy Power Balance

7/20/11:  Persuading Climate Change Doubters with "Cool It" Documentary

7/20/11:  How will climate change impact food production?

7/20/11:  Amazon drought and forest fire prediction system devised

7/20/11:  Giant, Toxic Weed Poses Health Risk

7/19/11:  Largest population of rare gibbon discovered in Vietnam

7/19/11:  Nano Scale Energy

7/19/11:  Debate Continues Over European Union’s 2020 Emissions Goal

7/19/11:  Mosquitos love Florida budget cuts

7/19/11:  Heat wave over much of central US continues

7/19/11:  BP pipeline leaks oily mixture onto Alaskan tundra

7/19/11:  Behold, The Floating Ice Island

7/19/11:  The Coming Global Phosphate Crisis

7/19/11:  More polar bear cubs die as Arctic ice melts

7/19/11:  After Drought, Waters In Lake Mead Start To Rise

7/19/11:  Johnson & Johnson Launches "Healthy Future 2015," Its Citizenship and Sustainability Goals

7/15/11:  The Most Efficient Energy Star

7/15/11:  Proposed wind energy project could kill endangered birds

7/15/11:  Advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day 'nonsense,' argues doctor

7/15/11:  Loss of Top Animal Predators Has Massive Ecological Effects

7/15/11:  The Significant Role of Forests in Regulating Global Climate

7/14/11:  As Midwest Landscape Changes, Insecticide Use Increases

7/14/11:  Climate Change Reducing Ocean's Carbon Dioxide Uptake, New Analysis Shows

7/14/11:  Pesticide Pathways

7/14/11:  Missouri River flooding persisting

7/14/11:  Soil Microbes Accelerate Global Warming

7/14/11:  Proposed changes to Brazil's Forest Code could hurt economy

7/14/11:  Incredible: The Gift of Regaining Sight!

7/14/11:  Chemicals Found in Household Products Linked to Thyroid Hormone Disruption

7/10/11:  Yellowstone River water not toxic from spill, according to EPA

7/9/11:  Africa drought endangers 500,000 children

7/8/11:  The Endangered Tuna

7/8/11:  Cross State Air Pollution Rule aims to cut smog, soot from coal plants

7/8/11:  Power Generation from Renewables Surpasses Nuclear

7/8/11:  Leatherback Turtles

7/7/11:  Montana pipeline repairs to take weeks

7/7/11:  How Hot Was It Long Ago

7/7/11:  CSR With Hotel Soap and "Clean the World"

7/7/11:  Rain in Australia

7/6/11:  Exxon oil spill on Yellowstone River impacts farms

7/6/11:  Dr. Helen Caldicott: Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Much Worse Than Chernobyl

7/6/11:  Activism special Just Do It: the story of modern-day outlaws

7/5/11:  Did Asia air pollution reduce global warming?

7/5/11:  Britain's richest man to build giant Arctic iron ore mine

7/5/11:  Portland Green Homes Outperform Non-Certified Homes For Fourth Straight Year

7/5/11:  4th of July Parades, Fireworks, and Waste

7/5/11:  Seaweed Biofuel

7/3/11:  ExxonMobil pipeline leaks oil into Yellowstone River

7/2/11:  Tanzania's road through Serengeti still on, but to be unpaved

7/1/11:  Europe's E. coli outbreaks possibly linked to Egyptian seeds

7/1/11:  If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it (and you can’t finance it!)

7/1/11:  Average U.S. Temperature Increases by 0.5 Degrees F

7/1/11:  Climate change is endangering the Polar Bears, court rules

7/1/11:  Brazilian government: Amazon deforestation rising

7/1/11:  Red Wine and Exercise

7/1/11:  Red, white, and green: Environmentally friendly 4th of July barbeque

6/29/11:  Car Racing and Energy Efficiency—Strange Bedfellows? Not Anymore

6/29/11:  Diabetes: A Global Epidemic?

6/29/11:  Flooding continuing along the Missouri, Souris rivers

6/29/11:  Cook Inlet Oil

6/29/11:  As Rivals Unveil Hybrids, Toyota Boosts Prius

6/28/11:  El Nino and Southern Oscillation in 2010

6/28/11:  Nautical Air Emissions

6/28/11:  Regulator signs off on threatened nuclear plant

6/28/11:  Cinnamon and Alzheimer

6/28/11:  Economic Indicators Point Toward Growth in Renewable Energy

6/27/11:  Some Good News! southern right whale is returning home!

6/27/11:  Biofuels in Europe for Airlines

6/27/11:  Levees hold as Souris River crests at historic high

6/26/11:  Parts of Minot, North Dakota flood

6/25/11:  Canada, other countries block Chrysotile asbestos from U.N. hazardous list

6/24/11:  Mammary Development/Breast Cancer

6/24/11:  Staying Slim More Complex than Previously Thought

6/24/11:  Major quakes strike in Pacific off Alaska

6/24/11:  The Amazing Lifestyle of the Gyrfalcon

6/24/11:  In the News: Serengeti highway cancelled

6/23/11:  A Big Bird Flapping

6/23/11:  New Nissan Ads Shift the Way Car Buyers Evaluate Options

6/23/11:  Jail Time for Clean Air Act Violator

6/23/11:  House OKs speed-up of Arctic oil/gas permitting

6/23/11:  Deer Vs. Bald Eagle: Eagle 1, Deer 0

6/22/11:  The Weather

6/22/11:  China's global share of rare earth production to drop

6/22/11:  The Explosive Truth About Veggie Burgers

6/22/11:  Life Cycle Assessment of EVs Reveals Startling Results

6/22/11:  Dangerous Fungi in Most Dishwashers

6/21/11:  Summer Solstice

6/21/11:  Fastest Sea-Level Rise in 2,000 Years Linked to Increasing Global Temperatures

6/21/11:  Study: Liquefied Coal may become an Economically Viable Fuel Option

6/21/11:  Grand Canyon protected, Uranium mining ban extended

6/21/11:  Asbestos: Common Roofing Supply in India

6/20/11:  American Consumers and Greener Vehicles

6/20/11:  Panama Seiches

6/20/11:  One Million Households Powered by Solar Energy - in Bangladesh

6/20/11:  Hopes fading for climate agreement

6/20/11:  Over 900 species added to endangered list during past year

6/20/11:  International Surfing Day — 20th June 2011

6/20/11:  Downsizing — A Thousand Square Feet Per Person, A New American Standard

6/20/11:  Secrets of Lyme Disease Revealed

6/20/11:  Global Warming Lawsuit

6/16/11:  Short Term Air Emissions and Their Effect on Global Warming

6/16/11:  Verizon Exceeds AT&T’s Energy Efficiency Performace

6/16/11:  Climate Change and the West: A Picture of the Western United States in the Coming Decades

6/16/11:  Mississippi Flooding

6/16/11:  Nearly Two Billion People Worldwide Now Overweight

6/16/11:  What Will Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Mean for Barrier Islands?

6/16/11:  Returning to the Caveman Diet

6/9/11:  The Fight Against Mosquitoes

6/9/11:  China's CO2 emissions rise sharply

6/9/11:  Tidal Power Plant in East River Nears Federal Approval

6/9/11:  Extreme Heat the New Norm

6/8/11:  A Medium Solar Flare

6/8/11:  Revelry by the River: Solar One Expands Influence in New York City

6/8/11:  Dried Fruit or Fresh Fruit

6/8/11:  World Oceans Day is today, June 8th

6/8/11:  Air Quality Worsened by Paved Surfaces: Widespread Urban Development Alters Weather Patterns

6/7/11:  Dried Fruit or Fresh Fruit

6/7/11:  New Map Reveals Giant Fjords Beneath East Antarctic Ice Sheet

6/7/11:  NY fracking ban continues for at least another year

6/7/11:  Five Reasons Why EVs Will Love L.A.

6/7/11:  Krispy Kreme Switches to Cage-Free Eggs

6/6/11:  Rising forest density offsets climate change

6/6/11:  Bar Headed Goose Climb

6/6/11:  MIT Study calculates cost of lax air pollution regulations in China

6/6/11:  Rising forest density offsets climate change

6/6/11:  Carbon Release to Atmosphere 10 Times Faster Than in the Past

6/6/11:  Bar Headed Goose Climb

6/6/11:  Arctic Wars and Change

6/6/11:  Chile's Puyehue volcano erupts, surrounding area evacuated

6/5/11:  Anti-Tobacco Campaign Heats Up in China Despite Conflict of Interest Among Administrators

6/5/11:  Tornadoes Strike Massachusetts

6/5/11:  World Environment Day

6/5/11:  Manitoba to curb hog farms to save Lake Winnipeg

6/5/11:  Iceberg Fertilizer

6/5/11:  Climate Projections Don't Accurately Reflect Soil Carbon Release

6/5/11:  New Jersey to Withdraw from Climate Change Initiative

6/5/11:  Europe's New E. Coli Scare

6/5/11:  Rains come to China drought stricken provinces

6/1/11:  "The Garden of Eden Had Been Turned Into The Ashes of Hell"- Azzam Alwash On The Destruction Of The Marshlands of Iraq

6/1/11:  Germany's plan to shut down its nuclear plants will add 40 million tons of CO2 per year

6/1/11:  How to Bring Electric Vehicles to the Mass Market

6/1/11:  Algae Treatment

6/1/11:  Germany's plan to shut down its nuclear plants will add 40 million tons of CO2 per year

6/1/11:  Photos: Cambodians rally as 'Avatars' to save one of the region's last great rainforests

5/31/11:  Organic Eggs Not Created Equal, Says New Scorecard

5/31/11:  In 1100's, temperatures in Greenland dropped 7 degrees F in 80 years; cause of Viking's departure?

5/31/11:  Mammoth Mating Habits

5/31/11:  Change in season: Why salt doesn’t deserve its bad rap

5/31/11:  Record carbon emissions leave climate on the brink

5/30/11:  Melting ice roads in Arctic could have big impact

5/29/11:  Wind in 2011

5/29/11:  Brazil Forms "Crisis Counsel" in Response to Dramatic Increase in Amazon Deforestation

5/29/11:  Atlantic bluefin tuna put on U.S. environmental watchlist

5/29/11:  Atlantic bluefin tuna put on U.S. environmental watchlist

5/27/11:  Australia's burping cows more climate friendly than thought

5/26/11:  Fuel Economy Labels by EPA

5/26/11:  On the edge of extinction, Philippine eagles being picked off one-by-one

5/26/11:  Seattle Seahawks Building Washington's Largest Solar Installation

5/26/11:  Drought in China significantly cuts hydroelectric output

5/26/11:  Coffee and Prostate Cancer

5/26/11:  How Seafood Fraud Hurts Our Oceans, Our Wallets and Our Health

5/26/11:  On the edge of extinction, Philippine eagles being picked off one-by-one

5/26/11:  Net-Zero in Vermont: Putney School a Model for Sustainability

5/25/11:  Coffee and Prostate Cancer

5/25/11:  Selling Electric Vehicles - Easy. Charging Options - Very Tricky

5/25/11:  Two Greenland Glaciers Lose Enough Ice to Fill Lake Erie

5/25/11:  World Turtle Day!

5/25/11:  Drought in China significantly cuts hydroelectric output

5/24/11:  Colombia shifts from drugs to food in farming expansion

5/24/11:  Fryday

5/24/11:  Save the Turtles!

5/24/11:  Waste Heat Recovery: The Next Wave of Clean Tech

5/24/11:  Wood as Fuel

5/23/11:  More Efficient and Affordable Solar Power: Developments that are Changing the Industry

5/23/11:  Bonneville Power Administration increases hydroelectric output to protect salmon

5/23/11:  Iceland shuts main airport after volcano eruption

5/23/11:  Deadly tornado demolishes much of Joplin, Missouri

5/23/11:  World Turtle Day!

5/23/11:  Japanese Quake News

5/23/11:  Put up your data and step away from the car

5/23/11:  Namibia Wildlife Conservation

5/20/11:  The Salty Seas of Earth

5/20/11:  High Atmospheric CO2 Levels May Cause Mass Extinctions in the Oceans

5/20/11:  Farm states suffer expanded drought

5/20/11:  More Efficient and Affordable Solar Power: Developments that are Changing the Industry

5/20/11:  GM Plant to Run on Landfill Gas

5/20/11:  Farm states suffer expanded drought

5/20/11:  Don't fry day is coming, protect your skin!

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